Questions Asked on
February 17, 2008

  1. math

    What is the sum of all two digit positive integers whose squares end with the digits 01?

    asked by Jas
  2. Challenge and Change

    I'm trying to find an answer to this question.. Search and find three other contributors to the field of Marxist or neo-Marxist (new Marxist) research... I've been searching for hours with no luck!! Someone please help!

    asked by Kyle
  3. math

    All the even numbers from 2 to 98 inclusive, except those ending in 0, are multiplied together. What is the rightmost digit, that is, the units digit of the product? (a) 0 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 6 (e) 8

    asked by Jas
  4. science

    A sedentary person requires about 6 million J of energy per day. This rate of energy consumption is equivalent to about how many W?

    asked by janeen
  5. Chemisty

    What is the molecularity of each of the following elementary reactions? A. O+O2+N2----> O3+N2+ B. NO2Cl + Cl---> NO2 + Cl2 C. Cl + H2 ---> HCl + H D. CS2----> CS + S

    asked by Lauren
  6. Chemistry

    Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 decomposes upon heating to form nitric oxide and oxygen according to the following equation: 2NO2(g) --> 2NO(g) + O2(g) At the beginning of an experiment the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in a reaction vessel was 0.113 mol/L. After

    asked by Lauren
  7. math

    The area of a right triangle is 44m squared. Find the lengths of its legs if one of the legs is 3m longer than the other.

    asked by Ashley
  8. Chemistry

    Iron(III) chloride is reduced by tin(II) chloride. the concentration of Fe3+ ion at the beginning of an experiment was 0.03586M. After 4.00 min it was 0.02638M. What is the average rate of reaction of FeCl3 in this time interval? Can someone help me figure

    asked by Lauren
  9. Physics help

    how would you investigate if the half life of water dripping from a burette is constant? I know the method but what equation and principle would ya'll use?

    asked by Daggeron
  10. math

    Sue can shovel snow from her driveway in 45 minutes. Bill can do the same job in 65 minutes. How long would it take Sue and Bill to shovel the driveway if they worked together?

    asked by blanck
  11. Chemistry

    To obtain the rate of the reaction 3I-(aq) + H3AsO4(aq) + 2H+(aq) --> I3-(aq) + H3AsO3(aq) + H2O (l) I got that the rate is 1/3 delta [I-]/ delta t = delta [H3AsO4]/ delta t is this correct

    asked by Lauren
  12. Chemistry

    for the reaction of hydrogen with iodine H2(g) + I2(g) --> 2HI(g) relate the rate of disappearance of hydrogen gas to the rate of formation of hydrogen iodide. and my answer is: rate formation of HI= delta [HI]/delta t and the rate of reaction of I2 =

    asked by Lauren
  13. Chemistry

    Iron (II) ion is oxidized by hydrogen peroxide in acidic solution. H2O2(aq) + 2Fe2+(aq) + 2H+(aq) ---> 2Fe3+(aq) + 2H2O (l) the rate law is k[H2O2][Fe2+] what is the order with respect to each reactant ? what is the overall order

    asked by Lauren
  14. Physical science

    When you drop a 0.36 kg apple, Earth exerts a force on it that accelerates it at 9.8 m/s^2 toward the earth's surface. According to Newton's third law, the apple must exert an equal but opposite force on Earth. If the mass of the earth 5.98x10^24 kg, what

    asked by Jenna
  15. Chemisty

    Iodide Ion is oxidized to hypoiodite ion IO- by hypochlorite ion ClO- in basic solution. The equation is I- + ClO- --- IO- + Cl- Initial concentraition I- ClO- OH- exp 1. 0.010 0.020 0.010 exp 2. 0.020 0.010 0.010 exp 3. 0.010 0.010 0.010 exp 4. 0.010

    asked by Lauren
  16. Biology

    the monomer of a protein is an amino acid right? Ok, well what is the general formula for an amino acid? Would it be: H2NCH2COOH (the 2's would be subscripted).

    asked by Needs help! URGENT!!
  17. PhYs...alpha particles

    how do u investigate how the range of alpha particles in air is affected by air pressure? Like..a method and what materials that wud be used.

    asked by AllyKat
  18. Science!

