Questions Asked on
April 9, 2008

  1. Physics

    1)Which of the following statements is true about electric forces? A)electric forces cause objects to only attract each other. B)electric forces cause objects to only repel each other C)electric forces cause objects to repel or attract each other

    asked by Jon
  2. Math

    If a cat has 5 kittens, what is the probability that all 5 will be female?

    asked by Tara
  3. social studies

    what is the capital of Ghana??

    asked by !!!!Need help!!!!
  4. science

    Which family/group does the element neon belong to.

    asked by sami
  5. Physics

    1)When two bodies are charged, the total charge before and after charging remains the same because of: A)quantization of charges B)conservation of charges C)law of induction D)coulomb's law I got C but im not sure. I couldn't find anything to state

    asked by Jon
  6. Chemistry

    I'm having a hard time figuring these out. Please help me on them! For the reaction Fe2O3 + 3 Co = 2 Fe + 3 CO2: a) how many moles of Fe can be produced from 75 moles Co? b) how many moles of CO2 can be produced from 15 moles of Fe2O3? c) what is the

    asked by Kate
  7. chemistry

    What is the orbital hybridization of the central atom S in SF4? 1) sp 2) sp3d 3) sp2 4) sp3d2 5) sp3

    asked by saara
  8. Physics

    1)Four resistors of 10.0 each are connected in parallel. A combination of four resistors of 10.0 each is connected in series along with the parallel arrangement. What is the equivalent resistance of the circuit? A)80.0 B)40.4 C)40.0 D)42.5 I got C 2)A 2.00

    asked by Jon
  9. Physics repost

    A current of 5.0 A flows for 20.0 minutes through a bulb and delivers 15000 J of electric energy to the bulb. What is the potential difference across the bulb? A)2.5 V B)4 V C)100 V D)100 V (book typo) I was told to do this: energy= V*I*time in seconds

    asked by Jon
  10. math

    A regular polygon has six axes of symmetry.what is name of this shape?

    asked by Niloo
  11. Physics

    1)If a resistor is added to a parallel circuit, the equivalent resistance: A)increases B)decreases C)remains the same D)becomes zero I got B 2)A 10.0 resistor, 20.0 resistor, and 25.0 resistor are connected in series across a 110-V supply. Calculate the

    asked by Jon
  12. Profreading

    This is what the paper is about. Choose a recent (within the last 2 years) article written for parents, teachers, or other family members on how to optimize the development of children (any age between conception through adolescence may be used) or written

    asked by Bizzy
  13. Technology

    Is the principal of the printing press still active in today's modern, high-tech society? Also, would our democratic institutions have been impossible to develop without the mass circulation of knowledge that the printing press enabled?

    asked by Abby
  14. chemistry

    25 mL of standardized 0.45 mol/L NaOH is titrated with 21 mL of 0.35 mol/L acetic acid. Calculate the pH of the solution

    asked by unknown
  15. Physics repost

    A 2.00 resistor, and a 12.0 resistor are connected in parallel across a 20.0-V battery. What is the current flowing through the 2.00 resistor? A)1.67 A B)1.40 A C)11.6 A D)10.0 A This is all I understand. Can you explain step by step and show how to get

    asked by Jon
  16. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 1.33 mol/L solution of HCN is the Ka value of HCN is 6.2x10^-12

    asked by Joseph
  17. math

    evaluate the squared root of 13.2/0.33,do i work out the division first then find the square root??

