Questions Asked on
October 22, 2008

  1. Science

    What kind of energy do you experience when you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

    asked by Nell
  2. help wit my analysis

    In “What is poverty” Jo Goodwin Parker uses an expository essay to define the realities that she faces. She believes poverty can’t be described by the lack of food, clothing, shelter, housing or water. Nor does she think it’s a statistical measure.

    asked by ben
  3. physics

    A solid sphere of radius R is placed at a height of 32cm on a 15degree slope. It is released and rolls, without slipping, to the bottom. From what height should a circular hoop of radius R be released on the same slope in order to equal the sphere's speed

    asked by Anonymous
  4. health and personal wellness

    Possessing meaning in life and being driven by personal values describes which area of wellness? 1.Emotional wellness 2.Intellectual wellness 3.Spiritual wellness 4.Social wellness

    asked by Alie
  5. Physics

    You're at a concert at a distance of 10m away from the band and their sound level is 120dB. How far back do you have to move if you want the sound level to be 85 dB? I tried using 85=(10/r1)^2, but this doesn't seem to be working.

    asked by Ziyi

    1) A diffraction grating with 2.500 x 10^3 lines/cm is used to examine the sodium spectrum. Calculate the angular separation of the two closely spaced yellow lines of sodium (588.995 and 589.592) in each of the first three orders. 2) A diffraction grating

    asked by Anonymous

    Arrange the following ions in order of increasing size: Br- Ca2+ K+ Se2-

    asked by Giznelbell
  8. 7th grade science

    ....... capacity is the largest numbers of individuals of one species that an ecosystem can support over time. What kind of capacity???

    asked by Robert
  9. Math

    Jill and Matt run on a 400-meter-long oval track. They each run 10 laps daily and both run in the same lane. One day, they begin at the same point, but ran in opposite directions. Jill ran at a constant speed that was 2 meters per second faster than Matt's

    asked by Natalie
  10. science

    According to the condensation theory, the most important factor for the formation of our planets was _____. 1.the gravitational pull of the Sun 2.the interstellar dust attracting heat away from the protosun 4.the process of nuclear fusion 5.the nebular

    asked by Alie
  11. Biology

    I am a little confuse can someone help me with these questions. Or if you can give me a link to a website where I can locate the information. I would appreciate. Thanks in advance...........Biotechnology allows us to use living organisms or their processes

    asked by Sugar
  12. science

    When I bumped the table, the coffee in my cup spilled out. Newton's _____ law explains this reaction. 1st 2nd 3rd

    asked by Alie
  13. GEO

    1)Lisbon is to Portugal as _____________ is to Cameroon. 2)Hispaniola and Barbados are islands in this body of water. ..... I need a lot of help with ^. To me these don't make any sense at all. Thanks for all your help.........

    asked by Elenny
  14. Chemistry Help Please

    Titration of a Sample of Household bleaches: The oxidizing agent in a household bleach is determined by placing 100 mL of distilled water in a 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask and adding 10 mL of the 10% (w/w) KI solution, swirling the contents of the flask to mix

    asked by Sara
  15. Accounting

    E 5-11 Income (loss) recognition; percentage-of-completion and completed contract methods compared LO4 Brady Construction Company contracted to build an apartment complex for a price of $5,000,000. Construction began in 2006 and was completed in 2008. The

    asked by Lulit
  16. physics

    A man of mass 75.9 kg stands on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end. The scaffold has a mass of 19.8 kg and is 2.8 m long. Suppose the man stands to the right from the middle of the scaffold that is a distance one sixth of the length of the

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Chemistry

    explain how the celsius scale was devised and why it is not appropriate to use it when describing the behavior of gases

    asked by Hannah
  18. physics help please

    A torque of 1.15 N·m is applied to a bicycle wheel of radius 36 cm and mass 0.83 kg. Treating the wheel as a hoop, find its angular acceleration. ?rad/s2 I know accel is alpha times the radius...where does torque tie in?

    asked by kelsey
  19. science

    _____ describes the life cycle of a star. Nuclear fusion Nebular clouds Stellar evolution The big bang

    asked by Elie
  20. science

    The death of a star occurs when its _____ stops. --nuclear fusion --nebular clouds --stellar gravity --rotation

    asked by Yelena
  21. Gen College Chemistry

    2AL+6H-->2AL+3H. What volume of hydrogen gas at STP would be evolved in a reaction of 36.0mg of 98% pure aluminum with the hydrogen being an ideal? I got the ml of hydrogen, but I don't know how to work it with AL being 98%pure.