    How is the structure of an alpha-helix maintained?

    asked by Miles
  19. Algebra II

    State the possible number of imaginary zeros of g(x)= x4 + 3x3 + 7x2 - 6x - 13. I came up with the answer of 2,4 or 0. Is this correct? Thanks for your help.

    asked by Lucy
  20. Science

    I did a science experiment on batteries. I ran five brands of AA Alkaline batteries until they would no longer run a small light bulb. I measured the voltage of each battery every hour. I did this experiment four times using the same type of light bulb and

    asked by Leah
  21. math

    The top of a 15-foot ladder is 3 ft. father up a wall than the foot of the ladder is from the bottom of the wall. How far is the foot of the ladder from the bottom of the wall?

    asked by Kate
  22. Math

    Twelve equally spaced holes are to be drilled in a 34 1/4 inch metal strip, after 2 inches are cut off on each end. What is the distance, to the nearest hundredth of an inch, from center to center of 2 consecutive holes? _______ inches How do I start this?

    asked by Mike
  23. Algebra

    How would i complete these problems? 1. (√6mn)^5 2. ^3√16x - ^3√2x^4 3.^4√x • ^3√2x 4. ^3√72x^8 5. √63a^5b • √27a^6b^4 and are these problems correct? 6. √2025xy/3√3 = 15√xy/√3 7. 3√18 + 8√50 = 49√2 8. √12 • √135 =

    asked by Bretagne
  24. Algebra II

    State the number of positive real zeros, negative real zeros, and imaginary zeros for g(x)= 9x3 -7x2+10x-4. Since there were 3 sign changes I have 3 positive real zeros. For g(-x)= I have -9x3-7x2-10x-4. There were no sign changes so I have no negative

    asked by Lucy
  25. Chemistry

    For the reaction of nitric oxide, NO with chlorine Cl2 2NO(g) + Cl2(g)--> 2NOCl(g) the observed rate law is k[NO]^2 [Cl2] what is the reaction order with respect to nirtic oxide? with respect to Cl2? What is the overal order? how

    asked by Lauren
  26. math

    Ted is hosting a dinner party. He has a the choice of serving chicken, pasta, or hamburgers for the main course;carrots, lettuce salad, or pineapple for the side dish; and ice cream or cookies for dessert. How many combinations of one main course, one side

    asked by derek
  27. managerial economics

    A study by the Computer Manufacturers Association of America analyzed the significant increase in the usage of computers by business firms in the United States over the last two decades. In terms of production theory, one might say the computer--labor

    asked by jean
  28. math

    Amaya's height is 2 inches less than 2/5 the depth of the pool, d. If Amaya is 52 inches tall, how many inches deep is the pool? I'm confused. I just need an equation in order to do this

    asked by michael
  29. Math

    8 1/2 ounces of tuna is packed in a can which weighs 1 3/8 ounces. What is the total weight in pounds of a gross (144) of cans? ______ pounds How do i start this?

    asked by MH
  30. Chemistry

    Calculate ∆G (in kJ) at 541 K for the following reaction under the given conditions. Use data obtained from the table below and assume that ∆Hfo and So do not vary with temperature. Report your answer to three significant figures in scientific notation

    asked by Matt
  31. managerial economics

    I need H-E-L-P!!!!!!!!!!!. I am really having a hard time with this class.

    asked by jean
  32. Math

    A dresser needs to be placed in an alcove which is 42 1/8 in high. The finished dresser is 36 1/2 inches high. What size legs should be placed on the bottom in order to leave a 1 1/2 inch space between the top of the alcove and the dresser? I got 4 1/8

    asked by Mike
  33. social studies

    2 reasons the british marched to concord in 1775? Please help. desperate!

    asked by Brooke
  34. world cultures

    I am working on a project for school and I can't seem to find the year that these Chinese inventions were invented. Yo-yo. Compass. Acupunture. Wheelbarrow. Printint.

    asked by kali
  35. Math

    12 pieces each 13 3/8 inches long need to be cut from a board 16 feet long. How much is left after the 12 pieces are cut? ______ inches I got 31 and was wondering if i was right?

