Questions Asked on
April 29, 2008

  1. Chemistry 1

    What is the chemical equation, name, and formula for the follwing? "When strongly heated, magnesium sulfide formed a yellow crystalline deposit on the walls of a sealed reaction vessel. Metallic deposits were found on the bottom of the container"

    asked by Christy
  2. chem

    For the gaseous equilibrium represented below, it is observed that greater amounts of PCl3 and Cl2 are produced as the temperature is increased. PCl5(g) PCl3(g) + Cl2(g) a) What is the sign of S° for the reaction? Explain. b) What change, if any, will

    asked by Luke
  3. Math (geometry)

    Find the area of the region inside the circle x^2+y^2=2 AND above the line y=1.

    asked by Emily
  4. chemistry

    How many moles of helium gas would it take to fill a balloon with a volume of 1000.0 cm^3 when the temp is 32 degrees C and the atmospheric pressure is 752 mm Hg

    asked by jerson
  5. physics

    A curling rock with a mass of 20.0kg slides down a sheet of ice at a speed of 60.0 m/s. What is the kinetic energy of the curling rock? Uhmm, i think the formula is.. Ek= 1/2mv2 Solve?

    asked by chyanne
  6. Algebra

    What similarities and differences do you see between functions and linear equations studied in Ch. 3? Are all linear equations functions? Is there an instance when a linear equation is not a function? Support your answer. Create an equation of a linear

    asked by Bobby
  7. music history

    What is the difference between a fugue and a rondo?

    asked by ladyE

    A proton is confined to a nucleus whose diameter is 5.5*10^-15m. If this distance is considered to be the uncertainty in the position of the proton, what is the minimum uncertainty in its momentum? I don't really get the uncertainty concept, and how can I

    asked by Elaine
  9. U.S History

    1. The organization after WWII that strenghened the militarydefenses of non-communist western Europe was called? A. NATO B. UNICEF C. WHO D. UNESCO --------------------------my answer A? Because NATO is a military alliance established by the signing of the

    asked by CM
  10. Chemistry 1 [more detailed]

    thanks for the responses but i still don't understand it. I think its more detailed what i have to find now. I have to find the names and correct formula for the reactants and products for the following. "When strongly heated, magnesium and sulfide formed

    asked by Christy
  11. Chels

    What can you say about the motion of a body if its veloctiy-time graph is a straight line inclined with the time axis? a. the body moves with uniform velocity b.the body moves with uniform acceleration c. the body moves with non uniform acceleration d. the

    asked by Physics
  12. American History

    1. Perhaps the most important international result of World War II was a. the emergence of the Cold War. b. Britain's return to world dominance. c. the elimination of Germany from world affairs. d. America's return to isolationism.

    asked by CM
  13. 3rd math

    which would be the most appropriate unit to measure the length of a marathon race? miles

    asked by Sue
  14. physics

    A 200g Nerf dart is shot from a dart gun with a kenetic energy of 3.60J. What was the initial speed of the dart? >>> change g into kg Formula(i think) is: Ek=1/2 mv2 Helppp?

    asked by chyanne
  15. Chemistry

    2 H2S (g) + SO2 (g) ƒnƒn3 S (s) + 2 H2O (g) 1) At 298 K, the standard enthalpy change, H¢X, for the reaction represented below is -145 kilojoules. (a) Predict the sign of the standard entropy change, S¢X, for the reaction. Explain the basis foryour

    asked by JJ
  16. Macroeconomics

    Economists who work for the government are often called on to make policy recommendations. Why do you think it is important for the public to be able to differentiate normative statements from positive statements in these recommendations?

    asked by sabbycat
  17. statistics

    Using the z-table (Table E) find the critical value (or values) for a = .018 left tailed test.

    asked by Katy
  18. math

    Find the foci of the ellipse: (x^2/400)+(y^2/625)=1

    asked by Jennifer
  19. biology

    what may be a result of inbreeding animals?