    asked by Christie
  22. CHemistry

    a capsule of vitamin C.. a weak acid, is analyzed by titrating it with 0.425 M sodium hydroxide. it is found that 6.20 Ml of base is required to react with capsule weighing 0.628 g. what is the percentage of vitamin C (C6H8O6) in the capsule?( one mole of

    asked by Komal
  23. Math - 9th grade

    A company has a 22% profit margin, and has employee fraud of $220,000. Calculate the additional revenue to offset the lost income. Thanks.

    asked by Jason
  24. world geography

    Which of the following statements is most accurate? 1.The physical environment has no effect on human activities, but human activities may affect the physical environment. 2.The physical environment does not affect on human activities, and human activities

    asked by Alie
  25. world geography

    The most accurate representation of the earth is a(n) ______. Azimuthal equidistant globe relief map Winkel Tripel projection

    asked by Alie
  26. chemmmm

    How many unpaired electrons are present in each of these species? (a) 1s22s23p1 ground-state

    asked by Giznelbell
  27. Science

    If an object's mechanical energy is equal to its potential energy, how much kinetic energy does it have? how do you know?

    asked by Nell
  28. social studies

    which of the four oceans does not touch the continent of north america

    asked by brandon
  29. psychology

    how many minutes does an average college student spend in REM sleep?

    asked by lila
  30. Macro Economics

    Assume that the position of a nation's aggregate demand curve has not changed, but the long-run equilibrium price level has declined. Other things being equal, which of the following factors might account for this event? a. increase in labor productivity

    asked by Jenny
  31. 4th grademath

    can't remember how to round off numbers such as 105,219 to the nearest place value.105,219 is supposed to be rounded off to the nearest hundred thousand. 17,340,206 is supposed to be rounded off to the nearest hundred thousand place value and so on. would

    asked by Billy
  32. science

    According to Kepler's law of harmonies, which of these planets takes the longest to orbit the Sun? mars jupitor venus neptune

    asked by Yelena
  33. chemistry

    Zinc dissolves in acid according to the balanced equation. Zn(s)+ 2H(aq)-> Zn(aq) + H2(g) a sample of zinc is placed in a ice calorimeter. If 0.0657g of zinc causes a decrease of 0.109ml in the ice/water volume of the calorimeter, what is the enthalpy

    asked by tomi
  34. Statistics

    One-fifth of the population is left-handed. A random sample of 20 people is selected. a) What is the probability that no more than 6 of the next 20 people are left-handed. b) What is the probability that at least 4 of the next 20 people are left-handed.

    asked by Ben
  35. physics

    projectile is launched horizontally from edge of cliff 20 m high with an initial speed of 10 m/s. what is the horizontal distance the projectile travels before striking the level ground below the cliff? what formula do i use?

    asked by Bailey
  36. Microeconomics help please (urgent)

    True or False? Explain your reasoning. a. The short-run average total cost can never be less than the long-run average total cost. b. The short-run average variable cost can never be less than the long-run average total cost. c. In the long run, choosing a

    asked by David
  37. science

    According to Kepler's law of harmonies, which of these planets takes the longest to orbit the Sun? mars jupitor venus neptune

    asked by Yelena
  38. GK..please check...Chemistry Help Please

    Sorry not leting me post entire thing on last post..can you please check Thank- YOu # Chemistry Help Please - GK, Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 11:24am Reaction #1 (properly balanced): 2ClO-(aq) + 4H+(aq) + 6I-(aq) –> 3I2 + 2Cl-(aq) + 2H2O Reaction #2

    asked by Sara
  39. GK..please check...Chemistry Help Please

    Moles of S203^2- = (molarity)(volume): =(0.032400 mol/L)(0.053 litres S203^2-) = 0.03240 moles S203^2- Moles if I2 based on Equation #2: Moles I2 = (1/2)( 0.03240 moles S203^2-) = .00086 moles I2 Moles of ClO^- based on Equation #1: Moles ClO-(aq) =

    asked by Sara
  40. Math

    You are told that a company has a 20% profit margin, and the discovered fraud has caused $1,400,000 more needed revenue to cover the fraud. how much was stolen?

