Questions Asked on
February 29, 2008

  1. physics

    In a certain region of space the electric potential is V= 5x-3x^2y+2yz^2. Find the expressions for the x,y,z compenents of the electric field in this region. What is the magnitude of the field at the point P, which has coordinates 1,0,-2)m? I don't know

    asked by Jessica
  2. french

    what is the plural of la salle de bains? Deux salles de bains?

    asked by anonymous
  3. statistics

    Suppose that a researcher normally uses an alpha level of .01 for hypothesis test, but this time uses an alpha level of .05. What does this change in the alpha level do to the amount of power? What does it do to the risk of a Type I error?

    asked by Lily
  4. Physics

    A daredevil plans to bungee jump from a balloon 64.0 m above a carnival midway. He will use a uniform elastic cord, tied to a harness around his body, to stop his fall at a point 10.0 m above the ground. Model his body as a particle and the cord as having

    asked by Nancy
  5. managerial economics

    At a recent board meeting, the president and CEO got into a heated argument about whether to shut down the firm's plant in Miami. The Miami plant currently loses $60,000 monthly. The president of the firm argued that the Miami plant should continue to

    asked by jean
  6. statistics

    The value of the z-score that is obtained for a hypothesis test is influenced by several factors. Some factors influence the size of the numerator of the z-score and other factors influence the size of the standard error in the denominator. For each of the

    asked by Tyler
  7. microeconomics

    Jason wants to hire Maria to tutor him in economics. Jason is willing to pay $30 for the first hour of tutoring, $25 for the second, $20 for the third, $15 for the fourth, and $10 for the fifth. Maria has an opportunity cost per hour of $6 for the first,

    asked by janet
  8. Math (Geometry)

    "Target Games: Darts are thrown at each of the boards shown below. A dart hits the board at a random point. Judging by appearances, find the probability that it will land in the shaded region." This figure is a diamond (the diamond is not shaded) and it

    asked by Robert
  9. Algebra

    A carpenter is building a rectangular room with a fixed perimeter of 112 ft. What dimensions would yield the maximum area? What is the maximum area?

    asked by KC
  10. Personal Ethical Standard

    You are a prison guard supervising a tier. One of the inmates comes to you and asks a favor. Because he is a troublemaker, his mail privileges have been taken away. He wants you to mail a letter for him. You figure it’s not such a big deal; besides, you

    asked by Kish
  11. Chemistry

    A second order reaction has a rate constant of 8.7x10^-4/(M*s) at 30 degrees C. At 40 degrees C the rate constant is 1.8x10^-3/(M*s). What are the activation energy and frequency factor for this reaction? Predict the value of the rate constant at 4 degrees

    asked by Lauren
  12. physics

    A man pulls a crate of mass 63.0 kg across a level floor. He pulls with a force of 174.0 N at an angle of 22.0° above the horizontal. When the crate is moving, the frictional force between the floor and the crate has a magnitude of 124.0 N. If the crate

    asked by rory
  13. Math

    Megan exercises every morning for 40 minutes. She does a combination of step aerobics, which burns about 11 calories per minute, and stretching, which burns about 4 calories per minute. Her goal is to burn 335 calories during her routine. Write a system of

    asked by Manda
  14. chemistry

    4. Phosphorous trichloride, PCl3, reacts with water to form phosphorous acid, H3PO4, and hydrocholoric acid: PCl3+ 3H2O> H3PO3+3HCL a. what is the limiting reactant when 10.0g of PCl3 is mixed with 12.4 g of H2O? b.what mass of HCl is formed? C. how much

    asked by anon
  15. Chemistry

    Use the equation below to answer the following questions. Al + H2SO4 ==> Al2(SO4)3 + H2 A. If 8.15 moles of aluminum are reacted, how many moles of hydrogen will be produced? B. If 44.7 g of hydrogen sulfate is reacted, what mass of aluminum sulfate is

    asked by katie
  16. chemistry

    5. DDT is an insecticide banned by the U.S Government because it is a hazard to fish, birds, and humans. 710 g of DDT is actually isolated in the reaction. the theoretical yield for this reaction was calculated to be 725 g. what is the percent yield for

    asked by anon
  17. Physics

    The frequency of a stationary siren is 1500 Hz when measured by a stationary observer. If an observer moves away from the siren at mach number .85 what is the frequency he hears? (assume room temperature so that velocity of the air is 340m/s) I know that I

    asked by Andrea
  18. Physics

    4. Why will the leaves of a red rose be warmed more than the petals when illuminated with red light? How does this relate to people in the hot desert wearing white clothes?