    asked by Gabreal
  20. physics

    A force of 50.0N is used to stretch an elastic so that it had 40.0 J of elastic potential energy. Through what distance was the elastic stretched? F= 50.0N ?? how do i solve.. ugh!

    asked by chyanne
  21. physics

    An owl has good night vision because its eyes can detect a light intensity as small as 5.0*10^-13 W/m^2. What is the minimum number of photons per second that an owl eye can detect if its pupil has a diameter of 8.5mm and the light has a wavelength of

    asked by Koey
  22. DrBob222

    Im in the 10th grade in Chemistry 1 Honors. Im learning to write a chemical equation. Im confuse on that statement i was given for my homework. The products and reactants are just magnesium Sulfide and magnesium and sulfur? Then why are they talking about

    asked by Christy
  23. Chemistry

    If you have two containers with water, one with water at 25 degrees C and the second with water 75 degrees C, explain in which one would you be able to dissolve less CO2 (a gas)? Explain in which one you would be able to dissolve more NaCl (check the

    asked by Cori
  24. trig

    Find a polar equation of this conic with focus at the pole and the given eccentricity and directrix. e=2, r cos X =-1

    asked by mindy
  25. year 7 science

    Chemical and physical changes. please could someone help me i need to say whether the following are chemical or physical changes and explain why. I`ve looked myself but i can`t find anything that helps. grateful for any help .thanks Frying an egg , burning

    asked by choccy
  26. Science

    What are two conditions thet must be met for sexual reproduction to occur? Why is it important that only one sperm fertilizes the egg? List the following stages of human debelopment in order. (a)Blastula (b)Zygote (c)Fetus (d)Gastrula (e)Morula

    asked by Anonymous
  27. chemistry

    If a hot piece of metal (at 80 degrees Celsius) is placed in cold water (10 degrees Celsius), what can you say about the final temperature of the water/metal mixture? If you wanted a more accurate answer, what other information would you need?

    asked by jean luc
  28. physics

    An incident X-ray photon of wavelength 0.2800nm is scattered from an electron that is initially at rest. The photon is scattered at an angle of 180.0degrees and has a wavelength of 0.2849nm. Use the conservation of linear momentum to find the momentum

    asked by Libby

    The average kinetic energy of an atom in a monatomic ideal gas is given by KE=3/2kT, where k=1.38*10^-23J/K and T is the Kelvin temperature of the gas. Determine the de Broglie wavelength of a helium atom (mass=6.65*10^-27kg) that has the average kinetic

    asked by Elaine
  30. Algebra

    I want to know if this is correct. the question is: Marissa, Cassidy, and Shante went to a school party. Marissa brought 2 bags of Skittles, and Cassidy brought 3 bags of Skittles. Shante forgot to bring candy to the party. Each bag contained the same

    asked by Libby
  31. English

    8a. Since American Idol premiered on television, many talented contestants have appeared on the show. 8b. Since American Idol premiered on television, many talented contestants appeared on the show. my answer is A. please explain rationale

    asked by Will
  32. chemistry

    Given one of the starting materials and end product for each of the following reactions, show all reactants, reaction conditions in brackets (where known) and products. fluoroethane from ethanol

    asked by Manny
  33. Physics

    Which of Newtons laws would best explain what causes a basketball to bounce? first second third fourth which of Newtons laws would explain the whiplash caused by being rear ended in a car accident? first second third fourth I believe the answer to number

    asked by Seana
  34. math

    Find the focus and directrix of the parabola: x=(1/8y^2)-(1/2y)+(3/2)

    asked by Jennifer
  35. 3rd math

    which would be the most appropriate unit to measure the height of a tree? yards

    asked by Sue
  36. Calculus

    OK I understand the concept present value but I don't understand how to solve for present value in this context: Assume that you won a local contest for which you gain a continuous income stream at a rate R(t)=5000e^0.1t per year for 5 years and r=0.05.

    asked by Alice
  37. chem

    what is the theoretical yield for the balanced equation Ti+2F2= TiF4 if the mass is 0.227 Ti, 0.296 F2?

    asked by laurie
  38. 3rd grade math

    which would be most appropriate unit to measure the width of a river? miles

    asked by Sue
  39. marketing

    Acxiom has many issues to consider regarding how it will grow its business 1. What is the decision facing Acxiom? 2. What factors are important in understanding this decision situation? 3. What are the alternatives? 4 What decision(s) do you recommend? 5.

    asked by China
  40. Chemistry HW Help!

