Questions Asked on
May 8, 2008

  1. Chemistry

    For the following balanced equation: 2 Ag+ (aq) + Cu(s) ---> Cu2+ (aq) + 2 Ag(s) Which letter corresponds to the correct cell notation at standard state conditions? A. Cu2+(aq)/ Cu(s) // Ag(s) / Ag+(aq) B. 2Ag+(aq)/ Cu2+(aq)// 2Ag(s)/ Cu(s) C. Ag+(aq) /

    asked by Amy
  2. algebra 1

    evaluate 8C5

    asked by bandit
  3. Physics

    current passing through a conductor is increased from 10 A to 15 A this decreases the strength of the magnetic field produced by the conductor true or false True

    asked by Katie
  4. stoichiometry

    if 3.00 moles of water are produced, how many grams of oxygen must be consumed?

    asked by holli
  5. Chemistry

    Which reaction has been chosen as the 'standard' against which every other reaction is measured? A. F2 + 2e ---> 2F– B. O2 + 4H+ + 4e ---->2H2O C. 2H+ + 2e---> H2 D. Li+ + e ---> Li E. H2 + 2e --->2H i got C is that right?

    asked by Amy
  6. algebra

    Kirk and Montega mow the soccer playing fields. They must mow an area of 500 ft long and 400 feet wide. They agree that each will mow half the area. Kirk will mow around the edge in a path of equal width until half the area is left. *What is the area each

    asked by Trixie
  7. alg 2.

    when condensing this expression why is the answer ln5. ln25-ln5

    asked by Miley
  8. algebra

    The drama club is building a backdrop using arches whose shape can be represented by the function f(x)=-x^2+2x+8, where x is the length in feet. The area under each arch is to be covered with fabric. -What is the length of the segment along the floor of

    asked by astrid
  9. science

    describe how carbon dioxide is managed by the rbc from the tissue

    asked by kendra


    asked by bobby
  11. finance

    A "normal" term structure of interest rates would depict

    asked by Aloc
  12. programming

    can someone write this script with unix The script should be named final_YourLastname (e.g., a script written by York should be named: final_York). The script should implement car rental reservation activities. The main menu of the script must prompt users

    asked by chris
  13. alg 2.

    can someone please show me step by step how to do this problem... 1/2log base 4 25-2(3logbase4 5-log base 4 25)

    asked by Miley
  14. Chemistry

    For the following electrochemical cell: Fe(s) / Fe2+(aq) // MnO4–(aq) Mn2+(aq) / Pt(s) Which letter corresponds to the correct balanced chemical equation in an acidic solution? A. 5Fe(s) + 16H+(aq) + 2MnO4–(aq)--> 2Mn2+(aq) + 8H2O(l) + 5Fe2+(aq) B.

    asked by Amy
  15. Math

    Of the 6 grade students surveyed, 12% bring their lunch. SUppose 24 six graders do this, how many six graders are there. I would like you to show me how to do this, (Mom) so that I can explain to my son. Thanks.

    asked by Bob
  16. Math

    What is the formula to figure the radius of the following: 50 feet of wire how do you figure the circumference and the radius

    asked by Debby
  17. physics

    When a nucleus emits a beta particle, it's atomic number is ?

    asked by ann

    thanks alot!

    asked by Miley
  19. Physics

    I'm sorry if it's a lot, but I want to make sure I didn't do any mistakes on this worksheet. Thanks!!1. If the mass of a Ne-20 atom is 19.9924 amu, calculate its binding energy. (I got 2.578 x 10^-11 Joules)2. If the mass of a Ca-40 atom is 39.9626 amu,

    asked by Emily
  20. world history

    What was the technology, agriculture, trade, religion/belief systems, gender roles, migrations, and population changes of the era of 600-1450 in the Middle East? What about in the 1450-1750? 1750-1914? 1914-present?

    asked by lauren
  21. unscramble


    asked by Matthew
  22. Health

    What is the process by which alcohol leaves the body? It's the only one on my crossword puzzle that I can't figure out and it's supposed to start with an E

    asked by Samantha
  23. french

    can someone check to see if this sentence is grammatically correct? "Je ne serai pas à l'école jeudi, alors puis-je passer l'interro vendredi matin?" *Should translate to "I will not be at school Thursday, so can I take the quiz friday morning? Merci

    asked by RD
  24. statistics

    can someone please tell me what the equation is to find the sum of looking online but everything is sohard to understand and all the symbols are confusing...?? thank you!

