Questions Asked on
August 12, 2008

  1. Stats .01 level

    A major home improvement store conducted its biggest brand recognition campaign in the company’s history. A series of new television advertisements featuring well-known entertainers and sports figures were launched. A key metric for the success of

    asked by Fiza00
  2. Stats

    If we are testing for the difference between the means of 2 independent populations presumes equal variances with samples of n1 = 20 and n2 = 20, the number of degrees of freedom is equal to a) 39 b) 38 c) 19 d) 18.

    asked by Student
  3. Science

    Bart believes that mice exposed to microwaves will become extra strong (maybe he's been reading too much Radioactive Man). He decides to perform this experiment by placing 10 mice in a microwave for 10 seconds. He compared these 10 mice to another 10 mice

    asked by Jamie
  4. algebra ll

    the first equation of the system is muti plied by 2. by what number would you mutiply the second equation to elimi nate the x variable by adding? first: 6x - 5y equals 21 second: 4x plus 7y equals 15 and another one is the first equation of the system is

    asked by hannah
  5. Grammar question

    could some check my homework please 1. Cats, unlike dogs and fond of sitting on laps. __ Sentence fragment – This is a fragment, it is not a complete sentence. __ Comma splice _XX_ Run-on sentence __ Complete sentence (contains no error) 2.I don't know

    asked by LINDA
  6. Physics/math

    Here is the problem A typical atom has a diameter of about 1.0 X 10^-10m. What it is in inches? How many atoms are there along a 1.0 cm line? ( I got the first part but confuse w/ the second part. how do I know how many atoms are there? Please help me)

    asked by ZneedHeLP
  7. science

    3. Would you use a physical model or a conceptual model to describe the following: brain, mind, solar system, birth of universe, stranger, best friend, gold coin, dollar bill, car engine, virus, spread of sexually transmitted disease?

    asked by Anonymous

    The volume of a gas is 250 mL at 340.0 kPa pressure. What will the volume be when the pressure is reduced to 50.0 kPa, assuming the temperature remains constant?

    asked by natasha
  9. Anglo-Saxon/Beowulf

    I have to write a narrative poem in the Anglo-Saxon style of Beowulf. Can anyone point me in the direction of some examples that I can use while I write? I don't think I have to write it in Old English, but a reference other than Beowulf would be nice.

    asked by Kasey
  10. science

    definition and concept of science

    asked by Linda
  11. Math

    The average of five number is 56. Four of the numbers are the same. The average of one of the four number and the fifth number is 80. What is the fifth number. 56*5=280 80*2=160 280-160=120 5/120=24 Is 24 correct?

    asked by Karen
  12. accounting

    In accounting for an immaterial amount of overapplied overhead, which of the following is part of the adjusting entry? a. A debit to the Work in Process Inventory account b. A debit to the Overhead account A debit to the Cost of Goods Sold account c. A

    asked by Lee
  13. accounting

    Between a proprietorship, a partnership and; a corporation; why would an entrepreneur want to choose one over the other?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. physics/math

    Joe is a former basketball player who is now a work-out junkie, and especially loves to do push-ups. He was a good athlete, but not so good at science in school, especally not good in Physics. He wants you, yes you, to calculate how much work he does, in

    asked by kristin
  15. Statistics

    testing for the differences between means of 2 independent populations where the variances in each population r unknown, u must first perform the F-test for the difference between 2 variances. Which of the following is correct? a)If the null hypothesis of

    asked by Student
  16. algebra ll

    solve the system of equation. 4x - 3y equals 14 y equals -3x plus 4 and another following up 4x - 3 equals 8 2x plus 5y equals 9 thatnk u for the help

    asked by kyle
  17. AP Bio

    Why can species be too successful at times when introduced into a new environment? Why might they be unsuccessful?

    asked by Alyssa
  18. math-Algrebra 2

    How do I factor b^3(a^3b^3 - 1)?

    asked by bob patel
  19. algebra ll

    solve the system of equations 4x - 3y= 8 2x+ 5y= 9

    asked by adam
  20. mat/116

    I need to find the slope if it exists for (8,4) and (9,-2)...any help is appreciated

    asked by karen
  21. team development

    Can you cite any widely publicized examples of groupthink that led to unfortunate consequences?

