Questions Asked on
September 17, 2008

  1. Chemistry

    If it takes three "breaths" to blow up a balloon to 1.2 , and each breath supplies the balloon with 0.060 moles of exhaled air, how many moles of air are in a 3.0 balloon. Express your answer in moles using two significant figures Would the answer be 0.38

    asked by George
  2. daily language review

    analogies. eighteen:even:: thirty-three: I don't understand this question?

    asked by jenny
  3. Physics

    As a traffic light turns green, a waiting car starts with a constant acceleration of 6.0 m/second squared. At the instant the car begins to accelerate, a truck with the constant velocity of 21 m/ second squared passes in the next lane. HINT:Set the 2

    asked by Brandon
  4. english 11

    What is an example of parallelism in the Declaration of Independence

    asked by chalbi
  5. Acccounting

    Post your response to the following: In 200 to 300 words, explain the differences between a proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation. Why would an entrepreneur between a proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation. Why would an entrepreneur

    asked by Renea
  6. math

    a ratio to lemon juice to water in lemonade is 1:5. If 15 cups of water are used to make a picher of lemonade, how many cups of lemon juice are needed?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. allied health

    how are professional credentials usually maintained?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math

    Murphy’s motorcycle gets 55 miles per gallon of gas on the highway and 45 miles per gallon in the city. The motorcycle holds 8 gallons of gas. Write and simplify an expression for the total number of miles Murphy can travel if he has a full tank of gas

    asked by Lily
  9. physiology

    anaerobic respiration is triggered when the ratio of ________falls below a critical level. a.carbon dioxide supply to oxygen need b.oxygen supply to glucose need c.glucose supply to glucose need d.oxygen supply to oxygen need the electron transport chain

    asked by Natash
  10. 8th grade

    i have to write a riddle about variables how am i supposed to do that with out ever writing a riddle before?

    asked by caleb
  11. science

    Is vinegar a heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

    asked by Caitlin
  12. Math

    worlds population was 3,559,028,982 people. When this number is written in expanded form using exponents, one power of 10 would not be represented. Which Power of 10 and Why?

    asked by Tyler
  13. history

    what is a human interest story- is something about the economy a human interest story?

    asked by kelli
  14. Math

    Two different isosceles triangles with perimeter 4a+b? Is this a right angle isosceles triangle?

    asked by Dan
  15. Ecology

    After spraying crops with DDT for several years, farmers found that populations of insect pests reboundED. One reason was that insects had developed resistance to the insecticide. Suggest another reason, based on what you know about populations, pyramids,

    asked by mary22
  16. history

    How many words can you make with the letters from the word Constitution?

    asked by lizzy
  17. Ecology

    Use an example to explain how an animal living hundreds of kilometers from an area sprayed with DDT might get DDT in its body. DDT( is a pesticide)

    asked by mary22
  18. Computer Literacy

    Which is an example of a transcription error? a. 3456 instead of 3465 b. Simth instead of Smith c. 3455 instead of 3456 d. none of the above

    asked by Koori
  19. current events

    I don't understand why a Car Bomb Hits a U.S. Embassy In Yemen. I know Yemen is the ancestral home of Osama bin Ladenand has been under al-Qaida attacks this year but can someone summarize the situation for me better?

    asked by kelli
  20. math

    explain how 8 ten thousands can be equal to 80 thousands

    asked by jordan
  21. math Help Please!

    The lowes temperture ever recorded in the state of Oregon was -54F (in Seneca, on February 10,1933). The state's record high temperature occured in Pendletion on August 10, 1898, when it reached 119F. What is the historical temperature range in the state

    asked by PJ
  22. Physical Education

    The History Of Physical Education?

