Questions Asked on
October 21, 2008

  1. DrBobb222 : Chemistry HElp...Please Check

    Standardization of the Sodium Thiosulfate Solution Make up a standard solution of potassium iodate by accurately “weighing by difference” about 0.1 g of KIO3 and placing it in your 100 mL volumetric flask. Fill the flask to mark with distilled water.

    asked by Sara
  2. chem

    should atmospheric pressure increase or decrease as one goes from the beach to the mountains? why?

    asked by Tabby
  3. Calculus

    The hypotenuse of a right triangle has one end at the origin and one end on the curve y=x^(7)e^(-7x) , with x greater than or equal to 0. One of the other two sides is on the x-axis, the other side is parallel to the y-axis. Find the maximum area of such a

    asked by George
  4. AP CHEM

    How many electrons in an atom can have the following designations? 5px 2s n = 4 5p 7py 4f how do u do these?

    asked by Giznelbell
  5. chem

    The Rf value of compound A is .34 when the TLC plate is developed in hexane and .44 when the plate is developed in diethyl ether. Compound B has an Rf value of .42 in hexane and .60 in diethyl ether. Which solvent would be better for seperating a mixture

    asked by Jason
  6. Chemistry!! Please help!

    If the wavelength of line B is 142.5 nm, calculate the wavelength of line A. Line A is the transition of n=6 to n=3 Line B is the transition of n=5 to n=3

    asked by Robin
  7. chem

    why does the addition of a salt (like sodium chloride) to the aqueous layer sometimes help break up an emulsion that forms in an extraction? - sorry about that last post

    asked by Jason
  8. Chemistry

    If the column of water in the water bormeter rose to a height of 35 feet, what would the atmospheric pressure be in mm Hg?

    asked by Dan
  9. English

    Which of the following statements is true of a summary? 1. A summary condenses the main points of an article. 2. A summary is quicker and easier to write than a longer original article. 3. A summary should not include evaluation and criticism. 4. A summary

    asked by Lin
  10. Physics HELP!!!

    A ball is kicked at an angle of 50 with a velocity of 14m/s. a. how long is it in the air? b. how high does it rise? can someone please explain to me how to solve this???

    asked by Lauren
  11. Chemistry AP

    what does this mean (we are on quantum) The figure below represents part of the emission spectrum for a one-electron ion in the gas phase. All the lines result from electronic transmissions from excited states to the n = 3 state. the graph is like this A B

    asked by Robin
  12. Algebra

    The question is the following: YOur school has contracted with a professional magician to perform at the school. The school has guaranteed an attendance of at least 1000 and total ticket receipts of at least $4800. The tickets are $4 for students and $6

    asked by Skyelar
  13. Chemistry

    Neutron diffraction is used in determining the structures of molecules. (a) Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of a neutron moving at 9.00% of the speed of light. __ m (b) Calculate the velocity of a neutron with a wavelength of 65 pm (1 pm = 10-12 m).

    asked by Rita

    How many unpaired electrons are present in each of these species? (a) 1s22s23p1 1 ground-state= __________ (b) 1s2 2s2 2p6 0 ground-state=______________ I Cant get the ground state config i think there might be somethign wrong...

    asked by Giznelbell
  15. please help! math

    simplify the expressions. 1. sqrt(40/169) 2. sqrt(18/13) 3. sqrt(45/32)

    asked by Anonymous
  16. College Physics

    The rotor is an amusement park ride where people stand against the inside of a cylinder. Once the cylinder is spinning fast enough, the floor drops out. A-What force keeps the people from falling out the bottowm of the ride? I think that it's the Normal

    asked by JP
  17. British Literature

    What do each of the following characters represent in The Faerie Queene? The Redcrosse Knight The Dragon Arthur Una

    asked by Cori
  18. physics

    A 2.10 mol sample of oxygen gas is confined to a 5.10 L vessel at a pressure of 7.99 atm. Find the average translational kinetic energy of an oxygen molecule under these conditions in (j/mol) When i was working this out i tried using pv=nrt to find the

    asked by reeta
  19. Chemistry!!

