Questions Asked on
September 1, 2008

  1. math

    Why do Eskimos wash their clothes in tide? (CaN ONLY BE 10 LETTERS!)

    asked by Hannah
  2. English

    4. In "The New Colossus," the Statue of Liberty is compared to alan A. European queen. B. mother. C. immigrant D. door 7. Describing the chariot that bears the human soul as "frugal" is an example of A. paradox. B. denotation. C. epiphany. D. realism 9.

    asked by Carrie
  3. Chemistry

    A 35ml 0.1M AgCl solution is mixed with 15ml 0.25M MgCl2 solution. Calculate the moles and molarities of the Ag+, NO3-,Mg2+, and Cl- ions in the solution mixture.

    asked by Jimmy
  4. pre calculus

    The base of an Isosceles triangle is half as long as the two equal sides. Write the area of the triangle as a function of the length of the base. the answer is: A=a^2times the square root of 15 ------------------------------ 4 How did they get this answer?

    asked by Acorn
  5. pre-calculus

    A sphere is contained inside of a cube, tangent to all six faces. Find the surface area of the cube as a function of the radius of the sphere. The answer in the back of the book read:A=24r^2...How did they get this answer? Thanks for helping!

    asked by Acorn
  6. chemistry (buffers)

    How can weak acid nitrous acid HNO2 form a buffer solution with equal concentrations and volumes with weak base NH3? I thought that buffer solutions only occured between weak acids and strong bases or vice versa. The example above as two weak soltuions.

    asked by mike
  7. math

    what is the power function end behavior model of f(x)= 3x^2-2x+1 and how do you find it?

    asked by anonymous
  8. ap chem

    All the electrons of this element are spin-paired. Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen Flourine Neon

    asked by Liz
  9. math

    A varies BC, when b=4,and c=9,a=6 a.find the formulea connecting A,B and C. b.find A whenn B=3 and C=10 c.find C, if A=20 and B=15

    asked by sandra
  10. Chemistry

    The amount of oxalic acid in a sample was determined by the reaction: 2Fe3+ + H2C2O4 + 2H2O----> 2Fe2+ + 2CO2 + 2H3O+. In an analysis, 10.62g of sample required 36.44 ml of 0.013 M Fe3+. Calculate the %w of oxalic acid in the sample.

    asked by Jimmy
  11. Pre-Calculus-check answers

    Express 5-2i in polar form. Express your answer in radians to the nearest hundreth. r=sqrt5^2+-2i^2 which equals sqrt21.Arctan of -2/5+pi equals -18.7 Polar form=sqrt21 cis -18.7 Is this correct??

    asked by Lucy
  12. math

    amy is paid time and a half for hours worked in excess of 40 hours and double time for hours worked on sunday. If her weekly wage was $342 for working 50 hours, 4 of which were on sunday, what is her regular hourly rate?

    asked by lily
  13. calculus

    (f o g)(3x^2)

    asked by rudy
  14. Engineering

    A receiver requires 10 mW as input power. If all the system losses add up to 50 db, then how much power is required from all the source ?

    asked by Rita
  15. math

    what would be the equation for this math problem so i can figure it out In a basketball game, the Squirrels scored a total of 103 points and made 3 times as many field goals ( 2 points each) as free throws (1 point each). They also made eleven three point

    asked by shaniqua
  16. Pre-Calculus

    Write the standard form of the equation of the circle that passes through the points at (4,5), (-2,3), (-4,-3). I have gotten to the point of the system of equations but do not know know how to proceed. I have: 4D + 5E + F + 41 =0 -2D + 3E + F + 13 =0 -4D

    asked by Lucy
  17. Engineering

    Two 1 km fibers are spliced together. Each fiber has a 5 db loss and the splice adds the 1 db of loss. If the power entering is 2mW, then how much power is delivered to the end of this combined transmission line ?

    asked by Rita
  18. Algebra 2

    prove that a negative number divided by a positive number is negative

    asked by I NEED HELP
  19. math

    what is the power function end behavior model of f(x)= 3x^2-2x+1 and how do you find it?

    asked by Help please
  20. chemistry

    a test liquid has a density of 1.1g/mL. when you pour some of it into a cup of water, what will happen?

    asked by tom
  21. 5th grade

    I am working with sports analogy. I have 3 problems that I simply cannot fiqure out...Help> 1. Swimming is to butterfly as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is to dressage. 2. In skiing, alpine is to slalom as ______is to cross-country. 3. A mountain is to a ski jumper

    asked by Jennifer
  22. Math 2020 logic and geo.

