Questions Asked on
July 23, 2008

  1. finance

    1. The belief that investors require a higher return to entice them into holding long-term securities is the viewpoint of the A. the expectations hypothesis B. segmentation theory C. the liguidity premium theory D. market credit crunch theory 2. The market

    asked by Jason
  2. Math

    Manny is a plumber and charges $50 when he visits a client and $30 per hour for every hour he works. His bill can be expressed as a function of hours, x, with the function f(x)= 50 +30x. Which statement explains the meaning of the inverse of the function?

    asked by Haru
  3. Macroeconomics

    For each of the following scenarios, use supply and demand analysis to predict the resulting changes in the real interest rate, national savings, and investment. show all your diagrams. A. The legislature passes a 10 percent investment tax credit, Under

    asked by Melster
  4. Statistics

    Please help, need advise. Thanks A The amount of pyridoxine (in grams) in a multiple vitamin is normally distributed with = 110 grams and = 25 grams. What is the probability that a randomly selected vitamin will contain less than 100 grams of pyridoxine?

    asked by Fiza
  5. English

    Anne Bradstreet's "The Author to Her Book" I have to explain the irony in the poem. I thought irony would be like a firehouse burning to the ground. I don't see any irony in the poem what am I missing?

    asked by Joanne
  6. english

    Anne Bradstreet's "The Author to Her Book" I realize she is writing about her poems and not a child but where is the irony in that?

    asked by Joanne
  7. science

    Characteristics of Living Organisms Ten characteristics distinguish an object or thing from an actual living organism. All 10 characteristics must be present simultaneously for something to be considered living. The following table lists four of the 10

    asked by Anonymous
  8. nonfiction

    in "life without principle," thoreau writes, "i would have had him deal with his privatest experience, as the poet does." what does this statement mean?

    asked by Ashley
  9. math

    In a shipment of 750 parts, 75 were found to be defective. What percent of parts were faulty?

    asked by Ann
  10. math

    What are the critical numbers of f(t)=3t^(2/3)+t^(5/3)

    asked by Blair
  11. Calculus

    Find the derivative for k(x) = (5x4 + 2)(3sin x). Would this be the answer: (60sinx)x^3+ (15cosx)x^5+ 2

    asked by Veronica
  12. Stem and Leaf Probability

    Please advise-Thanks Given below is the stem-and-leaf display representing the amount of detergent used in gallons (with leaves in 10ths of gallons) in a month by 25 drive-through car wash operations in Phoenix. 9 | 147 10 | 02238 11 | 135566777 12 |

    asked by Fiza
  13. Chem -3A

    Please help me with this problem Avogadro's Law A chemical reaction occuring in a cylinder equipped with a movable piston produces 0.58 mol of gaseous product. If the cylinder contained 0.11 mol of gas before the reaction and had an initial volume of

    asked by shylo
  14. investing

    How do I find stock on margin rate of return? This is the question: Ed Delahanty purchased 500 shares of Niagara Corporation stock on margin at the beginning of the year for $30 per share. The initial margin requirement was 55%. Ed paid 13% interest on the

    asked by Anonymous
  15. business

    4 functions of management

    asked by Beverly
  16. Math

    A student ticket to a flower show costs $6.00 plus a 5% handling fee. The local schools receive a special group discount. A scholl can determine the total cost of tickets by using the formula below. T = Total cost N = Nmber of tickets purchased D =

    asked by Nathaniel
  17. Chemistry

    Please help me... I don't understand this at all. I need to calculate the molarity of the acetic acid in this problem: A 4,00 mL sample of vinegar (acetic acid) was tirated with 0.1250M NAOH according to the following equation: HC2H3)s + NAOH --- NAC2H3O2

    asked by Sue
  18. history

    Hi can someone help men please. I need help coming up with a thesis for this question. Compare the ways in which the following reflected tensions in colonial society. Bacon's Rebellion (1676) Pueblo Revolt (1680) Salem witchcraft trials (1692) Stono

    asked by nick
  19. Sci230

    Why are the processes of mitosis and meiosis both important to a living organism?

