Questions Asked on
September 25, 2008

  1. chemistry

    What hybrid orbitals are used by nitrogen atoms in the following specis: (a)NH3 (b)H2N-NH2 (c)NO3- I got sp^2 for (a), but I'm not sure about the other two.

    asked by Mischa
  2. math

    A projectile is launched vertically upward from the top of a 240-foot building. This translates to the model y = -16t^2 + 32t + 240 where y is the height in feet and t is the time in seconds after it was launched, When will the projectile hit the ground?

    asked by jennifer
  3. math

    A wire is stretched from the ground to the top of an antenna tower. The wire is 20 feet long. The height of the tower is 4 feet greater than the distance from the tower's base to the end of the wire. Find the height of the tower. 20 ft.= w x.4 = height of

    asked by jennifer
  4. MATH

    Travel Time A company president flew 680 miles one way in the corporate jet but returned in a smaller plane that could fly only half as fast. If the total travel time was 6 hours, find the speeds of the planes. how would I set up this problem?

    asked by jennifer
  5. AP World History

    On slaves in Rome and China (753 B.C.E.-600 C.E.): What are some of the passive-resistance tactics that slaves resorted to, and what did they achieve by these actions?

    asked by Nikki
  6. physics

    A baseball bat makes contact with a ball 1.05 meters above the ground and the ball moves away at a 41.5 degree angle from the horizontal. It's a homer!! The ball lands in the bleachers 133.5 meters away from home plate, 4.1 meters above the ground. How

    asked by shan
  7. physics

    A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 18 m/s. the cliff is 50 m above a flat, horizontally beach. how long after being released does the stone strike the beach below the cliff?

    asked by mb
  8. history

    why did the Fertile Crescent become a "crossroads of civilization"

    asked by taz manian
  9. Chemistry

    What is the volume of a board that measures 1.8cm by 8.8cm by 30.5cm? I just do 1.8 x 8.8 x 30.5 to get the answer of 483.12, right? You always just x everything for volume?

    asked by Mike
  10. physics

    A student stands at the edge of a cliff and throws a stone horizontally over the edge with a speed of 18.0 m/s. The cliff is 50.0m above a flat, horizontal beach. With what angle of impact does the stone land (in degrees).

    asked by mb
  11. maths

    If 5x4-14x³+18x²+40x+16=(x²-4x+8)(ax²+bc+c) find a,b and c and hence find the four solutions of the equation 5x4-14x³+18x²+40x+16 Given that x³-1=(x-&)(ax²+bx+c) find the values of a,b and c and hence find the three roots of the equation x³=1

    asked by Anonymous
  12. English

    1. What do you usually do on weekends? 2. What do you usually do at weekends? 3. What do you usually do in weekends? Which one is correct? Can we use all prepositions?

    asked by John
  13. Honors Biology

    We did a lab today in class where we observed the effects of osmosis. We had two gummy bears in each of three cups, where each cup was filled with either vinegar, syrup, or water. We took the masses of the gummy bears to see if they shrunk or if they got

    asked by Emily
  14. math

    Mark's typing speed is 79 words per minute. How many words can he type in 44 minutes?

    asked by lev
  15. MATH

    An inlet pipe can fill an empty pool in 3 hours. Another pipe can fill the same pool in 4 hours. How long will it take to fill the pool if both pipes are on? how would this equation be set up?

    asked by jennifer
  16. physics

    Hi, can anyone help please. You are camping with two friends, Joe and Karl. Since all three of you like your privacy, you don't pitch your tents close together. Joe's tent is 27.0 m from yours, in the direction 19.0 degrees north of east. Karl's tent is

    asked by Mel
  17. English

    I need help figuring out what the writing style was for medieval literature, english renassiance literature, renaissance drama, and early 7th century literature.

    asked by Stevie
  18. calculus

    Can anyone please explain to me that how can I find the discontinuities of the following function? f(x)=[(x+1)(x+2)]/(x-3)^2 THANKS A LOT~!