    asked by mika
  18. Microeconomics

    ok so i must have not payed attention in class when we talked about asymmetric costs in cournot duopoly's, so i am stuck on a homework problem. The problem reads as follows (*Note that my notation of c simply means Marginal Cost): Consider a Cournot

    asked by James
  19. chemistry

    19 mL of 0.50 mool/L NaOH which is standardized becomes titrated alongside 24 mL of 0.44 mol/L acetic acid. Determine the pH of the solution Please judge my work: Becasue NaOH and acetic acid react in a 1:1 ratio, initital moles of acetic acid =0.0019 L x

    asked by Joseph
  20. chemistry

    An AgNO3 solution (44 mL/0.44 M) has been mixed with an NaCl solution (83 mL/1.35x 10^-2 M) a)Determine the ion product of the precipitate(potential precipitate) b) Would a precipitate be created? The Ksp of AgCl(s) proves to be 1.8 x 10^-10

    asked by Joseph
  21. chemistry

    The correct interpretation of the equation below is: Fe3+(aq) + SCN–(aq) --> and

    asked by Lindsey
  22. Human Services

    I just want to make sure I am understanding the question correctly, and if I am on the right track with my answer. "How do human resource laws affect human service organizations?" Human resource laws affect an organization by ensuring that the organization

    asked by Ronda
  23. Physics

    Is it possible to see a virtual image? a)no they don't exist b)yes the rays appear to emanate from a virtual image c)yes since almost everything we see is virtual because most things do not themselves give off light, but only reflect light coming from some

    asked by Andrea
  24. Physics repost

    Four resistors of 10.0 each are connected in parallel. A combination of four resistors of 10.0 each is connected in series along with the parallel arrangement. What is the equivalent resistance of the circuit? A)80.0 B)40.4 C)40.0 D)42.5 This is all I

    asked by Jon
  25. English expression

    1. He has long, straight, black hair. 2. He has straight,long, black hair. Which one is correct? I'd like to know the word order.

    asked by John
  26. math: problem solving

    During a storewide sale, a TV which usually sells for $450 is on sale for $360. A Stereo which usually sells for $600 is on sale for $480. What would be the sale price of a VCR which usually sells for $500?

    asked by Brooke
  27. chemistry

    ammonia, NH3, is a typical ingrediant in household cleaners. it is produced through a combination reaction involcing N2(g) and H2(g). if 12.0 mol of H2(g) react with excess N2(g), how many moles of ammonia are produced?

    asked by marissa
  28. Gammar Check

    Kate Chopin¡¦s stories are essentially about the struggle of freedom Kate Chopin was one of the most individual and adventurous nineteenth century American writers. Throughout Kate Chopin¡¦s stories, she gave the readers a woman¡¦s view of how

    asked by Baby
  29. chemistry

    The standard solution of FeSCN2+ (prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN) has an absorbance of 0.510. If a trial's absorbance is measured to be 0.250 and its initial concentration of SCN– was 0.00050 M, the

    asked by Jason
  30. Math

    State the coordinates of two points on the following line x=3-8t y=4t For one point I got (3,0). In the back of the book it says (11, -4) for another point. How would I get that? b) r = (4,0) + t(0, 5) I got (4,0) for one point. In the back of the book it

    asked by Alex


    asked by JASMINE KEIH
  32. chemistry

    22 mL of 0.37 mol per litre acetic acid is titrated by way of a standardized 0.29 mol/L KOH solution. Calculate the pH of the solution after roughly 18 mL of the solution of KOH is added. The Ka of acetic acid proves to be 1.8 x 10^-5

    asked by Joseph
  33. Physics

    1)In a series circuit, each circuit element has the same: A)current B)voltage C)capacitance D)resistance I got A 2)If a resistor is added to a series circuit, the equivalent resistance: A)increases B)decreases C)remains the same D)becomes zero I got A

    asked by Jon
  34. english (grammar)

    Just wondering if this sentence makes sense it sound weird to me for some reason. 2. Due to her extreme fear of public speaking, it was with much apprehension that she took the stage.

