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May 12, 2008

  1. chemistry

    a carbon containing 3 atoms of carbon and 8 atoms of hydrdren combinend in reactionwith oxygen molecules the 2 end products of this equation are carbon dioxide co 2 an water what element should i look at first inn this oxygen hydrogen carbon or dioxide and

    asked by andrea
  2. chemistry

    a compound containing 3 atoms of carbon and 8 atoms ofhydrgen is combined in a reaction with oxegyn molecules the two end products of this equation are carbon dioxide co 2 and water what elemement should i look at first in balancing this equation oxygen

    asked by andrea
  3. Chemistry

    During the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of CuSO4 with inert electrodes (A) the anode loses mass and the cathode gains mass. (B) the mass of the anode remains the same but the cathode gains mass. (C) the mass of the anode decreases but the mass of

    asked by LT
  4. Macroeconomics

    Calculating the Rate of Growth of Per Capita Real GDP The annual rate of growth of real GDP in a developing nation is 0.3 percent. Initially, the countries' population was stable from year to year. Recently, however, a significant increase in the nation's

    asked by animal
  5. Chemistry

    Which statement is true for the cell as it discharges? Zn | Zn2+(1 .0 M) || Sn2+(1.0 M) | Sn (A) Oxidation occurs at the tin electrode. (B) Electrons will flow from the tin electrode to the zinc electrode. (C) The concentration of Zn2+ will increase. (D)

    asked by LT
  6. History

    What are some adjectives that could be used to describe the survivors of the Holocaust? - brave have any more?

    asked by Lena
  7. Chemistry

    Manganese has the oxidation number of +5 in ______ . . (A) [MnF6]3– (C) [MnO4]2– (B) Mn2O7 (D) [Mn(CN)6]–

    asked by LT
  8. chemistry

    which of the following is not acidic milk saliva softdrink or blood

    asked by andrea
  9. Macro Help

    Calculating Marginal Propensity to Save and Marginal Propensity to Consume Consider the following table. For this hypothetical economy, the marginal propensity to save is constant at all levels of real GDP, and investment spending is autonomous. There is

    asked by animal
  10. To Derr

    You have made a couple of uncalled for comments to a couple of questions. Your remarks are not only not necessary but they take away our time in reading them to know they are nonsense. This board tries to help students. You are helping; please desist with

    asked by DrBob222
  11. English-Essay Writing

    When writing an essay about a book I know you underline the book title in the text, but when your comparing it to a movie, do you also underline the movie?? I need help PLEASE Thanks

    asked by Mike
  12. Accounting

    (Dollar-Value LIFO) Presented below is information related to Dino Radja Company. Ending Inventory Price Date (End-of-Year Prices) Index December 31, 2004 $ 80,000 100 December 31, 2005 115,500 105 December 31, 2006 108,000 120 December 31, 2007 122,200

    asked by Gurtie
  13. Chemistry

    In the chemical reaction, . Zn(s) + CuSO4(aq) ¨ ZnSO4(aq) + Cu(s), (A) metallic zinc is the reducing agent. (B) metallic zinc in reduced. (C) copper ion is oxidized. (D) sulfate ion is the oxidizing agent.

    asked by LT
  14. health

    How can communication be improved in your organization

    asked by sephanie
  15. business law

    Secured Transactions in Consumer Purchases Consider the following scenario: Janice buys a refrigerator on credit from Excelsior Appliances. Janice's sales agreement treats the appliance as collateral. Janice loses her job; so, she sells the refrigerator to

    asked by animal
  16. chemistry

    The reduction potentials for the species involved in an electrochemical cell are as follows: M+ + e– --> M is 0.30 V J+ + e– --> J is 0.40 V. All solutions are 1.00 M and J+ / J is connected to M+ / M. What is Ecell (in V)? Which species is easier to

    asked by so confused
  17. English-Essay

    I'm writing an essay with quotes. Do I end the quote with a period and then put the page # in brackets, or do I put the period after the bracket?? Thanks

    asked by Mike
  18. Algebra 2 Honors

    Right now in my class i am learning about sequences and series and im currtently suck on this problem. "A certain sequence is defined recursively by the t1=1 , t2=2, t2n=2t2n-2, t2n+1=3t2n-1. Find the first eight terms of the sequence." thanks for your

    asked by Stephanie
  19. Chemistry using concentration

    How many milliliters of 0.1256 M NaOH are required to provide 1.852 g of NaOH?

