Questions Asked on
October 24, 2008

  1. physics

    An object acted on by three forces moves with constant velocity. One force acting on the object is in the positive x direction and has a positive magnitude of 6.7N; a second force has a magnitude of 4.6 N and points in the negative y direction. (1)"Find

    asked by john
  2. CHEM

    Calculate the density of oxygen, , under each of the following conditions: STP 1.00atm and 25.0 degrees celsius Express your answers numerically in grams per liter. Enter the density at STP first and separate your answers by a comma.

    asked by Kara
  3. CHEM

    To identify a diatomic gas (), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 1.00- bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.10 and 23.0 and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 1.27 . Identify the gas. Express your answer as

    asked by Kara
  4. college algebra word problem

    An open box is made from a square piece of material 24 inches on a side by cutting equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides. Write the Volume V of the box as a function of x. Recall that Volume is the product of length, width, and height.

    asked by jenny
  5. chem

    which is the least stable isomer of C4H8: methyl cyclopropane or cyclobutane and why?

    asked by Mischa
  6. Help

    A man owned 75 shares of stock worth $50 each. The corporation declared a dividend of 8%, payable in stock. How many shares did he own?

    asked by Steve
  7. Physics

    Two people are standing on a 2.2-m-long platform, one at each end. The platform floats parallel to the ground on a cushion of air, like a hovercraft. One person throws a 6.1-kg ball to the other, who catches it. The ball travels nearly horizontally.

    asked by Z
  8. science

    could you please help me how do you write a acrostic poem for bacteria.

    asked by melinda
  9. College History

    HOw did the Scopes trial mirror treds in American society during the 1920s? How did government spending during World war two affect the economic development of the West and SOuth. Please help. Thanks

    asked by Nikita
  10. Chemestry

    Calculater the amount of heat in kilojoules released when 50 grams of steam at 125 C are converted to 50 grams of ice at -125 C?

    asked by Maria

    A relatively small number of police officers engage in questionable police practices, such as corruption, racial profiling, and excessive force. However, the small number deeply impact community-police relations. What impact do you think inappropriate

    asked by Eliana
  12. CHEM

    To identify a diatomic gas (), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 1.00- bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.10 and 23.0 and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 1.27 . Identify the gas.

    asked by Kara
  13. College HIstory

    Was the US correct to think of the Soviet Union as expansionist and as a threat to American liberty?

    asked by Teri
  14. trig

    Both circles have the same center and radius of the larger cirlce is R. if the radius of the msaller circle is 3 units less than R, whic of the following represent the area of the shaded region?

    asked by Sergio
  15. evaluate my english pls

    Analysis of “A Hanging” George Orwell’s “A Hanging” shows the inhumanity of capital punishment. He uses a narration to describe the sequence of events involved in the hanging of an Indian prisoner. By using vivid images the horrors are shown.

    asked by ben
  16. algebra

    suppose you want to add a sprinkler system, and location of one section of the ssprinker line can be described by the equation y=1/2x-4 complete the table for this equation x y (x,y) -1 -2 -4 2 8 PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS TABLE!!!!!!

    asked by pj
  17. computers

    what computers can do?what computers cannot do?what are the advantages and disadvantages of computers?what are the roles of computer in the society?

    asked by rohit
  18. calculus

    an object is fired upward at the end of the burn it has an upward velocity of 245m/s and is 14.7 m high a) find the maximum height and when it is attained b) when it reaches the ground i know that i have to use the quadratic function s= -4.9t²+Vot+h but

    asked by steve Alexander
  19. physics

    (Another) Physics Homework Help? The two blocks in the figure are sliding down the incline. What is the tension in the massless string?

    asked by vidya
  20. Biology

    What is the mitotic spindle composed of?

    asked by Ashley
  21. Need examples of variable and fixed inputs (micro)

    I just need some example of fixed and variable inputs.

    asked by David
  22. Critical Thinking

    I think i have some of the answers right but i need help, b/c although i keep reading over the chapter and highlighting the vocab word the definition is not clear to me. Can someone help please? 1 A(n) is a set of claims intended to support or prove a

    asked by Ty
  23. CHEM

    A cylinder with a movable piston contains 2.00 of helium, , at room temperature. More helium was added to the cylinder and the volume was adjusted so that the gas pressure remained the same. How many grams of helium were added to the cylinder if the volume

    asked by Kara
  24. life science

    in what parts of the plant body would you expect cell division to occur? --i've looked everywhere and couldn't find anything close to an answer!

    asked by nat
  25. Phsyics

    Hooke's Law and Young's Modulus Can someone please explain this to me. How can one determine if a material behaves according to Hooke's law?

    asked by Mary
  26. environment

    i need to write a letter to the environmental defense fund about an environmental issue..... any ideas on what i can write about? i was thinking about writing about how there needs to limits on how much Co2 can enter the environment....but it seems kinda

    asked by Rita
  27. CHEM

    To identify a diatomic gas (X_2), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 1.00-L bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.10atm and 23.0 degrees celsius and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 1.27g . Identify the

    asked by Kara
  28. psy

    Logical inquiry: Find two reliable sources that provide a balanced view of internal versus external locus of control. Reference these sources in your response. Ms. Sue could you help me find those sources. thanks.

    asked by rose
  29. math

    you are making posters 2ft by 5ft. How many square feet of material will you need for five posters.