    asked by steph
  25. Spanish

    It would be nice if someone could help me with this. This is what I'm working on: Command form(imperative mood)-plural I'm filling in the blanks with the polite plural command of the verb in parentheses: -----------(ir) a la pizarra con la tarea para hoy

    asked by John
  26. spanish

    It would be nice if someone could help me with this. This is what I'm working on: Command form(imperative mood) negative familiar/polite I have to change the affirmative commands to negative form: Hágalos en la clase--------- Llévalo a tu casa----------

    asked by John
  27. Englis

    Name any fallacy in this essay One day in January 1995 a number of companies in San Diego, California, woke up to find that they had a "deficient work force." This new designation, which had literally come overnight, had nothing to do with the intelligence

    asked by Andrea
  28. science

    describe how oxygen is carried and transferred from the lungs to the tissues

    asked by kendra
  29. grammar

    What is meant by passive voice? explain it with best examples.

    asked by Sofia
  30. history

    When did australia become a nation?? please i really need it!! my assignment is due tomorrow!!!

    asked by livvy
  31. math

    lim-> 0 sin 3x/7x i keep getting 0 even using the quotient rule but htis is not the answer

    asked by rudy
  32. calc

    If 4x2+3x+xy=2 and y(2)=–10 , find y'(2) by implicit differentiation. i keep getting the wrong answer for this problem evn when plugging 2 in for y.

    asked by sara
  33. Mat116

    What is the difference between a epression and a equation?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by JILL
  35. Mat115

    46. Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers. 0.16, 0.08, 0.27, 0.20, 0.22, 0.32, 0.25, 0.18, 0.28, 0.27 A) 0.08, 0.18, 0.223, 0.27, 0.32 C) 0.08, 0.18, 0.225, 0.27, 0.28 B) 0.08, 0.18, 0.235, 0.27, 0.32 D) 0.08, 0.16, 0.23, 0.28, 0.32

    asked by Jana
  36. stats

    find standard deviation for this problem daily precip- frequency-31,1,0,2,0,1 0.oo-0.49 0.50-0.99 1.00-1.49 1.50-1.99 2.00-2.29 2.50-2.99

    asked by ebony
  37. English

    how do I diagram this sentence? Practice good driving skillsevery day for about four months before taking the test.

    asked by Ryan
  38. comtemporary business Communication

    suggest 2 tips for academic document not mentioned in miccrosoft word.

    asked by Jaz
  39. chemistry

    There is an apparatus that consists of three glass bulbs connected by small glass tubes with the stopcocks closed. Given that the temp. is 27 degrees C, what is the pressure of gas in each glass bulb? Bulb 1-> 1L- 1.79gCO2 Bulb 2-> 2L- 0.162gH2 Bulb 3->

    asked by katie
  40. chemistry

    There is an apparatus that consists of three glass bulbs connected by small glass tubes with the stopcocks closed. Given that the temp. is 27 degrees C, what is the pressure of gas in each glass bulb? Bulb 1-> 1L- 1.79gCO2 Bulb 2-> 2L- 0.162gH2 Bulb 3->

    asked by katie
  41. Chemistry

    For the following balanced equation: 2 Ag+ (aq) + Cu(s) ---> Cu2+ (aq) + 2 Ag(s) Which letter corresponds to the correct cell notation at standard state conditions? A. Cu2+(aq)/ Cu(s) // Ag(s) / Ag+(aq) B. 2Ag+(aq)/ Cu2+(aq)// 2Ag(s)/ Cu(s) C. Ag+(aq) /

    asked by Amy
  42. Physics

    170 students in a lecture hall can scream at 115 dB. Thus, we should expect that: A. an average student can do 0.68 dB by him or herself. B.340 average students can do 125 dB. C.340 average students can do 230 dB. D.1700 average students can do 125 dB.

    asked by Courtney
  43. Physics

    Indicate true or false in each of the following statements: 1. a tube open at one end resonates with only odd harmonics 2. The frequency of a sound emitted by a vehicle as it moves toward you rises as you listen 3. a tube open at both ends resonates with

    asked by Katie
  44. physics

    what is physics?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. biology

    When farmers select animals or plants to use for breeding, they look for

    asked by debra
  46. Math

    What is the length of the longest rod that can be placed in a hollow cube of side 10 feet? in this problem we are supposed to use Pathagorem Theorm.

    asked by Jeremy
  47. biology

    In artificial selection, what factor substitutes for naturally occurring selection pressures?

    asked by debra
  48. Algebra Help PLEASE

    King’s Service Station uses two kinds of cleaning solution containing acid and water. “Attack” is 2% acid and “Blast” is 6% acid. They want to mix the two to get 60qt of a solution that is 5% acid. How many quarts of each should they use. Let a =

    asked by Kell
  49. science

    How many moles of water are produced when 5.00 moles of oxygen are used?