    asked by Kristi
  23. Finance

    I answered the following questions, butI just want to make sure Im on the right track. Please assist... What are the differences between shareholder wealth maximization and profit maximization? Shareholder wealth maximization strictly relates to the market

    asked by Greatdanelola
  24. wow...Phys...this has me COMPLETELY clueless

    it is a projectile motion question i just can't seem to figure out A ball is shot from the ground into the air. At a height of 9.1 m, its velocity is observed to be v = 7.6i + 6.1j m/s To what maximum height does the ball reach? the answer is suppose to be

    asked by Kim-lee
  25. 7th grade

    10 careers in home economics the qualifications duties & salary

    asked by chevanese
  26. Spanish

    escribe un plan para comer al aire libre. usa mandatos formales plurales para decirles a tus amigos lo que debe hacer. no te olvides de escribir todas las cosas que necesitan para hacer una parrillada. I'm stuck. I know to do the whole bbq thing but still

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    this one is kind of hard julia can buy 3 jellybeans for 5 cent. she can buy a piece of gum for 2 cent. if julia spends 50 cent in all and gets 28 items, how much of each kind of candy does she have?

    asked by mimi
  28. social studies

    Imperialism - foreign policy assessment of big stick, panama canal, dollar, moral and open door policies - regarding moral policy where is information about the policy, who created it, when and where it was applied, etc. I cannot find information regarding

    asked by Lin
  29. Knights of olmedo

    Hello, in knights of olmedo where does it show the cause of rivalry between alfonso and rodrigo. And also in the play is alfonso considered the knight of olmedo. thanks

    asked by sheila
  30. Science

    Several hypotheses may fit every set of data. what is important to know when you hear about a new scientific finding? NUmber the following in order of their importance. __ who paid for the research? __ the education of the scientist completing the study __

    asked by Kaity
  31. Maths

    I have a test tomorrow and I really don't get this, please help me. "Use transformations and the zeros of the quadratic function f(x)=(x-6)(x+4) to determine the zeros of each of the following functions a) y=2f(x) b) y=f(2x) c) y=f(0.5x)" I am so lost, I

    asked by Isobelle
  32. english

    In the following paragraph, are the words I have in capital letters adverbs? A five-speed bike combines the WORST of a three-speed and ten-speed. The typical five-speed is built on the same heavy frame as the three-speed, OFTEN, has the five-speed gear

    asked by Tracy
  33. Math

    Evaluate to the nearest tenth. 6 sqrt 10 subtract 9 sqrt 80 divided by sqrt 8 So, for #1, I got 10. Is it correct? And #2, I got 3.2 Is it correct? Thanks in advance for the replys,

    asked by Larry
  34. writing

    I have to write a narrative essay about a time when i had to do something that went against my beliefs or convictions. I thought about it for like an hour, but I can't figure out a decent example. Can anyone tell me an example so I can understant what kind

    asked by Andrew
  35. history

    can someone tell me what this article is about? just type it in google- I don't really understand it. What I got from it is that Mcain is sort of going back on what he said years ago but i don't really get it. McCain Embraces Regulation After Many Years of

    asked by leila
  36. math

    Mike can run the mile in 6 minutes, and Dan Can run the mile in 9 minutes. If mike gives Dan a head start of 1 minute, how far from the start will mike pass Dan? How long does it take?

    asked by kelli
  37. grammar

    what is the part of speech for the phrase in spite of used in the sentence Inspite of what happend yesterday, lets be friends.

    asked by mitchell
  38. grobal 1

    identify (a)Menes,(b)Ptah-hotep,(c)Giza,(d)Hatshepsut,(e)Punt,(f)Ramses II.

    asked by jennifer
  39. math

    hi i need help with rational and irrational numbers. i just need to know the IRRATIONAL numbers. 55.0662066206620662... is this Irrational? 0.0000000500050005... Irrational? 0.004872368777712 Rational?

    asked by Logan
  40. English

    1. Can I say who is calling please? 2. Who's calling please? (telephone conversation) Are both the same? What is the meaning of 'say' in #1? Does it mean 'ask'?

    asked by John
  41. math

    Pick a country of your choice that is experiencing population growth. Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials to find the most recent population count of the country you have chosen and the population growth rate of that country. Use that

    asked by Anonymous
  42. science

    write conclusion:if i place a pencil in a bucket of water what will happen?conclusion is?

    asked by nina
  43. math

    how many ways are there to make 40 cent using dimes, nikels, and pennies

    asked by alexi
  44. English

    Hold on. I'll just go and get him for you. --------------- In this sentence, what is the meaning of 'get'? [situation] A person called. And the answerer answers the phone. The answerer wants to hand the telephone to the right person.

