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March 1, 2008


    Fig. 6-48 shows a conical pendulum, in which the bob (the small object at the lower end of the cord) moves in a horizontal circle at constant speed. (The cord sweeps out a cone as the bob rotates.) The bob has a mass of 0.038 kg, the string has length L =

    asked by greg
  2. physics again it didnt work.

    A moving 1.60 kg block collides with a horizontal spring whose spring constant is 295 N/m. The block compresses the spring a maximum distance of 3.50 cm from its rest position. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the horizontal

    asked by rory
  3. math

    A patient has been instructed to take 15ml of alumina and magnesium oral suspension every other hour for four doses daily. How many days will two 12 oz bottles last?

    asked by melissa
  4. math

    Write the number in expanded form. 684

    asked by Sue
  5. Algebra II

    Write a quadratic equation with -3/4 and 4 as its roots. Write the equation in form ax^2+bx+c=0, where a,b,and c are integers. (x-p)(x-q)=0 (x--3/4)(x-4)=0 (x+3/4)(x-4)=0 x^2-3x+3=0(answer)

    asked by Jon
  6. math

    How many capsules, each containing 250mg, are needed to provide 50mg/kg/day for 10 days for a person weighing 176 pounds?

    asked by melissa
  7. math


    asked by mota
  8. math

    Write 0.21 as a percent. A) 0.21% B) 2.1% C) 210% D) 21% is the answer D

    asked by Sue
  9. calculus

    what is the integral of x^2-x+6/x^3-3x? the process involves partial fractions, and the answer is supposed to include ln and arctan... i just don't know how to get there.

    asked by belinda
  10. business

    consider two successful small businesses.Outline what it is about the way tey satisfy their customers'wats and needs to makes them successful.

    asked by sam
  11. organic chemistry

    What will be the effect of adding solid NaHCO3 to hot concentrated H2SO4? Why should the reaction vessel containing a synthesized ester be cooled first before neutralization? My Guess #1: Since neutralization is an exothermic process and the ester is in

    asked by PIN
  12. algebra

    You may have to convert from feet to miles several times in this assignment. You can use 1 mile = 5,280 feet for your conversions. 1.Many people know that the weight of an object varies on different planets, but did you know that the weight of an object on

    asked by frank
  13. Chemistry

    Which substance will be attracted to a charged balloon NH3 or CH4? Why?

    asked by Jessica
  14. Economics

    A firm with monoply power has the demand curve: P = 100 - 3Q + 4A^1/2 And has the total cost function: C = 4Q^2 + 10Q + A where A is the level of advertising expenditures. P is price, Q is output. How do I find the values of A, Q, and P that maximize the

    asked by Dan
  15. Physics

    A pilot must fly his plane to a town which is 200 km from his starting point in a direction 30 degrees N of E. He must make the trip in 1/2 hr. An 80km/h wind blows in a direction 30 degrees E of S. Find the speed of the plane relative to the ground, the

    asked by Anonymous
  16. MATH

    For the decimal 8.62354: What is the place value of 5? IS IT TEN-THOUSANDTHS Hundredths Thousandths Ten-thousandths Hundred-thousandths

    asked by Sue
  17. math


    asked by mota
  18. MATHS


    asked by Rosh
  19. 8th math

    What are the odds of having a coin land tails up on 4our consecutive tosses of the coin. I took (1/2)^4 and got 1/16 but my teacher counted it wrong is 1/16th right?

    asked by Gina
  20. Chemistry

    Determine the cell potential (in V) for a platinum electrode in an acidic solution of 0.004M H+(aq), 3.226M ClO4-(aq) and 4.445M ClO3- (aq) ions, coupled to a gold electrode in 3.238 M Au3+ (aq) at 307.10 K. Im confused about the mulitple molarities given

    asked by Matt
  21. math

    whats the integral of e^(3sqrt(x))? i think i'm supposed to use substitution but i don't know what to substirute, i tried u= x^(1/3) but it didn't work out, please help!

