Questions Asked on
April 15, 2008

  1. Math

    What do you get when you cross a porcupine with a gopher?

    asked by katie
  2. chem.

    Diet Coke has a pH of about 3.0. Milk has a pH of about 7.0. How much greater is the H+ ion concentration of Diet Coke when compared to milk? - Would it be 1x10^4 greater concentration

    asked by someone
  3. chemistry

    Reaction 1: Cu (strongest reducing agent) I- Ag Br- (weakest reducing agent) Reaction 2: Zn(strongestreducing agent) Pb Cu Ag(weakest reducing agent) Reaction 3: Cl2 (strongest oxidizing agent) Br2 I2 (wekest oxidizing agent) Using these results, how am I

    asked by Anna
  4. Physics

    1)A car of mass 1330 kg is traveling at 28.0 m/s. The driver applies the brakes to bring the car to rest over a distance of 79.0 m. Calculate the retarding force acting on the car. I don't get it. What is retarding force? gravity has to factor in somewhere

    asked by Jon
  5. chem!

    Arrange the three metals(Cu, Zn, and Mg) in order of their relative strengths as reducing agents, placing the strongest first. Arrange the three metallic ions ( Cu(No3)2, Zn(No3)2, and Mg(No3)2 ) in order of their relative strengths as oxidizing agents,

    asked by ashley
  6. Algebra

    Use the formula h= -16t^2+250t to model the height 'h' in feet of a model rocket 't' seconds after it has luanched. Determine when the rocket will reach a height of 900 feet.

    asked by Tanya
  7. Physics

    1)The velocity of sound in air is 332 m/s. If the unit of length is km and the unit of time is hour, what is the value of velocity? m/s bobpursley said he would be happy to check my work but I don't know what they're looking for I thought they are looking

    asked by Jon
  8. TEAS Test

    I am trying to study for the TEAS test and I wanted to know if anyone knew any resourceful websites or had any advice in preparing for it. Thanks.

    asked by Camron
  9. chemistry

    Procedure: 1. Place the zinc nitrate solution into a beaker and connect the zinc electrode so that it is partially submerged in the solution. 2. Place copper (II) nitrate solution into the porous cup and connect a copper electrode so that it is partially

    asked by Sarah
  10. Physics

    When a pair of identical resistors is connected in series which of the following is the same for both resistors: voltage across each, power dissipated in each, current through each? What about if the resistors are different from each other?

    asked by Shay
  11. chemistry

    Element Symbol Atomic Mass --------------------------------------- Bromine Br 79.904 Calcium Ca 40.078 Carbon C 12.011 Chlorine Cl 35.4527 Cobalt Co 58.93320 Copper Cu 63.546 Flourine F 18.9984032 Hydrogen H 1.00794 Iodine I 126.904 Iron Fe 55.847 Lead Pb

    asked by Chris
  12. chem AP

    does CrCl3 form an acidic solution in water?

    asked by Quentin
  13. chemistry

    what is the PH of a solution prepared by adding enough water to 15.00g of NaNO2 to make 275ml of solution

    asked by Chuck
  14. Chemistry

    What is the molar concentration of silver ion in a solution containing 1.3 × 10–4 M CrO42–, saturated with Ag2CrO4? The Solubility Product Constant, Ksp for Ag2CrO4 is 9 × 10–12 (A) 1.3 × 10–16 (B) 7 × 10–16 (C) 9 × 10–12 (D) 2.6 × 10–4

    asked by LT
  15. Chemistry

    Enough water is added to 0.35 g of benzoic acid to make 1000 mL of solution. What is the pH? Ionization Constant for Benzoic Acid Ka = 6.5 × 10–5 Molar Mass Benzoic Acid 122. g·mol–1 (A) 1.9 (B) 2.6 (C) 3.4 (D) 4.2

    asked by LT
  16. chemistry

    Procedure: Place the zinc nitrate solution into a beaker and connect the zinc electrode so that it is partially submerged in the solution. Place copper (II) nitrate solution into the porous cup and connect a copper electrode so that it is partially

    asked by Sarah
  17. chem

    What would happen to the metals if iron nails were used to secure sheets of copper to a roof?

