Questions Asked on
March 3, 2008

  1. Physics

    Why do older people who do not wear glasses read books farther away from their eyes than younger people do?

    asked by Kaity
  2. Chemistry

    How many grams of ice could be melted by the energy obtained as 18.0 grams of steam is condensed at 100.0 degrees celcius and cooled to 0.0 degrees celcius?

    asked by PLEASE
  3. Physics

    The drawing shows a baggage carousel at an airport. Your suitcase has not slid all the way down the slope and is going around at a constant speed on a circle (r = 11.2 m) as the carousel turns. The coefficient of static friction between the suitcase and

    asked by John
  4. physics

    1.6 Determine the maximum weight of the flowerpot that can be supported without exceeding a cable tension of 50 lb in either cable AB or AC. Note that the 2 cables make an angle 60 and 53.1 respectively with the horizontal

    asked by shan
  5. Physics

    A block oscillates on a spring and passes its equilibrium position with a speed of .157m/s. It's kinetic energy is zero when the block is at the distance of .1m from equilibrium. Assume no friction between the block and the table. v=.157m/s KE =0J when

    asked by Andrea
  6. Nuclear chem

    electron decay transforms 40 K 19 into what nuclide?

    asked by Gabe
  7. Physics

    Upward rays of light in water toward the water-air boundary at angles greater than 48 degreees to the normal are totally reflected. No rays beyond 48 degrees refract outside. How about the reverse? Is there an angle at which light rays in air meeting the

    asked by Mike
  8. Physics

    A coil of wire with 200 circular turns of radius of 3 cm is in a uniform magnetic field along the axis of the coil. the coil has R=40 ohms. At what rate, in Teslas per second, must the magnetic field be changing to induce a current of .150 A in the coil? I

    asked by J
  9. Physics

    A closely wound rectangular coil of 80 turns has dimensions of 25 cm by 40 cm. The plane of the coil is rotated from a position where it makes an angle of 37 degrees with a magnetic field of 1.10 T to a position perpendicular to the field. The rotation

    asked by J
  10. Physics

    The images produced by a converging camera lens are upside down. Does this mean the photographs taken with the cameras are upside down?

    asked by Kaity
  11. Math

    USE THE INFORMATION TO DECIDE IF TRIANGLE ABC IS ACUTE, RIGHT, OR OBTUSE AC = 13 BC = sq rt. 34 CD = 3 I know the answer is obtuse but I don't know how to get there. The sq rts threw me off

    asked by Anna-Marie
  12. physics

    The speed of a sound in a container of hydrogen at 201K is 1220m/s. What would be the speed of sound if the temperature were raised to 405K? Assume that hydrogen behaves like an ideal gas. Please guide me to do it. Thanks!

    asked by Bosco
  13. Science

    What term refers to the sum of all of the forces acting on an object?

    asked by Jennifer
  14. Geometry

    Two ships leave San Francisco at the same time. One travles 40 degrees W of N at the speed of 20 knots. The other travels 10 degrees W of south at a speed of 15 knots. How far apart are they after 11 hours?

    asked by Paula
  15. non fiction

    what did thoreau have in common with john thornton in "the call of the wild"

    asked by Anonymous
  16. english

    a blessing, james wright Just off the Highway to Rochester, Minnesota Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass. And the eyes of those two Indian ponies Darken with kindness. They have come gladly out of the willows To welcome my friend and me. We step

    asked by wruth
  17. drivers ed

    I have to do a project and its for my drivers ed class. I chose to do Cell Phones and Driving. I need website sources but when I search for them I keep getting a bunch of articles talking about how that certain state or city has a new law banning cell

    asked by james
  18. english

    last time, i promise a blessing, james wright Just off the Highway to Rochester, Minnesota Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass. And the eyes of those two Indian ponies Darken with kindness. They have come gladly out of the willows To welcome my

    asked by wruth
  19. HCA 230

    I am having difficulty finding the implications to health care providers considering cultural views on the following topics, health as organic, health as harmony and disease as a curse or stigma. I tried the school library and I am hitting a brick wall.