    asked by Mike
  36. math

    Ted is hosting a dinner party. He has a the choice of serving chicken, pasta, or hamburgers for the main course;carrots, lettuce salad, or pineapple for the side dish; and ice cream or cookies for dessert. How many combinations of one main course, one side

    asked by derek
  37. Dr.Bob

    could you check the next page where I replied to the post from yesterday pertaining to nylon calculations. Thanks C

    asked by ~christina~
  38. english

    “Invisible Children”, a documentary filmed by three American college students Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Pole, set out to Africa in search “for a story”,however, they uncovered the immense suffering of a civilian population in northern

    asked by christi
  39. History

    The Battle over the Airwaves: FCC versus Private Radio industry. Is there a specific conflict that this is about? Like the US AirWaves Inc, or the recent BPL controversy? Exactly what is the Battle over the Airwaves about?

    asked by Geekoid
  40. Chemistry

    In a kinetic study of the reaction 2NO(g) + O2 --> 2NO2(g) the following data were obtained fro the initial rates if disapperance of NO: Initial concentraition NO O2 Inital Rate NO exp 1. 0.0125M 0.0253M 0.0281 M/s exp 2. 0.0250M 0.0253M 0.0112 M/s exp 3.

    asked by Lauren
  41. math

    Write a fraction that is equivalent to 48/60 and which has a denominator of 300 _____ I don't know how to do this one is there anyone out there that can help?

    asked by Mike
  42. Chemistry

    To obtain the rate of the reaction 3I-(aq) + H3AsO4(aq) + 2H+(aq) --> I3-(aq) + H3AsO3(aq) + H2O (l) I got that the rate is 1/3 delta [I-]/ delta t = delta [H3AsO4]/ delta t is this correct

    asked by Lauren
  43. Chemistry

    The decomposition of ozone is believed to occur in two steps O3 O2 + O O3 + O ---> 2O2 Identify any reaction intermediate. What is the overall reacion? I got O3 + O3 --> O2 + 2O2

    asked by Lauren
  44. Chemistry

    Write a rate equation showing the dependence of rate in reactant concentrations for each of the following elementary reactions. a. CS2---> CS + S b. CH3Br + OH- --> CH3OH + Br- A. k[CS2][S] B. k[CH3][Br-][OH-]

    asked by Lauren
  45. statistics

    A drug is essential to the profileration of lymphocytes can cause kidney damage in 1% of patients. If the drug is given to 30 patients, find: A)the probability exactly 1 patient suffers kidnay damage B)the probabaility that less than 2 patients suffer

    asked by lauren
  46. Chemistry

    The thermal decomposition of nitryl chloride NO2Cl, 2NO2Cl---> 2NO2 + Cl2 is thought to occur by the mechanism shown in the following equations: NO2Cl---> NO2+ Cl NO2Cl + Cl --> No2+ Cl2 the rate is [NO2][Cl] is this right

    asked by Lauren
  47. statistics

    For this class, the first quiz had a mean of 90.4% with a standard deviation od 16.6%. The homework scores have a mean of 81.7% with a standard deviation of 22.28%. Suppose you scored 90% on quiz one and have a homework total of 84%. A)are the reported

    asked by lauren
  48. Math

    If the rise on a roof is 6 feet, when the run is 18 inches, what is the pitch in lowest terms when written as a fraction in lowest terms ? _______ Is this rise ove run? Or what I am so confused...

    asked by Mike
  49. Calculus

    Below are the 5 problems which I had trouble in. I can't seem to get the answer in the back of the book. Thanks for the help! lim (theta-pi/2)sec(theta) theta->pi/2 Answer: -1 I am not sure what to do here. lim (tan(theta))^(theta) theta->0+ Answer:1

    asked by Anonymous
  50. HHS

    What is a current or proposed law that impacts the delivery of human services?

    asked by Patricia
  51. Heatlh

    What monumental event occurred in the 1990s that had a significant impact on the world and the Olympics? a. The collapse of the Berlin Wall b. The collapse of the Soviet Union c. Both A and B had significant impact on the world and the Olympics d. None of

    asked by LW
  52. algebra


    asked by becky
  53. Health Project

    Could someone help me find a medical supply company presentation which involves information about the products, jobs, services, etc available. I would greatly appreciate that!! Thanks

    asked by Dave
  54. math

    what is inreducible quadratic factor?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Grade 12 Biology

