Questions Asked on
February 28, 2008

  1. chemistry

    the question reads: a) balance the equation: H3PO4 + Ca(OH)2 --> Ca3(PO4)2 + H2O b)what mass of each product results if 750 mL of 6.00 M H3PO4 reacts according to the equation? i balanced it with: 2H3PO4 + 3Ca(OH)2 --> Ca3(PO4)2 + 6H2O but i'm not sure

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics

    Select which of the following statements are True or False. Assume Newtonian Mechanics. 1.The work required to lift a mass one meter depends on the speed at which it is raised.. 2.The acceleration of an object is same in all inertial reference frames.

    asked by josh g
  3. right triangles can't have decimals in the angles?

    why can't a right triangle have decimals in the other two angles? it has a right angle, therefor the other two must add up to equal 180, correct? well i did my calculations, and i got 53.6 degrees for angle 1 and for angle 2, 36.4 degrees. they all add up

    asked by woody
  4. History

    What were two intended outcomes of the Green Revolution and two unintended outcomes of the Green Revolution?

    asked by Christian
  5. Chemistry

    Determine the actual yield in grams of CCL4 if 175.0g of Cl2 reacts with meathane. The percentage yield of the reaction is 75.4%

    asked by LaNeisha
  6. Science

    In a wheelbarrow, you have 2 kilograms of soil for your garden. If 8 percent of it is organic matter( decayed materials from organisms), how many grams of organic matter do you have?

    asked by Dee
  7. Chemistry

    determine the approximate molarity of a solution of NaOH prepared by diluting 10ml of 6M NaOH to a volume of 400 ml. using the solution in the first part, 24.5ml of NaOH solution was required to neutralize 26.4ml of a .150M HCl solution. find the molarity

    asked by Chuck
  8. Prealgebra

    The sum of an integer and the next greater integer is at most 15. Write an inequality to find the lesser integer. Then slove for the lesser integer.

    asked by Jillian
  9. Chemistry

    Samples of neon and helim are placed into separate containers connected by a pniched rubber tube as shown. When the clamp is removed and the gases are allowed to mix, what is the final pressure of the neon? The volume of the tube is negligible. 5.00L, 654

    asked by Miley
  10. trig

    If cos A =1/3 with A in QIV find cscA/2

    asked by Rick
  11. chemistry

    Assuming that sea water is a 3.5 wt% solution of NaCl in water, calculate its osmotic pressure at 20 deg C. The density of a 3.5% naCl solution at 20 deg C is 1.023 g/mL. How do I go about solving this?

    asked by Sarah
  12. science

    below are about 21 questions from my final study guide. I was given a 563 question study guide for my final and obviously I did not understand every question. So basically I did not understand 4% of the questions which is pretty good. Just any help with

    asked by JAKE
  13. Trig

    Verify that each of the following is an identity. tan^2x-sin^2x=tan^2xsin^2x I can get it down to cos^2 on the right, but cannot get it to work out on the left. secx/cosx - tanx/cotx=1 On the left I got down to 1-tan^2, but that clearly doesn't equal 1....

    asked by Andrea
  14. Chemistry- Stochiometry

    The conversion factor for deriving the number of moles of salicylic acid, C7H6O3, from a given number of grams of salicylic acid is...

    asked by Jeffrey
  15. History

    What u.s. president began the interstate Highway System?

    asked by Chance
  16. chemistry

    write the formula for and indicate the charge on each of the following ions: a) sodium ion b) aluminum ion c) chloride ion d) nitride ion e e)iron (II) ion f) iron (III) ion

    asked by john
  17. science

    1.when air is cold, it has less ______. 2.the expansion joints _______ when it is cold outside. 3.the expansion joints ______ when it is hot outside. 4.what might happen to a road without expansion joints? The _____ is a blank need answer please and 4 need

    asked by allison
  18. Physics

    there's three parts, i keep getting these wrong please help. A set of crash tests consists of running a test car moving at a speed of 11.8 m/s (26.4 mi/hr) into a solid wall. Strapped securely in an advanced seat belt system, a 59.0 kg (130 lbs) dummy is

    asked by Courtney
  19. math

    Neisha is making punch. to make the punch. she needs 2 pints of lemonade. she only has 1-cup measure. how many cups of lemonade should Neisha use? A 2 cups B 3 cups c 4 cups D 5 cups ( please show work )

