Questions Asked on
July 9, 2008

  1. chem

    "Yule logs are simulated wood logs make of compressed paper that burn with a red and green flame.How would you produce a similar yule log?"

    asked by jennifer
  2. math calc.

    Differentiate g(x)=x^(2^1/2)+(x^3/2^1/2)+e^(2^1/2)+(2e^x)^1/2

    asked by nam
  3. home school

    What are 3-4 writing skills that you feel are important? Why are the skills you have identified important? Begin planning your essay by using a prewriting activity, such as freewriting, mapping, brainstorming, etc. to develop ideas for your essay

    asked by susan
  4. English

    1. I can swim very well. 2. I can't swim very well. How can we distinguish 'can' from 'can't'? How do we pronounce 'can'?

    asked by John
  5. physics

    During a particular thunderstorm, the electric potential difference between a cloud and the ground is Vcloud-Vground= 1.3x10^8, with the cloud being at the higher potential. What is the change in an electron's electric potential energy when the electron

    asked by H
  6. Calc.

    I am so confused with this last part of the unit! What in the world is going on: Use normal vectors to determine the interaction, if any, for each of the following pairs of planes. Give a geometric interpretation in each case and the number of solutions

    asked by Derek
  7. English

    In which one of the following complete subjects agrees with the predicate "has learned spanish"? A.Jennifer and her class B.The twins,Tina and Terry, C.Neither Jane nor Henry D.Either Samuel or his children I think its "C" am i correct?

    asked by AK
  8. Chemistry

    KClO3 decomposes in the presence of MnO2 to form oxygen gas, collected over H2O at 23.0 degrees C and a barometric pressure of 754.2 torr, as described in the experimental description. After the pressure of the oxygen gas is equalized with atmospheric

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math

    Help needed! round 1.16 to the nearest tenth

    asked by Anna
  10. English

    Which of the following includes an error in subject-verb agreement? A.Carrie and Lucille work in the cafeteria. B. Either June or his children are going to the movie tonight. C.Neither Hannibal nor her pups is in the kitchen. D.Laverne,who's married,and

    asked by AK
  11. Spanish

    Escribe una descripcion de tu dormitorio o tu dormitorio ideal y las cosas que estan en el dormitorio. I posted before about this and I really WAS just wondering but I'm confused on what they're looking for. I understand the list things in your dorm part.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    Person 1 was walking down a path one day when Person2 appeared in front of it at exactly 8:06 AM. The next day, Person 1 was walking down the same path, and Person 2 appeared in front of it at 6:03 PM. The next day, the same thing happened at 11:05 AM. The

    asked by Blair
  13. 205

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table? A) The total value of property owned by Black residents in Washington during the

    asked by Anonymous
  14. English

    I am going to play cricket. I am not going to play cricket. Are you going to play cricket? Yes, I am./ No, I'm not. 1. What are you going to play? I'm going to play cricket. 2. What are you going to do? I'm going to play cricket. ------------------- All

    asked by John
  15. MATHS

    I have three questions: 1. What is the remainder when 27 to the power of 1001 is divided by 13? 2. What is the remainder of when 38 to the power of 101 is divided by 13? 3. How do you show that 70 x 27 (to the power of 1001) + 31 x 38(to the power of 101)

    asked by JOHN
  16. Statistics

    Data is collected from a large city. The growth of adolescents over the course of puberty is normally distributed with a mean of 5.26 and a standard deviation of 0.50 inches. a) what percentage of adolescents in this city grew less than 4.5 inches? b) what

    asked by Judy
  17. English

    1. I'm going to travel to Europe this summer vacation. 2. I'm going to travel in Europe this summer vacation. Which one is corect? Do I have to use 'in' or 'to'?

    asked by John
  18. 205

    From the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, the Inca empire flourished in the Andes Mountains. It maintained an eleven-thousand-mile network of stone-paved roads. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Which

    asked by Anonymous
  19. English (please read)