    Calculate the maximum wavelength of light capable of removing an electron for a hydrogen atom from the energy state characterized by the following when n=4 =__________nm

    asked by Giznelbell
  20. Basic chem question

    3dz2 how many orbitals can this have?? what is the z?

    asked by Sally
  21. physics again!!

    An arrow is fired at an angle of 53 with a velocity of 15 m/s. what is its range? explain step by step please!!

    asked by Lauren
  22. last time

    A mortar elevated to 60 degrees scores a hit 15 m up a building 30m away. with what speed was the shell fired?

    asked by Lauren
  23. Chemistry

    A photon of ultraviolet (UV) light possesses enough energy to mutate a strand of human DNA. What is the energy of a single UV photon having a wavelength of 27 nm?

    asked by Robin
  24. British Literature

    How do I summarize Ben Jonson's poem "Song to Celia"?

    asked by Cori
  25. algebra 2

    simplify the square root of 175.

    asked by kiley
  26. English

    When applicable, entries on an MLA Works Cited page must include all the following except: 1. author, title of article, title of periodical in which the article was published. 2. date of publication, volume and issue number of periodical, page numbers. 3.

    asked by Lin
  27. college chemistry

    4{C3H5(NO3)2}(l)--->6N2(g)+O2(g)+12CO2(g)+10H2O(g) If a dynamite of 100mL needs 3.5atm to explode, what minimum mass of C3H5(NO3)2 do I need to put in at 25 degree celcius? I tried to do this by finding the number of moles by the formula PV=nRT and then

    asked by ashley
  28. science

    Which of the following is a nonelectrolyte? A) H 2 SO 4 (sulfuric acid) B) HCL (hydrochloric acid) C) C 3 H 8 (propane gas) D) NaCl (table salt)

    asked by terika
  29. Grade 3 students: need your help.. Thanks

    I read the story "the Country Mouse and the City mouse" to a small group of students. I then asked them to list how the country mouse and the city mouse are alike and how they are different. They fully understand the meaning of the words alike and

    asked by Martha
  30. algebra

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! write equation of a polynomial function with the given characteristics. Leading coefficient is 1 or -1 crosses the x axis at -2,3, and 4 touches the x axis at 0 lies above the x axis between -2 and 0

    asked by Destiny
  31. Chemistry

    AgCl >Ag + Cl The silver metal that is formed causes the lenses to darken. The enthalpy change for this reaction is 3.10 102 kJ/mol. Assuming all this energy must be supplied by light, what is the maximum wavelength of light that can cause this reaction?

    asked by Giznelbell
  32. British Literature

    Compare and contrast Sir Gawain of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Redcrosse Knight of The Faerie Queene.

    asked by Cori
  33. biology

    how many molecules in 4Nh3

    asked by heather
  34. Algebra

    A rectangular fence has a perimeter of 1080 feet. The length is 3 feet more than twice the width. What are the dimensions?

    asked by Brad
  35. social studies

    which natural forces have helped to shape the physical features of north america

    asked by joy
  36. Physics - okay, turns out I need help once more

    but this is the last problem, so I'll be done after thins one. :) You're at a concert at a distance of 10m away from the band and their sound level is 120dB. How far back do you have to move if you want the sound level to be 85 dB? I tried using

    asked by Ziyi
  37. alisha

    a candle is a foot tall after burning an hour. after 4 h it is 10.5 in. tall. write a linear equation to model the height y of the candle after x hours. and how many hours will the candle be 6 inches tall?? plz explain the work .....

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math studies

    Find m and a: 12x + 3y = 36 mx - 9y = a

    asked by ll
  39. British Lit.

