Questions Asked on
August 31, 2008

  1. Physics

    Two students walk in the same direction along a straight path, at a constant speed - one at .90 m/s and the other at 1.90 m/s. a.) assuming that they start at the same point ant the same time, how much sooner does the faster arrive at a destination 780 m

    asked by Margie
  2. Math

    Convert 8.66 x 10^-9 m to millimeters using scientific notation.

    asked by June
  3. Pre-Calculus-check answers

    If cos theta = 0.8 and 270

    asked by Lucy
  4. physics im stuck

    A small plastic ball of mass 6.10 10^-3 kg and charge +0.150 µC? A small plastic ball of mass 6.10 10^-3 kg and charge +0.150 µC is suspended from an insulating thread and hangs between the plates of a capacitor. The ball is in equilibrium, with the

    asked by physdummy
  5. Pre-Calculus-check answers

    A farm supply store carries 50-lb bags of both grain pellets and grain mash for pig feed. It can store 600 bags of pig feed. At least twice as many of its customers prefer the mash to the pellets. The store buys the pellets for $3.75 per bag and sells them

    asked by Lucy
  6. physics im stuck

    Two identical small insulating balls are suspended by separate 0.27 m threads that are attached to a common point on the ceiling. Each ball has a mass of 6.20 10-4 kg. Initially the balls are uncharged and hang straight down. They are then given identical

    asked by physdummy
  7. algebra

    true or false 1. fraction cant be written as decimal. 2. natural numbers are referred to as counting numbers.whole numbers consists of counting numbers.whole numbers consist of counting numbers as well as the number 0 3. intergers do not include negative

    asked by samanthast

    Need to prepare the bank reconciliation for Multi-Plex Health care at May31 and Record the entries called for by the reconciliation. The May 31 bank statement of Multi-Plex Health care has just arrived from first state bank.To prepare the bank

    asked by Anonymous
  9. science

    the sun sets, fully disappearing over the horizon as you lie on the beach, your eyes 10 cm above the sand. you immediately jump up, your eyes now 130 cm above the sand, and you can again see the top of the sun. If you count the number of seconds (=t) until

    asked by john
  10. Pre-Calculus check answers

    Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities where you are asked to find the maximum value of f(x,y)=x+y. Answer: an optimal solution 2)Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities: Answer: an

    asked by Lucy
  11. Pre-Calculus

    The paddle wheel of a boat measures 16 feet in diameter and is revolving at a rate of 20 rpm. The maximum depth of the paddle wheel under water is 1 foot. Suppose a point is located at the lowest point of the wheel at t=0. 1) Write a cosine function with

    asked by Lucy
  12. Algebra

    Hello. It's the beginning of the school year, and I've quite forgotten what I learned in Pre-Algebra...The question in the text book is this : Simplify each pair of expressions. 1. 36 - 8 ÷ 2 (36 - 8) ÷ 2 There are several problems like the one above.

    asked by Eve
  13. Economics

    Describe two factors that affect labor supply and two factors that affect labor demand. Using economic principles, describe how changes in the labor market have affected you or someone you know.

    asked by Will
  14. algebra

    Multiply and simplify (9square root 6 - 4 square root 10) (square root 6 - 7 square root 10) I have been stumped and working on all day. Any suggestions?

    asked by nicky
  15. Pre-Calculus

    How do you find the polynomial funtion that best models data givn in a table for x and f(x). The only example in my testbook shows how to do it on a calculator but I cannot find any instructions with my calculator to tell me how to do it. The data for

    asked by Lucy
  16. Pre-Calculus

    Approximate the greatest real zero of the function g(x)= x^3-3x+1 to the nearest tenth. I know that there is a zero between -2 and -1, and another between 0 and 1 but do not know how to find it to the nearest tenth. The only example shown in my book uses a

    asked by Lucy
  17. social studies

    Humans in North America up to 1492,groups living in the same regions of North America developed similar ____________________?

    asked by lisa
  18. Physics

    An ant is observed to travel 12.6 meters in 4.6 minutes. Find the average velocity of the ant in m/s and the instantaneous velocity of the ant at the 8 meter point. So i found the average to be 2.7 m/s. Is that right? and how do you find the instantaneous

    asked by Gray
  19. social studies

    the usa is made up of how many geographical regions?

    asked by kaitlin
  20. Pre-Calculus-check answers

    Find the number of possible negative real zeros for f(x)=6+x^4+2x^2-5x^3-12. Answer: 0 2) Approximate the real zeros of f(x)=2x^4-3x^2-2 to the nearest tenth. Answer: no real roots

    asked by Lucy
  21. Economics

    The required reserve ratio equals required reserves divided by what??