    asked by E
  35. Genetics

    Among 10,000 twin births, there were 4350 male pairs, 4150 female pairs and 1,500 male-female pairs. What are the number of monozygotic and dizygotic twins in this population? I know that the 1500 male female twins have to be dizygotic. How do I find out

    asked by Cool
  36. Biology

    sorry a few more questions why can DNA form fibres that allow it to seprate from RNA while RNA cant form such fibres? also, when treated with DNAse, I know DNA viscosity reduces because its cut up into smaller pieces. but on a graph of viscosity vs time, I

    asked by Steven
  37. Physics

    1)A 2.0-V battery is connected in a circuit with an ammeter and an unknown resistor, P. The current is observed to be 0.70 A. What would be the current in the circuit if a 12-V battery replaces the 2.0-V battery? A)4.2 A B)6.0 A C)8.4 A D)34 A I got A

    asked by Jon
  38. English/ please revise

    The issue arising out of the Yunis case is the concern over the authority of the United States statues permitting extraterritorial jurisdiction and application of the United States constitution to aliens. Thus, Yunis argued that under general principles of

    asked by Christy
  39. Chemistry

    The standard solution of FeSCN2+ (prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN) has an absorbance of 0.530. If a trial's absorbance is measured to be 0.150 and its initial concentration of SCN– was 0.00070 M, the

    asked by Sam
  40. Physics

    A object-spring system oscillates with an amplitude of 3.8 cm. If the spring constant is 210 N/m and object has a mass of 0.50 kg, find the maximum speed of the object. I already have the mechanical energy of the system. How do I find the maximum speed?

    asked by Chris Adison
  41. Physics

    #1 If the inductance in the LC circuit is quadrupled the natural frequency of that circuit will a)increase to 4 times its original value b)increase to twice its original value c)decrease to 1/2 of its original value d)decrease to 1/4 of its original value

    asked by Andrea
  42. science

    wehat is the difference between RNA and DNA that allows them to be separated?

    asked by allie
  43. physics

    Indicate true or false in each of the following statements: 1. A static magnetic field can do work on a current carrying wire when the current in the wire is perpendicular to the field. 2. The time required for a charged particle to complete one cycle of a

    asked by Sandhya
  44. Math

    4^-x=(1/256) I think the answer or I guess the answer I have is: 4^-x=16^-2

    asked by Lyn
  45. Proofreading

    Hi, This is my introduction paragraph for an essay I am writing. I am not really confident on my grammar and sentence stucture. I want to make sure the introduction sounds smooth and formal. I would like to have someone's feedback on it. Thanks! The topic

    asked by Bizzy
  46. chemistry

    A weak base that encompasses a concentration of 1.4 mol per litre has a percent ionization of 0.63%. Calculate the Kb of this weak base

    asked by Laura
  47. Proofreading

    Our professor provided us a content guide for this particular essay. Pasted below is one of his guidelines. 1. Describe the process you used for finding a web article suitable for this assignment. What advise would you give to a parent on finding an

    asked by Bizzy
  48. chemistry

    how many moles of CO2 can be produced from 15 moles of Fe2O3?

    asked by lizzie
  49. chemistry

    The standard solution of FeSCN2+ (prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN) has an absorbance of 0.550. If a trial's absorbance is measured to be 0.350 and its initial concentration of SCN– was 0.0010 M, the

    asked by temperance
  50. chemistry

    What amount is a mol?

    asked by Dustin
  51. Math (Trigonometry)

    square root(a^2 -u^2) where a>0, let u=(a sinx) where -pi/2

    asked by mtd
  52. Physics

    1)Bulb P is rated 60 W, 110 V and bulb Q is rated 100 W, 110 V. Which of the bulbs has the higher resistance? A)they have the same B)cannot be determined C)bulb P D)bulb Q I got C. b/c of higher potential difference. 2)A battery of 10.0 V is connected

    asked by Jon
  53. Math ; please please help.