    asked by eriko
  19. pre calc

    it takes my father 3 hours to plow our cornfield with his new tractor using the old tractor it takes me 5 hours. if we both plow for 1 hour before i go to school, how long will it take dad to finish the plowing. I got 2.5 hours but i think that is totally

    asked by kayla
  20. Geometry

    Ok i have a crossward puzzle and don't know some of the vocab. Here is what i have : 1)Two endpoints and all the points between them. (7 letters long and the 4th letter is M) 2)The point where the X-axis and Y-axis meet.(6 letters long and the 2nd letter

    asked by Jessie
  21. math

    summer graded 25 math papers in 30 minutes.larry graded 22 papers in 20 minutes.what is the difference in the number of papers they can grade in two hours?

    asked by barbie
  22. psychology

    Your friend is taking a nap on the couch and you notice that his eyes are moving under his closed eyelids. If you wake your friend up at this time, which one of the following is he most likely to say: A) i was really awake B) i was dreaming C) i was

    asked by Princessa
  23. statistics

    twenty percent of drivers drining between 11pm and 3am are drunken drivers. using the binomial probabilities table. fine the problability that in a random sample of 12 drivers drining between 11 pm and 3am , two to four will be drunken drivers

    asked by marie
  24. physics

    A horse runs off of a 11 meter high cliff into the sea. The horse is running at a speed of 3.6 m/s. How much time does the horse spend in the air? How far from the base of the cliff is the horse when it hits the water?

    asked by shan
  25. physics

    jane hits a golf ball on a flat fairway. The ball leaves the ground at a 14.5 degree angle and lands 193 meters away. How long was the ball in the air? How fast was the ball moving when it left the ground?

    asked by shan
  26. chemistry

    what is an atomic mass unit? what are the approximate masses of the subtomic particles, expressed in atomic mass units?

    asked by Blah
  27. Math

    What is the basic principle that can be used to simplify a polynomial? What is the relevance of the order of operations in simplifying a polynomial

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Chemistry

    What volume of 4.5 M Acetic Acid is needed to neutralize 567.4 g sodium carbonate? ?

    asked by Kaitlin Webb
  29. English

    1. Draw a cartoon related to the sentence. 2. Draw a cartoon relating to the sentence. 3. Draw a cartoon and write down a sentence related to it below. 4. Draw a cartoon and write dwon a sentence related to it below. ------------------------- Are the

    asked by John
  30. math

    on a certain farm, on average, 64 hens lay 768 eggs in 64 days. also on average, 46 hens on same farm eat 46 kilograms of wheat in 46 days. On this farm, on average, the consumption of how much wheat (in kg) corresponds to 2 dozen eggs?

    asked by drew

    Many judges in the criminal court system are not only overworked, but also must contend with the worst of society. How does the role and responsibility of a judge differ in a real-life courtroom as opposed to the mystique portrayed in the movies or on

    asked by Tina
  32. french

    how do you get the accent marks on the computer with a mac

    asked by robin
  33. MATH

    Furnace repairs A repairman purchased several furnace -blower motors for a total cost of $210. If is cost per motor had been $5 less, he could have purchased one additional motor. How many motors did he buy at the regular rate? Please help

    asked by jennifer
  34. english

    When did you memorize the patriotic poem, "Paul Reveres ride"? In the above sentence is the predicate did memorize? If so what part of the sentence would the word poem be??

    asked by jessy
  35. math

    vanessa can do a job in 12 days. after she has worked for 4 days, she is joined by susan, and they finish the job together in 2 more days. how long would it have taken susan to do the whole job herself

    asked by Anonymous
  36. algebra 1

    a boat wieghs 1500 lb more than its motor and 1900 lb more than its trailer. Together the boat and the moter weight five times as much as the trailer. How much does the boat weigh?

