Questions Asked on
June 18, 2008

  1. Chem II

    A 0.10 M HF solution is 8.4% ionized. Calculate the H^+ ion concentration. Here is my line of thought. For every mole HF disolved yeilds one mole of H^+. Since there is ).10 M HF, and the solution is 8.4% ionized = 0.84 M. Is this correct?

    asked by Ken
  2. physics

    what is the effect on the speed of a fighter plane chasing another when it opens fire?what happens to the speed of pursuid plan when it returns the fire?

    asked by aman
  3. Chem II

    A 0.10 M HF solution is 8.4% ionized. Calculate the H^+ ion concentration. The "8.4% ionized" is throwing me. This is my line of thinking. For every mole HF disolved yeilds one mole of H^+. Since there is 0.10 M HF and the solution is 8.4% ionized = 0.84

    asked by Ken
  4. Earth Science

    1. In the classroom during a visual inspection of a rock, a student recorded four statements about the rock. Which statement about the rock is an observation? (1)The rock formed deep in Earth’s interior. (2)The rock cooled very rapidly. (3)The rock

    asked by Anonymous
  5. MATHS

    Find the radius of a circle with the circumference of 94.25cm correct to the nearest cm?

    asked by Rhiannon
  6. Algebra

    A guy wire reaches from the top of a 24 ft. pole to a point on the ground 8 ft. from the pole. Find the length of the wire.

    asked by Kate
  7. Managerial Economics

    In the 2000 U.S. presidential contest, Al Gore was advised by strategists to wait for George W. Bush to annouce his vice-presidential running mate before making his own decision on a running mate. Under what circumstances would Gore be better off giving

    asked by Dee
  8. Earth Science

    A measurement is best defined as (1)an inference made by using the human senses (2)direct comparison to a known standard (3)an interpretation based on theory (4)a group of inferred properties (2), right?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    which will be more effective in knocking a bear down (a)A RUBER BULLET OR (b)a lead bullet of the same momentum.

    asked by aman
  10. Earth Science

    2. To make observations, an observer must always use (1)experiments (2)the senses (3)proportion (4)mathematical calculations Is it (2)?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Earth Science

    1Which statement best illustrates a classification system? (1)A glacier melts at the rate of one meter per year. (2)Ocean depths are measured using sound waves. (3)Snowfall predictions for winter storms vary. (4)Stars are grouped according to color. Is it

    asked by Anonymous
  12. science

    for blood what would be the difference in seeing a) plasma b) red blood cells c) white blood cells d) and platelets under a low powered microscope vs. a high powered microscope

    asked by Jackie
  13. computers

    list all different file keys

    asked by jaimee
  14. dog behavior

    A dog owner always says the word "coffee" to his choclate lab puppy, using no special intontion and giving no reinforcement whatsoever. Later he tries to use the work coffee as the dogs name What phenomenon would best decscrbe the dog's indfference to the

    asked by -Anne
  15. sound

    a wave front has the form of a ?

    asked by andrea
  16. Managerial Economics

    Dell Computer Corp., the world's largest personal-computer maker, is keenly aware of everything its rival PC manaufacturers decide to go. Explain why Dell usually reacts more quickly and more substantially to pricing, product design, and advertising

    asked by Dee
  17. Managerial Economics

    Some states have had laws restricting the ssale of most goods on Sunday. Consumers, by and large, oppose such laws because they find Sundat afternoon a convenient time to shop. Paradoxically, retail trade associations frequently support the laws. Discuss

    asked by Dee
  18. Earth Science

    A classification system is based on the use of (1)the human senses to infer properties of objects (2)instruments to infer properties of objects (3)observed properties to group objects with similar characteristics Is it (3)?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. English

    Can anyone help me identify rhetoric, bias, and argumentation in the following video clip? ----------------- To find the video clip google : American Rhetoric Movie Speech "Citizen Kane" (1941) and click on the first link. ----------------- I have studied