    1. Explain in detail how to determine the value of the independent variable in a quadratic relation if the value of the dependent variable is known. Please check my answer - You would substitute the value for the dependent variable, then you would solve

    asked by Amanda
  54. chemistry

    The concentration and volume of reagents combined in each trial are listed in the table below: Trial 00020 M 00020 M H2O(mL) Fe(NO3)3 (mL) KSCN (mL) 1 5 2 3 2 5 3 2 3 5 4 1 4 5 5 0 Initially (right after combining and before any reaction occurs) the

    asked by temperance
  55. Math

    Find the amount of money in the account at the end. $1000.00, 4 years, 7% compounded semi-annually A=P(1+r/n)^nt r=0.07, t=4, P=$1000.00, n=2 A=P(1+r/n)^nt A=$1000.00(1+0.07/2)^2-4 A=$1000(1.035)^8 A=$1000(1.316809037) A=$1,316.809037 My answer is:

    asked by Sara
  56. chemistry

    An equilibrium constant A. is small when the products are favored in the reaction. B. is the same, regardless of the initial concentrations of reactants. C. is calculated by dividing the concentration of the reactants by the concentration of the products.

    asked by Jason
  57. Biology

    What is the different between codominance, multiple allele, and polygenic patterns? Also, what about dihybrid cross patterns?

    asked by Tiana
  58. biology

    4) How do inflammatory cells arrive at the inflamed site?

    asked by jessica
  59. Algebra

    I need to find the future population using the model P=42+20ln(11t+1) t= time in years I need to find when it will be 180. I have my work below, but I am stuck. The answer I get is not right, it will not add up to 180. Maybe I am wrong some where.

    asked by Jon
  60. Math

    How do I solve this equivalent equation? 5x +2 < 17 (again the

    asked by Tyler
  61. Math

    How do I solve this? There are 171 seventh graders eating lunch. This number represents 45% of all of the seventh grades. How many 7th graders are there in the school? Would I take 171 x 45% and add them together or take 171 X .55 or??

    asked by Tyler
  62. Physics

    1)A 15.0 resistor and a 20.0 resistor are connector in parallel. A 5.00 resistor is connected in series with this parallel arrangement. The resistors are connected across a 1.00(I think something else is suppose to be after that but its missing)10^2-V

    asked by Jon
  63. Math

    What would the median be of the following numbers? 10,12,13,15,17,19,24,25,26,55 Would it be 18?

    asked by Tyler
  64. Math (Shapes)

    How can teaching children the 4 basic shapes (circle, triangle, square and rectangle) be benificial to a five year old's mathematical development? What is so important about knowing these four basic or simple shape? Just very curios to find out.. thanks

    asked by Micheal
  65. grammar (again)

    As students, we are endued with many leniencies that aren’t given in the real world most of which are taken for granted.

    asked by E
  66. social studies

    What is the chief port of Kenya??

    asked by !!!!Need help!!!!
  67. us history

    what was Nixon's policies of engagement with foreign policy strategies used during the cold war?

    asked by sandie
  68. chemistry

    A solution containing 16.9 grams of a molecular compound dissolved in 250 grams of water has a freezing point of -0.744 degrees celcius. Find the molaltity of the solution. I have -0.744=-1.86*m*i. how do i find i. what is the gfm of the solute? I know

    asked by asldsfjaljd
  69. Trig

    Solve in terms of sine and cosine: sec(x) csc(x)- sec(x) sin(x) so far I have: 1/cos(x) 1/sin(x) - 1/cos(x) sin(x) I am not sure where to go to from there. The book says the answer is cot(x) or cos(x)/sin(x) Thank you in advance.

    asked by Dennis
  70. Eglish/ grammar revise please

    How can I make this sentence better? I am trying to paraphrase, but the last part of the sentence does not sound good. In the case of Yunis, the United States contended jurisdiction found in section 1203 of the Hostage Taking Statue and section 32 of the

    asked by Christi
  71. Math

    Another equivalent equation. -8w + 18 > -22 So, I subtract 18 from each side. make -8w + 18-18 > -22-18 -8W >-40 than w > 5? I don't leave either of the negatives right because negative divided by a negative is positive right?

