Questions Asked on
April 23, 2008

  1. Physics

    GIVEN: A monochromatic laser is exciting hydrogen atoms from the n=2 state to the n=5 state. A: What is the wavelength of the laser? *435 nm B: Eventually, all of the excited hydrogen atoms will emit photons until they fall back to the ground state. How

    asked by Chelly
  2. Solve the proportion

    A recipe for cookies calls for 4 eggs. The recipe makes 6 dozen cookies. how many eggs would be need to make 21 dozen cookies?

    asked by seb
  3. math

    need to simplify the rational expression plus find the excluded value 3c+33/c+11

    asked by bandit
  4. chemistry

    What mass in grams of sodium hydroxide is produced if 20.0 g of sodium meal reactts with excess water according to the chemical equation 2 Na(s)+2 H2O(l)=2 NaOH(aq)+H2(g)?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Social studies

    Well I posted this earlier, and this is what it said What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling water to the United States? The ones I got are - We will get more money - We will have less water - We will use more gas to transport the water. I

    asked by Slappy
  6. Social Studies

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling water to the United States? The ones I got are - We will get more money - We will have less water - We will use more gas to transport the water. I thought this would be easier, but apparently no XD

    asked by Slappy
  7. science

    Can somebody please point me in the general direction to the answer for this question? Thanks! How do low fuel prices affect the nation's security?

    asked by Liam
  8. what does interim mean?

    I looked up the word in the dictionary and it said it has something to do with time. However I do not understand the meaning of interim in this question. Can you please help? "Can individuals be granted interim measures to avert the further deterioration

    asked by Christi
  9. subodh school

    Meaning of Moollah

    asked by ashish
  10. Algebra

    Solve for P A=P+Prt

    asked by Thano
  11. chemistry

    Could I get some help with these please? Thanks Calculate the electrical potential (V). Ag/1M Ag+1// 1M Fe+3/Fe Ag2+( aq ) + e – Ag+( aq ) 1.98 Fe3+( aq ) + 3e – Fe(s) –0.04 2. A voltaic cell is reconstructed used electrodes based on the following

    asked by valenti
  12. Literature

    Hi, I'm currently reading 'The Great Gatsby' and was wondering if someone could help me understand this passage: "My commutation ticket came back to me with a dark stain from his hand. That anyone should care in this heat whose flush lips he kissed, whose

    asked by Carol
  13. Chemistry

    I'm practicing for my lab final and I came across a question I do not understand... If a 0.092 g sample of a 1:1 mixture of acetylferrocene and ferrocene was separated by column chromatography, and the recovered fractions weighed 0.019 g (acetylferrocene)

    asked by Mary
  14. business law

    Standard International Diversified Corporation owns assets in Tagistan, a new country in Asia. The government of Tagistan wants to nationalize all assets owned by foreign firms and investors. What can Standard do? Can it at least obtain payment for the

    asked by John
  15. physics

    A person wants to participate in a bunjee jump. One end of an elastic band 10m long with a spring constant of 50N/m will be attatched to a basket on a crane and the other end to the waist of the person with a mass of 86kg. The person will step off the edge

    asked by Chris Adison
  16. math

    What do you call it when somebody spends 20 years in the 24th row of a theater?

    asked by Kayela
  17. find the unit rate

    1. 7 apples for $1.00 2. $20 per dozen tarts Please answer quickly I work hard and need the answer by tommorow!

    asked by seb
  18. math


    asked by bandit
  19. algebra

    Write four different numbers for which both of these statement are true. -The range is 8 -The mean and median are the same number

    asked by astrid
  20. science

    what is the main reason so many molecules are made from carbon atoms?

    asked by k-ray
  21. science

    what is a scientist that studies insects?

    asked by Tbaby
  22. math

    simplify and find excluded value d+8/d-8

    asked by bandit
  23. poetry

    does anyone have any ideas of an object that would be cool to do an imagery poem on? i cant think of anything thanks so much!