    asked by Jason
  41. math

    what should you not do if you want to help get rid of graffiti?

    asked by sarah
  42. Mnemonic Device

    Can someone help me make a mnemonic device for the order of my scales? Here is the order... D G C F B flat E flat A flat D flat F sharp B E A

    asked by Amanda
  43. world geography

    A geographic resource containing map collections is a(n) _____. almanac atlas reader's guide thesaurus

    asked by Alie
  44. math

    Box A has 3 red marbles and2 yellow marbles. Box B has 2 red marbles and 1 yellow marble. If you have to pick a re marble to win a prize and you can not look in the box, which box would give you the best chance of winning the prize?

    asked by Mark
  45. Biology

    Okay, so in the Lab Assignment that I'm currently working on in AP Biology, there is a question that says: - What results would you expect if a dialysis bag were filled with glucose and iodine and then placed into a beaker of starch and water? Its a

    asked by Rae
  46. Chemistry!! - bobpursley please

    Calculate the maximum wavelength of light capable of removing an electron for a hydrogen atom from the energy state characterized by the following when n=4 =__________nm Responses Chemistry!! - bobpursley, Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 4:05am So the two

    asked by Giznelbell
  47. english

    Are the words "encyclopedia", "habitat", and "reefs" count or noncount nouns?

    asked by nancy
  48. science

    Astronomers think planets formed from interstellar dust and gases that clumped together in a process called _____. 1.stellar evolution 2.nebular aggregation 3.planetary accretion 4.nuclear fusion

    asked by Alie
  49. math

    simplify -729,-7098,729,-2

    asked by ra ny
  50. chemistry please help!!

    4{C3H5(NO3)2}(l)--->6N2(g)+O2(g)+12CO2(g)+10H2O(g) If a dynamite of 100mL needs 3.5atm to explode, what minimum mass of C3H5(NO3)2 do I need to put in at 25 degree celcius? I tried to do this by finding the number of moles by the formula PV=nRT and then

    asked by ashley
  51. math

    find the unit rate 400 miles in 5 hours

    asked by racheal
  52. rounding to sig figs

    round the following to THREE significant figures: i tried some of them...please check to see if i did them right...thank you a) 356,309 a. Answer: 356,000 b) 0.05738949 a. Answer: 0.0574 c) 0.05999999 a. Answer: 0.0510 d) 583,689 a. Answer: 584,000 e)

    asked by mary
  53. Microeconomics

    Cant find equations for solving for MP and AP. Suppose firms A and B each make T-shirts. Firm A's production function is q = L0.5 K0.5. Firm B's production function is q = 1.2 L0.5 K0.5. a.If the two firms each hire the same amounts of capital and labor,

    asked by Bono
  54. BIO

    heres the question, I totally don't understand it: a few sex linked ttraits in humans are located on the Y chromosome and are dominant. What pattern of inheritence would uou expect to see in these traits? show your exmaplantion.

    asked by Lena
  55. Math

    Business and Finance: in a shipment of 750 parts, 75 were found to be defective. what percent of the park were faulty.

    asked by Gertrude Sanders

    My body is covered with bony plates, but i am a fish. I am male, but i take care of all my young. i can swim, but i prefer to be carried by ocean currents. i look like a familiar land animal. What am i?

    asked by Samantha
  57. Physics

    Alright in my class we are learning about free fall and crap. I've wasted tons of time on thins one problem and it's now past midnight and I still haven't gotten it yet. ok Maria throws an apple vertically upward from a height of 1.3m with an initial

    asked by God Help Me
  58. Genetics

    The question is as follows: The round trait is dominant over recessive wrinkled peas. A homozygous round pea mates with a homozygous wrinkled pea. The resulting F1 generation is self crossed and 900 round pea plants and 100 wrinkled plants are observed.

    asked by Stephanie
  59. ecology

    what is the sun's role in the food chain?

    asked by Kris
  60. English

    1. You can write everything down. 2. You can write down everything. (Are both correct?) 2-2. You can write it down. (O) 2-3. You can write down it. (X) (When the object is a pronoun, we cannot write 'write down it', right? Then, what about #2? In #2,

    asked by John
  61. economics

    I am writing a paper on the technology industry. Can anyone guide me to some good sites to find information on the following: 1.shifts and price elasticity of supply and demand 2.positive and negative externalities 3.wage inequality 4.monetary and fiscal

    asked by deedee
  62. physics B

    This is the first question on the 2003 ap physics b exam. I need help with part e. It shows a diagram of a pulley with two students. student A is on the ground with a mass of 70kg holding on to the pulley while student B is in the air with a mass of 60.