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Earth Science

    A student finds the density of an ice cube to be 0.80g/cm3; it is actually 0.90 g/cm3. What is the percent deviation (percent error) in this calculation? (1)6 percent (2)11 percent (3)13 percent (4)88 percent (2)?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. English-Macbeth II

    1.An example of verbal irony is: a)Macbeth saying, "O, yet I do repent me of my fury, that I did kill them." b)Macduff referring to Lady Macbeth as "O, Gentle Lady" c) Macduff saying, "O horror, horror, horror." d) the witches saying, "fair is foul and

    asked by Adams
  22. MATH

    Mrs. Butler bought 1,800 shares of Stairwell Mutual Fund at an offer price of $3 per share. She later sold the shares at a net asset value of $4.60 per share.During the time Mrs. Butler owned the shares, Stairwell Mutual Fund paid a dividend of $0.80 per

    asked by Francine
  23. French

    What is the significance of the scorched- earth policy??

    asked by Anonymous
  24. English

    1. There is a thermometer in the instrument screen. 2. There is a thermometer in the instrument shelter. 3. There is a thermometer in the shelter. ------------------------- Which expression is gramamtical?

    asked by John
  25. English

    1. Mike doesn't often watch TV. 2. Mike often doesn't watch TV. -------------------- Which one is grammatical? Are both OK? Which one is commonly usd?

    asked by John
  26. history

    how were the incas able to adapt to their physical environment?

    asked by jay
  27. Math

    What is: a=25a and 6-220=6 find the variable. thank you!

    asked by LILAY
  28. french

    Thanks SraJMcGin for replying. For some reason the second half of my post never appeared; my computer was having issues with this site for some reason earlier today. What I meant more specifically was different methods of preparations for food (grilled,

    asked by Coralia
  29. COM 140

    What kind of unwanted reactions might you encounter when trying to convince the business committee to accept your proposal for a new service? What steps can you take to ensure you convey the purpose of your messageto the audience?

    asked by Toya
  30. ALgebra

    I am having trouble with functions the question is to find the indicated outputs for f(x)=4x^2-2x f(0) f(-1) f(2) Can someone please explain?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Business Law

    what is meant by the phrase in-text citation

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    Write an equatioin of the line given the point and parallel to the given line express your answer in the for of y=mx+b (-2,4);7x=4y+5

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    I am stuck on D and E and could someone tell me if I am on the right track with A-C? Suppose you are at the gas station filling your tank with gas. The function C(g) represents the cost C of filling up the gas tank with g gallons. Given the equation:

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Economics Questions.

    I am not quite sure about the following questions, is it True or False for each of the following? 1) The exchange rate (under PPP) between the dollar and the British pound would be 0.5 dollars per British pound if a pair of American jeans costs 50 dollars

    asked by Leo
  35. English

    how are technological tools important

    asked by leasha
  36. Algebra

    I am in need of some help with the following problem; Examine the rise in gasoline prices from 1997 to 2006. The price of regular unleaded gasoline in January 1997 was $1.26 and in January 2006 the price of regular unleaded gasoline was $2.31 (Bureau of

    asked by Anonymous
  37. English

    What do you like? I like cartoons. How do you like? (Can we use this expressions as a complete question?) I think we can use the following question. ex) How do you like the shiny car?

    asked by John
  38. Algebra

    Is this right?2. Examine the rise in gasoline prices from 1997 to 2006. The price of regular unleaded gasoline in January 1997 was $1.26 and in January 2006 the price of regular unleaded gasoline was $2.31 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2006). Use the

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Math

    Find the Variable. 6-22p=6

    asked by LILAY
  40. Algebra

    Could someone point me in the right direction I think I got it if it is m=y2-y1 over x2-x1. Examine the rise in gasoline prices from 1997 to 2006. The price of regular unleaded gasoline in January 1997 was $1.26 and in January 2006 the price of regular

    asked by Anonymous
  41. algebra

    1990 55.8 1994 47.2 1996 40.1 1999 42.4 2001 47.5 a. Code the years using t = 0 for 1990 and fit a quadratic function to the data with the regression program on your calculator. Equation is. b. Predict the maintenance and repair costs in 2010. I don't have

    asked by Mike
  42. science

    how are toxins processed in your body? are they digested like food?