    asked by jim
  19. chemistry

    Match the correct mole ratio to the substances in the reactions below. carbon monoxide to iron in the reaction: Fe2O3 + CO ==> Fe + CO2 water to manganeese(II) chloride in the reaction: HCl + MnO2 ==> H2O + MnCl2 + Cl2 sodium to oxygen in the reaction: Na

    asked by joshua
  20. chemistry

    6.Answer the following questions about BaC2O4 and its hydrate: A. calculate the mass percent of carbon in the hydrated form of the solid that has the fromula BaC2O4 * 3H2O

    asked by anon
  21. Chemistry

    In an experiment 0.5300 g of ferric oxide is reacted with 0.3701 g of carbon monoxide gas according to the equation: Fe2O3 + CO ==> Fe + CO2. A. What is the limiting reactant? B. What mass of the other reactant is in exess? C. What mass of iron is

    asked by Zachary
  22. Geometry and Measurement

    I am trying to solve the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with sides of 6mm and 8mm

    asked by Victoria
  23. confidentiality of health information

    the constitutional basis of the right of privacy is

    asked by gigi
  24. arithmetic

    i have equal amounts of quarters,dimes nickels pennies the value can be any except what 1.23 1.68 2.46

    asked by polly
  25. Algebra II (Matrices)

    My book doesn't solve it like a linear equation, they solve it by using inverse matrices. Solve the matrix equation: |4 -5||m|=|32| |1 2| |n|=|-5| A= |4 -5| |1 2| X= |m| |n| B= |32| |-5| Step 1. Find the inverse of the coefficient matrix. A^-1= 1/13|2 5|

    asked by Jon
  26. Chemistry

    With isotopes, is it fair to say that each isotope has a slightly differnent volume due to the differing numbers of neutrons in the nucleus? i.e. carbon-12 is slightly smaller in volume than carbon-13. If not, why?

    asked by Kurst
  27. English

    The word Dibarcle Debarcle is not in my dictionary. Am I spelling it incorectly. Thanks Mike

    asked by Mike
  28. Physics

    8. Fire engines used to be red. Yellow-green is now the preferred color. Why the change?

    asked by jim
  29. Math repost for Jordan


    asked by Ms. Sue
  30. Art

    What does this mean? I am suppose to find a piece of art that represents a human-centered view. but I don't know what human centered view means? can someone help me please so I can find a piece of art

    asked by TJ
  31. Chemistry

    The reaction 2B--->C + 2D is found to be zero order when run at 990 degrees C. If it takes 3.3X110^2 s for an initial concentration of B to go from 0.50 M to .20 M what is the rate constant for the reaction? what is the half life of the reaction under

    asked by Lauren
  32. chemistry

    3. How many grams of CaCO3 are required in the preparation of exactly 73.5 g of CO2? ---CaCO3> ---CaO + ---CO2

    asked by anon
  33. Macroeconomics

    Can someone please help me with this? Since fall of 2004, rising oil prices have frequently ended stock market rallies and led to declines in all major stock indexes. Draw an AS/AD diagram which shows the effect on the US macroeconomy of oil at a high

    asked by Macro_Econo
  34. ict

    i need to design a luggage tag for ict homework but i don`t know what is written on the tag. i know you put your name but else is needed. thanks for your help

    asked by jenna
  35. Business

    If you were starting a new company, what would your ethical code of the company be?

    asked by greatdanelola
  36. Math

    Describe an application for the use of ratios or proportions

    asked by Sherri
  37. Math

    Please show me how to do this problem please. The ratio of 7 dimes to 3 quarters.

    asked by Danielle
  38. math (urgent help needed)

    Seeds of type A and type B are sold in a packet each must contain a)both type a and type b seeds b)at least twice the number of type b c)as there are type a seeds no more thanm 12 seeds 1)state the minimum number in each packet of type a and type b seeds.

    asked by Keisha
  39. Physics

    You're explaining to a youngster at the seashore why the water is cyan colored. The youngster points to the whitecaps of overturning waves and asks why they are white. What is your answer?