    I really need help with the following question.... What is the volume, in liters, of 0.250 mol of hydrogen gas at 20 °C and 0.974 atm pressure? I also would like to let you know that before you can put the numbers into an equation and solve for the

    asked by Kiara
  41. Help! for Chemistry H.W.

    I need help with my chem home work. Please show me the answers because this question is a very confusing question to me. Therefore I really need you to provide the answer to this question please... Question 1: A sample of CO2 gas with a mass of 0.30 g is

    asked by Lori
  42. math

    How do I write an equation for the ellipse with the following: Foci (9,0) &(-9,0) and x-intercepts (15,0) and (-15,0)

    asked by Jennifer
  43. music

    i need 3 facts about vocal music plz help need it soon. BONNIE!!!:)

    asked by Bonnie
  44. Chemistry

    If 0.250 moles of NaOH are dissolved in 125g of water, what is the %m/m of NaOH in this solution? I converted 0.250 mol to 10.0 g. Then using the equation mass solute/mass solution * 100 I came up with the final answer of 7.41 %m/m. Is that correct?

    asked by Jen
  45. Economics

    Suppose last month's inflation report estimated monthly inflation to be 0.4% over the month. The monetary authorities want inflation to not exceed 2% per year. Estimates of potential output state that our economy is currently near potential output.

    asked by Dee
  46. science

    Erin must perform a science experiment. She needs to dissolve 10 g of salt in 250 ml of water. She measures the water incorrectly and dissolves the 10 g of salt in 350 ml of water. Now she has no more salt. Explain what Erin can do to make the solution

    asked by astrid
  47. elements n principles of design

    what is the design concept of emphasis

    asked by Anonymous
  48. mistakes?

    hm..I was wondering If someone (cough* me) makes mistakes in answering questions, should they bother answering anything at all? Just a thought that crosses my mind alot. =/

    asked by ~christina~
  49. Leopard Consevation

    I am doing a project at school for Science Fair. I need to talk to a expert about the following breeds of leopard, Amur Leopard Clouded Leopard Snow Leopard

    asked by Rebecca
  50. algebra

    How do you know if a quadratic equation will have one, two, or no solutions?

    asked by Jack
  51. Chem (Help!)

    I need help in using gas laws to solve problems. I need help with this question: What is the pressure in atmospheres exerted by a 0.500 mol sample of oxygen gas in a 10.0 L container at 298 K? Also what formula would I use to solve the pressure in this

    asked by Lisa
  52. Marketing

    What decision are Acxiom facing

    asked by China
  53. English - Proof reading

    Could someone just proof read this for me and help me make sure the grammar and spelling is correct? Macbeth or the White Witch Uh... What was the Question? I have decided to compare Macbeth to the White Witch from “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion,

    asked by Chelsey
  54. French

    I posted this earlier, but I switched around the subject and name! Sorry! Here is the original post: Bonjour! For our French class, we are making a French dish and my partner and I have decided to make "Tarte Chocolat Coco" We think that we have a pretty

    asked by Brittany
  55. American History

    1. The Five-Power Treaty, the Four-Power Treaty, and the Nine-Power Treaty were all attempts to a. establish, or fix, national borders. b. exchange ambassadors. c. ensure international peace. d. lower trade and tariff barriers. -----------------------my

    asked by CM
  56. American History

    1. The organization after WWII that strenghened the militarydefenses of non-communist western Europe was called? A. NATO B. UNICEF C. WHO D. UNESCO --------------------------my answer A? Because NATO is a military alliance established by the signing of the

    asked by CM
  57. science

    animals that share common charistics

    asked by josh
  58. Chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of a solution in which 0.75 moles of a solute are dissolved in 125g of solution (density of solution = 1.05g/mL). I don't even know where to begin.

    asked by Lisa
  59. Chem Home Work Help!

