Questions Asked on
October 4, 2008

  1. physics

    Find the vector components along the directions noted in parentheses. a. a car displaced 45degrees north of east by 10.0 km (north east) b. a duck accelerating away from a hunter at 2.0meter per second squared at an angle of 35degrees to the ground

    asked by i love polka
  2. stoichiometry

    A confiscated white substance, suspected of being cocaine, was purified by a forensic chemist and subjected to elemental analysis. Combustion of a 50.86-mg sample yielded 150.0 mg CO2 and 46.05 mg H2O. Analysis for nitrogen showed that the compound

    asked by escape
  3. MATH

    The price of fish is £6.40 per kilogram, what is the cost of 1 kilogram (500g)?

    asked by Rikki
  4. chemistry

    Select all true statements from the following: a. ) Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. b. ) Nonmetals generally react by forming covalent bonds (i.e. sharing electrons) or by gaining electrons to form anions. c. ) Halogen atoms have the

    asked by Vishnu
  5. chemistry

    Ibuprofen, the active ingredient in Advil, is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. When a sample of ibuprofen, weighing 5.000 g, burns in oxygen, 13.86g of CO2 and 3.926 g of water are obtained. What is the simplest formula of ibuprofen? I need

    asked by robert
  6. chem

    A hemoglobin molecule (molar mass =65000 g) can bind up to 4 oxygen molecules. In a certain experiment a .085-L solutoin containing 6.0 g of deoxyhemoglobin was reacted with excess of oxygen in a constant-pressure calorimeter of negligible heat capacity.

    asked by Mischa
  7. chemistry

    Identify the species which obey the octet rule for every atom. (The central atoms are underlined). a. ClO3- (Cl is underlined) b. SO2 (S is underlined) c. NO2+ (N is underlined) d. NO2 (N is underlined) e. ClO- (Cl is underlined)

    asked by Vishnu
  8. English

    A lot of students find English Language a difficult language to learn. Can you think of the reasons or causes of their difficulties in understanding English and can you also write the results or effects of these difficulties on their educational and

    asked by Imran
  9. physics

    a plane travels 2.5 km at an angle of 35degrees to the ground then changes direction and travels 5.2 km at an angle of 22degrees to the ground. What is the magnitude and direction of the plane's displacement?

    asked by i love polka
  10. chemistry

    The fuel value of hamburger is 3.6kcal/g. If a man eats 1 pound of hamburger for lunch and if none of the energy is stored in his body, estimate the amount of water that would have to be lost in perspiration to keep his body temperature constant. (the heat

    asked by Mischa
  11. Chemistry

    A) Find [Zn^2+] and [Fe(CN)6 ^4-] in saturated solution of Zn2Fe(CN)6. B) Repeat the above question in 0.1 mM ZnSO4 saturated with Zn2Fe(CN)6.

    asked by jimmy
  12. MATH

    What is the average of 6cm, 9cm, 7cm and 10cm?

    asked by Rikki
  13. books

    In what sense is Oedipus, through a king, also an "everyman" figure? How might the play of 'Oedipus Rex' be said to explore something fundamental about the limitations involved in being human?

    asked by brandon
  14. chemistry

    What is the shape of H3C+ ?

    asked by Nathan
  15. chemistry

    Consider a sample containing 2.00 mol of a monatomic ideal gas that undergoes the following changes from State A to State D: State A PA=10.5atm, VA=10.00L State B PB=10.5atm, VB=5.00L State C PC=24.5atm, VC=5.00L State D PD=24.5atm, VD=22.00L Assume that

    asked by Jane
  16. Math

    As a busboy in a restaurant, Amiel takes 1/12 h to clear and reset a table. How many tables can Amiel clear in 2/3 h?

    asked by Karen
  17. physics

    A daredevil on a motorcycle leaves the end of a ramp with a speed of 29.0 m/s as in the figure below. If his speed is 26.7 m/s when he reaches the peak of the path, what is the maximum height that he reaches? Ignore friction and air resistance.