    asked by Esmeralda
  20. Statistics

    In a certain microwave oven on the high power setting, the time it takes a randomly chosen kernel of popcorn to pop is normally distributed with a mean of 140 seconds and a standard deviation of 25 seconds. What percentage of the kernels will fail to pop

    asked by Andrew
  21. Chemistry

    Which reaction will occur if each substance is in its standard state? (A) Ni2+ will oxidize Sn2+ to give Sn4+ (B) Sn4+ will oxidize Br– to give Br2 (C) Br2 will oxidize Ni(s) to give Ni2+ (D) Ni2+ will oxidize Br2 to give Br–

    asked by LT
  22. Chemistry

    Which process represents a general method for the preparation of a metal from its compounds? . (A) neutralization (D) fusion (B) reduction (E) sublimation (C) oxidation

    asked by LT
  23. algebra

    x+2y=7 2x+4y=5 are the graphs of these equations perpendicular?

    asked by C
  24. AED

    1. Are there certain curricular areas in which technology is more useful than in others? Explain your answer.

    asked by Dawn


    asked by SADE BATES
  26. chemistry

    wich of the following shows the correct terms for the two sides of a chemical equation correctly placed to the left or right where thay belong an also shows the correct symbol reactants---products products=reactants reactants=sum or sum----reactants please

    asked by andrea
  27. AED

    help me please there are barriers that prevent the implementation of technology in classrooms. Based on your experiences or observations, what barriers exist that are not mentioned in Ch. 12? Discuss possible solutions to these barriers. You may want to

    asked by Dawn
  28. grammar

    do you underline book titles? or put them in quotes?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. algebra


    asked by Marie
  30. chemistry

    my ques ok a coumpond containing 3atoms of carbon an 8 atoms ofhydrogen combined in reaction with oxy molecules the two end products of this equation are carbon dioxide co2 an water wat element should i look at first in balancing this question and wen i

    asked by andrea
  31. Chemistry

    Free sulfur may act as either an oxidizing agent or a reducing agent. What is the best experimental evidence for this statement? (A) Sulfur forms sulfur dioxide as well as calcium sulfide. (B) Sulfur is a nonmetal. (C) Sulfur forms both organic and

    asked by LT
  32. Critical Thinking

    Please check the following argument and see if the premises and the conclusion are stated accurately Premises: With the numbers of juvenile crimes at historic highs Premises: It makes sense to house some juvenile criminals in adult facilities Conclusion:

    asked by Karen
  33. Chemistry

    In every electrolytic and galvanic (voltaic) cell the anode is that electrode (A) at which oxidation occurs. (B) which attracts cations. (C) at which electrons are supplied to the solution. (D) at which reduction occurs.

    asked by LT
  34. Psychology

    I would like to know if there are any chapter summaries available for Brian N. Baird's book The Internship, Practicum, and Field Placement Handbook Fifth Edition.

    asked by Glen
  35. Spanish

    Can someone please explain to me how to do this: Traduce las frases al espanol, por favor. 1. Don't rent the apartment 2. Don't leave 3. Don't pass the papers 4. Never play the piano 5. Don't visit your grandmother etc.... Please help. I have to do 20

    asked by John
  36. ChEmIsTrY

    the equlibrium equation is (I2)^2(CO2)^5/(CO)^5. If the (CO) starts at 1.0 M and decreases to 0.25 M at equilibrium, give the value of Keq. How would i do that??

    asked by Miley
  37. chemistry

    a test liquid has a density of 1.1g ml wen u pour some of it in a cup of water what will happen assuming that they have no chemical reaction

    asked by andrea

    the term i accidently ommited was I205(S). THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!

    asked by Miley
  39. Law and Ethics

    please chek my answer thanks Joe Smith asks for access to patient records as part of a reasearch project. What should the health infomation do? Please select the best answer below A say yes- access for reasearch is premitted B Tell Joe to submit his

    asked by Anonymous
  40. algebra2

    find the margin of error for the sample proportion, given a sample size of n=1400. Round to the nearest percent.

    asked by jerson
  41. algebra 1

    what is the difference between a biased sample and a biased question

    asked by me
  42. "Things fall apart" -Achebe

    what did okonkwo do whenever he thought of his father's weakness and failure?

    asked by grace
  43. Science (Venus)