    asked by marquis
  20. trig

    Prove the identity sin squared 0 with line/2 = csc zero with line -cot zero with a line /2csc zero with a line

    asked by Rick
  21. physics

    A bullet of mass m= 0.0290 kg is fired along an incline and imbeds itself quickly into a block of wood of mass M= 1.55 kg. The block and bullet then slide up the incline, assumed frictionless, and rise a height H= 1.65 m before stopping. Calculate the

    asked by rory
  22. math

    49 divided by n = 7 ( please show work thank you)

    asked by marquis
  23. ss

    what mountain range runs along the western coast of south america?

    asked by doug
  24. English

    Sound Words. The___ of broken glass followed the ____ of the bullet as the rifle____ .The soldiers were awakened by the _____ of the bugle.

    asked by Susan
  25. trig

    Use half-angle formulas to find the exact value for the following cot 75 degrees

    asked by Rick
  26. Manangerial Accounting

    A company had a loss of $3 per unit when sales were 40,000 units. When sales were 50,0000 units, the company had a loss of $1.60 per unit. determine contribution margin determine fixed costs determine the break even point in units

    asked by Thomas
  27. managerial economics

    The Harley-Davidson motorcycle company, which had a copyright on the word "hog," applied for exclusive rights to its engine sound. Why would a company want copyrights on two such mundane things? In my opinion. The reason for the two mundane things is to

    asked by jean
  28. Chemistry

    Please Help me with my chemistry Review I have a test tommorow? Please help me with my review my test average is low and i need at least a b to pass the class for the six weeks I am freaking out!!!! I care more about showing work i don't want answers I

    asked by anon
  29. English

    Can you help me unscramble these words: largloi, osmoe, swarlu, clame, shero, estoroit,neomelach, and treeatan. There all animal names, thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  30. science

    A substance in a solid at room temperature. It is unable to conduct electricity as a solid but can conduct electricity as a liquid. This compound melts at 755 degrees celsius. Would you expect this compound to have ionic bonds, metallic bonds, or covalent

    asked by JAKE
  31. physics

    A Princeton prof. (mass = 67.0 kg), surprised by the large stopping force he calculates for jumping flat footed from a height of 0.11 m, decides to try the experiment. Calculate he deceleration (in g's) if he stops in a distance of 0.30 cm. (Do not try

    asked by rory
  32. Chemistry

    A 3.5 liter gas sample at 20 degrees celcius and a pressure of 650 mm Hg is allowed to expand to a volume of 8570mL. The final pressure of the gas is 0.60 atm. What is the final temeperature of the gas in degrees celcius. Can anyone please show me the

    asked by Miley
  33. statistics

    Can someone please explain to me the procedures for getting an answer to the questions. Step by step would be great since I'm very confused. I know it's probably simple. * Numerous studies have demonstrated that listening to music while studying can

    asked by Lily
  34. Math

    Given that f(x) = 2sinx - cosx - Write f(x) in the form Asin(x+a) - Find the maximum value of 2sinx - cosx - Find the lowest positive value of p such that f(x) = f(x + p) Thankyou. All help is appreciated. I'm really struggling on this assignment.

    asked by sqleung
  35. physics

    A moving 1.60 kg block collides with a horizontal spring whose spring constant is 295 N/m. The block compresses the spring a maximum distance of 3.50 cm from its rest position. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the horizontal

    asked by rory
  36. trig

    Prove the identity sin(3 pi /2 + x) + sin(3pi/2 -x) = -2cosx

    asked by Rick
  37. chemistry

    Is delta Tf = delta Tb? The original practice problem is Detla Tf= 8.631 for an aqueous solution, what is delta Tb. I know that Delta Tf=Kf*m

    asked by Sarah
  38. criminal justice

    create an incident report about a bank hold-up, using well constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and professional tone. Only two tellers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. answer the question who, what, when, where, why, and

    asked by Tom
  39. math

    a vase in the shape of a cube has a side measuring of 7 inches which of the numbers below is the best estimate of how much water it will hold? a 125 in3 b 200 in3 B 200 in3 c 300 in3 d 350 in3 d 350 in3

    asked by marquis
  40. Science

    Why do all salts crystals have a distinctive cubic shape? And what happens to these atoms during this chemical reaction?

