Questions Asked on
October 28, 2008

  1. Lit.

    What kind of narrator is used by Joseph Conrad in "Heart of Darkness"? a.second person limited b.first person limited c.third person limited d. third person omniscient

    asked by Cori
  2. chem

    K2CO3 is an excellent drying agent for some classes of organic compounds. would it be a better choice for an acid (RCO2H)or an amine(RNH2)? why? i know this is RNH2. could it be explained that potassium carbonate itself is basic so it will make water and a

    asked by Jason
  3. Math

    An item costs $36. The price is increased by $15, then reduced by $15. Is the percent of increase equal to the percent of decrease? Explain your answer.

    asked by Nicolla
  4. Math

    A building in the shapeof a sqaure pyramid is to be covered with one-way reflective glass. One side of the base of the pyramid is 110m. The slant height of the pyramid is 125m. How much felfective glass is needed to cover the four sides fo the pyramid?

    asked by Larry
  5. Psychology

    what are some of the ways that psychologists attempt to explain human behavior?

    asked by Jenn
  6. Psych 101

    what are some of the ways that psychologists attempt to explain human behavior?

    asked by grumpylover


    asked by LIZ
  8. french

    i don't understand whats the differnce when using relative pronouns- qui, que, dont, ce qui, ce que, ce dont

    asked by kayla
  9. chemistry

    If 50g NaNO(3) is added to 100g water at 10 degrees C, how much more must be added to saturate the solution?

    asked by Monica
  10. chemistry

    I need to know if I have th right molecular formula for Sorbito 39.56g C 7.75g H 52.7g O Empirical Formula is CH2O 30.026 amu how I how calculate the molecular mass and how I figure out the melecular formula? please help

    asked by Joshua
  11. chemistry

    2NO + O2 -> 2NO2 200. mL of NO at STP is reacted with 500. mL O2of at STP. Calculate the partial pressure of NO2 after the reaction goes to completion. Assume a constant volume.

    asked by yen

    Which of the following is a characteristic of individualistic cultures? 1.person identity closely tied to identity of larger group 2. Needs & goals group valued over individual needs & goals 3. Importance of self reliance & individual achievemennt

    asked by CCC
  13. Lit.

    In Derek Walcott's poem 52 the reference to the trenches of Agincourt, France is what? Is it a metaphor, allusion, personification, or onomatopoeia?

    asked by Cori
  14. Math

    What is the fractional notation of 35%?

    asked by Bryan
  15. written communication

    Does written communication meaning change when it is the form of an email or a letter or a memo?

    asked by april
  16. math

    does any animal have more than 9 years to live

    asked by cole
  17. health

    the main reason you should rduce your intake of eggs is because egg yolks

    asked by erica
  18. math

    2asquared plus 9a plus 4=0

    asked by crhis
  19. algebra

    I guess 4th grade math is getting more dificult or Mom is getting not to smart. Find the value of 7n when n is 7,565?

    asked by Veronica
  20. american governmet

    what people wrote the Constitution?

    asked by lala123
  21. Social Studies

    Describe two possible alternatives available to the Allies in dealing with Hitler other then appeasement.

    asked by Kaitlyn
  22. Finance Class Help (very very urgent) need asap

    K this is what I have so far. I am wondering if i did the CAPM right and if that is all i need for that part and then I need to know how to do the Constant Growth Model. When you do yours, assume the risk-free return as 6% Assume the expected market return

    asked by Heidi
  23. math

    you deposit $ 900 in a savings account that earns 4%interest coumpounded once a year and has no service charges. you donot make any deposits or withdrawals to the account for two years. at the end of two years, after the second year's interest has been

    asked by isabel
  24. Science

    what is kinetic theory

    asked by Max
  25. chemistry

    what is the balanced formulea equation for the change that takes place at the negative electrode when tin(II) bromide is electrolysed

    asked by lila
  26. math

    you are building a ramp that will be in the same shape of a perfect right angled triangle. the vertical height of the ramp will be 10 feet. the horizontal base of the ramp will be 15 feet. what will be the length of the downward sloping side of the ramp? A

    asked by isabel
  27. Algebra

    How would you solve these types of problems? They confuse me! 1. Write the quation of the line that passes through points (-8,-6) and (5,3) 2. Write the equation of the line that passes through (3,-4) and has a slope of 2. I know that you have to do

    asked by Jill
  28. Question (Literature)