    asked by CD
  20. Math

    State the number of positive real zeros, negative real zeros, and imaginary zeros for g(x)= 9x^3 - 7x^2 + 10x - 4. The only thing I know is that there are 3 sign changes.

    asked by Jon
  21. Math

    List all of the possible rational zeros of f(x)= 3x^5 - 7x^3 + 2x - 15. p= factor of 15 q= factor of 3 1,3,5,15 1,3 answer is 1,3,5,15,1/3,1,5/3,5

    asked by Jon
  22. Chemistry

    I am supposed to create a "possible" mechanism for the reaction 2A + B --> 2C when the rate law is Rate=k[A][B]^2. This mechanism can include any letters (but must obviously include As, Bs, and Cs). Preferably it should be 3 or more steps including at one

    asked by Carrie
  23. Math

    f(x)= 3x and g(x)= 4x - 3, find f[g(5)] and g[f(5)]. [3(5)] = 15 4(5)-3 20-3 = 17 so f(x)= 15 and g(x)= 17

    asked by Jon
  24. AP Chemistry

    How many grams of benzoic acid, a monoprotic acid with a Ka=6.4x10 to the negative 5, must be dissolved in 500.0 mL of water to produce a solution with a pH=2.50?

    asked by Betsy
  25. Writing

    can anyboody give me a sentence with the word desperate

    asked by Kenya
  26. Quizzes biology

    Hello, my teacher has once said that she gets all of her quizzes from the internet, but I can't find the site. Does anyone have any idea as to where grade 12, hard, biology quizzes may come from? The quizzes are brutal, and it would so great if I could see

    asked by McLovin
  27. Math

    Find the inverse of f(x)= 7x-2. y = 7x - 2 x = 7y - 2 7y/7 = x - 2/7 = f^-1(x)= (x - 2)/7

    asked by Jon
  28. chemistry

    I have 3 questions that I am uncertain about. 1) what determines the order in which the coumponent elements of binary molecular compounds are written? 2) Name the Binary compound according to the prefix system for As2O5 3) write the formula for each of the

    asked by hokoslavia
  29. human services

    How are data and information used within the human services organizations to support organizational planning?

    asked by Tom
  30. Trig

    Hi. Can somebody help me solve this equaton with EXACT answers? ----- sin3x = 0 ----- Thankyou! All help is appreciated.

    asked by sqleung
  31. Writing

    Can anybody give me a sentence with the word lured??

    asked by Kenya
  32. eletronics

    what are characteristics of a Beta dependent common emitter amplifier?

    asked by kk
  33. algebra

    how would you describe a dead skunk

    asked by kristen
  34. psychology

    Mira is a college student who lives alone in an apartment with her cat, Max. Whenever Mira walks into her kitchen and opens the squeaky drawer where Max's food is kept, he begins to salivate and runs into the kitchen, pawing at Mira to be fed. Even when

    asked by Anne
  35. speech help: quotes

    I'm trying to find quotes for my speech. One point i'm saying in my speech is that the gas supply is going down, so gas prices will always increase, because people demand it. I was wondering if there's a quote by a person that says something familiar to

    asked by apoorva
  36. Physics

    A boat is at a point 120km West and 60km South of its destination. It sails in water which has a current of 20km/h North. In order to arrive at the destination, the captain decides to head the boat due East at 50km/h until he reaches a point due South of

    asked by Anonymous
  37. biology

    what is the name of a cell that secretes digestive enzymes in a hydra

    asked by Anonymous
  38. history

    What was the Estates-General?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. chemistry

    how is the endpoint estimated using potentiometric if no chemical indicator is added to the analyte solution?

    asked by e
  40. chemistry

    can u see if i did this right because i highly doubt i did name each of the following acids: a) HF i put Hydrogen fluoride b) HBr i put hydrogen bromide c) HNO3 don't know this one d) H2SO4 didn't know this one either e) H3PO4 i put Hydrogen phosphoric

    asked by hokoslavia
  41. history

    What u.s. city is best know for it's cobblestone streets?

