Questions Asked on
March 24, 2008

  1. Science

    You pull a door open. If the force the door exerts on you is equal to the force you exert on the door, why don't you move?

    asked by Jennifer
  2. Physics

    What wavelength photon would be required to ionize a hydrogen atom in the ground state and give the ejected electron a kinetic energy of 13.1 eV? I tried ryhdberg's equation and E=hf. Need help. Thanks

    asked by Samantha Farha
  3. Science

    A box being pushed with a force of 85N slides along the floor with a constant speed. What is the force of sliding friction on the box?

    asked by Jennifer
  4. Science

    Suppose you are standing on a bathroom scale next to a sink. How does the reading on the scale change if you push down on the sink?

    asked by Jennifer
  5. chemistry

    How many moles of O are present in 14.8 moles of Fe(NO3)3? Can you show work so I can understaned how to do.

    asked by lizzie
  6. Physics

    You are installing a new spark plug in your car, and the manual specifies that it be tightened to a torque that has a magnitude of 45 N·m. Using the data in the drawing, determine the magnitude F of the force that you must exert on the wrench. Lenght of

    asked by Zach
  7. chemistry

    how much oxygen is produced by heating 20g of mercury (II) oxide if 18.6g of mercury is produced?

    asked by al
  8. chemistry

    Copper (2) fluoride contains 37.42% F by mass. calculate the mass of fluorine (in grams) contained in 35.6 g of copper(2) fluoride.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Social Studies - - Please Help

    Alright. So, I have to write an essay answering these questions... Why was Genghis Khan able to conquer such a vast territory? How did Mongol rule affect China? How is Genghis Khan viewed in Mongolia today? Given his actions, would you view Genghis Khan as

    asked by Eve
  10. history

    Hi i'm struggling in this essay topic for history, can anyone provide me some help... Discussion: The Union victory in the Civil War and developments during Reconstruction turned US policy toward support for industrialization and away from agriculture.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Science

    Find your mass if a scale on Earth reads 650N when you stand on it.

    asked by Jennifer
  12. English expression

    1. He is thin / skinny / slender. 2. She is heavy / overweight / fat /plump. Do you have some more common adjectives descriving weight?

    asked by John
  13. physics EM

    Which of the following choices of path allow you to use Ampère’s law to find B(r). 1. The path must pass through the point r_vec. 2. The path must have enough symmetry so that B(r)x dl is constant along large parts of it. 3. The path must be a circle.

    asked by Spencer
  14. Circumference,Radius, Diameter

    The circumference of a circle is 12.56 centimeters. What is the approx. measure of the circle's radius? A. 2 B. 2.5 C. 4 D. 8 I think that the Diameter would be 4.18 so the radius would be 2.04 or rounded to 2.

    asked by Missy
  15. chemistry

    write a balanced equation for the reaction that occurs when an aquesous solution of iron(II) chloride is mixed with an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide

    asked by natash
  16. English expression

    1. What color eyes does he have? He has dark brown eyes. 2. What color hair does the dog have? She has brown hair. 3. Hair is used not only for people's hair but also for animals' fur. 4. The order of writing the date in English is different from that in

    asked by John
  17. English

    Which demonstrates correct use of modifiers; A.Kendah found a broken glass washing her dishes. B. Startled by the noise, the alarm clock was knocked on the floor. C. Standing on a chair, I was just able to reach the high window. D. Rocco gave snacks to his

    asked by Jin Kobeaux
  18. chemistry

    Copper (2) fluoride contains 37.42% F by mass. calculate the mass of fluorine (in grams) contained in 35.6 g of copper(2) fluoride.

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Social Studies Essay - - Ms. Sue

    Hello, Ms. Sue. (: Here's that Genghis Khan essay. I'd appreciate constructive criticism. - - - Genghis Khan possessed brilliant tactics and advanced technology for his time, which resulted in him conquering a broad amount of land. Under Mongol rule, China

    asked by Eve
  20. cook

    what kitchen utensil or equipment starts with the letter "A"

    asked by Joseph
  21. English

    Which has a subject complement? A. The nurse felt my pulse. B. I felt much better. C. The day ended with many surprises. D. We can't leave without seeing her. Please explain

    asked by Jin Kobeaux
  22. Science

    You weigh yourself at the top of a high mountain and the scale reads 720N. If your mass is 75K, what is the acceleration of gravity at your location?

    asked by Jennifer
  23. Astronomy

    Mercury has an orbital eccentricity of 0.21. Find the perihelion and aphelion distances of Mercury. What is the ratio of Mercury's orbital speed at perihelion to that at aphelion?