    I have a project on venus and its due tommorrow! Im in such a rush, do you think that you could suggest something easy to do but very creative that would make my project get a high mark and good grade?

    asked by Needin An Answer QUICK!~
  44. English-Social Studies

    Can anyone recommend a good book about the Middle east? It can be either fiction or nonfiction. We have to read it and report on it for both English and Social Studies. Thanks.

    asked by Brainy
  45. french

    if u used the word appartenir while doing passe compose, would it be one of the words of DR MRS VANDERTRAMP, as in, u's have to use the verb etre? cuz i think tenir is one of those words i think... Please Help =) Thanks! ~Slappy~

    asked by Slappy
  46. social studies

    When the California explorers were around how did the discovery of gold affect the Sacramento area?

    asked by jacob matthew
  47. Macroeconomics

    The Philips Curve Suppose the economy has been experiencing zero inflation and five percent unemployment for several years. The government decides to lower the unemployment percentage by generating some inflation. You need to do the following: 1.Using the

    asked by animal
  48. chemistry

    sir i didn't understand the first i made it more detailed for u though ty

    asked by andrea
  49. chemistry

    bismuth of 209/83Bi is stable because? nuclei even or odd # of nucleons. which one is stable?

    asked by mike
  50. res ipsa loquitur

    please check my answer thank you What is res ipsa loquitur and what does it do ? My answer : Res ispa loquitur is a latin tern meaning the thing speaks for itself. This theroy is not often used. Res ispa loquitur is a rule of evidence that creates a

    asked by Jessica
  51. Chemistry

    what is the pH level of an average lake

    asked by Derr
  52. Government

    What is true: A.Liberals want to keep status Quo B.Moderates want to keep status Quo C.Reactionaries will do anything to keep status quo, or D.Status quo does not change...

    asked by Nesiia
  53. Bio

    1. What are the qualities of H bonds? give some examples of H bonds. 2.examples of saturated and unsaturated fats

    asked by natash
  54. chemistry

    sorry i will improve my english which is correct of this equation reactants---products products=reactants reactants=sum or sum----reactants i just do not get this

    asked by andrea
  55. accounting

    i AM HAVING TROUBLE WITH THESE TWO QUESTIONS 2-17 Calculate cost for a manufacturer, no inventories The following data pertains to the Anderson table mfg company for Jan. 2003 the company made 1000 tables durning Jan, and there are no beginning or ending

    asked by power
  56. science

    Which layer of the atmosphere does the greenhouse effect occur in? Thanks!

    asked by Charlotte
  57. AED 201

    "Write a 750- to 1,050-word reflection on the interview that addresses the following:" I am having a hard time understanding what this means. I know that I need to write the essay, but what is a reflection in this sense?

    asked by Heather

    Calculate cost for a manufacturer, no inventories The following data pertains to the Anderson table mfg company for Jan. 2003 the company made 1000 tables durning Jan, and there are no beginning or ending inventories. wood used in production 25000 $25,000

    asked by POWER
  59. math

    what is the greatest number of times you would regroup when multiplying a 3 digit factor by a 2 digit factor?

    asked by Anonymous

    Calculate cost for a manufacturer, no inventories The following data pertains to the Anderson table mfg company for Jan. 2003 the company made 1000 tables durning Jan, and there are no beginning or ending inventories. wood used in production 25000 $25,000

    asked by POWER
  61. physics

    A lamp is moved from 26 cm to 90 cm above the pages of a book. Compare the illumination on the book before and after the lamp is move.

    asked by marc
  62. chemistry

    Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of using chemically synthesized esters in place of natural esters in food. Support your opinion with references.

    asked by Henry
  63. chemistry

    wen determining the formula for a compound its important to no the valance no of each element suppose element a has a valance no of 3 an element b has a valence no of 2 if the two elements combine then wen writing the formula for the resulting compound wat

    asked by andrea
  64. algebra

    find the margin of error for the sample proportion, given a sample size of n=1400. Round to the nearest percent.

    asked by jerson
  65. Maths

    Hi im doing measurement at skool at the moment and i cant quite ork out some questions. Can someone please help!!!! A circular portrait photograph has a diameter 18cm and is to be placed in a 20cm square frame. Determine the ratio of the area of the

    asked by Hannah
  66. Adv. Math

    Well I know how to do it but I can't get the answer. Trapezoid: height, 9 1/5ft; bases, 20 ft,14 ft What gets me stuck is the 1/5 part. Can anyone help??

