Questions Asked on
July 2, 2008

  1. Math

    The population of a slowly growing bacterial colony after t hours is given by p(t)=3t2+29t+150 . Find the growth rate after 4 hours?

    asked by Bee
  2. Calculus

    An air ambulance is travelling from Barrie to Toronto. Toronto is located 90 km [S5°E] of Barrie. If the wind is blowing from the South with a velocity of 62 km/h, and the plane’s air speed is 375 km/h, what direction must the pilot fly to make it to

    asked by Derek
  3. Math

    The population of a slowly growing bacterial colony after t hours is given by p(t)=3t2+29t+150 . Find the growth rate after 4 hours?

    asked by Bee
  4. Calc.

    If the Queen Bee leaves the hive and travels 210 m [N32°E] and then 37 m [S51°W], how far and in what direction is the bee from its hive? I am unsure of my final answer, can someone please explain this so I know if I am doing this right? THANKS!

    asked by Sarah
  5. chemistry

    I would love some input on a few problems, listed below. My answers follow the questions 1. Would it be feasable to store a solution of lead nitrate in a container of metallic zinc? Why or why not? No, it would not. A chemical reaction takes place, as the

    asked by delany
  6. physics

    The force shown in the figure below is the net eastward force acting on a ball. The force starts rising at t=0.012 s, falls back to zero at t=0.062 s, and reaches a maximum force of 35 N at the peak. Determine with an error no bigger than 25% (high or low)

    asked by Elisa
  7. English

    I am worried about his health. I am concerned about his health. I worry about his health. Are all grammatical? (above) Which one is commonly used? Would you let me know other similar expressions? I don't like both of them. (Is this the following in

    asked by John
  8. physics

    The force sensor measures the force on the sensor due to the bumper, but the cart's momentum change arises from the force on the cart due to the bumper. Which of the following facts are needed to assert that the magnitude of these two forces are nearly

    asked by Elisa
  9. Easy Chem 2

    17) How many moles of NO2 are in 2.3g

    asked by ScienceKid
  10. chemistry 1c

    The first step of the synthesis is described by the reaction below. When 2.000 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 6H2O is mixed with 13 mL of 1.0 M H2C2O4, the theoretical yield of FeC2O42H2O is grams. Fe(NH4)2(SO4)26H2O(s) + H2C2O4(aq) FeC2O42H2O(s) + (NH4)2SO4(aq) +

    asked by here
  11. Calculus

    So, yet again, I am confused! State whether or not the following statements are true. Justify your reasoning. a). a• ( b+c ) = a• b + a • c b.) a × ( b+c ) = a × b + a × c c.) a × ( b•c ) = a × b • a × c Thanks, again!

    asked by Derek
  12. Macroeconomics

    Why do we consider a business-cycle expansion different from long-run economic growth? Why do we care about the size of the long-run growth rate of real GDP versus the size of the growth rate of the population?

    asked by Sara
  13. English

    1. On the way home I met my old friend. What is the part of speech of 'home'? Is it an adverb? Then, what does 'home' modify? 2. Probably tomorrow he'll come back. 3. Maybe tomorrow he'll come back. What is the difference between 'probably' and 'maybe'? 4.

    asked by John
  14. English

    9. Four Seasons in One Day? READ AND LEARN Tony : Hello, may I speak to Mr. Smith? Miss Ford : Who's calling, please? Tony : This is Tony. I'm Mr. Smith's son. Miss Ford : Oh, hello. Hold on a second. Mr. Smith : Hi, Tony. What time is it in Korea? Tony :

    asked by John
  15. chemistry

    In the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron (II) ion in acidic solution to form iron (III) ion and water, the oxidizing agent is

    asked by same
  16. physics

    A bat hits a moving baseball. If the bat delivers a net eastward impulse of 0.7 N-s and the ball starts with an initial horizontal velocity of 3.8 m/s to the west and leaves with a 5.2 m/s velocity to the east, what is the mass of the ball (in grams)?

    asked by Elisa
  17. history

    Compare Nixon's policies of engagment to foreign policy strategies during the Cold War

    asked by Bobby
  18. Summer School Calculus

    Not sure of this: Describe three situations in which you may want to know the projection of one vector onto another. Merci for the help!

    asked by Miley
  19. URGENT! Calc

    If vector |a| = 12 cm, |b| = 13 cm, and the angle between them when placed tail to tail is 35°, find a • b to the nearest centimetre a) a • b = 57 b) a • b = 8 c) a • b = 11 d) a • b = 24

    asked by Girwusup
  20. Macroeconomics

    When one person saves, that person’s wealth is increased, meaning that he or she can consume more in the future. But when everyone saves, everyone’s income falls, meaning that everyone must consume less today. Explain this seeming contradiction.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. English