    asked by belinda
  22. Science

    Compare and contrast how different electrolytes-sodium, potassium, and chloride function in the body. Why is water essential to health maintenance? What are the functions of water in the body? What happens to the body when it does not get the water it

    asked by Sherri
  23. Biology

    Beetles: Why is the direction that the antennae of beetles point in, significant? Thanks!

    asked by Seema
  24. Physics

    A musician plays the middle C note (262 Hz) on a guitar, a piano, and a violin at the same loudness. Will all three instruments produce exactly the same sound? Why or why not explain. Frequency (262Hz) is the same so that means that the pitch of the sound

    asked by Andrea
  25. Physics

    Why do your vowels examples ("aaah", "eee", "uhh") sound different then when I make them? Explain. Tension, mass density and the length of our vocal cords differ so would that be the reason why they sound different? For instance: a child's voice is usually

    asked by Andrea
  26. Algebra II

    Write 36x^2-360x-25y^2-100y=100 in standard form. Then state whether the graphs of the equation is a parabola, circle, ellipse, or hyperbola. I started with: 36(x^2 -10x+25)-25(y^2+4y+4)=100+36(25)-25(4) which leads to: 36(x^2-10x+25)/900 -

    asked by Lucy
  27. Algebra II

    Write an equation for the ellipse with end points of the major axis at (7,1) and (-7,1) and end points of the minor axis at (0,5) and (0,-3). I do not know how to start this. There are no examples in my book that I can study. Could you show me how to set

    asked by Lucy
  28. Physical science

    What formula's should I use to solve these problems? A 1.04x10^3 kg car accelerates uniformly from rest to 12 m/s in 2.16 seconds. a) What is the work done on the car in this time interval? Answer in Joules. b) What is the power delivered by the engine in

    asked by Christy
  29. Slope

    Find the slope of a line that is perpendicular to a line whose slope is (1) 0 (2) has no slope. TIA

    asked by Jen
  30. Algebra II

    Simplify: 4xy^3/z^2 divided by (8x^2y/z^3)^2 I came up with the following: 2.2.x.y.y.y.z.z.z.z.z/z.z.z2.2.16.x.x.x.x.y.y Simplified into x^3y/16x^3. Is this correct? Thanks for your help earlier and now.

    asked by Lucy
  31. Physical science question 2

    I am definitely lost on this problem. Can someone help me out? A(n) 51.3 kg astronaut becomes separated from the shuttle, while on a spacewalk. She finds herself 50.3 m away from the shuttle and moving with zero speed relative to the shuttle. She has a(n)

    asked by Christy
  32. science/elements

    i know that the mass of barium is 137.33 but i have to make a presentation to my class and i don't know how i would say the mass of it? 137.33 ____ whats it measured in?

    asked by mae
  33. Algebra II

    Solve 2x^2=3x+2 by graphing. If excat roots cannot be found, state the consecutive integers between which the roots are located. I don't have an answer but I made a table and plugged in these values for x respectfully: -1/4, -2/4, -3/4, -1, 0 Thats all I

    asked by Jon
  34. Algebra II

    Solve x^2-2x=24 by factoring. x^2-2x=24 x^2-2x-24=0 (x-2)^2 (x+6)=0 x=2 or x=-6 [-6,2](answer)

    asked by Jon
  35. math

    A "super ball" dropped from a height of x feet bounces to a height y that is 80% of x. Can anyone please teach me how to find its numerical, algebraic, and graphical representations? Thanks a lot!!!

    asked by Lusi
  36. math

    An antibiotic is reconstituted with 128ml of water to yield 250mg/5ml. A) If the child weighs 66 pounds what will the dose be at 5mg/kg/dose? B) If the medication is given qid x 10 days, will the 150ml bottle be enough?

