Questions Asked on
July 31, 2008

  1. physics

    An Olympic long jumper leaves the ground at an angle of 23 degrees and travels through the air for a horizontal distance of 8.7 meters before landing. What is the takeoff speed of the jumper?

    asked by penkey
  2. math

    Find the missing length of the right triangle, Side is 20 and bottom is 48. What is the missing length.

    asked by Jennifer
  3. AP CHEM

    Please help me with these AP Chemistry homework problems and show me the steps how to find the solutions: Liquid-Liquid Tirations: What is the concentration of the unkown solution for each of the following titrations? #5) 25.36 mL of 0.178 M NaOH is

    asked by shylo
  4. science

    1. A violin string is oscillating at a frequency of 880 Hz (1 Hz = 1 full cycle / second) in its 2nd harmonic. What wold be the frequency of the fundamental vibrational mode? 2. Describe how you would go about finding the frequency of an unmarked tuning

    asked by suzy
  5. World Culture and the arts

    complete two sections, one section for the Islamic civilization and one section for the Early Chinese and Japanese civilizations. identify features of various art forms in different civilizations. use bullet points or full sentences to convey the main

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math check

    Give (a) the opposite and (b) the absolute value. 28 (a)what is the opposite? -28 (b) what is the absolute value? 20

    asked by Bryan
  7. AE

    You've been presented with a variety of educational philosophies. You should be beginning to formulate your philosophy of education. What instructional philosophies will you incorporate into your classroom environment? Will you have a behaviorist approach

    asked by scooby91320002
  8. world culture and the arts

    complete two sections, one section for the Islamic civilization and one section for the Early Chinese and Japanese civilizations. identify features of various art forms in different civilizations. use bullet points or full sentences to convey the main

    asked by ashajackson
  9. AP CHEM

    Please help me with thses AP CHEM homework problems and show the steps to how to find the solutions: Solid Liquid Titrations: Determine the concentration of the indicated liquid unknown given the mass of a solid standard and the buret data for the

    asked by shylo
  10. Math

    Solve each question xˉ² = 4

    asked by Marilyn
  11. math

    If $7,800 is deposited into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually at the end of each year, how much money is in the account after 2 years?

    asked by Ann
  12. psychology

    Need help explaining different aspects of biological factors , socialcultural factors, environmental factors, personality, behavior and stressor.

    asked by Nikia Walker
  13. tense

    Everyone realize / Everyone realizes Which is correct?

    asked by quinn
  14. researching essays

    Identify examples of bias fallacies and specific rhetorical devices in the speech How did the speaker address arguments and counterarguments Were the speakers arguments effective Explain?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. science

    express the component of a cross product vector C= A x B in terms of Levi civita product vector and the component of a and B, using this relation show that A . ( AxB ) = 0

    asked by vijaya
  16. science

    A mass 'm'is atached to one of an unstreched spring,spring constant k,at time t=0 the free end of the spring experiences a constant acceleration'a',away from the mass. Using the Laplace transformations, a)Find the position 'x' of 'm' as a function of time.

    asked by vijaya
  17. US History

    What is the difference between Nixon's policies of engagement and foreign policy strategies. I already have almost the entire question answered, I am just confused on what the difference between these two are.

    asked by Sarah
  18. science

    An electron is moving in one dimension (x)subject to the periodic boundary conditions that the wave function reproduces itself after a length L(L is large_ a)add a perturbation V(x)=ecos qx where qL=2piN (N is large integer) recalculate the energy levels

    asked by vijaya
  19. human resources

    Where can I find out about the vision and or goals for Michael's company (arts and craft)

    asked by China
  20. Algebra

    Solve algebraically cuberoot(t=12)-t=o

    asked by Bernadine
  21. (Math

    IS their a caculator online that does order of operations?

    asked by Bryan
  22. Finance-HELP

    In general, can you assume that investing activities generate cash, and financing activities consume cash? I say YES , because investing involves the acquisition or disposal of long term resources used by a business and financing can include interest

    asked by BluesKato
  23. com140

    Would you see you generally only seek out material that you know you are likely to agree with? Do you see nay benefit to reading opposing material?

    asked by ano
  24. Marketing

    I am writting a marketing plan essay and need to describe sales support but I cannot find a clear definition to start from. Help?

    asked by Mark
  25. math question

    Write 40% as a decimal.

