Questions Asked on
February 22, 2008

  1. Find Area of Parallelogram

    Find the area of the parallelogram with one corner at P1 and adjacent sides P1P2 and P1P3. NOTE: There is an arrow over P1P2 and P1P3. What does that arrow mean? P1 = (0, 0, 0), P2 = (2, 3, 1), P3 = (-2, 4, 1)

    asked by Gilligan
  2. Physics

    We hear people talk of "ultraviolet light" and "infrared light." Why are these terms misleading? Why are we less likely to hear people talk of "radio light" and "X-ray light"?

    asked by Shirley
  3. Forced Oscillation - drwls => I need your help =)

    A 2.00kg object attatched to a spring moves without friction and is driven by an external force given by F= (3.00N)sin(2pi*t) The force constant of the spring is 20N/m. Determine a) period b) amplitude of motion a)T= 2pi/omega T= 2pi/ 2pi= 1s b)A= (Fo/m)/

    asked by ~christina~
  4. Self-Taught Mathematicians

    Those of us who love math certainly know two basic facts about Mr. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: (1) He and Newton (our calculus guy) did not get along AND (2) Mr. Leibniz was a self-taught mathematician My question is for all tutors here who love math. What

    asked by Guido
  5. Six Vertices of A Box

    Opposite vertices of a rectangular box whose edges are parallel to the coordinate axes are given below. List the coordinates of the other six vertices of the box. (0, 0, 0); (4, 2, 2)

    asked by John
  6. physical science

    I was doing an egg experiment that I found on line where you put an egg in white vinegar and the shell softens. It said to leave the egg for seven days. At the end of the fourth day the white of the egg which had already softened fell totally off the egg.

    asked by Austin
  7. Financial Accounting

    The purchase of office equipment on credit has what effect on the accounting equation?

    asked by Billy
  8. Education/Subbing

    How many sub teachers can really say that they are happy working as a sub teacher? Look deep inside and honestly answer the question: Are You Happy Subbing?

    asked by Guido
  9. calculus

    true of false if the sum of asubn from n=1 to infinity converges, and if a is not equal to 0, the the sum of 1/(a sub n) as n goes from 1 to infinity diverges.

    asked by sarah
  10. Vector Algebra

    Find the direction angles of the vector given below. Then write each vector in the form v = ||v||[(cos A) i + (cos B) i + (cos Y) k ]. v = -6i + 12j + 4k

    asked by Rita
  11. Find Airplane Bearing

    A plane leave a certain airport from runway 4 RIGHT, whose bearing is N40degreesE. After flying for 1/2 mile, the pilot requestd permission to trun 90 degrees and head toward the southeast. The permission is granted. After the airplane goes 1 mile in this

    asked by John
  12. Chemistry

    The first order reaction has a rate constant of 3.0x10^-3 s^-1. The time required for the r eaction to be 75% complete is: 95.8s 201s 231s 462s 41.7s

    asked by Sam
  13. Physics

    A helium-neon laser emits light of wavelength 633 nanometers(nm). Light from an argon laser has a wavelength of 515 nm. Which laser emits the higher-frequency light?

    asked by Shirley
  14. Science

    How many gallons of water per minute can flow through a 15-ft pipeline under normal pressure?

    asked by Bob
  15. math

    Discuss the relationship between the graphs of the lines with equation y = mx +2, where m is any real number.

    asked by robert
  16. Calc

    A rocket is launched with an initial velocity of zero, and with acceleration in feet per second per second defined by: --------( 20e^(-t/2), for 0 10 seconds. Show all work. Thanks a lot!

    asked by Michael
  17. What Makes A Good Math Teacher?