    asked by Sue
  24. us history

    what was the purpose of the manhattan project

    asked by mike
  25. Physics - Satellites

    Why must the centre of the satellite orbit coincide with the centre of the Earth? I'm such a science noob, please help >_

    asked by Tony Poon
  26. physics

    From a distance of 60 m, a photographer uses a telephoto lens (f = 300.0 mm) to take a picture of a charging rhinoceros. How far from the rhinoceros would the photographer have to be to record an image of the same size using a lens whose focal length is

    asked by rick
  27. physics

    questions( there are 3 so I will # 1-3) info: A 18.9 kg object is attached to a cord that is wrapped around a wheel of radius 10.7 cm. The acceleration of the object down the frictionless incline is measured to be .9 m/s2. Assume the axle of the wheel to

    asked by Ty
  28. English expression

    How many are there in Mi-na's family? There are five in her family: her father, her mother, her older brother Min-su, her younger brother Min-ho, and her. How many people are there in Mi-na's family? How many members are there in Mi-na's family? How many

    asked by John
  29. physics

    A camera is supplied with two interchangeable lenses, whose focal lengths are 35.0 and 150.0 mm. A woman whose height is 1.80 m stands 7.00 m in front of the camera. What is the height (including sign) of her image on the film, as produced by (a) the

    asked by rick
  30. Human Service

    My assignment was to design a Reward System for a human service organization. I had to indicate how I will ensure that, basic needs are met, competitive benefits are offered, benefits are equally distributed, and employees ar treated as individuals. I was

    asked by Ronda
  31. *physics*

    Electrons accelerated by a potential difference of 12.87 V pass through a gas of hydrogen atoms at room temperature. Calculate the wavelength of light emitted with the longest possible wavelength. I don't know what equation to use. Any help would be

    asked by Beth Macbeth
  32. geometry

    How do you do linear equation

    asked by gabby
  33. Physics

    A pitcher throws a curveball that reaches the catcher in 0.51 s. The ball curves because it is spinning at an average angular velocity of 345 rev/min (assumed constant) on its way to the catcher's mitt. What is the angular displacement of the baseball (in

    asked by John
  34. Science

    Determine the direction of the net force on a book sliding on a table if the book is slowing down.

    asked by Jennifer
  35. proofread

    According to CCMS, the small size of this school helps the downtown urban community meet their needs, in particular at-risk students from low-income households because the students are given more individual attention by faculty members. As a small charter

    asked by Bizzy
  36. Physics

    A certain CD has a playing time of 76 minutes. When the music starts, the CD is rotating at an angular speed of 4.8 102 revolutions per minute (rpm). At the end of the music, the CD is rotating at 2.1 102 rpm. Find the magnitude of the average angular

    asked by John
  37. Accounting

    What is meant by the statement “One company’s account receivable is another company’s account payable?

    asked by Yvette
  38. Organic Chemistry

    What is the oxidation state of the carbon atom bonded to the hydroxyl group in isoborneol? What is the oxidation state of the same carbon atom in camphor?

    asked by JYD
  39. English expression

    Who is Mi-na's older brother? He is Min-su.Min-su is. Who is Mi-na's new friend? He is Mike. Mike is. What is Mi-na's pet? A dog is. It is a doge. She is a dog. ---------------- Are all the answers to the questions all correct? Which ones are commonly

    asked by John

    an open tube is .86m long. Find the fundamental frequency and frequency of the next harmonic if the Temp=10deg celcius also if you closed one end of the tube what would the new fundamental frequency be?

    asked by shan
  41. Science

    Describe the action and reaction force pairs involve when an object falls toward Earth. Ignore the effects of air resistance.

    asked by Jennifer
  42. Accounting

    Stockholders’ equity represents the claim of the owners on the assets of the business. What is the distinction relative to the owners’ claim between the Capital Stock account and the Retained Earnings account?

    asked by Yvette
  43. physics EM

    using the Amperes Law The circle on the integral means that B(r) must be integrated A. over a circle or a sphere. B. along any closed line that you choose. C. along the path of a closed physical conductor. D.over the surface bounded by the current-carrying

    asked by Spencer
  44. English

    A person who studies rocks for fun Rock _ _ _ _ _ I don't have a clue

    asked by Joe
  45. English

    This is for my class its about the movie Shakespeare in love, I need to know how you would personally answer these questions. Need to know if anyone can answer these questions to get a better insight? 1. What are the main themes of the film? The

    asked by John
  46. Science

    Find the mass of a car that has the speed of 30m/s and a momentum of 45,000kg,m/s.

