Questions Asked on
April 27, 2008

  1. chem again

    Use Charles Law to solve for the missing value of each of the following a) 80.0 mL, T1= 27 degrees C, T2=77 degrees C. V2 =? b)V1= 125 L, V2=85.0L T2=127degrees C T1=? c) T1=-33degrees C V2=54.0mL, T2=160.0 degrees C V1=? can somebody help me with atleast

    asked by jerson
  2. chem

    In the trigonal bipyramidal geometry, which position- axial or equatorial- do nonbonding electrons prefer? why? I know its equatorial but I'm not exactly sure why

    asked by natash
  3. Chem question

    gont get it.. To what temp must a sample of nitrogen at 27 degrees C and 0.625 atm be taken so that its pressure becomes 1.125 atm at constant volume i used the formula and it still gave me a weird answer

    asked by jerson
  4. algebra

    A certain population of bacteria doubles every 3 weeks. How long will it take for a population of 3,500 to triple?

    asked by Alice
  5. geometry

    if 6 oz of dough are needed to make an 8-in. pizza, how much dough will be needed to make a 16-in. pizza of the same thickness? (compare the areas of the pizza tops) i don't know what to do

    asked by anna
  6. Physics

    A system undergoes a two-step process. In the first step, the internal energy of the system increases by 368 J when 144 J of work is done on the system. In the second step, the internal energy of the system increases by 24 J when 248 J of work is done on

    asked by Sally
  7. accounting

    do anyone have answers for exam 06160500 for penn foster

    asked by sandra
  8. chem

    how would you find the ratio of moles of copper produced to moles of iron used is the moles of iron used is .067 and the moles of copper produced is .01?

    asked by Kayla
  9. Critical Thinking

    Address the following: What feedback did you receive from your instructor? From the peer reviewer? From the Center for Writing Excellence? Explain how you will incorporate the feedback into your paper. How will this feedback improve your expository essay?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. geometry

    An advertisement states that a Roto-Sprinkler can water a cicular region with area 1000 ft^2. Find the diameter of this region to the nearest foot. Use pi = 3.14.

    asked by anna
  11. Physics

    Compressed air can be pumped underground into huge caverns as a form of energy storage. The volume of a cavern is 5.60 105 m3, and the pressure of the air in it is 8.40 106 Pa. Assume that air is a diatomic ideal gas whose internal energy U is given by U =

    asked by Janaih
  12. Physics

    The artificial sweetener NutraSweet is a chemical called aspartame (C14H18N2O5). (a) What is its molecular mass (in atomic mass units)? 294.13 u (b) What is the mass (in kg) of an aspartame molecule? kg I was able to find the mass units but I'm having

    asked by Will
  13. Calculus

    If you invest $5000 in a stock that is increasing in value at the rate of 12% per year, then the value of your stock is given by: f(x) = 5000(1.12)^x, where x is measured in years a) find average value from x = 2 to x = 3 b) find instantaneous value at x =

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    Two blocks, with masses M1 = 1.4 kg and M2 = 9.9 kg, and a spring with spring constant k = 228 N/m are arranged on a horizontal, frictionless surface. The coefficient of static friction between the two blocks is 0.59. What is the maximum possible amplitude

    asked by help?
  15. algebra

    simplifying exspreesions

    asked by omar
  16. Report

    How did gangsters like Bonnie and Clyde and Al Capone escape from the police before bullet proofing their cars? And how did the bullet proof cars help them?

    asked by Jennifer
  17. English/ Literature

    I'm writing an essay for my class on the book the Lord of the Flies. I need some help thinking of a specific topic, however. Here's the assignment: think of how one of the novel's symbols adds depth and/or richness to its allegorical meanings. OR think of

    asked by Monica
  18. more CHEM proofreading

    for this question A sample of air has a volume of 140.0 mL at 67 degrees celcius. At what temperature would its volume 50.0 mL at constant pressure I did 140.0 ml... 67+273=340 T2... 50.0 140.0=50.0 340=T2 340*50.0/140.0=121.4 This question i don't get

    asked by jerson
  19. psychology

    jim examines the effect of type of music on task performance. Type of music represents which type of measurement scale

    asked by kim
  20. French

    hi there, could anyone please proof-read this for me? many thanks! il y a cinq ans que j'ai vu un accident. il faisait beau, et ma parents et moi allions du supermarché. Ma père conduisait. Quand nous passé le feux de signalisation, nous avons voyions

    asked by lin
  21. chemistry

    Why doesn't potassium ion K+ from KMnO4 appear in the following two unbalanced equations: MnO4– + C2O42– Mn2+ + CO2 MnO4– + Fe2+ Mn2+ + Fe3+ ? A. KMnO4 is not added to either reaction. B. The presence of K+ would result in a net positive charge in

    asked by Renee
  22. chemistry

    Light travels at a speed of 3.00 * 10 to the power of 10 cm/sec. What is the speed of light in Kilometers per hour?

