Questions Asked on
April 16, 2008

  1. Physics

    If you ask a friend to drive a small nail into a piece of wood placed on top of a pile of books on your head. Why doesn't this hurt you?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics -Relativity

    Question: If a muon is traveling at 70% of the speed of light, how long does it take to decay in the observer's rest frame (i.e., what is the observed lifetime of the muon)? Answer: =??? us

    asked by Chelsea
  3. environmental science

    Are cheap imports of consumer goods from China being subsidized by insuffient investment in environmental protection in that country? What information would you like to have in order to answer the question more fully? thank you for the help

    asked by Victor
  4. Physics

    Why does a convex lens magnify objects and a concave lens shrink objects?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. physics-quick question

    If you have a rectangular loop of area A placed in a region where the magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of the loop, than would the emf be zero because they are perpendicular?

    asked by Jessica
  6. accounting

    Hannah Knox, an architect, opened an office on July 1, 2008. During the month, she completed the following transactions connected with her professional practice: (a) Transferred cash from a personal bank account to an account to be used for business

    asked by Anonymous
  7. trig

    If an angle is 1 radian, what is the arc length in radians?

    asked by Abigail
  8. Physics.

    You are at the top of the Empire State Building on the 102nd floor, which is located 373 m above the ground, when your favorite superhero flies over the building parallel to the ground at 60.0 % the speed of light. You have never seen your favorite

    asked by Anon.
  9. Math - Trigonometry

    What is the answer to (sin45) / (cos45)?

    asked by Lucy
  10. English

    Opposite of Giant Opposite of Usefulness

    asked by Lou Ann
  11. Convergence

    explain how internet convergence, including issues about privacy protection, has affected business, families, government and the global community

    asked by Jean
  12. maths - pls check answer

    . A single die is rolled one time. Find the probability of rolling an odd number or a 6. 3/6 + 1/6 = 4/6 = 2/3 = .667

    asked by matty
  13. please

    not understanding how to do this. A certain storm cloud has a potential of 1.00x10^8 V relative to the tree. If during a lightning storm, 50C of a charge is transfered through this potential differnce and 1.00% of the energy is absorbed by the tree, how

    asked by ~christina~
  14. chemistry

    Nitric acid, a very important industrial chemical, is made by dissolving the gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in water. Calculate the moles of gas produced in 2 L volume container, 736 torr and 50 ºC if the gas behaves as ideal:

    asked by aaloy
  15. chemistry

    How many electrons are transferred in the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron (II) ion in acidic solution to form iron (III) ion and water?

    asked by Gloria
  16. math

    1. A wire of length x is bent into the shape of a square. Express the area A as a function of x only. 2. A circle of radius x is inscribed in a square. Find the area inside the square but outside the circle as a function of x only.

    asked by Josh
  17. Chemistry

    how do you write the reduction half-reaction of ions?

    asked by Abree
  18. medical insurance forms

    please check my answer thanks True or False The information for Blocks 1-9 on the CMS-1500 can be obtained from the medical treatment record I said True

    asked by Anonymous
  19. medical insurance forms

    I was wondering If someone could please help me out this one I can't seem to find any information on this ... If a patient is covered by Medicaid, what should you put in Block # 9a ? thanks in advance

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Health insurance

    please check my answer thanks If both nondivorced of a dependent child have insurancce that will cover that child , which policy is considered to be the primary carrier for the child ? A the mother's insurance B the father's insurance C The coverage that

    asked by Anonymous
  21. True or False health insurance

    please check my answer thanks True or False A type of insurance that was designed to meet the needs of senior citizes is called medicare I say it's true

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Economics

    Claculate REAL GDP GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT for each year (2005=100) Year p q p q 2005 $1 100 $2 50 2006 $2 150 $3 100

    asked by Molly
  23. True or False health insurance

    please check my answer True or False CHAMPVA would be considered a primary payer for a patient who has SSI I think it is False

    asked by Anonymous
  24. maths

    determine the co-ordinates of the point of intersection of the two lines: the line through (-3;5) and (4;-2) and the y-axis

    asked by Anonymous
  25. medical insurance forms

    Does anyone know where I coud get more info on where you should record payments that are received from insurance companies I looked put I can't find anything thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  26. English pronunciation

    What are palatal consonants? How many palatal consonalt's do you have? 1. can't you 2. could you 3. miss you 4. is your In the four cases, we can find palatalization. The t,d,s,z sounds are changed into palatals when they are pronounced as a linking sound.