    asked by Cassondra
  20. Law and Ethics re-post in a jam

    Please check this for me I am so confused I guess I am dumb anyways here it thanks all of your help :) Law and Ethics The ethical opinion on computer confidentiality is covered by the American Medical Association (AMA) principle of Patient Privacy and

    asked by Lei
  21. finance part 2

    11. Whit a Subchapter S corporation A. corporate income is taxed as directed income to stockholders B. stockholders have the same liability as members of a partnership C. the number of stockholders is unlimited D. life of the corporation is limited 12.

    asked by Jason
  22. Calculus

    Find the derivative: h(x)=7x/sqrt(5-2x) Using the chain rule...I figured out my previous post.

    asked by Veronica
  23. Calculus 2

    If n is a positive integer, prove that integral[(lnx)^ndx=((-1)^(n))*n!](lower limit=0, upper limit=1) Thanks Again,

    asked by Hector
  24. history

    I need help with my homework assignment. Assignment: tell us about this ongoing right abuse and violation of international law. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything. Please help as soon as possible. Thank you

    asked by lou
  25. Confused

    if the 20th century began in the 1900s, why doesn't it start w/the digits 2000? Doesn't make sense. 21st century...2100

    asked by jules
  26. Math

    How many quarts are in 4.25 gallons

    asked by Nathaniel
  27. calculus

    Determine whether the following is convergent of divergent. integral(lower limit=0, upper limit=infinity)of sin(x)sin(x^2)dx Thanks

    asked by Hector
  28. math

    Hi there, my question has to do with areas. a tennis court is 23.8 m by 11 m. A tennis club has 3 courts side by side in a fenced area. The courts have 3 m between them and 3 m around the outside. What are the dimensions of the fenced space? please. ..

    asked by frankie
  29. Chemistry

    4HN3 + 5 O2 = 4NO + 6 H20. How many grams of O2 are required to produce 90 grams of NO?

    asked by Persia
  30. research writing

    Identify examples of bias fallacies and specific rhetorical devices in the speech How did the speaker address arguments and counterarguments Were the speakers arguments effective Explain?

    asked by sandy
  31. eth- need some info. please

    Investigatethe official language movement (an important Hispanic American cultural interest) described on pp. 243-44 of the text by researching bilingualism in education and politics in the United States. Find 4 to 6 credible Web sites or articles that

    asked by rose- (Ms. Sue)
  32. poetry

    During the Romantic period, poets placed an emphasis on?, Which one of the following words is an iamb?ARachel, B Alice, C Joanne.....

    asked by Amy
  33. Debating

    Using debating terminology can you help me define this please? That there should be compulsory exercise at work thanks a heap Minnie W

    asked by Minerva
  34. Math

    Find the area of a parallelogram with a base of 6.2 meters and a height of 9.3 meters. round the the nearest tenth

    asked by Nathaniel
  35. math

    i m doing a worksheet with negatives and parentheses...they have examples to explain how to do it: Ex. (-6)-(-41)+(-18)-35 = -6+41-18-35=35-18-35=-18 i understand that part how do you do this two? (-2)-(-6)-4= -2+6-4=-_+6= -48+(-25)-(-13)+12= in the first

    asked by meherin
  36. english

    hi can someone please pleas help me. All I need is a thesis for this question that I am writing an essay for. Analyze the impact of the Atlantic trade routes established in the mid 1600's on economic development in the British North American Colonies.

    asked by Ben
  37. Math

    Find the LCM of 12,24, and 30

    asked by Nathaniel
  38. Math help

    Help with any of these would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU! 1. How would i solve 3x^2 - 4 = 0? And in simplest radical form? 2. How would i determine the values of 'k' if the graph y=2x^2-2x+3k intersects the x-axis at two distinct points? 3. The path

    asked by Rachel
  39. Math

    Integrate using partial decomposition indefinite integral (1/(x^(4)+1)dx. P.S. 4 is the only exponent. Thanks

    asked by Hector
  40. AED

    Select one of the age groups chosen in Week Six, 2.) decide on the child’s age, what level and stage he or she is at developmentally, and list some characteristics demonstrating the nature of the stage. I choose the age 3. the second one i am not sure

    asked by dawn
  41. Economics

    What is the connection between profit maximization and "fair" prices Are all profit maximization prices fair

    asked by Kevin
  42. Economics

    What happens to the marginal utility per dollar of shoes if the priece of shoes goes up, and how should consumers respond to this to maximize utility

    asked by Kevin
  43. English

    Using Debating rules how would you define the term 'at work' as used in this sentance "If you need me I will be at work. Call me" Please help Thanks Minnie

    asked by Minerva Wisdom
  44. Math

    Name a polygon that has 5 sides

    asked by Nathaniel
  45. Math

    Write the number that is 19% of 70

    asked by Nathaniel
  46. math problem

    Solve each of the following problems involving percent. 6.5% of what number is 325?