    asked by Brandy
  22. no subject

    5 reasons to increase alertness on the road

    asked by melissa
  23. College Admissions: USC

    Does anyone know the latest time to take the SAT score so that I can send in a USC app by its Dec. 1 deadline? Thanks.

    asked by Joe
  24. chemistry

    State three examples each of acids, bases, and salts commonly used in therapeutic processes.

    asked by Laly
  25. critical thinking

    Describe a time when your moral values influenced the way you responded to an issue. What differences did you notice between your logical reasoning process and your moral reasoning process? What were the possible consequences or outcomes of your decision?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Calculus

    Find (fg)'(1) if f(1)=1, g(1)=2,f'(1)=3, g'(1)=-3

    asked by Dave
  27. chemistry

    State three examples each of acids, bases, and salts commonly used in therapeutic processes.

    asked by Laly
  28. science

    if a planet has four times the density of earth half the diameter will the gravity be stronger or weaker than earth

    asked by ann
  29. mat115

    you are making posters 2ft by 4ft. how many square feet of material will you need for eight posters

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics

    What is the shortes possible time in which a bacterium could travel a distance of 8.4 cm across a Petri dish at a constant speed of 3.5mm/s?

    asked by Margie
  31. Research Writing

    Having a hard time of doing this. 500 words Identify examples of bias, fallacies, rhetorical devices in the speech of Citizen Kane. Speech is very short. Should I think outside the box for these questions. Did the speaker address arguments and

    asked by Doris
  32. art

    i take specialty art and i need to know this one thing for this report:how do u define beauty?

    asked by makayla
  33. statistics

    assuming there are 365 days in a year, how many ways can 3 person have the same birthday.

    asked by k15
  34. biology

    how will you find out about the animals that live in the pond?

    asked by mira
  35. Economics

    Since the September 11th attack there has been an increase in the demand for security personnel—police, air marshals, airport security, etc. How do you think the higher demand has affected the equilibrium wage? In which direction do you think the labor

    asked by Will
  36. Science

    How many ways can volume be measured?

    asked by Sarah
  37. social studies

    the applacian mountains run from what to maine

    asked by kaitlin
  38. algebra

    square root 5/square root 8 x square root 6/15 simplify

    asked by nicky
  39. Math

    Use the following clues to find a set of 5 numbers. The mean=8. The median=6. The range=10. What are some of the sets of numbers that would work? Thank you.

    asked by Happyface
  40. percentage

    If I put $5,000 in a CD for a miniumum of 3 years, the bank will offer 3.25% interest. How much interest will I earn after 6 years?

    asked by Valerie
  41. social studies

    what is the area stretching from new mexico to washington?

    asked by kaitlin
  42. spanish

    Fue una "bombada". (loss) Makes sense. It was a new word for me.

    asked by jules
  43. social studies

    the name for topographical landforms that include mountains,hills, plateaus,etc is called?

    asked by kaitlin
  44. Math

    (2x^2)^3/2 / 2^1/2x^4 can someone tell me how to simplify this? thanks much!

    asked by Nikki
  45. MATH


    asked by JEN
  46. Critical thinking

    In your environment, what everyday items are treated aesthetically? For instance, a roll of plain white toilet paper is simply functional, but one decorated with floral patterns is more aesthetic. Consider your impressions of a hotel when the toilet paper

    asked by Lizzy
  47. ecology

    What are some examples of advantages of flooding? I have the example of the floods carrying extra nutrients into the soil; therefore making it fertile, and it leaves behind a rich silt for further crops to grow. What else is there? Thanks

    asked by S2
  48. math

    i need help with a problem a, b, c >0, abc=1 show that (a+b)/[2(a^7+b^7+c)]+ (b+c)/[2(b^7+c^7+a])+ (c+a)/[2(c^7+a^7+b)]

    asked by ELENA ROMINA
  49. Math

    Find the decimal and fraction 1 ounce provides 9% of the mda of fat

    asked by Wendy Vierling
  50. social studies

    people visit america to see its what?

    asked by kaitlin
  51. critical thinking

    Resource: “Terri Schiavo’s Parents” news clip · Due Date: Day 4 [Main forum] · View the CNN Pipeline news clip located on aXcess for Week Eight. · Post your response to the following: State your stance on the Terri Schiavo case, and identify the

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Help

    Write 20 3/8% as a decimal.

    asked by Anonymous