    I am confused about this question, and can't find anything on the internet, anyone care to explain? Why is the tertiary structure of an enzyme, such as amylase, so important? An enzyme is a protein, so is it really asking why is this stage important? And

    asked by MileyCyrus
  56. Chemistry

    Can someone tell me if I am any where close or if I need to start over. When your acetic acid reacted with the sodium hydroxide, what are the two products that were formed? When acetic acid reacts with sodium hydroxide the two products that are formed are

    asked by Lori
  57. statistics

    Your best friend is 5 months pregnant and wants you to be there when the baby is born. Since the baby was conceived on Labor Day, the delivery might coincide with your annual trip to cabo. the doctor tells you that the gestation period for humans is

    asked by lauren
  58. maths

    I am a three digit number. My tens digit is twice my ones digit, my hundreds digit is twice my tens digit. I am greater than 500. Who am i?

    asked by jesica
  59. Physical Education

    I need information on, if you have completed your degree from a university in Alabama, but decided to move to another state, what would you need to be able to teach in that state. Include everything you would need to teach in that state, degrees, exams,

    asked by LW
  60. Crimanal jusice

    Criminal Procedures Topic At 12:00 p.m., on August 16, 2005, Robert Smith began his journey to freedom down the halls of the prison he called home for the last 2 years. Despite receiving a 5-year sentence, Robert was paroled for good behavior. His lawyer

    asked by lou
  61. maths

    A rain water tank is half full. After it rained the tank if four fifths full. - Find the amount of water collected as a fraction of a full tank.

    asked by cindy
  62. science

    if u don't know, then can u look up some websites for me? what happens if u swallow 1 tsp,1 1/2 tsp, and 2 tsp of baking soda mixed with some water? what happens if u swallow 1 tsp,1 1/2 tsp, and 2 tsp of soap mixed with some water? what happens if u

    asked by anna
  63. calculace

    G(x)= x√9-x find x-intercept, y-intercept Vertical, horizontal asymptotes Extremes Points of inflection i need to find all of these.

    asked by widad
  64. writing

    My 10 year old son needs to write an essay on municapal gov't and how to educate the youth in the community and get them involved in the services titled "if I were mayor". I am at a blank.

    asked by Cathy
  65. Entrepreneurship

    You just received an email from your high school friend, Bill Hudson. You went to college, and then business school, while Bill stayed in your home town. Despite the differences in your paths, you are still very good friends. Bill is considering a

    asked by Anonymous
  66. History Civil War

    I nee help to find a picture of the Union commander Edward M King. He was in the battle of Johnsonville.

    asked by John
  67. History Civil War

    I need help to find a picture of Brigadier General Pleasant J Phillips. He was in the battle at Griswoldville.

    asked by John
  68. History Civil War

    I need help to find a picture of Colonel Charles Colcock, a Confederate General at the battle at Honey Hill S.C.

    asked by John

    a man weighiing 7-kg lies in a hammock whose ropes make angles of 20 and 25 degrees with the horizontal. What is the tension in each rope?

    asked by mel
  70. Accounting

    ══════════════════════ Memo: Whomever Date: A few minutes ago … From: Marie, Advanced Federal Taxation P.C. Re: 2007 Tax Return for New Client I received a call late last night from a prospective new client:

    asked by marie
  71. biology

    which kind of fatty acid would the cell manufacture in order to keep the cell memmbrane rigid or study under warm enviromental conditions

    asked by kim
  72. Current events

    Why is the US Dollar lower than the euro ? How does effect the us economy? Should the US worry about this ?

    asked by Mike
  73. chemistry

    what is a practical use for metallic changes?

