Questions Asked on
June 30, 2008

  1. Chemistry

    For each substance, write the formula(s) of all species you expect to be present in aqueous solution in the first column. If there are significant minor species, write their formulas in the last column. If the substance is only slightly soluble, use the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Calculus

    Suppose a box on a frictionless ramp is being pulled by a rope with a tension of 350 N making an angle of 50° to the horizontal ground. If the angle of incline of the ramp is 20°, and the box is pulled 5 m, determine the amount of work done. Hint: Draw a

    asked by Hugsy
  3. english

    We have to state why the following sentences are not gramatical: a) Robin forced the sheriff go (I know there should be a "to" before the go, but I don't get the "rule" of why its gramatically incorrect) f) He came a large sum of money g) Did in a corner

    asked by anon
  4. Calculus

    Two math students erect a sun shade on the beach. The shade is 1.5 m tall, 2 m wide, and makes an angle of 60° with the ground. What is the area of shade that the students have to sit in at 12 noon (that is, what is the projection of the shade onto the

    asked by What?!
  5. Statistics

    What are the grand mean, the UCL and the LCL of a control chart for the mean? Why do you suppose + (with underline) standard errors are used in control charts and not two standard errors or even one standard error?

    asked by Crystal
  6. Psychology

    What is a situation where you think it is especially important to make a positive first impression? How do you try to ensure you make a favorable first impression? How can what you do to make a positive impression differ from situation to situation? For

    asked by Donna
  7. algebra

    1).Map. On a map, the coordinates of the corners of a town are A(0.5),B(2,3.5), C(5,1.5), and D(3,1) The map is dilated so that the perimeter of the town is five times its original perimeter. Find the coordinates of C. a. (25,7.5) b. (1,0.3) c. (25,1.5) d.

    asked by Mary
  8. English

    1. He spent much money on clothes. 2. He spent too much money in buying books. 3. He spends lots of money traveling to many countries. 4. He spends plenty of time watching TV. 5. He spent a lot of time in buying items in the department store. Are all

    asked by John
  9. algebra

    question The square root of a negative number is imaginary. That is you cannot find, for example, sqrt(-49) . Why? my answer Yes you can, however this is aginst the normal operations non the less we are dealing with iminiganary numbers so, as such the

    asked by tony
  10. English

    Which of the following is a compound sentence? a. Kim will take her daughter, shopping when she learn to behave in public. b. Sue gave Jim a new racket, and he left for the tennis courts. c. Rain and heavy winds caused damage along the coast. d. We found

    asked by Jacqueline
  11. English writing

    Can a thesis statement have the word BECAUSE? For example, Cats make better housepets because they are friendly, clean, and trained.

    asked by Ingle
  12. algebra

    1. Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that passes through (3,5) and (-2,1). 2. Describe the system 6x-2y=10 and 9x-3y=8 as consistent and independent, consistent and dependent, or inconsistent. Explain

    asked by John

    Is this correct. t^3-4t^2-32t=t(t+4)(t-8) Factor the trinomial.

    asked by Cynthia
  14. English

    I need help locating a British painting from the Victorian Era to write an analysis on and connect with the literature of the time.

    asked by Adams
  15. biology

    How is recombinant DNA technology used today? I have to use bacterial chromosomal or genomic DNA,plasmid,restriction enzyme, vector, sticky end, transformation, DNA ligase, gene cloning,restriction fragment, and restriction site in the answer.

    asked by H
  16. Biology

    Why are plasmids a good way to carry new DNA into host cells?

    asked by H
  17. Biology

    Can fragments from two different species (human and bacteria) that are cut by the same restriction enzyme be joined? what enzyme would be necessary?

    asked by H
  18. English

    1. One hundred kg is heavy. 2. One thousand dollars is much. 3. One thoudand km is long. Are all the sentences grammatical? Do we have to use the singular verb 'is'? What about the plural verb 'are'?