    asked by Jackie
  43. english- please revise

    Consider this scenario: Deana recently decided to start attending college, yet her family is criticizing her decision. They argue that she should focus on working so she can start earning money. When she begins school, they fear she will not have as much

    asked by rose
  44. Chem

    Can someone explain in really simple terms the difference between Sigma and Pi bonds?

    asked by Alex
  45. bio

    can someone help me with find the website to explain the cause of this statement "Eating too much yogurt will cause catareact" Thanks

    asked by Jennifer
  46. Math

    Are these correct with the lines y=0.15x+0.79 0.11x-y=-0.85 The line represents an estimate of the average cost of gasoline for each year. The line estimates the price of gasoline in January of each year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2006). a)Do you expect

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Algebra

    I am having trouble with the following question; y+7=8x 2x-y=-7 Determine whether the lines will be parallel. My answer is yes am I correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Algebra

    Can someone help me understand this? The function p(d)=1+d/33 gives the pressure in the atmosphere (atm) at a depth in the sea (d is in feet) Note that P(0)=1 atm, P(33)=2 and so on find the pressure at 150 feet. The pressure at 150 feet is ? atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. t.l.e

    filifino family

    asked by maru
  50. dog behavior repost

    please check my answer again thanks Pupillary constiction in the presence of bright light is an example of what reponse ? A active tropic B passive tropic C unconditioned D conditioned I now say it's C

    asked by -Anne
  51. algebra

    Can anyone help me understand how to do this? Factoring each polynomial x^2+5ax+6a^2 and solve each equation a^2+a=20 I am so lost with this one I can not grab how you get a number from this. thanks for trying who ever you may be

    asked by jean
  52. math

    what is meant by-non proportional linear relationship?

    asked by indu
  53. Algebra 1


    asked by Cynthia
  54. Managerial Economics

    When McDonald's Corp. reduced the price of its Big Mac by 75 percent if customers also purchased french fries and a soft drink, The Wall Street Journal reprted that the company was hoping the novel promotion would revive its U.S. sales growth. It didn't.

    asked by Dee
  55. Managerial Economics

    Thomas Shelling, an expert on nuclear strategy and arms control, observed in his book The Strategy of Conflict (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1960), "The power to constrain an adversary depends upon the power to bind oneself." Explain this

    asked by Dee
  56. Managerial Economics

    Suppose the two rival office supply companies Office Depot and Staples both adopt price-matching policies. If consumers can find lower advertised prices on any items they sell, then Office Depot and Staples guarantee they will match the lower prices.

    asked by Dee
  57. Positive Psychology

    Earning your degree takes dedication, commitment, and time. The motivation that drives you through the tough times and keeps you focused is the foundation for your commitment. Discuss whether your motivations for striving are intrinsic, introjected,

    asked by BaBa
  58. science-chemistry

    how do the following changes affect the speed of a reaction? a)Increasing the concentration of the reactans. b)Decreasing the temperature. c)Decreasing the partickle size of a solid reactant.

    asked by sinthia
  59. physical science

    The factor that affects how easily an electron can be removed from an atom is the

    asked by tamara

    why is it needed to balance a chemical equation

    asked by PULKIT
  61. physics

    If an electron is localized in space ,its momentum becoms uncertain.If it is localized in time ,its energy becomes uncertain.explain this statement.

    asked by aman
  62. science

    what is meant by an animal or plant being in the same species

    asked by ross
  63. Earth Science

    1.Which statement made by a student after examining a rock specimen is an inference? (1)The rock is of igneous origin. (2)The rock has rounded edges. (3)The rock is light-colored. (4)The rock contains large crystals. Is it (1)?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Earth Science

    1Organizing information in a meaningful way is an example of (1)prediction (2)measurement (3)observation (4)classification (4), right?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Earth Science

