Questions Asked on
April 25, 2008

  1. chem

    How does the osmotic pressure of an aqueous solution change as evaporation occurs?

    asked by Ginger
  2. Physics - Fluids

    A cube of side length 11.0 cm and made of unknown material floats at the surface between water and oil. The oil has a density of 810 kg/m^3. a)If the cube floats so that it is 70% in the water and 30% in the oil, what is the mass of the cube? b)What is the

    asked by Nik
  3. science

    if the specifc heat of iron = 0.46J/g C,how much heat is needed to warm 50g of iron from 20C to 100C -- I do not know how to make the celcius o above the temperature number my anwswer Q = Mx(delta)TxC Q=50gx80Cx0.46J/gC Q = 1840 Joules Delta = the triangle

    asked by sam
  4. chemistry

    How many grams of NaOH are present in 5.0 mL of a 1.0% (m/v) NaOH solution?

    asked by Rob
  5. Physics

    Why will the escape of neutrons be proportionally less in a large piece of fissionable material than in a smaller piece?

    asked by Lee
  6. Physics

    Mixing copper and zinc atoms produces the alloy brass. What would be produced with the fusion of copper and zinc nuclei?

    asked by Rob
  7. Physics

    If U-238 splits into two even pieces, and each piece emits an alpha particle, what elements are produced?

    asked by Lee
  8. geometry

    What is the name of a 3D shape resembling a thick book?

    asked by Mary
  9. Chem

    Does molality or molarity vary with temperature, or are they both temperature independent?

    asked by Ginger
  10. Obesity Pros and Cons

    What are some of the benefits of being obese? What are some of the drawbacks?

    asked by Toby
  11. Physics

    Explain how redioactive decay has always warmed the Earth from the inside and how nuclear fusion has always warmed the Earth from the outside.

    asked by Rob
  12. English grammar

    chnage the word "oh" in the following sentence and still keeping meaning same, Oh!, i have been in a UK.

    asked by Suresh
  13. calculus

    Please help, my live tutor and I could spent 2 hours trying to solve these two: find an equation for tangent line y=-1-8^2@ (-4,-129) find the derivative of the function:----we both kept getting the same answer, but Mathlab kept saying that it was wrong:

    asked by Pam
  14. Psychology

    In what ways do you see psychology used in the environment (work, home, school, etc.) on a daily basis?

    asked by Help Please
  15. Chem URGENT!!

    Which bond is most polar? F-Cl O-P O-S F-F Si-O Which species has the shortest carbon/oxygen bond? carbon monoxide carbon dioxide carbonate anion all carbon/oxygen bonds have same length Plz Help me with this....I need to see if I answered it right I put

    asked by Sania
  16. Algebra 2

    write a polynomial function of least degree with integral coefficients whose zeros include 4 and 2i

    asked by James
  17. MATH

    two circles whose equations are (x-3)^2+(y-5)^2=25 and (x-7)^2+(y-5)^2=9 intersect in two points. What is the equation of the line passing through these two points? Can anyone please give me some ideas how to do it without graphing it out? THANKS A LOT!

    asked by Connie
  18. dr bob science

    Thanks can you check one more If it takes 105 calories to warm 100g of aluminium from 20oC to 25oC, what is the specific heat of aluminium? Q = MxdeltaTxC 105cal = 100gx (5oC) x C C = .21 cal/gCo we get points off if we do not show our work and just give

    asked by sam
  19. Biology

    What evidence did Watson and Crick use to determine that DNA is a helix? Is there another cellular macromolecule that can assume a helical shape?

    asked by Will
  20. managerial economics

    how do you figure out the derivative, can you give an easy explanation. examples: -100 + 132Q - 20Q^2 example: A/(A + 8)

    asked by Rai
  21. Physics check

    A Thorium-232 absorbs a neutron and the resulting nucleus undergoes two successive beta decays. The nucleus that results has.... nucleons,.....protons, and .... neutrons. This is a nucleus belonging to the element ....... have no idea

    asked by Emily
  22. Physics check

    Why does a hydrogen bomb produce significant radioactive fall-out? A hydrogen bomb operates with a nuclear reaction that produces radioactive products?

    asked by Emily
  23. Algebra

    Find the exact solutions of the systems of equation x^2+2y^2=18 and x=2y

    asked by Annie
  24. Physics

    Which process would release energy from gold, fission or fusion? Which would release energy from carbon? From iron?

    asked by Rob
  25. HHS 205

    Can someone assist me in determining The Elements That Should Be Present In An Appraisal System?