    asked by Emily
  41. biology

    what are the differences between mitosis and meiosis!?

    asked by sam
  42. math(relation & functions) need help urgently

    Seeds of type A and type B are sold in a packet each must contain a)both type a and type b seeds b)at least twice the number of type b c)as there are type a seeds no more thanm 12 seeds 1)state the minimum number in each packet of type a and type b seeds.

    asked by Keisha
  43. Algebra Quadratic Equations

    I am supposed to write a quadratic equation using only the solutions and I am only given one solution:4. It can't be (x-4)=0. Can I use 0 to make (x-4)(x+0)=0?

    asked by Micah
  44. math check my work

    find theta in radians to the nearest tenth if: sec(theta) = 1.4231 is this correct: enter into calculator: cos^(-1)= 1/1.4231 get .7916232503, rounded to the nearest tenth = .8

    asked by woody
  45. physics

    A sphere of radius a carries a volume charge density p=p (r/a)^2. Find the electric field inside and outside the sphere. I don't know what equation to use. Do I use electirc field due to point charge?

    asked by Jessica
  46. Chemistry

    When two similar liquids mix to form a solution, the entropy of solution is expectted to be: a.negative c.positive d.negative at low T and positive at high T

    asked by Sarah
  47. Chem 2

    What is the approximate value of the K for the neutralization of nitrous acid with ammonia? Ka for the acid is 0.00045 and Kb for the base is 0.000018. Do I multiply Ka*Kb?

    asked by Sarah
  48. For A Science/Biology teacher

    Ectothermic organisms have body temperatures that vary with the temperature of their surroundings. Discuss the effect this variation might have on the functioning enzymes in these organisms. Suggest ways ectothermic organisms might cope with this problem.

    asked by JACK ATTACK
  49. Adv. Math

    How do you get these problems?? 1 3/4 + 4/5 and 3 1/8 - 1 1/2

    asked by Kenya Ruiz
  50. Adv. Math

    I don't understand these problems =/ How many inches are in 3/8 of a foot? How long would it take a car traveling 60 mph to go 250 miles?

    asked by Kenya Ruiz
  51. geometry

    find the measure of angel R in quadrilateral RSTW if the measure of angle R= 2x, the measure of angle S= x-7, the measure of angle T= x+5, and the measure of angle W= 30.

    asked by Sara
  52. science

    A _____________________ is an earthquake that occurs after a large earthquake in the same area

    asked by Julia
  53. MATH

    a vase in the shape of a cube has a side measuring of 7 inches which of the numbers below is the best estimate of how much water it will hold? a 125 in3 b 200 in3 c 300 in3 d 350 in3

    asked by marquis
  54. Community Corrections

    Explain the correctional officer suculture. How does this subculture create ethical issues of correctional officers?

    asked by Kish
  55. managerial economics

    You own a small bank in a state that is now considering allowing interstate banking. You oppose interstae banking because it will be possible for the very large money center banks in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco to open branches in your bank's

    asked by jean
  56. physics

    A 62.0 kg diver falls from rest into a swimming pool from a height of 3.50 m. It takes 1.92 s for the diver to stop after entering the water. Find the magnitude of the average force exerted on the diver during that time.

    asked by rory
  57. math

    you are putting in a 20ftx30ft rectangular pool. your pool must be surrounded by a concrete sidewalk of uniform width and 3in thick. write an expression in terms of x to represent the volume of concrete contained in the sidewalk. explain how you got your

    asked by tyler
  58. math

    Approximately 5 out of every 10 students at Kendra's college live on campus. The college has 5,000 students. How many of them live on campus? Set up a proportion.

    asked by Kelly
  59. math

    how would you solve [(*square root*125)^4]^1/6

    asked by Cynthia
  60. math

    How would you solve 3x times x squared = 4

    asked by Taylor
  61. Math

    Describe an application for the use of ratios or proportions

    asked by Allison
  62. trig

    Graph one complete cycle of y + cos x cos pi over6 + sin x sin pi/6 by first rewriting the right side in the form cos(A-B)

    asked by Rick
  63. science

    does the sun raise in the east and sets in the west. or is it the other way around?