    asked by kelley
  63. Psychology

    difference between physiological and psychological needs. I am confused on this question I have been studing the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs I am assuming this so If I am getting this wrong please explain to me the difference. The Maslow theory gave 5

    asked by TOM
  64. chemistry

    explain why some numerical values have an unlimited number of significant digits

    asked by melissa
  65. English

    How does Kenneth Koch's poem, "One train may Hide another" relate to the novel " Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse. Please help me.

    asked by Jackson
  66. Science

    What is the wavelength and frequency of radar waves? and does it have any dangers? thanks :)

    asked by Lily
  67. math

    Find the exact value of the shortest distance from the origin to each line. y=x-4 is the equation of the line. When i do the problem I keep on getting 0 but that's not the answer!!! please help me.

    asked by Allison
  68. Math

    identify the rate, base and amount do not work the problem. 150% is 75% of what number.

    asked by Gertrude Sanders
  69. English

    Needs help with this assignment. PART B: You learned two ways in which you can unlock the meaning of an unknown word: (1) Structural Analysis (Word Parts) and (2) Contextual Analysis (Context Clues). State which of the methods you would use to unlock the

    asked by Bryan
  70. math

    skip counting on the hundred chart the question is What patterns do you see with skip counts by 10's and 3's?

    asked by Michelle
  71. math

    franco sees 8 camels and counts 14 humps in all. some have 2 humps and some have many camels with two humps did franco see?

    asked by logan
  72. MATH


    asked by TREVAIN
  73. statistics

    2. How does the sample size differ between qualitative and quantitative methods? Why?

    asked by nicky
  74. college

    What is the derivative of: f(t) = e^{t} \mathrm{sech}(t) f(x)=y^3x (natural log) f(x)=sinh(x)tanh(x) f(x)=8sin(5x)arcsinx)

    asked by Julie
  75. Pre-Cal

    Find the greatest integral upper bound of the zeros for the following function. f(x) = 4x^3 - 2x^2 - 12x + 1 Find the real zero(s) to the nearest tenth. f(x) = 2x^3 + x^2 - 1 [I believe the numbers should be around -1 and 0 and 0 and 1.]

    asked by Lauren
  76. Finite Math

    A travel writer is on a cruise. After the cruise, he is going to write a magazine article evaluating the quality of the cruise, including the food. (For instance, "On the first night, I had the shark steak Florentine ... which was superb.") The dinner

    asked by Sam
  77. another macroecon

    it is argued that the prices of inputs to firms' production processes are fixed in the short run. One example of why this might be true is that some large firms enter into futures contracts for large deliveries of raw materials like wheat or lumber. Give

    asked by michele
  78. Chemistry (Orbital help needed)

    I just want to make sure I'm doing this right... (Numbers in brackets are the square roots or electrons) "How many orbitals are completely filled in an atom that has 12 electrons? The electron configuration is 1s[2]2s[2]2p[6]3s[2]?" It would be 2 right?

    asked by Robert
  79. Science (8th grade)

    How do cell phones work? I know they use radio waves, but how do they actually work??? Thanks :)

    asked by Lily
  80. science

    Newton's _____ law explains why my hands hurt when I clap loudly. 1st 2nd 3rd

    asked by Alie
  81. English

    1. For example, red is for Line 1, and green is for Line 2. (subway system) 2. For example, red is Line 1, and green is Line 2. (subway system) Which one is grammatical? Are both grammatical? Responses English - Writeacher, Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at

    asked by John
  82. chemistry

    how many significant figures are in the following: 4001.006 0.0000456 10001.00000 10.000000456 2000000 2000000.0 20000000000.00 20

    asked by melissa
  83. chem

    find the volume of a cube of zinc with the following dimensions:3.000 cm , 3.1 cm, 2.99 cm can someone help me set this up it's confusing

    asked by melissa
  84. geometry

    predict the next two numbers in this sequence:2,6,18,54,_,_

    asked by jazzy gurl
  85. US history- forming governments

    How did the factions that James Madison refer to in Federalist No. 1o apply to how both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists planned to deal with the problems of government we discussed in class today?