    asked by Kenya
  67. HIPPA

    please check my answer thanks If HIPPA law is stricter than state law, which standards should you follow and why ? What if state all was stricter ? This is all I have so far any input would be great HIPPA laws are stricter than any state law. This standard

    asked by Casie
  68. Eng 111

    I need help identifying how the word is in wach sentence. I have to tell it it is an adjectibe, adverb conjunction, noun pronoun, adfective clause, adverb clause, noun clause, gerind phrase, infinitive clause, participial phrase, Please help me with the

    asked by Debbie
  69. eng 111

    I submitted my answers to my questions can you check them and tell me if I got any right. /thank you

    asked by Debbie
  70. earth

    an area of high pressure is referred to as a anticyclone, and an area of low pressure is called a cyclone. is percipitation generally accosiated with a cyclone or anticyclone?

    asked by taylor
  71. government

    What is the difference between democrats and republicans?

    asked by Nesiia
  72. Government

    What are the signs that political parties in the U.S are strong?

    asked by Nesiia
  73. government

    are conservatives liberal?

    asked by Nesiia
  74. math

    Many grocery stores have installed self checkout systems. Below is the number of customers using the service for a sample of 15 days at the Wal-Mart in NYC, 120 108 120 114 118 91 118 92 104 104 105 112 97 118 108 117 Is it reasonable to assume that the

    asked by Johnny
  75. Another Math Statistical Question

    Assume Coca Bottling is a company producing power drinks. You visited the company and did a sampling of 15 bottles to figure out the average volume of the bottle. You recorded the following data: 17, 16, 17.5, 16.7, 17.3, 15, 17.2, 17, 17.2, 16.8, 17.3,

    asked by Johnny
  76. government

    what is it when the formation of new opinions, plans or ideas that can be agreed to or shared by members of several political parties?

    asked by Nesiia
  77. Biology

    Hi I need help Interphase: Describe the traits of the chromosomes at this stage I don't know how to asnwer this question. We did this stuff at the start of the year. We used this great webiste that was like a slide show thingy of all the phases. I don't

    asked by Bob
  78. English

    I`m writing a bio-poem. Is what I wrote below (just one part in the poem) gramaticcaly correct? Who feels that he has been robbed of his faith in God and fellow human beings, exposed to the deepest inhumanity and that life has becomes as black as

    asked by Lena
  79. government

    is the smallest political unit defind for voting purposes the "citizen"....

    asked by Nesiia
  80. Government...Thx

    Thank You Everyone!!!!

    asked by Nesiia
  81. history

    WE have to lable characteristics of leaders. I have Adolph Hitler, Benito Musiline, and Fidel Castro. For all of them i have Intelligence, ethics, physical strength, military prowess, common sense, courage, power, confidence, and i need 4 more... can

    asked by Brittney
  82. Physics

    How are series and parallel circuits wired?

    asked by Kelly
  83. English

    `m writing a bio-poem. Is what I wrote below gramaticcaly correct? I`m not sure if the second part makes sense, the gallows part. Who feels that he has been robbed of his faith in God and fellow human beings, exposed to the deepest inhumanity and that life

    asked by Lena
  84. science

    Describe 2 ways government could promote the use of photovoltaic power systems for homeowners. Thanks!

    asked by Lydia
  85. english/science

    Can you help me to paraphrase this? After Chaim Weizmann's death, Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. He declined.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. nutrition

    Can you tell me an statistic about the sports and lifestyle!!!!!!!

    asked by studeldulce3427
  87. Math--kind of

    If someone was born on March 14, 1879 (A.D.) and died on April 18, 1955, how long did they live for (years, months, days, please)?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. AED

    Axia College Material Appendix D Technology Use Timeline Currently, U.S. schools use technology significantly more than they did in the past. Research the use of technology in schools from 1980 until present day. Fill in the timeline below with events to

    asked by Dawn
  89. English

    In the book Sense and Sensibility, who does Elinor end up marrying?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. physics

    'perpetual motion' is ruled out of the realm of possibility because of which law of thermodynamics?

    asked by shell
  91. Chemistry

    How do you decide orbital hybridization of molecules?

    asked by Kenny
  92. english

    does generation and tradition have either assonance or consonance or neither?