    I am a bit confuse with a question from a home work that I need to do by today please help! HW question... 1) A sample of neon gas occupies 8.77 L at 20°C. What is the pressure, in atmospheres, exerted by 1.45 mol of this gas? When you've gotten the

    asked by Sujeil
  60. science


    asked by keanna jones
  61. Chemistry

    To neutralize a solution of NaOH and use the least volume of acid, you should select I. 1.0M HCl II. 1.0 M HC(2)H(3)O(2) III. 1.0 M H(2)SO(4) (A) I only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and II use equal and lesser volumes. (E) I, II, and III use the same

    asked by Dom
  62. College

    I have always wanted to go to college from the first moment I understood what it meant to go to college. I look around my small town and I see so many talented people who never had the chance to go to college. Then I look at my family and no one in my

    asked by Brittany

    _5_ __4m__ m+1 = m My other one was probably very unclear, I hope you can read this better

    asked by josh
  64. Chemistry

    How many grams of KF do you need to weigh in order to prepare 500. mL of solution with a concentration of 0.250 M?

    asked by Kiley
  65. medical office

    please check my answer thanks Harper Clinic's filing system generates a gap in the filing space when the medical records are moved forward to the most recent assigned medical record number What type of numbering filing system does this clinic use? I think

    asked by Maria
  66. Calculus; Product Rule

    Find the value of dy/dx for the given value of x. a) y = (1 - 2x)(1 + 2x), x = 1/2 y' = 2(1 + 2x) + 2(1 - 2x) y' = 2 + 4x + 2 - 4x y' = 4 How do I find the derivative at x = 1/2 if there is no x variable to substitute the x value with? According to my

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math!!

    If sin x=-.6 and x is in Quadrant 4, find cos x/2 I have no idea how to do it!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Shirley
  68. Physics

    If an airplane is moving at a constant velocity of 400 m/s for 20 s, what is its acceleration during this period? 0 m/s squared 20 m/s squared 40.82 m/s squared need more information wouldnt it be need more information because isnt acceleration ending

    asked by Greg
  69. Chemistry

    How do you determine the pH of a substance with an H+ concentration of 3.2 x 10^-3? Thanks in advance!

    asked by John
  70. algebra

    How do you find a quadratic equation if you are only given the solution?

    asked by Jack
  71. math

    how do I find the asymptotes of the hyperbola in the following equation: (y^2/81) - (x^2/144)=1

    asked by Jennifer
  72. math

    Find the equation of the hyperbola with the following information: vertices at (0,8) and (0,-8), foci at (0,9) and (0,-9).

    asked by Jennifer
  73. french

    wat is "Roberta est americaine.Elle est (blank) dans un secondaire americaine."?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Report

    How did cars influence Al Capone before and after?

    asked by Jennifer
  75. Science

    The thing that causes death from AIDS if you have... A)AID B)Blood loss C)Cold

    asked by Kenya
  76. Spanish

    Not really a homework question, but more of asking for advice... I'm doing a skit tomorrow with another classmate in spanish and we had to write and memorize(sort of) lines according to a certain scenario. Are there any good techniques to help with my

    asked by Cassidy
  77. research

    Discuss the human rights that require protection in research.

    asked by Christy
  78. Spelling

    What does the word gem mean i ahve to use it in a sentence

    asked by Jordan
  79. critical thinking

    -Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: Articles Advertising Media Conversations

    asked by Jessica
  80. trig

    what is the rectangular equation for r=12/(3-6cosX).

    asked by mindy
  81. german

    Hey guys. This is the last german translation this year, so Id appreciate if you could check it through :) Liebe Freundin! Es ist so lange seitdem, wir einander sehen haben. Die werden sein mehr als fünf Jahre nachher. Die Zeit geht so schnell. Aber um

    asked by R. Allen
  82. math

    How many feet are in one mile?

