Questions Asked on
June 26, 2008

  1. american education

    · · Post response to the following: The classroom is increasingly becoming a diverse arena. Students from all walks of life and with various abilities and challenges come together in a single classroom today. In an effort to incorporate every student’s

    asked by scooby91320002
  2. Math

    Find the value of "a" such that the slope of the line between the points (-3,5) and (2,a)is m=-4/3

    asked by Brandi
  3. Math

    Write the equation 10x+6y-3=0 in slope intercept form.

    asked by Brandi
  4. science

    1 explain the different type of cell organlee. 2 write a brief note on nucleus.

    asked by sangam
  5. science

    1 what is mean by hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic solution.

    asked by sangam
  6. science

    write a short note on plastids,vacuoles,mitochondria,lysosomes,golgi apparatus,endoplasmic reticulum.

    asked by sangam
  7. science

    write a detail note on plasma membrane & cell wall?

    asked by sangam
  8. science

    wat is the structural organisation of cell.

    asked by sangam
  9. science

    what is cell made up of?

    asked by sangam
  10. science

    1 what is cell wall? 2 what is cytoplasm? 3what is cell made up of? 4 who discovered cell and how? 5 How do subtances move out of the cell?

    asked by sangam
  11. social study

    1 Why is india geographyical location is important for international trade? 2WHO was louis xvi and write about it?

    asked by sangam
  12. Algebra

    I am in dire need of some help I am not understanding this at all I am to solve the systems of equations by graphing 2x-y=14 2x+3y=-10 Could someone please explain this to me in dummy terms

    asked by Anonymous
  13. English

    1. 100 kg is a heavy weight. 2. 1,000 dollars is a great sum of money for the boy. 3. 1,000 dollars is a big money for him. 4. 1,000 meters is a long distance to get. Are all the expressions grammatical?

    asked by John
  14. English

    1. Passport, please. (What is the full form of this expression?) 2. The traffic lights are composed of the red light, the green light, and the yellow light. (Is this sentence correct? Can we use 'amber' instead of 'yellow'?) 3. Without this, you can't

    asked by John
  15. English

    Please say hello to your parents. Give my best wishes to your parents. Give my regards to your parents. Give my best regards to your parents. ------------------------ 1. Are they all the same? Can we add or delete 'best'? 2. He had lunch in a second. (What

    asked by John
  16. English

    1. Can you pass me it? 2. Give him this. 3. I'll make you it. Whic one is grammatical? Are all ungrammatical? Do you have a specail rule for that? Would you let me know that?

    asked by John
  17. Algebra

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 66 m the length is 9m more than twice the width I am having trouble finding the dimensions

    asked by Monica
  18. evaluation

    Evaluate the following, h(x)= 10x + 17 if X= -3

    asked by jostina
  19. physics

    a 400 g rubber ball is dropped a vertical distance of 12 m onto the pavement. it is in contact with the pavement for 0.01 s and rebounds to a height of 10 m. what is the total change in momentum? what average force is exerted by the pavement on the ball?

    asked by laur
  20. Bussiness

    Should financial managers in non-profit organizations be compensated equally to their counterparts in profit‑seeking firms? Why or why not?

    asked by Jennifer Delis
  21. Math

    How do I convert this from square feet to square yards? 460ft * 1yd^2 / 9ft^2 I know the naswr is 52yd^2 but I don't know how they get that? Thanks

    asked by jen
  22. ethnic

    Do members of your community look like you? In what ways do they look the same or different? o How do leaders within your community treat people who are like you? How do they treat people who are different? o How do other members of your community treat

    asked by nik
  23. psy 210

    Match the psychological theories with the appropriate statement(s): Psychodynamic Theory Trait Theory Learning Theory Sociocultural Humanistic Theory

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    15sqrt8x^16 / 5sqrt2x^4

    asked by Tyler
  25. Spanish

    Te gusta usar la computadora? Si, me gusta: I know the first part is:Do you like to use computers? Im stuck on the 2nd part.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Algebra

    Can you explain why the line x = 4 is a vertical line.

    asked by Nenny
  27. english 3

    Why did Ratcliffe replace the original president?

    asked by jason
  28. foundation of ht ecriminal justice system

    the crime control model and the due process model. Which aspect of the system do you believe is more effective

    asked by sandy
  29. Physics

    If the earth had no atmosphere, what would the color of the sky be during the day?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. physics

    Radio waves are able to diffract readily around buildings, as anybody with a portable radio receiver can verify. However, light waves, which are also electromagnetic waves, undergo no discernible diffraction around buildings. Why not?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. World History

    "A hierarchial society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance." - From George Orwell's 1984 My first thought for the meaning of this quote was that a leveled society (low-med-high "class") would only be established by the poor and ignorant

    asked by Nikki
  32. Algebra

    Factor: 4z+8w^2-wz-32w Can somebody show me how to do this?

    asked by Jean
  33. AED

    CheckPoint: Multiple Intelligence Theory • Due Date: Day 4 [Individual] forum • Choose a topic (such as history or science) that you feel is relevant to the age group you work with or expect to work with. • Describe in 200 to 300 words how you can

    asked by dawn
  34. Psychotogy

    Summarize the multi-factorial model and how it relates to the diagnosis of illnesses.