    asked by Me
  26. Physics

    If a pair of carbon atoms were fused, and the product were to emit a beta particle, what element would be produced?

    asked by Rob
  27. english -citing

    in my paragraph i mention a name of an author on my work cited page. and i talk about his ideas and thoughts etc. so how do i cite that. just (page number) or do i ever put a citation there.

    asked by jamie
  28. Physics

    List at least two major potential asvantages of power production by fusion rather than by fission.

    asked by Rob
  29. cultural diversity

    What are some challenges with using and managing these alternative, renewable energy resources? o Name at least one other renewable energy resource not presented in the video. o Include a response to the following: Nonrenewable energy resources include

    asked by Anonymous
  30. SCI

    Does nickel from the periodic table bend?

    asked by Brandon
  31. decimals

    Can you explain and give me an example of how to divide decimals using an integer? Please be clear in your explanation because I am a bit confused about this process. Thanks alot

    asked by Monica
  32. literature

    can someone please help me to give me summary and study material for the poem Silver by Walter de la mare?

    asked by Susan
  33. Law

    Hi there! I have totally got to find out how the Aussie Law is similar to the US law. Anyway I DO like know that like Oz follows England law mainly but that isn't what I need. Bushells of Thanks Minnie

    asked by Minnie
  34. Physics

    I am stumped on this homework problem and would like help at least to get me thinking in the right direction: It is a 2-D problem where a spring "plunger" is being used to propel a block forward. More specifically: the block rests against an ideal spring

    asked by Jamal
  35. algebra

    Multiply sq rt5(3sq rt3-5sq rt9) my answer is 3sq rt15 - 15sq rt5 is this correct? Thanks

    asked by Jack
  36. Math

    how do you evaluate these numbers? /-48/-/-20/ -/-51/ I have looked every where and I need help please.

    asked by Sami
  37. Marketing

    I need help with writing a description for a business for marketing class and I am stuck. The name of the business is The Taste of Success, this is a catering company. Can you help

    asked by China
  38. French-Mme SraJMcGin

    Bonjour, I just want to make absolutely sure that I now properly understand this: I know how to use negation in a simple sentence. No problem. I still am a bit shaky on sentences with two verbs; if I understood you correctly, then when a negative sentence

    asked by Anonymous
  39. English

    Please revise the following. thank you. Professor Abdullah Ahmed An-Naim’s, discussion about Islam, Shari ‘a and freedom of belief cleared all of the many false aspects I had about Islam. He first began his discussion by explaining to the audience the

    asked by Jenny
  40. Chemistry

    1. What happens to the pressure and boiling point when there is an increase in altitude? 2. What happens to the altitude and pressure when the boiling point is lowered? 3. What happens to the altitude and boiling point when the pressure is increased?

    asked by Chrisy
  41. Media & Culture

    what are the three serious contemporary issues regarding the effect of advertising with American culture youth and health, for example. Explain why each of the issues is controversial and whether you are concerned about advertising manipulation.

    asked by Jean
  42. Science

    When a jet aircraft flies overhead on a clear day, you can see a trail of water vapour, called a contrail, in it's path. Which type of cloud does this contrail resemble?

    asked by Ma
  43. English

    What are the differences between utopia and dystopia? What are some current real world references to utopia and dystopia?

    asked by Zach
  44. science - refraction

    why is refraction important when seomeone uses a camera?

    asked by abi


    asked by BRENDA
  46. Biology

    Differentiating the affects of environment vs the affects of DNA and how they affect "who we are" is often quite difficult. Other than 'Twin Studies' do you have any suggestions of how we can study which one - environment or DNA affects each trait more?

    asked by Will
  47. Biology

    In regards to color-blindness, I have a question! (Please make sure to note how the trait is passed on first.) If a woman is affected by colorblindness are both of her parents carriers or just one? What if a man is affected - do both of his parents have to

    asked by Will
  48. science dr bob

    if it takes 31,500 joules of heat to warm 750g of water, what was the temperature change? My answer: Q = (M) (DeltaT) (c) Delta T=Q Delta T = 31,500J -------- 750gx 1.0cal/gCo Delta T = 42oC

    asked by sam
  49. Science

    Watson and Crick, two amazingly intelligent scientists of our time, realized that DNA’s structure had to be compatible with four separate roles. Can a few of you please comment on these four roles and why they are so important?

    asked by Lynn
  50. Social Studies

    In what circumstances is the right of free expression in schools not absolute?

    asked by Tyran
  51. history

    Explain the politics of the consensus and explain the pragmatic political measures Eisenhower used to manage the economy?