    asked by Chance
  42. English

    How can you improve this phase... "For it was the end of our vacation"...i think it sound kind of bad or chessy...

    asked by Trissy
  43. Science

    Could you tell me 6 diffrent types of Acids and Alkalines ?

    asked by Anne-Marie
  44. physics

    In astronomy, distances are often expressed in light-years. One light-year is the distance traveled by light in one year. The distance to Alpha Centauri, the closest star other than our own sun that can be seen by the naked eye, is 4.7 light-years. Express

    asked by rick
  45. Nuclear Chem

    the nuclide 232 Th 90 is radioactive. when one of the atoms decays, a series of alpha and beta particle emission occurs, taking the atom through many transformations to end up as an atom of 208 Pb 82. How many alpha particles are emitted in converting 232

    asked by Gabe
  46. math

    find the area of the region described: shared by the cardiods r = 2(1+cos theta) and r = 2(1-cos theta)

    asked by leena
  47. math a2

    the expression 4x3-6x2 represents the area of a triangle. write the expression as the product of two factors. 4x3-6x2 as in: FOURx 3(power) -(minus) SIXx 2(power)

    asked by jennah
  48. Physics

    When the rearview mirror in a car is tilted slightly upward to the "nighttime" position, glare is directed upward toward the ceiling, away from the driver's eyes. Yet, the driver can still see cars behind in the mirror. Explain.

    asked by Mike
  49. Physics

    A person in a dark room looking through a window can clearly see a person outside in the daylight, whereas the person outside cannot see the person inside. Explain.

    asked by Mike
  50. Chemistry

    using kinetics explain: a.the increasing of concentration of reactants increases the rate of reaction. b.the addition of a catalyst increases the rate at which a reaction will take place. c.and increase in temperature increases reaction rate. d.a catalyst

    asked by Chuck
  51. math

    what does trigonometry mean?

    asked by shelbie
  52. math a2

    the expression 4x3-6x2 represents the area of a triangle. write the expression as the product of two factors. 4x3-6x2 as in: FOURx 3(power) -(minus) SIXx 2(power)

    asked by jennah
  53. math a2

    the expression 4x3-6x2 represents the area of a triangle. write the expression as the product of two factors. 4x3-6x2 as in: FOURx 3(power) -(minus) SIXx 2(power)

    asked by jennah
  54. math a2

    the expression 4x3-6x2 represents the area of a triangle. write the expression as the product of two factors. 4x3-6x2 as in: FOURx 3(power) -(minus) SIXx 2(power)

    asked by jennah
  55. Health insurance please check answer

    please check my answer thank you very much :) Which health insurance program is designed to complement the retirment survivor , and disability insurance enacted under the Title II of the Social Security Act? I think the answer is Medicare

    asked by Lauren
  56. Physics

    What exactly are you seeing when you observe a "water-on-the-road" mirage?

    asked by Mike
  57. Physics

    When your eye is submerged in water, is the bending of light rays from water to your eyes more, less, or the same as in air?

    asked by Kaity
  58. textiles

    which british designer grew up in a doctor bernardo's home

    asked by kitty
  59. Physics

    Why can't you take a photograph of your image in a plane mirror and focus the camera on both your image and on the mirror frame?

    asked by Kaity
  60. Physics

    On October 15, 2001, a planet was discovered orbiting around the star x. Its orbital distance was measured to be 10.5 million kilometers from the center of the star, and its orbital period was estimated at 6.3 days. a. What is the mass of x? b. Express

    asked by Donnie
  61. Algebra

    I tried writing an equation to the following. It was not coming out the way the book siad it should. When you travel at a speed of 60 MPH, write an equation that represents how far youwill travel in X hours? Let each unit represent 1 hour on the X scale

    asked by G
  62. Chemistry

    1. The percentage of a composition is equal to ???. 2. A compound's molecular formaul is numerically equal to its ??? Help!! Thanks =]

    asked by Anna-Marie
  63. finance

    what is meant by "level of accounts payable"

