Questions Asked on
May 7, 2008

  1. Science

    Rubbing alcohol is a solution of 70 percent alcohol and 30 percent water. In the alcohol solution, which is the solute and which is the solvent? Explain.

    asked by Amber-NEED HELP!!!
  2. chemistry

    I know how to use the equations pv=nrt and P1xV1/n1xT1 = P2xV2/n2xT2, but I don't understand when to use them. I have a test tomorrow and I'm going over some word problems, but I can't figure out how decide which formula you need to use. Is there a

    asked by Kate
  3. physics

    The nucleus of a copper atom contains 29 protons and has a radius of 4.8*10^-15m. How much work (in electron volts) is done by the electric force as a proton is brought from infinity, where it is at rest, to the "surface" of a copper nucleus? I really got

    asked by Shirley
  4. Social Studies/English

    My social studies class is discussing the energy issues in the world today. I have to write an essay about an energy issue and include the two opposing sides viewpoints. The issue I would like to write about is the United States dependence on foreign oils.

    asked by Jared
  5. chemistry

    Explain in terms of molecular structure why sugars have a relatively high melting point compared to hydrocarbons of a similar size.

    asked by Mable
  6. calculus please help me

    Let f(x)=9sinx/2sinx+4cosx. Then 'f(x)= ((2sinx+4cosx)(9cosx)-(9sinx)(2cosx-4sinx))/(2sinx+4cosx)^2. The equation of the tangent line to y=f(x) at a=2 can be written in the form y=mx+b where m= 9and b= ______.?????

    asked by Leslie
  7. quantum physics

    After a .800-nm x-ray photon scatters from a free electron, the electron recoils with a speed equal to 1.20 x 10^6 m/s. (a) What was the Compton Shift in the photon's wavelength? (b) Through what angle was the photon scattered? I got an answer for (a), but

    asked by Mischa
  8. science

    Would you expect the dissolved oxygen concentration of water samples taken from a lake at 7 am to be higher or lower than samples takn at 5 pm? I feel like there may be more dissolved oxygen in the sample taken at 7 am because photosynthesis probably took

    asked by Jin
  9. math

    Find the value of k such that the system of linear equations is inconsistent. {4x-8y = -3 {2x+ky = 16 I know that the answer is k = -4 but I don't know how to solve to get that answer.

    asked by anonymous
  10. Physics

    Bulb P is rated 60 W, 110 V, and bulb Q is rated 100 W, and 110 V. Which of the bulbs has the higher resistance? they have the same cannot be determined bulb P bulb Q I had they have the same.

    asked by Jane
  11. Chemistry - please help!

    How do you do the simplified structural formula and full structural formula of ester? I'm really struggling,please help! e.g.methyl ethanoate/propyl methanoate

    asked by Anonymous
  12. chemistry

    If it requires 54.7mL of a 0.0765 M HCl solution to complete neutralize 25.0 mL of a KOH solution, what is the molarity of the KOH solution.?

    asked by katie
  13. Physics

    170 students in a lecture hall can scream at 115 dB. Thus, we should expect that: A. an average student can do 0.68 dB by him or herself. B.340 average students can do 125 dB. C.340 average students can do 230 dB. D.1700 average students can do 125 dB.

    asked by Carrie
  14. grammar

    Is fine arts program capitalized?

    asked by anonymous
  15. chemistry

    A scuba tank is filled to 2500 psi(170 atm) in a dive shop at room temp/(25 degrees C) then stored in the trunk of a car on a hot day. What will be the new pressure in the tank if the temp. in the trunk reaches 60 degrees C? Express that pressure in

    asked by katie
  16. english

    sorry it didn't post all the way With the way things are today, with business after business trying to outdo each other in performance, many businesses are now changing the way they look at things and are now trying to beat out their competition in a

    asked by ???????
  17. Geography

    A Day Without Farming? This is for Geography. I have to hand in one page talking about what a day without farming would be like. Any ideas? Does anyone feel like writting a bit? Any suggestions would be very appriciated. Thanks in advance! (Sorry, I just

    asked by Karr
  18. INB

    Effects of Economic and Socioeconomic Forces: Choose one newly industrializing countries mentioned in the text (p. 102 International Business) Choose a product you think would be suitable to export to the country you chose based solely on that country’s

    asked by deshaun
  19. Economics

    Assume the demand for beef is given by Qd = 22 + 0.1 Y – 10Pb + 5 Pc And the supply of beef is given by: Qs = -400 + 500Pb – 200 Pf where Qd denotes quantity of beef demanded, Qs denotes quantity supplied, Pb denotes price, of beef, Y denotes per

    asked by Sara
  20. Algebra 1

    Your uncle buys a new car that comes with seven new tires, one for each wheel, and three spares. He decides to be economical by using the three spares as much as the other four. If he drives 22, 750 miles and each tire has been used equally, what will be

    asked by Libby
  21. chemistry

    a 36.o% Aqueous solution of sucrose has a density of 1.16g/mL.What mass of sucrose is in 500mL of this solution?