    I think a good math teacher is someone who can explain math topics at the level of students. A good math teacher is someone who does not try to impress students with his or her math skills (college math professors are famous for boasting). In your opinion,

    asked by Guido

    Can you help me figure out how to write a theme PLEASE?????

    asked by Jessica
  19. computers

    Suppose Fred's Computers advertises that their new computer comes with exactly 1,200 megabytes of RAM in main memory. Why is this unlikely to be true?

    asked by Kristin
  20. Scince

    How the change of amplitude effects the time of one cycle of a pendulum?

    asked by anum
  21. history

    How did Hitler get so many followers?

    asked by Ginger
  22. math

    How do I solve 3/4 x 1/2 x 2/3

    asked by steve
  23. literature

    How would I show how Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are alike in a listing question? I think I would say Tom Sawyer is 1. 2. 3 and Huck Finn is 1. 2. 3. Am I right? Thank you.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. english

    “Invisible Children,” is a documentary filmed by three American college students, Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Pole, who set out for Africa in search for a story; however, they discovered the immense suffering of Acholi civilian population in

    asked by christi
  25. sports

    I have been searching for information on local media revenue for the Minnesota Twins and was wondering if anyone would know where I could find such information?

    asked by ss
  26. ?

    “Invisible Children,” is a documentary filmed by three American college students, Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Pole, who set out for Africa in search for a story; however, they discovered the immense suffering of Acholi civilian population in

    asked by ?
  27. Education

    I was wondering how sub teachers survive during the long summer months when there is no pay, especially if you live alone and must pay rent. If you are a sub who lives alone, what plans do you have for YOUR future, financially speaking? Do you save money

    asked by Guido
  28. english/revise

    For more than twenty years, conflict between government forces and rebel group known as the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) has disrupted life for civilians in northern Uganda. Since 1986, the Lord Resistance Army has abducted as many as 20,000 boys and girls.

    asked by ?
  29. science

    Determine what pressure - high or low - exists at sea level at these latitudes: 90 N, 60 N, 30 N, 0 , 30 S, 60 S, and 90 S. Describe where the horse latitudes are, what the pressure and wind conditions are there, and why they have this strange name

    asked by jennifer
  30. sci275

    four factors that produces changes in the population of nutrias. 2.what do you think will happen to the nutrias population after the wetland id depleted of nutrias food source?

    asked by alma
  31. Mathematics

    A space camera circles the Earth at a height of h miles above the surface. Suppose that d distance, IN MILES, on the surface of the Earth can be seen from the camera. (a) Find an equation that relates the central angle theta to the height h. (b) Find an

    asked by Javier
  32. Math Application

    A space camera circles the Earth at a height of h miles above the surface. Suppose that d distance, IN MILES, on the surface of the Earth can be seen from the camera. (a) Find an equation that relates d and h. (b) If d is to be 3500 miles, how high must

    asked by Javier
  33. world history

    What did Mussolini's propaganda consist of? Why was it so effective?

    asked by Lily
  34. Algebra

    In this equation (Slope Intercept Form of a linear equation), y = mx + b, which variable relates to the domain and which one relates to the range of a function?

    asked by James
  35. AED

    i cant find ne thing for theses questions Do you have a responsibility to limit their rights?

    asked by dawn
  36. Cross-Sectional Area

    The cross-sectional area of a beam cut from a log with radius 1 foot is given by the function A(x) = 4x(sqrt{1 - x^2}), where x represents the length of half the base of the beam. Determine the cross-sectional area of the beam if the length of half the

    asked by John
  37. Algebra

    1)A bookshelf holds 4 mysteries, 3 biograpghies, 1 book of poetry, and 2 reference books. If a book is selected at random from the shelf, find the probability that the book selected is a biography or reference book. A)1/2 B)1/6 C)5/6 D)3/50 I chose A 5

    asked by Jon
  38. Algebra

    Is there a difference between solving a system of equations by the algebraic method and the graphical method? Why?

    asked by Duck

    19. A block of aluminum has a volume of 126.5 cm3. Its density = 2.70 g/cm3. What is the mass of the aluminum? A) 342 g B) 46.9 g C) 127 g D) 0.0213 g E) 124 g The answer is A.....But I still can't figure it out....I keep getting D as an answer..

    asked by Ania
  40. ETH

    A current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue and explain why you think there is a connection.?

    asked by AXIA
  41. TO MARIE

    SraJMcGin wrote: Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. For your own safety, NEVER give your name, town, address or phone number. If you don't state exactly what the problem is, we can not help.

    asked by Writeacher
  42. Sherman Antitrust act

    How was the law enforced?

    asked by Taylour
  43. math

    how do u find the average mean for four numbers and the median

    asked by sandy
  44. SOSE

    Is Gallipoli and World War 1 the same thing, or were they different battles. And I'm need to find some UNDERSTANDABLE information about World War 1.