    asked by John
  27. Math (measurement)

    John A. Van De Walle states that “to measure means that the attribute being measured is “filled” or “covered” or “matched” with a unit of measure with the same attribute.” What is John Walle trying to say in the above sentence and does his

    asked by Susan
  28. Math Units

    Why is a informal math unit considered to be more fun for students than a standard math unit?

    asked by Susan
  29. Math

    x, x+5, x+9 form a geometric sequence; find the value(s) of x and the numerical value of each term.

    asked by Lara
  30. Math

    What is the total measure of all of the interior angles of a decagon? Is it 360

    asked by Tyler
  31. Physics

    Find the speed of light in flint glass if the index of refraction is n=1.66. How much slower in percent of speed of light in a vacuum c does the light move in each of this medium? v=c/n v=3x10^8m/s/1.66 =1.8x10^8m/s For the percent of speed of light in a

    asked by Andrea
  32. Math

    How big is each interior angle in a regular decagon? would this be 4.4 (144/10)? How big is each exterior angle of a regular decagon? Is this 36? (360/10)

    asked by Tyler
  33. English

    I have to do a research paper about something that has to do with my career field which is medical. My paper is on premature babies. My question is how do I do an outline before doing my research paper, how much information do I need to put in the outline?

    asked by Casey
  34. english

    HELP!! I wrote an outline instead of a body paragraph on "Healthful eating" which was wrong. Please, can someone write a good body paragraph for me, so that I have an idea of what I'm supposed to do. Thanks

    asked by Ivana
  35. "1984"

    What is the primary theme of Part 3 in "1984"? My answer: The themes of "1984" are language as mind control, intimidation, manipulation, and knowledge of the past. My problem is how do I know which one of these themes is the primary theme and how do I make

    asked by Christian
  36. physics

    Can a convex lens be used to magnify an image, "shrink" an image, or both? Explain.

    asked by Shay
  37. Physics

    A beam of light is incident on the surface of clear ice at 60 degrees with the normal. Find the angle between reflected and refracted ray. theda 1=60 n1= 1 (air) What would n2 be for clear ice? I know that index of refraction for water is 1.33. Would it

    asked by Andrea
  38. Physics

    A ray of light stikes a flat 2 cm thick block of ice (n=1.5) at an angle of 45 degrees. Refracted ray travels through the glass and then is refracted back to air at the opposite side of the block. Find the angles of incident and refraction at each surface.

    asked by Andrea
  39. chemistry

    In 2 - 3 scentences, please write how electrochemistry is involved in preventing corrosion. Thank you

    asked by Yunis
  40. Physics

    n=1.331 for red light in water and n=1.34 for blue light in water. If a ray of white light enters the water at 83 degrees what are the underwater angles of refraction for the blue and red components of white light? Also using Snell's law : (sin theda 1/

    asked by Andrea
  41. Physics

    What is the critical angles for water ice when surrounded by air? theda critial = arcsin(n2/n1) =arcsin(1/n1) What is the index of refraction of water ice? also is the above equation correct?

    asked by Andrea
  42. math

    Which is an equation of the line with slope 2 and y-intercept 6? A). y=2x-6 B). y=6x+2 C). 2x+6y=1 D). y+2x+6. thanks if you can help

    asked by matthew
  43. World History

    Were currently studying the early middle ages in western europe. I have been assigned a huge ammount of homework and need some help on two questoins. Why would a lord grant an estate to a vassal? Describe the Franks? Neither was mentioned in class or the

    asked by Joe Smith Bob
  44. Math

    y-13=72/12 y+13=13/1+72/12=165/12+72/12 y= 237/12 y=19 9/12 y=19 3/4 ??? am I close

    asked by Melissa
  45. computer applications

    What is a t1 internet connection and !@#$%^& fast is it?

    asked by please help
  46. science

    Hi. I know this is an opinion question, but can someone please explain the situation to me because I don't totally understand the question. Thanks. 3.Water distribution systems are natural monopolies, since it is impractical to have numerous, competing

    asked by Alicia
  47. math

    Help please!: By what factor (2x, 4x, etc.) would the per capita GGP have to be increased to U.S. per capita GGP to equal the U.S. GDP in 2005? This is the information I have: -the per capita GGP is 9297 billion -the U.S. per capita GDP in 2005 is 43,000

    asked by Mary
  48. English Expression

    1. Paying attention to "linking", listen carefully. 2. Mark 'linking' where two words are pronounced as a linking sound. 3. Mark 'linking' between/under two words which are pronounced as a linking sound. (What about under instead of between?) 4. Put 'the

    asked by John
  49. medical insurance forms

    please check my answer thanks When should you submit a cliam to a secondary insurance company ? A when a primary insurance company returns a cliam for correction B when the patient says it is ok C At the smae time you sumbit the claim to the primary

