Questions Asked on
August 28, 2008

  1. Chemistry/hydrolysis of ATP

    Cells use the hydrolysis of ATP as a source of energy. The conversion of ATP to ADP has a standard free energy change of -30.5 kJ/mol. If all the free energy from the metabolism of glucose. C6H12O6(s)+6O2(g)¨6CO2(g)+6H2O(l) goes into the conversion of

    asked by Mary
  2. Chemistry

    When 2.50 mol of Mg3N2 are allowed to react according to the following equation, how many moles of H2O also react? Mg3N2 + 6H2O ---> 3Mg(OH)2 + 2NH3

    asked by Soojung
  3. 8th grade

    what is the difference between a birthday cake and a buffalo

    asked by hubbabubba
  4. Math

    The weather during Smedley's vacation was strange -- It was cloudy on 13 different days but it was never cloudy for an entire day -- Cloudy mornings were followed by clear afternoons -- Cloudy afternoons were proceded by clear mornings ---There were 11

    asked by Jane
  5. science

    A mixture of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas are ignited and the following reaction occurs: Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water + Energy. Is this an Endothermic or Exothermic reaction and why?

    asked by Nathan
  6. Math algebra

    the scale on aroad map indicates that 1/4 inch equals 20 miles. How far apart in miles are two towns that are 3 1/2 inches away on the map.

    asked by Rose
  7. science

    a substance that keeps its shape because its particles can't flow freely is a(n).........

    asked by aaron
  8. Calculus

    A particle's position on the x-axis is given by the function x= t^2+6.00t+ 3.00 , where t is in s. Where is the particle when v(x)= 5.00m/s ?

    asked by Tizeta
  9. Math

    Describe a pattern in the sequence of numbers. Predict the next number. 256,16,4,2,...

    asked by Jennifer
  10. English - beowulf

    The relationship between the narrator andthe story, and between the narrator and the audience, in Beowulf?

    asked by Margie
  11. math

    from a group of women and 4 men, determine in how many ways a committee of people can be selected with no restrictions? b. 4 women c. 3 women and 1 men d. 2 women 2 man e. 4 men

    asked by joyce
  12. high school algebra

    The weather during Smedley's vacation was strange -- It was cloudy on 13 different days but it was never cloudy for an entire day -- Cloudy mornings were followed by clear afternoons -- Cloudy afternoons were proceded by clear mornings ---There were 11

    asked by Jane
  13. 8th grade

    Jamie was throwing darts at targets. When his dart landed in the center of the target(the bull eye)and he earned 7 points. However, when his dart landed on the outside ring he earned 2 points. After 50 throws his friend reported his score to be 160 points.

    asked by Felicia
  14. Math

    The weather during Smedley's vacation was strange -- It was cloudy on 13 different days but it was never cloudy for an entire day -- Cloudy mornings were followed by clear afternoons -- Cloudy afternoons were proceded by clear mornings ---There were 11

    asked by n/a
  15. 12th grade

    determine the number of ways arranging the letters in the word handle if there are no restrictions?

    asked by Linda
  16. math

    in how many ways cn 4 people be seated around a circular table with 4 identical chairs? in how many ways can 5 people be seated around a circular table if 1 of the chairs is an armchair?

    asked by Linda
  17. math

    an octagon has 8 sides. how many diagonal does an octagon have

    asked by sophie

    FAX machine purchased for 464.40 including tax. Tax rate is 8%. What is original price? Is the answer 427.25? Text book purchased for 158.60 including tax. Tax rate is 9% What is the original price? Is the answer 412.98?

    asked by HANNAH
  19. literature

    WHAT IS A WONDER QUESTION? my english teacher assigned me a summer assignment and one of the question says: 2. Writing raises questions. Write a wonder question the book raises for you. Wonder questions ask about the significance of something you observe;

    asked by josh
  20. high school

    The weather during Smedley's vacation was strange -- It was cloudy on 13 different days but it was never cloudy for an entire day -- Cloudy mornings were followed by clear afternoons -- Cloudy afternoons were proceded by clear mornings ---There were 11

    asked by anonymous
  21. Chemistry

    A block of metal has a width of 3.2 , a length of 17.1 , and height of 5.8 WHAT is the VOLUME OF THE BLOCK?