    asked by emily
  37. chemistry

    The following is a question on a lab I do not understand and need help with (thank you). Topic: Hardy-Weinberg In this Scenario, we will assign initial genotypic frequencies. 1. Record your class population's data in Table 3A. 2. Record your assigned

    asked by Kazhmir
  38. Math (FST)

    1. Give exact value of tan(theta) if cos(theta)=-2/7 and pi/2

    asked by Ryan
  39. government but a check

    is this right i choose c. most u.s single member districts are won on a :A)plurality b)majority c)consensus D)caucus another one is split voting: A) is it a result of less party identification among voters in recent years or is it D) often done by party

    asked by Anonymous
  40. math

    explain and show work a 140 lb student burns 5.4 calories a minute after 60 minutes how much calories were burned?

    asked by bamawam
  41. complex numbers

    how do you work out the the form a+ib when you are given the modulus and argument i.e. modulus=5,argument=pi/2

    asked by Anonymous
  42. business

    what type of organizational structure does American Airline have?

    asked by Sugar
  43. International Business

    I have answer all question but i'm quiet understanding of centralization and decentralization. Here is the website that i chose Barry Callebaut -barry-callebaut After reading the profile i think the company is part of both but don't understand which side

    asked by drake
  44. math

    what least number muist be subtracted from 13601 to get a number exactly divisible by 87?

    asked by ra ny
  45. 9th grade english


    asked by polly
  46. calculus

    On a cross-country journey the distance travelled at a given time by a wagon caravan is given by the equation: p(t) = t^5 + 2t^3 - t^2 + 12 Starting at t = -1, one of the wagons starts moving on its own at a constant rate, and rejoins the caravan at t = 1.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. calculus

    On a cross-country journey the distance travelled at a given time by a wagon caravan is given by the equation: p(t) = t^5 + 2t^3 - t^2 + 12 Starting at t = -1, one of the wagons starts moving on its own at a constant rate, and rejoins the caravan at t = 1.

    asked by Alex
  48. Math

    Find three pairs of numbers for which the least common multiple equals the product of the two numbers

    asked by Rachael
  49. 9th grade english


    asked by polly
  50. Math

    If you have 10 pennies in a triangle, move 3 pennies to make the triangle point in the opposite direction.

    asked by Jenny
  51. French 1

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! what's the french word for 'why did you'?

    asked by briyanna brinson
  52. accounting

    I am having a hard time finding this. Can anyone help me please? Give an example of the kinds of decisions where incremental analysis would be used in each center. Revenue, profit, cost and investment.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. algebra

    I don't know how to do this it sais In the accompanying diagram, ABCD is a rectangle inscribed in circle o. the ratio of side AB to side BC is 4:3. The area of the rectangle is 48 square centimeters. A B o D C This is how it looks and its telling me to

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math/accounting

    why is it necessary to an annuity present value. Why is the calculation of the present value of any future amount important? Why is the present value of any future amount greater when the discount rate is lower?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. social studies


    asked by MIA
  56. calculus

    Given the function: y = 2 - x - x^3 use limits to find the slope (and then the equation) of the tangent line at x =2.

    asked by Alex
  57. Nutrition

    in 200 to 300 words, the path food follows through the digestive system and how digestion occurs in each of the following parts of the digestive system. Be sure to include descriptions of other organs or components of the digestive system, including: o

    asked by Bev
  58. yr 8 re

    what are genesis 1 & 2? i've never been a great bible reader and i thought genesis was just when God created the Earth and so on, but I'm supposed to know the difference in WRITING,like calling God 'Lord' amd stuff... please help!