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Find the missing term that makes the ratios equiva

    1. 3/7, __ 14 2. 7 to 5, __ to 15 3. 15:5, 3:__

    asked by seb
  25. Algebra

    i need to use the quadratic formula 2 solve these 4 questions: 1. x(squared)-6x+4=0 2. t(squared)+4t-2=0 3. 3x(squared)+10X+5=0 4. 2x=7-x(squared) I just can't seem 2 get the right answer!

    asked by Clueless
  26. English Punctuation

    Where do the commas go in these sentences? Please check. 1. Most criminals are armed, and it is unlikely that a ban on guns would ever be passed in the United States,and, therefore, it is mandatory that police officers be armed. 2. Police officers must be

    asked by Suzi Q
  27. french

    what are the forms of jouons and when do i use each

    asked by bandit
  28. Math

    I cannot come up with the right answers for my matrix. I need to write as a system of equation and solve the system. 1 2 3 x 1 1 1 1 y = 12 -1 1 2 z 2 The answers I come up with are 31 15 15 when I check these, they will not work, what I am doing wrong?

    asked by Lynn
  29. English Grammar

    Is it maintain or maintains? The judicious and policy-directed use of Tasers ensures that the instrument maintain (maintains) its status as a less-than-lethal weapon which has the power to immobilize assailants.

    asked by Suzi Q
  30. Write each ratio in fraction form thenfindunitrate

    65 mi per 3 gal

    asked by seb
  31. french

    how do i say "the students came from school" while useing the the the verb venir

    asked by bandit

    Tell me about the names of colours

    asked by M.Logasubramanyam
  33. Physics

    What color would a yellow cloth appear if illuminated with sunlight? With yellow light? With blue light?

    asked by Patty
  34. Writing

    What is the Psychological Critical Perspective? I have to write an essay about a play I read using this perspective and I am not sure how to go about it. Thank you for any help!

    asked by Melya
  35. chemistry

    Chromium metal can be plated onto an object from an acidic solution of dichrmonate tions. What average current is required to plate 17.8 g of chronium metal in a time of 2.20 h? ( you will need to construct your own equation for the half-reaction)

    asked by Amandeep
  36. MATH (SURDS)

    we have been asked to prove that it is possible to determine the value of a surd using either similar figures or Pythagoreans theorem. we have been shown how to construct the surd using a compass and ruler. but we now have to prove that our method is

    asked by Frank
  37. percentages

    what is 1% of £117.

    asked by lol
  38. Math

    Needing SERIOUS help with circumference and area circle-wise. Help? I'm not really sure where I'm messing up at, but could someone explain all the forumula stuff with area to me in layman's terms?

    asked by Anita Maureen
  39. calculus

    Continuous/discontinuity Can someone please tell me how to make this determination? 1/x(x-3) x=0,x=-4 is the function con @ x=3 is the function con @ x=0 is the function con @ x=-4

    asked by Pam
  40. Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

    please check the answer to this question thanks True or False The external auditory canal contains hair and wax-producing glands I said True

    asked by Salena
  41. Health

    Please see if I have the correct answer the correct answer thanks Which catheter is used when the catheter remains is the urinary bladder. My answer is A foley catheter

    asked by Salena
  42. Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

    please check my answer thanks The level on decline in a 66- year old patient is most likley affected by A. gender B. race C. social factors D. age I picked D. (age)

    asked by Salena
  43. chemistry

    given: Ferrocene, Acetylferrocene, 1, 1' Diacetylferrocene What part of the ferrocene compound(s) is(are) responsible for creating a dipole moment What type of molecular orbitals does the cyclopentadienyl ligand use to bond with the iron ion? How many

    asked by Matt
  44. math

    Divide. 3/4 divide into 9 Write each result in simplest form.

    asked by Lisa
  45. calculus

    How would you sketch the graph of E(v)=aLv^3/v-u

    asked by Jodi
  46. Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

    please check my answer thanks What can be done while performing a cystoscopy of the bladder ? A. biopsy B. U/A C pyelogram D. catheterization I think it is A

    asked by Salena
  47. Psychology

    I need to find at least two instances of abnormal behavior but everytime I do an internet search the results are examples of term papers not instances of abnormal behavior. I ahve to write two paragraphs explaining the deviance. Can anyone help me?

    asked by Christian
  48. poetry

    I need to recite this poem in front of the class and i have to add at least three more lines to it. does anyone have any suggestions? Math is the thick red book, Sitting there, waiting for you to open it, Just waiting for your sigh. Math is working two

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Biology - oxidative phosphorylation

    Some things I don't understand: If oxygen accepts electrons from the electron transport chain, how does it become a molecule of water? ie where does the hydrogen come from? In chemiosmosis, protons are pumped against their concentration gradient across the

    asked by JJ
  50. marketing

    Discuss the likely considerations and strategy for a company aiming its market launch at Everett Rogers¡¦ ¡¥early adopters¡¦ category.

    asked by Nina
  51. Psychology and "Monk" the tv show

    What are Monk's actions and behaviors in the usanetwork tv show "Monk" and what disorder(s) are they a symptom of? Is the disorder accurately represented on "Monk"?

    asked by Alana
  52. Math

    We are studying polynomials (x+3)(x-7)=0 2x^2+3x-9=0 5x^2+2x=0

    asked by John
  53. ethics

    Describe a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a connection.