    asked by Sam
  45. law and ethics

    managed care organization emphasize drug treatment over counseling for children with behavior problems because?

    asked by denise
  46. math

    Add or subtract as indicated. Express your results in simplest form.x^2/x-3-9/(x-3)

    asked by lisa
  47. Math

    What are names for shapes of curves?

    asked by X
  48. Chemistry

    The units for a first order rate constant are: M/s 1/M*s 1/s 1/M^2*s

    asked by Sam
  49. math

    Discuss the relationship between the graphs of the lines with equation y = mx +2, where m is any real number.

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Physics

    Your friend says that any radio wave travels faster than any sound wave. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

    asked by Shirley
  51. Physics

    If you fire a bullet through a tree, it will slow down inside the tree and emerge at a speed that is less than the speed at which it entered. Does light, then, similarly slow down when it passes through glass and also emerge at a lower speed? Defend your

    asked by Shirley
  52. Math

    What would be the shape name of a curve that gradually decreases?

    asked by Matty
  53. Physics

    What determines whether a material is transparent or opaque?

    asked by Shirley
  54. Algebra

    Linear Equation -8x+4y=-12 Answer book states is y=2x-3 I am not arriving at this answer when I simpify

    asked by G
  55. Physics

    What astronomical event would be seen by observers on the Moon at the time the Earth experiences a lunar eclipse? At the time the Earth experiences a solar eclipse?

    asked by Nikki
  56. Physics

    Why do objects illuminated by moonlight lack color?

    asked by Nikki
  57. algebraic reasoning

    Josephine likes to go hang gliding. she took off from a hillside at an elevation of 700 feet. during the first 5 minutes, she went down to 500 feet. then she rode for another 5 mintues up to a height of 600 feet. she then descended at a rate of 200 feet

    asked by katie
  58. Physics

    When you look at a distant galaxy through a telescope, how is it that you're looking backward in time?

    asked by Nikki
  59. Numerical & Proportional Reasoning

    Kendra traveled to Europe and Japan on a buisness trip. In europe, she exchanged 300 U.S dollars for euros and spent 100 euros. she went to Japan and exchanged her remaining euros for yen. She spent 10,000 yen while in Japan. the exchange rate during the

    asked by ashley
  60. TO drwls

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much. You're a lifesaver!

    asked by Shirley
  61. math of investment

    An article cost $29885. To buy this article, a down payment of $3420 is needed.If interest charged is 16% compunded quarterly, how much should be paid at the end of every 3 months for 1 year in order to payoff the balance? please explain,i don't

    asked by Icy
  62. chemistry

    A standard solution of FeSCN2+ is prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN. The equilibrium concentration of FeSCN2+ ([FeSCN2+]std) for this standard solution is assumed to be ?M.

    asked by thuy
  63. Math

    Find a number such that 32 is 60% of the number.(decimal answer rounded to nearest tenth)

    asked by Mike
  64. Math

    What is the commission on a sale of $2,500 if the commission is 16%?

    asked by Mike
  65. Math

    On a home improvement project. spent $3000, which was 125% of the original budget (25% over budget). What was the original budget? $______

    asked by Mike
  66. Math

    A tip at a restaurant for service is normally 15% for customary service. After going out with some friends and paying the bill which was $60.40, Mike left a tip of $13. His friend Tony said that he tipped way "too much". By how much money did he "overtip"?

    asked by Mike
  67. chemistry

    The standard solution of FeSCN2+ (prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN) has an absorbance of 0.500. If a trial's absorbance is measured to be 0.310 and its initial concentration of SCN– was 0.0010 M, the

    asked by thuy
  68. Calculus

    The problem with these two questions is that I cannot determine the a and r. The 3rd question-I don't know what I did wrong. Thanks for the help! Tell whether the series converges or diverges. If it converges, give its sum. infinity (sigma) sin^n (pi/4 + n

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Science

    I have a 5 minute presentation on Gregor mendel. i already have the speech done and a poster. I am wondering what I could do that would be unique an would make my presenation better than everyone elses beause it is the biggest grade and I need to do good.