    asked by Ashley
  86. English

    What are the strong points of the subway? The subway is clean, safe and fast. We can go to work or go to school with ease. We do not have to worry about traffic jam when we go by subway. It is comfortable to go on the train. The subway fare is cheap. We do

    asked by John
  87. math

    Maria praticed the recorder for 40 minutes on saturday. she praticed 10 minutes less in the afternoon than in the morning. how many minutes did maria practice in the morning? in the afternoon?

    asked by Michele
  88. Spanish

    i need to fill this blank _______persona que le gusta mucho un deporte is it a spectator?

    asked by Viola
  89. english

    In A tale of Two Cities how does !@#$%^&ens depict Jarvis Lorry as emotionally imprisoned?

    asked by E
  90. French

    How would you end a letter to: 1) a casual acquaintance 2) a friend Is it "beaucoup des amitiés" or "beaucoup des étraintes" or just "beaucoup des saluts" Merci!

    asked by Anonymous
  91. english

    what exactly does this phrase mean.... such discourse facilitates the praxis of hope??? i think it means that discussion facilitates the practice of hope...but i looked up the definition of praxis and i'm not sure which one fits the context of this

    asked by kate
  92. AP Biology

    Okay, so in the Lab Assignment that I'm currently working on in AP Biology, there is a question that says: - What results would you expect if a dialysis bag were filled with glucose and iodine and then placed into a beaker of starch and water? Its a

    asked by Christian
  93. In Science Plant Quiz

    I am in Grade3 looking for Plants Quiz Questions and Answers, like objective type Questions need, please let me know the link where I can find ?

    asked by jhon123
  94. Grammar

    Need help w/ word for an event that causes a crisis and a vigorous movenent for a cause or against an abuse.

    asked by C.J.
  95. history

    what impact did the Iron Age have on history. (there was no information about the iron age in our text book and alot of the websites i have looked at don't give me the information i need...PLEASE HELP!!)

    asked by Anonymous
  96. MATH


    asked by NAI
  97. physics please

    A wheel on a game show is given an initial angular speed of 1.33 rad/s. It comes to rest after rotating through 3/4 of a turn. (a) Find the average torque exerted on the wheel given that it is a disk of radius 0.76 m and mass 6.4 kg. ? N·m sorry, I'm

    asked by kelsey
  98. music

    info on cha cha

    asked by cassie
  99. Math

    Could someone check over these for me? Thank you soooooooo much! 1.Maria earns $14/hr. Last week she worked 7 hour days for 4 days. What was her gross pay? $392 2.Arrange the given fractions from smallest to largest. 3/10,1/9,1/12 1/12,3/10,1/9 3.write the

    asked by deedee
  100. Science

    How does physics apply in a homemade glass xylophone? [8 glasses of same size filled with water at different levels for pitch, and tapped with a spoon to make the sound] I know it has something to do with waves and sound, but I'm not quite sure what else.

    asked by Marisol
  101. math

    find the best buy on cashews a.12oz for $5.39 b.1lb4oz for $7.39 c.10oz for $4.89 d.1lb for $6.39 B)Is this correct

    asked by deedee
  102. 4th grade


    asked by erika
  103. algebra

    what is the addition property of equality?

    asked by fiorella
  104. Investment

    Capital asset pricing theory asserts that portfolio returns are best explained by ________ risk.

    asked by Yvonne
  105. engish

    what is a concuding sentence for the story "The scarlet Ibis".

    asked by taylor
  106. Factoring

    What is the answer to: 8x^2y-4xy-4x

    asked by Randi
  107. Math

    So i am working on factors, multiples, and divi

    asked by Maddie
  108. 4th grade

    I like to know few Formulas in Algebra, What formulas we have use in Algebra ?

    asked by jhon123
  109. social studies

    What materials were/are South America Koji huts made of?

    asked by Beth
  110. Health

    If HIPAA rules are sticter than state law, which standard should you follow and why? This is what I beleive the answer is. Could somebody confirm that I'm at least on the right trail or that this is right or wrong? Answer: The stritest law prevails,

    asked by Dee
  111. science

    The death of a star occurs when its _____ stops. --nuclear fusion --nebular clouds --stellar gravity --rotation

    asked by Yelena
  112. physics

    How many secons apart should two balls be released so that a ball being deopped from a height of H reaches the ground at the same time as a ball dropped from a height of 5H?