    Hi. I am suppose to write an essay based on a Sherlock Holmes short story. Our teacher wants us to pick an image from the story and explain why that image is important in the story. The image I selected it "Cooee!" and it is an important part of the story

    asked by Roxy
  20. ECONOMICS 205

    what assumptions does the perfect model make? are the realistic? For example, does it view competition in a static or a dynamic sense? is it a good model

    asked by sugrbare24
  21. chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 2.80 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH(aq) with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HCl(aq)? with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HC2H3O2(aq)? mL of NaOH pH w/HCl pH w/HC2H3O2 2.80 ? ? okay, so i tried m1v1=m2v2 and when i got m2 i would

    asked by UN
  22. physics

    a jet engine moves along an expiremental track (which we call the x axis) we will treat the engine as if it were a particle. its position as a function of time is given by the equation x=At²+B, where capitol A = 2.10m/s² + B=2.80m. -determine the

    asked by anonymous
  23. 205

    For some philosophers, writing is an unfortunate necessity, a means of communication that is at best irrelevant to the philosophical thought it expresses and at worst a barrier to that thought. The words in which the philosophical investigator writes up

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Algebra

    Someone please help me with this The equation y=-1777x+27,153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in the United states x years after 2000.That is x= 0 corresponds to the year 2000. x=3 corresponds top 2003x=6 corresponds to 2006 and son on.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. English

    Hi I'm currently studying the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (novel by Muriel Sparks) in a drama class. We're studying dramatic irony at the moment. In what ways is the reader more aware of what is happening than the characters are in the novel (i.e dramatic

    asked by Lexy
  26. Algebra

    I am so lost can someone please help me Trains A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 80 miles per hour and train B is traveling at 100 miles per hour. Train A passes a station at 11:15am. If train B passes

    asked by Janice
  27. Calc.-Blanking!

    Wow, so it is late and I can't think! How do I put this into scalar form: r=(6,0,1) + t(3,1,2)? thanks!

    asked by Derek
  28. Sociology

    Scenario 1: The trip scheduled for Mexio during spring break has been cancelled due to the bankruptcy of the bus company. You must tell 25 of your classmates that the trip has been cancelled and that they have lost their $100 deposit. How will you convey

    asked by Peaches
  29. English

    Can you give me a sentence that the simple subject also is the complete subject in it

    asked by AK
  30. Algebra

    I am stuck on this question The length of a rectangle is fixed at 26 cm what widths will make the perimeter greater than 82 cm?

    asked by kelli
  31. American Government

    Which of the following services is usually NOT run at the city level but rather at the state or federal? a. inspecting and licensing restaurants b building permits c. fire department d. drinking water I believe the answer is a

    asked by Mickeyv
  32. Spanish

    (I don't know how to type the accent marks) Que esta haciendo cada persona para arreglar cada cuarto? Use the present progressive tense. La casa esta muy desordenada. Papa y Mama estan en la cocina donde hay muchos platos sucios (1). Cecilia esta en el

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Calc.

    Use normal vectors to determine the intersection, if any, for each of the following groups of three planes. Give a geometric interpretation in each case and the number of solutions for the corresponding linear system of equations. If the planes intersect

    asked by Derek
  34. English

    which one of the following word is a singular verb? A.sees C.shirts D.walk I think it's A.sees am i correct

    asked by AK
  35. Calculus

    Use normal vectors to determine the intersection, if any, for each of the following groups of three planes. Give a geometric interpretation in each case and the number of solutions for the corresponding linear system of equations. If the planes intersect

    asked by Nicole
  36. precalc: elimating the parameter

    hi, i'm having trouble understanding the concept of eliminating the parameter to obtain an equation in x and y alone. can anyone please solve this problem and explain it? thank you so much. x = 3T-4 y= = 1-2T (0

    asked by joseph
  37. Calc.