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Physics

    The incident ray comes at 30 degrees to normal at the air/glass boundary and is refracted at 18 degrees to normal. a) find index of refraction of glass b)find speed of light in glass c) under what conditions and for what angles will you have total internal

    asked by Andrea
  51. math

    x/x^2+2x+1 + 3/4x^2-4

    asked by Taylor
  52. Physics

    Suppose you have a perfectly spherical water tank with an inside diameter of 8.6 metres. If the drain at the bottom of the tank can't handle a hydrostatic pressure of more than 50 kilopascals, what is the maximum volume of water, in litres, that can be

    asked by Anna
  53. chemistry

    Electrochemistry is commonly used in the preparation of many different substances. Pick an industrial process that involves electrochemistry and discuss any environmental or health and safety issues surrounding this process. I have picked electroplating as

    asked by Yunis
  54. math

    Finding the volume of a cone: 3.14x7x7x14=2154.04 What's the next step? I can't remember to do it?

    asked by Morgan
  55. chemistry

    How does pH = 8.75 give (H^+) = 1.77 x 10^-9.

    asked by Yunis
  56. Marketing

    Could you please check over my t/f questions? 1. Permission based methods allow customers to opt in or opt out to ensure that emails are sent to both current and prospective customers? TRUE 2. In the consumers mind, there is a fine line between legitimate

    asked by Maggie
  57. physics repost

    A car of mass 1330 kg is traveling at 28.0 m/s. The driver applies the brakes to bring the car to rest over a distance of 79.0 m. Calculate the retarding force acting on the car. same as before just posting again so you wont have to scroll. heres my work

    asked by Anonymous
  58. English

    Could you please give me a sentence and make it once in the CONDITIONEL and once in the SUBJUNCTIVE. I don't understand the difference between those two. I have read all kinds of explanations but I need one clear example to show me the difference. Thank

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    What does it mean to measure something? And does the definition of measurement work well for length, area, weight, volume and time?

    asked by Mike
  60. Physics

    Suppose you have a perfectly spherical water tank with an inside diameter of 8.6 metres. If the drain at the bottom of the tank can't handle a hydrostatic pressure of more than 50 kilopascals, what is the maximum volume of water, in litres, that can be

    asked by zahra
  61. chemistry

    Question:A solution of AgNO3 (45 mL/0.45 M) was mixed with solution of NaCl (85 mL/1.35 x 10-2 M) a) Calculate the ion product of the potential precipitate. My answer: mol AgNO3 = M x L = 0.45 M x 0.045 M = 0.02025 mol NaCl = M x L = 0.0135 M x 0.085 L =

    asked by Abigail
  62. math

    solve the following trig equation : 7 = 8sin(1/2)x. I can solve this using the half-angle indentity. But i need to solve this using period and phase change equation. how do i do this?

    asked by shan
  63. Math

    Bernie is the oldest of the four Bryant brothers. Bobby is twice as old as Billy, but 2 years younger than Bernie. Bernie is twice as old as Buddy. The youngest Bryant brother is 6 years old. What are the ages of the four Bryant brothers?

    asked by Alec
  64. Vending Machines

    How does Vending machine connect to our culture and customs?

    asked by Mark
  65. Chem!

    does the addition of a strong acid increase the percent ionization of a weak acid HB?

    asked by blair
  66. Calculus

    What is the horizontal asymptote of : y=23x/x+18 k so i know that the horizontal asymptote is -18 so that the denominator will equal zero.

    asked by Wendy
  67. maths - Probability

    Numbers is a game where you bet $1.00 on any three-digit number from 000 to 999. If your number comes up, you get $750.00. Find the expected winnings.

    asked by matty
  68. science

    what are sources and Health/Environmental Effects Carbon dioxide, Chlorofluorocarbons, Ground-level ozone, Sulfuric acid?

    asked by brady
  69. science

    it comes from a whole and ends in the sky it never wants no and always asks why its the best of the best the worst of the worst. it can calm you down or send you to hell what is it?

    asked by Davey
  70. science

    how does the steepness of slofe affect stream erosion?

