Questions Asked on
May 13, 2008

  1. chemistry

    The melting point of a compound is not influenced by which of the following? A. polarity B. electronegativity of its atoms C. Van der Waals forces D. hydrogen bonds E. isotope of carbon

    asked by Mable
  2. Organic Chemistry

    I got some multiple choice questions to practice and I'm not sure of how to get the answers... 1). Which of the following corresponds to the COC bond angle in dimethyl ether?-94 degrees, 110degrees, 180 degrees, 122 degrees, or 60 (i think it's 110 2).

    asked by Kate
  3. chemistry

    An amine is characterized by what functional group? A.-CO2CH3 B.-NH2 C.-CO2H D.-CHO E.-OH

    asked by Mable
  4. Chemistry

    You are carrying out the titration of 100.0 mL of 1.000M acetic acid with 1.000 M sodium hydroxide. Ka = 1.76x10^-5 of acetic acid. (a) Calculate the initial pH of your acetic acid sample. (b) Calculate the pH of the solution after the addition of 25.0mL

    asked by Donna
  5. English Expression

    What time do you usually get up in the morning? I get up around 6 a.m. When do you eat breakfast? I eat breakfast at 7 a.m. What do you usually eat for breakfast? I eat rice, kimchi, and broth. What time do you go to school? I go to school around 8 a.m.

    asked by John
  6. Psychology

    When a patient opens up to a therapist they sometimes become attached and dependent on their therapist. I tried to find information on Woody Allen Syndrome but nothing is coming up. Is this common and how can therapists try to prevent this situation?

    asked by Christian
  7. chemistry

    Esters are A.found in some medicines B.often fragrant C.essential oils in fruits and flower D.found in some types of flavorings E.all answers are correct

    asked by Mable
  8. Math

    Why did the cow want a divorce?

    asked by Josefina
  9. Chemistry

    For there reaction system involving the species in the table below, what conclusion is justified for standard state conditions? Standard Reduction Potentials E0 2Fe3+ + Sn2+ ¡ú 2Fe2+ + Sn4+ +0.62 V Sn2+ + I2 ¡ú Sn4+ + 2I¨C +0.38 V (A) I¨C would react

    asked by LT
  10. Western Civilization

    I have five questions asked here. Feel free to answer just one of them, only, please use the numbering system I have set up here. Thanks so much! 1. Why do you think World War Two erupted so soon after World War One, which was supposed to have been “The

    asked by Jarrod
  11. Algebra

    If the sides of a square lengthened by 7cm,the area becomes 196cmsquare. What is the length of the orinal side of the original square?

    asked by Jack
  12. french

    utiliser un pronom complement d'object direct: Tu utilises souvent Internet pour faire des recherches? Is it....Je l'utilise souvent pour les faire. or Je l'utilise souvent pour faire des recherches.

    asked by french
  13. Calculus

    An aluminum beam was brought from the outside cold into a machine shop where the temperature was held at 65 degrees F. After 10 minutes, the beam warmed to 35 degrees F anf after another 10 minutes its temprature was 50 degrees F. Use Newton's Law of

    asked by Anonymous
  14. health

    What is your vision for the new health care system?Who benefits most from this new system? Are there any populations that would be disadvantaged by this new system? If so, who? What current challenges would be solved by implementing your new proposal?

    asked by Deborah
  15. Health/Biology Grade 12-Senior Level

    Explain why only one corpus luteum may be found in the ovaries of a woman who has given birth to triplets.

    asked by Mylie
  16. social studies/china

    whats the definition of civilazation

    asked by tylar
  17. chemistry

    Carbon is able to form large numbers of organic compounds because carbon can A.form 4 bonds B.form single, double and triple bonds C.form chains, rings, spheres and sheets D.the carbon-carbon bond is very stable E.all answers are correct

    asked by Mable
  18. chemistry

    The compound with the highest boiling point will be which of the following? A.CH3Cl B.CH3Br C.CH4 D.CH3F

    asked by Mable
  19. chemistry

    write a balanced formula equation for the reaction between sulfuric acid and calcium metal

    asked by trista
  20. english

    Should the sentence be - The continual heat made us thirsty. or The continuous heat made us thirsty.