    asked by ashley

    Describe at least four methods for determining the time sequences of stratigraphic units.("in your own words" also btw 100-200 words).

    asked by joey
  19. Physics

    A boy is cycling at a constant speed along a straight road to his school. The postions of the boy after fixed time intervals are observed. a. What type of position-time graph can be expected for the motion of the bicycle? b. How can the average velocity of

    asked by Jon
  20. physics

    An electron and a positron each have a mass of 9.11*10^-31 kg. They collide and both vanish, with only electromagnetic radiation appearing after the collision. If each particle is moving at a speed of 0.55c relative to the laboratory before the collision,

    asked by rick
  21. chemistry

    A sample of gas occupies 29 L under a pressure of 1.3 atm. What would the resulting volume be if the pressure were increased to 3.9 atm if the temprature did not change?

    asked by riya
  22. algebra/geometry

    The Binary Ice Cream Shoppe sells two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. On Friday, the ratio of vanilla cones sold to chocolate sold was 2:3. if the store had sold 4 more vanilla cones, the ratio of the vanilla cones sold to chocolate cones sold would have

    asked by abby
  23. physics

    1)7Be decays with a half-life of about 53 d. It is produced in the upper atmosphere, and filters down onto the Earth's surface. If a plant leaf is detected to have 300 decays/s of 7Be, how many days do we have to wait for the decay rate to drop to 13.6/s?

    asked by Sandhya
  24. chemistry

    Let me try! Let me try! :) nickel(II)nitrate and zinc nitrate -->Ni|Ni^+2 (??M) ||Zn^+2 (??M)|Zn Iron(II) nitrate and zinc nitrate -->Fe|Fe^+2 (??M) ||Zn^+2 (??M)|Zn Silver nitrate and zinc nitrate -->Ag|Ag^+2 (??M) ||Zn^+2 (??M)|Zn Is this correct? Also,

    asked by Anna
  25. chemistry

    Please judge my answer: Question: 24 mL of 0.39 mol/L acetic acid is titrated with a standardized 0.33 mol/L KOH solution. Calculate the pH of the solution after 17 mL of the KOH solution has been added. Assume the Ka of acetic acid is 1.8 x 10-5. Answer:

    asked by Abigail
  26. algebra 1

    A bottle and a cork together cost $1.00. The bottle cost 90 cents more than the cork. How much does the cork cost? Bottle - 95 cents Cork - 5 cents How would you write an equation for this?

    asked by need help!!
  27. Physics

    1)An elevator is moving down with an acceleration of 1.40 m/s^2. A 14.5 kg block hangs from a spring balance fixed to the roof of the elevator. What is the apparent weight of the block? m*g+m*a 14.5*9.80+14.5*1.40 142.1+20.3 162.4 N 2)A 2.7 kg box is

    asked by Jon
  28. world history

    who sparked the 30 year's war?

    asked by Rachel
  29. chemistry

    What is the standard cell notation for nickel/nickel (II) nitrate and zinc/zinc nitrate?

    asked by Anna
  30. Plant Biology

    Hi Can anyone tell me why using the scientific name for plants is important in the context of their evolutionary relationship ... 1)Is it something to do with extinction, and 2)The beneficial and harm to humans plants from the same species may cause. 3)

    asked by Leo
  31. Calculus

    A machine earns the company revenue at a continuous rate of 62000 t + 43000 dollars per year during the first six months of operation, and at the continuous rate of $74000 per year after the first six months. The cost of the machine is $155000. The

    asked by Jackie
  32. chemistry

    Please let me know if my answer to the following question is correct. Question: 25 mL of standardized 0.45 mol/L NaOH is titrated with 21 mL of 0.35 mol/L acetic acid. Calculate the pH of the solution. Answer: Add 25 mL and 21 mL to get 46 mL. Add 0.45