    Inverted word order, unclear pronouns, and variable spellings are characteristics of what type of English a. old english b. elizabethan english c. gothic english d. middle english

    asked by Cori
  40. English

    1. Go straight to First Street. 1-1. Go straight to the First Street. (Do we have to use 'the' or not?) 2. It's just next to the hospital. 2-1. It's only next to the hospital. (Are both the same expressions?) 3. I'll go to the railroad station. 3-1. I'll

    asked by John
  41. Algebra

    A rectangular fence has a perimeter of 1080 feet. The length is 3 feet more than twice the width. I need to know the dimensions and how to figure it out.

    asked by Brad
  42. AP U.S History

    I have to respond to a DBQ on the Independent Revolution. The question is: To what extent had the colonists developed a sense of their identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the Revolution? My main points are: 1)The end of the French and Indian War

    asked by Anonymous
  43. British Lit.

    What was the main theme that the Cavalier poets wrote about? a. governmental policy b. religion c. ancient Egypt d. the passing of time

    asked by Cori
  44. physics

    A 47.0 g golf ball is driven from the tee with an initial speed of 54.0 m/s and rises to a height of 23.2 m. (a) Neglect air resistance and determine the kinetic energy of the ball at its highest point. What is its speed when it is 9.0 m below its highest

    asked by q
  45. Microeconomics help please (urgent)

    I just want an idea on how to do this, so will only post one example: For each of the following situations, decide whether the bundle Lakshani is thinking about consuming is optimal or not. If it is not optimal, how could Lakshani improve her overall level

    asked by Heidi
  46. British Literature

    In "To the Virgins To Make Much of Time" Herrick joyfully describes.. a.staying young b.growing old c.moving to spain d.buying jewelry

    asked by Cori
  47. 8th grade

    Speculate about how the invention of the microscope might have helped doctors to understand what caused diseases?

    asked by Michelle
  48. math

    continue a pattern: 1; 10;3; 30 __; __; __; 150; 140; 170; 160; __; __; __; 5; 25; 50; 10; __; __; __; 2; 5; 10; 3; __; __; __; 1; 300; 2; 600; __; __; __;

    asked by Sherif
  49. Chemistry

    How do I convert the atmospheric pressure = 30.17in to mmHg? also how do I convert to mm H2O?

    asked by Kate
  50. Physics

    A construction worker needs to move away from a sound source which is 10m away. If the intensity at that distance is 4*10^-2 W/m^2 and they want to move to make it 3*10^-6 W/m^2, how far away do they have to move? I'm using the equation I2/I1=(r1/r2)^2,

    asked by Ziyi
  51. math

    rewrite each pair of fractions using the least common denominator. 20 3 21 7

    asked by alli
  52. Math

    How do I write a word problem that matches this expression:10-(2x4)?

    asked by Ben
  53. Chemistry

    The heads of matches are made with P4S3. this material is made by heating a mixture of red phosphorus and sulfur: 8P4 + 3S8----> 8P4S3 If a match company uses 5435 grams of phosphorous (p4) with an excess of sulfure, how many grams of P4S3 can be made?

    asked by karen
  54. MATH

    CARLOS INVESTED $10,000. part ot 5% and the rest at 6%. His total annual income from these investments was $575. How nuch did he invest at each rate?

    asked by GLADYS
  55. 10th grade

    Carlos invested $10,000. part ot 5% and the rest at 6%. His total annual income from these investments was $575. How nuch did he invest at each rate?

    asked by GLADYS
  56. British Literature

    What evidence indicates that Andrew Marvell's poem "To His Coy Mistress" is a carpe diem poem?

    asked by Cori
  57. math

    continue a pattern: 1; 10; __; __; __; 150; 140; 170; 160; __; __; __; 5; 25; 50; 10; __; __; __; 2; 5; 10; 3; __; __; __; 1; 300; 2; 600; __; __; __;

    asked by Sherif
  58. English

    1. What are the means of public transportation in our country? 2. What does the color on the subway map mean? 3. Find and write down the sentences which are the reasons for the following sentences from the reading text. 4. Draw a line between the picture

    asked by John
  59. pre-cal

    Solve. (sqrt. x + 1) - (sqrt. 2x -12) = 1 The answers I reached were x = 8 and 24. If you plug in 8, you will get 1 as an answer. If you plug in 24, however, you will not get 1 as an answer. Please see if 8 is the only solution. If not, please show me how

    asked by lauren
  60. REETA

    A 2.10 mol sample of oxygen gas is confined to a 5.10 L vessel at a pressure of 7.99 atm. Find the average translational kinetic energy of an oxygen molecule under these conditions in (j/mol) When i was working this out i tried using pv=nrt to find the

    asked by CHEMISTRY
  61. British LIterature

    Using examples from the text of Paradise Lost, provide details that support the claim that Satan is a round character.

