Questions Asked on
August 24, 2008

  1. physics

    An elevator without a ceiling is ascending with a constant speed of 10m/s. A boy on the elevator shoots a ball directly upward, from a height of 2.0m above the elevator floor, just as the elevator floor is 28m above the ground. The initial speed of the

    asked by alk
  2. u.s. history

    imagine you are living in the united states in the 1890's. write a letter to the president persuading him to support or oppose an imperialismt policy for the united states. be sure to use standard grammar, spelling, sentences structure, and punctuation.

    asked by eric
  3. math

    To qualify for the race, each driver must complete 2 laps of the track at an average speed of 100 mi/h. Benjamin averages only 75 mi/h on his first lap. How fast must he go on his second lap to qulify for the race?

    asked by monica
  4. Art

    Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "Gates", in New York's Central Park was a temporary installation, being up, and on view for only a few weeks. There is another temporary work installed in New York now. This one will be on view for a few Months. Can anybody find

    asked by Williams
  5. environmental science

    I need to write a 1,750 to 2,100 word paper that formulates a mitigation plan for marine pollution

    asked by Anonymous
  6. English

    One person went to the dentist's. The dentist pulled out a tooth, so the patient screamed. Because of that two other patients left the dentist's. The patient got the bill. The bill was so high. He called the dentist and said 'It is too expensive.'.......

    asked by John
  7. calculus

    Find the length of the arc formed by y = (1/8)(4x^2-2ln(x)) from x=4 to x=8. I found the derivative of the function and got y'= x-(1/4x) Where I'm lost now is after plugging it into the arc length equation: integral of sqrt(1+(x-(1/4x))^2). Squaring the

    asked by Arc Length
  8. 12th grade government/economics

    what are two ways that amendments to the constitution can be ratified?

    asked by Cristina
  9. SAT Essay

    Question: Is censorship sometimes justified? At the start of every TV show here in the United States, a giant box displaying a couple of letters in bold print who up on the upper left hand corner of the screen. This serves as a warning to wary parents of

    asked by Sahil
  10. Algebra II

    Find the solution if possible. If there is not enough information to solve the problem or if it has no solution, say so. If extra information is given, identify it. 14. A collection of 30 coins worth $5.50 consists of nickels, dimes, and quarters. There

    asked by Emily
  11. com 150

    what are subject-verb agreement, regular and irregular verbs, identifying antecedents, pronoun antecedent agreement, pronoun case, pronoun case for who and whom, vague pronouns. Just need one examlpe for each.

    asked by Aulease
  12. english

    1. What does the Odyssey give greater weight? Cite folklore motifs to support your answer. 2. What does the meeting of the assembly at Ithaca illustrate? What political organization is featured? 3. Why does not Telemachus become king of Ithaca? Why does

    asked by Odyssey
  13. maths reciprocal

    I'm finding difficulty in answering this question. Any help would be appreciated. For the equation, y1= x^-5x+6 and its reciprocal: Discuss what is the consequences for y1 to 1/y1 as x --> +- infinity? Thanks in advance.

    asked by TK
  14. Communications

    What is the transactional nature of communication?

    asked by Danielle
  15. american government

    each state sends a different number of representatives to the house of representatives,depending on the population of the state? true or false, i think it's true

    asked by S
  16. economics

    an entrepreneur could go to investors or a bank to get the capital for a new business? true or false , true right

    asked by S
  17. Adv. Math

    Find the area between each curve and the x-axis for the given interval. 1)y = x^4 + 5 from x = 0 and x = 5 2)y = 3x^2 + 5x - 1 from x = 1 to x = 4 3)y = 4x - x^3 from x = 0 to x = 2

    asked by Anonymous
  18. honors geometry

    the locations of the participating towns on the map are Curtis(0,0), Clearfield(10,2,), Buster(5,7), Angel City(1,4) which of the following planned routes is nearest to the 26.3 mile requirement? a> curtis to clearfield to angel city to curtis b>curtis ti

    asked by rachel
  19. electronics

    which of the following statements is a true statement concerning the T-N theorem? #1-the T-N theorem can be applied only to d-c circuit analysis. #2-the T-n theorem can be applied only to a-c circuit analysis #3-the T-N theorem can be applied to circuits

    asked by dale mckinney
  20. Statistics

    Need major help on this one. Sooo confused... Binomial distribution to solve the problems. There is a 60 percent probability that a store will sell one of Red bags to any customer who comes into the shop and views the bags. Out of the next 7 people who

    asked by Student
  21. Statistic

    Under 20 21-30 31-40 Male 12 12 17 Female 13 16 21 If two people are selected at random, what is the probability they are both female?