    1A student measures the velocity of the water in a stream as 2.5 meters per second. The actual velocity of the water is 3.0 meters per second. What is the approximate percent deviation of the student’s measurements? (1)0.50% (2)17% (3)20% (4)50% Is

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Earth Science

    A sphere was dropped into water in a graduation cylinder as shown in the following diagram. The water level rose to the new level shown. {before: 40mL, after: 65mL} What is the volume of the sphere? (1)15mL (2)25mL (3)40mL (4)65mL (2)?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Equation

    Find the value of X in the equation 9(2X -18)=36

    asked by Benjie
  68. english

    is this a good introduction What is it about America that people from different countries want to come here even if it means illegally? Maybe it’s because America is the” land of the free”, according to Key S. (1814), The national anthem. Truly the

    asked by melissa
  69. MATH

    What wold be the amount of coumpound interest on $8,000 invested for one year at 6%,compounded quaterly? Round your answer to the nearest dollar.

    asked by Benjie
  70. MATH


    asked by Benjie
  71. MATH

    What would be the amount of coumpound interest on $8,000 invested for one year at 6%,compounded quaterly? Round your answer to the nearest dollar

    asked by Benjie
  72. 10th

    what rate willl an amount double itself in 20 years at simple interest?

    asked by ramana
  73. physics

    An atom is normally electrically neutral .Why then should an alpha particle be deflected by the atom under any circumstances?

    asked by aman
  74. biology

    Im carrying out an investigation on respiration, comparing the different rates in maggot tissue and mung beans. i was wondering if you could help me to find out why maggot tissue and mung beans are efficent to use?

    asked by Kat
  75. Sociology

    1. If you were visiting and studying the Yanomamo, describe what you have done to prepare yourself for possible culture shock. 2. Describe a personal experience you have had where you experienced culture shock. What components of culture were you shocked

    asked by culture shock

    An electric dipole has its dipole moment paligned with a uniform external electric field E(a)Is the equalibrium stable or unstable ?(b)Discuss the nature of the equilibrium if Pand E point in opposite directions?

    asked by aman
  77. spanish

    how do you talk obout you daily routine

    asked by shen
  78. History

    Could you please help me identify the following terms and why they are significant? -Treaty of Versailles -League of Nations

    asked by Anonymous
  79. History

    In what ways did WWII transform America that WWI had not?

    asked by Me
  80. MATH

    A children's store sells a toy recetrack for $94.25 an hour. The owner uses a 45% markup based on cost. What was the wholesale cost of the racetrack?

    asked by Benjie
  81. MATH

    What is the simple interest on a $14,500 loan at 9% interest for 5 years?

    asked by Benjie
  82. Math

    Rudy must play 12 commercials during his 1-hr radio show. Each commercial is either 30 sec or 60 sec long. If the total commercial time during that hour is 10 min, how many commercials of each type does Rudy play?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. french

    Thanks to those who responded to my question before. Now I am wondering how to say different methods of French food preparation (the stuff we need to know when we dine but they never teach us)

    asked by Coralia
  84. English-Macbeth (Please check)

    1. The witches told Macbeth he would first become: a) king b)Thane of Glamis c)Thane of Cawdor d)a father answer c. 2. Lady Macbeth asks the spirts to "unsex" her so she will be: a) compassionate b) more like a man, agressive and unmoved by pity

    asked by Adams
  85. English- Macbeth III

    1.Macbeth's vision suggest he is a)susperstitious b)tired c)fearful and feels guilty d)both a and b answer a. 2.One of the appartations warns Macbeth to beware of: a) LAdy Macbeth b) Macduff c)Donalbain d)Malcolm answer b. 3.Lady Macbeth beings to feel

    asked by Adams
  86. MATH

    Add the fractions 1/3,5/6,and 3/6 and reduce your answer to lower terms.

    asked by Francine
  87. MATH

    Ted bought four chairs for $22 each, a pinic table for $212, and an umbrella for $85. If the sales tax rate is 6%, what was his tatol bill?

    asked by Francine