    asked by Sam
  21. Math

    Why does a poor man drink coffee?

    asked by Josefina
  22. calculus

    How do solve for q for the following and find the derivative for them? 1) pq+p+100q=50000 2) (p+1)(ã q+1)=1000 3) p=(1/2)ln((5000-q)/(q+1))

    asked by RAY
  23. SPSS

    Stock automobiles containing dummies in the driver seats crashed into a wall at 35 miles per hour. National Transportation Safety Board officials collected info on how the crash affected the dummies. One variable scored the extent of chest injuries

    asked by steph
  24. general question

    Ok this is probably a stupid question but a hospital pharmacist works at a hospital right?

    asked by christine
  25. Gen 105

    I need to know how to create a table that lays out a day-by-day plan to use as a job aid for an employment search, spanning 3 weeks

    asked by Tonda
  26. Maths

    Concept of zero in various ancient civilizations

    asked by Anonymous
  27. business

    What type of leadership is practiced at NCF, transactional or transformational? How do you know?

    asked by Damia
  28. Volume

    A plant manager built a storage container that is 4 yd long, 10yd wide, and 2 yd tall to store foam reanuts. If the manager purchases bags that contain 7FTcubed of peanuts how many bags of peanuts will it take to fill the container? I converted the yd's to

    asked by alexis
  29. Volume

    A plant manager built a storage container that is 4 yd long, 10yd wide, and 2 yd tall to store foam reanuts. If the manager purchases bags that contain 7FTcubed of peanuts how many bags of peanuts will it take to fill the container? I converted the yd's to

    asked by alexis
  30. Volume

    A plant manager built a storage container that is 4 yd long, 10yd wide, and 2 yd tall to store foam reanuts. If the manager purchases bags that contain 7FTcubed of peanuts how many bags of peanuts will it take to fill the container? I converted the yd's to

    asked by alexis
  31. math-equation of circle

    Write the standard form of the equation of the circle that passes through the points at (4,5) (-2, 3), and (-4,-3). a. (x-5)^2+(y+4)^2=49 b. (x-3)^2+(y+2)^2=50 c. (x+4)^2+(y-2)^2=36 d. (x-2)^2+(y+2)^2=25 I'm having trouble with solving for the

    asked by Lisa
  32. Math

    Describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices that might help someone who is having difficulty understanding these concepts. Include either an example from the text or one of your own to explain the solution process.

    asked by Lisa
  33. Math

    How much will you spend on gas to travel 400 miles in a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon? The price of gas is $2. 33 a gallon

    asked by Kathy
  34. physics

    what 2 factors determine the size of the force of gravity? & what is the relationship between them?

    asked by mary
  35. geography

    what governtment imposed barriers stop or hinder the export of automobiles

    asked by pam
  36. CRT205

    Please check to see if I have this correct. Premises: The desire to incarcerate juveniles with adults is based on public fear. Premises: The public fears that juvenile crime is increasing. Conclusion: However, crimes committed by youth are actually

    asked by Karen
  37. algebra

    Casn someone help me please? I have a graph that shows the point on the y-axis to be 5 and the point on the x-axis to be 5. I need to find a) f(3) b) the Domain c) any x valuesfor which f(x)=1 d) the Range

    asked by C
  38. Chem

    Which of Dalton's four principles does Law of Multiple Proportions support, and how does it support it?

    asked by Juan
  39. human relatons

    what does Power sources referent mean?

    asked by cetra
  40. arithmetic

    what is 10% of 100?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    if 3x-1=11, what is the value of x 2 + x ?

    asked by oscar
  42. Algebra 1

    Find the degree of 10x^2.

