Questions Asked on
June 22, 2008

  1. Statistics: 82% Confidence Interval

    I'm having some difficulty with this problem: Over the last 15 Major League Baseball seasons, the mean # of strikeouts by the American League leader is 258.5. Assuming that the # of strikeouts by the league leader is normally distributed & the standard

    asked by melanie
  2. I need help understanding this assignment please.

    • Complete the following: Many teachers leave the profession after their first year as an educator. Examine programs that encourage individuals to stay in the profession of teaching and lower the attrition rate. Using Ch. 13 in the text and other

    asked by AED 201
  3. Probability of Mean (Statistics)

    Assume 20 oz. cola bottles are filled so that the mean amount of liquid contained in the bottle is 20 oz and the standard deviation is .12 oz. If a case of 24 bottles is randomly selected from the population of all soda bottles, find the probability that

    asked by thomas
  4. cultural diversity

    Give a copy of Appendix D to a friend or family member and ask that person to complete the table contained therein. In doing so, your chosen participant will consider what he or she thinks are the common United States-centric viewpoints on Muslim and Arab

    asked by Anonymous
  5. HHS

    Describe a social policy that may affect your future position as a human services worker.

    asked by Lilbean
  6. math

    find the difference between the greatest and theleast 6-digit numbers formed by 0 and the first 5 odd numbers.

    asked by rajdeep
  7. math-116 final is it a timed test?

    At Axia college the MAT116 final, is it a timed test? I'm in the class now and some of us need to prepare accordingly.

    asked by mjarla
  8. Advanced Math

    Find DE if matrix D= Row 1= -2,4,6 and ROW 2= 5,-7,1 and matrix E= Row 1= 1,-2 Row 2= 0,-4, and Row 3= -3,4 WORK: [(-2)(1)+(4)(0)+(6)(-3)]=-20 [(-2)(-2)+(4)(4)+(6)(4)]=44 [(5)(1)+(-7)(0)+(1)(-3)]=2 [(5)(-2)+(-7)(4)+(1)(4)]=-34 The answers to choose from

    asked by Lucy
  9. com

    Create a table that shows the different elements that are found in an internal proposal and an external proposal for this training.

    asked by carl
  10. Behavioral Science

    Explain the communication process of neurons in the brain. List some common neurotransmitters and describe their effects on behavior.

    asked by Rita

    I am having trouble finding Appendix 1 so that I can complete my assinment and answer the questions to this artical Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11

    asked by carrie
  12. science

    why would droplets of water form on the outside of a glass cup?

    asked by eva
  13. Psychology

    I am trying to find out information on Benjamin Bloom's early years. I cannot find anything that mentions his life before the 1940's. Please help!

    asked by April
  14. English--all of it.

    Recently a group of college graduates released plans to develop a utopian society on a secluded island just off the coast of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico The large, somewhat hexagon-shaped island is capable of accommodating approximately 250 citizens

    asked by Adams
  15. Personal Business Concepts

    Bernie and Pam brittten are a young couple beginning careers and establishing a household. They will each make about $50,000 next year and will have accumulated $40,000 to invest, they now rent an apartment but are considering purchasing a condominium for

    asked by Jessie
  16. Economics

    Due to a severe damage, a gas pipeline supply gas to Arizona was shut down for a few weeks in the summer of 2003, Gas became scarce in Arizona, and price rose, causing consumers to panic

    asked by Gale
  17. Spanish

    Hello, I need some help with the questions below. Thank You #1Which sentence is grammatically corret? ( My choice is A) A.El río más grande del mundo es en sudamerica. B.Africa no está tan grande como Eurasia. #2 Which sentence is grammatically correct?

    asked by Mandi
  18. English

    Topic is to create and describe your own Utopia, uncluding its geography, laws, and customs.