    asked by Jennifer
  47. Biology

    I am doing a presentation on Designer Babies for school. I have to discuss how Designer Babies will impact society in a bad way. This includes the short and long term effects. I have many long term effects such as: 1. stereotypes 2. "Super Humans" 3.

    asked by Amanda
  48. Spanish

    How do you say, How was your trip?, in spanish?

    asked by Natalie
  49. Physical Science

    Hello, Can some one please tell me if I have the correct answer? Thank You my answer: B When an electron is displaced in a semiconductor, the hole that's left behind is? A. attracted to the negative terminal of the voltage source B. incapable of carrying a

    asked by Mandi
  50. English

    Grammar Correction, Please? Shakespeare in Love 1) What are the main themes of the film? The filmmaker’s message is not clear until we see what happens to the protagonist. The Main themes of the film are love, overcoming obstacles and doing what you

    asked by Jimmy
  51. chemistry

    predict how many sodium ions would combine with: (a) a chlorine ion. (b) a carbonate ion. (c) a phosphate ion.

    asked by Hana
  52. Environment.. again

    I'm stumped with another question too. Can petroleum fractions be separated at room temperature on the basis of their viscosities? I would guess that they could but i don't know how to explain it

    asked by Katy
  53. introductory paragraph!

    Is it better to go to college and be successful or open your own business wihtout a college degree? This is my topic and I need help writing a good introductory paragraph. it's for a persuasive paper!!

    asked by Taniya
  54. History

    Ms Sue, I am sorry to be a bother again. The websites u sent me are pretty good; however, they focus mainly on Africa in itself and do not focus on WEST AFRICA>>>>> if they do focus on WEST AFRICA its always ECOWAS>>>>> do u or your colleagues recommend

    asked by Joyelle
  55. persuasive essay!!

    Is it better to go to college and be successful or open your own business without a college degree? Need help writing thesis. What are some benefits of going to college rather than not going to college and opening your own business

    asked by Taniya
  56. Science

    Explain whether there can be any forces acting on a car moving in a straight line with constant speed.

    asked by Jennifer
  57. computers

    differences between object-oriented programming languages and generations?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. math

    Could someone help me with this problem. Don't seem to understand. Write the augmented matrix of the system: x-y+2z=4 3y+z=5 3x-y=4

    asked by Anonymous
  59. spanish

    Im doing a project on Argentina, and we need to find a tradition and answer questions. Do you know of any Argentine traditions or know any websites i could use?

    asked by Emily
  60. Health

    Please check my answer thanks :) True of False A problem with lumbar plexus may cause pain in the posterior part of the thigh. I said False

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Ancient History - Egypt

    I need a few good resources for this question that I need to write a 1000 word essay on 'To what extent did Ramses the Great deserve his title?' I need atleast 2 book resrouces and 1 electronic.

    asked by Tony Poon
  62. literary


    asked by NIQUE
  63. calculus

    let f be the function f(x) = e^(2x^2) find the first four nonzero terms and the general term of the power series for f(x) about x = 0 i tried doing this problem but finding the derivatives gets way too complicated can anyone help??

    asked by Anonymous
  64. geometry

    If I am given the circumference(2368) how can I find the diameter and the radius? Can you help?

    asked by Joanna
  65. 11th Grade A&P

    What is GERD? Is it the same as acid reflux disease?

    asked by Britney
  66. Stats

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Give a table extrapolating potential capacity using 1,000 households as a standard unit. o Using 3 hour window as the measurement tool o Using 7 hour window as the

    asked by Sarah
  67. English

    Is this a run-on sentence? I thought about what he'd said soon I realized he was right.

    asked by Jin Kobeaux
  68. us history

    what options did women defense workers have at the wars end

    asked by mike
  69. US history

    Which Axis country took control of several countries and bases in the Pacific Ocean in 1941? A. Germany B. the Soviet Union C. Japan D. Italy

    asked by Gabby
  70. Language Kind of

    Could Somebody please help me find out where pigment and paraffin wax are found? Like, where they are extracted as Natural Resourses. Thanks

    asked by Dawn
  71. Comm. Arts

    Toulmin Model and Campus Gun Control? I'm getting really confused about this. I need to break down an article according to the toulmin model within the next few hours. It's about gun control on campuses. So far I've got: Claim: Guns should be allowed on

    asked by BB
  72. English expression

    Look at the nurse. There are two injectors in the paper box. She is holding an injector in her left hand. She is pressing the injector, so the liquid is dropping from the needle of the injector. She is wearing a pink uniform of a nurse.

