Questions Asked on
August 23, 2008

  1. Calculus

    Write a formula representing the following function. The strength, S, of a beam is proportional to the square of its thickness, h. NOTE: Use k as the proportionality constant. Is it S=kh^2

    asked by Hamilton
  2. econ

    If the price of a good increases, what happens to demand? If the price of a good decreases, what happens to supply? Does a change in price create curve shifts? Use Appendix C

    asked by Betty C
  3. English

    1. Where did you visit during the summer vacation? 2. What did you visit during the summer vacation? (Which one is correct, #1 or #2?) (Instead of 'during' can we use other prepositions?) What did you do through the summer vacation? (Is this OK?) 3. How

    asked by John
  4. Journalizing Accounting

    How do I journalize this on my manual form? Sold DJ service on account to JJ's Dance Club, $500.00. S2. Homework

    asked by Debby
  5. Computer Programing

    Input a list of pepole ages from the user (terminated by 0) and find the avarage?

    asked by Zoraida
  6. Economics

    The Own price elasticity of demand for good X is -2, its income elasticity is 3, its advertising elasticity is 4, and the cross-price elasticity of demand between it and good Y is -6. Determine how much the consumption of this good will change if : the

    asked by John
  7. statistics

    What visualization tool would be best suited for displaying the top ten money-grossing corporations of the world? circle graph relative-frequency histogram histogram pareto chart stem-and-leaf display

    asked by jessica
  8. Wi-yu tea

    HAve anyone tried the wi-yu tea? does it works? any side effects?

    asked by Tasha
  9. American Government

    What is each of the following responsible for? Local government, State government, Federal government

    asked by Sadie
  10. Pre-calculus-check answers

    A farm supply store carries 50-lb bags of both grain pellets and grain mash for pig feed. It can store 600 bags of pig feed. At least twice as many of its customers prefer the mash to the pellets. The store buys the pellets for $3.75 per bag and sells them

    asked by Lucy
  11. Art

    What is it called when you use one word to draw a picture of that word. The letters must be all the same way? I know Ive seen pictures like this in like Dentist office?

    asked by Sherry
  12. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Choose the statement that is true for the graph f(x) =x^3-12x. Answer: f(x) decreases for x >-2 2) Which type of critical point, if any, is present in the graph of f(x)=(x-4)^5+1 Answer: none

    asked by Lucy
  13. Chemistry-check answers

    The volume V of a gas varies inversly as pressure P is exerted. If V is 3.5 liters when P is 5 atmospheres, find V when P is 8 atmospheres. Answer: 2.188 liters 2) If y varies jointly as x and the cube of z, and y=378 when x=4 and z=3, find y when x=9 and

    asked by Lucy
  14. economics

    Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper in APA format that provides an economic profile of the airline industry. I need to discussShifts and price elasticity of supply and demand o Positive and negative externalities o Wage inequality o Monetary and fiscal

    asked by Mary
  15. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities where you are asked to find the maximum value of f(x,y)=x+y. Answer: an optimal solution 2)Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities: Answer: an

    asked by Lucy
  16. Pre-calculus-check answer

    If cot theta =0.85, find tan theta. Answer: 1.176

    asked by Lucy
  17. Math

    How to find sides of a right triangle?

    asked by Uy
  18. Maths - Graphics Calculators

    I need a graphics calculator for my school wok, and I don't have one. Is there a website which I could use one online? or download a graphics calculator program that won't expire?

    asked by TK
  19. American E

    I don't understand what this assignment. · Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing your experience using a new technology tool. The technology can be any application or digital device that is new to you. · Include the following in your paper: o A

    asked by ashajackson
  20. math

    If $7,800 is deposited into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually (at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years?