    asked by tina
  23. English/ Literature

    What's an unique and compelling thesis statement that i could create about the parachutist and the naval officer in the classic novel "lord of the flies"?

    asked by Monica
  24. Statistics

    Use the standard normal distribution to find P(-2.25 < z < 1.25).

    asked by Andrew
  25. chemistry`

    What direct, non-fuel uses of petroleum are involved in the daily operation of a Hybrid? Please help I don't understand the question!

    asked by lisa
  26. English

    pronouns 16a. Anyone who requests a copy of the game may have it for their video library. 16b. Anyone who requests a copy of the game may have it for his or her video library. My answer is B. what type of pronoun is this? Thanks

    asked by Becky
  27. maths


    asked by Paige
  28. physics

    An ideal gas at 18.5°C and a pressure of 1.54 105 Pa occupies a volume of 2.10 m3. (a) How many moles of gas are present? moles (b) If the volume is raised to 5.30 m3 and the temperature raised to 31.0°C, what will be the pressure of the gas? Pa I used

    asked by Will
  29. physics

    In a diesel engine, the piston compresses air at 302 K to a volume that is 0.0628 of the original volume and a pressure that is 48.2 times the original pressure. What is the temperature of the air after the compression? Ok I know I have the temputure of

    asked by Tim
  30. Social Studies

    Was Nixon the future U.S. president that played a major role in HUAC invesitagions and hearings?

    asked by Mandy
  31. chemistry

    why is the formula written for an ionic compound such as NaCl the empirical formula,rather than a molecular formula?

    asked by caleb
  32. English Grammar

    1. He knifed a person last night. 2. He knives a person every year. 3. He knifes a person every year. 4. There are three knives on the table. Which one is incorrect among the four? Would you check the conjugation of the verb knife or the noun knife?

    asked by John
  33. HELP

    Why is water essential to health maintenance? o What are the functions of water in the body? o What happens to the body when it does not get the water it needs? o Compare and contrast how different electrolytes—sodium, potassium, and chloride—function

    asked by Dawn
  34. algebra

    A rectangle is 16 inches wide and 20 inches long. If the length of this rectangle is changes, how many square inches of are are added for every inch in length that is added to this rectangle? Please show work.

    asked by Ashley
  35. math

    find the slope of the line that contains A(2,3) and B(6,8)

    asked by brooke
  36. math

    1. find the y-intercept of the equation y= -3x -5 2. find the slope of the line that contains C(-2, -3) and D(4,1)

    asked by brooke
  37. Calculus please help

    I have 3 calc problems that i have not been able to do please help me... i've been on here yesterday as well but no one was able to assist me with these particular ones... 1. If f(x)=5x^3–2/x-4 find f'(x)____ what i got was (4x^2+7x-12)/x^8 2. The

    asked by John
  38. Essay!

    how do i phrase a thesis statement about the background events that are occuring during the novel the lord of the flies? PLEASE HELP ME! :)

    asked by Abby
  39. algrebra

    show that b is inverse of a a=[-1 1 -3] [2 1 -1] [2 -1 4] b= [0 1 2] [-1 1 -2 ] [-1 0 1] i got ab = to [1 0 0 ] [0 1 0] [0 0 1] and for ba i got [1 0 -4] [0 1 8] [0 0 5] so there is not a inverse is this right

    asked by sandy
  40. english

    Pleae unscramble vrafos

    asked by sarah
  41. Opinion Question: Your opinions are needed please!

    I am writing an essay and our teacher would like for us to include opinions given by other people. Question: How should colleges manage their athletic programs in relation to their academic goals? Your opinions are greatly appreciated!!

    asked by Britney
  42. please review

    these two paragraphs are from a paper I am writing for my international law class can someome please revise and let me know what you think. thanks Indeed, as it was customary, over foreign public vessels in its ports nation’s understood to waive the

    asked by Christi
  43. Stats

    The local lottery sets up a game wherein a player has a chance of collecting $750. The player must choose a 3-digit number and if it matches, the player receives $750 It costs $1 to play the game. What is the expected profit (or loss) for each player.

    asked by Andrew
  44. PLEASE SOMEBODY Answer this Statistics question!