    asked by sam
  71. physics repost

    What should be the angle between two vectors of magnitudes 3.20 and 5.70 units, so that their resultant has a magnitude of 6.10 units? cos=a^2+b^2-c^2/2ab cos10.24+32.49-37.21/(2*3.20*5.70) = 99 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  72. physics repost

    )An elevator is moving down with an acceleration of 1.40 m/s^2. A 14.5 kg block hangs from a spring balance fixed to the roof of the elevator. What is the apparent weight of the block? m*g+m*a 14.5*9.80+14.5*1.40 142.1+20.3 162.4 N 2)A 2.7 kg box is

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Math

    What is the fomula to find the volume of a hexagonal pyramid?

    asked by Marlo
  74. religion

    beliefs,dharma,effects on chinese live,writings ofconfucianism,legalism,daoism,buddhism.

    asked by Anonymous
  75. French/Italian/Spanish Translation

    how do you translate the french word générique into italian and spanish?

    asked by Mikal
  76. English grammar

    How many diphthongs are there in English?

    asked by John
  77. English grammar

    ex) I love it. 'Love it' is pronounced as a linking sound. 'Love it' are pronounced as a linking sound. 'Love' and 'it' are pronounced as a linking sound. 'Love' and 'it' is pronounced as a linking sound. ---------------------------------- Which ones are

    asked by John

    Pure lauric acid is melted and the freezing point is determined to be 43 degrees celsius. A solution is made by dissolving .50 grams of paradicholrobenzene into 3.00 grams of lauric acid. Determine the molality of this solution. I got 1.1m. which is right.

    asked by Miley
  79. English Expressions

    1. Paying attention to the linking mark, listen carefully. 2. Mark 'linking' on the place where two words are pronounced as a linking sound. 3. Mark 'linking' between two words which are pronounced as a linking sound. 4. Put 'the linking mark' on the place

    asked by John
  80. english

    Is this a good body paragraph? Did I include a topic sentence? Please let me know as I have to turn it in tonite!!! Thanks. Healthful eating encourages Americans to adopt a healthier lifestyle which will help society avoid the number one killer of

    asked by Ivana
  81. math

    A triangle equals 36 in,2 angles equal 12 in and 8 in. find L, the length of the third angle

    asked by baby love 2396
  82. math

    describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like

    asked by Anonymous
  83. maths

    1 ) Lamp posts,dust bins and benches are paced at intervals of 70 m ,56 m ,and 84 m respectively along a strech of road 8km long.At start of the road,lamp post,dust bin and bench are placed together.Only when the three objects are all placed together,they

    asked by MTH
  84. Trig

    Simplify: csc A - sin A - Cot A Cot A Csc A 1/sin - sin A - 1/tan 1/tan 1/sin -sinA?

    asked by Courtney
  85. calculus

    Could somebody please check these for me? Solve the differential equation with the given initial solution. 1. (dy/dx)=(-y/3) for y(0)=10 my answer was y=10e^(-x/3) 2. dP/dt=P+4 for P(0)=100 my answer was P=104(e^t)-4 3. dz/dt=te^z for z(0)=0 my answer was

    asked by tia
  86. Chem II

    Calculate the pH of the solution made by mixing 35.0 mL of 0.500 M ca(OH)2 with 45.0 mL of 0.710 MHCl

    asked by Ken
  87. Chemistry

    The first step of the synthesis is described by the reaction below. When 1.750 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 6H2O is mixed with 13 mL of 1.0 M H2C2O4, the theoretical yield of FeC2O42H2O is____ grams. Fe(NH4)2(SO4)26H2O(s) + H2C2O4(aq)----> FeC2O42H2O(s) +

    asked by Cindy
  88. Brainteaser

    A man is on his hands and knees looking for a £5 note he has dropped. His search for the fiver continues for some time. Finally in the corner of the room he finds it. What is the first thing he does? Anyone know this?????

    asked by Luke
  89. English

    I need help with figuring out a thesis with this topic... 3 Traits of a Life Partner. Please

    asked by Jessica
  90. English/French/German

    The CONDITIONEL "je donnerais" means "I would give" ("ich würde gebn" in German) right??? What does the SUBJONCTIF translate to in English (or German)? Actually, if I look at the conjugation of "donner" in the SUBJONCTIF it looks like a combination of