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Composition

    For the unit that I'm doing we need to write a research paper on something that we're interested in. It can be a broad topic because I can narrow it down. I just need some suggestions on what I should write it about because I'm totally blank. (Something

    asked by mysterychicken
  31. math the property of addition and/or multiplication that is illustrated 7 X (1+9) = (7 X 1) + (7 x 9) 2.Write 4 X 4 X 4 X 4 X 4 as a power of 4. 3. A plate glass window measures 5 ft by 7 ft. If glass costs $7 per square foot, how much will it cost to

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    Develop two-null hypothesis tests to ascertain if there are any statistical variances in the averages of bus route times and any statistical variance among the average performance of the bus drivers. Use the following information to conduct the test: The

    asked by Mel
  33. physics

    An object acted on by three forces moves with constant velocity. One force acting on the object is in the positive x direction and has a positive magnitude of 6.7N; a second force has a magnitude of 4.6 N and points in the negative y direction. (1)"Find

    asked by john
  34. eth 125

    asian americans according to the u.s. census bureau. complete the matrix in appendix e, using information from the asians pacific american hertitage.

    asked by mary scott
  35. Organic Chemistry 1

    Why does iodine absorb organic molecules? This question is referring to the effect of the iodine chamber used in TLC.

    asked by Audrey
  36. Business Math

    If your inital investment is $1000, and your rate of return is say 10%, did you make $100 or $1100 from your $1000?

    asked by Jennie
  37. math and physics

    i just want to know form where i got on this formula the 4.9t² on this formula s=4.9t²+Vot+h because the book only say that a physics theory shows that when an object is thrown upward with an initial velocity Vo, its approximate height is given by that

    asked by steve Alexander
  38. Biology

    Can someone please explain to me what is a GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS and what is use for?

    asked by Sugar
  39. society

    Is it better for children to use homeschooling programs such as K12 and Kestone rather then go to public schools?

    asked by mysterychicken
  40. Microeconomics

    I am on the chapter for the factors of production: Question: A firm that hires two types of workers—some with computer skills and some without. If technology advances so that computers become more useful to the firm, what happens to the marginal product

    asked by G
  41. accounting-installment sales journal entry

    Question: On 12/31/07, Company A sold equipment for $1,800,000. The equipment had a carrying amount of $1,200,000. At the time of the sale the buyer paid $300,000 cash and signed a $1,500,000 note bearing interest of $1,500,000 note bearing interest at 10%

    asked by Toni
  42. psy

    Need some info. to help me answer those questions. list at least five events or major concepts from each of the three periods in the history of modern personality psychology. 1930-1950; 1950-1970; 1970-present.

    asked by rose

    help with this please: Write a 200- to 300-word response addressing the following: How can the state standards affect your planning and instruction for this subject? Provide an example of how you can implement one or two of these standards in your

    asked by dawn
  44. Math

    Is this equation right is it worked correctly x 1 ----- - -------- x2-4 x2+4x+4 This is how she simplified it: x(x2+4x+4) - 1(x2-4) ------------------- (x2-4)(x2+4x+4) x3+4x2+4x-x2+4 ------------- x4+4x3-16x-16 x3+3x2+4x+4 ------------ x4+4x3-16x-16

    asked by Nadine
  45. Lit.

    What do we learn about Captain Brown from the narrorator in "Our Society at Cranford"

    asked by Cori
  46. math [ i need help with these.]

    2. 2x(x+3)=0 2x^2+3x=0 [i don't know what to do.] 3. y^2+8y=0 4. x^2+3x=28 5.2x^2+9x-5=0 2x^2+9x=-5 [please help me by starting off the problems, or explaining for each.]

    asked by margiee (: !
  47. Chemistry

    A ball is dropped from 27.0 ft above the ground. Using energy considerations only, what is the velocity of the ball just as it hits the ground? If the ball is thrown back up to a ledge 15 m above the ground, what would be the velocity just as it reaches

    asked by Jessica
  48. english

    does anyone have any ideas on why giving incentives for charitable acts is ethical (rather than unethical)

    asked by kayla
  49. spanish

    Can someone help me edit this, please? Todo que me acuerdo de esta semana es que estaba enferma. Estoy enferma, en realidad. Cuando estoy enferma, me comporto como soy la primera persona que tiene la gripe. Me comporto como este tiempo es la primer tiempo

    asked by Angel
  50. Chemestry

    An aqueous solution containin 1 g of sorbitol in 100g water has a freezing point of 0.102 C. Elemental analysis indicates that sorbitol is 39.56% C, 7.75% H, and 52.7% O. What are the molar mass and the molecular formula of sorbitol? The Kf of water is

    asked by Maria
  51. math

    im not getting the proper answer from this question: 5.0=k=c1/c2= 1.00g-x/15ml all over x/50 ml = (1.00-x)50/15x the answer comes out ot .40g

    asked by tom
  52. 9th grade Lit. B

    What are the type of clauses? Give examples of clauses.