    asked by Sandhya
  18. physics

    A 66.0 kg base runner begins his slide into second base when he is moving at a speed of 4 m/s. The coefficient of friction between his clothes and Earth is 0.70. He slides so that his speed is zero just as he reaches the base. (a) How much mechanical

    asked by Sandhya
  19. Geometry

    You are building a ramp that will in the shape of a perfect right-angled triangle. the vertical height of the ramp will be 10 feet. The horizonatal base of the ramp will be 15 feet. What will be the length of the downward sloping side of the ramp? I

    asked by Jen
  20. Chemistry

    I'm supposed to balance a redox reaction that occurs in an acidic solution. I already balanced it(h**p://, but how do I tell if a half-reaction is oxidation or reduction? I know an oxidation reaction loses

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Exams help

    Hello I am a Grade 11 student , I am willing to resit my maths exam this November , but I have to take my account that my IGCSE's are this year , my mocks will be in January and my real resit exams will be at the beginning of November , which is just a

    asked by Amy
  22. chemistry

    What is the total number of nonbonding valence electrons in the "dipolar ion" form of glycine, +NH3CH2COO-?

    asked by Nathan
  23. MATH

    A train leaves at 17:50 at arrives at midnight, how long does the journey takes in hours and minutes?

    asked by Rikki
  24. Chemistry

    Given the reaction: Fe2O3 + Al -> Fe Al2O3 What masses of iron oxide and aluminum must be used to produce 15g iron? What is the maximum mass of aluminum oxide that could be produced? How much aluminum oxide would be produced if the yield is 93%? Please

    asked by Harmony
  25. algebra

    you are taking a science course in which there will be four tests, each worth 100 points. you have scores of 89, 97, and 95 on the first 3 teests. you must make a total of 360 in order to make an A. what scores on the last test will give you an A? A:

    asked by Carmen
  26. Poetry

    I need to write a one page response to the following poem, answering "How persuasive is this poem? How powerful is its argument? Account for its effect." I don't know where to begin because I don't understand the question. Any suggestions? Promises Like

    asked by Matt
  27. Physics

    "Luke Skywalker mixes 250g of hot water (75 deg C) with 500g of cool water (15 deg C). What is the final temperature of the water?" If someone could just give me a formula, I'd be fine. :)

    asked by Jen
  28. chemistry

    Select all true statements from the following: a. ) Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. b. ) Nonmetals generally react by forming covalent bonds (i.e. sharing electrons) or by gaining electrons to form anions. c. ) Halogen atoms have the

    asked by Nathan
  29. chemistry

    When copper is dissolved in nitric acid, a brown gas (NO2) is evolved, either by direct production of NO2 or by production of NO which is oxidized to NO2 by O2. Provide a Lewis drawing and resonance structures for the nitrate anion.

    asked by Vishnu
  30. Calculus

    Using the derivative definition of f ‘ (x) = (f (x+h) – f (x)) / (h) find the derivatives of the following… 1. f(x) = (2x-1) / (x+2) 2. f(x) = sqrt (3x-1) 3. f(x) = 3x^4 my answers were: 1. –x+3 2. (3) / [2(sqrt(3x-1))] 3. 12x^3 are my answers

    asked by Michelle
  31. Mircoeconomics: Elasticity

    Please help! I have a mid-term test in a couple of minutes... -------------- If the demand for some good fluctuates, but supply is constant, then which of the following combinations would generally yield the greatest quantity fluctuations? A) large demand

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Critical Thinking

    The great French historian Jules Michelet (1798-1874) sympathized with the French Middle Ages and with the Revolutionary epoch in France, yet he wrote his best work on the despotic French monarchy, which he despised. 5) The statement above, if true, would

    asked by Joe
  33. com 220

    how do you know when sources ar reliable? explain your answer.