    asked by melissa
  37. Algebra II

    Find the exact solutions to 6x^2+x+4=0 by using the quadratic formula. x=-b+-sqrtb^2-4ac/2a -1+-sqrt1^2-4(6)(4)/2(6) -1+-sqrt-95/12 -1-95/12 -96/12 x= -8 -1+95/12 94/12= 7.8333.. [-8, 7.83](answer)

    asked by Jon
  38. algebra

    ^5 squareroot of x^20 *my answer x^4 ^3 squareroot of 729/343 my answer: couldn't figure it out use rational exponents to write ^3 squareroot of x * ^5 squareroot of 4x my answer: ^15 squareroot 4x^8

    asked by reuben
  39. Physics

    A block oscillates on a spring and passes its equilibrium position with a speed of .157m/s. It's kinetic energy is zero when the block is at the distance of .1m from equilibrium. Assume no friction between the block and the table. Force is 8.67N. Also mass

    asked by Andrea
  40. algebra

    ^440 squareroot (a+b)^440 my answer: |a+b| add. squareroot 7a + 4 squareroot 28a^3 ?

    asked by reuben
  41. Chemistr repost

    Determine the cell potential (in V) for a platinum electrode in an acidic solution of 0.004M H+(aq), 3.226M ClO4-(aq) and 4.445M ClO3- (aq) ions, coupled to a gold electrode in 3.238 M Au3+ (aq) at 307.10 K. Im confused about the mulitple molarities given

    asked by Matt
  42. Math

    I have no idea how you would do this problem: Express this expression as a rational number in lowest terms. (1000!-999!-998!)/(1000!+999!+998!)

    asked by Katie
  43. science

    how is science related to quartz watches?

    asked by jonh
  44. Probability

    Two fair coins are flipped simultaneously. This is done repeatedly until at least one of the coins comes up heads, at which point the process stops. What is the probability that both coins come up heads? I think it would be 1/2 but the answer is 1/3 and I

    asked by Anonymous
  45. science

    what types of scienists are involved in quatz watches?

    asked by jonh
  46. Science

    How do scientists contribute to quartz watches?

    asked by jonh
  47. pre-cal

    A "super ball" dropped from a height of x feet bounces to a height y that is 80% of x. Can anyone please teach me how to find its numerical, algebraic, and graphical representations? Thanks a lot!!!

    asked by Lusi
  48. science

    how is science related to hamburgers?

    asked by jonh
  49. physical science 2

    in the troposphere, air temperature usually decreses with height by 6.5 c per kilometer. if the air temperature near the ground is 20 c what would you expect the temperature at the tropopause to be, assuming a tropopause height of 12km?

    asked by jessica
  50. Physical Science

    After a car is driven for some distance, why does the air pressure in the tires increase?

    asked by Rachel
  51. business

    10 good business ideas

    asked by jonh
  52. Physical Science

    In your room are things such as tables, chairs and other people. Which of these things has a temperature lower than air? Greater than air? And equal to the temperature of air?

    asked by Rachel
  53. sam

    what types of scientists are involved in penicillin?

    asked by jonh
  54. science

    How do scientist contribute penicillin?

    asked by sam
  55. science

    How is science related to penicillin?

    asked by sam
  56. cook

    a food recipe using stemming?

    asked by sam
  57. science

    plz answer whar are quantitative properties? Which states of matter are considered fluids? list 4 properties of fluids? thankz alot

    asked by plz help
  58. Math

    Beginning with a tank containing 8075 gallons of gasoline, more gas is added at a rate of 5 gallons per minute, while alcohol is added at a rate of 10 gallons per minute. When the mixture is 10% alcohol, how many gallons of the mixture are in the tank? Is

    asked by Anonymous
  59. binary system

    how does the binary system work?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Elementary Mathematics

    How can a child who has not yet developed base-ten concepts understands quantities as large as, say, 85? Contrast this with a child who understands these same quantities in terms of base-ten groupings.

    asked by Tee
  61. Elementary Mathematics 2

    Counting by ones, counting by tens, and counting by groups and singles: I was rather curious about how these methods of counting can be used to coordinate concepts and oral and written names for numbers.

    asked by Tee
  62. organic chemistry

    why is it necessary to protonate the carboxylic acid in an acid-catalyzed esterification? What is its purpose?