    asked by Toni
  64. Physics

    A guitar string is .75m and has a mass of .005kg. A standing wave is produced when the string is plucked. a) what is the fifth harmonic if the tension in the string is 90N? v=sqrt(F_t/mass density)= 116m/s f1=v/2L = 116m/s/(2*.75m) =77.3Hz fn=n*f1

    asked by Andrea
  65. Physics

    A violin string is .32m and has a mass of .0005kg. The freqency of the note played is 440Hz. What is the speed of the wave in the string? .5*wavelenght = L wavelength= 2*.32m =.64m v=f(wavelength) =440hz*.64m =281.6m/s b) where must one put one's finger to

    asked by Andrea
  66. English

    Can someone please proofread this or give me suggestions on how to improve it? Flannery O'Connor's short stories often have similarities. Two of O'Connor's short stories, "The Lame Shall Enter First" and "A Good Man is Hard to Find" share similarities and

    asked by Emily
  67. Math

    Use substitution to solve the linear system. 3x+4y=27 y=x-2

    asked by Mike
  68. Physics

    A proton follows a spiral path througha gas in a magnetic field of .010 T , perpendicular to the plane of the spiral.In two successive loops, at point P and Q, the radii are 10.0mm and 8.5 mm,respectively.Calculate the change in Kinetic energy of the

    asked by Jenish
  69. Behavioral Science

    I have a assignment du and kind of confused after reading the text the assignment is write 700- to 1,050-word essay in which you compare and contrast the influence of heredity and hormones on human behavior. I am not sure exactily how to start this paper

    asked by TINA
  70. Business

    should a non-profit organization pay lawyers the same as a large law firm? just because both workers are lawyers are they entitled to equal pay like other lawyers i their industry?

    asked by Broshun
  71. religions

    I need to choose one religion to write on, Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism. Which one has more information on the net and easier to write?

    asked by jess
  72. american government

    what is a member of congress immune from when the House and Senate is in session and whe he is going to or returning form House or Senate meetings?

    asked by brittany
  73. chemistry-conversion

    when converting micromoles to moles: the way i do it is this way: 1 micromole X 1/10^-6 = 1X10^6 mole. lately i have been seeing it done this way: 0.000001 and you just move the decimal point over to the right 6 place to get 1 mole. these are different

    asked by stew
  74. englsih

    Just off the Highway to Rochester, Minnesota Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass. And the eyes of those two Indian ponies Darken with kindness. They have come gladly out of the willows To welcome my friend and me. We step over the barbed wire into

    asked by wruth
  75. Spanish

    I have to do a Spanish News report and weather report. I have No idea how to write these thigs in spanish, I need help. How do you write a news report in very simple spanish words? (This is my first year in Spanish!) HELP!! Thanks, Taylor

    asked by Taylor
  76. Math

    A rocket is launched upward and then falls to the ground. The height of the rocket above the ground is h= -16t^2 - 400t where h is the height of the rocket in feet and t is the number of seconds of the flight. How many seconds will it take for the rocket

    asked by Tom
  77. Shiv

    Randall is playing a game that involves drawing a card from a deck. There are 10 cards numbered from 1 to 10. If Randall draws a card with a multiple of 3, he wins 5 points. If he draws any other card, he loses 3 points. What is Randall's expected point

    asked by Tom
  78. Chem

    What is the formula mass in amu of KNaC4H4O6 *4H2O Is it 282.09 amu? What is the charge on the tartrate anion? How do I do this?

    asked by Mark
  79. music history

    what are the defonitions of these words;sampler,stithesier,vocoder and microphone?

    asked by amy
  80. language arts

    i need to unscramble a word and i cannot get this one. dromtahrnge

    asked by michele
  81. Physics

    The earth rotates once per day about an axis passing through the north and south poles, an axis that is perpendicular to the plane of the equator. Assuming the earth is a sphere with a radius of 6.38 106 m, determine the speed and centripetal acceleration

    asked by Zach
  82. Math

    If I have the problem; m+24=3. How do I figure that out?