    Why literature thinks of science in a negative or destructive way? Can someone elaborate on this a bit? I'm not quite understanding it.

    asked by John
  29. Calc

    When you cough, your windpipe contacts. The speed v, with which air comes depends on the radius,r, of your windpipe. If R is the rest radius of your windpipe, then for r

    asked by Dan
  30. Calculus

    position function is x(t)=(t-1)^3 (2t-3) how do you find the velocity of the particle at nay time when t is greater or equal to 0? i got the derivative equation (6t-9)(t-1)^2 + 2(t-1)^3 but that is for all t.

    asked by Michelle
  31. math

    two numbers have the sum of 39 the difference is 11 what are the two numbers?

    asked by Michele
  32. social studies

    What are two key points of Winston Churchill's iron curtain speech?

    asked by Jeska
  33. Esther

    What was Esther's (of the Book of Esther) covenant with God? was it that she had deep faith and trust in him to help her through all of difficult times? Why is her covenant with God so important? was it because she needed/ relied on her faith and God to

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Chemistry

    HELP!! I cannot find the value of ÄH, for the following reactions. A + 2B --> C + 3D , ÄH = 154 kJ 1/2C + 3/2D --> 1/2A + B, ÄH= ? I have tried the answers -302 and 154 and neither were correct. Have any suggestions?? Thank You!

    asked by Kate
  35. business stats

    The fifth and final step in testing a hypothesis is taking a sample and, based on the decision rule, deciding if the null hypothesis should be rejected.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. 9th grade

    i need more infor on literal equations solve ofr s: y= 3(t - s)

    asked by lcaude
  37. Science- Chemistry

    What does NaHco3 + HCl produce?

    asked by Laura
  38. geography

    Rhode Island's motto is "Hope". Wht does it mean? In other words why was that motto chosen, why is it important to Rhode Island?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. english

    the answer has to be plural possessive and both words must rhyme!!! spectacles for a young lady

    asked by Carly
  40. Math

    Are the two events dependent or independent? Explain. a. Toss a dime, and then toss a quarter. b. Pick a card from a deck of cards. Keep the card and pick anot

    asked by Nicolla
  41. physics

    A box moves down a conveyor belt the is angled at 15 degrees, at a rate of 6m/s. The box then enters a dump off that is 3m below the end of the belt, what is the horizontal distance between the dump off and the belt? I have no idea where to start with

    asked by Confused
  42. 5th grade

    draw some quadrilaterals. one fifth is blue. one half is yellow.

    asked by dave
  43. Math

    Find the integral of f(x)=a/(x^2+a^2) given that d/dx arctanx = 1/(x^2+1)

    asked by Beth
  44. Algebra

    Please help!!! I have a worksheet of problems to do for homework, most of which I don't understand. My teacher hasn't really been answering my questions well. We are supposed to write equations, but if you have another way, that is fine, too. If you know

    asked by Celina
  45. Physical Science

    Can you prepare a solution of 650 g of KNO3 in 1 L of water at room temperature?

    asked by Angie
  46. chemistry

    How do you express the number 6 as two significant figures?

    asked by Dan
  47. General

    You have been hired as a consultant by your neighbor to help her with her computer. You notice that she has a screen full of icons which appear to be Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and other graphic files. How would you help her organize her data i.e.

    asked by Bryan
  48. 8th gr. Algebra

    I have 3 math problems for homework that are stumping me. Can anyone help guide me? Thanks! Here they are: 1. A full bucket of water weighs eight kilograms. If the water weighs five times as much as the empty bucket, how much does the water weigh? 2. Helen

    asked by Kelsie
  49. help asap please

    GUIDELINE: Set achievable goals for your work unit. If I were going to set achievable goals they would be meet the deadline. Have the work be the best it can be. An example: Writing a research paper and the goals for it could be the following. To beat the

    asked by dawn
  50. geometry

    how many square yards of carpet are needed to carpet a room that is 15 feet by 25 feet?

    asked by jazzy gurl
  51. Question:8th Grade Algebra

    How do you get a variable term from one side of an equation onto the other side? Can I get an example please?

