Questions Asked on
March 11, 2008

  1. algebra

    what happened when two fruit companies merged? this question is on a worksheet i have to do.

    asked by jESS
  2. repost physics E&M please

    A battery with EMF 90.0 V has internal resistance R_b = 8.68 Omega. What is the reading V_v of a voltmeter having total resistance R_v = 485 \Omega when it is placed across the terminals of the battery? Express your answer with three significant figures.

    asked by Spencer
  3. calculus

    A Particle moves along the x-axis so that at any time t>0, its acceleration is given by a(t)= ln(1+2^t). If the velocity of the particle is 2 at time t=1, then the velocity of the particle at time t=2 is? The correct answer is 3.346, but how?

    asked by D-MO
  4. word unscramble in french

    how do you unsramble this in french "tenipure"

    asked by penny
  5. Science

    How might you determine whether or not your toothpaste contains calcium carbonate, CaCO3, or perhaps baking soda, NaHCO3, without looking at the ingredients label?

    asked by Nancy
  6. managerial economics

    a material handling company pays each of its sale persons a base salary plus a percentage of revenue generated. To reduce overhead EFI has switched from giving each salesperson a company car to reimbursing them .35 for each business related mile driven.

    asked by cheer1
  7. Economics

    I have the following question in my assignment: The cost of producing stero systems has fallen over the past several decades. A:Use the supply-and-demand diagram to show the effects of fallaing production costs on the price and quantity of steros sold.

    asked by G
  8. Pre-Algebra

    The biggest attraction at the new amusement park, World of Fun, is the huge slide that goes under the ground. To get to the top of the slide, Jon has to climb up a 56-foot ladder. Then he rides the slide to the bottom. Finally, Jon walks through a tunnel

    asked by Joy
  9. statistics/ Ho and Ha?

    * I just wanted to know if I'm setting up the Ho and Ha correctly. An herbal supplement is advertised as producing an increase in strength and stamina. Sample of n=36 adults is obtained and each person is told to take the regulary daily dose of the herb

    asked by Tina
  10. Science

    Why do lakes lying in granite basins tend to become acidified by acid rain more readily than lakes lying in limestone basins?

    asked by Nancy
  11. Chemistry

    What is the mass in grams of 1.02X10^24 molecules of NaCl?

    asked by J
  12. Science

    Why is the formation of iron hydroxide, Fe(OH)2, from Fe2+ and OH- not considered an oxidation-reduction reaction?

    asked by Nancy
  13. chemistry

    If 26.223 mL of potassium permanganate solution is required to titrate 1.041 g of ferrous ammonium sulfate hexahydrate, { FeSO4(NH4)2So46H2O }, calculate the molarity of the KMno4 solution. and the equation the lab gave me was Mn04(-) + 8H(+) + 5Fe(+2)

    asked by chris
  14. Algebra

    Juan and Anita are standing together in the schoolyard. Juan, who is 6 feet 2 inches tall, casts a shadow that is 54 inches long. At the same time, Anita casts a shadow that is 46 inches long. How tall is Anita?: a. 86.4 in. b. 5 ft 3 in. c. 5 ft 1 in. d.

    asked by Mike
  15. Math

    The sales price of a car is 12,590, which is 20% off the original price. What is the Original price?

    asked by Smith
  16. CHEM Help!

    My homework is about translating word equations and I need help in answering this question. Sodium phosphate reacts with calcium nitrate to produce sodium nitrate and calcium phosphate. What would be the answer? I also need help with this other question

    asked by Anony
  17. Algebra

    How do you find the coordinates of a vertex of a parabola using the quadratic equation?

    asked by Grace
  18. Geometric formulas

    Contagious diseases can spread very quickly. Supposed five people are ill during the first week of an epidemic and that each person who is ill spreads the disease to four people by the end of the next week. By the end of the tenth week how many people have

    asked by Amanda
  19. Spanish

    What is the opposite word of pequena?

    asked by Hannah
  20. Math

    Find the surface area of each rectangular prism or cylinder to the nearest tenth of a degree. 7. Bases are isoceles triangles with legs that measure 5 centimeters. The height is 7 cm. I Don't know how to set it up. What formula do i use and how? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Science