    asked by S Davis


    asked by SENiOR '09
  22. Calculus

    Find the real solutions of this equation. If there is no real solution enter NONE. (3X+1)^1/2=8 Is the answer 2.93

    asked by Hamilton
  23. Calculus

    Simplify the expression below. Express the answer so that all exponents are positive. Whenever an exponent is 0 or negative, we assume that the base is not 0. (7x^-5/4y^-5)^-6 Is the answer 4096x^30/117649y^30

    asked by Hamilton
  24. Calculus

    Solve for x using logs. 4 * 16^x = 10 * 11^x Do you start by multiply 4 times 16 then 10 times 11, and then what? Or am I completely wrong?

    asked by George
  25. Math (Algebra II)

    I'm trying to finish up my summer math packet, and I'm almost done, but I'm having trouble figuring out this one: "Divide and simplify these expressions." (3x^4 - 2x^3 + 16x - 192) / (x^2 - 8) so, that's 3x to the 4th, minus 2x cubed, plus 16x, minus 192

    asked by Sarah
  26. Pre-calculus

    Is the graph of x^2/9-y^2/25 symmetric with respect to the x-axis, y-axis, neither axis, or both axes. Explain.

    asked by Lucy
  27. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Use the Remainder Theorem to find the remainder of (x^3-5x^2+7x+3)/(x-2). State whether the binomial is a factor of the polynomial. Answer: Remainder = 1, not a factor 2) Determine the slant asympotte for f(x)=(x^2-5x-3)/x Answer: y=x+5

    asked by Lucy
  28. psychology

    personality is unique in each individual? true or false true is that correct

    asked by M
  29. Geometry

    When one length of a right triangle is given how are the other sides found? Given side AB=2radical3 and CB=x.

    asked by Uy
  30. world history

    the monroe doctrine was named after president monroe? true or false , false right

    asked by M
  31. Math!

    A rectangle is 15cm x 12cm. If the length is reduced by R cm and its width is increased by R cm. Its area is reduced by 4cm^2.

    asked by Vince
  32. Reading Com.

    What light is to greece, space is to Canada. Awareness in almost every direction lie uninhabited land that has shaped the perceptions of artists, defined national character, determined an architecture and established Canadian way of seeing. Canadian

    asked by Tyler
  33. statistics

    What visualization tool would be best suited for displaying all of the heights (in feet) of the top 50 tallest buildings in the United States? bar graph relative-frequency histogram histogram stem-and-leaf display time-series graph

    asked by jessica
  34. English

    1. Listen to the following chant carefully. 2. Sing the chant together to the rhythm. 3. Make groups of five, and using the following expressions, make a chant. 4. Group by group sing the chant. In groups sing the chant. ----------------------------- Are

    asked by John
  35. Math

    i need help with this please..... Explain why the line x= 4 is a vertical line in 50 words

    asked by dawn
  36. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Name all the values of x that are not in the domain of f(x)=2-x^2/x+5. Answer: x= -5 2)Find the minimum value of f(x,y)=2x-y+2 for the polygonal convex set determined by this system of inequalities: x >/= 1, x

    asked by Lucy
  37. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Find the number of possible negative real zeros for f(x)=6+x^4+2x^2-5x^3-12. Answer: 0 2) Approximate the real zeros of f(x)=2x^4-3x^2-2 to the nearest tenth. Answer: no real roots

    asked by Lucy
  38. marketing education

    in a retail store,exposure to the merchandise decreases the number of purchases that will be made by the customers? true or false , false right

    asked by M
  39. algebra

    how do i solve this equation by using substitution? 2x+y=4 3x+2y=1 please help. thanks

    asked by Mathew G
  40. com 140

    In what ways are purpose, audience, tone, and content different for interpersonal and business communication?Consider your own experience as you answer this question. If you have not worked in a business environment, you may ask a friend, parent, or other

    asked by lynum
  41. chemistry

    convert 5.98 x 10 to the 24th kg. to mg.

