Questions Asked on
August 7, 2008

  1. math

    Heather is buying a T-Shirt for $8. Sales tax is 8 1/4 cents per dollar. How much will Heather pay in sales tax on her purchase?

    asked by keanna
  2. Axia College

    Does anyone know about this school? I think the spelling is incorrect? Maybe it's Axea or Axiea. Is it accredited? Can one take on line beginning college classes at A.C. Thank you

    asked by jules
  3. geometetry

    A cow is tied to the long side of a barn 10 feet from the corner.The rope being used to tie the cow to the barn is 21 feet long .The barn measures 11 feet wide and 28 feet long, what is the total area of the space in which the cow can graze

    asked by natasha
  4. Literature

    During what part of "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" does Bernice cut Marjorie's braids? A. Climax B. Rising action C. Falling action D. Epiphany

    asked by Katia
  5. Business

    Can you please help me in better understanding these different types of business'? o Joint-stock company o Limited liability company o Partnership o Sole proprietorship For this assignment... Describe a business scenario, either real or fictional, that

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chemistry

    If 4 moles of gas are added to a container that already holds 1 mole of gas, how will the pressure change inside the container?

    asked by natasha
  7. Math check

    Use the distributive property to rewrite this expression. 4(y+8) Is the answear 4y+8?

    asked by Bryan
  8. Math

    I'm totally stuck on this problem!! Simplify: (2a^2+13a-7/3a^3-27a)(4a^2-1/9a^2)

    asked by David
  9. english

    what is the subject,verb,and complement in the following sentence...has the planning committee announced the date of the school carnival?

    asked by lil_k
  10. Computer

    i need a image of a diskette with this sizes: size 8 size 5 1/4 size 3 1/2 (maybe they are size inches) i search and search and search but i cant find them please i will pass this on monday thx! Jiskha rock!

    asked by dj
  11. Math

    how would i go about finding the domain of the function f(x)=(3x+1)/(sqrt(x^2+x-2)) and both the domain and range of g(x)=(5x-3)/(2x+1)

    asked by brian
  12. Men's Health

    I was wondering if someone know's aof a web-site that may be able to help me I have to look up the following and explian them also benefits and risks of them thanks ( Basically what effects good/bad have on Men's health) Epimedium Leaf Chinese Dodder Seed

    asked by Jake
  13. statistics in health care

    For example, you may be interested in learning whether there is a significant difference in birth weight for children born to mothers who take prenatal vitamins compared to children whose mothers take none. If you have collected ratio level, birth weight

    asked by Jean

    Which of the following sentences uses apostrophe correctly? A. She enjoyed the movie and told me it's scenery reminded her of her hometown. B.You really ought to take up fly-fishing-- it's a very relaxing hobby. C.This is a fine piece of furniture, and

    asked by JORDAN
  15. criminal justice

    • Write a 200- to 300-word response comparing and contrasting the role of the defense counsel with that of the prosecutor. Explain your rationale.

    asked by kylie
  16. A.C./U of Phoenix

    Ms. Sue, Are there other places you might recommend? I think your comment is important to consider. The only famous person I know who graduated from U of Phoenix is Shaquile O'Neal and he has a "job" already, so to speak.

    asked by jules
  17. Math

    Use the distrubutive property to rewrite this expression. 7u + 7v

    asked by Bryan
  18. English Essay

    Which one of the following elements is most important when you're your first draft? A.Making sure your spelling is correct B.Writing grammatically correct sentence C.Getting your ideas on paper D.Checking the puntuation in each sentence ANSWER:C I guess

    asked by SHAYLA
  19. math

    how do i identify the degree of each term and the degree of the polynomial: 7x-8x^2+9-5x^3

    asked by slimstud
  20. math

    ((2X)/(4pi))+((1-x)/2)=0, solve for x

    asked by alk
  21. math

    algebra properties and proportions (x+3) 5 ----- = --- x =9/2 6 4 How do you get to this answer?

    asked by froggie
  22. art

    You wish to darken a particular shade of blue, so you try adding layers of blue colored pencil. However, this doesn't make the blue as dark as you would like it to be. Your next step, then, should be to add layers of?

    asked by lisa
  23. Riddle

    They complain alot less and work just a little more than others, who are they?

    asked by Joyce
  24. HIPPA (stuck)

    Please look this over for me thanks I keep messing up I guess I am stupid well anyways thanks again HIPPA Privacy Standards With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), the Congress mandated implementation of several federal

    asked by kaleigh
  25. Accounting

    how should mixed costs be classified in CVP analysis? What approach is used to effect the appropriate classification?