    asked by jada
  83. math

    what is the derivative of the integral of cos(x^4)+t dt from -2 to sin(x)

    asked by lizzy
  84. chemistry

    If A is a non-polar chemical and B is a non-polar solvent, what type of solubility (high or low) would you expect between A and B? --Is it high solubility?

    asked by Kate

    __5__ _4m___ m+1 = m What does "m" equal, I can't figure it out, please help me. Here's the question in writing in case it isn't clear: 5 over m+1 = 4m over m Thank you so much.

    asked by josh
  86. books- The Family by Mario Puzo

    I am writing a roport on this novel and need some help determining the main charaters in the story. so has any one read this novel?

    asked by Izzy
  87. medical office

    can you please let me know if there is a web-site that may help thanks Henery More reviewed medical record 88-00-17 and discovered a missed dose of triazolam on March 10 This type of review is called what

    asked by Maria
  88. math

    I don't know what terms are suppose to be conbine with each other or find the lcd in this problem. (3b-2)/(b+1)=4-(b+2)/(b-1)

    asked by confuse
  89. algebra

    (-2)/(x-1)=(x-8)/(x+6) please help me with this

    asked by please help
  90. English

    15a. Neither the mayor nor the council members have filed their reports. 15b. Neither the mayor nor the council members have filed his reports. my answer is A. what's the rationale please?

    asked by Pam
  91. American History

    True of False??? 1. The Soviets desperately wanted the Allies to open a second front in North Africa to relieve German pressure on the Soviet Union. --------------------my answer: True Becayse in the autumn of 1942, the Russians were tenaciously holding

    asked by CM
  92. physics- is this correct?

    An oscillator has an amplitude of 3.2. At this instant the displacement of the oscillator is 1.4. What are the two possible phases of the oscillator at this instant? so i used the equation x=A cos (omega(t) + phase zero) which looks like 1.4=3.2 cos phase

    asked by Jessica
  93. Chemistry

    Can you help me with this question? Find the temp for conversion of monoclinic sulfur to rhombic sulfur. This is the data involved: Hf ° (kcal/mol) S(rhombic)=0 S(monoclinic)=0.30 S° (J/K mol) S(rhombic)=31.88 S(monoclinic)=32.55

    asked by Alex
  94. math

    Find the equation of the parabola determined by the given information: vertex at the origin, focus at (0,3)

    asked by Jennifer
  95. Brittany

    Bonjour! For our French class, we are making a French dish and my partner and I have decided to make "Tarte Chocolat Coco" We think that we have a pretty good idea about how to make this, but could someone give me a translation of this recipe so we don't

    asked by French
  96. communication

    Develop Character through communication

    asked by sephanie
  97. Calculus

    Let f(x)= 5x ------- x–2 are we supposed to use the quotient rule? how would we do this. I did the quotient rule and got it wrong. (x-2)(5)-(5x)(1) ------------------ (x-2)^2

    asked by John
  98. Adv. Math

    I don't know how to do this inequalities.... -24 < 1/2b

    asked by Kenya
  99. Chemistry

    Can someone help me with this question? Find the temp for conversion of monoclinic sulfur to rhombic sulfur. This is the data involved: Hf ° (kcal/mol) S(rhombic)=0 S(monoclinic)=0.30 S° (J/K mol) S(rhombic)=31.88 S(monoclinic)=32.55

    asked by Alex
  100. Calculus please help

    f(x)=(x^2+2x+3)^4, find f'(x). what rule do we use and can some please show me the steps

    asked by John
  101. research

    Discuss the human rights that require protection in research

    asked by Christy
  102. research

    what is the biggest barrier for the chronically ill in the United States

    asked by Christy
  103. science

    describe the steps in cell mediated immunity.

    asked by kendra
  104. English

    8a. Since American Idol premiered on television, many talented contestants have appeared on the show. 8b. Since American Idol premiered on television, many talented contestants appeared on the show. my answer is A. please give me an explanation on the

    asked by Pam
  105. university of nigeria

    how do we apply the element and principles of design in design?