    asked by Terry
  43. english

    I need an overview of the lion king that tells about the heroes journy such as his call to adventure, crossing the threshold, challenges, supreme test, and his return home. thanks

    asked by Caleb
  44. biology

    what happens when there is excess of glucose in the blood? please give the answer big and simple bcz im an 8th standard student

    asked by humi
  45. math

    jennifer bought a brand new sports car. the price of the car was $14,900 including sports wheels, an AM/FM cd stereo, and automatic transmission. the dealer gave her a $1,250 instant rebate on the price and 0% interst for 60 months. jennifer made a down

    asked by oscar
  46. Pre Algebra

    _12 + 4n = 6(n-2)

    asked by Nicholas
  47. Pre Algebra

    What is the unit rate if the question is $3.29 for 12 cans?

    asked by Kora
  48. arithmetic

    There are 18 people. There is $72.00 to split among the top 4 people. How is that figured out?

    asked by Harriet
  49. s.s

    how old was Mr.Lincoln when he was marderd?

    asked by Jaclyn
  50. History

    Did I understand this question? Explain the pragmatic, political measures Eisenhower used to manage the economy. Explain the politics of consensus. Eisenhower managed the economy by taking a stands that focused on the problem and how to solve it in the

    asked by Ronda
  51. stats

    I have to do an observational study for an AP statistics course. Does anyone have any good ideas?

    asked by Mischa
  52. reading/writing

    hi i am doing a research report on proving that the animals from the past were different and more dangerous then they are now.... i have to make an can i set it up?? any ideas on an outline...plz

    asked by Trixie
  53. algebra

    is z^18*z^0=z^18

    asked by Jack
  54. Algebra 2

    4t^2-4/9(t+1) * 3t+3/2t-2

    asked by Benny
  55. french!

    how do i put these words in a correct sentence? vous ne grossir pas parce que vous faire du sport

    asked by Jamie
  56. Algerbra

    Quadractic Functions? How do you solve them?

    asked by Payten
  57. Spanish

    How do you form the future and past tenses of -ar, -er, and/or -ir verbs?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Science

    what instrument is used to measure water vapor content of air?

    asked by c
  59. Math

    Melba claimed that she could slice a pentagonal prism perpindicular to the base to create two separate prisms. What is the fewest number of surfacesthat each of the resulting prisms could have?

    asked by Jessica
  60. Science

    You add 7800 calories of heat to a block of ice at -40 degrees celsius. the temperature of the ice rises to 0 degrees celsius. how much ice did you heat up?

    asked by Bob
  61. Math

    I have to use a 1 parallelogram, 1 square, and 2 small triangles -they are cut out of paper-. I have to make trapezoid out of those. Any ideas

    asked by Kaleb
  62. Spanish

    Lucas's party is tomorrow. Complete the text below, by choosing and correctly conjugating the correct verb in the box. Verbs: traer, dar,salir,decir,and venir. 1. Lucas y su familia------------ una fiesta esta tarde. 2. Yo------------ de muy lejos para

    asked by John
  63. English - revised

    Question: What type of introduction and what type of conclusion do you plan to write for your research paper? How does the introduction draw readers into your argument, and how does the conclusion neatly tie up your paper? Explain your answers. Answer: My

    asked by rose - Ms. Sue
  64. Data Management, Math

    10 of your friends (including 10 altogether) are going to have a draw between all of you. Each person gives $10 (for a total of $100). There will be five, $20 draws. One per week for 5 weeks. For the first draw, every person gets a ticket. One

    asked by Jenna
  65. English--research report--Ms. Sue

    Is this a good end to my research report (on Albert Einstein)? On April 18th, 1955, Einstein's life came to an end, and he was cremated, having lived seventy-six years, one month, and four days. Also, is this a good beginning? Albert Einstein, a famous

    asked by Allison B.
  66. Algebra II

    How would you simplify: 2^pie-2 ------- 2^pie+2

    asked by Mona
  67. Math

    What would you do... (4)^(3/square root 2) ÷ 16^(2*square root 2) ?

