Questions Asked on
August 14, 2008

  1. literature


    asked by klar maesen
  2. statistics

    The head of a computer science department is interested in estimating the proportion of students entering the department who will choose the new computer engineering option. A preliminary sample indicates that the proportion will be around 0.25. Therefore,

    asked by Ann
  3. english

    according to harriet beecher stowe what was the term uncle tom symbolic of?

    asked by ann
  4. Microeconomics

    Given the utility function U(C,T) = 3C+2T A budget constraint of $50, C = coffee which is $2 a cup, and T = tea which is $1.25 a cup, what is the optimal consumption bundle, and maximum utility possible? Also derive an expression for the demand curve for

    asked by Daniel
  5. english

    what is the term uncle tom" symbolic of in modern society? I think it still means a black person that wants to please the white society that oppresses him.

    asked by ann
  6. english

    according to harriet beecher stowe what was the memorial that tom left behind in uncle tom's cabin?

    asked by ann
  7. english

    what was the term uncle tom symbolic of according to the author of uncle tom's cabin? I think it is a symbol of a person that accepts everything as is because he is christian.he accepts his circumstances without a fight.

    asked by ann
  8. book review repost

    Just a start I just need to get the actual review down. "Boy With a Gift and Curse" By Jon Blank The Rocking-Horse Winner is a chilling tale of a young boy who desperately wants to rid the house of unluckieness and please his family In "The Rocking-Horse

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Biology

    Please explain briefly about the difference between the words 'community' and 'habitat'. The textbook said "The place where an organism occurs is called its habitat" and "All the populatons of plants and animals in the same habitat make up the community"

    asked by vickers
  10. Geometry

    Next 2 in the pattern M,V,E,M,...

    asked by Patrick
  11. english

    in uncle tom's cabin which character represented the strictness and sternness of the church?

    asked by ann
  12. accouting

    what is computerized auditing

    asked by Sally
  13. math

    Hi! Can anyone give me some tips on how i would determine the shape of a vessel from a graph of volume vs time? "a set volume of water is poured steadily into a vessel, the height at set volume intervals is recorded." "determine a possible vessel shape

    asked by bob
  14. english

    what character represented the strictness and sterness of the church in uncle tom 's cabin? I think it was Eliza because she was brought up by the Shelbys.

    asked by ann
  15. accounting

    Can anyone tell me what information would be found ineach of the following groupings on a classified balance sheet, and how that data could indicate the future success or, failure of a business: Current assets Long=term investments Property, plant, and

    asked by Anonymous
  16. history

    any good sites that i could get a list of early civilizations from about 1000 to 1492 that would include locations and dates they flourished? any help at all with this will be MUCH appreciated, thanks!

    asked by Bridget
  17. chem

    A solution is made by mixing 20.0 mL of toluene C6H5CH3d=0867gmL with 150.0 mL of benzene C6H6d=0874gmL. Assuming that the volumes add upon mixing, the molarity (M) and molality (m) of the toluene are ____M and _____m.

    asked by Chem help
  18. Geometry

    I am trying to help my daughter and need to relearn this. I need to understand number patterns and inductive reasoning. like one of the questions are 3,5,11,29,83,245,? any help would be great. Agreatful dad

    asked by Harry
  19. Humanities

    Why were the goddesses important to early civilizations?

    asked by Tiffany
  20. HCA 240

    Write a 150- to 200-word script for a radio ad that promotes a healthy musculoskeletal system in old age. Address the risk factors for: arthritis, osteoporosis, injuries from falls. Incorporate prevention strategies such as: proper nutrition (calcium,

    asked by Tasha
  21. fundametal of business law

    Before the UCC and the UCITA, what was one of the first, and most significant, of the U.S. government's attempts to promote uniformity in commercial laws from state to state?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. english

    name two characters who represented the old south's perspective in uncle tom's cabin

    asked by ann
  23. english

    what states were included in the plot of the book uncle tom's cabin?

    asked by ann
  24. AE is this correct?

    Most schools and classrooms in the United States have ELL students. Now is the time for you to begin thinking and planning for what you will do to make sure ELL students in your classes are successful learners. Make your top ten list of steps to take to

    asked by scooby91320002
  25. spanish

    how do you tell time?

    asked by bethany
  26. Math

    Multiply (7.6)(1)(G6)

    asked by Nicole
  27. english

    what four counries did the plot include in uncle tom's cabin? I have U.S., canada, africa, england

    asked by ann
  28. com 140

    on this chart i'm trying to figure out what is content and what is the purpose my situation is In this scenario, assume the role of a student. You have read assignment details in your course syllabus, but you are still unsure what to do. Think about how

    asked by lynum
  29. Writing

    I'm having trouble writing a thesis for my book review of the rocking horse winner. Once I get that down, I think I can get my review down pretty quickly.

    asked by Anonymous
  30. com140

    What are some ways in which you can apperar more approachable but still remain professional in business communications.

    asked by ano
  31. visual arts

    what is mosaic

    asked by genese
  32. literature

    What are the major points of the Preface to Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth? Please help.

    asked by klar maesen
  33. psychology

    What is neurological psychological theory? How did neurological psychological theory get established? I am doing a paperand can not find anything to explain this to me am i searching the wrong thing can some please help I need information to write this

    asked by Tom
  34. english

    what states were included in the plot of the book uncle tom's cabin? I had the states of louisianna, kentucky, and ohio

    asked by ann
  35. Lit

    I have to write a book review for "The Rocking Horse Winner" What all do I need to include and how should it be structured?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Writing

    How do I avoid copyrighting a bio about D.H. Lawrence or is there no such thing?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Anatomy & Physiology

    Does the direction of blood flow through blood vessels in this order? Left atruim,left ventricle,pulmonary artery,pulmonary veins,

    asked by debbie
  38. math

    -8+ -4- -9

    asked by amanda
  39. Math

    Find the first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3, of the following set of numbers. 13, 4, 12, 16, 8, 14, 8, 3, 10, 8

    asked by Jennifer
  40. For Klar

    asked by Writeacher
  41. math


    asked by peyton
  42. math

    -2 - (+7) =

    asked by peyton
  43. science

    What did Boyle have available, which the Greeks did not, that made his work scientifically valid?

    asked by melanie
  44. english

    what were the four countries included in the location of the plot in uncle tom's cabin?

    asked by ann
  45. AE

    in 200-300 words outline your list and assess the ten steps by explaining how they will benefit the ELL students. I need a better understanding

    asked by scooby91320002
  46. social studies

    What are 2 words to describe Hitler?

    asked by Alex C