    asked by katie
  22. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of a 9.00 M HNO3 stock solution that must be used to prepare 450 mL 0f a 1.80 M HNO3 solution.

    asked by katie
  23. chemistry

    predict the pH of an aqueous solution that is 0.00378 molar in HBr

    asked by katie
  24. Chemistry

    Hi there. I'm doing a paper on Biology (yes I know, will explain the chem link in a sec) and in it am trying to find the best pH level for Slaters, using limewater and filtered water to change concentrations. I have done experiments and using bunch of

    asked by JB
  25. chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of a solution that is prepared by dissolving 23.35g of CaCl2 in a sufficient amount of water to make a 600 mL solution.

    asked by katie
  26. algebra


    asked by jesus
  27. math

    multilpying nad dividing rational expressions

    asked by valeria
  28. Literature

    What are some sites- any sites- for the following books that I can look at: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding? Besides Sparknotes and PinkMonkey)

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Psychology

    Change your thinking(Title of my reseach paper) How do I plan to support my thesis with compelling arguments and counterarguments. My thesis statement is," Even though we experince situation that demonstrate this simple principle- the way we think

    asked by Zoe
  30. chemistry

    what is the balanced chemical equation for aqueous hydrgoen peroxide to produce solid lead (II) sulfate and liquid water?

    asked by rachel
  31. Math

    30y = x^2 - 14x + 13 FOR X

    asked by Bob
  32. Physics

    For the medium to remain undisturbed as two pulses pass the same point, they must have equal amplitudes opposite amplitudes different amplitudes both a and b I had both a and b but im not sure.

    asked by Jada
  33. chemistry

    Assuming the volume of the connecting tubes is negligible, what will be the pressure in the apparatus after all of the stopcocks are opened and the gases are allowed to mix?

    asked by katie
  34. FRENCH

    If I would like to say: "Is your brother at home?" would it be correct to say: est-il à la maison, votre frère? or votre frère, est-il à la maison? Are your children in school" Sont-ils à l'école, vos enfants? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  35. science

    what is the science?

    asked by sanjay
  36. Math (Calculus)

    y= x^(2x+1) find the derivative of the function using natural log

    asked by Amanda
  37. french

    Today we learnt about negative of quelque chose. 1) J'ai entendu quelque chose. = Je n'ai rien entendu. 2) J'ai pense (passe compose) a (accent grave) tout. =Je n'ai pense a rien. Why is that in 1) rien is infront of the verb, and 2) is after the verb? How

    asked by french
  38. Physics

    What is the nature of an image formed by a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm for a real object placed 3 cm from the mirror real and inverted real and upright virtual and inverted virtual and upright Would it be virtual and inverted, I do not believe

    asked by Lynn
  39. Sense and Sensibility

    How do Marianne and Elinor compare and contrast?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. science and politics

    Should affected nations from global warming , be legally entitled to financial assistance from those who did cause them and who have benefied from them? explain if they should or shouldnt contribute

    asked by Jay
  41. algebra

    ok im feeling really dumb but TWO LINES intersect making 121 degree angle. other angles measure?

    asked by Kaylee
  42. algebra

    ok this is really hard i have a crossword puzzle 3Y-9 Y=19 also They want to know what N stands for in this question the mean is 14. the data is N, 16,16,and 18. Last probability of 7 out of 20=N%

    asked by Kaylee

    If the process of ion attraction within the nephron is not functioning properly what would you expect to find in the blood and urine?

    asked by My
  44. basic english

    What mark of punctuation is most closely associated with interjections

    asked by patty
  45. English

    What are 3 examples of rhyme schemes? My assignment was to get 5 and I got only 1. Can you give me 3 more? Here's one of the poems I have: To Anthea, Who May Command Him Any Thing Robert Herrick Bid me to weep, and I will weep, A While I have eyes to see;

    asked by Laura Ray
  46. For Brandon

    I replied to your answer, do you have any feedback for me? Thanks

    asked by My
  47. Computers

    How do you put sound and to make it play throughout a powerpoint presentation?

    asked by Laura Ray
  48. chemistry

    Describe the role of each of the following types of bonds in a polyamide: a) covalent bonds

    asked by Alex


    asked by katie
  50. chemistry

    What types of linkage joins the nucleotides a) within a single DNA strand and b) between two single DNA strands?

    asked by Mable
  51. MATH HELP!