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math (is this worked correctly)

    given that a=4,b=-2 and c=3 Calculate the value of a^2-bc/b+c answer=22

    asked by Corina
  92. how to understand this

    design and implement such a function and use it in a program called part3.c that allows someone to enter two real numbers and an epsilon value (also a real number) and reports if the two numbers are equal (+/- epsilon) or not. If you were asked this

    asked by apoorva
  93. math

    nicole was 1/2 as old as she will be in 8 years . how old is nicole

    asked by reese
  94. business

    Should Boeing and other companies go along with China’s terms, or should they risk losing sales by refusing to transfer technology?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. physics

    A laser emits 1.44*10^18 photons per second in a beam of light that has a diameter of 1.98 mm and a wavelength of 524.5 nm. (a) Determine the average electric field strength (b) Determine the average magnetic field strength for the electromagnetic wave

    asked by rick
  96. chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for the following reaction?FeCl3(aq)+3LiOH(aq) -> Fe(OH)3(s)+3LiCl(aq)

    asked by ashley
  97. math

    solve 0=(3^0.5)tan(x+(pi/6))+1 and find all general solutions

    asked by shan
  98. economics

    If a country such as Europe sells their saved dollars as a result in a drop in U.S. sales and purchases, will the demand-supply graph show only the demand for the dollar. I just don't understand what the demand-supply graph suppose to illustrate. Help.

    asked by Rm
  99. Data Mining

    What kind of tasks do you see becoming popular areas to be data mining? What has to be there to make an area worth while for being Data Mined? What will it take to make Data Mining more accessible for more people to be able to do it?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. maths-probability

    You get to throw a die. If you roll a 3, you win $6. If you roll a 1 or a 5, you win $3. If you roll an even number, you lose $6. Find your expectation for this game.

    asked by louis
  101. maths-probability

    A family has four children. The probability of having a girl is 1/2. What is the probability of having 2 girls followed by 2 boys?

    asked by louis
  102. social studies

    what does Georgia's land do as you move from the seacoast to the norhwest corner of the state

    asked by jasmine
  103. Chemistry

    What molarity of NaOH would produce a pH of 10? And how do you calculate it?

    asked by Ashley
  104. trig

    If an angle is pie radians, what is the arc length in radians?

    asked by Abigail
  105. maths

    Is this right, and where do i go from here??? solve p-1/2-p-2/3=1 (3p-3)-(2p-4)/6=1

    asked by shay
  106. trig

    Work out the following identities a) sin theta/cos theta b) tan theta cos theta

    asked by Abigail
  107. trig

    Find all angles of a right triangle triangle RST given that r = 18 cm and s = 20 cm

    asked by Abigail
  108. alegebra

    how is dividing a polynomial by a binomial similar to or different from long division.

    asked by anaya
  109. Function Notation

    Ive been shown that a function can be written like so f:X->Y,f(x)=rule where X is the Domain and Y, the co-domain. Firstly, what is the co-domain? Ive tried looking it up but all I get is "the set of which y values fall in". If that is the case, say for

    asked by Mikal
  110. Physics Question

    GIVEN: Two particles are created in a high-energy accelerator and move off in opposite directions. The speed of one particle, as measured in the laboratory, is 0.580c, and the speed of each particle relative to the other is 0.920c. QUESTION: What is the

    asked by Christina
  111. trig

    A geologist stands on the shore of a lake in Ontario with a theodolite and finds that the angle of inclination to the top of a distant rock pillar is 28.5 degrees. He then walks 10 m along the shore at a 90 degree angle to his measurment, and finds that

    asked by Frank
  112. trig


    asked by kari
  113. economics

    If a country sells a currency dollar would the exchange rate price be the currency/dollar or dollar/currency and what will the demand be.

    asked by Julie
  114. Physics

    I have to make two multiple-choice questions for this standard: Standard 4b: Students know how to identify transverse and longitudinal waves in mechanical media, such as springs and ropes, and on the earth (seismic waves). The first question I already

    asked by Emily
  115. radical math

    radical .01X to the 4 y to the 2

    asked by kristina
  116. Accounting- Help Please

    Accounting Help-Preparing and posting journal entries; and preparing a trial balance.? Shelton Engineering completed the following transaction in the month of June. Received a bill for rent of equipment that was used on a recently completed job. The 1,200

    asked by Kim
  117. Philosophy

    I have to explain what suspension of belief is according to skeptics and how it comes about? I cannot find a reasonable explanation, can someone help me out? Thanks!