    asked by Joy
  52. 8th gr algebra

    joan invested some money in bonds at 6% and $8000 less that in stocks at 5% .her total intrest is $1690. how much was invested in stocks? help please.

    asked by angie13
  53. government

    Why are they majority and minority whips important?

    asked by joseph
  54. Biology

    What portion of the brain is responsible for voso motor control?

    asked by Kevin
  55. Chemistry

    I need help! I found the change in Temp= -.9 degree C. I don't know what to do next...? What value from this problem do I use as my q(heat capacity) to plug into the equation q= m X Cs X change T? The question states: 120mL of H2O is intially @ room temp

    asked by Kate
  56. Social Studies

    What problems did Churchill point out in his speech that are believed to have their roots in the wartime conferences that gave rise to the problems of postwar Europe.

    asked by Jeska
  57. Algebra

    I am very confused about functions. I think if I could see this example, then I'll be good. f(x)=x^2 and g(x)=5x. I am supposed to find f (little circle that's used in Danish...what's it called in math terms?) g, and g little circle f. Thank you so much.

    asked by Yentrouc AKA Court
  58. English

    1. Who protect our country from them? 1-2. Who protects our country from them? (Which one is correct? Are both grammatical?) 2. There is a book shop at the corner. 2-1. There is a bookshop at the corner. (Which one is right?) 3. Jenny is a female name, and

    asked by John
  59. Chemistry

    What is the diameter of a potassium atom?

    asked by n
  60. Math

    What was the average number of laps completed by each team member running? The total laps were 6,000.

    asked by Isabel
  61. Math

    What was the average number of laps completed by each team member running? The total laps were 6,000.

    asked by Isabel
  62. English

    1. What's the matter with you? 2. What's up with you? 3. What happened to you? 4. What's happening to you? 5. What's going on with you? 6. What happened to you? 7. What's happening to you? 8. What's wrong with you? (Did I use correct prepositions? Do I

    asked by John
  63. Plane shapes in different positions

    Use plane shapes to finish the puzzle, use the same color to color the shapes that ate alike. -- Some of the shapes are not alike, so do that get colored different colors?

    asked by A
  64. reading

    What does a magician do when he walks to the edge of a cliff?

    asked by shawn
  65. Science

    Living orgnaisms are composed of a special catagory of molecules called enzymes, what are the both molecules?

    asked by Cait;in
  66. math

    Could someone provide me with an example of a function in algebra f(x) and g(x)? The substitution confuses me. Danke schon.

    asked by Shane
  67. english

    unscramble words roateuq

    asked by veena
  68. Math

    How do you F.O.I.L this? 2(x-4) times (x^2-5)? What do you do in between numbers (for example in between the first and the outer, do you put a plus sign or a multiplication sign?) Thank you for your help in advance.

    asked by Kirsta
  69. science

    Please tell me if I'm right or wrong: 10minutes 10km (x)1 (y)1 60minutes 60km (x)2 (y)2 __________________________________________________ 60minutes-10km=50km ------ 60minutes-10km=50minutes ANSWER:50km ------- 50min

    asked by Elenny
  70. english

    unscramble words roateuq olpialtc pam nlafodmr torucno ricadlan itdrceino

    asked by veena
  71. Gen 105

    What sentence is nonagist We should hire a young person who knows more about technology. We should hire a person who knows more about technology.

    asked by Millie
  72. Math (Stats)

    Explain some of the obstacles to trying to build a sampling distribution through repeated samples, even with software. The only obstacle I can think of is that it is time consuming and it could be expensive...are there other obstacles?

    asked by Sara
  73. ict help asap

     How ICT is used in the wider world. This section should include actual examples of how computers and technology are used in the areas of: • E-commerce (online shopping) • Manufacturing (e.g. CAD & CAM) • Education (e.g. encyclopaedias, the

    asked by bethany
  74. chemistry

    What mass of KCl will dissolve in 35g H2O at 80 degrees C

    asked by Monica
  75. math

    number Puzzles: My number is less than 200. My number is less than 400.