    What is the cenrtipetal force that allows a car to move around a sharp curve in a roadway?

    asked by Jennifer
  22. Science

    I recently got a project to do on a country other than the U.S. my teacher sucks at explaining things, so in literal terms the instructions say "reasearch a country other than the US, draw two maps: 1, a map that has all borders and rivers and 2, a Biome

    asked by Mathieu
  23. math

    Please help me How can I create a pie chart for the following information Branch Count Army 17 Navy 10 Air Force 4 Marines 6 Coast Guard 1 National Guard 2

    asked by Allsion
  24. english

    what is the sulotion on the story the mixed up files of mrs brasil e. frankweiler?

    asked by simi
  25. social studies

    Out of Hindusim and Buddism..which is larger?

    asked by MaKayla
  26. social studies

    the buddist faith spread fown what peninsula in southeast asia?

    asked by Salley
  27. algebra

    ã3 _ 3ã2 - ã3

    asked by luly
  28. Science

    How do you determine protons, neutrons, electrons?

    asked by Adrian
  29. Algebra

    Why is first equation is x negative and in equations 2,3 & 4 answers are not negative and also sign changes? 1)Equation: x+y>1 Answer: y=-x+1 2)Equation: x-y>5 Answer: y9 Sign is less than or equal to in the answer. Answer: y

    asked by G
  30. English

    hi ppl does this look like an intresting book review The book that I have recently been reading is called sense and sensibility by Jane Austen. The book is about a family The Dashwoods which live in Sussex, England. On the death of the father, Henry

    asked by lulu
  31. algebra

    The boys were 1/ 4 of the way across the bridge when they heard the sound of a train whistle. The train coming from behind them was moving at a speed of 45 mph. The boys immediately thought that they could turn around and run towards the near end of the

    asked by Dante
  32. Physical Science

    Why was the proton and electron discovered before the neutron?

    asked by Austin
  33. Physical Science

    Explain why a neutral atom cannot haveone proton, one neutron and two electrons?

    asked by Kay
  34. algebra

    simplify the expression ã27x2y

    asked by luly
  35. Physical Science

    The nucleus of an atom contains six neutrons and esix protons. The nucleus of a second atom contains six neutrons and five protons. Are they atoms of different elements or isotopes of the same element?

    asked by Courtney
  36. Math

    Please help The following scores were recorded on a 200-point final examination: 193,185,163,186,192,135,158,174,188,172,168,183,195,165,183. A. Find the mean final examination score B. Find the median final examination score. C. Is the mean or median a

    asked by Sherri
  37. Math

    Please help I can't get it. Find the median 26,30,38,67,59,21,17,85,22,22 Give the five-number summary of each numbers 7,7,5,4,1,9,8,8,8,5,2 Find the range of each set of numbers 7,7,5,4,1,9,8,8,8,5,2

    asked by Cindi
  38. algebra

    high school # of band memebers logan 75 Northeast 90 during the halftime show, the bands plan to march into the stadium from opposite ends using formations with the same # of rows. If the bands match up in the center of the field what is the maximum number

    asked by melony
  39. banking and money

    Steps 1. Complete the assigned readings for this unit. 2. Read the article found at the website provided in Materials below. 3. Post a 100- to 150-word answer for each of the following questions: Credit cards and travelers' checks are widely accepted as a

    asked by vicky
  40. reading/writing

    Jews fast to show God that they are sorry for their sins and to ask for forgiveness. Should the prisoners in the Holocaust fast? list three reason.

    asked by tina
  41. Maths - check answer

    On the May 1 billing date, Mary had a balance due of $970.60 on her credit card. The transactions during the following month were: May 5 Payment $400.00 May 10 Charge: airline tickets $381.00 May 22 Charge: hotel $270.60 May 25 Charge: florist $60.20 The

    asked by Sunny
  42. math (geometry)

    A parallelogram has sides 8 and 12. The shorter altitude is 6. Find the length of the other altitude. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It says the answer is 9, but I don't know how they got that. Any help is

    asked by Emily
  43. beginning chemistry

    calculate the volume of 750.0g of gold.