    asked by anonymous
  74. english please revise

    “Invisible Children,” a documentary filmed by three American college students, Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Pole, who set out for Africa in search for a story; however, they discovered the immense suffering of a civilian population in

    asked by christi
  75. physics

    rollercoaste starts at 12m high with a v of 1.2m/s and climbs to 9.0m Assume the track is frictionless... a) how fast is it going when it reaches the low pointbetween the crestss. b)how fast is it going at the top of the secondcrest (9.0m) i have no idea

    asked by helppppp
  76. human services

    List the top five environmental factors that help organizations achieve optimal function. Give examples of each

    asked by sara
  77. Computer Vision

    Show that the image of an ellipse in a plane, not necessarily one parallel to the image plane, is also an ellipse. Show the the line in space is a line in the image. Assume perspective projection.

    asked by Mike
  78. com 135

    You have been asked by a prospective employer to explain in writing why you selected your degree program and how the degree will help advance your career. What two prewriting techniques would you use to organize your thoughts about the topic? Explain your

    asked by Dawn
  79. calculus

    If f is the antiderivative of g(x)=(x^3)/(1+x^5) such that f(1)=0, then f(5)=___.

    asked by anonymous
  80. math

    What is the sum of all possible digits that could fill in the blank in 47_021 so that the resulting five digit number is divisible by 3?

    asked by Jas
  81. math

    The positive integer 4 can be represented as a sum of 1's or 2's in five ways, such as 1 + 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 + 2. Show all the ways that the positive integer 5 can be represented as a sum of 1's or 2's.

    asked by Jas
  82. math

    If a is 50% larger than c and b is 25% larger than c, then a is what percent larger than b? (a) 20% (b) 25% (c) 50% (d) 100% (e) 200%

    asked by Jas
  83. AED 200

    Create an outline of your Educational Debate Persuasive Paper. The outline should be based on one of the educational debates found in Appendix A and should highlight the main points of your paper. Include an annotated bibliography of at least three sources

    asked by Dawn
  84. Math: Calculus - Geometric Vectors

    Find the magnitude and the direction of the resultant of each of the following systems of forces using geometric vectors. a) Forces of 3 N and 8 N acting at an angle of 60 degrees to each other. Please help me with this question. I don't understand the

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Analysis & Design

    I have an assignment that involves Project Scope. I have to fill in fields of the scope. Goals and Objectives Project Deliverables Milestone and Deliverable Deliverables out of Scope and Project Estimated Costs and Duration The last part seems fairly easy.

    asked by James
  86. science

    i need to find 26 science words and there definition

    asked by rainey
  87. math

    I cant seem to understand this.. (w/21)-(w/49)=(1/21) solve for w?

    asked by fidelcio
  88. math

    can someone help me find the LCM? 35c^6a^8, 5c^3a^3, 21c^6a^3

    asked by Kimberly
  89. Chemistry

    Dehydration of an alcohol has what major project? This is what I think, does this make sense to anyone? The major project of dehydration of an alcohol is that alcohol loses a water molecule. An H- and -OH are removed from the adjacent carbon atoms of the

    asked by Amy
  90. Chemistry

    Is Methyl Propyl Ether CH3OCH2CH2CH3?

    asked by John
  91. Chemistry

    Does anyone know why amines show high solidility in water?

    asked by Lisa
  92. ap chem

    the decomposition of (CH3)2O has a rate constant of 6.8x10^-4 s^-1. the initial pressure is 135 torr, what is the partial pressure after 1420s? i don't have the slightest idea on how to solve this.

    asked by anna
  93. algebra

    Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before adding or subtracting?

    asked by becky
  94. precalc

    factor: (x-1)^1/2 - x(x-1)^-1/2 ive tried multiple different ways to firgure it out, but i cant seem to get too far in my work, i just don't know where to start.

    asked by lindsay
  95. algebra

    How is adding radical expressions similar to adding polynomial expressions? How is it different? Provide a radical expression as an example.

    asked by becky
  96. algbra

    Write your answer with only positive exponents. y^5y^10

    asked by darren
  97. Physical science

    The combined weight of a crate and dolly is 256N. (a)If the person pulls on the rope with a constant force of 30.1N, what is the acceleration of the system (crate plus dolly)? Assume that the systems starts from rest and that there are no frictional forces

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Intro to probability

    A certain pizza restaurant offers three different sizes of pizza and eight different toppings. How many distinct pizzas having two different toppings can be made? ====================================== I think part of the answer to the question is (8)\

    asked by Amelie
  99. biology

    is nitrogen in the hydrophobic group is oxygen in the hydrophobic group and what kinds of bonds could nitrogen and oxygen form.

