Questions Asked on
July 3, 2008

  1. music read

    Does anyone know any tricks to help me remember the musical notes?

    asked by Marett
  2. Algebra

    Evaluate the function at the given value of the independent variable and simplify. f(x) = 2x2 - 5x + 6; f(x - 1)

    asked by Dan
  3. physical science

    A 250.0 kg roller coaster car has 20,000.0 J of potential energy at the top of the hill. Neglecting frictional losses, what is the velocity of the car at the bottom of the hill?

    asked by shannon
  4. Calculus

    Use a specific example then expand to the general case to determine what happens under scalar multiplication. That is, determine if k(a * b) = (ka) *b = a* (kb)? What does this even mean? Merci beaucoup. I am thankful for the help.

    asked by Simone
  5. information management

    List and describe each of the seven phases of the systems development life cycle. Make sure your descriptions make connections between the different phases – how one leads to another, the importance of each, etc.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chemistry

    I would love some input on a few problems, listed below. My answers follow the questions 1. Would it be feasable to store a solution of lead nitrate in a container of metallic zinc? Why or why not? No, it would not. A chemical reaction takes place, as the

    asked by delany
  7. Physics ***HELP***

    please explain how you got the answer car A - 20m/s car B - 30m/s Assume that both cars are 5m long. Suppose that car B is 20m behind car A is attempting to overtake car A. How long will it take for car B to arrive 10m ahead of car A?

    asked by Tom
  8. Algebra 1

    If the sides of a square are lengthened by 8cm, the area becomes 289cm^2. Find the length of a side of the original square. I do not know how to do this please help me.

    asked by Cynthia
  9. Maths - More than one question please help me

    Hi everyone :) I need a lot of help. I have many questions i don't get how to do and even if you can help me with one of them, I'd truly appreciate it. I really need the help and i gotta hand this in soon so please help if you know how to do any of these

    asked by sweetG
  10. Algebra

    Can someone please help me with this I am so confused I have been working on it for 2 hrs!! Bayside Insurance offers two health plans under plan A Gary would have to pay the first $70 off his medical bills plus 30% of the rest. Under plan B Gary would pay

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Calculus:Help!

    Any ideas on how to solve this: Use a vector solution to show that a scalar equation for the line through the points P1(x1, y1) and P2(x2, y2) is y-y1/x-x1 = y2-y1/x2-x1? Very confused as to what is meant by this question. Thanks.

    asked by Derek
  12. English Improving writing rough draft

    Please take a look at this this is what I am turing in (tomorrow) Prewriting Prewriting Paragraph 1 The problem is Jack and Rachel often have nothing to do Bonnie and Molly are working extra and have to work over time Melanie and Jessica share an

    asked by Kaleigh-Anne
  13. Chemistry

    A sample of O2 gas is placed in a sealed 1.00 L flask and pressure is measured as temperature is changed. The data are plotted and the slope of the resulting line is equal to 0.00400 atm/K. The line passes through the origin of the graph. There are (blank)

    asked by Jessica
  14. Chemistry

    Balance the equation: _MnO4– + _H+ + _Fe2+ => _Mn2+ + _H2O + _Fe3+ How do you do balance this redox reaction?

    asked by Tom
  15. chemistry

    could some one please help to calculate the fraction of octahedral holes occupied by aluminium in Al2O3

    asked by aoife
  16. Math

    You are a policeman on a case in which you believe there is a strong suspect. Based on your overall experience, your prior knowledge of this “person of interest,” and the evidence you’ve seen against him thus far, you believe that when he claims to

    asked by Cami
  17. second post algebra

    does anyone have a clue how to do this. I am so lost. If you can please explan why you do what you do when working this out so maybe i can better understand this. thanks a bunch. Prove (algebraically, not numerically) that the product of the solutions of

    asked by jean
  18. Algebra

    In a right triangle find the length of the side not given. b=1, c=sqrt10, a need help

    asked by Sam
  19. information management

    Why is the waterfall model valuable in the management of information technology projects? Explain your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. algebra

    Find the LCM for u^3 + 6u^2 + 9u, u^2 - 6u I came up with u(u+3)(u-6) is this correct?

    asked by C
  21. Math

    I can't calculate 1 as the answer given to the following problem. I keep getting 2. Can you show me where am I going wrong? The spread of rumor among 100 people can be approximated by the equation log10(x) – log10(100-x) = (0.1)t – log10(90), where x

    asked by Chris
  22. maths

    an amount gets doubled in 15 years with compund intrest.In how many years amount will become 8 times,using the same compund intrest ?

    asked by indu
  23. maths

    there is a long table having 8 chairs on each side .there are 16 persons who are to be seated for a tea party.4 of them want to sit on a particular side and 2 other want to sit on the other side. in how many ways all the 16 people may be seated for the tea

    asked by indu
  24. Algebra

    x-8/x-9-x+1/x+9+x-17/x^2-81 =x^3-81x^2-7x-27/x^2. Can some check this my answer and see if it corre4ct please.

    asked by Cynthia
  25. physical science

    how much current flows through a circuit if the resistance is 4 ohms and there is a 12-volt battery?

    asked by Ajnaba
  26. Chemistry

    The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 257C is 900 mm Hg. If the pressure of the air in the flask is 762 mm Hg, the vapor pressure of ethanol is (blank) mm Hg.

    asked by Sarah
  27. HRM 240

    How can large and small firms utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands?

    asked by angel
  28. Calculus

    Determine a vector equation for the line through the points (-1, 4) and (2, -1). I said: r= (-1,4) + (4,-5), tER, is that correct?

    asked by Derek
  29. Chemistry

    A gas initially at 20 degrees C it must be changed to (blank) degrees C to triple the pressure.

    asked by Robin
  30. Calculus:Help!

    Verify using an example that a + ( b• c) = (a •b ) +c ? Explain your reasoning. I have been over this a thousand times and I don't understand (the notes I was given online are incorrect so I don't know how to answer this). THANKS!

    asked by Derek
  31. ethnic

    What information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to specific minority groups? Have you learned something new about your own cultural history? Trends in immigration will continue to shape the face of

    asked by nik
  32. Algebra 1

    (4x^6-7)(x^8-4) = 4x^14-7x^8-16x^6+28 Check my answer please.

    asked by Diane
  33. government

    What phase in the Declaration of Independence might be considered by some to violate the implied constitutional principle of the separation of church and state

    asked by Lenanne
  34. Marketing

    There was a time when the presence of web based e-commerce was distinctive and differentiating. Is it a price of entry today?

    asked by China
  35. Algebra 1

    quadratic equation. ax^2+bx+c=0 Solution 1,only solution. Can you help me I am struggling to work this out.

    asked by Cynthia
  36. biology

    what is the procedure for water sampling

    asked by cbba
  37. Algebra

    Can anyone explain this equation. Simplify by removing factors of 1. q^2-64/(q+8)^2

    asked by Brittney