    asked by Joel
  44. chemistry

    how do u calculate the density of an irregular shape? this is 1 of my hm/wk questuions n i wasn't listening...i mean i didn't hear what he said

    asked by rupert alan
  45. Finance

    A comp. has issued a bond with the following characteristics: Principal=1000, Time to maturity=20yrs. Coupon Rate=8%, compounded semiannually with semiannual payments. Calculate the value of this bond if the stated interest rate, compounded semiannually is

    asked by Teresa
  46. chemistry

    calculate the internal energy change for each of the following. a. one hundred(100.)joules of work are required to compress a gas. at the same time the gas releases 23 J of heat. b. a piston is compressed from a volume of 8.30 L to 2.80 L against a

    asked by kathy
  47. Chemistry

    Please help Butanol's structural formula is C4H10, why? [Methanol?Ethanol?Pentanol?) Pentan-1-ol exists as several different isomers. I don't know how to draw them.

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Health

    i need a good website (powerpoint presentation) on lifespan nutrition. as infants as teenagers as adults as older adults During pregnancy (for women) Please help

    asked by Sherri
  49. Elementary Mathematics

    How can a teacher help a student develop a strong understanding of the operations and of number relationship in Mathematics? This was a very interesting question, but I am having a hard time answering it. Need your help... Thanks alot!!!

    asked by Monica
  50. Physics Honors

    Consider planet mass of 4.98 E 21 kilograms with a satellite orbitting it at distance of 3.11 E 6 meters from planet's center. Satellite has mass of 369 kilograms. How long (inseconds) does it take the satellite to make one complete orbit around planet. I

    asked by Joan
  51. french

    How do you say its 12:03. Do you say Il est midi trois. or Il est douze heures trois?

    asked by michelle
  52. Chem URGENT!

    What is the translating word equations for this question: Nickel reacts with lead nitrate to produce nickel nitrate and lead.

    asked by Lisa
  53. brain teasers

    3 S to a T

    asked by kelly
  54. agebra

    Hey, im a little confused with this question: 2^n x 4^(n+1) / 8^(n-2) I have to change all bases to 2 then simplify fully. Thanks everoyne.

    asked by jack
  55. Criminal Justice

    What are the common features across the security levels?

    asked by Jeryl
  56. Space Science

    What are some possible jobs relating to the space industry?

    asked by Dylan
  57. English/History

    Hi I wrote an essay about antisemitism in Iran during the 1979 war. I titled it "life in Iran" but my teacher says that the title is weak. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should rename the essay?

    asked by Jacksonb
  58. Math

    Jim is able to sell a hand-carved statue for $670 which was a 35% profit over his cost. How much did the statue originally cost him? How do you find the answer to this?

    asked by Smith
  59. chem

    how to draw the structure of AlHAtCl_2-?/

    asked by anis
  60. biology

    what do we call th e catalysts that act in living things

    asked by kayleigh
  61. Biology

    In class we are practicing essays. And i need help to either find the standards to this, or the full answer to it. Discuss the structural and functional adaptations found in higher plants that enable them to conserve water under different environmental

    asked by Loan
  62. Math Algebra

    Find the Values of X 12p^2+11p-22=0 I'm having some trouble with this math question can somebody please explain it. Please I would like to know how to do it since I have a Benchmark Tomorrow. -thank you

    asked by Jenny
  63. Biology

    Describe four ways that plants protect themselves from environmental conditions using one example from each of the following categories: a. hormone b. tropism c. plants structure d. plant process In your answer be sure to include the specific threat and

    asked by Michelle
  64. Finance

    Company Q has just paid a dividend of $1.40 per share. Its dividend is expected to grow at 5% per year perpetually. If the required return is 10%, what is the value of a share in company Q?

    asked by Teresa
  65. math

    How can you use data analysis and statistics in everyday life?

    asked by will
  66. Science

    Hydrogen chloride is added to a buffer solution of ammonia, NH3, and ammonium chloride, NH4Cl. What is the effect on the concentration of ammonia? On the concentration of ammonium chloride?