    asked by deluv
  106. 3rd math

    which would you measure using inches? lengh of a pen

    asked by Sue
  107. physics

    show that 1/sqrt(Msubscript 0 Esubscript 0)=C...I don't understand how to show this or what this question is asking..its for wave optics

    asked by Jessica
  108. nursing

    “Appropriate healthcare is a right.” Do you support or disagree with this statement. Justify your response.

    asked by Laly
  109. physics

    It takes a time t=.025s in order for an oscillator to complete one cycle. What is the angular frequency of the oscillator? so i got phase= omega t + phase zero so i got 8Pi/4=.025omega omega=251.33 Is this right?

    asked by John
  110. physics

    It takes a time t=.025s in order for an oscillator to complete one cycle. What is the angular frequency of the oscillator? so i got phase= omega t + phase zero so i got 8Pi/4=.025omega omega=251.33 Is this right?

    asked by John
  111. science

    what are the major characteristics of protist

    asked by clayton
  112. Calculus- please help

    Let f(t)=(t^2+3t+8)(2t^2+6). (a) f'(t)= (b) f'(4)=

    asked by John
  113. mathematics

    What is 200x3-237=

    asked by Chicago
  114. simple math check

    (1/2)(3x^2+5x+3)^(-1/2)(6x+5) when you plug in 5 for x.. do you get 1.72 because that what i get and then it says im wrong.

    asked by John
  115. physical science

    How do heat and work transfer energy?

    asked by sam
  116. science

    trace the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body.

    asked by kendra
  117. algebra

    can someone help me with this? radical 7v-4=radical 5v+10

    asked by asia
  118. Calculus

    f(x)=5+(6/x)+(7/x^2), find f'(x). I haven't done fractions without using the quotient rule im not so sure this would work with quotient rule what do i do?

    asked by John
  119. American History

    ---- TRUE of FAlSE??/ 1. The Allies had the upper hand against the Japanese in the Pacific during all of 1942. ------------my answer: True?? ** what does upper hand mean? i don't quite getr the meaning of the question. 2. The Soviet Union established

    asked by CM
  120. human resource management

    what would yout ell a friend to convince him or her of the importance of being proactive in one's career development and finding an employer that is career development oriented

    asked by carebear
  121. English

    In Posionwood Bible, what does Leah mean by: "Some people will send a bread-butter note after you have them over for dinner. Well, Anatole sent us a boy."

    asked by Gloria
  122. Sci & Tech

    I need to write a complex essay and I am having a problem locating a topic that I can get a lot of information from, can anyone help me and give me some options. For my topic I need to choose a technology and a country (not the US)

    asked by Andreia
  123. MATHS

    WHAT IS 3X3X4X6X9-20=

    asked by Ewenberg
  124. algebra 2

    (1/9e^6x)^-1/2. how do i do this?

    asked by Miley
  125. science

    can you help me with a sentence or two - analyze how potential energy is to an objects position and give examples of gravitatinal and elastic potential energy PE - mgh

    asked by claire test tommorrow
  126. organic chemistry

    why can't you have 2-ethylheptane?

    asked by Jay
  127. bus math with applications

    ^3+5y^4 --------- x^4 + y^5 i need to find fx, fy (-2,-4) (-5,4)

    asked by Pam
  128. math

    how do you find the answer to (2t-1)^3 dt on the integral from x^2 to x^3

    asked by lizzy
  129. math


    asked by connie
  130. math

    (-2)/(x-1)=(x-8)/(x+6) is 7/8 the answer for this question

    asked by please help
  131. science

    what are the steps in the formation of an antibody?describe them

    asked by kendra
  132. math with cal

    f(xy)= x^2e^3xy find fx fy (1,-1) fy (3,-3)

    asked by Pam
  133. science

    name the stages in gastric function and describe there physiology.

    asked by kendra
  134. 3rd math

    to measure the height of a basketball, what unit would you most likely use. feet

    asked by Sue