    asked by Dee
  76. right hand rule

    i hope this makes sense. Say that i have x and y axis. then i have an arrow coming out similiar to how you would draw a resultant arrow in physics. the arrow represents Force=140N Then say that you have to find the moment about O and the origin is O. So

    asked by jen
  77. AP Chem

    Whew. long question. Barium carbonate is the source of barium compounds. It is produced in an aqueous precipitation reaction from barium sulfide and sodium carbonate. (Barium sulfide is a soluble compound obtained by heating the mineral barite, which is

    asked by Anna-Marie
  78. Demille

    A ? is a list of candidates on which citizens vote

    asked by Phuong
  79. Geography/Social Studies

    Find the place using the clues below. One of the most tragic (and ironic) political assassinations in the history of a country happened here. Somewhat surprisingly in the overall scheme of things, this significant seat of government has no commercial

    asked by Larry
  80. Demille

    How do you know that who will win?John McCain or Barack Obama?

    asked by Phuong
  81. To SraJMcGin

    Hello, we have to do another essay and this one is on the playboy of seville in english. I need help trying to find the passages for this question: There are a few important passages in the play where characters desribe their feelings in terms of ice and

    asked by Alicia
  82. ap euro

    evaluate the effectiveness of james 1 in dealing with the challenges he faced as king of england.

    asked by amy grant
  83. English

    In this sentence Plenty of silicon is found on Earth. I'm not sure if the simple predicate is is or is found.

    asked by Sylvie
  84. geo

    two reasons why it is useful to understand population distribution and density patterns.

    asked by jasmine
  85. health

    what are some legal consequences of abusing stimulants

    asked by valerie
  86. chemistry

    If 80g KNO(3) is mixed with 100g water at 30 degrees C how much will not dissolve?

    asked by Monica
  87. Physics

    A rocket blasts off with acceleration of 5 m/s squared. After 1 min it runs out of fuel. What is the max height and total time in the air?

    asked by Jack
  88. English

    In this sentence Plenty of silicon is found on Earth, but it remains a valuable material for the computer industry. I'm still not sure if the simple subject is plenty or silicon, but I think it's silicon because the second part of the sentence says it.

    asked by Sylvie
  89. 10th grade U.S History

    Explain the second Industrial Revolution. identify and explain each of the five condititions which allowed the second industrial revolution to take place in america.

    asked by Kris Rutkowski
  90. chemistry

    This is for organic chem lab. I don't understand how to calculate the relative Rf values by setting ibuprofen to 1.00. For example, my Rf value for aspirin is 0.046, so how do I calculate the Rf relative to ibuprofen (1.00)? My experimental data for

    asked by Jenn
  91. misc

    What do bookmakers do when facts change and issued textbooks contain the old "fact." for example, since i don't think this makes much sense, when we found out that Pluto isn't a planet, new textbooks probably contained that but what about old science

    asked by mysterychicken
  92. Economics

    I need help in the following question: Which are the groups of pp that will gain and lord from inflation? Thank you.

    asked by Bloomers
  93. english

    is there any future survival for the Red Pandas.

    asked by tegs
  94. Physics

    Stuck again. The paper just says that the position of an object is given by s(t)=t^3. When T=5sec find A. Position B. Velocity C. Acceleration I'm trying to use the "position equation" which is s=1/2 a t^2 = Vot However, what do I solve the equation for?

    asked by Jack
  95. Life Science

    I cant find the common names for these two words: protista and fungi - Can you help me?

    asked by Aaron
  96. Life Science

    The common names for: protista and fungi

    asked by Anonymous A
  97. government

    Suppose you want to take a scientific poll about people's opinions on a new boating law for Lake Blue. Who should make up your universe, all people in the US, only townspeople, only boat owners, only people who live on the lake, anyone who uses Lake Blue,

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Physics

    A box moves down a conveyor belt the is angled at 15 degrees, at a rate of 6m/s. The box then enters a dump off that is 3m below the end of the belt, what is the horizontal distance between the dump off and the belt? I have no idea where to start with

    asked by Confused
  99. pre algebra

    simplify 8(n-1)-10n

    asked by kayla
  100. chemistry

    What is the ΔH0rxn. for NaNO3?