    asked by prve
  113. English

    I have to write an essay on a morally ambiguous character in 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad. The only character i can think of that fits that is Kurtz, but i can't think of any real specific examples of how he's a morally ambiguous character? If

    asked by Ashley
  114. English

    1. The subways in Seoul are clean, safe, and fast. 1-2. The subway in Seoul is clean, safe, and fast. (Are both OK?) 2. He is different from Tom in character. 2-1. He is the same as Tom in character. 2-2. His character is different from Tom's. (Are the

    asked by John
  115. Math

    Business and finance. Ms. Jordan has been given a loan of $2,500 for 1 year. If the interest charged is $275, what is the interest rate on the loan?

    asked by Gertrude Sanders
  116. Math

    How would I prove the following (With a formal mathematical proof)?: If a transversal intersects two parallel lines, then the bisectors of two corresponding angles are parallel.

    asked by Jared
  117. Biology!!

    Would a cell make enzymes for other cells? For example, would a cell make a lysosomal enzyme and send it to a different cell?

    asked by Andrea
  118. math

    any tips for dividing monomials by polinomial?

    asked by riah
  119. 4th grade english

    WE have homework with irrregular verbs. Mom is not sure what that is...can you help?

    asked by merlye
  120. math

    trish sends letters ans postcard to her friends.She needs 37 cents in postage for each letter and 21 cents for each postcard. She spends$3.11 in postage. How many letters and postcards did trisha send in all?

    asked by logan
  121. science

    global warming could cause the melting of glaciers and increase the strength of _______

    asked by maddie
  122. Chemistry!!!

    Why does the ionization energy of Ca+ greataer than K even tho they have the same amount of e- why does Na have a relatively simple atomic spectrum while Cr has a very complex one?

    asked by Rachel
  123. physics

    How much does a 600 N spaceship weigh on the moon if the moon's gravity is 33% of Earth's?

    asked by Emma
  124. MATH


    asked by ANGELICA
  125. Spanish

    please see if this is correctly written. Judith Baca, un habitante de Los Angeles nativo, nació en 1946. Ella es sabida mejor para sus murales grandes. La Gran Pared de Los Angeles representa la historia de personas étnicas de California. El mural

    asked by Lauren
  126. math

    Someone please check my answers 1.In the number 854,263,189 what number tells the number of millions. 4 2.Write 4x4x4x4x4 as a power of 4 4^5 3.write 684 in expanded form 600+80+4 4.Turner agrees to buy a boat for $2,800 down and $129 a month for 48

    asked by deedee
  127. English

    1. For example, red is for Line 1, and green is for Line 2. (subway system) 2. For example, red is Line 1, and green is Line 2. (subway system) Which one is grammatical? Are both grammatical?

    asked by John
  128. world history

    Where could I find resourses on information relating the intellectual transformations of the axial age to the political developments

    asked by megan
  129. math

    a rectangular parking lot is 110 yards long and 45 yard wide it costs about $.60 to pave each square foot of the parking lot with asphalt.about how much will it cost to pave the parking lot?

    asked by parveen
  130. Science

    Why are mushrooms usually found in circles?

    asked by OlaZlnka
  131. spanish 2

    what are the conjucated words for ser?

    asked by brooke
  132. Computers

    How would you test an object-oriented design’s sequence diagrams? Be specific.

    asked by Noel
  133. science

    What happened to the people in Pompeii when the pyroclastic cloud hit them after Mount Vesuvius erupted?

    asked by Logan
  134. math

    8gal 7qt minus 5gal 2qt= 6gal 1qt Is this right

    asked by deedee
  135. math 3.671 less than 3.67 yes 6.A triangle has a base of 13 feet and an altitude of 7 feet. Find its area. 45.5 7.find the best buy on cashews a.12oz for $5.39 b.1lb4oz for $7.39 c.10oz for $4.89 d.1lb for $6.39 A. 12oz for $5.39 8.8gal7qt+3gal2qt= 6gal1qt

    asked by deedee
  136. literary

    What is the mood of A Journey to the Center of the Earth,book by Jules Vernes?