    Use normal vectors to determine the intersection, if any, for each of the following groups of three planes. Give a geometric interpretation in each case and the number of solutions for the corresponding linear system of equations. If the planes intersect

    asked by Derek
  38. English

    "I think it would be best to study the problem carefully. dose this sentence make s statement or gives a command.

    asked by AK
  39. English

    identify the simple subject in this sentence."There are too many people on this elevator." I think that the simple subject is people. am i correct.

    asked by AK
  40. Physics

    the question is: an unknown substance has a vol. of 20ft^3 and weighs 3370 lb. What is the weight density? I took 20ft^3 and converted it to 6.096m^3 and converted 3370 lb mass to 15165 Neutons so taking that divided by 6.096 m^3 I got 2,488 N/m^3. Is this

    asked by Anonymous
  41. MATHS

    A publishing company invited representatives from a certain number of schools to its presentation where it planned to donate 3050 books to the schools so that they would all get the same number of books. However, 11 of the schools did not come to the

    asked by freida
  42. Business

    You are being interviewed for a business consultant position, and your interviewer has asked you to discuss which social responsibility approach you believe the following scenarios fall into obstructionist, defensive, accommodative, or proactive. Please

    asked by Yvonne
  43. physics

    what is the formula for finding the magnitude of average acceleration simplified into length, velocity, time, and delta units?

    asked by Gwen
  44. 205

    Two arguments in the article. Outline the premises and conclusions of each argument you find. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, produced a response among American officials, the media, and the public that is probably matched only by the attack

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Latin

    just from looking at the verb, is there a way to determine what conjugation it is in?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. English

    Posted by John on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 5:24pm. 1. I can swim very well. 2. I can't swim very well. How can we distinguish 'can' from 'can't'? How do we pronounce 'can'? Responses English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 5:35pm To hear the

    asked by John
  47. english

    Detective Homer Fry and jenine Small looked high and low for clues. is the simple subject also the complete subject in this sentence?

    asked by AK
  48. eth. need some info please

    Ms. Sue, Please guide me to some info or data in order to discuss this statement. According Pyne, how have post-9-11 government responses affected prejudice and discrimination against Muslims, Arabs, and related groups? List two to three characteristics of

    asked by rose- (Ms. Sue)
  49. english

    Detective Homer Fry and jenine Small looked high and low for clues. Cory drove to middleton in his search for Eloise. Dose one of these sentence have simple subject also be its complete subject.

    asked by K
  50. science

    what is a flatcurved surface called

    asked by erica
  51. 205

    What type of introduction does the writer use? What is the impact of that kind of introduction in this essay? The work that we do and the attitude with which we approach and complete our assigned tasks have a significant impact on the way we define

    asked by Anonymous

    1. A new religious group has formed in the city of Boulder that worships mountain peaks. The members of this group believe that the way to spiritual fulfillment is to live in public parks, worship the nearby mountains, and sell jewelry that the members

    asked by EVA
  53. Psychology

    Will you please give me an article discusses the effects of optimism on physical and psychological health.(you may need to find two articles in order to cover both the physical and the psychological areas).

    asked by BaBa
  54. COM220

    What's some suggestion of an controversial,supportable, and sound topic for a research paper?

    asked by Tim
  55. English

    1. I will go abroad. 2. I am going to go abroad. What is the difference between #1 and #2? Are both the same?

    asked by John
  56. IT

    Write a 200- to 300-word description of at least two professions in these fields.

    asked by James
  57. Biology 20

    What are he two processes that must occur to phosphates before they can cycle directly from organisms to the exchange pool and back to organisms?

    asked by Sara
  58. Math

    I am having trouble translating this to an algebraic expression The product of 18% and some number

    asked by Anonymous
  59. English

    which one of the following sentence does the verb agree with the subject? A.The book that explains the plays is on the shelf. B.There is a million reasons why I shouldn't go. C.who is the people in the potograph? D.Here is the reasons we can't start the

    asked by AK
  60. statistics

    16 people attend party.A party table with,8 chairs on both sides.4 want to sit on one side & 2 want to sit otherside.Find the no of ways this can be arranged.

    asked by indu
  61. Algebra

    Someone please help me I have g(x)=7/5-5x It says to find the domain I am unsure how to write it out as it is all real numbers I wrote it like this is it correct? {x|x>4/5} The > sign has a underline under it*****

    asked by Anonymous