    asked by John
  73. Math (Trigonometry)

    We are working on verifing identities using trigonomic identities and such and of the about 50 or so problems we've had to complete i've been able to push through most except for these: 1.(COTx)(SECx)(SINx)=1 2.TANx + COTx = (SECx)(CSCx) 3.(COSt)(COTt) =

    asked by Isabella
  74. Math

    What is the Median of the Following Numbers 80, 80, 80, 90, 90,100

    asked by Alan
  75. History

    Despite their adoption in 1948, it would be over a half a century before the UDHR and the CPPCG would be enforced for the first time. What is the explanation for this long delay in the enforcement of these documents?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Calculus - Partial Fractions

    I've set a problem up, something like this. s^4: A+D=0 s^3: -2A+B-3D+E=0 s^2: 2A-B+C+3D-3E=0 s^1: -2A+B-D+3E=4 s^0: A+C-E=4

    asked by David
  77. chemistry

    Anyone good at making CHEMICAL CROSSWORD PUZZLES ? I have no clue on like any of these things. Like, i need to make the chemical crossword puzzles by using atleast 10 words! example: ....... TABLEEEEE! then ,,,,,,, ACROSS 1._______ 4._______ 7.________

    asked by NOOK
  78. Maths

    Hi I have post this question before but was not able to get the answer and this is all the information in the questions this is a question for "affordable payments" Please help The Browns’ gross monthly income is $2900. They have 12 remaining payments of

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    I posted this before, I need someone to check my grammar please. Shakespeare in Love 1) What are the main themes of the film? The filmmaker’s message is not clear until we see what happens to the protagonist. The Main themes of the film are love,

    asked by Jimmy
  80. English

    I need help on this question: Which sentence does the verb correctly agree with the subject: A. A copy of Moby !@#$%^& and a magazine has disappeared from my room. B. Peggy or Phillis drive me to Flordia every winter. C. Les and Miranda is late for work

    asked by Jin Kobeaux
  81. Calculus - Integrals

    I have 3 questions, and I cannot find method that actually solves them. 1) Integral [(4s+4)/([s^2+1]*([S-1]^3))] 2) Integral [ 2*sqrt[(1+cosx)/2]] 3) Integral [ 20*(sec(x))^4 Thanks in advance.

    asked by David
  82. Math

    This is quite confusing... I'm helping someone with math. They have a problem, -4^2, and the people we're both talking to can't agree on whether it's -16 or 16. Google returns -16, my calculator returns 16. Google, however, changes it to -(4^2). I figured

    asked by Jack
  83. K

    (a) Find the indefinite integrals of the following functions. (i) f (t) = 6 cos(3t) + 5e^−10t (ii) g(x) = 21-12x^3/ x (x > 0) (iii) h(u) = cos^2( 1/8 u) (b) Evaluate: (this big F sign at the start, 5 at the top and 1 at the bottom) 5 1/4x (7 + 6x^2) dx

    asked by maths
  84. us history

    fears and predjuduces that led to the internment of Japanese-Americans during world war ll

    asked by mike
  85. Math / Percents

    What is the process to get this answer? Annie spends $600 a month on rent and makes $25,000 per year. To the nearest percent, what percent of her income does she spend on rent? Answer: 29%

    asked by Claire
  86. English

    I need help on my grammar and figuring out a way to write these answers more better. Shakespeare in Love 1) What are the main themes of the film? The filmmaker’s message is not clear until we see what happens to the protagonist. The Main themes of the

    asked by Johnny
  87. Technology and Society

    What role should corporations assume when producing and selling a toy that could be potentially harmful when handled by infants? please Explain

    asked by in deep need of help
  88. Circumference,Radius, Diameter

    What is the area of the circle if the radius is 2 cm? A. 3 cm squared B. 6 cm squared C. 10 cm squared D. 12 cm squared I don't really know the answer to this one because I am not sure what the formula for area of a circle is. If I knew the formula the

    asked by Missy
  89. 6th Grade Measurement

    What is the area of the circle if the diameter is 6 m? A: 9m B: 18 m C: 27 m D: 108 m I think the answer is B because if times the diameter by 3 then you get 18.

    asked by Missy
  90. chemistry

    Which of the following halides forms a solid when added to silver? (More than one answer may be selected) 1) Cl- 2) Br- 3) F- 4) I-

    asked by tanisha
  91. Science

    Which instrument records seismic ways from a earthquake?

    asked by Janna
  92. macroeconomics

    The decision to start working full time after graduation from high school or go to university as a full time student involves marginal cost/benefit analysis. Discuss the marginal costs and benefits of the decision to enter university as a full time

    asked by samatha
  93. Math

    I have to solve this inequality, but i forget how to do it. I remember your supposed to do something special when your like subtracting a negative from both sides? Y-5>-6

    asked by Emily
  94. Latin

    How do you switch Latin words to a certain tense? And how do you switch Latin words to a specific view (i.e. third person plural, etc.)? Please explain thoroughly!