    HELP! I REALLY NEED HELP IN BASIC SKILLS MATH! Can you please find me a GOOD web site that will help me in random basic skills math?

    asked by Mack
  52. health care

    describe at least two roles of medical staff and two roles of hospital administration that you consider most important.

    asked by Will
  53. Social Studies

    What is Cultural Diversity and why is Cultural Diversity necessary in the first place?

    asked by Edward
  54. english

    i need to know if my paper is in order and is grammatically correct. Symbolism, 1the use of symbols to invest things with a representative meaning or to represent something abstract by something concrete, is used in novels and stories by authors worldwide.

    asked by k
  55. english

    With the way things are today, with business after business trying to outdo each other in performance, many businesses are now changing the way they look at things and are now trying to beat out their competition in a different way, reputation. With a

    asked by ???????
  56. social studies

    what was the role of the U.S. in emerging global community

    asked by sandie
  57. math-any thoughts?

    Not trying to bug anybody, but does anybody have any help they could give me with my 2 questions from yesterday? I'm really confused, so I'd appreciate ANY input. I've tried looking at math help websites and read all the definitions, but I'm just not

    asked by Jennifer
  58. algebra

    for the nonlinear equation f(x)=4x+4 x=2 x=4 is it correct to say that two inputs would be 12,20. If not could you help me with two inputs? Thank you

    asked by C
  59. a really quick question over commas

    I was nervous to see who would be in my classes and what my teachers would be like, but after the day had gone by I had a feeling that it would be a great year. MY QUESTION: Would there be a comma after "by" or after "but"?

    asked by anonymous
  60. Science

    What is the difference between a bottle of water and a bottle of hydrgen and oxygen gas?

    asked by Laura
  61. HELP

    ok this is really hard i have a crossword puzzle 3Y-9 Y=19 also They want to know what N stands for in this question the mean is 14. the data is N, 16,16,and 18. Last probability of 7 out of 20=N%

    asked by mia
  62. Science

    The density of water is one gram per cubic cenitimeter. What is density of water in pounds per liter?

    asked by Gabby
  63. science

    what is a layer of organicsediment??

    asked by briyanna brinson
  64. Math

    Right now i'm doing this kinda cool (kinda) project. I need to find the price of all my supplies when i'm building something. So ummm yah. I need to know the pice of know not a finger nail but a nail that you use a hammer. I don't know how much

    asked by Dawn
  65. science/mars core

    when it explains the mars core is made of iron, sulfur, and "light elements" what does light elements mean or possibly made of? please help me!!!!!

    asked by ruthie
  66. chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of a solution that is prepared by dissolving 23.35g of CaCl2 in a sufficient amount of water to make a 600 mL solution

    asked by katie
  67. Math

    how do you do this?? -4x-7=-2(x+3)

    asked by Mackenzie
  68. Calculus

    I have a problem about complex number. Let z=7e^(7*pi*i/4) . Write z, z^4, z^7, z^(-2) in the form a + b i I have no idea how to do it. Any hints will be appreciated.

    asked by Kelly
  69. chemistry

    what is the pH of an aqeuous solution with s hydroxide ion[OH-] concentration of 7.5x10-10 M?

    asked by katie
  70. chemistry

    a pH meter gives a readout of 9.35 when the probe is dipped into an aqueous solution containing the strong base NaOH. What is the molarity of this solution with the respect to sodium hydroxide?

    asked by katie
  71. Anthropology

    Create at least two arguments each pro- and contra the establishment of a Global Culture does any one know about global culture or what it is

    asked by LT
  72. Adv. Math

    m - 1 2/3 < 1

    asked by Kenya
  73. chemistry

    Suggest a type of reaction and the conditions required to breakdown polyamides into their monomers.