    asked by dan
  52. calculus

    -3ln l-2xl/5+2x Please help. this shouldl read -3ln abs -2x over 5+2x

    asked by Pam
  53. math (pre clac)

    so its this picture of a rectangle inscribed in a circle. the circle has a radius of 2. the vertexes of the circle are present in every quadrant, but you cant tell exactly whgat point they represent. point Q (x,y) is the vertex of the rectangle in Quadrant

    asked by Alexis
  54. Algebra

    I'm sure how to work the following problems cant anyone help? 1) Write an equation for the parabola with focus (4,0) and directrix y=2. What do I need to do before I graph the following equations? e1) 16x^2+9y^2=144 e2) x^2/9 - (y+2)^2/9 = 1

    asked by Jody
  55. math

    Find an equation of a line that is parrellel to the line of each equation: y=2x-7 y=-4x+5 y=x-3

    asked by Marianna
  56. SCI

    How can we to speed up the metabolism

    asked by Dawn
  57. APA Citations

    How do I do an embedded APA Citation for a picture? I need to put the citation underneath a picture within my report. Thanks Lucy

    asked by Lucy
  58. managerial economics

    A golf-course operator must decide what greens fees (prices) to set on rounds of golf. Daily demand during the week is Pd = 36 –Qd/10 where Qd is the number of 18 hole rounds and Pd is the price per round. Daily demand on the weekend is Pw = 50 –

    asked by Rai
  59. Physics

    Do today's nuclear power plants use nuclear fission, fusion, or both?

    asked by Lee
  60. Employment skills

    We all have basic needs (food, shelter) and several wants (car, friends, nice clothes). How do human needs and wants relate to employment? Explain 3 ways in which work affects an individual's way of life.

    asked by Tabby
  61. Physics

    Is the mass of an atomic nucleus greater or less than the sum of the masses of the nucleons composing it? Why don't the nucleon masses add up to the total nuclear mass?

    asked by Lee
  62. Physics

    In what way are fission and fusion reactions similar? What are the main differences in these reactions?

    asked by Lee
  63. math

    I've finished studying a full textbook on linear algebra and another on statistics. I've done most of the practice problems and I understand everything covered in these books very well. But I need to know more. Specifically, I'd like to understand more

    asked by mathstudent
  64. Chemistry

    1. What happens to the altitude and pressure when the boiling point is lowered? 2. What happens to the altitude and boiling point when the pressure is increased?

    asked by Chrisy
  65. Physics check

    Today's nuclear power plants use nuclear..... to generate electricity. fission?

    asked by Emily
  66. Physics check

    In a nuclear reaction where energy is released, which has more mass, the products or the reactants? The reactants?

    asked by Emily
  67. Intro to Business

    T/F A financial manager who has to resort to short term borrowing did not budget properly

    asked by Sam
  68. algebra

    is 2 a solution to the inequality, 9+12x

    asked by C
  69. english

    Directions: Select the word or phrase most nearly opposite in meaning. Inherent: a) acquired b)inborn c) unnatural d) complete * I am wavering between acquired and unnatural, yet I am leaning to unnatural. poignant: a) light b) unconscious c) trivial d)

    asked by maria
  70. Employment skills

    What does the public employment office do?

    asked by Tabby
  71. chemistry

    Can I get weblinks that show the esterification reaction which produces ethyl formate and the estirificaiton process which produces Ethyl Butyrate?

    asked by Johnathan
  72. accounting

    cost of rental equipment is $486,902, accum. amortization is $418,713, net book value for 2006 is $68,169 and 2005 is $74,018. Amortization of rental equipment for the year amounted to $22,205 (2005 - $14,379). i need to calculate the cost for year 2007,

    asked by missmtl
  73. Chem

    A 2.00 M solution of calcium choloride in water has a density of 1.17g/mL. What is the mole fraction of calcium chloride? How do I solve this? I know that density=mass/volume. The mm of calcium chloride is 111g/mol. I don't know how to connect this

    asked by Ginger
  74. Chem

    A solution of lithium chloride in water has a mole fraction of 0.0500 in LiCl. What is the molality? Mole fraction = moles of LiCl over total moles of solution Molality=moles of LiCl per kg of solvent How do I link this information?

    asked by Ginger
  75. chem

    How many different possible tetrachlorobenzens exist?

    asked by Ginger
  76. AP US History

    What is the best book to buy to help me review for the AP test?

    asked by Amanda
  77. Chem

    is ethanol chiral?

    asked by Ginger