    asked by brownie
  40. managerial economics

    You own a small bank in a state that is now considering allowing interstate banking. You oppose interstae banking because it will be possible for the very large money center banks in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco to open branches in your bank's

    asked by jean
  41. math


    asked by Taylor
  42. Algebra II

    Assume that no denomenator equals 0. (7x^2+3x-9)-(-x^2+8x-3) = 7x^2+3x-9+x^2-8x+3 = (7x^2+x^2)+(3x-8x)+(-9+3) = 8x^2+-5x+-6 = 8x^2-5x-6(answer)

    asked by Jon
  43. Math(factoring)

    I need help with factoring trinomials completely. My teacher's example is: 2x^2-12x+18 2(x^2-6x+9) 2(x-3)(x-3) I need help with: 6x^2-26x-20 I just can't get this stuff so if you can please help me I'd greatly appreciate it.

    asked by Nick
  44. organic chemistry

    Why is it necessary that absolute ethanol must be used in preparing an ester from ethanol and a carboxylic acid?

    asked by PIN
  45. English

    Can someone please edit this for me? and tell me if i did the quoates right.(meaning I properly indented and made each ones new paragraphs at the right time.) What would the novel “A Separate Peace” be life if Finny would have narrated it rather than

    asked by Abby
  46. Calc 2

    i need to take the limit as x-->0 of 3x^2csc^2(x)...Is the answer 0?

    asked by Jessica
  47. Science

    I NEED Steve Turek's e-mail for science class!! But I don't know how to get it. HELP!!

    asked by Taylor
  48. Honors Physical Science

    Did the object have a greater acceleration from 0s-8s or from 9s - 16s? What was the difference between the 2 accelerations? I figured out that the acceleration for 0s - 8s is 3cm/s and that the acceleration from 9s - 16s is -3.28cm/s but i don't know

    asked by Chelsey
  49. math

    how do I find an unknown?

    asked by Mary
  50. Physics

    A block oscillates on a spring and passes its equilibrium position with a speed of .157m/s. It's kinetic energy is zero when the block is at the distance of .1m from equilibrium. Assume no friction between the block and the table. What is the period of its

    asked by Andrea
  51. geography

    How many major oceans are there, what are they and how many are located north of the equator?

    asked by Julie
  52. acids and alkalis

    what makes an acid an acid?

    asked by clo
  53. Physics

    How could you use the spotlights at a play to make the yellow clothes of the performers suddenly change to black?

    asked by bob
  54. Physics

    Why does the blood of deep sea divers look greenish-black in underwater photographs taken with natural light, but red when flashbulbs are used?

    asked by bob
  55. french

    How do you say our house has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen..... is it: Notre maison a trois piece. Il y a deux chambres, un sejour, une cuisine.... Please correct me.

    asked by anonymous
  56. statistics

    On a standard anagram task, people successfully complete an average µ=26 anagrams with a standard deviation=4. This distribution is normal. A researcher would like to demonstrate that the arousal from anxiety is distracting and will decrease task

    asked by Laurie
  57. arithmetic

    the average degree measure of the angles of a triangle is

    asked by polly
  58. arithmetic

    a triangle with a whole number sides has a perimeter 6 how many sides have the same lenght

    asked by polly
  59. Analysis & Design

    How can a project manager be sure that he or she has chosen the correct metrics to assess project performance? I need a few examples please.

    asked by Patrick
  60. chemistry urgent!!!

    2. When exactly 61.9 g of silver nitrate react with magnesium, how many grams of Ag are prepared? Balanced equation:

    asked by anon
  61. english

    Wanted to create a gracious way of living and stressed refinement and the development of courtesy?

    asked by lindsey
  62. english

    How many Puritans died during the crossing of the Atlantic?

    asked by lindsey
  63. english

    Portrays the alternation between faith and doubt?

    asked by lindsey
  64. english

    That there our veins might through Thy Person bleed/To quench those flames, that else would on us feed "What Love Is This" "The Ebb and Flow" "Meditations"

    asked by lindsey
  65. jami

    Good day! Please help me find the works of jami, a persian poet...especially with the love stories he was able to write...thanks a lot...

    asked by klar maesen
  66. English/Lost word

    Mind gone blank. for the sake of ???????????? When you are trying to keep everybody happy. Thanks Mike

    asked by Mike
  67. Math

    Find a third-degree polynomial Q such that Q(1)=0, Q'(1)=0, Q''(1)=2, and Q'''(1)=12.