    asked by issy
  59. plzz help me

    a 140 pund student burns 5.4 calories per minute while playing tennis .after 60 minutes how many calories has the student burned?? also sam drives at a constant rate of 60 miles per hour . how many hours will it take him to drive 210 miles? express your

    asked by bamawam
  60. Chemistry

    I have a statement that I have to answer either always true, sometimes true, or never true: A decigram is 100 times smaller than a gram. In my book it says deci - 10 times smaller than the unit it precedes. So that would mean decigram is always only 10

    asked by Mike
  61. Americian History

    Any information please about the English explorers who landed on Roanoke Island in North Carolina and their connection to the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina, for a research paper.

    asked by Dana
  62. grammar

    I have to find the simple subject and simple predicate in this sentence. Several North American cultures built large mounds of earth thousands of years ago and used them as burial places and foundations for buildings.(note that some subjects and predicates

    asked by ebony
  63. 6th grade Math

    Your brother pulls his sled up a hill. Each minute he moves forward 20 feet, but he also slides backward 3 feet. Describe how you can determine the time he needs to pull his sled 130 feet forward.

    asked by Lindsey
  64. math

    Find b such that f(x)=-4x^2+bx+3 has a maximum value of 50.

    asked by shannon
  65. Accounting

    On January 1, 2006 two individuals invested 510000 each to form Steve Corporation. Steve had total revenues of 240000 during 2006 and 250000 during 2007. Total expenses for the same periods were 120000 and 150000. Cash dividends paid out to stockholders

    asked by Maddie
  66. chemistry

    T1/2 depends inversely on k why ? T1/2 depends inversely on k and directly on the initial concentration of the reactants in question. What is the order? -is the order 0 or 2nd? I think it is 0 because the [] is on top opposed to 1/[]

    asked by Tri
  67. math

    How can I solve this problem. Find the missing length of the right triangle. 7 height and 24 length

    asked by PJ
  68. Math

    I need to express the following in equivalent form: m-2/m^2-5m+6 , 2x+6/x^2-6x-27 , a^2+a/a^2+2a+1 , 2w+1/2w^2+2w+1 , 8Z+6Z^2/9z^2-16 I really don't understand how I can do this if the denominator is smaller and I just don't see how I can simplify since I

    asked by Sally
  69. writing essay

    I am having diffucties with an introductiory paragraph with a given thesis statement. How do i write a thesis for the subject on Americans eat junk food daily?

    asked by Fayna
  70. math

    express your answer as a mixed number.. sam drives at a constant rate of 60 miles per hour how many hours will it take him to drive 210 miles?

    asked by bamawam
  71. accounting

    I am having a hard time finding these. Can anyone help me please? Give an example of the kinds of decisions where incremental analysis would be used in each center. Revenue, profit, cost and investment.

    asked by Anonymous
  72. french

    how do i say 'to' in french?i have a test tommorrow,but i lost my notes!!!!!!!!!

    asked by briyanna brinson
  73. Science

    Can I please have a/any websites for convex mirrors?

    asked by Mariz
  74. algebra

    Give the degree and the numerical coefficient 7x

    asked by Tina
  75. Principles of Business

    You are planning to open a sporting goods store in your hometown. List the activities you would need to do for each of the functions of management: (1) planning, (2) organizing, (3) directing, and (4) controlling. Also, discuss the levels of management you

    asked by Mohammed
  76. 12th grade

    How do I find the height of a parallelogram?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. math

    How do I find the height of a parallelogram?

    asked by Lisa
  78. 4th grade English

    Gorillas are shy Most of them never fight. How would you combine this sentence using a conjunction. Would it be but or so?

    asked by Hayley
  79. ALGEBRA -- long division

    Find each solution using long division. Show your work. Show that x + 1 is NOT a factor of... 2x^3 + x^2 - 11x - 30. Show that x - 3 IS a factor of 2x^3 - 11x^2 - 11x^2 + 12x + 9.

    asked by Stephanie
  80. math

    can someone double check this answer for me? I got 60/11 Ingrid can rake our lawn in 90 minutes and i can do it in 60 minutes. If ingrid rakes for 15 minutes before i join her, how long will it take us to finish?