    asked by lynn
  34. Art for Bob & Mitchell

    Since we have received no answer from the e-mails to Dawn Dupree, I also sent requests to Goldsmith College, where she is a lecturer, The London Printworks Trust, where she also lectures and to the Southwark College of Art, where she has exhibited. Let's

    asked by SraJMcGin
  35. macroeconomics

    Assume that a series of inflation rates is 1 percent, 2 percent, and 4 percent, while nominal interest rates in the same three periods are 5 percent, 5 percent, and 6 percent, respectively. a. What are the ex post real interest rates in the same three

    asked by Anonymous
  36. algebra

    Q: when graphing the equation y = 4/3x + 2, the y intercept is? A: (0,2) Q: Determine whether - 3.5 is a solution of the inequality. x greater than or equal to 6 A: No Q:identify the y intercept of y = x + 8 A: (0,8) Q:solve using multiplication principle

    asked by Carmen
  37. Math

    solve 2z^2=5z+3 by factoring. I'm supposed to use ax^2+bx+c=0, but I don't know hot to make it so that they're all on one side and still aren't negatives. Please help.

    asked by Jill
  38. math


    asked by zaira
  39. U.S. History

    what were the major consequences and results of ww11? in the U.S.? in the world? for america future? what were the major domestic consequences of the cold war?

    asked by denise
  40. science(chem) Dr.Bob Question from before

    The only reason I asked about the balance is that most analytical balances in use in schools weigh to the nearest 0.1 mg although that may have changed since I retired. There are semi-micro balances that weigh to 5 places and micro-balances that weigh to 6

    asked by ~christina~
  41. 11 grade math

    3 people Curlie, Moe, and Larry have single and double hits at a baseball game. Moe had 3 times as many singles as larry. Larry had 4 times as many Doubles as Curly. They each had the same number of hits and only had singles and doubles. The three of them

    asked by Alicia
  42. 3rd grade art

    In the picture, "Reading to Children" by Mary Cassatt. What is going on in the painting. She has to write a story. We started with, she is reading to the children. They look focused and interested on what she is reading and the teacher says, redo :( can

    asked by elaine
  43. science

    still stuck on this crossword - what is another word for natural, from living matter ( 7 letters) thank you

    asked by kieran
  44. algebra

    solve using the multiplication principle -6x < -18 the solution set is {x|x ? ?} A: {x|x < 3}

    asked by Carmen
  45. Science

    What bird is considered a sign of the coming spring?

    asked by Jake
  46. math

    In any triangle the sum of the measures of the angles is 180. In triangle ABC, A is three times as large as B and also 16 larger than C. Find the measures of each angle. I also would like to know how to solve these problems: In isosceles trapezoid ABCD,

    asked by Faye
  47. Macroeconomics

    Assignment Question I can't find an answer too: Assume that a series of inflation rates is 1 percent, 2 percent, and 4 percent, while nominal interest rates in the same three periods are 5 percent, 5 percent, and 6 percent, respectively. a.What are the ex

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Human resources

    Analyze how emotional and physical aspects of a person’s life can influence the employee’s effectiveness in the work environment.

    asked by Nadia
  49. criminal justice

    How do community corrections affect American society?

    asked by jscott1
  50. art

    i need to say what kind of marks are used to complete a picture. the picture is called the birds by dawn dupree. the picture shows birds, rakes and scaffolding. please can someone explain what 'marks' mean? thanks

    asked by bob
  51. Mitchell, Art

    Here's another site on "The Birds" by Dawn Dupree: (Art, Bob) Sra

    asked by SraJMcGin
  52. 6th Grade Science

    My assignment is to write about a famous scientist. I chose Marie Curie. I found enough information. I only need to do a 5 min. presentation, but part of the assignment requires that I do a simple experiment. I don't know what that could be in this case,

    asked by Jules
  53. MATH

    How many grams are there in 2 1/4 Kilograms?

    asked by Rikki
  54. Science

    I need some help with knowing that work is not a form of heat. I know this but what I need is evidance. Can someone please explain it to me? THANKS A BUNCH!

    asked by Taylor
  55. math

    What do all these letters B,D,E,F,H,K,L,M,N,P,R have in common that none of the other in the english alphabet has?