    asked by Cori
  62. crt

    Which is valid and which is sound? When you are building an argument for an issue that is significant to you, do you think it is more important to be valid or sound? Explain your answer.

    asked by moy
  63. teaching as a profession

    Identify internal and/or external rewards that impact recruitment and retention of quality teachers. How do such rewards influence recruitment or retention? How might these rewards shift as new accountability-centered teacher reforms are proposed (such as

    asked by linda
  64. Com 220

    What strategies do you use for revising a paper? How do you know when to accept feedback from another source? What makes feedback valuable to you?

    asked by onthestar
  65. 6th grade social studies

    President Ruterford B.Hayes tried to change the spoils system by reforming the ---

    asked by Caeley
  66. Physics

    How many times larger is the intensity of a sound if you move from 20 m away from it to a distance of 2m? I think I'm supposed to use the ratio (r1/r2)^2, but I don't know which is which; I don't even know if that's the correct formula.

    asked by Ziyi
  67. British Literature

    Is the poem "To Daffodils" a Cavalier Poem? Why or why not?

    asked by Cori
  68. Physics-just oen more time, please

    The sound intensity at a certain distance from a car is 2*10^-7 W/m^2. - If the distance is tripled, what is the new intensity of the sounds? - if the distance is halved, what is the new intensity of the sound? for the first question I tried doing

    asked by Ziyi
  69. Business

    What commercial would be considered a "bandwagon" commercial (where everyone is doing it)?

    asked by Jackie
  70. 6th grade

    i need help with a math problem that NO ONE can figure out problem:98.13 divided by 24.27

    asked by pp
  71. english 12

    what is the thesis suppose to do analysis of this essay to show its cause effect. How do i start it ? June 15, 2001 - More than 13,000 years ago when humans first set foot in the Americas, there were no roads crisscrossing the landscape, no sprawling

    asked by ben
  72. algebra equations

    i need help solving the following: 10h = 8h + 6 and 6x + 2 = 3x - 1

    asked by Natalie
  73. biology

    In which direction are new DNA molecules synthesized (i.e. which end is the oldest and which is the newest?)? Why are they synthesized in this direction only?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. science

    What is static electricity?

    asked by Any
  75. Social Studies

    What is a picture on a map that stands for something real called? Also what is an alphabetical listing of places on a map called?

    asked by Gage
  76. health confidentiality

    Sally lives with her Mother. She wants a HIV test but is afraid her Mother or her employer will somehow learn of the results, especially if they have to be reported to health officials. What should Sally do? Would it be fair to say that Sally demand that

    asked by Debbie
  77. math

    What strategies can you use to help students cope with math anxiety? How can you make math class interesting and fun as well as relevant?

    asked by sally
  78. British Literature

    Compare and contrast the themes of Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" and Christopher Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love."

    asked by Cori
  79. algebra

    I am completely lost Here is one of my equations - "factor the given trinomial a2+3a+2

    asked by jc
  80. DrBob222 : Chemistry HElp...Please Check

    Sorry its not letting me post the entire thing in the other thread .000146612 mols KIO3 x (3 mols I2/1 mol KIO3) x (2 mols S2O3^-2/1 mol I2) mols = .000887972 mols S203^2- Then M S2O3^-2 = .000887972 mols/0.02715 L.M = 0.032400 Therefore the Molar mass of

    asked by Sara
  81. college/ The language of health care

    How might a foundation in medical terminology help you in fulfilling your educational and career goals?