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Accouning

    A friend comes to you with the following plight: “I’m confused. An asset is something positive, and it is increased with a debit. However, an expense is something negative, and it is also increased with a debit. I don’t get it.” How can you

    asked by Yvette
  96. spanish

    we are doing a project on a country, mine is Argentina. we have to pick 3 specific tourist destinations and say where it is, shy its interesting, if you have to pay to enter(if so how much), how a person gets there and what a person can do at this place.

    asked by Emily
  97. Please Help AP Statistics?!?!?

    Please Help On this AP Statistics Problem!?!?!? Thanks Commercials Suppose that a commercial is run once on television, once on the radio, and once in a newspaper. The advertising agency believes that any potential consumer has a 20% chance of seeing the

    asked by Lyndsey Horton
  98. College

    Im want to fill an application for Prince Geroges Community College online. what is the link?

    asked by Bryan
  99. math

    Am I foiling this right? The problem is (x-5)^2 and I got x^2-10x-10. Is that right?

    asked by Rachel
  100. eth 125

    i need to know what the eth stand for in eth125. the teacher said that it does not mean ethic.

    asked by rosa
  101. math 116

    Is it always necessary to have a common denominator to add and subtract fractions? Why? What about multiplication and division with fractions?

    asked by Rosetta
  102. College

    is this a good field of study? communication degree. what kind of job can I obtain with this degree

    asked by Trey
  103. Environment

    Why is the density of oil a key factor with oceanic spills and fire? I can't find the answer in my book

    asked by Katy
  104. Math 115

    how do you find the area of a figure the problem is listed below 25ft 10ft 10ft 40ft I am new to this and right about nowI am lost in the sauce.

    asked by CD
  105. English expression

    1. How many are there in Mi-na's family? There are five in her family. 2. How many brothers does Mi-na have? She has two brothers. 3. Who is Mi-na's older brother? He is Min-su. 4. Who is Mi-na's younger brother? He is Min-ho. 5. Do they have a dog? Yes,

    asked by John
  106. geometry

    If I am given the circumference(2368) how can I find the diameter and the radius?

    asked by Joanna
  107. Algebra

    You're supposed to graph each equation when, 2x+3y=9

    asked by Kelsey
  108. macroeconomics

    The No Child Left Behind law rewards schools and teachers based on students’ performance on standardized tests. Some school systems have instituted bonus programs for teachers whose students perform above average. Discuss this scheme in terms of

    asked by samatha
  109. English

    Which one of these verbs have a direct object: A. George was furious. B. They won the game. Is B the correct sentence?

    asked by Jin Kobeaux
  110. us history

    what stragies did african americans use in their struggle for equal rights during world war ll?

    asked by mike
  111. College Calculus

    Suppose the series An (from n=1 to INF) is known to be convergent. Prove that series 1/(An) (from n=1 to INF) is a divergent series. I have no idea what to do... please help!

    asked by Mandy
  112. Health

    Please help me thanks I need to know if there a web site where I can find info on the impairment of the vagus nerve may affect the ability to move what? thanks again

    asked by Anonymous
  113. History

    I having been searching the web and books to find some information on the following topic: What are some economic developments or progress in West Africa? I found a few information in books and the websites but I still need some more. Do you know anything

    asked by Joyelle
  114. Algebra (HELP ME IF I DON'T I'LL FLUNK !


    asked by Ariel
  115. College Programs

    what kind of program is Computer Service Technologies?

    asked by Bryan
  116. English

    do anyone have any websites about the book artemis fowl by eoin colfer?...the first book....thanx

    asked by Betty
  117. Physics

    If a plate is dropped and comes in contact with a hard floor vs a playe coming in contact with a carpet, which has the greater impulse?

    asked by Tri
  118. English

    What can setting affecting in character other than behaviour?

    asked by Anonymous
  119. french

    i am confused when i should use "pendant" versus "i y a" for the past and when to use "pour" versus "dans" and "d'ici" for the future. can someone please explain

    asked by john
  120. science

    Which term is used to indicate the region where no earthquake waves reach Eath's surface?

    asked by Janna