    asked by Tiff
  56. science

    which would have the greatest ionization energy potassium ion, chlorine ion,or argon atom?

    asked by Lena
  57. algebra

    solve y - 3 > - 13 the solution is {x|x > ?} A: {x|x > -10}

    asked by Carmen
  58. psy

    Ms. Sue, I found this article can I use it for both the optimism on physical and psychological health. Please let me know. thanks

    asked by rose (Ms. sue)
  59. macroeconomics

    Assignment questions: When the government reduces its budget deficit (reduces government purchases) does consumption rise or fall? Output rise or fall? - I think output and consumption increase but I'm not sure. When the government reduces the budget

    asked by Benji
  60. grammar

    Antonyms of words -Differcnce.suddenly.

    asked by ra ny
  61. music

    does the china's wealth had an impact on the kind of instruments that are traditionally used?

    asked by jasmine
  62. u.s. history

    why did the u.s. become invoved in world war 11?

    asked by denise
  63. albegra

    Can I get some help with this problem PLEASE!!!! 2^4+15x8-(34+36x8)

    asked by PJ
  64. crosswords social studies

    My crosswords for question of george washington carver He showed-----the uses of peanutus 8laters

    asked by mery
  65. Finance

    Why can’t a management and general/expense ratio and fund-raising/expense ratio be computed?

    asked by Peekamalts
  66. geography - weather and climate

    i need to draw a labelled diagram and explain why depressions bring cloud and rain. do you know any good sites that would help me and explain it simply for me to understand. thanks!

    asked by mark
  67. re

    what evidence is there that jesus existed? is it because in the bible it tells you about when jesus was born and that's why we celebrate christmas day.easter day and also all the things jesus did for people. heal the sick , feed the 5,000 and the other

    asked by will
  68. Economics

    What is the difference in terms of economic growth, economic development and resource allocation between a market structure and a centrally planned economy (use PPF to explain)? I'm not sure how to compare planned economies with market structure, because

    asked by Jess
  69. science

    i have to do a crossword for school and need help on the following question (answer 9 letters)what describes all the organisms within an environment and their relationships with each other and the environment please help

    asked by kieran
  70. com220

    determine which sources are reliable and which are not. Explain your answers. here is the sources site 3.web site

    asked by ano
  71. com220

    how do you plan to support your thesis with complelling arguments and counterarguments? My thesis statement is on oil and gas.

    asked by lynn
  72. math

    Mr. Suki plans to drive 900 miles to his farmhouse, driving an average of 50 miles per hour. How many miles per hour faster must he average, while driving to reduce his total driving time by 3 hours?

    asked by i love polka
  73. Oedipus Rex

    In his plays, Sophocles depicts men and women as they ought to be rather than what they truly are. How is this true in the case of Oedipus? Who is the real Oedipus?

    asked by amy
  74. Grammar

    how can i put this in a much better sentence? Their acquaintance starts off unpleasantly but Elizabeth’s personality catches Mr. Darcy’s heart and finds himself attracted to her.

    asked by i love polka
  75. Geometry

    In a right-angled triangle, the two sides that form the right angle are both 5 inches. Calculate the length of the other side (the hypotenuse) I Calculate 7.07 inches. Is this correct?

    asked by Jen
  76. algebra

    How do you determine if a polynomial is the difference of two squares?

    asked by pat
  77. Macroeconomics

    Assignment Question I can't find an answer too: Assume that a series of inflation rates is 1 percent, 2 percent, and 4 percent, while nominal interest rates in the same three periods are 5 percent, 5 percent, and 6 percent, respectively. a.What are the ex

    asked by Anonymous
  78. algebra

    Q: find the slope x + 9y = 18 m = ? A: m = - 1/9

    asked by Carmen
  79. algebra

    Q: identify the y intercept y = 1/3x A: the y intercept is (0,0)

    asked by Carmen
  80. algebra

    from a base elevation of 7900 ft, a mountain peak in colorado rises to a summit elevation of 14827 ft over a horizontal distance of 15838 ft. find the grade of the peak. A: 44%

    asked by Carmen
  81. To Justine: 6th grade math

    I removed your post because you gave the name of your school. For your own protection, please do not post any personal information. You asked: "what does E equles?" What is the whole problem? We'd like to help you, but need more information.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  82. accounting

    how can i tell which users are internal or external? like bank mangaer parent owner toy suppier cleaner contracted by tlc daycare canada customs and revenus agency