    asked by Angela
  22. AE

    I seriously do not know what to do. My final is due tomorrow and it has to be 1700 words and I am only at 462. I am already failing the class. What happens if I fail the class, which I already know I am going to.

    asked by scooby91320002
  23. Maths - Reciprocals

    I'm having some troubles. I can't think of an example to this question. Give an exmaple of a quadratic whose reciprocal has no vertical asymptotes I think it's 1/x^2. The question says vertical asymptotes so I'm assuming they mean there will only be one.

    asked by TP
  24. math

    please help for this question y1= x^-5x+6 and its reciprocal: discuss what is the consequences for y1 to 1/y1 as x --> +- infinity?

    asked by hhm
  25. SAT Essay

    "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone."---Bill Cosby Question: Is trying to please people a way to achieve success or a rout to failure? Human natures does not allow for consensus upon all matters in life.

    asked by Sahil
  26. math


    asked by shawn
  27. chemestry

    Can you show me how to convert/solve this problem? 27 micro grams = ? grams

    asked by Lisa
  28. Geometry

    Find the value of the variable and ST if S is between R and T. RS=7a, ST=12a, RS=28 No clue what so ever how to do this.

    asked by Lacey
  29. English

    What do you think would be a good text-to-text connection to a Hitler or Hitler Youth book?

    asked by Sam
  30. physics

    how to find total displacement of a cheetah that can run 117km/h for 30.0s

    asked by rebekah
  31. 12th grade government/economics

    The Constitution specifies a three-fourths marjority for just one process. what?

    asked by Cristina
  32. 12th grade government/economics

    what are two ways that amendments to the constitution can be proposed?

    asked by Cristina
  33. Environmental Science

    What are some environmental benefits of urbanization?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. dt - year 8 food

    Please could someone help i know this question has been asked before and answered but i need to find 6 different traditional italian meals and desserts to make at school . i have found some but i am struggling still . i only have 1 hour for my lesson and i

    asked by kizi
  35. History

    Compare and contrast the development of Spanish and French colonies including their relationship with Native Americans.

    asked by Dee
  36. phil

    The difference in the outcome was Jefferson's missed field goal. If he had put it through, we'd be going to the Super Bowl.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. intermediate algebra

    21r^5-14r^4 factor completly: the numbers after the ^ are exponents

    asked by amanda
  38. math

    Solve for the unknown: 8/52=m/39

    asked by annonoumus
  39. math

    Soybean meal is 14% protein; cornmeal is 7% protein. How many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 280 lb mixture that is 9% protein? How many pound of cornmeal should be in the mixture? How many pounds of soybean meal should be in

    asked by sara
  40. AP bio

    Examples of proximate and ultimate causation

    asked by em
  41. Math

    How can you order three whole numbers with different numbers of digits without comparing the digits? Give an example. I think that I can use the same number with different place numbers like: 4, 44, 444; I don't have to compare numbers. Is this right? If

    asked by Nehemiah
  42. economics

    at any giving time,if the demand for a product is greater than the supply available,the price will be higher? true or false , true right.

    asked by S
  43. calculus

    Given f(x)=2x^3-7 find f^-1(x) and then find f^-1(-2) I though that this meant inverse function. x=2y^3-7 x+7=2y^3 (x+7)/2=y^3 ((x+7)/2)^(1/3)=y so this meant f^-1(-2) = 1.35721 The professor posted the answer as being 6. I'm not sure if I misunderstood

    asked by Rob
  44. Comprehensive grammar

    subject verb agreement:have or has " " " -reqire or requires " " " are not or is not regular and irregular verbs: are not or is not. become or became, taken or took, lay or laid. correct form of be and have in the present tense. was or am. verb form and

    asked by Aulease
  45. biology

    Scientists do their experimental tests more than once so they can reduce the effects of chance errors. This is called conducting ____________?

