Questions Asked on
May 30, 2008

  1. math

    the formula C=5/9(F-32) is used to convert Fahrenheit temperature,F, to Celsius temperature,C. What temperature in Fahrenheit is equivalent to a temperature of 100 Celsius. I know that in Fahrenheit its 212 degrees, but i used it by using guess and check.

    asked by derek
  2. MLG

    In a certain college , 4% of men students and 1% of women students are taller than 1.8m . Further more , 60% of the students are women . If a student is selected at random and is found taller than 1.8m , What is the probability that the student is a women?

    asked by SHANKAR
  3. math

    if the measures of the angles of a triangle are represented by 2x, 3x-15, and 7x-15, the triangle is 1)an isosceles triangle 2)a right triangle 3)an acute triangle 4)an equiangular triangle

    asked by derek
  4. math

    mario paid $44.25 in taxi fare from the hotel to the airport. the cab charged $2.25 for the first mile plus $3.50 for each additional mile. how many miles was it from the hotel to the airport?

    asked by derek
  5. math

    if the measures of the angles of a triangle are represented by 2x, 3x-15, and 7x+15, the triangle is 1)isosceles triangle 2)right triangle 3)acute triangle 4)equiangular triangle

    asked by derek
  6. math

    the formula for potential energy is p=mgh, where p is potential energy, m is mass, g is gravity, and h is height. what expression can be used to represent g?

    asked by derek
  7. math

    Which equation represents the direct variation relationship of the equation x/y=1/2? 1)y=x+1/2 2)y=2x 3)y=3x 4)x=2y

    asked by derek
  8. accounting

    Which of the following is not one of the steps to follow when preparing a bank reconciliation statement? A. Compare the amounts of deposits in the bank statement with the amounts shown in your accounting records. B. Compare the amounts of canceled checks

    asked by himaat
  9. Anonymous

    For Pose for Pics, prepare journal entries, T-accounts and a trial balance Pose for Pics Preparing journal entries and trial balances Exercise 2-4 Prepare general journal entries for the following transaction of a new business called Pose for Pics. (please

    asked by hello
  10. chemistry

    23. aluminum reacts with sulfuric acid to produce aluminum sulfate and hydrogen gas. how many grams of aluminum sulfate would be formed if 250g H2SO4 reacted with aluminum?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. accounting

    If a fee is being adjusted in a hardship case, when should the discount be written off in the ledger? A. Immediately B. As soon as the patient puts the agreement in writing C. After all insurance payments have been received D. After the agreed-upon amount

    asked by himaat
  12. Social studies

    Social studies, 7th Grade. I need: 4 important facts on leif erikson. Do you know any? Do you know any sites i could use? Please help.

    asked by Bob
  13. CHEM LAB!!! Must finish!!!

    Thanks to DrBob222 for the help, but it only answered a few questions! PLEASE help answer, anyone? This is a chemistry lab on boiling point, and I need some help with these questions!- Thanks! (Info): You are going to take a trip. On this trip you will be

    asked by Angel
  14. French

    Is there a site that gives the pronounciation for all verbs? and their conjugations? Thanks

    asked by jj
  15. accounting

    On February 3, Ron Brown was billed for an office visit. What action should the medical office professional take upon aging accounts receivable on March 1 of the same year? A. Give Mr. Brown a tactful collection call. B. Send Mr. Brown a friendly written

    asked by himaat
  16. Chemistry

    This is a chemistry lab on boiling point, and I need some help with these questions!- Thanks! (Info): You are going to take a trip. On this trip you will be stopping at different sites with varying altitudes. At each site you will compare the change in

    asked by Angel
  17. criminal justice

    Does anyone know any good websites where I can get some good info from for this assignment? For career day at the local high school, you have been chosen by the department to make a presentation to a computer science class regarding the use of computer

    asked by ask
  18. math

    what is the expression (6x^3y^6)^2 equivalent to?

    asked by derek
  19. math

    the base of an isosceles triangle is 5 and its perimeter is 11. The base of a similar isosceles triangle is 10. What is the perimeter of the larger triangle? ithink the perimeter is 16.