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Algebra

    Why can’t a management and general/expense ratio and fund-raising/expense ratio be computed?

    asked by Peekamalts
  84. social studies

    describe why delegates did not choose either plan for electing the president of the united states

    asked by Courtney
  85. chemistry

    who developed the law of deinite proprotion?

    asked by candace
  86. Calculus

    how do i find dy/dx of y = (x^3-1)/cos(x) do I start with (x^3-1)*cos(x)^-1 ? Thanks!

    asked by Andrew
  87. biology

    How and in what ways does oil extraction affect politics between countries?

    asked by Vana
  88. science

    what is the mass or organic material in an organism or population

    asked by kieran
  89. none

    I belong in a hut If you take two from me you'll have glue I am bigger than half myself I cast three shadows at noon and rain never seems to come near me What am I?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Grammar

    I need a word to complete this sentence: But when he proposes to Elizabeth, she turns him down which causes Mr. Darcy to reevaluate his...

    asked by i love polka
  91. Grammar

    I need to put this in a better sentence: Upon his rejection, he realizes how he has been acting and when he writes the letter to explain his actions, it changes his character towards Elizabeth.

    asked by i love polka
  92. ATTN bobpursley

    On Thursday October the Second, you gave a reply to "martha" regarding the movie chariots of fire. I have posted a response there of my own because I feel that your feedback was misguided. Could you please read my message and then get back to me?

    asked by Brandon
  93. math


    asked by briana
  94. Art

    Help! I need to know if Sigmar Polke, Edward Hopper, Patrick Caulfied & Robert Rauschenberg all belong to an art movement. So far, I have been unable to find this information. Does anyone know where I can find it?

    asked by Bob
  95. Geometry

    You are presented with a right triangle. The dimension of side a is 2 inches and the dimension of side b is 4 inches. Calculate the dimension of side c. I believe it would be 4.5 inches

    asked by Jen
  96. Us History

    What decisions by the leaders of both the American and British military forces proved crucial to the American victory in the Revolution? Why were these decisions so important?

    asked by Cesar
  97. algebra

    Q: when graphing the equation y = 4/3x + 2, the y intercept is ? A: (0,2)

    asked by Carmen
  98. algebra

    Q: Determine whether -3.5 is a solution of the inequality. x greater than or equal to 6 A: No

    asked by Carmen
  99. algebra

    Q:identify the y intercept of y = x + 8 A: (0,8)

    asked by Carmen
  100. algebra

    Q:solve using multiplication principle then graph -15x > -75 A: {x|x > 5} when graphing the circle is open on the 5 and goes to the right

    asked by Carmen
  101. algebra

    Q: solve using the addition and multiplication principles 2 + 8x < 10 {x|x ? ?} A: {x|x < 1}

    asked by Carmen
  102. algebra

    Q: solve using the addition principle 2x + 6 > x + 16 the solution set is {x|x > ?} A: {x|x > 10}

    asked by Carmen
  103. algebra

    Q: find the slope, if it exists, of (-2,3) and (4,-4) m = ? A: m = -7/6

    asked by Carmen
  104. algebra

    find the slope y= -3x + 7 M = ? A: m = -3

    asked by Carmen
  105. algebra

    find the slope (-3,4), (2,1) m = ? A: m = -3/5

    asked by Carmen
  106. algebra

    solve using addition and multiplication principles. Q: 8 - 6x > 4 - 5x the solution set is {x|x ? ?} A: {x|x < 4}

    asked by Carmen
  107. psy

    need help finding two peer reviewed article which discusses the effects of optimism on physical and psychological health. please help me find those two sources. thanks

    asked by rose (Ms. sue)