    asked by John
  45. Music

    music take you into the mental state of the composer what does the quote mean usin da criticallens form pls???

    asked by John
  46. algebra

    How is adding radical expressions similar to adding polynomial expressions? How is it different? Provide a radical expression for your classmates to simplify.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Business

    What are the aspects of the external environment of a gold mining company in South Africa? What about internal?

    asked by Please help
  48. 10th grade

    15mm to dam

    asked by apple
  49. Social Studies

    How did the Homo Erectus survive in the savannas? (tell how did they hunt food, what tools did they use, what kind of food did they hunt or got, how did they live in the area like what kind of shelter do they live in, and how did they get their weapons,

    asked by Anonymous
  50. physics

    what happen to the value g (free fall). If the rocket has launch from Earth to moon with the constant velocity. What if the rocket acclerating?

    asked by Jeff
  51. Algebra


    asked by Jake
  52. grammar tenth grade

    what would the part of speech be for the word ugh in the sentence ugh, i am tired of this

    asked by juandecemo bandero
  53. Math

    What is the LCM of 25 and 10

    asked by Steven
  54. math

    I'm having trouble trying to identify which method is best to use for graphing when faced with an equation. Are there certain things that I need to look out for that would indicate if it were best to use the table of values, slope-intercept method, or the

    asked by sarah
  55. English

    where can i find a comparison chart for urban legends by James Henslin and how urban legends work by Tom Harris?

    asked by Bryan
  56. Science

    Why are mice teeth so much different than cats?

    asked by Kiara
  57. 4th grade math

    My math problem is Round each number to the place of the underlined digit. 2,399,001 and the nine beside the three is underlined.

    asked by Tracy
  58. 7th grade math

    jess, marie, and emily are sisters. The sum of their ages is 118. Emily is twice jess's age. Jess is 7 years older than Marie. How old is each girl?

    asked by kelly
  59. grobal 1

    identify (a) Menes,(b)Ptah-hotep,(c)Giza,(d)hatshepsut,(e)Punt,(f)Ramses II.

    asked by jennifer
  60. science

    what is the name for precise information provided by numerical data

    asked by sasha
  61. spelling

    What is the examples for economics? Thank you.

    asked by happy people
  62. Math (Grade 12)

    I need help with this problem (composite functions): If f(x) = 4x-3 and h(x )= 4x^2-21, find a function g such that f(g(x)) = h. I don't understand how we're supposed to combine the functions. Oh, and the answer is supposed to be g(x) = x^2 - (9/2).

    asked by Lucy
  63. math

    can someone help me write the equation of the line 1. parallel to the line x=5 passing through (4,2) 2. perpendicular to the line x=8 passing through (3,4)

    asked by kelli
  64. French

    "Votez Sean pour president" is that an okay way of saying "Vote for Sean for president? thanks

    asked by S
  65. health

    The weight that is best for your body

    asked by chase
  66. health

    Less than the appropriate weight for gender, height, age, body frame and growth pattern

    asked by chase
  67. Pre-Calculus

    Directions: Find the 2 Functions f and g such that (f o g)(x)= h(x). 1. h(x)=(2x+1)^2

    asked by Crystal
  68. music

    I've got to design a poster with the main elements of music on, any ideas.

    asked by jack
  69. Hannah

    what are the two-digit perfect squares?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. science

    What makes a base a base, as in acids.

    asked by raymond
  71. Math

    I've seen in Wikipedia that there is a prime generating polynomial based on Diophantine equations. What does that mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. math

    how to compare relative frequency and theoretical probability

    asked by sandra
  73. Math: Pease help

    How many times as great is the value of the 4 in 40 than the value of the 4 in 1,400?

    asked by 4th grade
  74. Math

    I am having probl w/word problems. A kitchen floor is covered w/altern black and white tiles. Ech tile is a 12 inch square. If the kitchen meas 10'x10' how many black tiles are on the floor? Is this right 10 x 10= 100' 100' x12= 1200" 1200 divided by 12=

    asked by Hope
  75. Math (Grade 12)