    asked by Ann
  26. AP CHEM

    Please help me with these AP CHEM homework problems problems and show me the steps: Mass per Volume Results for Titrations: Determine the mass per volume results requested in the following problems. #23) A particular water supply is found to contain

    asked by shylo
  27. Finance

    If a co has a lower ratio of fixed to variable costs than another co, all things equal if sales for both increase 10% would the Co with the lower fixed cost's: expenses increase more rapidly, decrease while the others' increased, net income decrease, or

    asked by BluesKato
  28. Algebra II/Trig

    Simplify: 1/5(-5a^2b^3)^2(abc)^4 How do you simplify this. How does the "-5" play a role in this? how would you get 1/5 of "-5"

    asked by Davmat
  29. health

    what are the advantages of patient roles

    asked by Bran

    word analysis of whether or not NASW Code of Ethics of ethical leardership in human services is adequate in guilding a social worker through your chosen dilemma?

    asked by olabisi
  31. Algebra

    What is 2over 3=2 minus 5x-3 over x-1

    asked by Bernadine
  32. biology

    What is the skin and mucous membrane? non-specific immunity or specific immunity

    asked by Uy
  33. Algebra

    Find the vertex and intercepts for each parabola. Sketch the graph. g(x) = x² + x - 6

    asked by Marilyn
  34. Math

    Find the vertex and intercepts for each parabola. Sketch the graph. g(x)=x(2)+x-6

    asked by Marilyn
  35. math

    the LCD for the Fraction 1/3, 3/4, 5/32, and 8/9 is

    asked by harold
  36. science

    what is the importance of food?

    asked by ridhi
  37. science

    Derive the expression for the difference in the free energy between a metal in its normal and superconductivity states

    asked by vijaya
  38. Language Arts

    Can you edit this story for me please? thanks. (no copDear Diary, Journal Entry # How are you? I’m finally happy to be writing to you after a long time. I’ve just been so busy in the school! My Miss is strict but at least I learn from her. I remember

    asked by Kinza
  39. Finance

    Are Estimated Uncollectible Accounts reported n the Income Statement? I think... yes.

    asked by BluesKato
  40. Math

    Solve for the unknown: 8/52 = m/39 A) m = 4 B) m = 5 C) m = 6 D) m = 7

    asked by Jennifer
  41. com 140

    What are some other mthods you can use to establish rapport?

    asked by ano
  42. health

    What is the training effect? A. The tendency to suffer injuries as a result of too much exercise B. Shortness of breath and dizziness caused by overexertion C. An increase in the resting heart rate and a decrease in the stroke volume of the heart D. A term

    asked by AK
  43. com140

    What are some other reasons you might seek out a particular authoe or book?

    asked by ano
  44. Math


    asked by Marilyn
  45. Math

    √2t۸5 •√10t۸4

    asked by Marilyn
  46. Math

    Find all real or imaginary solutins to each equation. 3y(2)+4v-1=0

    asked by Marilyn
  47. math

    i have been studying square roots and still don't understand it...i need more examples how do i find the square root of 7....

    asked by andres
  48. Science

    Hi any info on water purification that can be done in the science lab would be real helpful... thanks a heap Minnie

    asked by Minerva Wisdom
  49. Critcal thinking

    How does illogical thinking interfere with critical thinking?

    asked by Bryan
  50. math

    Identify the rate in the following statement: 75 is 15% of 500.

    asked by Ann
  51. Reseach paper (in a jam) revised

    please look this over for me thanks Confidentiality is the right of an individual to have personal, identifiable medical information kept private. Such information should be available only to the physician of record and other health care and insurance

    asked by Lei
  52. Texans

    I had trouble posting a response the first time around. However, thank you to those who responded to my inquiry regarding Texas Pride. Interestingly, I came across a hairdresser who lived in Michigan most of her life. She told me that people in Texas are

    asked by jules
  53. human resources

    What are the characteristics of successful organizational cultures?

    asked by China
  54. teaching

    Identify the components of the information processing theory.

    asked by sally
  55. Algebra

    Multiply: (4b + 1/2)(8b - 3/4)

    asked by JoAnn
  56. Business

    Explain which moral philosophy you feel is best suited for making business decisions and why.

    asked by jay jay
  57. (Math

    How do i do this problem? Simplpfliy the expression and combine like terms 3t+4(1-3t)

    asked by Bryan
  58. Math


    asked by Jennifer
  59. AED

    help please. I need Interpersonal Development characteristics for infancy which is birth till 2 and i need it for earl childhoon which is 2-6 yrs of age please.

    asked by dawn
  60. Psychology

    I have looked and looked to answer this question. If any one can help me find the answer please help. Michael is a 40-yer old airline plot who has recently begun to experience chest pains. The chest pains began when Michael signed his final divorce papers,

    asked by DGC
  61. health

    Anaerobic training increases your A. flexibility. B. red blood cell count. C. lung capacity. D. strength. I am confuesed thought it dose all? do you see something different?

    asked by AK