    asked by lashaunda
  82. the moon

    what is the relationship between the moon's surface gravity, lack of an atmoshere, and temperature range?

    asked by nicole
  83. Math

    Simplify the expression. Leave in square root form. (3*square root of 20) times (6*square root of 5)

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Algebra 2

    Write the quadratic function in standard form. y=(2x+7)(x+4)

    asked by Kiley
  85. adj

    Should intelligence operations be expanded? What is the intelligence dilemma facing United States law enforcement? Define and explain this dilemma. Address concerns about interagency cooperation related to the expansion of intelligence operations. o Should

    asked by jennie
  86. Math

    Simplify the expressions. 1. sqrt(40/169) 2. sqrt(18/13) 3. sqrt(45/32)

    asked by Kiley
  87. biology

    where is the engery stored and released using ATP?

    asked by Katy
  88. R.E

    How many are there in the Old Testament? (It's for my homework and i THINK it means How Many Books are there in the Old Testament?) Thanks

    asked by Chanel
  89. 11th grade

    Mapp vs. Ohio?

    asked by Brielle
  90. biology help!

    how is energy stored and released using ATP?

    asked by Katy
  91. linking verbs

    what is the linking verb conecting in the sentence: In daylight, we looked for the lost ring.

    asked by Nicole
  92. 2nd grade

    I wanna no the names of diffrent moons

    asked by ozell
  93. college geology help please

    I was the same person from yesterday. I need help on a question. I don't type very good so I have one of my host family do it for me. so please help us. Suppose you have a sample of clamshell at a Paleoindian site and you measure the 14C activity of a

    asked by student012

    Which involves RNA? a. transcription b. replication c. translation d. b and c e. a and c

    asked by KJG
  95. Business

    please could somebody help me. i have evaluate the use of internal against external sources of finance for a retail business. how would i go about this

    asked by Sam
  96. Calculus

    find the derivative of f(x)=(3)/(x-2) at x=4

    asked by Julie
  97. 8th grade

    what is the scramble word for eisuss for election unscramble?

    asked by carissa
  98. Art

    I have to write an essay on the aims of Giacometti and Hansen in the sculptures- (no ideas what hansens one was called) man holding a paintbrush, and the walking man.

    asked by Georgina
  99. Biology

    What are some organisms that are selectively breed to have specific characteristics?

    asked by Haley
  100. British Literature

    In John Milton's, Paradise Lost, what is Satan's main motive for temptin Adam and Eve to sin? a. He envied them b. he wanted revenge against God c. he hated humans d. he loved practical jokes

    asked by Cori
  101. British Literature

    How do I mark the syllables, serparate the feet with short vertical lines and indicate the ryme scheme for: But could youth last, and love still breed, Had joys no date, nor age no need, Then these delights my mind might move, To live with thee, and be thy

    asked by Cori
  102. Social Studies 30

    Did the USA enhance the ideals of the League of Nations between 1920 and 1933?

    asked by Kara
  103. health

    i am supposed to write three major stress in my life and how i contribute to these stressors... iknow it kinda easy but i don't know what my stresses are? i can't even figure out if i am ever stressed? Please help

    asked by Jessica
  104. reading

    how do you determine how many sounds a word has? I know how to tell how many syllables it has, but not the sounds.

    asked by mary
  105. sara

    In a constant-volume process, 211 J of energy is transferred by heat to 1.05 mol of an ideal monatomic gas initially at 303 K. (a) Find the increase in internal energy of the gas. J (b) Find the work done on it. J (c) Find its final temperature. K i am

    asked by physics
  106. math

    part of a brownie recipe calls for 8 ounces of flour and ounces of chocolate. mrs jones made 3/4 of the recipe how many ounces of chocolate did she use.

    asked by shannon
  107. math

    What are the computation methods of math?

    asked by Malik
  108. Verb form " to be"

    How can I introduce or teach 3rd graders how to use the Correct Verb Form of the verb "to be"? I want to tell them when to use the words: am, is, are, was, and were....