    I need help with this problem: 9i - (5i + 4i)^2 The correct answer is supposed to be 9 + 49i, but my answer is no where near that...

    asked by Lucy
  76. geometry


    asked by mia
  77. science

    how do i convert?? ex: 500ml=______L 25cg=____G

    asked by help me please
  78. math/science

    converting 3500 seconds=______hr 2 yrs =_______secs (assume 1 year =365days)

    asked by help me please
  79. English

    1. He is active. 2. He is being active. What is the difference between them? #2 means he seems to be active at the moment, but he is not active in general or actually? Is may explanation correct? 3. He feels cold. 4. He feels being cold. Does #4 mean he

    asked by John
  80. Math

    What is the prime power factorization.

    asked by Chris
  81. English

    What are the similarities in the process of reading and writing?

    asked by Bryan
  82. math

    how do I find what percent of 75 is 40?

    asked by chris
  83. Reading

    I need help completing a story on Mrs. Brown went to town...2nd grade.

    asked by Eric
  84. 6th grade

    The large landmasses on Earth are called continets,oceans, or plateaus

    asked by mo
  85. math

    for each plege plans write an equation that can be used to calculate the amount of money a sponser owes, given the total distance the student walks?

    asked by destiny
  86. health

    More that the appropriate weight for gender, height, age, body frame and growth pattern

    asked by chase
  87. physical science

    How many atoms of chlorine does hydrochloric acid contain?

    asked by Sabrina
  88. Business

    Which parts of the internal environment of the company are most affected by the external environment? (From a HR point of view)

    asked by Business
  89. science

    write a hypothesis for question:if i drop 2 objects at the same time will they land at the same time?

    asked by nina
  90. math 7th grade

    solve the equation 5=f-7 tell me how you get the answer i don't want just the answer i want to know how to do it

    asked by keke
  91. Science

    How does this ( hypotheses) study compare to scientists who study the structure of the atom or evolution?

    asked by Kaity
  92. english

    Examples of personal assignment about your own personality

    asked by Aleksa
  93. 3rd grade

    Wade's team will play 30 baseball games this year. They have won 14 games and lost 5 games. How many more games were won?

    asked by Jacki
  94. IT 220

    Locate a news article from an English-speaking country other than the United States. List the URL, List the name of the Newspaper, list the country of origin, and summarize the article where indicated below.

    asked by sam
  95. American Govt

    How does federalism lead to increased political activity?

    asked by Tucker
  96. drama

    what does surrealism mean ?

    asked by lucy
  97. Math Pease help

    Thank you very much Ms. Sue.

    asked by 4th grade
  98. English

    1. I feel being cold. 2. I feel cold. 3. I am cold. 4. I am being cold. I think #2 and #3 are correct. What about #1 and #4? Are they OK? What is the difference among the four expressions?

    asked by John
  99. 6th grade

    this is my question: how to find the unit rate of 600 people per sq mile?

    asked by humn
  100. Health

    what techniques can I use to learn vocabulary and how would these techniques apply to health care? Thank you

    asked by Brenda
  101. Math

    What is the GCM of 10 and 25.

    asked by Steven
  102. English

    How would I write a thesis statement for a passage titled Urban Legends?

    asked by Bryan
  103. english

    How do you diagram the sentence, My dad is mean, he makes me do push up, someone stop him before I die, please, please, please!

    asked by Bob
  104. Language Arts

    Is "Be seated" a sentence.

    asked by Amy
  105. chemistry

    what is the significant figure in the value of 20200

    asked by kevonna
  106. chemistry/math

    how do i convert 640 km to milli...i don't even know what the teacher means by milli. helppppp.......

    asked by kaitlyn
  107. history

    i found most of the info. on foot binding but still am unsure about a couple. was this mainly practiced in the sung dynast in the north???? Also i could not find what particular group of people engaged in this practice??

    asked by abby
  108. mathematics

    calulate 30%of 40,and 25%of 20,then add the two results together

    asked by suheily hernandez
  109. English

    The puppy looked very cute. The puppy looked so cute. The puppy looked too cute. --------------------------------- Are they all acceptable and do they have the same meaning?