    asked by brady
  54. Math

    solve for X 30y=x^2-14x+13

    asked by John
  55. Chemistry

    Methanol burns in oxygen to make carbon dioxide and water. The equation is exothermic, with 1452kJ/mol. of energy being released. methanol+oxygen=carbon dioxide+water 2CH3OH + 3O2 = 2CO2 + 4H2O -molar mass of methanol=32g/mol. Use the value to calculate

    asked by Anonymous
  56. MAth

    Find each of the indicated function value. f (x) = 4²x - 5x + 9 a) (2) b) (-3a)

    asked by KEll
  57. FRENCH

    Pourriez-vous me dire, svp, si on dit: Merci DE complementer ma travaille ou Merci POUR complemeter ma travaille et pourquoi l'un et ne pas l'autre? Merci

    asked by Anonymous
  58. math

    f (x) = 4x – (-5x) + 9 1) (6) 2) (-3)

    asked by KEll
  59. Social Studies

    What Happen durring the War 1812 who won the war??? Did the British, US, or French won???

    asked by Slappy
  60. Physics

    A powerful particle accelerator, called Large Hadron Collider, will be able to accelerate protons to 14TeV(tetraelectravolt)(1TeV= 10^12eV) of energy. a)what is the relativistic mass of a proton that has a total energy of 14TeV? (express you answer in

    asked by Jason
  61. please/revise english

    Indeed, the environment ignores state borders, and environmental pollution is not restrained within boundaries. When pollution originates in one country and crosses the frontier, leading to negative impact on the environment of other countries, it

    asked by Crystal
  62. physics

    A person wants to participate in a bunjee jump. One end of an elastic band 10m long with a spring constant of 50N/m will be attatched to a basket on a crane and the other end to the waist of the person with a mass of 86kg. The person will step off the edge

    asked by Chris Adison
  63. Math

    x^2 - 14 x + 13 = 30 y x^2 - 14 x = 30 y - 13 x^2 - 14 x + 49 = 30 y + 36 **** (x-7)^2 = 30 y + 36 x - 7 = +/- sqrt (30 y + 36) x = 7 +/- sqrt (30 y + 36) where did you get the 49 or 36

    asked by JOHN
  64. math

    i am trying to simplify this equation 4m+9+5m-12=42

    asked by shaz
  65. science

    1. the molar mass of helium is 4.00 g/mol. calculate the volume of 1 mol of helium at STP (T = 273, P = 1 atm) what is the density of helium at STP? 2. the density of an ideal gas is 1.35 kg/m^3. if the temperature is Kelvin and the pressure are both

    asked by billystar
  66. anatomy

    When you are very excited or nervous, what changes occur in the digestive and urinary systems?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. physics

    Refraction happens when a wave does what

    asked by Breanna
  68. chemistry

    Among the resonance structures of SCN-, is it true that the more widely-used structure is considered the "real" structure? Two resonance structures of SCN- are S=C=N and S-C≡N.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. US History

    How where presidents JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson alike and different?

    asked by Jenson
  70. social studies

    where is he test site for nystce in nassau long island

    asked by sue
  71. business law

    I wants to go into the business of direct merchandise sales. What are the legal problems that I might encounter in telemarketing? In selling door-to-door? In marketing over the Internet? In soliciting sales through the mail?

    asked by John
  72. business law

    Ann, an accountant, prepares a tax return for a client, Beta Sales Company. Carl, who is not an accountant, prepares a tax return for Dina's business, Delta Services. Can an accountant who prepares a tax return for a client be liable for any false

    asked by John
  73. AP English

    I am writing a rhetorical analysis on Ronald Reagan's speech " A Time fo Choosing" and I need some help forming a thesis statement for my paper. Can anyone help me? THANKS!!

    asked by Emily
  74. English Grammar

    Tasers preserve the function of weapons as an instrument for self-defense. Tasers preserve the function of weapons as instruments for self-defense. Which sentence is correct or how should it be revised?. Is function referring to instrument, or is weapons

    asked by Suzi Q
  75. human resources

    Excluding layoff, what actions can a firm take if it had worker surplus?

    asked by Brandi
  76. Law

    Just need a little guidance on where to begin with this assignment. A local radio station has asked you to participate in an expert panel discussion regarding the role of media in political and terrorism related crimes. Specifically, you have been invited

    asked by Maria
  77. science

    Brightly colored flowers are most often pollinated by

    asked by mandie
  78. government

    how do i mack a sentruliz government of my own (for a school project)

    asked by neko
  79. history

    what was truman doctrine?