    asked by kim
  100. Math - Geometric Vectors

    Find the length and the direction of the resultant of each of the following systems of forces: a) forces of 3 N and 8 N acting at an angle of 60° to each other I'm completely lost. I don't know how to solve this question using geometric vectors. Please

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Intro to probability

    An octave contains twelve different musical notes (in Western music). How many different eight note melodies can be constructed from these twelve notes if: (a) no note can be used more than once? (b) any note can be used as often as you please?

    asked by Amelie
  102. pre- algebra

    Juanita lost her tennis racquet. She bought a new one for $30. This is $6 less than three times the price of her old one. How much did she pay for her old racquet?

    asked by Brooke
  103. pre- algebra

    5t-9 ----- 4 = 14 *5t-9 is over 4. if you understand the question please answer!!

    asked by Brooke
  104. Algebra

    Find the coordinates of the vertices of the figures formed by y -< x + 2, x + 2 -< 6, and y >- -2 A)(0,0),(2,4),(8,-2) B)(-4,-2),(2,4),(8,-2) C)(-4,-2),(4,2),(8,-2) D)(-2,-4),(2,4),(8,-2) I chose B this one confused me this is all the work to show: -2 -<

    asked by Jon
  105. Intro to Probability

    In a certain election, the incumbent Republican will run against the Democratic nominee. There are three Democratic candidates, D1, D2 and D3, whose chances of gaining the Democratic nomination are .50, .35 and .15, respectively. Here are the chances that

    asked by Amelie
  106. social studies

    2 reasons the colnists marched to Concord in 1775?

    asked by Brooke
  107. algebra

    (m+5/6)= -19

    asked by Kori
  108. biochemistry

    An enzyme sample contains 24 mg protein/mL. Of this sample, 20 microliters in a standard incubation volume of 0.1 mL catalyzed the incorporation of glucose into glcogen at a rate of 1.6 nmol/min. Calculate the velocity of the reaction in terms of the

    asked by stew
  109. Intro to Probability

    Widgets are produced at a certain factory by each of three machines A, B and C. These machines produce 1000, 600 and 400 widgets per day, respectively. The probability that a given widget is defective is 4% for one produced by Machine A, 3% if produced by

    asked by Amelie
  110. Intro to Probability, please check my work.

    A fair coin is flipped three times. You win $5 every time the outcome is heads. Let the random variable X represent the total number of dollars you win. (a) List the sample space. (b) Determine the probability function of X. ====================== Answer:

    asked by Amelie
  111. Biology

    Ok i have three questions that i can't find anywhere... 1. Carbon dioxide and water are excreted here during exhalation. 2. Structures in the skin which excrete water. salts, and some urea. 3. Removes toxic substances from the blood and converts excess

    asked by Amber
  112. organic chemistry

    Is it possible to reduce an aldehyde and a ketone at the same time with sodium borohydride?

    asked by Kim
  113. Intro to Probability, check some of my work please

    1.) An octave contains twelve different musical notes (in Western music). How many different eight note melodies can be constructed from these twelve notes if: (a) no note can be used more than once? (b) any note can be used as often as you please?

    asked by Amelie
  114. Probability

    1.) An octave contains twelve different musical notes (in Western music). How many different eight note melodies can be constructed from these twelve notes if: (a) no note can be used more than once? (b) any note can be used as often as you please?

    asked by Amelie
  115. science

    In deep space (no gravity) , the bolt (arrow) of a crossbow accelerates at 120 m/s^2 (square) and attains a speed of 124 m/s when it leaves the bow. For how long is it accelerated? Answer in units of s.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. social studies

    why did the colonists take the higher ground at concord?

    asked by Brooke
  117. science

    the speed of a 5000-kg truck whose KE is 360 kJ is how many m/s?

    asked by janeen
  118. math

    A brick wall is constructed with 20 rows of bricks. If the height of a brick is 3 7/8 inches and a mortar joint is approximately 5/8 inch, how heigh would the wall be? _______ inches Does Anyone know how to do this one?

    asked by John