    asked by Abigail
  33. Algebra

    How do you know if a value is a solution for an inequality? How is this different from determining if a value is a solution to an equation? If you replace the equal sign of an equation and put an inequality sign in its place, is there ever a time when the

    asked by will
  34. Calculus; Limits

    Evaluate limit, x -> a, [(x + 4a)^2 - 25a^2] / [x - a] My work: = limit, x -> a, (x^2 + 8ax + 16a^2 - 25a^2) / (x - a) = limit, x -> a, (x^2 + 8ax - 9a^2) / (x - a) = limit, x -> a, (x + 8a - 9a^2) / (-a) = (a + 8a - 9a^2) / (-a) = 9a^2 - 8a + 1 Textbook

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Algebra

    Brett made muffins for his grandmother, but he gave his friend Steve 1/8 of the muffins. Then Brett saw Dori and gave her 1/3 of what he had left. Then he saw Shiela and gave her 1/7 of what he had left. By the time he arrived at his grandmothers house

    asked by Mark
  36. Accounting

    Olympic Theatre Inc. owns and operates movie theaters throughout Texas and California.Olympic Theatre has? declared the following annual dividends over a six-year period: 2003, $21,000; 2004, $50,000; 2005, $15,000; 2006, $80,000; 2007, $90,000; and 2008,

    asked by Sarah
  37. Literature poetry, part 1

    If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved. These lines are an example of a/an a. quatrain b. octet c. couplet d. sestet

    asked by Liz
  38. Algebra 1

    Factor and explain each step 2x^2-13x-45

    asked by homework help!!
  39. economics

    trade-offs are alternatives that people give up when they choose one course of action over another. Who makes trade-offs? Why do decisions involve trade-offs?

    asked by me
  40. chemistry

    Please let me know if my answer to the following question is correct. Question: What is the concentration of a weak base if its Kb = 1.4 x 10-11 and its pH = 8.75? Answer: Converting pH to H^+ concentration using the formula H^+ = 10^-ph, therefore

    asked by Abigail
  41. Physics

    A car accelerates from rest at 5 m/s^2 for 5 seconds. It moves with a constant velocity for some time, and then decelerates at 5 m/s^2 to come to rest. The entire journey takes 25 seconds. Plot the velocity-time graph of the motion. They don't give me a

    asked by Jon
  42. math

    This is an SAT Question of the Day. The sum of the digits of a three-digit number is 12. If the hundreds digit is 3 times the tens digit and the tens digit is 1 over 2 the units digit, what is the tens digit of the number? The way the question is phrased

    asked by Anonymous
  43. biology

    What is the BEST way to determine taxomic relationship between 2 organisms

    asked by MK
  44. AP World History

    Hi! I'm currently a freshmen in high school and next year AP World History is being offered to 11 graders. We have a assignment already. I need to find out what text book they are using so I can get a head start over the summer. I was wandering if anybody

    asked by Joe Smith Bob
  45. Chem

    Arrange the three metals(Cu, Zn, and Mg) in order of their relative strengths as reducing agents, placing the strongest first. Arrange the three metallic ions ( Cu(No3)2, Zn(No3)2, and Mg(No3)2 ) in order of their relative strengths as oxidizing agents,

    asked by ashley
  46. science

    Do enzymes speed up or slow down chemical reactions?

    asked by justin
  47. Adv. Math

    I don't understand these questions. I got them wrong on a test so I jus want to know what is the answer and how to do it: Which estimate is the best for 1/2 of 385? A)2 B)20 C)19 D)39 ____________________________________ The International Space Station is

    asked by Kenya
  48. Algebra

    A carpenter drills 5 equally spaced holes in a 56 3/4" long piece of wood. The two end holes are an equal distance from the center. If each hole is 7 1/2 inches apart, what is the distance from each end of the wood to the nearest ens hole? Please explain

    asked by Mark
  49. chemistry

    In the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron (II) ion in acidic solution to form iron (III) ion and water, the oxidizing agent is____ is it hydrogen peroxide? cus its not water right?