    asked by abby
  93. Free Verse Poem

    Does this sound good to you? (Eigth grade) Setting: 1930's Dust Bowl She stood facing north, screaming at it. Raising her hands towards the heavens, And it came. Storming through like a beast, Charging like a bull, Roaring like a lion. The dust billowed in

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Physics

    What happens when you plug more equipment into apower board in terms of it's resistance and current. Explain.

    asked by BP
  95. Science-Weather

    What is the general location of the following places; -Tropical rain forest -Desert & tundra -temperate forests Thanks in advance :)

    asked by Selaine
  96. algebra

    what is the slope intercept equation for 8 and y intercept (0,5) y=?

    asked by C
  97. chemistry

    Products are often marketed as "organic" or "natural". What do these terms mean when applied to consumer goods? Discuss how these terms may be used to mislead a public that is not knowledgeable in chemistry. Support your opinion with references.

    asked by Thomas
  98. business law

    Elements of Contract Law Project Rationale: The students will examine the typical issues of contract law in scenarios taken from a common setting, the purchase of an automobile. Problem Statement: For purposes of this exercise, assume the following facts

    asked by animal
  99. Science-Weather

    What is the difference between newspaper maps and meterological maps? Thanks for you help :)

    asked by Selaine
  100. business law

    Personal Bankruptcy In 2005, the U.S. Congress approved a major reform of federal bankruptcy laws. On the Internet, do research on "bankruptcy reform" or equivalent terms. Answer the following questions: a.What were the major reforms made to federal

    asked by animal
  101. chemistry

    what is c3h8 dioxide or hydrogen

    asked by andrea
  102. algebra

    what is the slope intercept equation for 8 and y intercept (0,5) y=? I got y=8x+5 is this correct?

    asked by C
  103. social science

    How might higher levels of development of a country be related to temperate locations??

    asked by monique
  104. chemistry

    how many neutrons r there in a phosphorus atom

    asked by andrea
  105. geography

    what river split slave and free states

    asked by somewhere out there
  106. alge

    Find the probability of x=4 sucesses in n=9 trials for the probability of succes p=0.6 on each trial. Round to the nearest thousanth.

    asked by jerson
  107. alg

    Find the sample size that produces the margin of error ± 3.0%

    asked by jerson
  108. Algebra II

    What would be the inverse of: f(x)= 6/x Is it the same?

    asked by Mandy
  109. Geometry

    IS Evrey rectangle a square or is evrey rhombus a paralleogram. I forgot these things need help!

    asked by Nolan
  110. math

    does anyone know a website which shows the 8 types of parents graphs that show their properties( domain, range, assymptotes, minimum or maximum)?

    asked by bill
  111. algebra

    In 1920 the record for a certain race was 45.4 sec. in 1950, it was 41.5 sec. let R(t) = the record in the race and t the number of years since 1920. R(t)=? What is the predicted record for 2003? What is the predicted record for 2006? in what year will the

    asked by C
  112. algebra

    Find the sample size that produces the margin of error ± 3.0%

    asked by jerson
  113. Law and Ethics

    I need to compare and contrast contributory negligence with comparative negligence. Please check what I have so far and let me know what I may need to and or take a way etc thanks so much for your help Both contributory and comparative negligence deals

    asked by Anonymous
  114. help please

    find the margin of error for the sample proportion, given a sample size of n=1400. Round to the nearest percent.

    asked by jerson
  115. science

    is this true? the maximum density of water is maximum at 0 degree c

    asked by MANU
  116. HIPPA

    At what point during the course of treatment of a new patient should you notice the use and diclosure of health information, required under HIPPA, be and why ? I think that you should notice right away. When you go to the doctor and check in you have to

    asked by Jessica
  117. Law and Ethics

    please help thanks I am not understanding what is the subject matter juriisdiction of federal courts and help would be great thank so much

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Critical thinking

    Please look at the following statement would you agree that this statement is vague. Housing juveniles with adults would not be harmful.

    asked by Karen
  119. chemisrty

    Ag+(aq) + e- ----> help me finish it.

    asked by becci
  120. Algebra I

    I need some serious help. c = 0.25(t-300) + 69.95 where t>300. Will someone help me please?

    asked by Patricia
  121. chemistry

    I'm reviewing for a test tomorrow, and I was wondering about this question. Convert 55 mi/gal to meters/liter. I'm not sure how to go about it, though when I tried it I got 89000.0m/4L. But, I'm not sure if that is right.

    asked by Kate