    asked by Bryan
  22. accounting

    To reconcile total manufacturing costs with the total cost of goods manufactured during the period, A)subtract out all period costs from total manufacturing costs to arrive at cost of goods manufactured. B)add beginning and subtract ending finished goods

    asked by Lee
  23. Lit

    In "Follower" the person who follows is. both father and son. but in the last stanza the father is stumbling behind the son. the next to last stanza the boy says "all I ever did was follow"

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Statistics .05 level

    According to a survey conducted in October 2001, consumers were trying to reduce their credit card debt (Extracted from M. Price, “Credit Debts Get Cut Down to Size." Newsday, November 25, 2001, p. F3). Based on a sample of 1000 consumers in October 2001

    asked by Student
  25. Algebra

    Factor completely: x^10y^3 – 4x^9y^2 – 21x^8y

    asked by JoAnn
  26. grammar


    asked by IAN
  27. com140

    Do you think that interpersonal always uses informal writing?

    asked by ano
  28. Critical Thinking

    When building arguments of importance, is it more important to be valid or sound?

    asked by Nikia Walker
  29. math- Algebra 2

    Whats -1/-8?

    asked by bob patel
  30. geometry

    waht can I do to get help with my graph question ?

    asked by samantha
  31. IT

    Your network consists of four servers. Each server has three NICs. Server A is connected to servers B, C, and D. Server B is attached to C and D. Server C is attached to server D. No hub is used. All cabling is CAT 3 UTP crossover cables. What is your

    asked by Anonymous
  32. chem

    How many electrons are transferred in the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron (II) ion in acidic solution to form iron (III) ion and water

    asked by Anonymous

    Describe the kinds of inventory federal express corporation holds. What are the costs associated with each kind of inventory? Compare the types of FedEx’s inventory to that of Starbucks. What are some of the differences? What may account for the

    asked by Joe
  34. mathematics

    I am trying to prove that the second half of two part names determines the gender of the whole name in a Romance language. I have 30 second parts used only by males in my population and 5 only by females, with one used by both. It seems that I could reject

    asked by Scott
  35. AED 200

    What instructional philosophies will you incorporate into your classroom environment? Will you have a behaviorist approach to instruction or a constructivist one? Identify which view you feel embodies your personal philosophy of education and how these

    asked by carol
  36. Algebra

    This is a 3 part question and it is confusing me quite a bit. Please Help! a) A real estate agent trying to sell you a home in a new developement tells you that two floor plans are available. use x for floor plan 1 and y for floor plan 2. in total there

    asked by Laura
  37. com140

    What about he use of e-mail? E-mail can be powerful and dangerous at the same time. As a tool for communication, what are the benefits and detractions of email?

    asked by ano
  38. riddle

    its skinny and it gives u three turns

    asked by joe
  39. stats

    Nicotine (mg) Filtered Kings Nonfiltered Kings n1 = 21 n2 = 8 sample mean = 0.94 sample mean = 1.65 s = 0.31 s = 0.16 Suppose you were to conduct a test (at the 0.05 significance level) to test the claim that king-size cigarettes with filters have a lower

    asked by nick
  40. Algebra

    Factor completely: x^3 - 2x^2 + 7x - 14

    asked by Alexander
  41. art history

    I'm writing a paper on Masaccio the artist. I know one of his techniques was fresco, what would be some more? I rather not have links unless they are directly to the help I need. Thanx!!!!

    asked by gabs
  42. digital electronics

    how to do binary to gray code conversion and vise versa

    asked by dipesh
  43. science(physics)

    What is applied force?

    asked by mark lester
  44. social studies

    what is pseudo-psychology

    asked by zola
  45. Team Development

    What are the roles that members play on teams?

    asked by Bryan
  46. science

    Four part of a system

    asked by quana
  47. accounting

    Activity-based costing is: A) the process of identifying all activities and relating these activities to the events, circumstances, or conditions that create or drive the need for the activities and the resources consumed. B) a method of determining the

    asked by Lee
  48. accounting

    Activity-based costing is: A)the process of identifying all activities and relating these activities to the events, circumstances, or conditions that create or drive the need for the activities and the resources consumed. B)a method of determining the most

    asked by Lee
  49. English

    I've been reading the book but am having major trouble getting through it because of the way it is written. I need to know three major events in the book but cannot pinpoint them because I just don't understand the dialect.

    asked by A Tale of Two Cities
  50. A Tale of Two Cities

    Major events in the book? I can't understand it by the way its written and I'm completely lost. =(

    asked by Anonymous