    asked by Kayla
  83. English expression

    A. What is the reading text about? a. School Introduction b. Family Introduction c. Self Introduction B. Draw a line between what we can know from the reading text as in the example. And referring the reading text, fill in the blanks. O. What is her

    asked by John
  84. Physics

    A* B* C* D* square of side 10 cm I tried my best to do the drawing. It is supposed to be a square, but each * is a point. The sides are 10 cm long. The problem asks for you to find the magnitude and the direction of the net gravitational force on mass A

    asked by Jordan
  85. Chem

    How many moles of copper sulfate, CuSO4 are in a o.671 g sample? How do I start on this?

    asked by Mark
  86. math

    what does trigonometry mean?

    asked by lizbet
  87. Algebra

    how do u factor out 2x^3 - 5x - 3

    asked by Kelly
  88. Math

    Your group buys a box of Mylar balloons with zoo animals printed on them for $10 and decides to sell the balloons for $2 each. What is your profit if your group sells 30 balloons?

    asked by Jennifer
  89. Speech

    Why is dialect important to effective public speaking?

    asked by Jen
  90. science

    what can you use to decide whether liquids tested are polar or nonpolar?

    asked by jake
  91. Geometry

    1. The sides of a triangle have lenghts x, x+4, and 20. Specify those values of x for which the triangle is acute with the longest side 20. 2. use the information to decide if triangle ABC is acute, right, or obtuse. AC=13, BC= sq. rt. 34, CD=3 >>i know

    asked by Anna-Marie
  92. Physics

    A satellite is placed in orbit 7.70 105 m above the surface of Jupiter. Jupiter has a mass of 1.90 1027 kg and a radius of 7.14 107 m. Find the orbital speed of the satellite.

    asked by John
  93. Linear Equations

    y=x-2 y=2x

    asked by Mike
  94. Reiny

    Solve: -x^4 + 200 = 102x^2 I know the last line was wrong I just took a guess on factoring it out. I just knew how to do the first 2 lines. The problem has no typos it is -x, its crazy but that's how it is in my book. how does that change the answer? "Your

    asked by Jon
  95. science

    What is the formula for velocity??

    asked by Lynn15
  96. math (geometry)

    What is a good website that can help me with geometry?

    asked by jonasgrl12
  97. Math(solving a quadratic by factoring)

    Ok I get most of the problems except for these last two. x^2-16=0 and x^2=36 I seem to have trouble with the simplest of problems and none at all with the hard ones.

    asked by Nick
  98. Algebra II

    Use synthetic substitution to find f(-3) for f(x) = 2x^3 - 6x^2 - 5x + 7. _3|2 -6 -5 7 6 36 93 ______________ 2 0 31|100 then I used direct substitution and just plugged -3 in for x and the final answer is f(-3) = 86

    asked by Jon
  99. Math - Calculus

    The identity below is significant because it relates 3 different kinds of products: a cross product and a dot product of 2 vectors on the left side, and the product of 2 real numbers on the right side. Prove the identity below. | a × b |² + (a • b)² =

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Physics

    I have tried to solve this problem in multiple ways, but i keep getting it wrong please help A 48.0 {\rm kg} ice skater spins about a vertical axis through her body with her arms horizontally outstretched, making 1.50 turns each second. The distance from

    asked by Mark
  101. Algebra II

    One factor of f(x) = x^3 + x^2 -22x - 40 is x + 4. Find the other factors. I got confused on my work but I ended up with x - 6 and x + 1 as the remaining factors

    asked by Jon
  102. english- adrienne rich and othello

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or any type of thesis statements I could use for the following essay topic: Discuss women in Othello- Desdemona, emilia, Bianca- from the point of Adrienne rich. In what ways is each a victim of patriarchy? I thought

    asked by sarah
  103. english

    what is a suffix

    asked by anthony
  104. Spanish

    how do you say when

    asked by Lauren
  105. astronomy

    on a domestic gas cooker the temperture in the hottest part of the flame is about 2200k.if salty eater is spilled in the flame then it becomes yellow-orange.measurements with a spectrometer show the presence of an emission line at 589n. 1) the solar

    asked by amy21
  106. astronomy

    why is it necessary for ultrviolet telescopes to be placed on a space-based platform? thanks

    asked by amy21
  107. Accounting

    If you are thinking about buying common stock in a company and the company has preferred stock outstanding, what do you want to know about that preferred stock? And where will you find that information?