    asked by Tyler
  72. Opinion..I need it for my paper

    Question: Have the large salaries of professional athletes had a negative impact on the athletes or the sports? If yes give name of athlete Question 2: Do "beauty" contest serve any purpose in society? yes/no why/why not Thank you for giving your opinion

    asked by Britney
  73. Math

    if parts are marked up 20% before they are sold and the selling price for a seat cover is $54 what was the original sale price. Do I take $54 * 20% then subtract from $54 or??

    asked by Tyler
  74. physics

    1.A proton enters a 2.0 X 10^-2 T magnetic field with a speed of 5.8 X 10^4 m/s. What is the radius of the circular path it follows? formula?? 2.Electrons moving at 3.5 X 10^4 m/s pass through an electric field with an intensity of 5.6 X 10^3 N/C. How

    asked by martin
  75. Geometry

    I need to find the perimeter of square that has a semicircle (located inside of the square) with a radius of 10 in and it appears that the square is 10 inches as well. I tried the equation 1/2*3.14*10= 15.7, 10 + 15.7 = 25.7 but I don't think it is correct

    asked by Mary
  76. Chemistry

    If 2moles of electrons are required to oxidize 1 mole of unknown, what is the molarity of the unknown solution Normality: 0.638 In this experiment: MnO4- is reduced to Mn2+

    asked by unknown
  77. poetry

    i have to write a palmistry poem about my lifeline. i have to say what my life is like now where it will take me away from and where it will take me too. any ideas?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Algebra

    I am looking for the domain. f(x)=log(sub3)(5x+1) 5x+1

    asked by Anne
  79. social studies

    How has independence in India affected the opportunities for change?

    asked by azariah
  80. chemistry

    What is the pH of a 1.24 mol/L solution of HCN(aq) if its Ka = 6.2 x 10-10

    asked by unknown
  81. in text citation

    Do I just put the person's name after the quote when I'm citing a specific person?

    asked by billy bob j
  82. Math

    Can someone tell me this is right? Look for the domain. f(x)=log(sub3)(5x+1) 5x+1

    asked by Anne
  83. Algebra 1B

    How is doing operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) with rational expressions similar to or different from doing operations with fractions? Can understanding how to work with one kind of problem help understand how to work another

    asked by Nena
  84. Geometry

    Hello, Can someone please tell me if I have the right answer? Thank You my answer: 1.59m If an area in the form of a circle is to be roped off by a rope 10m long, what will be the radius of this area? Round your answer to two decimal places.

    asked by Mandi
  85. chemistry

    I'm supposed to find the pH of .1M HC2H3O2. since this is a weak acid, i used the ICE method with the given 1.8x10^-5 ka. and i got a pH of 4.4, but it was wrong....

    asked by tia
  86. chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 12.00 mL of the 0.10 M base with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M acid base acid NaOH HC2H3O2

    asked by tia
  87. history

    until germany's invasion of poland the democratic nations which had been victorious in world war I had observed all these separate aggressions and done little. the league of nations had all but collapsed in the wake of italy's invasion of ethipia. britain

    asked by sake
  88. social studies

    sierra leone in west africa was founded as a home for whom?

    asked by Lauren needs help!!!!!
  89. English

    Explain the metaphor of adam and eve sin?

    asked by JJ
  90. math

    if a car cost $25,000 and after one year it is valued at $21,250.What is the yearly depreciation.

    asked by genesis
  91. chemistry

    The concentration and volume of reagents combined in each trial are listed in the table below: Trial 00020 M 00020 M H2O(mL) Fe(NO3)3 (mL) KSCN (mL) 1 5 2 3 2 5 3 2 3 5 4 1 4 5 5 0 Initially (right after combining and before any reaction occurs) the

    asked by Dino
  92. Science

    Can someone please tell me what acid does to DNA? Ive looked everywhere and can't find anything simple enough to understand and need an answer really quick. thanks!