    asked by greatdanelola
  26. Critical Thinking

    Categorize each fallacy to its match fallacy which are Ad homimem/genetic, wishful thinking, "Argument" from popularity, Hasty Generalizing, "argument" from outrage, straw man, post hoc, red herring/smokescreen, group think, scare tactices, poisoning the

    asked by Nikia Walker
  27. Mathematics

    Simplify this problem: Is this right? (mn^2/3)(4/mn) [(mn)(mn)/3] * [4/mn] (mn/3)(4) ANSWER: 4mn/3

    asked by Devki
  28. Math Help

    How do you find the fractional notation of 95%

    asked by Bryan
  29. project management

    reasons why scheduling is an important task

    asked by drake
  30. english

    These excerpts are from a topic outline. Which one uses parallel construction in the subpoints? A. Goals 1.Traveling through Europe 2.Earning a degree 3.To start my own business B. Goals 1.Building my own log cabin in Vermount 2.I want to visit every major

    asked by Anonymous
  31. math

    I know i'm a slow bunny and the answer is in my face but please help! (4p-1)(16p^2+4p+1)

    asked by slim stud
  32. Math

    Find the numerical value 3 + 6/3

    asked by Bryan
  33. Math

    Simplify the expression and combine like terms -5(4y-7) + 4(2y+5)

    asked by Bryan

    Suppose you're exploring a subject for a composition.Which one of the methods is used by journalists and can help you discover ideas about a subject? A.Journaling B.Freewriting C.Questioning D.Brainstorming ANSWER: C

    asked by SHAYLA


    asked by JORDAN
  36. criminal justice

    describing the purpose of jails in society. Is the current system effective?

    asked by SANDY
  37. Math

    No, I'm sure the problem is written like this: [(3a^3-27a)/(2a^2+13a-7)]/[9a^2/4a^2-1)] And to divide you multiply by the reciprocal. So i still don't get the problem I also know to factor, but I'm stil confused.

    asked by David
  38. social studies

    What is a group of people that has reactionary views called??

    asked by Kim
  39. hrm205

    small firms could utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands. Provide one example for a large company and one example for a small company of necessary changes resulting from these growing

    asked by lavhvyi
  40. Language Arts

    Who are the main characters and what is thier "conflict" in the novel?

    asked by Judy
  41. math

    I need help what units are used when talking about area?

    asked by Rachel
  42. math

    and I have one more question,sorry. I-3I-2^4+I6-8^2+3.10I (The I(s) stand for the absoulte value)

    asked by slimstud
  43. Math

    Give the numerical coeffiecent of -6m exponet 2

    asked by Bryan
  44. Mathematics

    Hello, I am new to this website. I havea summer assignment on Algebra II. I need help on these problems. I find I be not able to understand them. Simplify: 1)(mn^2/3)(4/mn) 2)(x+4/x-4)(1/x+4) 3)(x^2-16/2x+8)(x+4/x^2+8x+16) 4)(n/4)(n/m)

    asked by Devki
  45. Mathematics

    Simplify this problem: Is this right? (mn^2/3)(4/mn) [(mn)(mn)/3] * [4/mn] (mn/3)(4) ANSWER: 4mn/3

    asked by Devki

    Which one of the sentence would you most likely find in a process essay? A.Lack of disipline in years can create teens that have no sense of purpose. B.First,gather all materials listed under "supplies." C.He walked into the room, holding the package as if

    asked by SHAYLA
  47. algebra ll

    find f(a) if f(t) equals 2t2 -t - 2 find the slope of a line that passes through (2,4,)(-7,8)

    asked by angela
  48. Mathematics

    Simplify: (x+4)/x-4)(1/x+4) (x-4)(1) Answer: 1/x-4 is that right?

    asked by Devki
  49. Algebra II/Trig

    Simplify: (n/4)/(n/m) As my answer I got: 4m Is this response correct? If not, please let me know what I did wrong.

    asked by David
  50. english

    (what is the subject and verb in the following sentence)Linda gave us a summary of her science project.

    asked by kat
  51. english

    Which of the following sentence is grammaticaly correct? A.Ireally need to lay down. B.Sit it down over there by the window. A.I thought it would be best if I were to rise the curtain. D.The men came today to lay the carpet in the living room.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. english

    The term free writing refers to

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    Under what situation would one or more solutions of a rational equation be unacceptable?

    asked by Marilyn
  54. math

    algebra properties and proportions (x+1) 1 ----- = --- (x+2) 3 How do you come to this answer?

    asked by froggie
  55. math

    Soory I made a mistake on the last one I meant algebra properties and proportions (x+1) 2 ----- = --- x = 1 (x+2) 3 How do you come to this answer?

    asked by froggie
  56. english

    Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct. A.I really need to lay down. B.Sit it down over there by the window. C.I thought it would be best if I were to rise the curtain. D.The men came today to lay the carpet in the living. Answer:D but

    asked by JORDAN
  57. MAth

    (2+6/3)*4 i need to solve this and i have but i am not sure if I am right or wrong. What I get is different than what a claasmate got as the answer. I say it is 16 but the other person gets a much higher #.

    asked by dawn