    asked by Beth
  22. entrepreneurship

    You just received an email from your high school friend, Bill Hudson. You went to college, and then business school, while Bill stayed in your home town. Despite the differences in your paths, you are still very good friends. Bill is considering a

    asked by dora
  23. math grade 12

    solve for n if P(n,3)=2c(n,2), n{N

    asked by joyce
  24. Chemistry

    I'm going to buy a Bunsen burner to be used with a propane tank. Is it very important to get a propane burner or does the natural gas one do the same thing? Any advice on what type of burner to get? I'll be working on distilling alcohol and steam

    asked by Sheryl
  25. Chemistry

    The volume of a gas with a pressure of 1.2 atm increases from 1.0 L to 4.0 L. What is the final pressure of the gas, assuming constant temperature?

    asked by Soojung
  26. math

    Given 3x-2y=6, how do i find the area of triangle OPQ? I know I have to graph the equation first but I don't even know how to find the points?

    asked by ali
  27. business

    main formatting different between a memo an a academic paper

    asked by Anonymous
  28. SAT Essay

    The only way for a woman, as for a man, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own in a job that she can take seriously as party of a life plan, work in which she can grow as part of society. There is no other way. -Adapted from Betty

    asked by Sahil
  29. Advanced Math

    5(sqrt3-5i) in polar form. my book has a lot of typos and misprints and this could be one. Is the answer 10(cos(5pi/3)+isin(5pi/3)) ps. bobpursley you're coming off as a little mean and its really not necessary. I tried to do what you said yesterday but I

    asked by Jon
  30. cultural diversity

    can you please tell me if I am right for the following (the answer will be in parenthese): 1. This group is the same as a subordinate group. A defining feature of this group is that its members have less control or power over their lives than do members of

    asked by scooby91320002
  31. 1st lesson of the year...

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for "getting to know you" games for the first day of classes that I can utilize. Also any relevant sites would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. vocab

    whats wrong with this sentence Poisonous snakes' eyes are elliptical

    asked by Anonymous
  33. high school

    Why is it dangerous to light one bunson burner using a second bunson burner?

    asked by Karen
  34. math

    how many arrangements can be formed from all the letters in the word parallel?

    asked by sophie
  35. math

    a pharmacist uses 5 separate weights: 1g, 2g,4g,8g and 16g. If the pharmacist can combine these weights to create a new weight, how many different weights are possible?

    asked by larry
  36. International Business

    How does one go about selecting a country because i'm clueless when it come to anything about business/political international in order to answer these question I was thinking Africa but not sure if that's a good country? Select a company and country that

    asked by drake
  37. math

    could you explain what is being done in this example. y=-0.37cos pi/2t+0.45 y=0.37cos[pi/2(5.5)]+0.45 y=0.711629509

    asked by Anonymous
  38. gtrehgr

    The first estimate of the age of our planet was that of

    asked by te
  39. Math

    Determine the color, driver and mpg of each car by the information: 5 different drivers -- Cox, Durham,Gosling, Heynek and Wollinsky. Car colors-- blue, green, red, white and yellow. different mpg-- 32, 31, 30, 29 and 28 1. Durham got morempg than the

    asked by Mary
  40. A&P

    Why is chemistry such an important part of the study of Anatomy and Physiology?

    asked by jamie
  41. management

    What is quality, and how does it differ from value?

    asked by China
  42. adult education

    I am having a difficult time accessing information for a paper I need to reasearch on The American Medical Website. The topic is ethical opinions on computer confidentiality. They give you a hint that the articles should start with an E, but I have

    asked by Kim
  43. math

    What is a convex polygon and a nonconvex polygon?

    asked by Nick
  44. AP Bio

    What are the problems, environmental effects of the problem, and solutions for biological magnification? I've been looking at so many websites and none seem to help!!

    asked by Alyssa
  45. geometry

    find the circumference of each circle. use 3.14 for

    asked by samantha
  46. social studies

    What continents lie entirely in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere?

    asked by gus
  47. Math

    Not really understanding solving the formual for the indicated variable. Solve for b2 h/2(b1+b2)

    asked by Adrianna
  48. math

    cecile tosses 5 coins one after another a. how many different outcomes are possible b. draw a tree to illustrate the different possibilities c. in how many ways will the first coin turn up heads and the last coin turn up tails d. in how many ways will the

    asked by steven james
  49. math

    solve for n where it is p(n,5)=42xP(n-3)

    asked by sophie
  50. american history

    How did the colonial view of the nature of the British Empire differ from the view by George III and his supporters?

    asked by cesar
  51. English - beowulf

    so Beowulf is an epic poem but what sorts of conflicts with or resistances to the idealogy of epic can be expressed. What are some examples in the poem?