    asked by Del
  108. Accounting

    When a corporation issues common stock what is the impact on the financial statements (assets, liabilities, stockholders' equity, and net income) and on the following financial ratios: Current ratio, ROA, and ROE?

    asked by Del
  109. Science

    If a wave has a velocity of 40 meters/second and a frequency of 120 Hz, what is its wavelength in meters?

    asked by Mike
  110. math

    Find the product of (4de^2)^3 (de)^4? 2. Find an equation of the line containing the points (-4,-7) (1,-10) How do you solve this?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Finance

    A bond with face value of $1,000 has a current yeild of 7 percent and a coupon rate of 8 percent. What is the bond's price?

    asked by Joyce
  112. calculus

    integrate (x+2)/((x^2+2x+4)^2) the usual partial fractions don't work???

    asked by matt
  113. Biology

    What two pathways are distrupted in cancer cells?

    asked by Sarah
  114. Algebra

    If a firm has the following cost anfd revenue functions find the break even points C(x)=3600+25x+1/2x^2 R(x)=(175-1/2x)x

    asked by Marion
  115. english

    sorry, i put the wrong poem. Kissing a Horse, robert wrigley Of the two spoiled, barn-sour geldings we owned that year, it was Red— skittish and prone to explode even at fourteen years—who'd let me hold to my face his own: the massive labyrinthine

    asked by wruth
  116. History

    What are some of the differences between the creation stories of the Native groups and the creation stories of the Europeans who would later come to the Americas?

    asked by Lucy
  117. Physics

    If a magnetic flux passes through a circular coil when its diameter D, what should be its diameter (in terms of D) so that only half as much flux passes through it in the same field? Assume that the magnetic field is uniform over the area in both cases. I

    asked by J
  118. Math

    To confuseing I need help. In honor of school spirit week, the student council decided to decorate lockers in the main lobby. The 9th graders officers stuck a decal of Smiley, the school mascot, on every third locker, starting with the third. The 10th

    asked by Mack
  119. statistics

    Can you tell me the z score for the following numbers? 10, 12, 16, 18, 19, 21. Thanks, I am getting the wrong answer each time I do it.

    asked by Christine
  120. English II

    Can someone help??? I need to explain the difference between "justice" and "just"?? Thanks

    asked by Sue
  121. verifying trigonometric identities

    How do I do these problems? Verify the identity. a= alpha, b=beta, t= theta 1. (1 + sin a) (1 - sin a)= cos^2a 2. cos^2b - sin^2b = 2cos^2b - 1 3. sin^2a - sin^4a = cos^2a - cos^4a 4. (csc^2 t / cot t) = csc t sec t 5. (cot^2 t / csc t) = csc t = sin t

    asked by Anonymous
  122. algebra

    can someone help me solve this by completing the square Asquared-4a+4=0

    asked by andy
  123. COM 135

    Review the importance of the four major areas with which a writer must be concerned in order to appeal to a reader’s visual sensibilities. What type of document design would be most effective for your final project? Explain your answer.

    asked by dawn
  124. Chemistry

    Calcium carbonate is an ionic compound. Propose an explanation for the solubility of calcium carbonate.

    asked by Anonymous
  125. latin

    ei spectant pueros in illos ludo

    asked by mark
  126. Business

    I have searched and searched but I can't find examples of companies that product's image has been made or broken through Advertisement. Any ideas on Products hurt or helped by advertising?

    asked by Alan
  127. calculus


    asked by Anonymous
  128. Math\Science

    If a wave has a velocity of 40 meters/second and a frequency of 120 Hz, what is its wavelength in meters?

    asked by Mike
  129. Economics - (*CPI*)

    In Brazil, the reference base period for the CPI is December 1993. In September 2000, prices had risen by 1,565.93 percent since the base period. The inflation rate in Brazil during the year ending September 2001 was 6.46 percent, and during the year

    asked by CrankSt4r
  130. SCIENCE

    Name three different agents of erosion that might move a rock once it has been weathered.