    asked by Amy
  50. Biology

    Chordata is to Animalia as phylum is to:

    asked by MK
  51. math

    In a community of 416 people, each person owns a dog or a cat or both. If there are 316 dog owners and 280 cat owners, how many of the dog owners own no cat? The choices are: 36 100 136 180 316 I think the answer is either 180 or 316, but I'm not sure.

    asked by Lisa
  52. chemistry

    For the reactions that occurred spontaneously in the individual tables, balance these reactions assuming they are in an acidic solution. Reaction 1: Cu I^- Ag Br^- Reaction 2: Zn Pb Cu Ag Reaction 3: Cl2 Br2 I2 Reaction 1 I 2(aq) Cu2 + (aq) Ag + (aq) Br2

    asked by Joseph
  53. Chemistry

    The first step of the synthesis is described by the reaction below. When 2.000 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 6H2O is mixed with 13 mL of 1.0 M H2C2O4, the theoretical yield of FeC2O42H2O is ______ grams. Fe(NH4)2(SO4)26H2O(s) + H2C2O4(aq)--> FeC2O42H2O(s) +

    asked by Lindsey
  54. Math

    How do I simplify the following problems? Assume that no denominator equals 0. 1) 8y^3+27/2xy-10y+3x-15 2) sqrt16x^2y^4 3) 2+i/1-3i

    asked by Jordan
  55. Maths probability

    Numbers is a game where you bet $1.00 on any three-digit number from 000 to 999. If your number comes up, you get $750.00. Find the expected winnings.

    asked by louis
  56. chemistry

    How many electrons are transferred in the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron (II) ion in acidic solution to form iron (III) ion and water?

    asked by Liz
  57. Maths probability

    You get to throw a die. If you roll a 3, you win $6. If you roll a 1 or a 5, you win $3. If you roll an even number, you lose $6. Find your expectation for this game.

    asked by louis
  58. chemistry

    Please judge my answer Question:A solution of AgNO3 (45 mL/0.45 M) was mixed with solution of NaCl (85 mL/1.35 x 10-2 M) a) Calculate the ion product of the potential precipitate. b) Would a precipitate form? The Ksp of AgCl(s) is 1.8 x 10-10. Answer: For

    asked by Abigail
  59. Chemistry

    What would be the the oxidation number of (N): * NaNO3 * NH4Cl

    asked by Saleshia
  60. chemistry

    Please judge my answer, thank you Question: What is the pH of a 1.24 mol/L solution of HCN(aq) if its Ka = 6.2 x 10-10? Answer: It is imperative to initially set up ionization. THen, it becomes important to write the Ka expression, after which setting up

    asked by Abigail
  61. English Expression

    What subject do you like best? I like science best. What subject do you like best? I like dancing best. Can 'dancing' be used as a subject like 'science'?

    asked by John
  62. Economics

    Advertising is an important aspect of the business world. a. which business environment is it especially important and explain why? b. does advertising increase or decrease the cost and therefore the price of the product to the consumer? Provide one

    asked by Jay
  63. economics

    what is the equation for finding the GDP for a year? Is it GDP=N/R or GDP=N/R *100?

    asked by Brandy
  64. Science

    What are a few significant differences between laboratory thermometers and clinical thermometers?

    asked by Alex
  65. English Expression

    1. ex) I like her very much. In this sentence, 'like and her' link together. They are pronounced as a linking sound or liaison just like one word. The h sound is omitted when they pronounced together. 2. Paying attention to the linking mark, listen

    asked by John
  66. math

    how do i factorise a)9a^2-b^2 b)3x-8y-4xy+6

    asked by bridget
  67. Social Studies

    How did colonial powers control african countries?

    asked by Nick
  68. chemistry

    Describe an object that commonly undergoes (or could undergo) oxidation.

    asked by Manny
  69. science

    Identify a viewpoint given in the "Don't Say Goodbye" VLR that highlights the importance of biodiversity. Do you believe that every species is connected to one another as expressed in the video? Why or why not?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. L.A.