    asked by Margie
  52. math

    find two pairs of numbers with the given number as their least common multiple the numbers are 10 36 60 105

    asked by jayvon
  53. Science

    How are centimeter & millimeter alike?

    asked by Tyler
  54. HCA210

    How do health care facilities use electronic (or computerized ) medical records(EMR)? Pleas tell me if this is right They use EMR medical records for patient safety , such as physician orders,exam and test reports are a legal document.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. ocenography

    i have to search for a recent ocenaographic event to write a book report on has to be on the internet what is agood website or where should i go so i can read about it.....

    asked by student
  56. tech

    what is the difference between technology and information technology

    asked by zgord
  57. 9th grade technology discovery

    i'm doing a career report and i need a good website to get info on nuclear power workers. ex: outlook , description , ect

    asked by anthony
  58. 9th grade technology discovery

    i'm doing a career report and i need a good website to get info on nuclear power workers. ex: outlook , description , ect

    asked by anthony
  59. Informantion Tech

    Which of the Windows server 2003 events logs contains information about the events generated by components such as services and devices?

    asked by Yvonne
  60. management

    What can companies do to control the customer perspective?

    asked by China
  61. Math

    What is 2 percent of 138,451.70? and Write in numbers: 36 millions plus 900? Thank you so much, Rosedala

    asked by Rosedala
  62. math

    is aslgebra 1 hard?

    asked by SPANNISHH
  63. math

    is aslgebra 1 hard?

    asked by SPANNISHH
  64. Pre Calc

    solve the quation. t/3+t/5=1.

    asked by Maggie
  65. ?

    how woud i convert m/s^2 to m/s???

    asked by Anonymous
  66. science

    what is the major types of microscopes used to day and wh inventes them??

    asked by Joey
  67. spelling

    how do you spell biulding?

    asked by miranda
  68. Microeconomics

    You have this chart of combinations of clothing and food. You have to find the marginal opportunity cost and the total cost of producing the second unit of clothing. And then same for the third unit of clothing. Clothing: 4 3 2 1 0 Food: o 7 13 18 22

    asked by Tasha
  69. Physics

    1. What constant acceleration, in SI units, must a car have to go from zero to 69.0 mph in 13.0s ? 2. What fraction of g is this? (the unit for this answer is % of g)

    asked by Jack
  70. Language

    What's the difference between a subject and a subject phrase? Can you give us an example.

    asked by Matt
  71. math

    Find the variable of the value and ST if S is between R and T. Rs=12,St=2x,Rt=34

    asked by laci
  72. physicis

    if the motion of something was 120 m/s2 would it be the same value if in m/s?

    asked by tom
  73. math

    how do i solve this? x +(12/x)=12 and (5/x+4)=4+(3/x-2)

    asked by Arnold
  74. French 3

    How do you say: It was the neighbor. He asked for Armelle to turn down the volume. This is what I have: C'est le voisin. Il a demande Armell de baisser le volume.

    asked by laurel
  75. science

    i need help to unscramble some words for my science homework pls help me

    asked by ignacio
  76. math

    solve for n where n ____________ = 930 (n-2)

    asked by steve
  77. Math

    What do the numbers ten eighty and 90 have in common that's unique?

    asked by Claire
  78. math

    in how many ways can a committe of 3 be chosen from an organization with 12 memebers?

    asked by larry
  79. American History

    What was the "political outlook" that gained a following in America and ultimately served to justify revolt?

    asked by cesar
  80. American History

    Why was the Tea Act seen by many Americans as a threat to themselves and their institutions?

    asked by cesar
  81. Math

    Annie has quarters and dimes in her bank. There are 8 less than 4 times as many dimes as quarters. There is $6.35 in her bank. How many dimes are in her bank?

    asked by Corey
  82. Math

    Please give me an example of "number sense" What number is 10,000 less than 337,676?

    asked by Cam
  83. science

    Scientists performed an experiment to determine whether there is a connection between learning ability and food. They took two groups of 20 mice each, all from the same purebred strain. The mice were deprived of food for 3 days and then given a standard

    asked by Anonymous
  84. chemistry

    What is the oxidation number of carbon, and how do you derive this number?

    asked by hunter
  85. Science

    How are meter & Liter alike?

    asked by Tyler
  86. Math algebra

    One number is 10 more than the other number. Twice the smaller number is 13 more than the larger number. What are the numbers?

    asked by Vicky
  87. social studies

    what is the national democratic convention?

    asked by adrianna