    asked by Emily
  101. math

    I have a question and I have read and read and cant comprend how to figure the problem. a girl has 1/5 of her portfolio in us stocks and 1/8 in euro stocks and 1/10 in japanese stocks the rest is in municipal bonds. what percent is in muncipal bonds and

    asked by Ann
  102. language arts

    what is synanomem and antanomem of these words,captives,abolitionists,apprentice,assisted,conflict,dread,encouraged,enslavement,influentail,privateers,& tacking

    asked by torianna
  103. adult education

    I am doing a research for dissertation based on work life balance...can anyone help me ,work out on the title of poject,and where is the best place to search

    asked by urata
  104. math

    Can you tell me the answer to: 3 1/2 = ______x 4 3/8. I keep coming up with 1 1/4 but it doesnt work out when I multiply it back. HELP!!!!

    asked by JESSY
  105. Microsoft Word help

    How do you set up the pages in Word to be horizontal rather than the automatic vertical setting? I want to create a vertical presentation. If there's no way to do that, I suppose I could use Power Point..

    asked by Anonymous
  106. food technology

    i am doing a project about italian food i need to make a booklet about the different food and different facts about the food. thanks for your help

    asked by sascha
  107. Health

    If I have 20/70 vision what is the power of the lenses needed to correct my vision (how do I calculate it?)

    asked by Leah
  108. Composition

    I'm stuck with another research paper so I've decided to make this one very simple about cats. Here are a few questions i need answered: How many different breeds of cats are there? When and where were the first cats? Do cats carry any power? I don't think

    asked by mysterychicken
  109. spanish

    Please see if this is written correctly. Let me know what to fix. Thanks. Michelle Rodriquez es puertorriqueña y dominicana. Ella es famosa por las habilidades de actuación. Ella es rebelde y hace los papeles de unas muchachas gamberras en películas de

    asked by Lauren
  110. chemistry/please double check

    Hi, I just need to know if I finally got this exercise right. Calculate the amount of heat in kilojoules released when 50 grams of steam at 125 Celsius are converted to 50 grams of ice at -125 Celsius. so, qw= 50*4.184J/g C (125 C-o)= 26.15 x 10^3 qi=

    asked by Joshua
  111. Physics 12

    This came up on our test review for tomorrow, and I'm stumped! "A hockey puck of mass 0.51 kg is moving north across the ice with a speed of 32 m/s. If it is hit with a hockey stick so as to make it travel due west at the same speed, what is the magnitude

    asked by solexgirl12
  112. chem

    a crude non acidic product mixture dissolved in diethyl ether contains acetic acid. describe an extraction procedure that could be used to remove the acetic acid.

    asked by Jason
  113. Urdu-------needed by tommorow!

    Tum kahan jaarahe ho? What is the noun and direct object in this? thanks -mysterychicken

    asked by mysterychicken
  114. chem

    what precautions should be observed when an aqueous sodium carbonate solution is used to extract an organic solution containing traces of acid? is it that aqueous sodium carbonate is extremely combustible, which can't be exposed to an open flame?

    asked by Jason
  115. chem

    what precautions should be observed when an aqueous sodium carbonate solution is used to extract an organic solution containing traces of acid? is it that aqueous sodium carbonate is extremely combustible, which can't be exposed to an open flame?

    asked by Jason
  116. Business

    How does budgeting help management make good business decisions?

    asked by Bev
  117. Math

    Simplify the expression and combine like terms. How i do this? -5(t-3)-12

    asked by Bryan
  118. Writing

    What new games would be good for the olympics?

    asked by Alex
  119. Healthcare

    I need some help with how do health care facilities use electronic medical records. And som examples of challenges faced when implementing a universal EMR system

    asked by Nikia Walker
  120. Social Science

    What is a polygenous relationship?

    asked by Stephanie
  121. chemistry

    Equal volumes of 0.00150M FeCl3 and 0.00200M NaSCN were mixed together and reacted according to the equation: Fe3+ + SCN- FeSCN2+ The equilibrium concentration of FeSCN 2+ was 1.40 x 10^-4 M Calclulate the equilibrium constant for the reaction. I got

    asked by Anonymous
  122. CBA

    How do you set up a running header in Microsoft Word? This is not an assignment, I need it myself

    asked by Anonymous
  123. 1st grade

    16__ 12 horizontal equalities equations with numbers between 1 and 20

    asked by dru
  124. algebra

    How do you determibe weather a point is a solution to an equation

    asked by me
  125. Finance

    Please Help. Suppose that a portfolio consists of 3 securities (1,2,3). Expected rates of return are: 5%, 9%, 14% of the 3 securities, respectively. (1) Find the expected rate of return on each of the two portfolios of these securities: Portfolio A where

    asked by John
  126. Math

    Okay tell me if thease lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither. y=3x-2 y=1/3x+2

    asked by Jason
  127. Chemistry

    How do you convert umol/m3 to umol/m2?