    My English teacher hates this story I wrote. So do I, but I don't know how to make it better. It is a compare and contrast paper about Hitler and Lisa (main character in a book we read called, The girl who owed a city). I don't know what to do! Help! Both

    asked by Taylor
  71. chemistry

    what would be the cell notation using nickel(II)nitrate and zinc nitrate?

    asked by Anna
  72. chemistry

    "However, the Ag^+ + I^- reacted to give AgI (but that is not a redox reaction) and if they reacted why didn't Br^- and Ag^+?" Hi Dr.Bob, I am also given additional information for reaction #1 Cu(s) I-(aq) Ag(s) Br- (aq)

    asked by Joseph
  73. SCI

    What is the function of fiber in the body? o What are some examples of food sources of dietary fiber? o What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber? o What are the fiber recommendations for children versus adults, according to the article? o

    asked by Dawn
  74. Chemistry

    The ionization constant of an acid, HX is 1 x 10^-5. When a mixture of 0.100 mol HXand 0.100 mol of NaX is diluted to a volume of one liter by addition of wate, the pH of the resulting solution is very nearly a. 7 b. 6 c. 5 d. 4

    asked by LT
  75. Math

    Graph this function f(x)=1/2x^2

    asked by homework help!!
  76. which class is best to take of the three

    A. Psychology B. Literature and Arts C. Journalism (Newspaper)

    asked by Dom
  77. English/ please revise

    this is my intro for a paper I am writing about ethnic conflict and nationalism. can you please revise and tell me if it sounds ok. thanx. Pakistan is not a single nation state, but a multi-national state composed of five major ethnic groups. Most of the

    asked by Christi
  78. Geometry

    What is the surface area of a right prism that has these dimensions? Base- 11" x 15 " Back- 10" x 15" Front-?

    asked by Hal
  79. question - english

    i have a question. I've have written essay for tomorrow in english but i have probably made some mistakes.can anybody help me to correct it?it contains 2 pages so i wouldn't like to send it there an e-mail to which i can send it? thank you

    asked by bill
  80. music

    what music form is used most today in pop and country music?

    asked by gaby
  81. chem

    H2 + H2O ->??

    asked by David
  82. social studies essay

    Need help w/7 pg paper debating the pros and cons of year round schools. I've found the basic reasons for each side, but I find it's too difficult to write about both sides in one paper. Can you help me get started and give me some kind of outline to

    asked by Forrest
  83. English

    Can I get this proofread please? The hypothesis of this experiment claimed the apterous mutation would be recessive. The results from all eight lab sections supported the hypothesis, but unfortunately the results from lab section seven did not support it.

    asked by Bizzy
  84. Social

    How did colonial powers control African countries?

    asked by Nicole
  85. science

    why is current lower in a serie circuit than a parralel one? i have had conflicting views on this. 1) it stays the same because current is always the same or 2) it is lower b/c there is a direct relationship btw current and voltage and in a parallel

    asked by Boe
  86. algebra

    I am really confused!!! how do you make a table for solutions? For example y=2x The table of solutions shows 0,0; 1,2; -1,-2;2,4;-2,-4 The would than be plotted on a graph. What I can't figure out is how they got the pairs.

    asked by C
  87. chem

    given the mass of the original sample and the mass of the solid chloride produced, how do you calculate the mass of the matal in the unknown?

    asked by ashley
  88. year 7 science

    My science homework is to collect 10 food labels which i have done and write down the food energy per 100g from each food in kilogrammes but the food labels i have have only got the energy in kj. i`m cofussed because i don`t understand the question and i

    asked by amanda
  89. English Expression

    Lesson objective We can learn the right life attitude through school life. Let's learn the expressions necessary in school life. Communication Functions a. Asking after. b. Describing the fact c. Asking dislikes Are you leading a merry school life? In our

    asked by John
  90. algebra

    Im feeling like an old parent. Please help. Charles is one-third as old as his father. In six years, Charles will be three-sevenths as old as his father. If Charles is less than 18 years old, how old is Charles' father?