    asked by Patrick
  42. economics

    Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

    asked by brianna
  43. Math

    How are the sides of a right triangle founded having none others sides with < 30,

    asked by Uy
  44. Geometry

    x ________________

    asked by Angela
  45. Social Studies

    How is the quote "Hasn't it occurred to you yet that we are serving a mass murderer [Adolf Hitler]?" significant or important?

    asked by John S
  46. English

    What could I use as a memory clue (or picture) for the following words? Evicted: Def. To force out. Requisitioned: Def. Demand, or urgently ask for something for military needs.

    asked by Tommy
  47. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Write the polynomial equation of least degree that has the roots: -3i, 3i, i, and -i. Answer: (x+3i)(x-3i)(x-i)(x+i)=x^4+x^3-x^3i+9x^2+9x-9xi-9i 2)Determine if the expression 4m^5-6m^8+m+3 is a polynomial in one variable. If so, state the degree. Answer:

    asked by Lucy
  48. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Determine whether the function f(x)[x+1] is odd, even, or neither. Answer: neither odd nor even 2)Find the least integral upper bound of the zeros of the function f(x)=x^3-x^2+1. Answer: upper bound, 1

    asked by Lucy
  49. crminal justice

    The courtroom and trial: Identify a courtroom in your area or state. Identify those who work in a courtroom and describe their roles

    asked by SANDY
  50. Probability

    Can someone tell me if I have the correct answers? I am really confused. Three boys and three girls line up to go in the front door. In how many ways can they line up? My answer: 720 How many ways can they line up if the first one in line is a girl and

    asked by Tim
  51. world history

    in canada,decreased production after world war II was detrimental to the economy? true or false ,false right

    asked by M
  52. Math

    Solve for the variable (All figures are similar): Figure 1: 8m-side 1 and 6m-side 2. Figure 2: 20m-side 1 and r meters-side 2. r=? Can you please help me? Thank you.

    asked by Happyface
  53. Maths - Recipricals

    I'm having some torubles understanding these question. Sketch y1 = x-3 and y2 = 1/x-3 on the same set of axis a) What is the relationship between the zero of y1, and vertical asymptote of y2? Does the question mean when y1 = 0?. I know the vertical

    asked by TK
  54. Managerial Economics

    I have to determine the own price elasticity of demand with the following info given 1n Qdx = 3 - 0.5 1n Px - 2.5 in Py + 1nM + 2 1n A where Px=$10, Py = $4, M = $20,000 and A = $ 250. Where do I begin? Thank you

    asked by John
  55. math

    I'm not exactly sure how to factor cubed roots: 8x^3 - 1 = (2x)^3 - 1 that's what i get; can it be simplified anymore?

    asked by rachel
  56. Pre-calculus

    The angle of elevation from the end of the shadow to the top of the building is 63 degrees and the distance of 220 feet. 1) Find the height of the building to the nearest foot 2) find the length of the shadow to the nearest foot If 0 degrees

    asked by Lucy
  57. critical Analysis

    In the future, how will thinking Critically influence the ways that you: Read Write Process Information

    asked by Aulease
  58. psychology

    a defense mechanism is an unconscious reaction used to protect the mind? true or false ,true right

    asked by M
  59. marketing education

    timeliness in handling a customer's orders,qestions and complaints is not important? true or false , false right.

    asked by M
  60. Math

    One-third the sum of a number N and 5 is 2 more than one-fifth the sum of N and 3. N= ?

    asked by Jonathan
  61. The Human Body

    should i try the wi-yu tea to help me lose weight?

    asked by Tasha
  62. Personal Finance

    Why is it important to be aware of whats new and what is happening technoligically in the world? What are some things that you could do to keep up with these changes?

    asked by Jessica
  63. Pre-calculus-check answers

    If f(x)=4x^2 and g(x)=2/x, find [g x f](x). Answer: -1/2x^2 2) Are f(x)=1/2x+5 and g(x)=2x-5 inverses of each other? Answer: no

    asked by Lucy
  64. adult education-English

    how do i attack a writing skill in order to persuade your supervisor to make changes to improve office productivity.