    asked by Charlie
  68. chem

    What is the sum of the coefficients (including “1”) of the following reaction? Sodium sulfate + calciumhydroxide--> ???

    asked by cal
  69. biology

    I hate my teacher and she wont help me = [

    asked by Danielle
  70. statistics

    For a normal distribution, identify the z-score location that would separate the distribution into sections so that there is: a)60% in the body on the right-hand side b)90% in the body on the left-hand side

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Physics

    Why do ocean waves break as they approach the shore? Is it because of the principle of superposition. Would it be described as constructive or destructive interference? I believe it's constructive interference as the two waves combine the amplitude is

    asked by Andrea
  72. Science/Math

    How do you convert 28cm/s - km/hr^2?

    asked by Chelsey
  73. Math

    Please double check me Find each rate 240 pounds of fertilzer divide by 6 lawns Answer: 40 lbs/lawns Which is the better buy: 5lb of sugar for $4.75 or 20lb of sugar for $19.92 Answer 5lb Write the following proportions If Maria hit 8 home runs in 15

    asked by Sherri
  74. french

    Combien de personnes y a-t-il dans votre famille? How would you answer if i have 4 members (including me) in my family? is it: Il y a quatre personnes dans ma famille? And is " Ma mere s'appelle ____. Elle est....." a correct way to start?

    asked by anonymous
  75. Physics

    2. Why is red paint red

    asked by jim
  76. Physics

    6. Why do we not list black and white as colors?

    asked by jim
  77. french

    how do you say I live with my mom but with the word "chez" ? And how do you say i am renting the house i am living in? something like: "Je loue une maison." ?

    asked by anonymous
  78. Physics

    Does light travel faster through the lower atmosphere or through the upper atmosphere?

    asked by brownie
  79. Chemistry

    In an experiment 10.124 g of magnesium is reacted with 4.273 g of oxygen gas according to the equation: Mg + O2 ==> MgO. A. What is the limiting reactant? B. What mass of the other reactant is in exess? C. What mass of MgO is produced?

    asked by tyler
  80. Math

    PV/nR=T what does n=?

    asked by Faith
  81. Math

    how do you find the radius of a circle? Please help

    asked by Jessica
  82. Latin

    I have to do a presentation for Latin on Catullus 45 (a poem with Acme and Septimius). Any tips for presenting and what to say?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Reading

    I have to write a NewsPapper on a book I read consisting on the main charter ect. and I am not that great at writing pappers.

    asked by Keith
  84. Business law

    Would you be able to check my 5 answers: 1. The continued possession by a minor of a good after reaching the age of majority will be treated as an implied ratification of the contract by which the minor acquired that good Answer True 2. If a contract is

    asked by Mike
  85. accounting

    i need help with A1 photography practice sets

    asked by sunshine
  86. spell

    what is the symnom of a

    asked by james
  87. Chemistry

    Then, do isotopes have different atomic radii? since they all have different numbers of neutrons. Even if they only differ by 10^-23 m, there is still some diff right?

    asked by Kurst
  88. accounting

    I need help calculating Earnings Per Share and Diluted Earnings Per share with options

    asked by Tashonna
  89. biochemistry

    I am studying for a midterm. Do you know this answer? what reaction does LDH actually catalize and why is that reaction important?

    asked by stew
  90. Business

    imagine that you are starting your own company. what would be the ethical code of your company?

    asked by greatdanelola
  91. chemistry

    how did you find the percent yeild for the eugenol benzoate?

    asked by shelly
  92. business management

    can anyone help me understand what the purpose, advantages, disadvantages, and type of feedback provided by line-item, performance, and program budgets?

    asked by jean
  93. French

    Is the correct way to say I like to go shopping, J'aime faire du shopping?

    asked by jess
  94. criminal justice

    Could someone give me an example of how to create an incident report about a bank hold-up, using well constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and professional tone. only two tellers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. give

    asked by Tom
  95. business

    What is the primary difference between a performance budget and a program budget? Why does a human services agency need to know this information?

    asked by jean
  96. arithmetic

    what is the difference between the area and the perimeter of a square with a sidelength 6

    asked by polly
  97. calculus

    What is an upper bound on the absolute value of the error: |sum from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^(n+1))/(n*5^n)) -.1826666...| ?????

    asked by laura