    asked by kayla
  81. MATH

    I have 12 word problems to do for my class today. I am not very good at them. Any suggestions on how to set them up? they vary from question to question

    asked by jennifer
  82. Writing

    I have an essay to write but I don't know how to begin an introductory paragraph. Can you help me with the paragraph for the following topic? Why do Americans eat so much junk food? Every day, there are all sorts of people from children to adults seen

    asked by Fayna
  83. calculus

    Find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line y = 12x + 3

    asked by Jiszka
  84. calculus

    If we know that for a function, f(x), that f(2) = 6 and f(5) = 1, what is the average rate of change of f(x) on the interval [2,5]?

    asked by Jiszka
  85. pre algebra

    a rectangle measures 3.9 cm by 9.1 cm what is the area of the rectangle? (a=lw)

    asked by lacey
  86. school

    amy's orchestra teacher is planning a fall concert the cost of renting the music hall is $2000 he decides to charge each person $5.50 attend the concert to cover the cost of renting the hall how many people will have to attend to cover the cost??

    asked by christina
  87. Finance

    If you were an investor that wants to invest in a particular company, what financial ratios would you use to evaluate that company? What limitations would an investor have to take into account when evaluation the financial performance of a company?

    asked by Greatdanelola
  88. Science

    What is a legume?

    asked by Sara
  89. essay

    In some countries such as AUSTRALIA, citizens are required BY LAW to vote in a national election.If they are over 18-years-old they must be registerd to vote and if they fail to go to their polling place on election day, they may be subject to a fine. And

    asked by lola
  90. 11th grade

    why do biologists use a classification system to study the diversite of life?

    asked by zavaleta
  91. calculus

    what's integration of (tanx)^5?

    asked by jenny
  92. chemistry

    how wouldi figure out how many moles are in 3.52 times 10 ^23 F atoms?

    asked by haleigh
  93. geometry

    we have to inscribe different polygons in each circle then name them

    asked by taylor
  94. math

    what is the equivalent ration of 8/10

    asked by kaisen
  95. Math

    What is the inverse of (x+1/x+7)

    asked by Ryan
  96. Physichal Science

    In my homework it asks me this: Use the letters below to answer this question: What is the FORCE behind Newton's laws? The letters are p s l o p r u u l h

    asked by Jon
  97. algebra 2

    if 6 is a solution of the equation g(w)=1, give a point on a graph of g.

    asked by taz manian
  98. Business

    How does a deductible cut the cost of insurance?

    asked by Jackie
  99. science

    Where do most simple plants grow?

    asked by deja
  100. math

    the following numbers are put in a machine and put out, they are in a pattern. if you put in 4.5, what will you get out. input output -15 -7 -6 -4 0 -2 3 -1 6 0 12 2

    asked by blake
  101. spanish help

    Hello, I need to do an essay on this question and have problem understanding the play could you steer me in the right direction in which acts to look for for this question. In Knight of Olmedo was meant to be a tragicomedy, but being a typical golden age

    asked by Brady
  102. government

    legislatures are organized according to: A)history b)partisanship C)tradition D)consensus i think its b or d

    asked by Anonymous
  103. government

    the u.s government has a (n) A)one party, B)two party C)three party D)plural party system. ithink its d

    asked by Anonymous
  104. writing

    I need to know how to write an opinionated question?

    asked by Leanne
  105. ethics

    Who do you think has the greatest power to solve or prevent these dilemmas: organizational leaders, federal or state bodies, or society as a whole?

    asked by Ann
  106. Writin

    The assignment is to write opinionated questions that are arguable for a class discussion. One subject is the prisoners treatment during war time - can you give me an example of a possible question?