    asked by John
  110. psychology

    How can a single mother increase attachment security if she places her infant in full-time child care? Be sure to discuss reasearch-based hypothese instead of opion-based hypotheses.

    asked by latoya holloway
  111. math

    a certain automobile gas tank contains15 gallons 12% which is ethanol how much gasoline should be removed so that when replaced with pure ethanol there is 22% ethanol in gas tank?

    asked by eram
  112. science

    the is the starting sallery of a food scientist?

    asked by bob
  113. math

    how do you muiltply fractions and mixed numbers?

    asked by bonnie
  114. MATH HELP

    what is the prime power factorization mean!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Chirs
  115. Racial and Ethnic Groups

    What are the Native American Organizations doing to migrate tribal poverty, and encourage prosperity?

    asked by Hailey Wheaton
  116. Pre-Calculus

    Two cards are drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability of drawing 2 queens or 2 red cards? (4/52)(3/51)=1/221 ---drawing a queen (26/52)(25/51)=25/102--drawing a red card (1/221)(25/102)= 25/22542 drawing a queen or red card Is this

    asked by Lucy
  117. science

    write a hypothesis for questio:if i drop a full toilet paper roll and an empty toilet paperroll will they land on the floor at the same time ;

    asked by nina
  118. western civ

    i have a picture of these two cups from 460 B.C. in Athens, greece and i have to make up a story about them. either how they were made or why or something like it was given to someone as a present. it has to be three pages long and i cant thing of

    asked by christina
  119. MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    michelle has $50 to spend at the mall. if she spends$22.50on a belt, how many errings can she buy at $7 a pair I need help on this question!!!

    asked by mimi
  120. Math

    Evaluate: Give answers as fractions or integers. 1. (3^-2)^-1 2. -6^-2 For #1, I got positive 9. Is that correct? For #2, I got 1/-36. Is that correct?

    asked by Larry
  121. History

    Who started Chinese foot binding practices? When did it begin? Where was it practiced? Is it still in practice? What particular group of people engaged in this practice? Advantages and Disadvantages?

    asked by Abby
  122. chemistry/math

    how do i convert 640 km to milli...i don't even know what the teacher means by milli. helppppp.......

    asked by kaitlyn
  123. HR

    What human resource challenges might a Canadian company face when operating globally? Give examples of two areas in the world and respond. Any suggestions?

    asked by Serena
  124. math

    i did that but something doesnt make sence. the directions are, circle the letters representing irrational numbers. Read these from the top down to get the answer. all the letters i got were aorflanrklrtsrd. it doesnt make sence

    asked by Logan
  125. english

    what do you learn when you study economics

    asked by catherine
  126. ACC250

    This week you learned how to start and back up Peachtree software and you had the opportunity to explore some of Peachtree’s features. What was the most challenging aspect of the material covered this week? What did you find most beneficial?

    asked by Anonymous

    10-g what does it mean?

    asked by monique
  128. Math

    Make a hypothesis about the sum of all the angles in a trianglr.use the communication chcklist.

    asked by Khairy
  129. Social Studies

    why do they call it "cardinal directions"?

    asked by Steffanie
  130. Math!

    this is suppose to be a location to go on a vacation... dreywoknowrkyen

    asked by Michael
  131. math

    is this right? today is vanessa's birthday she is now 3 times the age of her daughte, shelby. Shelby is twice the age of her brother caleb. if caleb is now 6, how old is Vanessa?

    asked by Hope
  132. math

    Tell how you could use a number line to determine which of two number is greater

    asked by nautia
  133. math

    a bread truck weights about 2

    asked by Semaj
  134. math

    what is the prime power factorization

    asked by chris
  135. 12th grade math!!!

    what is the prime power factorizatopn of 554 706 758 514 844 830 788 677

    asked by chris
  136. Social

    where is nepal?

    asked by Anonymous
  137. math

    how do i find the limit of (x^2 + x -2)/ (x-1) as x approaches 1

    asked by kristen
  138. math

    how many ten-thousandths are in one-hundreth

    asked by linda