    asked by John
  19. English

    1. I remember writing a letter. 2. I remember that I wrote a letter. 3. I remember to write a letter. 4. I remember that I have to write a letter. Does #2 mean #1? Does #3 mean #4? In #4, can we use 'must' or 'should' instead of 'have to'?

    asked by John
  20. IT

    Give the URL of two different e-commerce Web sites. Outline the key technology infrastructure components necessary to support its e-commerce business the two web sites I decided on was ebay & amazon. Can someone help me create this? I don't even know what

    asked by Lisa
  21. English writing

    I am writing an essay on the topic Discuss some practical ways in which each of us can help to conserve natural resources. What is a good thesis for this topic?

    asked by Daisy
  22. Algebra 1

    Multiply:(8x+4)(9x^2+7x+3)=72x^3+92x^2+52x+12 Can someone let me know if this is correct.

    asked by Brenna
  23. Materials Management

    Going on job interview for admin assist. Would like some help on what kind of questions one would asked besides the basic. I'm stuck. I want to know what they do, what they handle , etc. can some help with some questions?

    asked by Help Please
  24. English

    1. What an amazing story it is! 2. How amazing the story is! 3. What the amazing story it is! Which one is the same as #2? #1 or #3? Is #3 correct?

    asked by John
  25. English

    Is this okay so far? (see previous post for topic) During the Victorian Age advancements in technology led to a British society that was more geared towards manufacturing than agriculture. New inventions allowed the production of goods to be moved from

    asked by Adams
  26. science

    what are the parts of the cells

    asked by joy
  27. McCalculus

    I am confused: Two math students erect a sun shade on the beach. The shade is 1.5 m tall, 2 m wide, and makes an angle of 60° with the ground. What is the area of shade that the students have to sit in at 12 noon (that is, what is the projection of the

    asked by Mathlovin'
  28. Calculus

    I am asked this: How can you do the cross product of two-dimensional vectors. Well I would have to guess that you just add a 0 in order to follow the cross product method, but this way there is no third this right?

    asked by Derek
  29. English

    I've selected the poem The Casual Ward by Sir Luke Fildes which shows the poverty of the time period due to the industrial revolution. I would like to start off my paper with an introduction to the Industrial Revolution and list the positive and negative

    asked by Adams
  30. Algebra 1

    Can you tell me if this is correct. Solve.x^2+6x-4=0 the answer I got is x=-3+sqrt13,-3-sqrt13

    asked by Brenna
  31. algebra

    Solve 8/y+4 = 7/y-7 y=84 did I solve this correctly?

    asked by C
  32. algebra

    4-v/v-9 - 2v-5/9-v I came up with v-1/v-9 Is this correct?

    asked by C
  33. physics

    A small sperical insulator of mass 8.00X10^-2 kg and charge +0.600 mC is hung by a thin wire of negligible mass. A charge of -0.900 mC is held 0.150 m away from the spere and directly to the right of it, so the wire makes an angle [theta] with the

    asked by H
  34. algebra

    I am having trouble with this, can someone please help me? Add (simplify if possible) x^2 + 11x/x^2 - 3x + x^2 - 6x/x^2 - 3x

    asked by C
  35. MAth

    Describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices that might help someone who is having difficulty understanding these concepts. Include either an example one of your own to explain the solution process. 2. i cant think of anything please help

    asked by dawn
  36. Algebra 1

    Is this right. r^2/r^16=1/r^14 Divide and simplify

    asked by Cynthia
  37. math

    C(g)= 3.03 (g) find C(2)

    asked by helen
  38. biology

    How do melosis and sexual reproduction (fertilization) produce offspring that differ genetically from the parents?

    asked by chosen
  39. health

    Who determines what type of health coverage people get, who is covered, and limits of coverage?

    asked by Peter
  40. History

    Compare Nixon’s policies of engagement with foreign policy strategies used during the Cold War.

    asked by Bobby
  41. English Lit

    Describe an obstacle to working on teams. Explain how the team can overcome that obstacle.

    asked by parker
  42. English

    Is the answer B. Sue gave Jim a new racket, and he left for the tennis courts?