    asked by Linda Jones
  65. Pre-calculus

    Describe the end behavior of f(x)=2x^4-5x+1.

    asked by Lucy
  66. world geography

    mexico is the seconed highest indebted developing country. this is in my text book ,the question is ,mexico is the highest indebted developing country? true or false , false right

    asked by M
  67. English

    I having a hard time developing a complete thesis for an research paper. I need ideas for a thesis on the topic Why do you enjoy reading/watching television?

    asked by Crane
  68. critical Analysis

    In the future, how will thinking critically influence the ways that we: read write process infromation

    asked by Aulease
  69. american history

    what year did the great depression start? A)1949,B)1939,C)1929,D)1919. my answer is C is it correct.

    asked by M
  70. Math

    $ 45= 3 books 3 Pens $ 177= 11 Books 12 Pens Cost of b= P=

    asked by Donna
  71. Math

    What are the steps in order to simplify the expression: 7(0.2p+0.3a)+5(0.6p-a) It would be great if someone could help me. Thanks!

    asked by Tiger
  72. maths

    the galaxy we live in is roughly lens shaped,and pins.its diameter is given inlight years. (1 light year=9.5Exp12km) calculate the circuference or our galaxy in kilometres. the earth is at a point 3Exp4 light yaersfrom the centre.How far does the earth

    asked by jade
  73. AE

    determine what the teacher's role is, the parent's role, doctor's, student's, etc of a special needs students

    asked by scooby91320002
  74. pre alg.

    what is 33 1/3 percent of 195

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Pre-calculus

    Find the slope of the line passing through the points at (a, a+3) and (4a, a-5). 2) Together, two printers can print 7500 lines if the first printer prints for 2 minutes and the second prints for 1 minute. If the first printer prints for 1 minute and the

    asked by Lucy
  76. Pre-calculuc-check answer

    Which is true for the graph of f(x)= -x^3+3x-2? Answer: relative maximum at (1,0) 2) Determine between which consecutive integers one or more real zeros of f(x)= 3x^4+x^3-2x^2+4 are located. Answer: -1 and 0

    asked by Lucy
  77. algebra

    y=3x+17 -2x-7y=4

    asked by Layah
  78. debate

    Does a school grade truly reflect the quality of education of that school?

    asked by cassandra
  79. English

    can you give me feedback on this poem I penned. Good or bad, I would like your opinion. Decrescendo A violin untouched for years A bow waiting to be strung Chords waiting to be played Strings waiting to be rung A door creaks open softly The timber is

    asked by Vic
  80. Calculus

    How do you simplify the sqrt of z^2 + 5. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Hamilton
  81. com 140

    how do i creat a table that lays out a day by day plan to use as a job aid for you employment search

    asked by shai
  82. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line that passes through the point (-5,4)and has a slope of -1. Answer: y=-x-1 2)Solve the system of equations algebraically: 1/3x+1/3y=1 and 2x+2y=9 Answer: no solution

    asked by Lucy
  83. Pre-calculus

    Approximate the greatest real zero of the function g(x)=x^3-3x+1 to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Lucy
  84. Pre-calculus

    Find the critical point of the function y=-2(x-1)^2-3. Then, determine whether the point represents a maximum, a minimum, or a point of inflection.

    asked by Lucy
  85. English-reading

    Here's one: In NJ, "meadows" were more than mockery by residents because of the foul smell and insect-infested habitt. Today, in Meadowland, a major sport center is located there. Directly across is 18000 acres of land that overlap several communities.

    asked by Tyler
  86. critical thinking

    in the future how will thinking critically influence the ways that you: read, write, process information

    asked by nick
  87. psychology

    an extrovert enjoys solitude? true or false , false right

    asked by M
  88. History

    I am trying to find out what the QANTAS Founders Outback museum in Longreach offers/ showcases but I haven't had any luck and I'm running out of time so I need help!!!!

    asked by Sam