Questions Asked on
July 14, 2008

  1. math

    at one high school the mean time for running the 100-yard dash is 15.2 seconds with a standard deviation of 0.9 seconds. The times are very close approximated by a normal curve. Find the percent of times that are: between 15.2 and 16.1 seconds

    asked by Leanne
  2. Calculus

    A population of 500 E. coli bacteria doubles every 15 minutes. Use this information to find an expression for this population growth. Using this expression, find what the population would be in 87 minutes. Use an exponential model. so we're supposed to use

    asked by Vanessa
  3. Algebra

    A roof truss is in the shape of a triangle with height of x feet and a base of 2x + 1 feet. Write a polynomial A (x) that represents the area of the triangle. Find A (5).

    asked by Don
  4. math

    Determine whether the ordered pair is a solution of the inequality (5, 12); 6y-7x.7 Is the ordered pair a solution of the inequality? no or yes solve the system of equations by graphing. Then classify the system as consistent or inconsistent and the

    asked by mekhi
  5. Accounting

    Does anyone have any idea what the Acronym ADE / CLR stands for? Thanks for your help.

    asked by Crystal
  6. organic chemistry

    Why is it easier to remove excess acetic acid from isopentyl acetate than excess isopentyl alcohol? Sodium Bicarbonate is added but the question doesn't say anything about it.

    asked by Caleb
  7. Econ

    What is the effect of the following shocks on the short-run level of national output? a A fall in interest rates? b An appreciation of the Home currency? c A tax cut? d A tax cut in Foreign? e A drop in consumer confidence (consumer want to spend less)? f

    asked by Bo
  8. math

    use set-builder notation to describe the complete solution 5[3m-(m+6)]>-6(m-5)

    asked by jay jay
  9. Chemistry

    Given the following chemical equation: 3 Cu + 8 HNO3 = 3 Cu(NO3)2 + NO + 4 H2O. How many moles of HNO3 are required to react with 6 moles of Cu?

    asked by Persia
  10. MATH

    Team X and Team Y have a tug of war. From their starting positions Team X pulls Team Y forward 3 meters, and Team X is then pulled forward 5 meters. Team Y then pulls Team X forward 2 meters. If the first team to be pulled forward 10 meters loses, how many

    asked by LILY
  11. inventors

    the resisting force exerted on anairplane is called?

    asked by luz
  12. english essay

    a friend in need is a friend indeed

    asked by juhi
  13. english

    i need help so i may locate nouns in sentences. please help me.

    asked by kim
  14. physics

    1. It has been suggested that rotating cylinders about 11 mi long and 5.2 mi in diameter be placed in space and used as colonies. What angular speed must such a cylinder have so that the centripetal acceleration at its surface equals the free-fall

    asked by Elisa
  15. Math

    a cellular phone company offers a contract for which the cost C, in dollars, of t minutes of telephoning is given by C=0.25(t-600) + 43.95, whe it is assumed that t¡Ý 600 minutes. What time will keep costs between $82.95 and $110.95? For the cost to be

    asked by mekhi
  16. statistics

    If %1 of a popualtion are allergic to peanuts, would it be unusual for a random sample of n=1500 to result in fewer than 10 with peanut allergies? I have figured phat p=10/1500 (-0.007-0.01)/.003=-1 Z-score=-1=.1587 so Iinterpreted this to be 16 samples

    asked by Lindsey***
  17. Prayer Request

    Touch and agree with me that I will pass the ged test on Wednesday July 16th. I believe the 2250 points that is needed that my score is higher than that. Please pray for me..

    asked by keysha
  18. english

    what the noun in the sentence an extreme climate may affect your communication effectiveness.

    asked by kim
  19. history

    what is sometimes reffed to as a river of grass?

    asked by luz
  20. help me please

    Find the decimal equivalent of the mixed number 8 7/8

    asked by Ann
  21. english

    what is the noun in the sentence poor gramer may result in miscommunication.

    asked by kim
  22. math

    Find the least common multiple of 9, 10, and 30.

    asked by Ann
  23. algebra

    Can someone please help me with this? Solve ∛(x+1) = 3

    asked by C
  24. english

    hi could anyone help me i need pun words for sucker and lollipop

    asked by samantha
  25. Calculus 2

    Find the length of the spiral r=a(Theta) on [0,Pi]

    asked by Victor
  26. health

    If the Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL)is not utilized for health communication, how will it reduce health communication?

    asked by Rosa
  27. Math

    Solve by eliminnation methods 2x-4y=5 2x-4y=6 solve the system by elimination method 5x+2y= -13 7x-3y=17 Solve x+64 Determine whether the given numbers are solutions of the inequality 8,-10,-18,-3 y-8>2y-3 Solve by the substitutioj method 2m+n=9 m-5n=10

    asked by jay jay
  28. Significant figures in chemistry

    can someone please explain significant figures to me?I don't understand how to round them to the right number.

    asked by Kimberly
  29. algebra

    9b^2-(-4b)^2 is this 9b^2+4b^2 or 9b^2+16b^2?

    asked by Lindsay
  30. more math

    I have to write the following as a common fraction or mixed number. 5.679

    asked by Ann
  31. health

    which model (biomedical or biopsychosocial)is more effective in helping an ill person return to good health?

    asked by Ann
  32. experimenting

    Edgar y Ramona comer una pizza pequena y yo escribir de todas mis experiencias en mis tarjetas.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. chemistry


    asked by Persia
  34. trig/pre -calc

    hello, i don't quite understand how to do this type of problem: 1. find the exact value of sin (pi/3). even more confusing is 2. find the exact value of csc^-1 (1). i would appreciate any kind of help! thank you!