    asked by John
  93. Math

    State a direction vector with integer components. x = (1/3) + 2t, y = 3-(2/3)t State the integer components and name a point on the line with integer coordinates. r = (1/3, 1/2) + t(1/3, 1/4) Please explain.

    asked by Alex
  94. algebra

    To estimate animal populations, biologists count the total number of animals in a small section of a habitat. The total population of animals is directly proportional to the size of the habitat(in acres)polled. a. Write an equation using only one variable

    asked by Jack
  95. math

    what is the range of y=Arc sin x? I don't know what is the Arc stands for. Please help and explain. Thanks!

    asked by Malisa
  96. math

    If the rental fee on a land line phone is $45 per month and $0 per month for a cell, and the cell cost 85 cents a minute and the land line cost 15 cents a minute, with calls for one month on both phones totaling 1 hr and 5 mins,show how the land line phone

    asked by Jay
  97. Chemistry

    If I was to test a set of unkowns in each of the following categories (located below). What would be my best method to figure out the unknowns I was given? --I was thinking a flow chart starting with high/low conductivity, but I'm not sure where to go from

    asked by Bwalsh
  98. Math

    The sheet is titled Solving Inequalities. I need to solve this question by equivalent equations and show my steps. So, how do I solve 6x

    asked by Tyler
  99. Math

    How do I solve this equivalent equation? 12b

    asked by Tyler
  100. science

    does DNAse cleave DNA at a steady rate (linear relationship) or is it some sort of exponential thing?

    asked by allie
  101. physics 2

    If you see a flash of lightnng and it is 3 sec. before you hear the clap, how far away is the storm?

    asked by Deb
  102. precal log

    4^(2x-5)=8^(x-3) Thanks

    asked by Deb
  103. unscramle


    asked by drake
  104. C++ Programming

    #include #include #include int main ( ) { double noe, nod, dc1, dc2, dc3, dc4, t; cout > noe; nod = noe / 12; dc1 = .50 / 12; dc2 = .45 / 12; dc3 = .40 / 12; dc4 = .35 / 12; cout.setf(ios::fixed); cout.precision(3); if (nod >4) { goto 1; } if ( (nod >4) &&

    asked by sonnytsn
  105. FRENCH... AGAIN

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering, how do you say fun facts in french? I really need some help. THNX!

    asked by I NEED HELP
  106. math - another question

    Determine which pairs of lines are parallel or perpendicular. x = 1-3t, y = 7+4t x = 2-4s, y = -3s L1: r = (1,7) + t(-3,4) L2: r = (2,-3) + t(-4,-3) Now how is that perpendicular? I know how to find it a vector of a line is parallel but I don't know how to

    asked by Alex
  107. science

    During cellular respiration, how many turns of the Krebs cycle are there for each molecule of pyruvate?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. trig

    What is the amplitude,phase shift and period of y=sin 2x? What is the amplitude, phase shift and period of y= sin2(x + 3.14/4)

    asked by Anonymous
  109. social studies

    What European country colonized Angola??

    asked by !!!!Need help!!!!
  110. social studies

    On what two oceans does South Africa border??

    asked by !!!!Need help!!!!
  111. social studies

    I need some websites that tell about what cooks did in the medieval times and other stuff about the cooks back then. So please help me!!

    asked by brittany
  112. Grammar/English

    May I have someone proofread this? It is for a business presentation I have for a class scheduled today at noon. Mohegan Sun may have entered a maturity stage given that there are strong challenges to marketing management. However, Mohegan Sun cycles back

    asked by Manny to ANYONE
  113. poetry

    any ideas to improve this poem? its a first draft so not very good. My life line, Is speeding down a roller coaster track, Loops and turns, Gliding over the city, Not a worry in the world. It takes me away from this small town. Where it is either extremely

    asked by anonymous
  114. Math Problem

    Find equation of graph y=ln(x)3 right and then 7 up y=ln(x) y=7+ln(x^-4)answer

    asked by Kimberly
  115. Math

    Working with simple addition and multiplication of positive and negative numbers. Have completed 59 of 60 problems on a worksheet, I am stumped by one of them. For example Two numbers are given 30 and 13, You must find two number multiplied together equal

    asked by Linda
  116. Philosophy

    can anyone help me with some of the names that Confucius taught?