    asked by derek
  20. math

    which expression represent the product of 2 consecutive odd integers where n is an odd integer? 1)n(n+1) 2)n(n+2) 3)n(n+3) 4)2n+1

    asked by derek
  21. MATH

    1. Evaluate. 54 divied (42 + 2) 2. Evaluate 120 cal/g x 4 g. Be sure to use the proper units. A) 480 g B) 480 g/cal C) 480 cal D) 480 cal/g 3. Prime numbers that differ by 2 are called twin primes. Examples are 3 and 5, 5 and 7, and so on. Which pair of

    asked by BaBa
  22. Graduate studies information

    I am planning on attending graduate school and I would like to major in Special Education (grades 1-6) or another area in Education. How could I find out which New York City college or university has the best Education graduate programs? Is there a website

    asked by Tee
  23. Trigonometry

    Convert to polar coordinates with r greater than or equzl to 0 and theta between 0 degrees and 360 degrees Write the equation inpolar coordinates x squared + y squared = 2

    asked by Steve
  24. accounting

    On check D, what’s the identification number that should be recorded on the bank deposit slip? A. 5321 C. 0582 B. 200.00 D. 56–92

    asked by himaat
  25. Voltaire

    Why was Voltaire interested in the philosophy of John Locke and the ideas of Sir Isaac Newton?

    asked by Lily
  26. accounting

    Under which circumstance would the doctor not adjust or cancel a fee for services? A. The patient died and the family has complained about the effect of the treatment. B. The patient is unemployed and homeless. C. The patient has reached the lifetime cap

    asked by himaat
  27. accounting

    Over the phone, a new patient who thinks she is pregnant with her first child asks the assistant what the total fee will be for obstetric care. She seems nervous about it. Which is the best response? A. The first examination will be $40 or $50, depending

    asked by himaat
  28. Math

    If the path of a frog's jump is approximated by the equation y = -0.25x2 + 5x, what is the height of the frog's jump?

    asked by Susie
  29. Candide

    What is the candide about? (this is by Voltaire).

    asked by Lily
  30. accounting

    To post proof for the day means to A. total the columns on the journal and add and subtract totals as required. B. match the journal entries against the ledger to detect errors. C. prepare a bank reconciliation statement. D. add in any accounts receivable

    asked by himaat
  31. Math

    Where is the vertex of the graph of y = x2 + 6x - 2?

    asked by Susie
  32. math/science

    "calculate the volume of 5g of a substance with a density of 6g/mL. SHOW ALL WORK" I just can't figure it out. D=M/V. But if you're making both sides equal? If someone could just explain. Because at first I thought it was 8.3, then 5/30, and I'm not asking

    asked by Lena
  33. Math

    We are learning to read charts and graphs this week in Math. I was asked this question: Compare the population per square mile in Asia to the population per square mile in North America for the year 2000. The population in Asia in 2000 was 4,028,000,000

    asked by Carrie
  34. English

    Using mime, as in the example, let's play the "Guessing the TV Program" game. Look at the model dialogue. You can answer either 'Yes, I do' or 'No, I don't' to the tag question 'You like music programs, don't you?' Now, let's do the group activity. First,

    asked by John
  35. English

    1. Describe the program with gestures. 2. You have to gesture the kind of program in mind. 3. Mime the kind of program you like. 4. Gesture the kind of program you like best. 5. You have to describe the kind of program you are thinking of with mime. 6. You

    asked by John
  36. Chemistry test HELP!

    A/an _____ solution is able to dissolve more solute. Choices: insoluble immiscible soluble unsaturated saturated supersaturated osmosis reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane non-volatile boiling point freezing point capillary tubes atmosphere volatile

    asked by Angel
  37. algabra

    how do i factor 4x^2-12x

    asked by melissa
  38. french

    what are pronominal verbs? Are they used the same way besides that theres an object pronoun?

    asked by french
  39. Music

    Hey I am just wondering what I should do for an ABBA themed backround

    asked by Kayla
  40. PSY 210

    Are the ones I have answered thus far right? And I am having a few problems with the ones not answered. Thanks... Match the psychological theories with the appropriate statement(s): __Psychodynamic Theory __Trait Theory __Learning Theory __Sociocultural

    asked by DEBI
  41. Algebra 1

    i need help with how to describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like. I have read and read over all the information in my book but I can't find anything close to it. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me at all. thanks

    asked by Nora
  42. Biology

    How long does it take for nicotine inhaled from a cigarette to get into your bloodstream? Thanks

    asked by Mike
  43. Math

    The equation N = 50 + 50y gives the number N of stamps collected when Y is the years that have passed since the collection began. What is the number of stamps that will be in collection after 3 years?