    asked by Joshua
  74. math

    write each number is two other forms 10+4+0.05

    asked by jyssica
  75. math

    Why does 0!=1

    asked by bandit5571
  76. chemistry

    There is an apparatus that consistsw of three glass bulbs connected by small glass tubes with the stopcocks closed. Given that the temp. is 27 degrees C, what is the pressure of a gas in each glass bulb? 1L=1.79g CO2 2L=0.162g H2 3L=4.87g Ar

    asked by katie
  77. IB Algebra

    okay. so i don't know how to do the square root things. so this is going to be my square root sign: ^ Multiply:x ^7 ^14 ---x--- ^2 ^27 if you couls help i would be very greatful!

    asked by confussed
  78. history

    Who was Minnesotas first school teacher

    asked by nicholas
  79. English

    What are some modern day applications to utopian and dystopian society?

    asked by Christian
  80. ecology

    what is the role of prouducers in a ecosystem

    asked by kaela
  81. calculus

    solve the following differential equation: y' + (y)tanh(x) - 2e^x = 0

    asked by Christine
  82. math

    Steve was charged $60.00 interest for 1 month on a $3,000 credit card balance. What was the monthly interest rate?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Physics

    For incomplete cancellation to occur, opposite pulses must have equal amplitudes different energies equal pulses equal displacements it seems like none of these are quite right but would different energies be the closest.

    asked by Katie
  84. english

    what are the branches of english

    asked by nikki
  85. another comma question

    It seemed like just the other day I was only beginning high school and now it’s coming to an end. Would there be a comma before and?

    asked by anonymous
  86. math

    calculate (x-3)(x+2)

    asked by jenna

    If the process of ion attraction within the nephron is not functioning properly what would you expect to find in the blood and urine?

    asked by My
  88. Sense and Sensibility

    What are good sites besides Sparknotes and Pink Monkey for this book?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. arithmetic

    how many three-digit integers greater than 500 contain only odd digits

    asked by HELP!
  90. pre-algebra

    ok Relation between two quantities expressed as the quotient of one divided by the other? please help this is puzzling

    asked by Kaylee
  91. music

    ok what could be another way to state the dynamics what else could you call it in one word that's acctually a word. please and thank-you

    asked by Kaylee
  92. Pre-Algebra

    i can help

    asked by Lindsay
  93. SCIENCE!!!!!!

    im learning about macromolecules, i need an experiment for a class to do!!!! PLEASE HELP

    asked by Taylor
  94. algebra

    Quartics using P(X) = af(b(x-c)+d Recall Q(X) = (x-2)(x-1)(x+1)(x+2) a)Choosing a (i) Rewrite Q(x) for a. Let b = 1, c = 0 and d = 0 (ii) Make 3 copies of the same function on your calculator Let a= -1, 1 and 2 Your equations are Y1= __________(a=-1) Y2=

    asked by Mable
  95. algebra

    Suggest a cubic that would best approximate a sine wave (f(x) = sin(x)) over the interval 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pi

    asked by Alex
  96. algebra

    Suggest a cubic that would best approximate a sine wave (f(x) = sin(x)) over the interval 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pi (i) What intervals would you be concerned with. What amplitude would you be working with (ii)Find a cubic that

    asked by Alex
  97. music

    when was the Davul drum invented?

    asked by jj


    asked by CARLOS
  99. Source Analysis

    I have an upcoming source analysis for my mid year exam in Ancient History, and after my past few source anaylsis', I haven't had of the greatess success. If there any websites or guides that could help me anaylse sources, such as sections of text and

    asked by TP
  100. Math

    Write the function f(x)= 2x^2-4x+7 in standard form, then identify the vertex and the equation for the axis of symmetry.

    asked by John
  101. ALGEBRA

    How do you determine if a polynomial is the differnce of two squares.

    asked by CYNTHIA
  102. social studies

    after the first battle of bull run president lincoln appointed george mcclellan to lead the union army of the east

    asked by hunter
  103. math

    i need help please!!! 20-(x-5)=3(3x+5)

    asked by Mackenzie
  104. science

    What do altruism and kin selection have to do with natural selection?

    asked by Bobby
  105. COM220

    Is this a good thesis statement," It is true that, negative thinking can cause stress,anxiety,and anger. On the other hand,if we change the way we think about a situation it will help to have a positve impact on how to overcome negative thoughts".

    asked by Demillia
  106. chemistry

    What functional group(s) must be present in a monomer of a condensation reaction?

    asked by Alex