    asked by TINA
  117. math

    write 3x^2 +8x-25 in the form a(x+h)^2,where a,h and k are real numbers

    asked by richard
  118. English/Please revise

    In the United States vs. Fawaz Yunis, five men hijacked a Jordanian airliner. Among the passengers were two American citizens who were apparently not the target of the terrorist activity. Hijackers latter released the passengers and blew up the aircraft.

    asked by Christi
  119. Chemistry

    I am in an AP high school course and the teacher pulled a fast one on us by asking us what happens to K in an reversible equilibrium equation if the equation is flipped. K equations I am talking about go K=(Products)/(Reactants). The options were they take

    asked by Molly
  120. chemistry

    If the concentration of Pb^2+ is known to be roughly 2.1 x 10 to the power of -9 mol/L within a saturated solution of Pb(PO4)2, calculate the Ksp of Pb3(PO4)2?

    asked by Angelo
  121. chemistry

    What is the maximum amount (in grams) of CO2 that can be obtained from 454g of Fe2O3?

    asked by lizzie
  122. math

    can you show me how to solve linear systems step by step????? 2x+y=5 x-y=1

    asked by heather
  123. Math

    cone radius= 3cm height=14cm what is the volume? how do you do this

    asked by Barb
  124. Music

    Bearing in mind the drama of Schubert's Erlking, suggest a story either from literature or from a movie that you think would make a successful Lied, with solo voice and piano. Brifly describe the story and suggest some effects that might be achieved in the

    asked by ebeny
  125. Printing Press

    Is the internet simply an extension of the printing press in terms of mass circulating information?

    asked by Abby
  126. social studies

    what is the famous training center in Zimbabwe built by the Shona??

    asked by !!!!Need help!!!!
  127. social studies

    in south africa, european groups created and spoke a language called what?

    asked by !!!!Need help!!!!
  128. chemistry

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 12.00 mL of the 0.10 M base with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M acid acid: acetic acid base: ammonia

    asked by unknown
  129. Gen 105

    Objective of Exercise: Conduct research online regarding the strongest of your multiple intelligences. Find three Web sites which accurately describe that intelligence. If you identified more than one dominant intelligence, choose only one for your

    asked by Marissa
  130. math(need to know if i worked this right)

    simplify x-3/3 - x-2/5 5(x-3) - 3(x-2)/15 5x-15 - 3x+6/15 is it :2x-21/15???

    asked by Sandra
  131. mATH

    HOW do I solve this equivalent equation? 1/4x > 1 (and the > is underlined so I think that means greater than or less than maybe??)

    asked by Tyler
  132. chemistry

    what is the pH of a 0.10 M HC2H3O2

    asked by mike
  133. eth125

    Is this country still segregated today?

    asked by brandon
  134. Geometry

    Hello, Can you please tell me if I have the correct answer? Thank You my answer: 6m Find the diameter of a circle whose circumference is 18.85m.

    asked by Mandi
  135. eth125

    Does the media help or hurt the relationship between Black and White America today?

    asked by brandon
  136. physics

    If a 264 Hz tone is emitted from a piano on a concert stage, how long will it be before a person in the balcony, 60 m away, hears the note?

    asked by Deb
  137. math

    Frank said that all equilateral triangles are similar. Veronica said that all right triangles are similar. who is correct- frank, veronica, both, or neither? explain your answer.

    asked by christinaa
  138. Math

    State th coordinates of two points on the following line x=3-8t y=4t For one point I got (3,0). In the back of the book it says (11, -4) for another point. How would I get that? b) r = (4,0) + t(0, 5) I got (4,0) for one point. In the back of the book it

    asked by Alex
  139. science

    What is the difference between RNA and DNA that can be used to separate them from one another?