    Mother wants to see you. Father wants to see you. Sister wants to see you. Brother wants to see you. Uncle wants to see you. Aunt wants to see you. -------------------- Are the expressions above all correct? Do I have to write "Your aunt wants to see

    asked by John
  22. English

    I am writing a research paper about the developments in literature during the Romantic Period... In today’s society our interpretation of the word ‘Romantic’ might mean an intimate walk on the beach enjoying the pastel painted sunset-sky, a

    asked by Emily
  23. Algebra

    3x-27/55÷x-9/15x my answer is =3(11x^2-4)/11x is this correct

    asked by Brenna
  24. early childhood

    What examples of apprenticeships can you think of in infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, early adolescence and late adolescence?

    asked by sharen
  25. Algebra

    SIMPLIFY BY REMOVING FACTORS OF 1. q^2-64/(q+8)^2 q^4+16q^3+64q^2-64/(q+8)^2 is this answer correct, can you help me .

    asked by Cynthia
  26. Algebra 1

    I am kinda confused on this can someone help me? As you are leaving the community, you notice another new community just down the street. Because you are in the area, you decide to inquire about it. The sales representative here tells you they also have

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Algebra

    add. (5r^4-3r^3+3r^2+14r-8)+(r^5+8r^3+7r^2-3r+5)+(-8r^4+r^2-8r-9)the answer I came up with is r^5-3r^4+5r^3+11r^2+3r-12. This is my first time doing this can someone help me to see if this is correct.That is one whole equation.

    asked by Diane
  28. English

    A: Who's calling,please? B: This is Mom speaking. What is omitted before 'speaking'? Is 'who is' dropped before 'speaking'?

    asked by John
  29. Algebra

    Factor. v^2+12v+36 my answer was (v+6)^2 Can you check this for me.

    asked by Cynthia
  30. enviromental science

    What exactly are the differances of conservation and preservation?

    asked by cj
  31. this is a survey i have to do

    STORY: MY QUESTION: after you read the story: DO you agree with Susan that all Kerry is saying is that Patti is thin with shape STORY: The two players are Kerry and Patti. Kerry and Patti who were having a conversation about many things and then all of a

    asked by wondirwomen
  32. Math:Calculus

    State whether or not the following statements are true. Justify your reasoning. a. a• ( b+c ) = a• b + a • c b. a × ( b+c ) = a × b + a × c c. a × ( b•c ) = a × b • a × c Appreciating any help!

    asked by Moriel
  33. Algebra


    asked by Kim
  34. English

    Posted by John on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 4:36pm. 9. Four Seasons in One Day? READ AND LEARN Tony : Hello, may I speak to Mr. Smith? Miss Ford : Who's calling, please? Tony : This is Tony. I'm Mr. Smith's son. Miss Ford : Oh, hello. Hold on a second.

    asked by John
  35. Chemistry

    How many electrons are transferred in the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron (II) ion in acidic solution to form iron (III) ion and water?

    asked by Stefany
  36. Algebra

    Solve. ã9x+81=x+5 this is my answer:x=35+3ã61/2,35-3ã61/2 is this correct.

    asked by Jack
  37. Easy Chemistry

    How many atoms are there in 1.0 gram of iron, Fe?

    asked by ScienceKid
  38. psychology

    This is a survey for school: STORY: My question: Do you agree with Alicia’s friend - give details? This conversation took place at a local drugstore between Alicia (a customer) and Francine (who works in the store). Keep in mind that Alicia and Francine

    asked by wondirwomen
  39. Health Care

    I am need of some help with this; Employees from the billing department are not receiving the accurate codes and information needed for data entry,slowing production and payment for the doctor. As head of the billing department, you have been delegated to

    asked by Anonymous
  40. microeconomics

    Veena always consumes 3 times as much y as she consumes x. She will consume these goods in no other ratio. The price of x is three times the price of y. Veena has an endowment of 18 units of x & 78 units of y which she can trade at the ongoing prices. She

    asked by Swagata
  41. Macroeconomics

    In an economy, in a given year the production of capital goods increases by Rs.100, of which Rs.80 worth of goods can be sold in the mkt. In the same year there takes place a simultaneous decline in the import of Rs.30 worth of capital goods. Everything

    asked by Swagata
  42. Grammar

    This is silly, really. What is the possessive form of class? Is it "center of the class’s attention" or center of the class' attention"? I think it's the first one, but I don't know for sure. Thanks!

    asked by Amy
  43. AE

    In any given multicultural classroom, what are the concerns in terms of social justice for all students? How could we address these concerns? Describe a strategy we might use to ensure that all students are treated equally and fairly?

    asked by scooby91320002
  44. CALCULUS!!!!!