    asked by Mark
  91. ethics

    According Pyne, how have post-9-11 government responses affected prejudice and discrimination against Muslims, Arabs, and related groups? List two to three characteristics of Orientalism. How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against

    asked by brady
  92. economics

    How do the drop in sales such as a new homes effect the value of the U.S. dollar relative to other currencies?

    asked by Laz
  93. algebra

    I need to list some jobs where people use algebra and write how they use it. I know about every job uses it, but I don't know how to find examples. Do you have any guidelines or helpful hints?

    asked by Nick
  94. math

    If a bottle and a stopper cost $1.10. How much does the stopper cost.

    asked by Jeremy
  95. economics

    Calculate REAL GDP for each year (2005=100). Yr. Price of/Qty. Price of/Qty. socks produced hats produced 2005 $1 100 $2 50 2006 $2 150 $3 100 2007 $3 200 $4 150

    asked by Julie
  96. GERMAN!

    Can someone please tell me what this means? Wie weiß sie, was sie alles braucht? & this one too: Wie weiß sie, was sie gekauft hat und wie wiel alles gekostet hat?

    asked by Miley Cyrus
  97. chemistry

    sorry the first one didn't post properly Lab: Electrolytic Cells The purpose of this experiment is to test the method of stoichiometry in cells. Materials: balance steel can tin electrode power source wire lead (x2) tin (II) chloride solution (3.25 M)

    asked by anna
  98. Japanese

    What is an easy wway to remember Japanese other than flash cards?

    asked by Sasha
  99. English: Ms. Sue

    Hi Ms. Sue, Where can I find information determining which sources are reliable for example a web site. Please let me know..

    asked by Rose
  100. English111

    In this sentence "All of the reports except one were completed." I know that the subject is all but what is the word except in this sentence? Is it a predicate noun adjective I am having a hard time deciding.

    asked by Debbie
  101. Physics

    why does current slow down in a series than when in a parallel?

    asked by Bee
  102. math question

    i have a math problem that i don't understandd but it has a picture to it that you will neeed to understand the problem. i cant post it heree, so where sould i post it?

    asked by christinaa
  103. algebra 1

    How do you simplify this problem? I really need help.I need it step by step so I could understand it.Please help.Thanks. b-[x+4a+(x-7)]

    asked by Tori
  104. physics

    I did a lab on the potential difference and how it relates to the number of batteries connected. What would be a good title for my lab?

    asked by Tom
  105. ALGEBRA

    How do you solve the problem: (3/s-1)+1=(12/s^2-1)

    asked by Katie
  106. algebra

    we are using the distance formula right now and i asked my teacher for help on an equation and this quation had a fraction in it and i don't understand how she got her answer. the question that i need help on is: d= the square root of (4-6)^2+(-2/3-2)^2.

    asked by Rebecca
  107. math

    Find the absolute extrema of the function f(x,y)=x+y-2xy on the region x^2+y^2

    asked by Matt
  108. Need your help... SOcial Studies....

    Being a New Yorker, I found the panorama of New York City, located at the Queens Museum of Arts, to be very interesting. How could I integrate or use the panorama of New York city as a resource in my social studies instruction. I was thinking about taking

    asked by MARY
  109. Math

    Factor and explain 84-2c-2c^2

    asked by Help immediately!!!!!
  110. vocabulary

    hi again i need help in coming up with a sentence for altruistic.