    asked by Tori
  64. trig

    8 sin 9x cos3x Rewrite the xpression as a sum or differnce using one of the product sum formulas Simplify if possible

    asked by Rick
  65. engineering physics 2

    A 19 m long piece of wire of density 8.34 g/m3 has a diameter of 12.593 mm. The resistiv- ity of the wire is 1.7e-8(ohm)(m) at 20 degrees celsius. The temperature coefficient for the wire is 0.0038(degrees celsius)^-1. Calculate the resistance of the wire

    asked by David
  66. Chemistry

    how do i make 100ml of (0.01mol/L) KMnO4 out of 10.0ml(0.10mol/L)KMnO4

    asked by jessie
  67. workshop

    Could someone help me with this. Directions Create in-text citations by following the directions for each of the following sources. Example Practice Directions: Create an in-text citation using the information from the following book. Mention the author in

    asked by ree
  68. calculus

    what is an upper bound on the absolute value of the error? the abs value of (the sum from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^(n+1))/(n*5^n) where it is -.1826666....)

    asked by laura
  69. calculus

    test the series for convergence or divergence using the alternating series test the sum from n=1 to infinity of (-1)^n/(3n+1) I said it converges, is this true?

    asked by laura
  70. writing

    whatis wrong withthis sentence Yesterday Jonny pushed the milk into a ball.

    asked by Hannah
  71. micro economics

    pb = 70 -0.0005qb(brand name) pp = 20-0.0002qp (private label). Marginal cost is a constant $10 per tire.quantities are measured in thousands per month and price refers to the wholesale price. marginal cost is a constant $10 per tire. american currently

    asked by Anonymous

    write formulas for the binary ionic compounds formed between the follwing elements a) sodium and iodine b) calcium and sulfur c) zinc and chlorine d) barium and fluorine e) lithium and oxygen

    asked by john
  73. Maths

    Solve for x (exact solutions): sin x - sin 3x + sin 5x = 0 ¦Ð ¡Ü x ¡Ü ¦Ð ---------------- Thankyou. I tried find the solutions on my graphics calculator but however, the question is to find the EXACT solution(s) for the equation so I guess it will

    asked by sqleung
  74. Biology

    What is the effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity? How does enzyme activity change as substrate concentration decreases? Explain your observations by discussing this reaction on a molecular level.

    asked by Ali
  75. Social Studies

    What form of government does Ireland have? Is it stable? Do they have any allies? I've been surfing the web for a really long time now, searching for the answers to these questions. I'm really stuck...

    asked by Maddie
  76. Science

    I don't understand this question... Which side of the chemical equation would energy be located on in an endothermic reaction? I understand that in an endothermic reaction it absorbes energy.

    asked by Emily
  77. English

    whats the word that means your not lying but not telling the truth. like not telling the whole truth

    asked by Lena
  78. geography

    I am trying to find this: how do we find the country's rank population such as upper class, lower class, and middle class?

    asked by Jud
  79. homework

    Distinguish among bias, prejudice, discrimination and bigotry as they relate to the issues of racial and ethnic controversies in our society.What possible solutions might social scientists suggest as a remedy for the problems related to these

    asked by sugrbare24
  80. English Grammar

    1. Reading a message is convenient for him. 2. To read a message is convenient for him. 3. It is convenient for him to read a message. 4. It is convenient his reading a message. --------------------------- Are all the sentences above grammatical?

    asked by John
  81. math

    i need help with this question- a bag of chcolate candies has a nutrition label ststing that each seving contains 20% of the recommended daily amount of fat.A serving has 13 grams.using this informtaion what is the recommended daily value

    asked by Juliana
  82. is there a vertical shift for sec graphs?

    for instance, what is the vertical shift for: y = 1/2secx + 1 *** by the way, that is secx + 1, not sec(x + 1)

    asked by woody
  83. Prealgebra

    Two times a number less 4 is greater than the same number plus 6. For what number or numbers is this true?

    asked by Jillian
  84. Math

    Rewrite the statement, using percent notation. Of 50 houses in a development, 20 are sold.