    asked by Nancy
  67. math

    7^t-2 = 5^t

    asked by cal
  68. physics

    a portable electric drill produces 1.2 hp at full load. If 85% of the power provided by the 9.6 V battery pack is useful, what is the current flow? how much power goes into the waste heat? I don't know what to do. In class, we learned about amps, volts,and

    asked by apoorva
  69. Biology

    Can someone explain to me in simple terms deductive and inductive reasoning. Every time I find a new definition, I get more confused. I think that deductive is when you try to figure out from something that is generic and inductive is when you already know

    asked by Megan
  70. Spanish 1

    Cual no es un mes del ano? I just need to know what that says, its a multiple choice question but I cant translate it right and If i could just know what the question was right I could get the answer myself.

    asked by Alehanda
  71. Science

    Which way do electrons flow when a copper strip is placed in a Zn2+ solution: from the copper to zinc ions or from the zinc ions to the copper?

    asked by Nancy
  72. Physics

    Our teacher gave us a scenario we have to prepare to solve for a lab tomorrow: He has one of those toy flying airplanes suspended from the ceiling on a string of some length. He is going to charge it and start it spinning, and we have to figure out how

    asked by Lauren
  73. Health care please check answer

    Please check my answer thank you Verifying the accuracy of HCPCS codes is an important function in what ? I think that it is maintence of chargemasters

    asked by Rebbeckha
  74. Biology

    What component is present in every part of a loop, such as one that involves proteins producing energetic molecules from sugar? 1 - Raw Materials 2 - Energy release 3 - Energy absorption 4 - Information (*) my answer

    asked by Sarah
  75. algebra 2

    im studying radicals and im having trouble....i need help on this one....i really don't know how to write but here it goes... the nth root is 4square root of 5 times the nth root is 4 square root of 5...i need to simplify the expression

    asked by jimmy
  76. algebra 2

    Just one more.. Thanks for the last one! 16^(d-4) = 3^(3-d) solve for d

    asked by cal
  77. Statistical Methods

    Calculate the probability that 3 or fewer rainy days occur during the next 15 days. The probability any day is rainy is .2. For this question I tried using binomial distribution by setting x = 0, 1, 2, 3. p=.2 and n =15. After doing all of them, Do add the

    asked by Mete
  78. Math

    If sally can paint a house in 4hrs, and John can paint the same house in 6hrs, How long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?

    asked by Smith
  79. Elementary Mathematics

    Thanks for your response Ms Sue.... but what does the question it mean by "understanding the operations and of number relationships"

    asked by Monica

    HELP. I need to understand this for a test tomorrow. THANKS Consider planet mass of 4.98 E 21 kilograms with a satellite orbitting it at distance of 3.11 E 6 meters from planet's center. Satellite has mass of 369 kilograms. How long (inseconds) does it

    asked by Joan
  81. computers

    the importance of computers

    asked by Anonymous
  82. statistics

    A normal distribution has a mean = 100. Find its standard deviation if 17% of the values exceed 144. All I can say is wow. Book is of no help. Neither is teacher. Can anyone help?

    asked by Mete
  83. Accounting

    How do you find the ratio of time devoted to the business?

    asked by Sheila
  84. Statistical Methods

    The mean price of purchases is $110 and the standard deviation = $12. What is the probability of a purchase exceeding $90? I need help reviewing. Please give some input.

    asked by Mete
  85. Proofread

    Can someone proofread this for me please? Thanks. Under the Youth PROMISE Act, communities facing the greatest youth gang and crime challenges will come together to develop a compressive plan for implementing evidence-based prevention and intervention

    asked by Bizzy
  86. Geography

    what are the differences between greenfield and brownfield sites?