    asked by Mike
  131. ScIeNcE

    Lasers have many medical uses. For example they are used in eye surgery and as dental drills. How is it possible for light energy to slice through tissue better than metal scalpels and drills?

    asked by Mike
  132. Math

    I have this worksheet, it has a bunch of different kinds of questions, but i know all the stuff we learned, i just don't know which ones i use. 1) factor each expression, 8x+10 2) Use Foil to factor each expression, x2-5x+6 3) Use foil to factor each

    asked by Emily
  133. AED 200

    Can anyone help me with these. I want different views please. In separate paragraphs describe your approach to classroom organization, motivation, discipline, and teaching styles, given your current perspective. Contrast each element of this paper with the

    asked by dawn
  134. Math

    Open Ended Electronic City pays its starting employees $8.50/hour. After 6 months, employees get a choice of how they would like to be paid. They can choose from one of the following plans: Plan A: Remain at $8.50/hr, working 40 hours a week. Plan B:

    asked by Mack
  135. AED200

    What instructional philosophies will you incorporate into your classroom environment? Will you have a behaviorist approach to instruction or a constructivist one? Identify which view you feel embodies your personal philosophy of education. How will these

    asked by dawn
  136. religion

    What is JUdaisms followers?

    asked by Allie
  137. math

    which of the following has no faces? a] cube b] sphere c] cone d] pyramid

    asked by Amanda
  138. Math

    what are factors of -20 that add to be one

    asked by Emily
  139. Math

    Open ended Need HELP PLEASE!!! Mr.Guy isfinishing his patio. The Patio is 14ft. by 4yds. -If each square tile is 2 by 2, how many will he need? -If the tile is 5 dollars each, but he gets every 5th one free, how much will it cost? -If tiles are also sold

    asked by Mack
  140. english- adrienne rich and othello

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or any type of thesis statements I could use for the following essay topic: Discuss women in Othello- Desdemona, emilia, Bianca- from the point of Adrienne rich. In what ways is each a victim of patriarchy? I thought

    asked by sarah
  141. accounting

    a company purchases a used machine for $178,000 cash on January 2nd and readies it for use the next day at $2,840 cost. On January 3rd, it is installed on a required operating platform costing $1,160, and is further readied for operations. The company

    asked by jasmine
  142. Chemistry

    Calcium carbonate is an ionic compound. Propose an explanation for the solubility of calcium carbonate.

    asked by Anonymous
  143. math

    what is the answer to this in scrabble, 2 of the 100 tiles are blank find the probability of drawing a blank tile from an entire set of scrabble tiles instructions find each probability. write your answer as a fraction, as a decimal, and as a precent thank

    asked by ashley
  144. science

    what basis can you use to decide whether liquids tested are polar or nonpolar?

    asked by jake
  145. Writing

    I need a sentence with the words "loose" and "folklore"? Help?

    asked by Kate
  146. Math

    Open Ended Nick is starting college in the fall. She has purchased a Star Phone card for $30.00for long didtance calls. The calls cost 10 cents per minute nation wide during the daytime, 6 a.m - 6 p.m and 5 cents per minute nationwide at night, 6 p.m-6a.m.

    asked by Mack
  147. language arts

    instructions read the paragrahs below. on your own or with a partner, write the topic and the man idea of each. Then write two possible opinion statements for each paragraph opinion statment. First members of the student council learn important

    asked by ashley
  148. Science

    State in words how acceleration is calculated.

    asked by Jennifer
  149. Science

    If the net force on an object is zero, what do you know about all of the forces acting on the object?

    asked by Jennifer
  150. english

    Which of the following is the best opening sentence for a business letter that you want to sound fairly informal

    asked by mary
  151. Math

    what is the area of a circle with a diameter of 16meters?

    asked by Billy-boo
  152. Pre Algebra

    How do you find the radius of a circle?

    asked by Lily
  153. chemistry

    how is a chemical mixture distinguished from a chemical compound?

    asked by anthony