    asked by Samantha
  109. Pre-Cal

    xy=2 {{x^2=3+y^2}}

    asked by Ash
  110. help needed

    describe the contribution early people made ot later civilization?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Algebra 2

    Simplifiy the expression. sqrt4/49

    asked by Kiley
  112. social studies

    i need lots of information on how a ugandan child lives in a day what they do from 6am to 8pm at night

    asked by beck
  113. science

    what are the formulas for speed, distance, and acceleration for 8th grade science

    asked by vahnna
  114. english

    I have got to write an essay on the topic "corruption is a curse" . can anybody please help me with some information?

    asked by Nousheen
  115. biology

    how does a saturated lipid differ from a polyunsaturated one? Is a saturated covalently bonded to a protein molecule?

    asked by hannah
  116. British Literature

    Unrymed iambic pentameter is used in what type of writing? a. a crown b. a sonnet c. novels d. blank verse

    asked by Cori
  117. Social Studies

    The improvements in transportation affected the price of goods by?

    asked by Tiffany K.
  118. Social Studies

    What factors contributed to the weakness of the League of Nations as an organization capable of keeping peace?

    asked by Alexis
  119. Metric System

    What is L stand for what does cg stand for and what does mg stand for and what does cm stand for?

    asked by Ian Bray
  120. Riddle help

    what's in beat, but not bait; In grief, but not in sadness; In noise, but not in sound; In duo, but not in madness? There is a pattern. What can it be?? Can anyone help me with this one...I am stuck!! Thanks

    asked by John
  121. spanish

    im having trouble with gustar. does gustar refer to the person or the object when making it plural? like an example: A nicolas le GUSTAN las ciencias politicas. or: a nicolas le GUSTA las ciencias politicas. thanks!

    asked by christina
  122. spanish

    another question.. does this make sense or should i change tiene es and esta? La nueva maestra tiene pelo castano y largo. ella es alta y hoy esta una falda larga. que triste es ella! por que no es contenta? no lo se.. pues vamos a ver! Thanks so much!

    asked by christina
  123. Algebra

    Does anyone have a Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator, or any other Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators? I am unsure how to graph inequalities with it. Could someone give me a basic guide of what buttons to press? Thanks!!!

    asked by Alexandria
  124. physical sciences

    a thunderclap 200m away delivers 3.75E^-5 W/m^2 of sound. What is the sound level in decibels? What is the intensity of the sound at 10m from the thunderclap? What is the sound level in decibels 10m from the thunderclap?

    asked by Valerie
  125. College Algebra

    4x^2=8x-5 Please someone help

    asked by Courtney
  126. people

    wHAT were the results oF CHriSTopHer CoLoMBuS eXpLorATioNS AND How MANY YeArS DiD He eXpLore

    asked by coLBY
  127. maths

    can somebody unscramble these words?- tmnidipo

    asked by emily
  128. Chemistry

    Can someone please tell me what four radioisotopes are used in medical diagnosis or treatment, and what their nuclear symbols are? Thanks

    asked by Chloe
  129. english

    I need to think of some famous sayings of phrases about eyes such as Into the eye of the storm An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

    asked by kayla
  130. World History

    How would i compare todays time with the Roman times?

    asked by Destiny
  131. math.

    solve the equation. 2x^2+5=41

    asked by algebra.
  132. 5th grade

    what is simple tensesin consideration time expressions

    asked by sheena mae c. diasen
  133. crimmial justice

    what do they mean when asked about prison crime statistics. And were can I find statistics about prisons.

    asked by jscott1
  134. Confidentiality Health Care

    The newspaper phone rehab clinic and asks if Sally is a patient and what is her status? Would it be true to state regulations prohit divulging patient specific information

    asked by Debbie
  135. Health Care

    Dr. Bob's computerized records are damaged by power surge. I am saying that Dr. Bob is at fault unless he had proper surge protection devices in place. My friend is saying that the record custodian, but not Dr. Bob wil be liable. HELP

    asked by Debbie
  136. science

    I have a few questions about stars. 1. How hot do they get? 2. Is it possible to reach a star? 3. Has anyone ever touched a star before? 4. How long would it take in order to reach one?