    asked by PIN
  63. french

    translate this Le bonheur ici bas n'a pas de prix Am I right in saying"happiness here doesn't have a price". If not, what is the translation and two, what does "bas" mean in this context?

    asked by Kurst
  64. Science

    What is the differnce of the dispersal of the seeds of the tomato and the spores of the mushroom?

    asked by Yeoh
  65. Geography

    I've been searching all over the web for this, but cannot find specific details. How did the former Soviet Union encourage its expansive population policy? Thanks in advance.

    asked by Natalie
  66. Health insurance

    Please check my answer thanks for your help :) Hospital that are excluded from the Medicare acute care PPS such as children hospitals are paid based on A reasonable cost B fee schedules C global payments C bundled payments My answer is # A

    asked by Lucie
  67. Chemistry

    Redox Reactions Can anyone help predict the reaction that will take place when Gold is put into a solution of Hydrochloric Acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Health insurance

    Please check my answer thanks for the help :) If an enrollee uses more services than originally assumed per the PPPM calculation then what would the paln do? A. show a profit for that period B. show a loss for that period C need a contract renegotiation D.

    asked by Lucie
  69. please check my answer health insurance

    please check my answer thank you for your help :) Prospective payment system determines payment before services are received True or False My answer is True

    asked by Lucie
  70. ICD-9-CM codes health care

    please check my answer thanks for the help :) Verifying the accuracy of ICD-9-CM and HCPCS codes are an important function in what ? My answer is maintence of the OASIS data set

    asked by Lucie
  71. Algebra II (check)

    Assume that no denominator equals 0. sqrt12 - sqrt18 + 3sqrt50 + sqrt75 = (sqrt2^2*3) - (sqrt2*3^2) + (3sqrt2*5^2) + (sqrt3*5^2) = (sqrt2^2*sqrt3) - (sqrt3^2*sqrt2) + (3sqrt5^2*sqrt2) + (sqrt5^2*sqrt3) = (2*sqrt3) - (3*sqrt2) + (3sqrt5*sqrt2) + (5*sqrt3) =

    asked by Jon
  72. Algebra II (check)

    Assume that no denominator equals 0. 2+i/1-3i = 2+i/1-3i = (2+i/1-3i) * (1+3i/1+3i) = (2+3i^2)/(1-9i^2) = (2/1) - (1/3i) = 2-1/3i(answer)

    asked by Jon
  73. Algebra II (check)

    Use synthetic division to find (2x^3 - 5x^2 + 7x - 1). _1|2 -5 7 -1 2 -3 _____________ 2 -3 4|-1 2x^2 - 3x + 4(answer)

    asked by Jon
  74. Algebra II (check)

    Write the expression m^7/9 in radical form. 9sqrt m^7 (answer)

    asked by Jon
  75. Algebra II (check)

    Solve: sqrt3x+6 + 4 =< 7 sqrt3x+6 + 4 =< 7 subtract 4 from both sides sqrt3x+6 =< 3 subtract 6 from both sides 3x/3x =< -3x/3x x =< -1 (answer)

    asked by Jon
  76. english

    For Language Arts I have to write a two voice poem about the holocost. It has to be very serious. Everytime I give my teacher the poem she gives it back to be and says that I don't know how to start the beggining of seriously. So, how should I start the

    asked by Taylor
  77. math

    Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers. 335, 233, 185, 392, 235, 518, 281, 208, 318

    asked by diane
  78. sci

    Would someone critique my hypothesis? question:Although most salamanders have four legs, the aquatic salamander shown below resembles an eel. It lacks hind limbs and has very tiny forelimbs. Propose a hypothesis to explain how limbless salamanders evolved

    asked by Trish
  79. Math

    Can anybody translate (y + 3)(y -2)

    asked by Ron
  80. Physics

    A boat is at a point 120km West and 60km South of its destination. It sails in water which has a current of 20km/h North. In order to arrive at the destination, the captain decides to head the boat due east at 50km/h until he reaches a point due South of

    asked by Anonymous
  81. physics

    A car (m = 690.0 kg) accelerates uniformly from rest up an inclined road which rises uniformly, to a height, h = 49.0 m. Find the average power the engine must deliver to reach a speed of 24.9 m/s at the top of the hill in 15.7 s(NEGLECT frictional losses:

    asked by rory
  82. organic chemistry

    Why is that absolute ethanol be used in preparing an ester with ethanol as one of the reactants? My Guess: It will cause hydrolysis of the ester as it is formed in the reaction vessel. Is this reasoning right? Pls. I need help about this...