    asked by George
  70. Social Studies

    I need help finding the major lakes and land features of Indiana.

    asked by Peter
  71. Math

    Find the percent. 13% of 17?

    asked by Lucas
  72. algebra

    f(t)=sqrtt^2+1 f(-9)=sqrt-0^2+1

    asked by Debbie
  73. Vectors

    Use vectors u, v and w given below to find each expression. (1) v times w (2) v times u

    asked by Gilligan
  74. writing

    can you please help me write a character study on carrie in carrie's war

    asked by numz
  75. HCA

    Define Caregivers Strategies

    asked by AXIA
  76. Math

    Math problem: If one of the triangle's is 130%. How do I figure out the rest of the angles?

    asked by Peter
  77. Writing

    i'm writing a rhetorical paper on the film, Blade Runner. How do i analyze a film? what are the main points that i'm suppose to look for?

    asked by thuy
  78. math

    How to find the solution set in a+bi form for this equation? 6x^2+4x+1=0 PLEASE HELP!THANKS!!!!

    asked by Momi
  79. Algebra

    1)If y varies inversely as x and y = 3, when x = 6. Find y when x = 36. A)72 B)2 C)1/2 D)18 I chose C y1/x2 = y2/x1 3/36 = y2/6 18/36 = 1/2 2)Write the equation 4^-3 = 1/64 in logarithmic form. A)log64 = 4^3 B)log^-3 64 = 4 C)log^4 1/64 = -3 D)log^4(-3) =

    asked by Jon
  80. Chemistry

    N2H4(g) + H2(g) 2 NH3(g) H1 = –1876 kJ 3 H2(g) + N2(g) 2 NH3(g) H2 = –922 kJ The H f for the formation of hydrazine: 2 H2(g) + N2(g) N2H4(g) will be

    asked by Charlie
  81. Algebra

    1)Find the sum of the infinite geometric series: 1 + 3/5 + 9/25 + ..., if it exists. A)5/3 B)5/2 C)3/5 D)does not exist I chose B (3/5)/1 = .6 S = a1/1-r 1/1-.6 2.5 2)Use the Binomial Theorem to find the sixth term in the expansion of (m+2p)^7. A)21m^2p^5

    asked by Jon
  82. music

    How did the media's representation of commercial music change during the years 1971-1989 compared to the 1960's? What caused this change?

    asked by Lily
  83. chemistry

    Limestone fizzes when an acid is added. Dilute acids can break up this rock in the open. what is the name of of the process of breaking up a rock using a chemical like this acid? name another rock, which could be broken up by the same process.

    asked by tash
  84. Com 135

    I would like to know how you all start of intro. and conclusion ideas to papers so I can get some ideas that are different from how I write mine.

    asked by Dawn
  85. budject matrix

    you are the medical clinic administrator for three physicians group clinic and you are preparing a budget matrix to be presented to the physicians. The matrix budget consists of line-item, functional, and program budgets pls explain?

    asked by olabisi
  86. physics

    a +35x10^-6 C point charge is placed 32 cm from an identical +32x10^-6 C charge. how much work would be required to move a +50.0x10^-6 C test charge from a point midway between them to a point 12 cm closer to either of the charges? please show work.

    asked by leesa
  87. Economics

    Why is there a loss in C.S. and gain in P.S. when there is a tariff in a small country where there are forward shift tax?

    asked by Celia
  88. general knowledge

    antonym for coneal

    asked by abdul
  89. Acceleration

    What is the formuals for acceleration?

    asked by Mike
  90. HELP

    A car increases its velocity from 12 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour in .3 hours. what was the car's acceleration.

    asked by Mike
  91. geometry

    Martha works as a salesperson for momentum sales. she earns $1,000 per month plus 15% commission on her sales. a. write an equation that expresses t, her income for one month as a function of x, her total sales for the month. b. River City Sales, another

    asked by gg
  92. Biology(Organic Compounds)

    How many different kinds of monomers are there in starch?

    asked by Matt Eaton
  93. Biology- Carbohydrates

    Besides glycogen, what are the storage and quick-energy forms of carbohydrates found in animals and how are these form structurally related to each other?

    asked by Freddie G
  94. HELP

    Can you help me create a theme for my poems please?

    asked by HELP