    What is the 96th digit in the decimal representation of 1/7? thank u....

    asked by Deb
  23. algebra

    The vertices's of triangle ABC are A(-1,2), b(0,3), and c(3,1). Determine the vertices A', B', and C' of the image of triangle ABC after a reflection across the x-axis.

    asked by kareem
  24. Science

    ON a walk through the woods with a friend,you find a plant neither of you has seen before.The plant is Herbaceous and has yellow flowers.Your friend say it is a Vascular plant.How does your friend know this?

    asked by Lika
  25. Algebra

    i forgot how to solve these types of problems.. 2x^2-18x=0, x^2=6x+7, 6y^2+5y-6=0 Also SOLVE FOR X CORRECT TO 4 DECIMAL PLACES: x^2+6x+2=0 2x+4=3x^2

    asked by Jenny
  26. Physics - Projectile Motion

    This is going to be hard to explain, but I did an experiment on projectile motion and we had to lauch a marble from 0 degrees to 90 degrees in a 5 degree interval using a projectile launcher with the same velocity each time. We had to investigate the angle

    asked by TK
  27. language

    in the story the old man and the sea discuss religious symbolism . to what effect does hemmingway employ such images? i NEED THREE supporting facts . Thanks

    asked by Geno
  28. Algebra

    Triangles C and D are similar. The area of triangle C is 47.6 in(2). The base of Trianfle D is 6.72 in. Each Dimension of D is 6/5 the corresponding dimension of C. What is the Height of D?

    asked by Lauren
  29. science

    Does anyone know a good website to find a picture of a complete skeleton with the names of the boneS? It would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Kay
  30. algebra

    Find the distance between (-3,-2)and (1,7).Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by kareem
  31. 2nd grade

    What are the 5 parts of a letter? Date Greeting Body or topic ?????

    asked by sumar
  32. Math

    i forgot how to solve problems like this... 2x^2-18x=0, x^2=6x+7, 6y^2+5y-6=0 also I need help on this one SOLVE FOR X CORRECT TO 4 DECIMAL PLACES x^2+6x+2=0 2x+4=3x^2

    asked by Jenny
  33. COM 220

    What are rhetorial devices and argumentation, in the Charles Kane speech

    asked by Aulease
  34. social studies

    whats the difference between indentured and enslaved labor?

    asked by lydia
  35. computer mother boards

    What is the best mother board for less than 150 us dollars? preferably one with nvidia-sli.

    asked by chris
  36. Algebra, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    I am so lost, can anyone help me? I don't even understand what the teacher wants out of me with this problem. Suppose that a market research company finds that at a price of p = $20, they would sell x = 42 tiles each month. If they lower the price to p =

    asked by Laura
  37. math

    How much does it cost to send a 1 lb package to Italy?

    asked by Haley
  38. Pre-Calculus

    Help------I'm confused. I am trying to convert the linear equation 4x+3y-10=0 to polar form. Thus far, I have 2= r cos(theta -?????). I understand that I must get the arctan of 3/4 but I get the answer of 36.9. Is this correct and if not--what am I doing

    asked by Lucy
  39. science

    what is the density of acylic and what is the scientific abbreviation?

    asked by zohra
  40. Grammar

    4a. John has become a rather good actor. 4b. John has became a rather good actor.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. English

    How do you remeber the parts of speech!!

    asked by Ashley
  42. algebra

    As of the year 2000, the highest wind speed recorded on top of Mount Washington was 231 mi/h which is about 298% of the highest wind speed recorded in Chicago. What was the highest wind speed recorded in Chicago as of the year 2000?

    asked by kareem
  43. algebra

    The formula k=0.5mv^2 relates the kinetic energy of a body to its mass m and speed v. Solve the formula for m.

    asked by kareem
  44. algebra

    Graph 2x+4y

    asked by kareem
  45. Science

    What is an example of protists? Thank You

    asked by Esther

    (Tell whether each expression would give you the area or the perimeter of the rectangle) 1.)XY 4) y + 2x +y

    asked by XOBRITnEYXO
  47. history

    i need to think of a thesis statement to prove aboutamerican history i am thinking about going toward something about talking about george washington any suggestions? or if you have any other really good topics that i could prove please post! thanks

    asked by calilh
  48. math

    Solve for w: P=2L+2W

    asked by Erin
  49. Math

    What are the like terms in this expression. 3ac + ab - ac + 2ab? Explain please?

    asked by Maddy
  50. chemistry

    What is the difference between Keq and the term of [prod]pr / [react]pr?

    asked by chemistry
  51. English

    I have to write a one-page essay for my English class. Could you correct my essay and give a feedback? Thank you. Why is Dali so popular? – 1 page Salvador Dali quickly succeeded as an artist while he was alive, unlike other painters. His surrealistic

    asked by Lizzy
  52. biology

    Why does cell need enzymes?

    asked by Jeff
  53. 11th grade u.s. history

    Describe the Puritians. What were their beliefs? Why did they leave England? What did they accomplish in the new world? ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED.

    asked by chris
  54. Science

    What does copper react with when heated and what is formed as a result? (When you put copper underneath a fire, would the copper be reacting with oxygen or carbon dioxide?)

