Questions Asked on
October 3, 2008

  1. english

    asking help for a reading report

    asked by jeian
  2. Math 117

    A class has 10 boys and 12 girls. In how many ways can a committee of four be selected if the committee can have at most two girls?

    asked by Stephen
  3. chemistry

    In the following experiment, a coffee-cup calorimeter containing 100ml of H2O is used. The initial temperature of the calorimeter is 23 degrees celcius. If 7.20g of CaCl2 is added to the calorimeter, what will be the final temperature of the solution in

    asked by kayla
  4. Microeconomics; price elasticity of demand

    Please check and correct my answers? Thank you. QUESTIONS: 1. The time horizon of the demand curve is one determinant of the price elasticity of demand. Compared to the short-run demand for oil, the demand for oil in the long run will tend to be _____

    asked by Anonymous
  5. physics

    The mass of the Earth is 5.98x10^24 kg, and the mass of the Moon is 7.36x 10^22 kg. The distance of separation, measured between their centers, is 3.84x10^8 m. Locate the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system as measured from the center of the Earth. I

    asked by tom
  6. chemistry

    The total number of atoms represented by Ca(C2H3O2)2?

    asked by soojung
  7. pre-calculus

    For groups of 80 or more people, a charter bus company determines the rate per person according to the formula: Rate=8-0.05(n-80),n(greater than or equal to)80 where the rate is given in dollars and 'n' is the number of people. Now, Express the revenue 'R'

    asked by aelisha
  8. Microeconomics

    I am answered the following three mulitipul choise questions using Prisoners Dilemma Scenario. I get confused looking at the table. Question: Each year, the United States considers renewal of Most Favored Nation (MFN) trading status with China.

    asked by G
  9. chem

    The combustion of hydrogen–oxygen mixtures is used to produce very high temperatures (approximately 2500 °C) needed for certain types of welding operations. Consider the reaction to be H2(g) + 1/2O2(g) --> H20(l) Standard enthalpy is -241.8kj What is

    asked by tomi
  10. Chemistry

    A solution was prepared by adding 15mL of 0.129 M KI, 5mL of 0.1 M Na2S2O3, 1mL of starch solution, and 15mL of 0.125 M (NH4)2S2O8. Calculate the concentration of (M) of I in the final mixture before the chemical reaction.

    asked by Brian
  11. Statistics

    A sample of 64 observations is selected from a normal population. the sample mean is 215 and the standard deviation is 15. conduct the following test of hypothosis using the .3 significance level. Ho:u > or = 220 H1: u < 220 a) Is this a 1 tailed or 2

    asked by Shawn
  12. electricity

    Is it cheaper to use the dishwasher or wash them by hand? I think dishwasher but I need some kind of proof. Ive read serveral times that im right but can someone confirm?

    asked by House
  13. chemistry

    The shape of H3C+ is best described as?

    asked by Erika
  14. Statistics

    Find the sample proportions and test statistic for equal proportions. Is the decision close? Find the p-value. a. Dissatisfied workers in two companies: x1 = 40, n1 = 100, x2 = 30, n2 = 100, á = .05, two tailed test. b. Rooms rented at least a week in

    asked by Marilyn
  15. accounting

    On April 1, 2008, Company issued $600,000, 9% bonds for $645, 442 including accrued interest. Interest is payable annually on January 1, and the bonds mature on January 1, 2018. So the way I started the entry was: April 1, 2008 DR Cash 645,442 CR Interest

    asked by Dani
  16. math

    the table below gives the distance jose, mario, and melanie travel for the first 3 hours. assume that each person cycles at a constant rate. find the average rate at which each person tavels during the first 3 hours.explain

    asked by oretha
  17. chemistry

    A sample of solid monoprotic acid with molar mass equal to 169.7 g/mol was titrated with 0.1599 M sodium hydroxide solution. Calculate the mass in grams of acid to be used if the volume of NaOH to be used is 25 mL. Is the solution correct?: moles NaOH =

    asked by Erika
  18. chemistry

    Select all true statements from the following: a. ) Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. b. ) Nonmetals generally react by forming covalent bonds (i.e. sharing electrons) or by gaining electrons to form anions. c. ) Halogen atoms have the

    asked by Nathan
  19. History

    Fill in the blank: THE STAMP ACT Colonists lashed out against these officials by harassing, and even _____________ and _______________ them. Now this is just a guess, so I have NO idea if its right, but didn't they shout at them as well as throwing thing?