    asked by tammy
  80. biology

    Are genetic defects associated with abnormalities of the autosomes, sex chromosomes, or both? Why?

    asked by jean luc
  81. algebra

    name the various factors of: ax,3mm,6n,pqrs,24vt

    asked by akeria
  82. Math

    why is this not correct 30y = x^2 - 14x + 13 - 13 30y - 13 = x^2 - 14x _________ ___________ -14 -14 x = sqrt 30y-13 _______ -14 sorry the division signs didn't line up

    asked by JOHN
  83. finance (Repost)

    Following are rates of return on a medical equipment company stock, debt, and market portfolio, along with probablity of each state State Prob Ret.on Stock Ret.on Debt Ret.on Market 1 .1 3 8 5 2 .3 8 8 10 3 .4 20 10 15 4 .2 15 10 20 If the company's

    asked by teresa
  84. Civics

    I have a stock marketing project for my civics class and I don't know what 5 stocks to pick. I don't even know what stock is. =] What is it??

    asked by Kenya
  85. finance (Repost)

    Securities A,B,C have the following; Security Exp.Return Beta A 10 0.7 B 14 1.2 C 20 1.8 According to CAPM, what is the correct slope between security A&B? A&C?

    asked by teresa
  86. French

    please tell me why it is: vous aiment des roses? and not: aimez-vous des roses? And I've also read once "vous veulent" how can VOUS go togehter with a verb in the third person plural (instead of the second person plural)???

    asked by Anonymous
  87. social studies

    i got this from my teacher "creat your own nation-state"my project needs to include the following -come up with a unique and intellectual name for the nation-state -creat a map of your nation-state(identify the capital,major mountain range,rivers,lakes)

    asked by Neko34
  88. physics

    In a certain experiment, it is necessary to be able to move a small radioactive source at selected, extremely slow speeds. This is accomplished by fastening the source to one end of an aluminum rod and heating the central section of the rod in a controlled

    asked by lizzy
  89. physics

    A physicist, upon awaking one morning to find his stove out of order, decides to boil the water for his wife's coffee by shaking it in a thermos flask. Suppose that he uses 520 cm3 of tap water at 56oF, that the water falls 1.35 ft each shake, and that the

    asked by lizzy
  90. physics

    0.155 kg of water at 86.0oC is poured into an insulated cup containing 0.224 kg of ice initially at 0oC. How many kg of liquid will there be when the system reaches thermal equilibrium?

    asked by lizzy

    1. the molar mass of helium is 4.00 g/mol. calculate the volume of 1 mol of helium at STP (T = 273, P = 1 atm) what is the density of helium at STP? 2. the density of an ideal gas is 1.35 kg/m^3. if the temperature is Kelvin and the pressure are both

    asked by billystar
  92. chemistry

    *Please note my question is found in the Analysis section of this Lab. Preparation of Esters Instructions: Carry out the virtual lab as outlined below. You will need to record your data in an observations table of your design. When you have completed the

    asked by Buddhadev
  93. FRENCH

    is this correct? nous voulons manger des épinards but nous ne voulons pas manger d'épinards Thank you.

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Physics -Compton Scattering

    QUESTION 1: Calculate the maximum increase in photon wavelength that can occur during Compton scattering. = ??? pm QUESTION 2: What is the energy (in electron volts) of the smallest-energy x-ray photon for which Compton scattering could result in doubling

    asked by Christina
  95. science

    the mole is an animal thet digs tunnels all of the following characteristics would be an advantage to a mole except? A-large ears B-sharp claws C-small eyes D-strong legs

    asked by erin moore
  96. Math

    If Sally makes all scores of 100 on ten of her homework assignments and 80 on her first test and 85 on her second test and 86 on her third test and 95 on her project. What would Sally's grade be if homework is 10%, test 1=20% test 2=20%, test 3=25%, and

    asked by Jadia
  97. Physics

    If the distance between two slits is .05mm and the distance to the screen is 2.5m find the spacing between the first and second order bright fringees for yellow light of wavelenght 600nm. d=5x10^-5m L=2.5m wavelength= 6x10^-7m x=? x=wavelength*L/d

    asked by Jason
  98. Math

    Estimate. Choose a rounding digit that gives one or two nonzero digits. 18 x 61 a) 1200 b) 120 c) 2400 d) 12

    asked by Angelina
  99. Grammar

    What are the pronouns in this sentence? Which of the pieces of jewelry on the tray did you make, Leona?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. History

    Can anyone tell me how cars had an affect on Al Capone and how did the technology work?

    asked by Jennifer