    asked by sam
  87. chemistry

    how to calculate persenteil

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Algebra

    If two lines are parallel and the slope of one of the lines is 3d, what is the product of their slopes?: a. -1 b. - d c. 9d2 d. 6d

    asked by Mike
  89. Algebra

    If (x+4) is a factor of -x2 -11x - w = 0, then the value of w is: a. -60 b. -28 c. 28 d. 60

    asked by Mike
  90. Algebra

    The probability that it will be rainy on Monday is 7/10. The probability that it will be windy on Monday is 6/10. These events are independent. What is the probability that it will be rainy or windy on Monday?: a. 21/50 b. 29/50 c. 22/25 d. 3/25

    asked by Mike
  91. Algebra

    George paid $31.25 in taxi fare from the airport to the hotel. The cab charged $3.75 for the first mile plus $2.50 for each additional mile. The equation to find the number of miles, m, from the airport to the hotel would be: a. 3.75 + 2.50m + 31.25 =

    asked by Mike
  92. Algebra

    (-4x-2y)(-2x5y3) = a. 8x-10y3 b. -8x3y4 c. -8 x10y3 d. 8x3y4

    asked by Mike
  93. Algebra

    10. If (x+4) is a factor of -x2 -11x - w = 0, then the value of w is: a. -60 b. -28 c. 28 d. 60

    asked by Mike
  94. Algebra

    11. Solve: 2 - 5x ≥ 3x - 14: a. x ≤ 2 b. x ≥ -2 c. x ≤ 4 d. x ≥ -1

    asked by Mike
  95. Algebra

    13. A boat cruises downstream for 2 hours before heading back. It takes 3.5 hours going upstream to get back. If the speed of the stream is 8 mph, what is the speed of the boat in still water?: a. 14.7 mph b. 19.6 mph c. 24.8 mph d. 29.3 mph

    asked by Mike
  96. Algebra

    15. Solve |3x+1| < -5: a. x < -2 b. -2 < x < 4/3 c. all real numbers d. no solution

    asked by Mike
  97. health

    the office hires an employee who's deaf, but who can lip read. what will the employer have to do in terms of this employee's job duties to comply with the americans with disabilities act?

    asked by christine
  98. Algebra

    1/2x-3/4y=-3-1/2; find value of x 2x-3=x-3y-1; find valud of y 1. graph 2. solve by substitution

    asked by Linda
  99. chemistry

    How do I find the charge of the 1st listed metal? HgCl2 PbO2 Cu(OH)2 Cr2O3 Fe3(PO4)2

    asked by Anonymous
  100. decimals/math

    wicth is bigger,0.355 or0 0.5?

    asked by kristy
  101. English Grammar

    1. Paste your photo in the box. 2. Paste your photo on the box. Which preposition do I have to use?

    asked by John
  102. Chemistry HELP!

    What is the translating word equation for water decomposes to form hydrogen oxygen gases?

    asked by Student08
  103. English expression

    e.g. Write the small letters in the alphabet continuously putting together. Is this expression correct? Do you have some more good expressions?

    asked by John
  104. English expression

    Ask two your friends' names. Ask two of your friends' names. Ask the names of two friends of yours. ------------------------------ Which expression is grammatical?

    asked by John
  105. social studies

    What is the newest nation in Southeast Asia?

    asked by Jillian
  106. social studies

    Which Southeast Asia country was not controlled by France when first colonized?

    asked by Jillian
  107. social studies

    Which Southeast Asia country was not controlled by Britain when first colonized?

    asked by Jillian
  108. social studies

    Which Southeast Asia country was not controlled by Britain when first colonized?

    asked by Jillian
  109. English expression

    1. I went to an academy. 2. I went to academy. 3. I went to Chicago Academy. 4. I went to the academy. ---------------------------- Students go to a private institute after school to study further. Which expressions do we have to use?

    asked by John
  110. world literature

    How do poets utilize literary devices and conventions to develop themes in their poetry? I don't understand how to read a poem so I understand what it is really saying either?

    asked by liz
  111. English expression

    Playing the dice game, write down suitable responses and have a conversation. (They work in pairs playing the dice game. However, they use just one die.) You work in pairs. One student should throw the die. If it has one, he should move forward one step.