    asked by Jaime
  128. Jishka homework help

    ok so this isnt really a homework question but when you make an account on Jishka, not a premium one, but just a regular free one, whats the point? Because all you can do is edit your "profile" which is 3 questions. What really is the purpose of it?

    asked by mysterychicken
  129. math

    plse help me with these questions and tell me how to do it thx a million i am so cofussed 45. g-2

    asked by Amy
  130. Spanish

    how do you say: That is the coolest thing I have ever heard in my life! in spanish. Tysm

    asked by amir
  131. Chemistry

    What is the approximate depth integrated particulate DMSP quantity (in micromolar m-2) to 30 m? The DMSP at 30 m is approximately 11 nM.

    asked by Lizzy
  132. British Lit.

    What is the climax of "The Dead", I can't find any information on it. Is it when Gabriel dies?

    asked by Cori
  133. french

    how do you put reflexives into the future tense such as se marier?

    asked by kayla
  134. 8th grade

    If f(x)=4x-5 find the value. f(c) f(3a2)

    asked by Richard
  135. math

    Let the function f be defined by f (x)= x+ l. If 2f(p)=20, what is the value of f (3p)?

    asked by Anonymous
  136. ap history

    why didn't the british leave after the signing of the treaty of paris

    asked by jul
  137. English

    There is a stranger near the museum. You have to give directions to the stranger so that he or she may find the right place. 1. Show him the way to the restaurant. 2. Tell him how to get to the restaurant. 3. Show the way to the restaurant to the stranger.

    asked by John
  138. HCA 220

    What is the seven organizational approaches and how to use them?

    asked by Tammy
  139. 6th grade

    I need to come up with some math questions about the solar system.

    asked by Zack
  140. math

    your credit card balance is $1150 and the minimum monthly payment required is 3%. what is the minimum amount you must pay this month? A $25.50 B $31.00 C $34.50 D $39.00

    asked by isabel
  141. Esther

    What was Esther's (of the Book of Esther) covenant with God? was it that she had deep faith and trust in him to help her through all of difficult times? Why is her covenant with God so important? was it because she needed/ relied on her faith and God to

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Logic

    I'm having a lot of trouble grasping the concept of 'begging the question' when it comes to formal logic. Can someone please describe it to me in layman's terms?

    asked by Narine
  143. Help with math

    How do i find the fractional notation of 95%. 95/100 equals 0.95

    asked by Bryan
  144. algebra

    Ok my math assignments look something ike this... The formula I=prt gives the amouunt of simple interest I earned by principal p at an annual interest rate r over t years. Solve this formula for p. B. Find p if r=0.035, t=4, and I=$420. c. Writing.. That

    asked by K8T
  145. history

    how many u s presidents were born in the state of maine

    asked by tyrain
  146. history

    where on the net can i find all the information about the state of maine that's current like the population to date,

    asked by tyrain
  147. Geography

    The national basketball association team from Seattle in now in Oklahoma City. What two NFL teams will be returning to the city from whence they came?

    asked by bob
  148. College Stats

    A machine fills 64 ounce detergent jugs. It is known that the net amount of detergent poured into each jug has a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 0.35 ounces. The inspector wants to adjust the machine such that at least 95% of the jugs have

    asked by Riley
  149. Maths

    P=(2J+1)exp(-(BJ(J+1))/kT) where B, k and T are constants a. Show that dP/dJ=(2-(B(2J+1)^2)/kT)exp(-BJ(J+1)/kT) b. Show that P exhibits a maximum and determine the expression for Jmax c. Find the value of P when J=0 and the limiting value of P when J

    asked by Alice
  150. Stats

    Is the covariance (1,2) the same as the covariance (2,1)? Or is there a sign change or something?

    asked by Ashley