    asked by Justin
  53. college algebra

    On the graph, plot all relevant points for y=x^2-4x+y^2-2y+8. Then give the equation for a graph that shifts down 1 unit and to the right 2 units. If it is a function, give its domain and range. Thank you!!

    asked by jenny
  54. science

    what is the main source of energy for all living things on earth

    asked by Anonymous
  55. college

    What role did educated Africans play in bringing about independence

    asked by Veronica
  56. music

    How is math used in music?

    asked by Julie

    Review the experienced teacher’s lesson plan in Figure 3.3 on p. 78 of the text. Write a 200- to 300-word response by adding more detail to the experienced teacher’s lesson plan: o Provide ideas for motivating students. o Create question prompts. o

    asked by dawn
  58. algebra

    you have four plates that have a radias of 60 cm. if you break the plates how much area will there be?

    asked by Brad
  59. world geography

    I need help in this exam 6648y does anyone have it

    asked by Joe
  60. English

    Please help. Am I correct in saying that the following phrase is future simple tense? 'if it rains tomorrow'

    asked by Tony
  61. english essay

    please help me write a composition on"of all resourse ,human resourse is the best"

    asked by noshin
  62. arithmetic

    What is 67 5/8 x 6?

    asked by Natalie
  63. Algebra

    Could someone explian to me why the line x=4 is a vertical line

    asked by pj
  64. Music

    Pour different amounts of water into three identical glass bottles. Which has the highest tone, which has the lowest tone. Why?

    asked by isaiah

    Robert Ewell is Bob Ewell??they r the same person???. oh no....

    asked by celly
  66. math math math .

    The coefficient of the first term in the polynomial 2x^2y+3xy-1 is _?_

    asked by margiee (: !
  67. society (again)

    Are movies like HSM and socializing websites unnecessary today or do they hold actual importance other than to provide entertainment?

    asked by mysterychicken
  68. PSY HELP!!! Please

    Match the psychological theories with the appropriate statement(s): Psychodynamic Theory Trait Theory Learning Theory Sociocultural Humanistic Theory Popular theorist Eysenck initiated the five-factor model. The healthy personality is found in balancing

    asked by Davis
  69. 7th grade math

    i was trying to work out the problem (1.00-x)50/15x. (x=.40g this is the answer) when i work it out i get 50-50x/15x but i dnt understand how this equals .40?? help plse

    asked by sara
  70. math

    What is a mathematical concept?

    asked by sally
  71. 10th grade

    Are there any sounds-a body of water- in Africa?

    asked by sally
  72. Calc

    How would you find the derivative of (3/(x^3-4)) by using the chain rule?

    asked by Joe
  73. Math

    What is the largest number which is both less than 2*3*5*7 and also a divisor of 2*3*5*7

    asked by Pooja
  74. science

    i have to write a letter to an environmental agency about a topic i chose to write about how regulations need to be put on the amount of Co2 cars are putting into the atmosphere. so i have that idea....but now i need to say what actions i would want the

    asked by Rita
  75. Science

    When was first microscope invented?

    asked by Tom
  76. 7th grade algebra word problem

    i need the formula for the following... jennifer now earns $250 more than three times the salary she earned as a cashier. If she now earns $10,300 how much did she earn as a cashier? thank you

    asked by Michael
  77. health

    what are some ideas for preventing prejudice where it already exists?

    asked by brook
  78. home work question?

    objective here is to write for your audience and if you do not get your paper out how will you know if it will relate to them (the audience?)

    asked by meshelle
  79. physical sciencs

    how do you do the metric system?

    asked by maggie
  80. language and Diversity

    Where could I find a two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of English Language Learners./Then< how do schools meet the needs of the ELL students without breaking state law?

    asked by sally
  81. math

    Find the total of the three numbers 212 21 422

    asked by Anonymous
  82. math ;

    1. x^2 = 16 2. 2x(x+3) = 0 3. y^2 + 8y = 0 4. x^2 + 3x = 28 5. 2x^2 + 9x - 5 = 0

    asked by margiee (: !
  83. History

    Do you think that the United States will ever revert to a system where the states are more important than the national government?

    asked by Teri
  84. math ;

    1. 4x^2-16=0 4x^2=16 [what do i do now?]

    asked by margiee (: !
  85. natural science

    What are the structural zones within the Earth? How are they detected scientifically?

    asked by nathalie