    asked by Kelly
  85. Math

    Ratios- Please help The ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10 The ratio of 7 dimes to 3 quarters Marc took 3 hours(h)to mow a lawn while Angelina took 150 minutes (min) to mow the same lawn a week earlier. Write the ratio of Marc's time to Angelina's time as a ratio of

    asked by Sherri
  86. Math

    Please help - Ratio word problem Marc took 3 hours(h)to mow a lawn while Angelina took 150 minutes (min) to mow the same lawn a week earlier. Write the ratio of Marc's time to Angelina's time as a ratio of whole numbers.

    asked by Sherri
  87. WESTON C.I


    asked by MERRY
  88. writing

    what is wrong in this sentence Jonna and Rada are walking up the hill.

    asked by Hannah
  89. science

    What is it called when an earthquake make mud?

    asked by Julia
  90. writng

    what is wrong in this sentence yesterday jonny will push Milk into a baul.

    asked by Hannah
  91. science

    what normal kitchen ingredient will extract water from a grape

    asked by Michael
  92. law and ethics in medicine

    the officer hires an employee who's deaf, but who can lip-read. what will the employer have to do in terms of this employee's job duties to comply with the americans with disabilities

    asked by Anonymous
  93. us history

    when fdr served 4 terms, which president's record did he break?

    asked by sophia
  94. science

    ocompare and contrast an house with the parts of cells

    asked by elizabeth
  95. micro economics

    Marginal cost is a constant $10 per tire.quantities are measured in thousands per month ans price refers to the wholesale price. marginal cost is a constant $10 per tire. american currently sells brand name tires at a wholesale price of $28.50 and private

    asked by Anonymous
  96. chemistry

    the third quantum number, m, indicates what property of the electron?

    asked by Megan
  97. calculus

    i have a problem figureing out this question do you have any help? need to find the input and output of these numbers input 2 & output 9, input0 & output7, input-9 & output-2, input-20 & output-8 nothing seems to work. help me please

    asked by dylan
  98. chemistry

    the third quantum number, m, indicates what property of the electron? a) orbital b) spin c) charge d) energy level

    asked by Megan
  99. chemistry

    Write an equation for the formation of ions whe KOH is dissolved in H2O

    asked by gogoo000
  100. math

    which number sentence below shows the circumference of a circle is the diameter is 10 centimeters? A 3.14 X 5= 15.7 cm C 10x5=so cm B3.14 x 10= 31.4 cm D3.14x5 squared= 78.5

    asked by marquis
  101. chemistry

    how many sublevels exist in the fourth principle energy level? a) 2 b) 4 c) 16 d) an infinite number

    asked by Megan
  102. history art

    what is the rejection of medieval style and influences of byzantine

    asked by mike


    asked by PINK
  104. spanish

    how do you say "the trip was a very great experience."

    asked by ami
  105. math

    FIND THE X INTERCEPTS OF THE GRAPH OF THE EQUATION pleaze explain thanks 1)Y=x to the second power+ 2x -8 2) Y=6X TO THE SECOND PoWER -x-12

    asked by SYNESTER
  106. writing/history

    what's the difference in writing style between a history paper and an english paper? i use the same style for both classes and in english i get great grades and history not so much.

    asked by Tash
  107. Science

    Which side of the equation are the reactants and products on? Which side is energy in an exothermic reaction?

    asked by Emily
  108. MATH


    asked by Anonymous
  109. geography

    how do i find countries with rank classes?

    asked by Joshua
  110. Chem Urgent!

    How can I divide this answer Pb2(SO4)2 it needs to be simplified by 2)?

    asked by Lisa
  111. College Calculus

    Could someone explain how to distinguish improper integrals in non-mathematical terms so I may understand? Thanks!

    asked by Matt
  112. social studies

    What architectural wonder was completed in 1648?

    asked by David
  113. Science

    I have questions on the periodic table (I don't know anything about it) Where are the elements that don't react and that are highly reactive located. Where are the shiny and ductile elements located and where are the metals, non metals and metalloids

    asked by Emily
  114. Math

    What is the answer to 12 squared = x(x+6) ?

    asked by Taylor
  115. physics again...