    asked by Leanne
  107. calculus

    Which of the following is a representation of the domain of the expression: h(x) = 12x + 3 / 2- square root of x

    asked by Jiszka
  108. english

    Many notable poets often lived in the New England states. In the above sentence i need to identify the subject modifiers in the sentence and the descriptive adjectives. I believe the adjectives are New England, many and notable. What then would be the

    asked by jessy
  109. yr 8 re

    What are the differences between the two accounts of creation? please help, i'm really stuck!

    asked by issy

    what line of longitude goes through Ghana?

    asked by lulu
  111. Psychology

    I have a pretty specific question... I'm wondering if the "Binge-Eating Disorder" is actually included in the DSM 4 as one of the disorders, or if it's just in there for one of future considerations.

    asked by Andrew
  112. history

    how did the romans make books?

    asked by cathy
  113. maths

    How do you convert degrees to radians? what's the modulus and the principle argument (complex n°)

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Science

    What is the density of a marble that has a mass of 52 g and a volume of 25 cm3?

    asked by Vickie
  115. English

    what does the following mean Add prefixes and suffixd to cover modern solid deposits promise copper wrote bulldozer smoke whole explodes loaded coal mexico machine locate goal

    asked by shiaan
  116. government

    the major u.s political parties are the A)republican , reform, and democrat,B)republican and reform C)democrat and reform D)democrat and republican i think its a or c

    asked by Anonymous
  117. math

    what is 2x+9(4)*5+25=?

    asked by ex
  118. dont know


    asked by hxdcsughpasi
  119. biology

    Which one of the following types of molecules serves to interact with the world around us?

    asked by sandy
  120. math

    dtermine the smallest positive integer that is divisible by each of the first ten numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10).

    asked by blake
  121. criminal law

    What impact do the media have on public opinion? On the roles and responsibilities of the attorneys in a trial? Does this media viewpoint accurately portray these professionals? Why or why not? Please what are your opinions on this please explain???

    asked by Dawn
  122. math

    how do you work out a pecentage of something?

    asked by jenny
  123. government

    a political party is an organization desiring to: A)expand learning by building libraries and universities.B)limit the role of religion in politics.C)control government by winning election and holding office.D)create jobs for all americans. i think its c

    asked by Anonymous
  124. social studies

    social life & economic life of greek civilization

    asked by twinkle
  125. science

    how many elements have more protons in their nucleus than neutrons?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. marketing

    i am working on a big marketing assignment for a multicultural festival and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a promotional gimmick? the gimmick has to be done leading up to the festival to draw attention to this new festival. also for a name

    asked by PEGGY Lee
  127. french

    how do you say i go to terry fox secondary? Is it "Je suis aller au Terry Fox Secondary"

    asked by fdsa
  128. Science

    What are convex mirrors?

    asked by Mariz
  129. HuckFinn

    3 descriptions of Mark Twain's specfic writng style and an example that demonstrates this specific style

    asked by sam
  130. Americian History

    Looking for resources to better understand 1400-1700 timeline

    asked by Dana
  131. math

    The solutions to a quadratic equation are 3/8 and 2/5. Write the quadratic equation in standard form show all appropriate work. (standard equation: f(x)=a(x-h)^2+k)

    asked by shannon
  132. 4th grade science

    does a lobster use gills to breathe

    asked by Cade
  133. science

    What happens when a seed germinates?

    asked by deja
  134. social studies

    Can you find some links to a site that has a picture of a northwest indian fishing

    asked by Andrew
  135. Spanish

    Hello, I have another essay question and I need help with this one the question is What are the three omens that fortell the death of Alonso? I don't know which acts to look for, thanks

    asked by Brady
  136. government

    a party out of power: A)has no influence B)can call for an election C)acts as a watch dog D)becomes a minor party. i think its d but b is my second choice

    asked by Anonymous
  137. Science

    What are waves?

    asked by Mariz
  138. french

    i need to knowwhat sort of country liverpool is please?

    asked by Anonymous
  139. government

    describe a patriarchal government

    asked by Hannah
  140. world history

    which pope sent missionaries thourghout europe

    asked by bandit