    asked by Sheri
  118. trig

    Please answer b)only a) If a triangle has angles of 35 and 65 degrees, what is the measurment of the third angle? Is it a right triangle? b)Find all angles of a right triangle triangle RST given that r = 18 cm and s = 20 cm

    asked by Abigail
  119. Nuclear physics

    1)7Be decays with a half-life of about 53 d. It is produced in the upper atmosphere, and filters down onto the Earth's surface. If a plant leaf is detected to have 300 decays/s of 7Be, how many days do we have to wait for the decay rate to drop to 13.6/s?

    asked by Sandhya
  120. Juvenile Justice Procedure

    Locate three separate corrections programs and detention facilities in the Virgin Islands designed for juveniles in gangs. Make sure you have selected one detention facility and one correction program. Your third selection can be of either genre. • Write

    asked by Ranger
  121. science

    I'm doing a research paper on whales. I need to know how they lost their legs and went to the waters. I also need to know why they went to the waters.

    asked by Astrid
  122. math

    Let f(x) = {√x, 0 ≤ x ≤ 1 { 1/x, x > 1 (a). Identify any intercepts (b). Graph the function (c). Find the domain and range

    asked by Sarah
  123. physics

    1)A hiker throws a ball at an angle of 21.0 above the horizontal from a hill 21.0 m high. The hiker's height is 1.750 m. The magnitudes of the horizontal and vertical components are 14.004 m/s and 5.376 m/s, respectivley. Find the distance between the base

    asked by Anonymous
  124. physical science

    When an electron is displaced in a semiconductor, the hole that's left behind is

    asked by Felishia butler
  125. calculating infinity

    can someone tell me wich one of the two answers for these two limits is correct? lim (-1)^(n) = 1 or -1 n-> +infinity lim (-1)^(n) = 1 or -1 n-> -infinity Thanks in advance.

    asked by Steven
  126. Science

    8. The continual flow of the cytoplasm, _________________________________, facilitates the movement of _______________________________________ within a cell. Help!

    asked by Adam
  127. Science

    What are the major differences between single celled organisms and multi-cellular organisms in how they acquire nutrients and remove wastes?

    asked by Adam
  128. Psychology

    What kind of life events or situations are "fight or flight" moments? What are some psychological and physiological effects?

    asked by Ashley
  129. English

    Uther Pendragons willingness to give his son Arthur to Merlin in exchange for spending just one night with Igraine reflects the idea of courtly love chivalry "contemptu mundi" NoNE OF THE ABOVE This confuses me, I don't understand why he gave his child up,

    asked by Seana
  130. english

    What is the origin of "red herring"? How is it used in context? Does it mean distraction?

    asked by jules
  131. social studies

    Is Elaine Chao a U. S. citizen? If yes, when did she become a citizen?

    asked by tracie
  132. physics

    A car of mass 1330 kg is traveling at 28.0 m/s. The driver applies the brakes to bring the car to rest over a distance of 79.0 m. Calculate the retarding force acting on the car. (79.0/28.0)*1330 3752.5 I asked before but I wasn't sure if I did it right

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Maths

    At a vending machine, 6/11 people select a cola soda. Find the probability that all of the next 3 people select a cola soda.

    asked by Jack
  134. ALGEBRA

    The colors red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet are written on slips of paper and placed in a hat. What is the probability that the slips will be chosen in the order of the colors of a rainbow (the order listed above)

    asked by Student
  135. computer history

    who invented the first computer

    asked by crystel
  136. Biology

    What is the main problem with external fertilization, and how is this comensated for? tried finding the answer but cant help

    asked by Dick Rogers
  137. Economics

    How would the demand-supply curve look if Japan sells dollars for yen?

    asked by Jazzy
  138. Economics

    In what ways can the Federal Reserve preserve a strong dollar in the U.S. when there is a decline in sales?

    asked by Nui
  139. MATH

    the class president plans to randomly select a committee of three people from three boys and five girls. How many committees are possible?

    asked by Jake
  140. C programming, not C++

    design and implement such a function and use it in a program called part3.c that allows someone to enter two real numbers and an epsilon value (also a real number) and reports if the two numbers are equal (+/- epsilon) or not. If you were asked this

    asked by apoorva
  141. English Expressions

    1. Paying attention to "linking", listen carefully. 2. Mark 'linking' where two words are pronounced as a linking sound. 3. Mark 'linking' between/under two words which are pronounced as a linking sound. (What about under instead of between?) 4. Put 'the

    asked by John