    asked by Jerry
  55. biology

    I need to come up with a really good hypotheses for Why do certain animals eat more at certain temperatures than others or than they do at other temperatures? I just don't know what a good hypotheses is but here are some examples of bad ones: An organism's

    asked by anonymous
  56. english

    `in thw story the old man and the sea what is the role of the sea in the novella . I need three supporting facts and i need examples

    asked by Geno
  57. Algebra

    What exactly is a variable expression? Please and thank you.

    asked by Eve
  58. Driving

    I'm 15 years old and I'm wondering if I can get one of those books to begin studying for the driving test already in the state of New York? Also, where can I get one? Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. MAth

    Describe the values for x that may not be appropriate values even when they are defined of your classmates’ function.A function could, for example, indicate the amount of bone strength (y) in a living human body over time in years (x). It would not make

    asked by dawn
  60. algebra

    Factor 2x^2-5x-12

    asked by kareem
  61. music

    Compare and contrast European Western music to music of other cultures?.What elements are similar?.What elements are different?.

    asked by luly
  62. Math 2020 logic geo #2..

    thanks for the help with the first problem this is the last problem I have a question on... A superball rebounds half the height it drops. The ball is dropped from a height of 176 feet. How far off the ground is the ball when it has traveled a total of 500

    asked by Deb
  63. Science

    What is an example of aerobic organisms? Thank You

    asked by Samantha
  64. Science

    What is an example of bacteria?

    asked by Emily
  65. Health

    Does anyone know a good website that gives your muscle groups like for your arms and legs? I can only find ones that give your entire body. I forgot my paper and have a test tomorrow. Thanks

    asked by Mike
  66. general chem

    Please help me with this questions. Three hypotheses regarding the interaction of the oil, sugar and salt with water. What experiment(s) will you do to test hypotheses?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. music

    In what ways can we foster an interest and acceptance of music from other cultures?

    asked by luly
  68. voc.

    i need the word asunder use in a sentence!

    asked by john
  69. Criminal Procedures

    Locate a state that has a variance in their procedures for the same crime. · Post a 175- to 350-word response describing the similarities and differences between the procedures of the same crime within the two states.

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Calculus

    I need help finding the vertical asymptote of f(x)= 1-x -------- 2x^2-5x-3

    asked by Marie
  71. Algebra 2

    to go from a/c divide (-b)/c to this a/c - b/c I don't know what axiom it is or how I go from that to that

    asked by I NEED HELP
  72. Thank You Ms.Sue

    Thank you Ms.Sue thanks to you i won't fail this assignment.

    asked by chris
  73. computer mother boards

    What is the best mother board for less than 150 us dollars? preferably a nvidia-sli ready mother board

    asked by chris
  74. computers

    What is the best mother board for less than 150 us dollars? preferably a nvidia-sli ready mother board

    asked by chris
  75. AP english/comp

    in obama's speech at the democratic convention when he compared himself to other democrates like kennedy and rosevelt was he using ethos? or can you help me find examples or ethos in his speech?

    asked by amy
  76. economics

    what is supply and demand?

    asked by confused
  77. Micoreconomics

    As a general rule, profit-maximizing producers in a competitive maket produce output at a point where: A) Marginal cost is increasing B) Marginal cost is decreasing C) marginal revenue is increasing D) Price is less then marginal revenue I picked C? The

    asked by G
  78. IT 220

    how do I go about creating a diagram (using Microsoft Word insert Diagram function or a similar method) inllustrating how your computer connects to the internet and to other components

    asked by Sam
  79. MATH

    Suppose that g(X)=f(cx). Show from the definition that g'(x)=cf'(cx)

    asked by Dave
  80. social studies

    how did the ideas of the enlightenment sparke the revolution in america and europe?

    asked by bob
  81. math

    Icannot find the quuestions I have posted!!!

    asked by Acorn
  82. 6th grade

    began as water and minerals,but now i’m solid. i grow upwards,but never see the sky. what is it

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Math

    (Tell whether each expression would give you the area or the perimeter of the rectangle) 3) xy 4) y + 2x +y

    asked by NiNa
  84. Driving

    This is a continuation of my previous question. I just wanted to verify whether I can get a booklet, since I am 15? Or can't I get one until 16? Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  85. western civ mapping?

    i have to mark on a map of ancient greece, where thera and thrace are can anyone help me or give me a site that would have good maps? thanks so much

    asked by Christina
  86. Algebra

    subtract these two rational expressions (2x+3)/(x-1) - (x-1)/(x+1)

    asked by Dawn
  87. algebra

    How many ways can you roll two standard number cubes and get a sum of 9?

    asked by kareem
  88. AP biology

    The Irish survived for generations by eating potatoes as their main food staple. What is the main biomolecule in potatoes that allowed them to do that and what is it's primary function for the potato plant?

    asked by Corrine