    asked by Jacqueline
  43. Science

    does wiping your perspiration increase the rate at which you perspire?

    asked by Mitch
  44. French

    Please correct anything that is wrong! Including Grammar and Vocabulary. Mon activité préféré est le basketball. Je joue au basket depuis cinq ans. J¡¦ai commencé à jouer au basket quand j¡¦avais onze ans. Mon père m¡¦a initié au basket. Je

    asked by BabyM
  45. Algebra 1

    CAN YOU LOOK AT THIS ONE AND TELL ME IF IT IS CORRECT. Multiply.(-4t)^2(2t^2)^3=128t^8

    asked by Cynthia
  46. algebra

    Solve 8/y+4 = 7/y-7 y=84 did I solve this correctly?

    asked by C
  47. Dot product

    I cant get the correct answer and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. If a=(2,2k) and b=(4,k) are perpendicular, find k. I have worked it out, and I got -2 but it doesn't work when I check it in the original equation. It should be a.b=0 and then plug

    asked by Derek
  48. Algebra 1

    PERFORM THE INDICATED OPERATIONS AND SIMPLIFY. x-8/x-9-x+1/x+9+x-27/x^2-81=x^3-81x^2-7x-27/x^2 Can you check this equation for me.

    asked by Anne
  49. algebra

    This problem asks me to subtract and simplify if possible 4-v/v-9 - 2v-5/9-v I came up with v-1/v-9 Is this correct?

    asked by C
  50. algebra1

    how do I solve 4(m+3)-2m=3(m-3)

    asked by Ella
  51. math

    3.671 _____ 3.67

    asked by tiffany
  52. Ethics ADJ 235

    You are a manager of a retail store.You are given permission by the owner of the store to hire a fellow classmate to help out. One day you see the classmate take some clothing from the store.When confronted by you, the peer laughs it off and says the owner

    asked by Jeff Ward
  53. Diagram for already posted question

    A force of magnitude 15 N is the resultant of two forces, one of which has a magnitude of 8 N and acts at an angle of 30° to the resultant. Find the magnitude and direction of the other force..what should my diagram look like? Thanks

    asked by Derek
  54. Algebra 1

    Can you let me know if this answer is right. (2ã2-4ã3)(4ã3)+8ã3)=-80 Multiply

    asked by Cynthia
  55. algebra

    I am having trouble with this, can someone please help me? Add (simplify if possible) x^2 + 11x x^2 - 6x __________ + __________ x^2 -3x x^2 - 3x

    asked by C
  56. English writing

    Topic is It has been said that computers are taking over our lives. Do you agree or disagree? Please help with the following thesis statements I wrote for the topic. Computers make terrific business parters. Our lives depend on computers for our everyday

    asked by Ingle
  57. Algebra 1

    Can you check this one for me. Evalute the polynomial for x=1. 2x^2-2x+4 When x=-1, 2x^2-2x+4=8

    asked by Cynthia
  58. Algebra 1

    factor out the greatest common factor. 7x^4-49x^3+14x^2=7x^2 Is this correct

    asked by Brenna
  59. court law

    Determine whether or not each case falls under federal or state jurisdiction

    asked by trevino
  60. Writing

    I have an essay to write. The topic is What are the chief causes of shoplifting? Are these topics strong thesis statements? 1 People shoplift for immoral reasons. 2 The influence of the social society contributes to shoplifting.

    asked by Ingle
  61. Chemistry

    In each of the following groups, identify the two substances whose aqueous solutions have common properties to a marked degree by circling the two formulas. Explain why you made your choice. I'm not the two formulas I circle is correct. Below are my

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Algebra 1

    CAN SOMEONE LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS CORRECT. Multiply and simplify. Assumes varibles represent nonzero real numbers.c^13• c^0=c^13

    asked by Cindy
  63. Ancient egyptians

    1.Why does the Ankh stand out? 2.On the internet,where can I find anything about life and food of the pharaohs?

    asked by Paris