    asked by Ann
  47. Essay Ideas

    I can't think of any that would work. It needs to be 800 words and "Explaining a Concept." It can't be a how-to, and it also can't be a general topic. I thought about talking about catering (I did it for a year) - but what would I write about it? Any other

    asked by Kat
  48. essay

    Hi i can't find any websites except wikipedia to help me with this question Analyze the impact of the Atlantic trade routes established in the mid 1600's on economic development in the British North American Colonies

    asked by nick
  49. Math

    If you are given that one angle of a triangle measures 0 degrees, what would be the measuremenrs of the other 2 angles?

    asked by Jen
  50. Math

    What in words would be the definitions of sin 0, cos 0, and tan 0? (in words)

    asked by Jen
  51. literature

    I'm having problems with my homework , I keep getting the wrong answers can anybody help me with lesson4 poetry,part1#10-15

    asked by Amy
  52. just a ?

    when you fail a collge class what happens. Who do I write to ask for an easier class?

    asked by scooby91320002
  53. Economics

    What is more important to the consumer: Marginal utility or marginal utility per dollar and why

    asked by Kevin
  54. english

    how can I apply critical thinking to articles, advertising, media and conversations?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math

    A school had 900 students at the start of a school year. If there is an enrollment increase of 7% by the beginning of the next year, what is the new enrollment?

    asked by Ann
  56. algebra

    in the equation C(g)= 3.03(g) what does the 3.03 represent?

    asked by karen
  57. math

    What are the critical values of f(x)=(x^(7))((x+7)^(2)) and f(x)=7x+6x^(–1)?

    asked by Blair
  58. Math

    resolve the following exponential equation 3 ^ (x + 4) = 5 ^ (x + 2)

    asked by Miley
  59. Marketing

    you are working in the product development department of a company that creates household products. Your team has come up with an idea for a revolutionary new cleaning product. Using the seven phases of new product development as a guide, describe how your

    asked by greatdanelola
  60. math

    Write fraction as a percent. 1 1/5

    asked by Ann
  61. Math

    a can of tennis balls has a height of 12 inches and a radius of 1.5 inches. What is the volume of the can to the nearest tenth

    asked by Nathaniel
  62. math

    A virus scanning program is checking every file for viruses. It has completed checking 40% of the files in 300 seconds. How long should it take to check all files?

    asked by Ann
  63. Pythagorean Theorem

    i was given this in class: Pythagorean Theorem a^2 + b^2 = c^2 1.) O = 30° & Φ = 60° 2.) O = 45° & Φ = 45° 3.) O = 0 ° How would you calculate the ratio for these sides/angles?

    asked by ruby
  64. math

    The minimum daily values (MDVs) for certain foods are given. They are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. Find decimal and fractional notation for the percent notation in each sentence. (a) 1 ounce of Tostitos provides 9% of the MDV of fat. (c) ½ cup

    asked by Ann
  65. math

    find the base of a triangle whose height is 1.7 feet and whose area is 1.87ft2

    asked by Nathaniel
  66. math question

    150 is 75% of what?

    asked by Ann
  67. biology

    how the brain processes visual information?

    asked by jika
  68. Math help

    How would i solve 3x^2 - 4 = 0? And in simplest radical form?

    asked by Rachel
  69. math

    what is the second derivative of f(x)=x *rad(x^(2)+9 )?

    asked by Blair
  70. Math

    x over 4 equals 9.2 what is x

    asked by Nathaniel
  71. Math

    How would one write in numbers the total of thirty six millions plus one thousand nine hundred? Thanks ever so much! EmbarrassedOne

    asked by Palerma
  72. bio

    what is the purpose of valves in ventricle?

    asked by Vivian