    asked by PIN
  83. Algebra II

    The shape of a supporting arch can be modeled by h(x)= -0.03^2+3x, where h(x) represents the height of the arch and x represents the horizontal distance from one end of the base of the arch in meters. Find the maximum height of the arch.

    asked by Jon
  84. Physics

    I have to compare and contrast three types of tires, and relate them to physics. I've chosen: Racing tires Winter tires All season tires I've chosen to compare them on: Tire tread pattern Rubber compound ??? As you can see, I need something else to

    asked by Lucy
  85. Math

    Give the place value for the indicated digit. 8 in the number 138,350 A) Ones B) Tens C) Hundreds D) Thousands

    asked by Sue
  86. Algebra II (check)

    Assume that no denominator equals 0. 5x^3(7x)^2 = 5*7*7+x^3+x^2 = 245x^5(answer)

    asked by Jon
  87. MATH

    5. For the decimal 8.62354: What is the place value of 5? A) Hundredths B) Thousandths C) Ten-thousandths D) Hundred-thousandths Is it D

    asked by AJ
  88. Algebra II (check)

    Assume that no denominator equals 0. (2x-3)^2 = 2x * 2x -3 * -3 = 4x-9(answer)

    asked by Jon
  89. Algebra II (check)

    Assume that no denominator equals 0. (8y^3+27)/(2xy-10y+3x-15) I don't know how to solve this one.

    asked by Jon
  90. Ratios Math

    Please help The following table shows the number of calories burned per hour (cal/h) for a variety of activities, where the figures are based on a 150-pound person. Bicycling 6mi/h 240 Running 10mi/h 1280 Bicycling 12mi/h 410 Swimming 25yd/min 275

    asked by Sherri
  91. Algebra II (check)

    Assume that no denominator equals 0. sqrt 16x^2y^4 = sqrt (4x)y^2 = 4xy^2(answer)

    asked by Jon
  92. Math

    Can 89/13 151/11 or 223/23 be simplified? I think none of the 3 can be simplified

    asked by AJ
  93. Math

    Do the indicated addition. 3 + 4 + 8=15 right 7 12 15 17

    asked by AJ
  94. chemistry-calibration curve

    what does the calibration curve tell you about the spectrophotometer?

    asked by stew
  95. 8th grade astronamy- apparent magnetudes

    whats the differences in magnitudes of the sun and sirius?

    asked by AJ
  96. Trig Equation

    Solve for x (exact solutions): sin x - sin 3x + sin 5x = 0 -¦Ð ¡Ü x ¡Ü 0 ------ Now, using my graphics calculator, I discovered that the following equation has 5 solutions. I have managed to come up with 3 of them but I'm having trouble finding the

    asked by sqleung
  97. Trig

    Can somebody please help me find the domain of: 1 / cos4x If there are any working out, could you be kind enough to show your steps? Thankyou. All help is of course, appreciated.

    asked by sqleung
  98. math


    asked by mota
  99. MATH

    substract 8gal 7qt-3gal 2qt simple form is the answer 5gal 3 qt 4 gal 5 qt 6 gal 1 qt 5 gal 3 qt 5 gal 5.5 qt

    asked by Sue
  100. math


    asked by mota
  101. physics

    A 62.0 kg diver falls from rest into a swimming pool from a height of 3.50 m. It takes 1.92 s for the diver to stop after entering the water. Find the magnitude of the average force exerted on the diver during that time.

    asked by rory
  102. math

    Write in decimal form. 8 583/10,000 85,830 8.583 8.0583 8.00583

    asked by Sue