    asked by Logan
  137. hispanic Americans diversity

    the familial convention of the latino group

    asked by faye
  138. math

    the minimum size dance floor that the prom committee is considering is 30 by 30. they assume that this size will allow 100 couples to be on the dance floor at once. how many square feet of dance space per couple does this size allow.

    asked by thao


    asked by PULKIT SOLANKI
  140. British LIterature

    What makes "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" by Christopher Marlowe an example of pastoral literature?

    asked by Cori
  141. psychology

    does anyone have any ideas on how i can answer this question or any good links? i couldn't find anything thanks Discuss the ways that theories can be related to evidence

    asked by nneka
  142. Chemistry

    Can someone please tell me what four radioisotopes are used in medical diagnosis or treatment, and what their nuclear symbols are? Thanks.

    asked by Chloe
  143. algebra

    how do you solve pattern equations using input and output values

    asked by julie
  144. sara

    In a constant-volume process, 211 J of energy is transferred by heat to 1.05 mol of an ideal monatomic gas initially at 303 K. (a) Find the increase in internal energy of the gas. J (b) Find the work done on it. J (c) Find its final temperature. K i am

    asked by physics
  145. chemistry

    What is the smalles t subatomic particle

    asked by Frances
  146. bio

    what types of stimuli can cause the gates on ion channels to open or close?

    asked by brittany
  147. Chemistry

    What are the names of all the classes of substances that conduct electricity?

    asked by Olivia
  148. algebra 2

    (3 times the square root of 20)*(6 times the square root of 5)

    asked by kiley
  149. Physics Lab

    I have to make a graph showing to the tenth of a second showing velocity, displacement, and acceleration for throwing a tennis ball up three times and letting it hit the ground. My times are 2.85 seconds, 2.56 seconds, and 2.60 seconds. Any help would be

    asked by Drew
  150. world geography

    what are the even diseases that were transferred tto the americas

    asked by anonymous 2
  151. Project Management

    How does the design phase of the project management life cycle differ in content and importance from the other phases?

    asked by Robert
  152. algebra

    continue a pattern 1; 10; 3; 30; __; __; __:

    asked by Sherif
  153. ap biology

    what are two examples of roles of predation in population control (tundra biome)

    asked by kate
  154. math

    What is exponential form, and how do i find it?

    asked by Mike
  155. history

    help!!! why dod farmers need to develop a system to control their water supply?

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Algebra1

    What is the domain of y=x

    asked by Chris
  157. math


    asked by Courtney
  158. Collge Algebra

    The 8-2x under the square root -x =0 someone help

    asked by Courtney
  159. algebra


    asked by lana

    What is the domain of y=x

    asked by Chris

    What is the domain of y=x i don't remeber either that or x=y

    asked by Chris
  162. science

    what are diffrent names for moons

    asked by ozell
  163. computers

    what is a writable disc?

    asked by brandy
  164. 9th grade

    what is criteria for calling something an injustice?

    asked by dee
  165. Chemistry

    what does excited states mean?

    asked by Syuda
  166. Math

    what is the prime factorization of 54

    asked by Cheryl
  167. world geography

    what are goods sold to another country known as

    asked by anonymous 2
  168. science

    What should a science of psychology study?

    asked by tina
  169. math

    What is 5(5-3) x 3=

    asked by Anonymous
  170. me plz.....

    if you had to rank these 15 thins how would it go... family, friendship, religion, homeland country, honour honesty respect, education, knowledge, love affection, freedom of speech, democracy, freedom, dignity decency self- respect, democracy, conscience

    asked by Anonymous
  171. Govt

    what is the roll of public opinion in a democracy

    asked by mike
  172. math

    hi can someone tell me how to put 18/48 in lowest terms and 16/40 in lowest terms

    asked by kayla
  173. science

    please help how dows the movement of air molecules cause pressure?

    asked by Susan