    The local lottery sets up a game wherein a player has a chance of collecting $750. The player must choose a 3-digit number and if it matches, the player receives $750 It costs $1 to play the game. What is the expected profit (or loss) for each player.

    asked by Andrew
  45. math


    asked by Kimberly
  46. English

    16a. Anyone who requests a copy of the game may have it for their video library. 16b. Anyone who requests a copy of the game may have it for his or her video library. What type of pronoun is this?

    asked by Becky
  47. math

    On the blueprint of Lauren's new office building, the scale is ¼ in. equals 1 ft. What will be the actual length of Lauren's office if it measures 4 in. long on the blueprint?

    asked by Lisaraye
  48. math

    How do you convert a polar equation when its x squared+ y squared =10?

    asked by Yasmine
  49. English TKAM

    In the novel, "To Kill A Mockingbird," when did the courtroom scene take place? (time during the novel) Like what month and year

    asked by Lena
  50. Pre Calc-decode matrix

    help!-matrix size is 3x3 clues for the encoding matrix: 1. all entries are one digit and positive 2. a11, a12, a13 are all equal and prime, their sum is also prime 3.the sum of a11, a12, a13 is equal to a21 4. the sum of a22 and the opposite of a33 is

    asked by Stephanie
  51. English

    Need ideas for creating a future society. Laws, education, finding leaders, city plans, money. I have most of it done but need to add some more ideas. Thankyou.

    asked by Gordon
  52. English/ Literature

    Ok I need some help getting started here's the assignment: Think of how one of the novel's symbols adds depth and/or richness to its allegorical meanings. (ie. the conch, the fire, Piggy's glasses, or the island itself). OR think of a conflict or

    asked by Monica
  53. Essay helpplease

    Hi, I'm suppose to be doing an essay on To Kill A mockingBird. On my intro paragraph, my last sentence has to be 'explicitly stated plan' , is this right? "I will provide evidence from the novel which show that the three characters mentioned above, fulfill

    asked by May
  54. frogs

    What is the finger like bodies of fat atttached to the testis. Stores enough food energy to alow the frog to hibernate during winter.

    asked by brit
  55. French

    Hello, can someone please proof-read this for me? thanks. sigh,i can do the exercises in the grammar workbooks but when it comes to writting passages like this...i make so many mistakes it is not funny... could someone please point out the mistakes?

    asked by lin
  56. AED

    determine which factors may explain that the most of the higher per-pupil expenditures are found in the Northeastern and upper Midwest states and the lower per-pupil expenditures are found in the South and West. what happens to create a balance in school

    asked by Dawn
  57. science

    what are the abiotic enviromental factors of the Coelacanth? that's the only thing that i can not find please help! thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Statistics

    The local lottery sets up a game wherein a player has a chance of collecting $750. The player must choose a 3-digit number and if it matches, the player receives $750 It costs $1 to play the game. What is the expected profit (or loss) for each player.

    asked by Andrew
  59. Math

    If 8x + 5x + 2x + 4x = 114, then 5x + 3 = a.12 b.25 c.33 d.47 e.86

    asked by Irene
  60. math

    im trying to take the derivative of this problem and plug in seven but im not getting the answer. s=t3–2t2–6t t> or equal to 0 where s is measured in meters and t in seconds. When does the particle reach a velocity of 7 m/s?

    asked by rudy
  61. Elec. and Comm. Eng'g

    This is my outline to my research paper. (Topic): The Importance of Networking in Selling Company's Product (Thesis Statement): Networking is the best way in selling company's product. I. What is importance of networking in selling company's product II.

    asked by James
  62. English

    Pronoun case for who and whom 23a. Jon Bon Jovi, who is a well-known singer and actor, also owns an arena football team. 23b. Jon Bon Jovi, whom is a well-known singer and actor, also owns an arena Please what is the correct answer? I chose (A).

    asked by Timmy
  63. ks3 music

    for my homework i need to explain what a musical chord is and give an example of how to play it thankyou for your help

    asked by hula
  64. social studies

    What is a flow chart?

    asked by gil
  65. Social Studies

    What wer some of the key issues in the election of 1948?