    A 62.0 kg diver falls from rest into a swimming pool from a height of 3.50 m. It takes 1.92 s for the diver to stop after entering the water. Find the magnitude of the average force exerted on the diver during that time.

    asked by rory
  116. English expression

    E-mail messages usually come in two parts: the heading and the body. -------------------------------- Why do you use 'in' in this sentence as in 'come in'? Does it have a special meaning?

    asked by John
  117. Maths

    Solve the problem. Assume that simple interest is being calculated. Round your answer to the nearest cent. Susie borrowed $7500. from a bank for 18 months with interest of 5% per year. Find the total amount she repaid on the due date of the loan. (Use:

    asked by Matt
  118. Math (Vectors)

    Show that x dot y = 1/2 ( |x + y^2| - |x|^2 - |y|^2 )

    asked by Michelle
  119. calculus - vectors

    Show that x dot y = 1/2 ( |x + y^2| - |x|^2 - |y|^2 )

    asked by Michelle
  120. english

    what would you do if the water ran out for 48h?

    asked by German girl
  121. human services

    Could someone explain to me the difference between a response that compares and contrasts intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. and also give an example of each.

    asked by judy
  122. communication

    How can we be sure the officers interpretation of slang is accurate?

    asked by ree
  123. Prealgebra

    One-half of the sum of a number and 4 is less than 14. What is the number?

    asked by Jillian
  124. Math

    Find the rate 392ft/ 8 sec

    asked by Kelly
  125. physics

    The electric field in a region is given by E=ayi + axj, where a= 2V/m^2 is a constant. What is the electric potential difference between the origin and the point x= 1m, y= 2m? Do I use the formula E= - deltaV= - (V/x)i+(V/y)j+(V/z)k)?

    asked by Jessica
  126. trig

    Graph the following from X = 0 to x = 2 pi 2cos 6x cos4x + 2 sin 6x sin 4x

    asked by Rick
  127. Electrostatics

    A linear charge rho L = 2.0 uC lies on the y-z plane. Find the electric flux passing through the plane extending from 0 to 1.0m in the x direction and from -infinity to infinity in the y direction. Alright, so the formula to use is: flux =

    asked by Dan
  128. trig

    If tan(A+B) = 2 and tan B =1/3, find tan A

    asked by Rick
  129. trig

    Graph the followiing function from x + 0 to x = 4 pi y = 3 cos squared x/2

    asked by Rick
  130. Jason

    I understand that polymers are long chain 500-20,000 repeating units, but I don't know: what car components are made of polymers?

    asked by chemistry
  131. Math

    Help me- Proportions A store has T-shirts on slae at 2 for $5.50. At this rate, what do five T-shirts cost?

    asked by Sherri
  132. french

    what is the difference between le jardin and la terrasse?

    asked by anonymous
  133. chemistry

    Consider an acid, HA, with pKa =3.33 0.025 moles of hydroxide ion are added to 17.4mL of a 0.519 M solution of the acid. What is the resulting pH? I know pKa=-log([Ka]) pH=-log([H+]) I don't know how to link this information. Thanks

    asked by Sarah
  134. atomic energy

    How can I share my school notes on the internet? Do you know of any web sites where a student can post his school notes? Love, Candy

    asked by Candy
  135. Math

    What is the lateral area, total area, and volume of a rectangular solid whose l=7, w=6, & h=2?

    asked by Sumaita
  136. calculus

    test the series for convergence or divergence. the sum from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^n*e^n)/(n^3) I said it converges because the derivative of (1/n^3) is decreasing

    asked by laura
  137. United States

    I need to know what the difference is between a commonwealth (Puerto Rico) and a territory (Guam) of the United States. If anyone could help, that would be great!

    asked by Jenna
  138. math

    Does anyone know how to clear the table on a TI-84 graphic calculator?

    asked by Alejandra
  139. French

    How would you say Radisson Home and Grill? This is due tommorrow and i need help

    asked by Bill
  140. math

    Does anyone know what |-11| means?

    asked by Olivia
  141. Jack

    how does cross linking alter the properties of a polymer?

    asked by chemistry
  142. science

    why will deer travel for many miles to get a salt lick?

    asked by ray
  143. math

    Does anyone know how to calculate exponential regression on a graphic calulator? I already entered values into my statistics utility but I'm still confued. My problem asks that if a substance has a life for 24 years, and a sample of 80 grams is being

    asked by Maria
  144. Science

    the clue is region of precambrian rock and the scrambled is slideh

    asked by cheyenne