    asked by babalooey
  137. Maths

    Expand ln(1+x) and ln(1-x) and hence deduce that ln((y+1)/(y-1))=[2/y]+[2/(3(y^3))]+[2/(5(y^5))]+[2/(7(y^7))]. State the range of values of y for which the expansion is valid. Hence calculate ln(101) correct to 4 significant figures given that

    asked by Claire
  138. Ecology

    which is not an example of +/- interspecific interaction ectoparasite and host herbivore and plant honeybee and flower pathogen and host carnivore and prey

    asked by Sue
  139. Differential Equation

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows a site that could help me with the homework free online...with Differential equations. it would be great. I need help on in big time thank you

    asked by mary
  140. science

    how are theories related to evidence? i need to write one page! help!

    asked by Johann
  141. school

    i have to think of some strengths and weaknesses of the high school I go to. Can anyone give me some guidelines/examples...

    asked by kayla
  142. Chemistry

    This should be easy... What would 61.98 be to three sig figs?? 62.0 or 61.9??

    asked by Laur
  143. geometry

    predict the next two numder in this sequence: 1,4,16,64_,_

    asked by jasmine
  144. chemistry help please!

    For my year 7 homework i have had to write a poster about pyhsical and chemical changes when a candle is alight. We have had to use certain vocabulary and one is evaporation. I know what this term means but don't know what evaporates when a candle is

    asked by molly
  145. genes

    explain the arguments against genetically modified organisms

    asked by kieran
  146. geograhphy

    Heyy x Does anyyone know a good siite for finding volcanoes ? x ii Have to find the 10 biggest eruptions and write aloadaa stuff about it like when it happened and where abouts x Anyyone ? x it needs to be onn fridayy x Thankyouu x Paiigeee x

    asked by Paiige x
  147. Business

    Do you believe that the move from selling music on a physical product to selling it digitally represents a change that will affect other industries? What evidence do you see and where do you see this taking place?

    asked by Bryan
  148. policies and procedures

    Could someone please suggest more procedures???? Policy: The Town of Springbank Hills will receive corporate sector sponsors for various recreation programs, community-wide events and facilities. It will state the process staff will take to seek sponsors

    asked by PEGGY
  149. English

    where can i find information on The Most Hateful Words by Amy Tan? Information such as a summary or reaction about it

    asked by Bryan
  150. math

    simplify -729,-7098,720,-2

    asked by ra ny
  151. Literature

    What is te structure of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet 38?

    asked by Noell
  152. history!!HELP

    how has the iron age had an impact on history

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Project

    What is Mobile Electronics? what is the mobile electronics industry all about

    asked by Bryan
  154. Chemistry

    I don't understand how periodic trends relate to Zeff (effective nuclear charge)

    asked by Giznelbell
  155. geometry/DEFINE


    asked by jazzy gurl


    asked by Giznelbell
  157. Science

    gasline burns in a car engine is a phyical change?

    asked by Halei
  158. eng 12

    I got to analyze suzukis history at our peril. How should i present my analysis? suppose to tell why its expository? then provide examples. Should i state why in the first paragraph why its expoisitory? ie he talks about how humans need to protect the

    asked by ben
  159. space

    Describe the stages in the life of a star that has a mass 20 times that of the sun.

    asked by Alexis
  160. geometry


    asked by BECKY
  161. math

    4*6*9*5*8*7*5*5*6*5*4*5*4*5*4*/123456.667- "the square root of 74"

    asked by Brad
  162. arithmetic

    ami is 8 years older than her sisiter,ceanne. in four years ami will be twice as old as ceanne. what is the sum of their ages now?

    asked by logan
  163. algebra

    how do I rewrite this problem as a distibutive property? 7x2393 and 52816x4

    asked by Tatum
  164. math

    evaluate 5.6 x .9 A.] .504 B.] 5.04 C.] 56.0 D.] 50.4

    asked by stephen
  165. math


    asked by RAQUEL
  166. Science

    6 object that do not reflect light?

    asked by Joe
  167. Algebra 1: 8th Grade

    Can a steep slope be a negative slope? Why?

    asked by Joy
  168. Chemistry

    Why do bromine and iodide have similar chemical properties?

    asked by Rachel
  169. AP CHEM!

    why is the atomic radius of a noble gas larger than a halogen?

    asked by Giznelbell
  170. Chem

    what product could you see in a flask when you cobined copper and sodium. basically what is the name for copper and sodium when combined

    asked by Ellie
  171. science

    what is mass

    asked by briana
  172. Math


    asked by Trey
  173. Math

    Input: 3, 4, 8, 10 Output: 9, 11, 19, 23 Find the rule????