    asked by Tyran
  66. English

    What 20th or 21st century person is similiar to either Brutus, Ceasar, Cassius or Anthony from Shakespeare's play Julius Ceasar

    asked by Jon
  67. science

    Whicb moon would look the brightest from jupiter?

    asked by leona
  68. music

    wot does conceps mean??? why do we have to learn them? I'm so confused into how i can learn this subject? Everone else can learn it dead easy? please help me with the music conceps?

    asked by Amy Howes
  69. AED

    includes your description of the category of at-risk students you chose. I would I describe the poverty of the at risk students

    asked by Dawn
  70. Science

    The question in the book says: A wave has a wavelength of 2mm and a frequency of 3 Hz. At what speed does the wave travel? I know the answer is 6, because the formula is Speed= Wavelength X Frequency, but I don't know how to write the final answer, it's

    asked by Alek
  71. SCI 275

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format that includes the following: o A brief description of the water resource problem in the video and how it originated. o A management and sustainment plan that you think will benefit both sides of the issue. o

    asked by BaBa
  72. arithmetic

    Give the place value of 7 in 3,738,500.

    asked by Andrea
  73. Philosophy

    1. What is Parmenides’ argument that change is an illusion? Explain the way in which Parmenides is using the philosophical method. How do Plato and Aristotle respond?

    asked by Dian
  74. science

    Where can I find a picture of a house that contains examples of things in a "green home". Not a real house a drawing.

    asked by kim
  75. Science.

    What effect does water loss (through heavy perpiration) have on a person's endocrine system?

    asked by Jin
  76. cultural diversity

    Complete the matrix in appendix E using information from the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month press release on the U.S. Bureau web site

    asked by jennifer
  77. Calculus - Damon

    hi sorry the first one was actually If f(x)=5x^3–2/ x^4 find f'(x)____ and for some reason the other two are wrong but thank you anyway

    asked by John
  78. History

    What would Eisenhower be remembered for?

    asked by Gail
  79. Mathematics

    Give the place value of 7 in 3,738,500.

    asked by Andrea
  80. English

    I need to think of an exciting title for a newspaper article about a mad-dog. Could you help by giving me some words that might grab a reader's attention?

    asked by Lena
  81. Chemistry

    Which of the following is NOT TRUE? A. The blank for this experiment must have 100 % transmittance if placed in a spectrometer (Spec 20). B. The volume required to titrate the blank is subtracted from the volume used to titrate the analyte solution to give

    asked by Adam
  82. General Knowledge

    Characteristics of Contemporary Dating

    asked by Mich
  83. English

    Identifying antecedents 11a. The antecedent in the following sentence is Doctors: Doctors should schedule more time for patients so they do not spend so much time in the waiting room. 11b. The antecedent in the following sentence is patients: Doctors

    asked by Hilda
  84. English

    Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: 1) articles 2) Media 3) Advertising 4) conversations. Please help, I'm lost for words to use.

    asked by Wayne
  85. history

    summarize Luther's Protestant reforms and the church's reactions. explain the reasons behind the spread of Protestantism.

    asked by a person who needs the answer so badly
  86. math


    asked by Kimberly
  87. math


    asked by Kimberly
  88. math


    asked by Kimberly
  89. math


    asked by Kimberly
  90. math


    asked by Kimberly
  91. elecronics

    how do you record on a cassette tape?everytime I click record, it won't record what I say?

    asked by somewhere out there
  92. math

    The population is 2,253,291 in 2000 and 2,264,617 in 2001. What is the growth rate? Thanks!

    asked by Charlotte
  93. English

    Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating articles? Please help!!!!

    asked by Martha
  94. environmental

    economics ,social practices during the next 5 years wich do you think will have the most important impact on your used book business?why

    asked by darlene
  95. chemistry

    why are anions always larger than the atoms from which they are formed

    asked by caleb
  96. AED

    research one or more exemplary programs in your state, school district, and/or community that help meet the needs of the selected group of at-risk students. I live in Florida. The group i chose is poverty.

    asked by Dawn
  97. English Grammar

    1. He ordered three pizzas. 2. He ordered three pizzaes. 3. He ordered three pizza. 4. He ordered thee pieces of pizza. Which one is correct?

    asked by John
  98. sci275

    I need help coming up with an environmental problem within energy conservation.

    asked by Mimi
  99. chemistry

    The atomic masses of elements are generally not whole numbers. Explain why.

    asked by paul
  100. chemisry

    How does the precision of a calculated answer compare to the precision of the measurements used to obtain it?

    asked by paul