    asked by John
  112. Math repost for edie

    Math - edie, Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 5:11pm The area of a square is 25 square meters. What is its perimeter? Please show all work

    asked by Ms. Sue
  113. science(chem) Dr.Bob-> need help on this long lab

    For 1 part of the lab I: prepare 4-Bromo-2-chloro-6-iodoaniline I dissolve 250mg recrystallized 4- Bromo-2-chloro-6-iodoaniline in 4ml of glacial acetic acid in 25ml erlenmyer flask and add 1ml water to the mixture. Then I prepare a solution of 250mg

    asked by ~christina~
  114. math

    There are 2 apples on a tree. You take away 1 apple. How many apples do you have?

    asked by Gabriel
  115. geometry

    tyrone cut out a quadrilateral from a peice of cardboard. one pair of opposite sides are parallel but not congruent and the other pair are congruent not parallel, what is the name of the quadrilateral he cut out?

    asked by Anai
  116. Planets

    Why is Venus hotter than Mercury even though Mercury is closest to the Sun?

    asked by Marcus
  117. Finance (Check Answer plz)

    A comp. has issued a bond with the following characteristics: Principal=1000, Time to maturity=20yrs. Coupon Rate=8%, compounded semiannually with semiannual payments. Calculate the value of this bond if the stated interest rate, compounded semiannually is

    asked by Teresa
  118. Spanish

    I need homework help. Here r the directions. Write 2 statements about each of the following. Use the correct verb form and adj. that is givern. Theb give the opposite of what u wrote. 1. ella/alto ______ 2. yo/grande________ 3.el/joven________ 4.el

    asked by Hannah
  119. Science

    What is a continental air mass?

    asked by Jaide
  120. algebra 1(Polynomials)

    Simplify: (5x2y3z)(6xyz2)

    asked by CJ
  121. Math

    42 mm = ? cm?

    asked by Alexia
  122. Physical Science

    Hello, Do I have the correct answer for the following question? Thank You, My answer- 15 mm An object 5 mm high is located 15 mm in front of a plane mirror. How far from the mirror is the image located? 5.0 mm 7.5 mm 15 mm 30 mm

    asked by Mandi
  123. math

    How do you make a mixed number into a improper fraction?

    asked by Caitie
  124. Chem

    I'm doing a homework on Translating Word Equations and I wanted to know the answer for this question... Iron(ll) hydroxide reacts with hydrogen peroxide to produce iron(lll) hydroxide. Please help needed!

    asked by Anonymus
  125. Physical Science

    Hello, I need some help with the following question. Thank You, When an object is placed 8mm from a concave spherical mirror, a clear image can be projected on a screen 16 mm in front of the mirror. If the object has a height of 4 mm, the height of the

    asked by Mandi
  126. chemistry

    How do I predict the formula for the ionic compounds when I combine? Cr(+3) and chlorate Na(+1) and carbonate K(+1) andsulfate

    asked by lizzy
  127. math

    Simplify: 35xy4z2 _______ 7y2z

    asked by CJ
  128. author

    In tale of two cities, what does noisiest authorities mean?

    asked by Mikayla
  129. physics

    In a red glass filter, of the colors that make up white light, which if any are reflected or absorbed?

    asked by segni
  130. Economics

    in a expediture model was does the price level and interest rates, consumption have a inverse relationship?

    asked by Rosa
  131. anna

    There is a right triangle. the legs are x and y and the hypotenuse is 120. the angle opposite x is 58. please check my answer. x= 120 y=64 because: SIN58= x/120 COS58=y/120

    asked by Geometry
  132. Algebra

    I need help figuring out the rest of this problem. A kitchen pantry area as shown in the figure is to be covered in floor tiles. What will it cost to tile the floor if each square tile whose measures 6” costs $.82? I can send a picture of the shape but

    asked by Bretagne
  133. alg.2

    why is this answer no real root? -5x^6=320?

    asked by Abby
  134. college calculus

    how do you integrate sqrt( x^2 - (x^2)(e^(-2x)) )?

    asked by matt
  135. Math

    y=7x+3 y=5x-1 y=7 y=-2x y=1/2x + 5/2 y=2x+3/2

    asked by Jennifer
  136. Science

    Why does Earth exert a stronger gravitational force than the Moon?