    asked by Susie
  44. Math

    What is the slope of the equation N = 50 + 50y?

    asked by Susie
  45. math

    which of the following correlations demonstrates a casual relationship? 1)the distance students live from school, and the time it takes to walk there. 2)the amount of money received for allowance and the number of dvd's purcashed. 3)the number of hours

    asked by derek
  46. calculus

    In spherical coordinates, the inequalities 0≤ρ≤2, 3π/4 ≤ φ ≤ π 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π, describe what kind of shape? So, the radius is from 0 to 2, and it makes a full circle around the z-axis. But what does 3π/4 ≤ φ ≤ π do to it?

    asked by Howie
  47. Math

    What is the solution for the following system of linear equations? x + 6y = -4 3x - 4y = 10

    asked by Susie
  48. Math

    If weight is recorded in pounds for students in a class & the range of data was ten what statement would be true about the data?

    asked by Jiare
  49. social studies

    did neil armstrong walk on the moon before or after JFK died?

    asked by Sherri
  50. Space

    Ugh...I put red giant on my final but everyone else put white dwarf. Can you tell me which is correct. Please and thanks. :) What is brighter a red giant or a white dwarf and why? Thanks

    asked by Kelly
  51. Science

    I need to find info. about earthquakes, such as what causes them..what are the consequences of earthquake..definition of earthquake...etc. Thank you

    asked by Amanda
  52. Math

    The equation y = 240x + 720 gives the cost y (in dollars) when x gadgets are produced. How many gadgets can be produced for $ 30,000?

    asked by Susie
  53. psy-

    Ms. Sue are you? I have to do a powerpoint presentation on psychological disorders especially on the following anxiety, dissociative, somatoform mood, schizophrenia and personality. I would like to read more before I do it tomorrow. can you please help me

    asked by rose - Ms. Sue
  54. Health Care

    Seven Organizational Approaches A. Use the matrix below to describe each approach to organizing information about the body. Discuss how each approach can be used. Approach Describe the approach How might the approach be used? Body planes and directions

    asked by sue
  55. government


    asked by tehya
  56. Calculus

    What is the volume of the region enclosed by the planes x+z = 3, y=x, y=0, z=0, and the cylinder x²+y²=1? Is the answer 5 because I keep on getting different answers for this?

    asked by Jenna
  57. maths

    find any stationary points for the function h(x)=x*e^x(4-x)/6 (exponential function with e to power x *(brackets)

    asked by forest
  58. french

    Hi, I need help for a French letter to write. At the end, I don't know how to translate "Sincerely yours" ?

    asked by For a letter...
  59. Science

    i am doing a roller coaster project, and the coaster i picked was the Medusa in Marine World Six Flags. Now, I need help with the reqirements. We have to have at least 10 forces, and I have 9. I'm not too sure of what some of the forces are on a coaster.

    asked by Libby
  60. Math

    Using the quadratic formula to solve for x in the equation x2 = 7x + 8 results in what value(s)?

    asked by Susie
  61. comptabilite

    je veux continuer mes etudes universitaires je suis pauvres j'ai n'a pas des moyens et je suis orpherins

    asked by pelerin
  62. Trig

    Find all x and y between 0 and 2pi so that the equation is ture -2 cosx -i sin y = 2 sinx +i i am also having trouble with this one Simplify the power of i i to the 39th power

    asked by Ellie
  63. history

    what are three important US domestic politics(domestic events/issues) from the 1990s? I have been searching for the answer, but I keep on only finding foreign politics and not domestic ones and the domestic issues I do find are not from 1990s...someone

    asked by zak
  64. Communication

    What is the effects of a TV reporter's appearance and nonverbal behavior onthe public's perception of the news messages. Use specific examples of what you have observed from different news channels, and how appearance and nonverbal behavior have influenced

    asked by Jean