    asked by Markeda
  111. ALGEBRA

    How do you solve the rational equation: (n/n-2)+(n/n+2)=(n/n^2-4) I know that the LCD of the equation is (n+2)(n-2) because that is what you get when you factor out the n^2-4 in the last part of the question. I thought I did it right until I reached the

    asked by Katie
  112. algebra

    The 2842-seat performing arts center has three sections-orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony. The mezzanine has one-sixth fewer seats than the orchestra. How many seats are in the balcony if the orchestra has 1,218 seats? Please show me how to set up the

    asked by Mark
  113. Pre-algebra

    I don't understand this. Can you do some examples? One student had the following way of dividing fractions. First the student renamed the two fractions with a common denominator. Then the student ignored the denominators and just divided the numerators to

    asked by Alex
  114. math

    A food processer for $119.50 cash, $5.00 down and $9.00 a month fer 15 months. how would i find the actual yearly rate of interest of this problem?

    asked by julie
  115. Physics

    I have to write questions for our California Standards for Physics, like we're making our own 50-question test. Standard 1a: Students know how to solve problems that involve constant speed and average speed. Two questions: do you think this standard needs

    asked by Emily
  116. Calculus- limits

    f(x) = x + 7 if x < or equal to 5 F(x) = 7 if x >5 what is the limit as x is approaching 5 from the left side????? I know that the limit as x approaches to 2 does not exist and that the limit as x is approaching 5 from the right side is 7

    asked by Ethan
  117. calculus

    What is the horizontal asymptote of : y=23x/x+18 k so i know that the horizontal asymptote is -18 so that the denominator will equal zero.

    asked by Wendy
  118. Social

    How did nationalist leaders in Africa oppose colonial rule?

    asked by Annabell
  119. Calculus

    x(squared)+8x+17 if x < or = -4 Let f(x)= 2 if x= -4 -x(squared)-8x-15 if x > -4 Show that f(x) has a removable discontinuity at x=–4 and determine what value for f(–4) would make f(x) continuous at x=–4. Must redefine f(–4)=____

    asked by Ethan
  120. Math

    What percent of 120 is 36?

    asked by Help!!
  121. Math

    Multiply or divide (a+5)[a(squred)-2]

    asked by Help!!
  122. Global Business

    Choose one of the L'Oreal corporation products. 1. Answer- Mascara Describe the components of this product value. (Help) What strategic alternatives are open to the L'Oreal Corporation? Explain and Justify answer. (Help)

    asked by Jo
  123. Physics

    This is about the questions again -- can you tell me if I worded this right and you can figure out the answer to the question with the info provided? Thanks!! A bullet is speeding at 250 m/s and it punctures an apple at rest. With the bullet inside the

    asked by Emily
  124. precal

    solve by subsituting 5x+4y=7 x-3y=9

    asked by Deb
  125. English Song

    ( Is this called 'open parenthesis'? ) Is this called 'close parenthesis'? Or is this called 'closed parenthesis'?

    asked by John
  126. AED

    What factors influence how educational experiences of boys differ from educational experiences of girls? R

    asked by Dawn
  127. science

    What are liked traits?

    asked by homework help!!
  128. algebra

    how do you find the ordered pairs for a graph for example y=2x

    asked by C
  129. English

    5) What are your overall conclusion about the article? Also give two original examples of how the information in the article could be applied to real life on to working with children in the home and the second to working with them in community settings

    asked by Bizzy
  130. math

    And if f(x)=1/2 and g (x)=x-2 how do i calculate: F-1 (4)

    asked by lance
  131. Algebra

    Why does the inequality sign change when both sides are multiplied or divided by a negative number? Does this happen with equations? Why or why not?

    asked by will
  132. Geomotry

    How do you calculate the square footage on the surface of a cylinder if you know the diameter and length?

    asked by Dennis
  133. AED

    help in chose these two: Cultural Diversity and language. now i need help with the List effective teaching practices for each of those two types of learners.

    asked by Dawn
  134. English Expression

    A: What is the Korean word for gym? B: It is 'cheyukgwan'. (short dialogue) ----------------------- Cheyukgwan is a Korean word, so do we have to Italicize 'cheyukgwan' or put quotation marks?

    asked by John
  135. grammar

    I have two questions. If I get these right, I think I know how to do the rest. 1. "George's father feels happy." Is "feels" a linking verb or an action verb? It seems like it is a linking verb. 2. "People pay ten times as much for sugar." Is the verb "pay"

    asked by Lisa
  136. Math

    What equation would i use to find out the actual yearly rate if interest on something? can you explain it to me?