    asked by Taylor
  20. Math

    If a and B are two angles in Quadrant 2 such that tan a=-1/2 and tan B= -2/3, find cos(a+b)? tan(a) = -1/2 oppsite side = 1: adjacentside = 2 hypotenuse = sqrt(1+4) = sqrt(5) sin(a) = 1/ã5 cos(a) = -2/ã5 tan(b) = -2/3 opposite side = 2 and

    asked by House
  21. english

    I am horrible at writing and I need to write a thesis statement and show how I plan to support my thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments. please help

    asked by crystal
  22. Biology

    state the highest category of biological molecule in your food - carbohydrates, lipids, or proteins. describe the structure of this type of molecule, and its primary functions

    asked by Sugar
  23. sci 275 envioromental science

    Although most salamanders have four legs, the aquatic salamander shown below resembles an eel. It lacks hind limbs and has very tiny forelimbs. Propose a hypothesis to explain how limbless salamanders evolved according to Darwin's theory of natural

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    factor 100x^2 - 81

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Group Discussion

    Hi, I have to lead a group discussion with the class. Any ideas on how to get my classmates involved? The person who just did it divided the class into two and let them discuss on a topic and also gave each person either a question or an answer and let

    asked by Group
  26. computers

    i am processing in word. which type of format would you not use. a doc b jpg c txt d rtf What format would you use with a photo of the grand canyon on windows xp? how do you input into your computer? a gif b bmp c jpg d pict how can you input a picture

    asked by shona

    Could u help with physics hw! i keep trying but i keep getting the wrong answer? a 71g autographed baseball slides off of a 1.3 m high table and strikes the floor a horizontal distance of .83m away from the table. fast was it rolling on the table

    asked by Claudia
  28. Albegra

    In my question the should be an -19/82

    asked by PJ
  29. conversion

    convert 1.31 rad/s to rpm

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Human Resource

    What are some good "Compensation and Benefits" (from a HR point of view) discussion topics? It doesn't have to be a broad topic, it could be a specific one. Thank you in advance!

    asked by Blair
  31. pre-calculus

    is the function of f(x)=x^2-4x even, odd, or neither? oh and on what intervals is the function of f(x)=|x+1|+|x-1| increasing?

    asked by aelisha
  32. re from anon

    i wasn't asking you to do my homework for me i was asking for some help and if you knew any good websites that may help me.

    asked by msg writeacher
  33. anon re

    yes i did , i have looked but i don`t really understand the questions. i didn't mean to sound ungrateful and i am grateful that you took the time to help me.

    asked by msg writeacher
  34. math

    2y(4-x)= x/2 where x = 2

    asked by Carol
  35. com 220

    kane speech what are the rhetorical devices and bias in his speech

    asked by justme
  36. social

    what is the season that salmon return?

    asked by Andrew
  37. albegra

    Rewrite the division as a multiplication do no simplify type fraction 19/82 Need Help Please

    asked by PJ
  38. hard math

    42 students took a test in school where the passing score was 70. the mean score of the 42 students taking the exam was 75.5 while the mean score of the students who passed the test was 81, and the mean score of the students who failed was 60. How many

    asked by Preston
  39. message for DAMON

    thanks for your help! and thankyou for explaining how you got the answer because that way i know what i was doing wrong. now it all makes sense. thank you so much!

    asked by Claudia
  40. grammar

    Antonyom of the word -Difference.

    asked by ra ny
  41. world history

    Movement in Africa?

    asked by Ilissa
  42. english

    what is the moodd which the author creates in the upturned face

    asked by britt
  43. Cultural Diversity

    What is the difference between Muslims and Arabs?

    asked by Amanda
  44. chemistry

    What is the total number of nonbonding valence electrons in the "dipolar ion" form of glycine, +NH3CH2COO-?