    asked by jonathan
  140. Philosophy

    Write an informative 700-1050-word letter in the persona of one Eastern philosopher to one of his pupils. In the letter, describe your chosen philosopher's viewpoints concerning one of his philosophies. If needed, cite secondary sources according to APA

    asked by TINA
  141. Maths

    what's the square root of 780?

    asked by CookieCruncher
  142. Math Problem

    Find the equation for the graph in final state. y=e^x is 4 to right and 2 up y=e^x y=2+e^x-4 (answer) is this right?

    asked by Kimberly
  143. literature

    the ti is symbolized by

    asked by ana
  144. Algebra

    Determine whether the number is a solution of x

    asked by KEll
  145. Chemistry

    Does a catalyst affect a reversible equation like the kind in my earlier post?

    asked by Molly
  146. Math

    I had this equivalent equation question from earlier and I'm not sure if I got the right answer. 1/4x > 1 (the > is underlined so it's greater than or equal to) is it x > 4 or x > 1/4 or ??

    asked by Tyler
  147. Ethics

    How should we judge between the altruism and the egoism? What evidence or arguments might adjudicate between these two positions? How might we try to combine them?

    asked by Abby
  148. Physics

    an electric field is produced by a a)consant magnetic field b)changing magnetic field c)either a consant or changing magnetic field d)none of the above I choose b) because in a lab we once dealt with something similar to this question but I can't exactly

    asked by Andrea
  149. science

    what is the pronunciation rebus for helium

    asked by babygirl
  150. English/ please help revise

    In the Federal Court case United States vs. Fawaz Yunis, five men hijacked a Jordanian airliner. Among the passengers were two American citizens who were apparently not the target of the terrorist activity. Hijackers latter released the passengers and blew

    asked by Christy
  151. History-WWI

    Can anyone help me find out the size of the French trenches in World War 1, in feet or yards??

    asked by Mike
  152. math

    by simplifying,show that (2x-3)(2x+3)-(x-4)^2= 3x^2+8x-25

    asked by xavier
  153. math

    What is the domain of the relation y=Arc sin x? Please help! Thanks!

    asked by Malisa
  154. Biology

    What does base do to DNA when it is added to it?

    asked by Steven
  155. calc

    how would you find the derivative of: f(x) = (x^2 + 1)^ (2-3x)

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Math

    I'm not sure, but I think the following equivalent equation would be answered N/A because an equation like this can't be zero? 2g+5>5 or can it be zero?

    asked by Tyler
  157. Math (Trig)

    sorry, another I can't figure out Show that (1-cot^2x)/(tan^2x-1)=cot^2x I started by factoring both as difference of squares. Would I be better served by writing in terms of sine and cosine? Such as: [1-(cos^2x/sin^2x)]/[(sin^2x/cos^2x)-1]=(cos^2x/sin^2x)

    asked by mtd
  158. english

    i have to do an essay in class linking 3 texts AWAY, SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET and A TRACK WINDING BACK i have no idea how to do this

    asked by sarah
  159. social studies

    guinea has about how much of the worlds bauxite reserves (percentage)?

    asked by Lauren
  160. maths

    f(x)= 2x+5/x-4 and g(x)=2x-3 1)Calculate the value of g(4) 2)fg(2) 3)g`1 (7)

    asked by cassie
  161. Aed

    help please i need three time management tips for teaching

    asked by Dawn
  162. math

    What is the value of y if y=cos(Arc sin 1/2)? How can I solve this problem? Please help and explain! THANKS A LOT!

    asked by Malisa
  163. Math

    Solve this equivalent equation 2x-5>1 Do I add 5 to each side so 2x > 6 than x > 3 is the answer?

    asked by Tyler
  164. Math

    I have two charts. The first one's mean is 1.5 the other is 1.575. The problem asks which lake did the fish weights vary more from the mean? Explain your answer.

    asked by Kush