    asked by brandy
  35. problems posting

    it says I cant b/c you cant post websites but I don't have anything even referring a website

    asked by Anonymous
  36. math problem

    last question because I do not understand or know how to do this problem which it says to add 1 and choose which is correct (A)161.27 (B)67.346 (C)160.27 (D)85.949

    asked by Ann
  37. AE

    Write a 200-300 word response to Chapter 6 Journal Entry # 1 (page 229) in Introduction to the foundations of American education.

    asked by scooby91320002
  38. Healhcare

    What populations or groups were most adversely affected by deinstitutionalization?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    Phil needs to practice free throws 7/10 of an hour each day. If he has already practiced 3/10 of an hour today, how much longer does he need to practice?

    asked by Ann
  40. environmental studies

    Give a specific example to show how you might apply activity based costing to port authority operations.

    asked by Thano
  41. more math

    how do I add these mixed numbers 4 2/7 + 1 5/7

    asked by Ann
  42. AED

    A child’s perception of self varies by age and emotional development. As a professional, it is important that you recognize a child’s self image as it relates to his or her development. How do strategies that promote a healthier self-image differ as a

    asked by dawn
  43. education

    n any given multicultural classroom what are the concerns in terms of social justice for all students? how would you address these concerns? describe a strategy you might use to ensure all students are treated equally and fairly?

    asked by carol
  44. english

    When mapping out a poem's rhyme scheme and the poem exceeds the amount of letters in the latin alphabet what symbols does one use to continue mapping the rhyme scheme?

    asked by Andy
  45. history

    The Christian Church helped preserve what traditions in the German kingdoms.

    asked by Jake
  46. english

    I am having a problem figuring this out. Can anyone tell me what kind of conclusion the writer is useing? and the impact. The "R" Word How do you avoid saying "retarded"? By John Cook Posted Thursday, July 5, 2001, at 11:30 PM ET We've been hearing an

    asked by Anonymous
  47. progra

    how would i be able to write a function module for average from this pseudo-code and then use it to write an algorithm. Sum integer Num integer Count integer Count:= 0 Sum:=0 Dowhile count

    asked by alberto
  48. Algebra

    3x-2=0 Solving for x, need step by step instruction?

    asked by Danielle
  49. liteture

    the little mermaid was written by?

    asked by luz
  50. Calc.

    For the function ƒ(x) = x^3 - 8x + 3, calculate where a = 5 and h = 2. Simplify before substitution (the simplifying is where I am having problems...not sure if my answer is right). Thanks. Using the limits equation.

    asked by Derek
  51. Geography

    How might higher levels of development of a country be related to temperate locations??

    asked by Mandy
  52. Calc.

    verify that lim h>0 (e^x+h -e^h)/h=e^x and explain how this illustrates that ƒ′(x) = ln e • ƒ(x) = ƒ(x)... The notes for this section suck big time, so I really don't know where to begin with this. Thanks!

    asked by Derek
  53. algebra

    I am really stuck, can someone please help me with this? Multiply and simplify by factoring. Assume that all expressions under radcals represent nonnegative numbers. (type in radical form) ∛(y^13 ) ∛(16y^14 )

    asked by C
  54. math

    translate to an algebra statement. seven times the difference of six and twice a number yields the same result as the same number decreased by one

    asked by melissa
  55. World Civ

    Who was the ruler of the German kingdom of the Franks?

    asked by John
  56. math

    How can I solve 3*x^2+y^2=300?

    asked by mathexplorer
  57. Env Science

    Why is a cornfield more vulnerable to harm from insects and disease than a grassland?

    asked by Mia
  58. math

    write the following as a common fraction or mixed number in it's lowest term 6.38

    asked by Ann
  59. science

    need questions pages 686-736?

    asked by lillt
  60. present value

    The present value P that will amount to A dollars in n years with interest compounded annually at annual interest rate r, is given by P = A (1 + r) -^n. Find the present value that will amount to $50,000 in 20 years at 8% compounded annually.

    asked by Don
  61. Earth Science

    1. Using included fragments to estimate the age of a rock unit. Pieces of granite were found in conglomerate (a) that gave a radiometric date of 320 Ma. Also, fragments of the rhyolite (b) and granite (c) were found in conglomerate (a). Given this

    asked by Sam
  62. Marketing

    Describe the three principal managerial roles identified by Henry Mintzberg.

    asked by China
  63. Business Finance

    Describe briefly what is meant by activity based costing.

    asked by Thano
  64. Algebra - polynomial

    If a manufacturer charges p dollars each for rugby shirts, then he expects to sell 2000 – 100p shirts per week, What polynomial represents the total revenue expected for a week? How many shirts will be sold if the manufacturer charges $200 each for the

    asked by Don
  65. math

    11/15+7/10-2/5 how do I do this problem?

    asked by Ann
  66. Algebra

    The length of a rectangular lot is 50 feet more than the width. If the perimeter is 500 feet, then what are the length and width?

    asked by Don
  67. health-care

    From the perspective of a caregiver, would you prefer traditional insurance or one of the managed care options (HMO,PPO) and why? I need direct answers please, I'm not a health-care professional or caregiver, so I don't know which to choose.

    asked by Matt
  68. Math

    Soybean meal is 18% protein; cornmeal is 9% protein. how many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 360lb mixture that is 11% protein? How many pounds of the cornmeal should be in the mixture? How many pounds of the soybeans meal should

    asked by boo boo
  69. another math question

    Divide by moving the decimal point 52.3 divided by 10 5

    asked by Ann
  70. english

    list of rhyming words for std 2

    asked by hriday