    Given the vectors a = (1, 3, 4) and b = (4, 5, -4), what is the angle between the two given vectors to the nearest degree?

    asked by Mathlicious
  45. gender roles

    please help me find pictures about gender sensitivity and gender equality...

    asked by klar maesen
  46. MAth

    help me please Many people are interested in losing weight through exercise. An important fact to consider is that a person needs to burn off 3,500 calories more than he or she takes in to lose 1 pound, according to the American Dietetic Association. The

    asked by dawn
  47. algerba

    does anyone have a clue how to do this. I am so lost. If you can please explan why you do what you do when working this out so maybe i can better understand this. thanks a bunch. Prove (algebraically, not numerically) that the product of the solutions of

    asked by jean
  48. Physics - same ? as marina but im smarter, lol

    Marina is my bf and we both attend a educational program called proyecto science. In it, when we were to attend the physics course, we had this ?: T = 2ð² L/G in this equation, T represents time, L represents Length and G represents Gravity. We are

    asked by shivangi
  49. Algebra

    (11xy)¯^5/^7= 1/(11xy)¯^5/^7 Is this answer correct. Can someone tell me if I did this expression right. The instructions are to rewrite the following expression with positive exponenets.

    asked by Kim
  50. physics

    i do not get this question at all and if u could help it'd be a real HUGE help. solve these equations (sorry i do not have the symbols so i will just write the words out. sorry again for any inconveniance. ): time= 2pi x squareroot of length/gravity ....i

    asked by marina
  51. COM220

    Do you think Eliminating Negative Thinking is a controversial, supportable and sound topic for a research paper?

    asked by Zoe
  52. English

    * This is Tony. I'm Mr. Smith's son. How do you pronounce 'Smith's son'? It's difficult to pronounce. * Hold on a second. Q1) Is 'for' omitted before 'a second'? Q2) What is the opposite of 'hold on' in the telephone conversation? Q3) Can we use 'hang on'

    asked by John
  53. critical thinking

    The New York steak, the Maine lobster, and the beef stroganoff at that restaurant are all exceptionally good. All the entrees are excellent.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Algebra

    let do some corrctions sqrt9x+81=x+5= answer was x=35+3sqrt61/2,35-3sqrt61/2. please work with me.

    asked by Jack
  55. Algebra

    Factor the trinomial. t^3-4t^2-32t = t(t+4)(t-8) can someone help me pleaseand check my answer.

    asked by Cynthia
  56. scien- need some info.

    Need some infos. that could help me answer this questions. four factors that produce changes in population size.

    asked by rose - Ms. sue
  57. English

    1. Fast food is bad for health. 2. Fast food is poor for health. 3. He is bad at swimming. 4. He is poor at swimming. Is #2 correct? Can we use 'poor' instead of 'bad'? I think both #3 and #4 are grammatical. Am I right?

    asked by John
  58. Science

    How do we write numbers in standard notation?

    asked by Iris
  59. algebra

    Can someone please help me, I'm stuck. Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined. 7/(3v+7)

    asked by C
  60. Science-Biology

    How does the blood cell reproduce?

    asked by Alkira
  61. Integers

    When you add integers, why do you subtract? -9+5=-4. I do not understand why there is an addition sign. How do you know when you are suppose to subtract.

    asked by beth
  62. Spanish

    I need help in breaking this down. Write a conversation of at least 6 sentences among two or three students. They introduce themselves, ask each other what they do, where they go and with whom. They explain what they like and dislike about their

    asked by Anonymous
  63. help

    Subtract. Simplify by collecting like radical terms if possible. 3sqrt18-3sqrt2 =6sqrt2 I did help.

    asked by Anne
  64. Algebra

    Can I get some help on this one I need to know if I got the right answer on this equation. Factor. v^2+12v+36 my answer was (v+6)^2 Can you check this for me.

    asked by Cynthia
  65. Algebra

    Solve. x^2+6x-4=0 x=-3+ã13,-3-ã13

    asked by Anthony
  66. Math

    what do u do when the exponent is a fraction?

    asked by Taylor