    asked by Ariele
  137. Management

    Do all organizations have a vertical structure? Why or why not? Please will someone help with this.

    asked by Mary Ann
  138. European Imperialism in Africa

    I'm in a mock trial in my class as king leopold and how can i defend myself once I get on the witness stand because everything i find is negative. And my defense team sucks. So any help because I want and need some extra credit. So I need good stuff to

    asked by Thai
  139. alegebra

    explain three rules for exponents

    asked by anaya
  140. Calculus

    What is the limit as x approaches -1 of x - 5 --------------------- 4x(squared)-6x+ 3

    asked by Ethan
  141. accounting

    Do you think pricing laws place U.S. companies at a disadvantage?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. grammar

    I'm not used to the system here, could Ms. Sue check my 10:03 grammar question when she gets a chance? I would be so grateful. I am going to be up late anyway!

    asked by Lisa
  143. grammar

    The researcher structures the study by addressing three topics which include the research question, the researcher’s perspective and also the sample selection. On the above sentence, do I need to put a colon after include, or is the sentence fine the way

    asked by diana
  144. social science

    What should America Federal Reserve do to preserve the value of the U.S. dollar when there is a situation as a drop in new home sales,with the rise in unsold new property, and a drop in consumers buying goods and services?

    asked by Julie
  145. algebra

    how do you find the ordered pairs for a graph for example y=2x

    asked by C
  146. Physics

    Is there a difference in current between two ciruits if one circuit has the lightbulbs in series while the other one has them in parallel.

    asked by Bee
  147. ALGEBRA

    How do you solve 2r^2+2r=0

    asked by Katie
  148. music

    whats an important factor of jazz?

    asked by Beth
  149. algebra 1

    what is x^2_3x+2/x^2-16+3x+6/x^2-16

    asked by colleen
  150. Management

    Can someone give me an example of integration as it applies to the fundamentals or organizing.

    asked by Jo Anna
  151. child development

    how can you acess knowldege on science using gardner's Intelligence?

    asked by patty
  152. Physics

    why does current slow down in a series than when in a parallel?

    asked by Bee
  153. Cultural Diversity

    How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white America?

    asked by Sarah
  154. algebra

    how can you determine if two lines are perpendicular?

    asked by C
  155. math

    Help please!: By what factor (2x, 4x, etc.) would the per capita GGP have to be increased to U.S. per capita GGP to equal the U.S. GDP in 2005? This is the information I have: -the per capita GGP is 9297 billion -the U.S. per capita GDP in 2005 is 43,000

    asked by Alicia
  156. habitats

    how do i go about making a shoebox sized model of a desert?

    asked by sherika
  157. chemistry

    how do i produce sulfuric acid at home

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Troy

    Could you explain to me how an author uses symbolism in literature?

    asked by Lisa
  159. Music

    Can someone please give me an example of a movie or literature that would make a successful Lied.

    asked by Marian
  160. math

    is this done correctly?? given that f(x) and g(x)=x-2 calculate a)g(-2)=-2-2=-4 b)fg(4)=1/2 *4=2

    asked by lance
  161. Aed

    then i need help with this: about the utility of a single instructional practice across multiple learning styles

    asked by Dawn
  162. math

    If a bottle and a stopper cost $1.10. How much does the stopper cost.

    asked by Jeremy
  163. social studies

    how is the flag of east timor

    asked by Anonymous
  164. Math

    x+2 x+2 --- Divided by --- x-5 x-1

    asked by Jeremy
  165. math

    how do you round ?

    asked by marlene
  166. math

    753,812 number 7

    asked by marlene
  167. math

    okay thank you.

    asked by Ariele
  168. math

    solve x-3y=9 3x+y=7

    asked by Jeremy
  169. history


    asked by paingor
  170. math

    multiply:1/3 x 2/3

    asked by Sharde