    asked by Donna
  35. Grammar

    This year, the local magazine reaches all homes in the area. It would be a great opportunity to let people know the benefits of your business. I want to ask, should the two sentences from above be connected into one with a comma, or is leaving as two

    asked by Eve
  36. accounting

    This is an accounting related question but it has more to do with a person who knows how to use quickbook. Do you know how to merge two class in Quickbook?

    asked by Eric
  37. science

    two tuned forks are struck at the same time. one tuned fork has a frequency of 20 hz while the second tuned fork has a frequency of 226 hz. how many beats will result?

    asked by doda
  38. AED

    i need help please with this 2. Assignment: Information Processing Theory Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum Compose a 1,400- to 1,700-word paper analyzing the information processing theory: Identify the components of the information processing theory

    asked by dawn
  39. mental

    what are some of the challenges to using a managed care approach in mental health care

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Psychology

    you examine basic concepts of human interaction from a psychology perspective. In your examination, describe at least two examples of how human behavior changes based on social situations. In your description be sure to address the following: a.Describe

    asked by tom
  41. Biology

    why do some cells burst when exposed to ouabain? (a drug that is used to treat heart failure and affects the Na+/K+ ATPase)

    asked by Jared
  42. Algebra 1

    Can you help get started on this equation. Solve for x. x^2+52=8x

    asked by Cynthia
  43. math

    the least common multiple of 3, 6,9 i say 18 Sheila practiced hours Monday, hours Tuesday, and hours Wednesday. What is the total number of hours that she practiced? A) hours B) hours C) hours D) 6 hours Complete the statement, using the symbol < or >. 0.6

    asked by dawn
  44. accounting

    How many cars does Diego Motors sell each month ti break even?

    asked by tina
  45. Algebra

    b)The water line is given by the equation y=-2/3x-12 Suppose you want to put a pink flamingo lawn ornament in your backyard, but you want to avoid placing it directly over the water line, in case you need to excavate the line for repairs in the future.

    asked by Mandy
  46. ethn- please revise

    should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? Should ( citizenship) preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? should applications from certain countries be given

    asked by rose- (Ms. Sue)
  47. math

    Four buttons have diameters of 5/8 3/4, 9/16, and 7/8 inches. Which button is smallest? A) 7/8 B) 5/8 C) 3/4 D) 9/16 i wanna say the answer is 3/4

    asked by dawn
  48. economy

    Discuss similarities and differences in the roles economists play as policy advisors and as scientists. How would advice offered to policy makers differ depending on which role an economist assumes?

    asked by mary
  49. Chemistry

    A solution is made by mixing 35.0 mL of toluene C6H5CH3 d=0867gmL with 125.0 mL of benzene C6H6 D=0874gmL. Assuming that the volumes add upon mixing, the molarity (M) and molality (m) of the toluene are? Find M and m

    asked by UN
  50. chemistry

    ____?____g of glucose C6H12O6 must be dissolved in 400 g of water to give a solution that is 0.258 m(molality).

    asked by UN
  51. English

    I've got to do seven newspaper articles for the book A Tale of Two Cities. Any ideas for what I should do them on? They all have to be different in content.

    asked by Adams
  52. House/ Crate training (dogs)

    Please check my answer thanks When a dog or puppy is in its crate what should its owner do A. Close the door to keep it safe B. Place the crate is an isolated part of the house C. Leave the puppy alone to enjoy its privacy. D. Place the dish in the crate

    asked by Helana
  53. House/ Crate training (dogs)

    please check my answer thanks Which one of the following factors contributes to the saftey of a puppy or a dog that's crated in a wire cage A diameter of the wires B deimensions of the crate C weight of the crate D distance between wires I picked D because

    asked by Helana
  54. House/ Crate training (dogs)

    please check my answer thanks which one of the following types of dogs would be easiest to train to eliminate in one spot in the yard A Lab B guard dog C Akita D Poodle I said A

    asked by Helana
  55. us history

    How else can Jefferson 's election be considered a revolution?

    asked by RAY
  56. testing and selection of dogs

    please check this for me thank you A dog with a strong prey drive has A. difficulty learning to obey. B. a vicious nature. C. a strong urge to chase and capture prey. D. a willingness to defend itself against preying animals. I said C

    asked by Anonymous
  57. testing and selection of dogs

    please check this for me thank you Why should obedience instructors refuse to treat extremely aggressive dogs? A. Instructors don't have the right protective equipment to work with biting dogs. B. Obedience instructors aren't generally familiar with the

    asked by Anonymous
  58. testing and selection of dogs

    please check this for me thank you You're at the vet's office with your own dog. A breeder brings in a big crate containing a litter of five-week-old puppies. When you show an interest in the pups, the breeder encourages you to handle them. You soon

    asked by Anonymous
  59. testing and selection of dogs

    please check this for me thanks you Which one of the following pups would be best suited for future protection training? A. A large pup that can intimidate criminals B. A pup that demonstrates a high degree of aggression C. A pup that's confident and

    asked by Anonymous
  60. testing and selection of dogs

    Please check this for me thanks A dog with strong nerves or good nerve strength is one that A. doesn't show fear reactions to unexpected noises, sights, or events. B. doesn't have a high-strung, nervous disposition. C. is extremely nervous all the time and

    asked by Anonymous
  61. testing and selection of dogs

    Rolling a dog over and pinning it is a procedure that A. dogs and wolves use as a powerful discipline technique. B. trainers use to introduce themselves to a new dog. C. breeders use to establish dominance over a strange dog. D. anyone can use as a correct

    asked by Anonymous