    asked by holli
  50. stoichiometry

    If 3.00 moles of water are produced, how many moles of oxygen must be consumed?

    asked by holli
  51. stoichiometry

    if you have 0.25 moles of carbon monoxide how many grams would you have?

    asked by holli
  52. stoichiometry

    if you have 3 moles of salt, how many grams would you have?

    asked by holli
  53. stoichiometry

    how many grams of water are produced when 2.50 moles of oxygen are used?

    asked by holli
  54. grammar

    i need a sentence for cross-examination

    asked by victoria
  55. English

    How do you tell what part of speech a word is under classification. How do you tell how each word is used in the sentence under construction? I will walk and he will ride a bike.

    asked by Alex
  56. science

    Provide an example of convergent and divergent evolution, adaptive radiation, and co-evolution.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. statistics

    if B zero=26.724 and B1= 0.5719 what can we interpret about the slope of B1?

    asked by tatyina
  58. math

    factor this polynomial function completely f(x)=12x^4+10x^3-214x^2+198x+90 I found all the possible rational zeros but just cant seem to factor it all

    asked by Paul
  59. CJS

    How do you feel power related to the criminal justice system should be distributed between state and the federal systems?

    asked by Attivia
  60. french

    would it be correct to say: je n'ai pas besoin d'un livre et d'un stylo or should it be: je n'ai pas besoin ni d'un livre ni d'un stylo

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Algebra 1

    your uncle buys a new car that comes with seven new tires, one for each wheel and three spare tires. He decides to be economical by using the tree spares as much as the other four tires. If he drives 22,750 miles and each tire has been used equally, what

    asked by Libby
  62. arithmetic

    3(p-q)=10 2(p-q)=7 p= q=

    asked by Sara
  63. government

    What is the name for the combined houses of the Missouri legislature?

    asked by Keisha
  64. Reading

    I have a question about dogs(shih tzu's) Is a shih tzu a mixed breed? Please Help me!!!!! :( :)

    asked by Serena
  65. social studies

    I posted this question the other day but all the websites I was given were about the negative effects and the people against the United States depending on foreign oil. Are there any articles that are for the U.S. dependence on foreign oil? I have to write

    asked by Jared
  66. alg 2.

    Why is ln(e^-2) = -2. Why doesn't it = e^-2??

    asked by Miley
  67. alg 2.

    ln(x^2y)^3. when you expand this natural log is e. so it would be 6lnex +3lney. but my answer doesn't have an e in it. how come?

    asked by Miley
  68. finance

    The Acme Company has its European subsidiary based in the Euro zone. The subsidiary must solve a series of five problems that require you to apply the concept of "time value of money," or TVM. The five problems are listed below. Solving them will require

    asked by Anonymous
  69. algebra 2

    2y-5 over 6 - y-5 over 4 equals 3/4. Solve this rational expression.

    asked by Sabrina
  70. grammar

    In the sentence "On track and field day, the teacher was very proficient at announcing the events", is the word "proficient" a noun or verb?

    asked by Avery
  71. CRT 205 Crticial thinking

    . In three of the last four presidential races, the winner of the Iowa Republican primary has not captured the Republican nomination. Therefore, the winner of the next Iowa Republican primary will not capture the Republican nomination.

    asked by tjlowe
  72. 205

    Please with assigment I do not understand. Exercise 7-9 Given the premises, discuss whether the conclusion of each argument that follows is (a) true beyond a reasonable doubt, (b) probably true, or (c) possibly true or possibly false. You should expect

    asked by clt
  73. business

    evaluate the extent that management utilizes the classic management activities -planning, organizing, leading, and controlling with 4-6 slides with notes and references

    asked by tyrane
  74. trig

    Simplify (tan^2θcsc^2θ-1)/(tan^2θ) This question totally stumps me. I know that csc^2=1/(sin^2) and tan^2=(sin^2)/(cos^2), but I don't see how I can use these identities to simplify the question. What am I missing? Help is much appreciated!

    asked by Jennifer
  75. english

    My son has to make a cover page for his book report. What all needs to be on this sheet?

    asked by shanen
  76. french

    what is an easy way to remember conjigations for the irregular verbs

    asked by bandit
  77. Science

    What happens to sunlight when it strikes a dark (black) surface? How is wavelength affected? Why are the Sun's rays the most powerful in the summer solstice and why is this not the hottest time of the year. What frequencies or color of light are most

    asked by Bob
  78. math/rates and unit rates

    I can't figure out my homework because I don't know what rates & unit rates are.

    asked by wyatt christopherson
  79. Psychology

    I need help in creating a timeline about the development of psychotherapy. I have to include the major and minor strands of psychotherapy, the premier scholars, and geographic delineations.

    asked by Christian