    asked by morgan
  46. econonmics

    Research the labor market for any state to determine how nursing wages are calculated.

    asked by danny
  47. business Ethics

    Many organizations have established policies to remedy discrimination in hiring of women and minorities. Discuss whether or not you feel that affirmative action programs, reverse discrimination, and criteria of comparable worth are appropriate forms of

    asked by littlemomatee
  48. geometry

    the hight of a triangle is four times the length of the base. find the base and height of the triangle if the area is 18 square inches?

    asked by yanet
  49. math

    1,115 is what percent of 210

    asked by s.d
  50. english

    will folded up their map and slid it into his pocket between them they carried torches string a penknife

    asked by marcus
  51. math

    subtract. 5y^2+2y-9 from 10y^2+3y+5

    asked by shawn
  52. economic

    positive externalities the automotive industry produces

    asked by carmen
  53. biology

    why is reproduction important to living things and their evolution?

    asked by ana
  54. math

    Solve for the unknown 8/52=m/39

    asked by annonoumus
  55. English

    What could I use as a memory clue (or picture) for the following words? Requisitioned: Def. Demand, or urgently ask for something for military needs. Derogatory: Def. To make a remark that belittles someone else

    asked by Tommy
  56. English

    Which is correct? This is a sample: it was made up in three seconds. This is a sample: It was made up in three seconds. Also, how many spaces should go between the colon and the next word? I was thinking two, since the clause after the colon is

    asked by Allison B.
  57. algebra

    What businesses or science uses negative exponents?

    asked by cindy
  58. science

    why is the angle between the left and right angle reading, double that of the angle of diffraction. Exact answer not needed but a little help appreciated many thanks SG

    asked by societygirl
  59. math

    7m+12,when m=4

    asked by Taneisha
  60. Algebra 2

    how can i found out if y=2/3X + 1/2 is a linear equation

    asked by bob
  61. sicence

    Discuss an environmental problem that you feel is significant in your town or city. What are some causes? Are any of these causes related to human values and environmental ethics? Explain

    asked by SANDY
  62. social studies

    which american president was also a king

    asked by vicki
  63. social studies

    What is a mountain or a coastal community??

    asked by chandler
  64. physics

    i was just wondering what approx is the change in PE in J when standing up from your chair and the KE when walking in J.

    asked by tom
  65. MATH

    the difference of t and five multiplied by six is four. written out is... 6(t-5)=4 right? and how would i write out.. the opposite of four is less then the product of y and seven. is it, -4

    asked by love
  66. american government

    the plan for governing the nation is the united state contract? true or false, false its the constitution right

    asked by S
  67. Biology

    Describe how you can achieve negative free energy in a chemical reaction.

    asked by Katie
  68. american government

    the united state superior court is the nation's most powerful court? true or false, false right

    asked by S
  69. physics

    i was just wondering what approx is the change in PE in J when standing up from your chair and the KE when walking in J.

    asked by tom
  70. Bio

    How can temperature influence antibody-antigen response?

    asked by Mandy
  71. help

    Estimate the power you deliver when starting to walk from a standstill, in W: & Your body radiates about 88 W in heat energy. How much energy, in J, is radiated in one hour?

    asked by tom
  72. Natural Numbers

    Is this correct, or where did I go wrong in my answer. Give a reason to support: The natural numbers {1,2,3,4,5,...}are not a group under addition. My reason: 0 is not included in the group since it is not included by identity property it can not be

    asked by Tim
  73. electronics

    If we Thevenize the Norton equivalent of a circuit,the result will be the Thevenin equivalent of the original network. True or False

    asked by dale mckinney
  74. SAT Essay

    Question: Is it better to be underrated or overrated? Society's expectation of an individual can many times be the key to their demise or success. The underrated player may rise up to prove everyone wrong, while the overrated might collapse under pressure.

    asked by Sahil
  75. 2nd grade science

    Do horse flies live alone or in groups?

    asked by Robin
  76. 12th grade government/economics

    If no candiate for the presidency wins a simple majority of the total number of electoral votes, what body has the power to choose the president?

    asked by Cristina
  77. 12th grade government/economics

    what margin is required to choose the president?

    asked by Cristina
  78. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations by graphing. Then clasify the the system. 7x-9y=-54 9y-7x=54

    asked by Keri