    asked by Jennifer
  137. college calculus

    how do you intergrate sqrt((1+((1/4)/(4-x^2)))

    asked by matt
  138. Science - Electric Circuits

    A __________is the flow of _________ along a path?

    asked by Evan
  139. Math History

    I need to know the history of integers for a test tomorrow. I have searched numerous history and math sites, but none tell a specific person. Does any one know who it is or where I can find this information?

    asked by Sara
  140. other

    my math teacher gives us extra credit each week and tis week it was a word... It just said "why?" on the paper she said it should be something we should be able to figure out but she heard the question in college PLEASE help :(

    asked by taize
  141. Chemistry

    I haven't calculus in a while. So can someone please help me with this, its for rates: log (base 1/4) 0.25 = m I know that m = 1, but how would I solve for it using the log method.

    asked by Raj
  142. home economics

    a material handling company pays each of its sale persons a base salary plus a percentage of revenue generated. To reduce overhead EFI has switched from giving each salesperson a company car to reimbursing them .35 for each business related mile driven.

    asked by cheer1
  143. chemistry

    What are some applications of Nuclear Chemistry in Medicine? So far I've found - X-rays - Radioactive tracers - Gamma radiation can be used to treat cancer and other diseases

    asked by william
  144. algebra

    Solve by completing the square x^2+3/2x=3 What is the solution? x=

    asked by Becky
  145. math

    2/6 of the insects were centipedes. 1/2 were millipedes, 12 were flies. How many insects were there? Please explain.

    asked by marty
  146. Beginning Chemistry

    My granddaughter needs help with a worksheet. Use the factor-label method and include all work. Calculate the mass of 500.0cmx3 of the element gold.

    asked by Donna
  147. Physics -HS Honors

    When computing the gravitation force, how do you know what the direction of the solution?

    asked by Joan
  148. triangle

    1,600x8= what on a math triangle i cant get it

    asked by lexie
  149. Math

    How do you go from 40,000 to 5,000 in Four steps? Step one: 40000 Step two: 40000 (-? or /?) =? Step Three: answer from step two (-? or /?) =? Step Four: Answer from step three (-? or /?) =5000

    asked by Martha
  150. Maths

    On the May 1 billing date, Mary had a balance due of $970.60 on her credit card. The transactions during the following month were: May 5 Payment $400.00 May 10 Charge: airline tickets $381.00 May 22 Charge: hotel $270.60 May 25 Charge: florist $60.20 The

    asked by Sunny
  151. social studies

    What does buyer beware mean?

    asked by k
  152. Algebra

    Rose wants to plant a garden. She made an outline in her yard of a regular octagon with each side 8 feet long. Rose also divided the garden into sections as shown. In each triangle and square, she planted flowers. In three of the rectangles, she planted

    asked by Bretagne
  153. english

    hi people... is there any website i can find online book reviews on books (full ones)????????????????

    asked by Namra
  154. social studies

    China, when it first beacme a communist nation, introduced a "closed door" policy and isolated itself from the rest of the world. now through tourism and trdae China comes into contact with the rest of the world. What motivated China to open it's doors to

    asked by Robynn
  155. Math

    How can I make a table showing this problem please help. Education Earnings HS diploma or GED $23,719 Associate's Degree $30,178 Bachelor's Degree $38,208 Master's Degree $47,049 Doctorate's Degree $55,620 The table gives the median earnings of women aged

    asked by Kim
  156. social studies

    Which empire finally unifies the Indus River Valley and what we know today as the country of India?

    asked by MaKayla
  157. social studies

    What is the water feature that is most holy in the Hindu tradition believed to flow from heaven?

    asked by Janie
  158. algebra

    1/2x-3/4y=-3-1/2; find value of x 2x-3=x-3y-1; find valud of y 1. graph 2. solve by substitution

    asked by Linda
  159. vocabulary-sentences

    hi. i need two for the word propulsion and one for the word repulse.

    asked by Miley
  160. algebra

    how do i graph this quadratic funtion y=x(squared) + 4x - 4

    asked by raul