    asked by Erika
  45. Algebra

    2. Tub A contains 12% apple cider. Tub B contains 55% apple cider. How many ounces of cider from each tub must be gotten to make a 64 ounce drink that is 20% apple cider? 3. Mary is running to school. She leaves home at 7:00 AM trotting at a speed of 12

    asked by Stephan
  46. Statistics

    From her firm’s computer telephone log, an executive found that the mean length of 64 telephone calls during July was 4.48 minutes with a standard deviation of 5.87 minutes. She vowed to make an effort to reduce the length of calls. The August phone log

    asked by Marilyn
  47. history

    i was wondering if any one could give me any ideas on these essay tasks: (i)How did world War 1 affect Australia's history? (ii) Explain what the industrial disputes of the 1920's showed about the problems facing Asutralian society during this decade. I

    asked by Melody
  48. chemistry

    Hey, can someone explain this question to me? Can we consider air as an ideal gas law? If not, why? If so, under what condition?

    asked by Mel
  49. Language

    use the word "impregnable in a sentence.

    asked by Rhondi
  50. Math

    I need to find this answer( a person who is wiring for money is an..? using these letters (ooxmbshwntgjpbyip).

    asked by Samvel
  51. english

    I need you to grade my paper for me . I don't have a car and I don't know the area well enough to ask anyone to grade it for me I just want you to grade it for me. and leave the red marks on it for me so I can correct it my self and send it back to me

    asked by Bernadette
  52. Math

    150 students sat exams. The following elements were calculated ΣFX = 10200 Σ(x-μ)F = 196348 Determine the number of students whose marks were within 2 standard deviations of the mean score

    asked by Lenny
  53. math

    How many degrees apart are the hands of a clock when it is four thirty

    asked by pamela
  54. msg for Sra (art)

    Thanks for your help. Dawn Dupree was the artist given to us. Not our choice! Mainly I have to find her works, title of each piece and date they were completed. When I have this information and written it down, I have to do my own work and version etc. I

    asked by mitchell
  55. year 8 re

    i need to write an essay about christians. the questions i have got are:- 1) Christians argue that.... 2) a futher point christians make is that... 3) however there is are also strong arguments against this point of view . people who do not believe in the

    asked by anon
  56. geometry

    1. In 1994, the average monthly energy bill for your neighbors family of four was $175. In 2005 their average monthly bill rose to $250. A. Let x=number of years since 1994 and let y= average monthly bill. Write to ordered pairs that follow the info given

    asked by Shows Girl
  57. Mitchell, Art

    Here is another Website that takes FOREVER to show what you need. At the bottom, if you click on each tiny rectangle you can get her statements and even under "Contact" her address in London. I sent her an e-mail as well requesting she provide that

    asked by SraJMcGin
  58. business

    which one of these are true? In a capitalist economy: a) one might a profit b) one would pay no taxes

    asked by Jane
  59. math easy challenge

    Square Numbers Lagrange's Theorem A famous mathematician called Lagrange proved that every whole number could be written as the sum of 4 or fewer square numbers. Examples: 19 = 16 + 1 + 1 + 1 35 = 25 + 9 + 1 47 = 36 + 9 + 1 + 1 What would 96 be? Please

    asked by charly
  60. Math

    If 0

    asked by House
  61. memo

    hey i need to write a memorandum for one of my classes about a company...any ideas on what kinds of topics i could write about?

    asked by sana
  62. physical science

    If you have two 5-watt bulbs connected in series and then in parallel: which circuit arrangement wiil give you brighter bulbs and why ?

    asked by brooklinn
  63. re msg for writeacher

    thanks for your help now you have broken it down like that it makes a bit more sense.

    asked by anon
  64. Algabra

    What is 3 x -2=

    asked by Angelica
  65. math

    the volume V of a right circular cone is V=(1/3)π r^2 h. If the height is twice the radius, express the volume V as a function of r.

    asked by jan


    asked by crystal
  67. science

    when bread becomes 'bluemoulded' after a few days. what scientific word described the process of change that happens

    asked by shk
  68. Math

    I need help determining the last value. A B C -3 1 8 7 5 24 19 9 280 41 21 1240 .75 .2 ? If you can figure out that last piece of date I'd appreciate and explanation too.

    asked by Preston
  69. Science

    What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency?

    asked by Mariz