    asked by Sarah
  174. macroecon

    what is the difference between thinking of a person as being employed versus thinking of a person's labor as being employed?

    asked by michele
  175. DQ 2

    In your opinion, will teacher reforms (such as comprehensive testing of teachers or requiring ongoing professional development) attract or intimidate individuals from joining the teaching profession? How do the reforms affect your own desire to enter the

    asked by linda
  176. Science

    Hey I need the answer by tommorrow so can you plzzzzzzz help? Well my question is... Is the space pen still around in the markets?? Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much if you can help. :)

    asked by Aimee
  177. economics

    why isoquant come closer in increating return to scale?

    asked by stanley
  178. math

    Turner agrees to buy a boat for $2,800 down and $129 a month for 48 months. What is the total cost of the boat? $8,992 This would be 129x48=6192+2800=8992 Right?

    asked by deedee
  179. ecology

    What plant grows from spores and not seeds?

    asked by Darius
  180. science

    Hey I have another question, what is the impact of the space pen to the society?? Thanks sooooooooo much if you can help

    asked by Aimee
  181. 9th grade

    tell how each of the follwoing pairs of terms are related. mass: matter

    asked by Anonymous
  182. math

    4. If 1 gallon of water weighs 8.34lbs, how much does 3.75 gallons weigh? 31.275lbs

    asked by deedee
  183. Business

    Which three areas do you believe to be most prevalent OR which three areas have the greatest consequence in the workplace?

    asked by Me
  184. Social Studies

    How did the Cherokee use the land to get food?

    asked by Jane
  185. Finite Math

    Continental Motors manufactures taxis and airport limousines at its two plants. Plant A produces 75 taxis and 6 limousines daily, while plant B produces 50 taxis and 2 limousines daily. To fulfill its contractual obligations for November, the company must

    asked by Carolyn
  186. Science

    trying to work out the angular size of Saturn I know the equation is 57degrees times (actual size divide distance) = Angular size so I have the following: 57deg times (120535 div 1195772020) = 0.005745.... it goes on a fair way. 0.005745 degrees... is this

    asked by Paul
  187. science

    Why did the titanic float we it weighed 62,000 lbs.?

    asked by Chris
  188. english

    i want to post a story of mine can anyone tell me any website where i can post one.....plz say

    asked by Anonymous
  189. Science

    How exactly does gravity work?

    asked by Logan
  190. geometry

    predict the next two numders in this sequences:-5,-2,4,13_,_

    asked by jazzy gurl
  191. Geometry 2020

    HELP!!! I am soooo lost.... I don't understand anything....I can't really show what I am doing because it has a picture but the direction is: Show an organized proof with justification for every step. Given:Parallelogram ABCD Prove: angel 1 + angel 2= 180

    asked by ?
  192. genes

    explain the advantages for genetically modified organisms

    asked by kieran
  193. genes

    name two of the positive implications of the human genome project

    asked by kieran
  194. genes

    name two of the negative implications of the human genome project

    asked by kieran
  195. genes

    how is gene therapy providing a treatment for cf

    asked by kieran
  196. math

    Simplify 3(x - 4) + 8(x + 2). =not sure

    asked by Yelena
  197. 7th grade

    how do you identify complements?

    asked by tyler
  198. 6th grade spanish please check if i'm right

    Puedes encontrar la taquilla en frente de LA SALA DE CONCIERTOS. Si te gusta escuchar y ver música en vivo, puedes ir a UN CONCIERTO. the choices are:el cine el circo el espectáculo el estreno la discoteca la sala de conciertos las olimpiadas un

    asked by Lora
  199. math


    asked by felicia
  200. finiance

    what are the functions of the controller?

    asked by cristi
  201. biology

    How are food vacuoles formed?

    asked by jo b.
  202. LAW


    asked by STACEY
  203. ben

    what principles of government did john marshall establish

    asked by us
  204. social studies


    asked by cabria
  205. math


    asked by niya scott
  206. Science

    The maximum rate of increase for a population is its......... potential.

    asked by Robert
  207. Science

    Why do two isotoprs of an element have the same atomic number but different mass numbers?

    asked by Tejwant
  208. Math- 5th grade

    Estimate the product of $4.67 and 43.

    asked by Noah
  209. social studies

    Should a representative always do what his or her constituents voters want?

    asked by thomas