    asked by Adams
  19. science

    if ice forms on the outside of a glass cup, which would be the likely temperature? 1.36degreesf 2.25 degreesf 3. 40degreesf 4.80degreesf 5. 33degreesf

    asked by eva
  20. health

    the recommended amount of vitamin c is 1,000mg per day for non pregnant women. during pregnancy, how much is needed? 1. 20mg 2. 200mg 3. 1,000mg 4. 2,000mg 5. 24,000

    asked by eva
  21. math

    a man bought abc stock at $19.65 per share and it at $23.25 per share. what was his profit on 80 shares before dictions for commissions and taxes?1.290 2.80 3.250 4.200 5.300

    asked by eva
  22. american education

    As the supply of teachers diminishes, the demand on new and existing teachers increases. As a potential teacher and educator, identify two perceived challenges of the teaching profession that you may struggle with most. In contrast, identify two

    asked by scooby91320002
  23. Advanced math-ck answer, please

    Write the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through (-3,7) and is perpendicular to the line with the equation y=3x-5. Answer: 3x+y=16 Thanks

    asked by Lucy
  24. Fourier Sine Series Q

    I have the function f(x) = cos(x) on the interval from 0 to pi and I need to comput the Fourier sine series. I have the integral of cos(x) multiplied by sin(nx), I can't figure out a way to integrate them! The "n" gets in the way, what do I do?

    asked by Neutral
  25. com135

    Management at your project management firm wants to ensure staff members are fully trained on new technologies before planning, developing, and maintaining information technology projects for clients. As a result, your managers have decided to implement

    asked by carl
  26. English grammar

    "Thank you for your kind support in fundraising at last year's festival." Is this grammatically correct? or is there a better way to phrase this?

    asked by Lisa
  27. health

    what three vitamins and minerals undergo the greatest percentage increase during pregnancy?1.vitamind,iron,folicacid 2.iron,folicacid,calcium 3.iron,folicacid,vitaminb6 4.vitamind,iron,calcium 5.iodide,iron,niacin

    asked by eva
  28. French

    Can someone please check to make sure this is correct: Chère Famille Rosseau, Merci pour m'inviter rester chez vous! (should translate to "thank you for inviting me to stay at your house.") Merci beaucoup!

    asked by RC
  29. help me

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper identifying the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and/or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. Your paper should cover Mexican Americans, Puerto

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Hypothesis Testing/P-Value

    Listed below are the # of homeruns for the National League leader over the last 20 years. Assuming that # of homeruns is normally distributed, if this is sample data collected from a population of all past & future homerun leaders, test the claim that the

    asked by melanie
  31. Math

    Please tell me if I am right. Solve the equation 8(9x-1)=29 answer: x= 37 / 72 or 37 ___ 72

    asked by Maggie
  32. Advanced Math

    Find DE if D=[-2 4 6] and E=[1 -2] [5 -7 1] [0 4] [-3 4] I followed the example in the book on how to multiply matrices and one I found on the Internet and keep coming up with the same answer which is not one of the solutions given to choose from. WORK:

    asked by Lucy
  33. Advanced math--check answer please

    Which system is inconsistent? A) y=0.5x x-2y=1 B) 2x-y=8 4x+y=5 C) x+y=0 2x=y D) y= -1 x=2 Answer: A Thanks

    asked by Lucy
  34. English (more)

    I'm having trouble posting because it says I'm trying to post an internet address, but I'm not. Any ideas about what is triggering it?

    asked by Adams
  35. speech

    help...i can't think what to do a speech on. It is for tomorrow. I was thinking about doing it on essays - can anyone help?

    asked by Anon
  36. science

    how many hours is the interphase, the time in the cell cycle that is not devoted to mitosis? 1.1hour 2.10hours 3.9hours 4.half-hour 5.21hour

    asked by eva
  37. HCA 220

    What is the processes of muscle movement

    asked by angel
  38. algebra

    write without parentheses (x/-2y^3) ^5 how do I do this

    asked by jean
  39. socialstudies

    without our two gret political parties cutting across economic and geographic interest, democracy as we know it could never have been made to function. the author of this statement probably meant to suggest what?

    asked by eva
  40. Studies

    How do social institutions reinforce gender and/or race subordination

    asked by PJ
  41. science

    which is the following contributed most to fish population dying during the 1970?1. salt 2. toxic waste 3. predators 4. mercury 5. iodine

    asked by eva
  42. tv cable

    Hi, Is it possible for me to buy a tv cable wire separately and use it for the tv I currently have? I just moved from a different house and i can't find where i put the wire.

    asked by jen