    asked by Victoria
  68. MATH

    what relation is a doorstep to a doormat

    asked by GARRETT
  69. English2- revised

    Question In what ways are full-sentence outlines more beneficial than topic outlines? If someone asked, ¿Wouldn¿t it be simpler just to write your paper than to create a full-sentence outline?¿ how would you answer? Explain your response. What steps

    asked by rose - Ms. Sue
  70. Math

    Solve : 2x - 3 = 5

    asked by Justin
  71. Social Studies

    The Early Middle Ages 2. A tax charged by the church 18. Invaders of EEurope from Scandinavia 25. Languages that evolved from Latin 26. Men who lived in monasteries it would help if you could just give me the answer

    asked by Social Studies
  72. science

    what is the karat count of gold in a bracelet that contains 15 grams of gold and 5 grams of silver

    asked by demarco
  73. Chemistry 1

    Does anyone know what websites are good to use for Chemical Reactions and balancing equation. I have a test tomorrow, and i need to really practice those. Thanks

    asked by Stephanie
  74. health

    What is one strength you see in the current U.S. health care system? What is one weakness you see? List and describe one of the challenges facing the U.S. health care system.

    asked by Lisa
  75. science

    how is Sigmund Freud an influence?

    asked by bill
  76. Spanish

    For my Spanish class I need to memorize a poem in Spanish that uses mostly subjunctive. It should be 1/4 to 1/2 a page long. I have tried searching for famous Spanish poets and looking through their poems to find subjunctive and have come up empty handed.

    asked by Torey
  77. Chemistry 1

    How do i balance this equation out? Na2S2O2 + I2 ---> NaI+ Na2S4O6 thank you soo much! =D

    asked by silvanna
  78. chemistry

    Draw 5-methyl-3-heptene

    asked by moez
  79. Biology/Health 12

    Explain why only one corpus luteum may be found in the ovaries of a woman who has given birth to triplets. THANKS!

    asked by Kylie
  80. 12 Biology! URGENT!

    Can anyone please explain how LH affects estrogen and progesterone? I tried searching the internet and I don't understand, so can someone EXPLAIN it to me in words? THANKS!! THANKS!

    asked by Kyliyok
  81. English Essay Writing

    I was wondering if I could please get some help. I am having trouble with this Essay. thank you very much for your help in advance Ok this is the scenario.. Your favorite cusin has moved to your area and is looking for a job. Since she had previously

    asked by Juana
  82. science

    need help with an essay about Isaac Newton and his 3 laws.

    asked by tegz
  83. sex ed

    how are babies made?

    asked by tegz
  84. HIPPA/ research project

    I was hoping that someone might be able to help me. I am doing a research project. to the questions below. I was wondering if you might know of any web-sites that might be able to help me. I have to use appropriate citation through out my paper and I have

    asked by a bit confused
  85. Math

    A car travelling at 25 km per hour and gets 5 km per litre of gasoline, how long can the car travel on 20 litres of gasoline?

    asked by Kristina
  86. Math

    If 8/3 = 3/x then x = ? Thanks in advance

    asked by Kristina
  87. Social Studies: Native Americans

    during this era ______ no humans lived in Washington. My class is talking about the Plateau and Coastal Indians if that helps a little.

    asked by Joy
  88. science

    what substance makes fire grow faster

    asked by lisa


    asked by VICKY
  90. Math

    Find the surface area of the solid represented by each net. 2 circles with attached to a rectangle who's height is 84 cm length is 86.8 cm and circle diameter is 26.6 cm

    asked by Sid


    asked by VICKY


    asked by VICKY
  93. Math

    If a daily dosage of drug is 0.2 mg per kg of body weight how much should a 100 lb person take?

    asked by Kristina