Questions Asked on
August 9, 2008



    asked by AMANDA
  2. Legal and Ethical

    Expand and incorporate feedback from Building an Ethical Organization Part I.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. HCA210

    Based on the simulation, provide one challenge you think the case worker faced. Include at least one example of what they think case workers face when placing the elderly in long-term care facilities. Also support your opinion as to whether or not you see

    asked by Janet
  4. mat/116

    describe what the interval [-4,10] looks like. What is meant by this?

    asked by karen
  5. world history

    What are the legends about qutb minar?

    asked by abc
  6. Juvenile Justice

    I need help trying to do a portfolio the assignment is: develope a comprehesive portfolio of information about your group (my selected group is gangs) in the juvenile justice system. These are the things that I have to cover: profile and risk factors,

    asked by Kenneth
  7. pseudocode programming

    need help to write a sumsquare function module and then rewrite that !@#$%^&tion module into an algorithm from this pseudocode. count integer square integer sumsquare integer count = 0 square = 1 do while count

    asked by alberto
  8. Lit

    From "The Naming of Cats" "But the cat himself knows and will never confess" is an example of: I know it's either personification or parallelism The line comes from the stanza that is parallelism but if I'm only looking at this line it is then classed as

    asked by Jon
  9. HIPAA repsot

    Thanks for all of your help I am going to re write my paper and I will re-post thanks again (HIPAA paper)

    asked by kaleigh
  10. Lit

    Book reviews are written only in past tense right?

    asked by Jon
  11. Math

    simplify the expression 2log(4)9-log(2)3 *(base) i know the answer is log(2)3 but i can't figure out the work to get that answer

    asked by fishbowl
  12. accounting

    Can anyone help me with how to use and define how a company uses comparative statements?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry!

    Calculate the solubility of Ag2CrO4 in grams/100mL of water? (Ksp = 1.12x10^-12 ) I know how to calcuate the molar solubility, and I know how to convert it into grams/L...but I'm stuck on how to make it grams/100mL Any Help would be awesome! =D thx!

    asked by Sue Ellen
  14. Algebra

    What is synthetic division? (rational expressions)

    asked by Kim
  15. Lit

    (Both from "The Rocking-Horse Winner") Paul's mother can best be described as; loving and gentle, sensitive and kind, cold and distant, or simple and carefree. I think it's a toss between loving and gentle and sensitive and kind but I also felt that she

    asked by Jon
  16. business

    drug use infomation that is rightfully private and only in expectional cases can an employer claim a right to know about such. defend

    asked by Angela
  17. math

    solve for x 2(x-5)^2=3

    asked by shawn
  18. dt- food

    i need to find traditional italian food to make at school. i need to make a menu and a poster. thanks!

    asked by mia
  19. chemistry

    for summer homework (which means "hey kids teach yourself something you've never seen while we go to the beach all summer") we got a packet on Organic Nomenclature and Simple Reactions...and there's some parts that I'm just not getting and the packet

    asked by Bri
  20. Lit

    I cant find this anywhere blank is a common theme in anglo-saxon literature. is it exile

    asked by Jon
  21. Criticla Thinking

    Comprehensive Argument Analysis. Must choose two topics. When finished one should have tow sources per topic. Sources can come from Magazines, Academic Journals, News and Web sites. Then must analyze four sources. Provide the title of the souce, provide

    asked by Doris
  22. Critical Analysis

    Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the folloing: Articles, Advertising, Media Conversations.

    asked by Doris
  23. social studies

    change, modification, or addition

    asked by tony
  24. Science

    I have found other steps to the scientific method such as Control, Repeated Trials, and Revolt. Can you give me the definition of these three other steps??

    asked by Valoy
  25. Body structures & Functions

    Blood gains which of the following when it passes through the liver. a. Carbon dioxide b. glucose lactic acid oxygen

    asked by debbie
  26. cultural diversity

    Will intermarriage of Blacks and Whites someday reach the same levels as for white ethnics in the US?

    asked by Patricia
  27. science -need so info.

    Ms. Sue, I have to do a paper on mitigation strategies and solutions. Detailed description of the problem. Nonliving and living factors that contribute to or are affected by the problem positive or negative human impacts evaluation of current

    asked by rose (Ms. sue)
  28. cultural diversity

    Discuss the economic impact of immigration in the United States.

    asked by Patricia
  29. Lit

    I was looking at wikisource (not wikipedia) at the tale of two cities excerpt but I couldn't understand what I needed for this question. the fact that the people crowded the area where the wine was spilled and drank the wine suggests that. a.they were

    asked by Jon
  30. English

    please help me on this... 1. In "A Portait of the Artist as a Young Man," Stephen's questions reveal he is: a. indiffernt about his life. b. concerned about hsi place in world. c. angry about his life. d. hopeful and happy about his life. i think its a? 2.

    asked by Soha
  31. English

    10. In A Tale of Two Cities, the Verdict of the tribunal is: a. not guilty with immediate freedom b. not guilty with a compensation of 400 pounds. c. guilty with death in twenty-four hours. d. guilty with life imprisonment. 2. In A Tale of Two Cities,

    asked by Soha