Questions Asked on
February 15, 2008

  1. Trig(3 all with work)

    1)Find the exact value of cos 105 by using a half-angle formula. A)sqrt 2 - sqrt 3 /2 B)-sqrt 2 - sqrt 3 /2 C)-sqrt 2 + sqrt 3 /2 D)sqrt 2 + sqrt 3 /2 cos 105 cos 105 = cos 210/2 sqrt 1 + 210/2 sqrt 1 + sqrt 3/2 /2 sqrt 2 + sqrt 3/2 which is D 2)Find the

    asked by Jon
  2. Algebra Quadratic Equations

    What are the pros and cons of completing the square as a way to solve quadradic equations?

    asked by Marysvoice
  3. American History

    Can anyone tell me what was the importance of each battle/battle site of the Civil War battles that took place Nov 1864. They were Johnsonville Tenn, Bull's Gap Tenn, Columbia Tenn, Spring Hill Tenn, Franklin Tenn, Griswoldville Georgia, Buck Head Creek

    asked by John
  4. Business

    The initials "L.S." at the end of a document: a. indicate that the signatures are lawful. b. show where the seal should be placed. c. serve as a substitute for a wax seal. d. both b and c. I believe the answer is D....both b& that correct?

    asked by Mike
  5. britian since 1948

    How has britian changed since 1948

    asked by jessica
  6. accounting

    Multiple choice 1. The type of product costing system used by a company is dictated by the : a) plant supervisor b) project manager c) company president d) production process 2. Activity based costing traces production costs to a) activities within the

    asked by john
  7. Chemistry please help!

    Nuclei with higher than desired neutron-to-proton ratio tend to undergo which type of decay? alpha beta gamma positron

    asked by Mary
  8. Trig

    Which expression equivalent to: cos(theta + pi/2). A)cos theta B)-cos theta C)sin theta D)-sin theta my book doesnt give examples of this but my crack at it would be C b/c distributive property? and 2cos theta = sin theta

    asked by Jon
  9. Physics

    Whenever two Apollo astronauts were on the surface of the Moon, a third astronaut orbited the Moon. Assume the orbit to be circular and 400 km above the surface of the Moon. At this altitude, the free-fall acceleration is 1.11 m/s2. The radius of the Moon

    asked by Nancy
  10. Math

    The following scores were recorded on a 200-point final examination:193,185,163,186,192,135,158,174,188,172,168,183,195,165,183. Find the final examination score. Find the median final examination score. Is the mean or median a more useful representative

    asked by Babygirl
  11. math

    Ordered: Ceclor 0.375g po bid. On hand: Ceclor Oral Suspension 187 mg per 5 ml. How much medication will you administer?

    asked by kesha
  12. chemistry

    Assayed for LDH activity were 5 microliters of a sample that was diluted 6 to 1. The activity in the reaction vessel, which has a volume of 3 mililiters, is 0.30 U. What is the ΔA/min observed? What is the relative activity of the original sample? Here

    asked by stew
  13. Trig

    Find the exact value of sin2(theta) if cos(theta) = -sqrt 5/3 and 180 < theta < 270. A)-1/9 B)-4 sqrt 5/9 C)1/9 D)4 sqrt 5/9 B? sin^2(theta) + cos^2(theta) = 1 sin^2(theta) = 1 - cos^2(theta) sin^2(theta) = 1 - (sqrt 5/3)^2 sin^2(theta) = 1 - (sqrt 25/9)

    asked by Jon
  14. chemistry

    what are the advantages of using a blue flame instead of a yellow flame for heating objects on a bunsen burner?

    asked by ss
  15. chemistry

    what is the difference between a percent saturated solution of ammonium sulfate and a percent w/v solution of ammonium sulfate?

    asked by stew
  16. science

    Suppose you have monohybrid pea plants in your garden and find that they produce round seed to wrinkled seeds in the ratio of 3:1. If the allele are designated (R & r) respectively, what is the probable genotypes of the wrinkled seeds which were produced

    asked by Andrea
  17. statistics

    A new treatment for AIDS is to be tested in a small clinical trial on 15 patients.The proportion p^ who respond to the treatment will be used as an estimate of the proportion p of (potential)responders in the entire population of AIDS patients. If in fact

    asked by todd
  18. physics

    The coil of a generator has a radius of 0.12 m. When this coil is unwound, the wire from which it is made has a length of 5.5 m. The magnetic field of the generator is 0.10 T, and the coil rotates at an angular speed of 25 rad/s. What is the peak emf of

    asked by rick
  19. Algebra

    Fomula: A=1/2(b1+b2)h A=area of a trapezoid b1=width at the top b2-width at the bottom h=height A 7-foor tall trapezoid has 42 square feet of area. If is is 9 feet wide at the bottom, how far across is it at the top?

    asked by G
  20. accounting

    identify three external users of accounting information and indicate two questions they might seek to answer through accounting information.

    asked by kelly
  21. Physics problem

    A transformer has 50 turns in its primary coil and 250 turns in its secondary coil. 12V is connected to the primary. a. Find the voltage across the secondary coil. b. Find the current in a 10 ohm device connected to the secondary. c. Find the power

    asked by Peyton
  22. Physics problem

    Neon signs require about 12000V for their operation. The primary operates from 120V lines. a. What is the ratio of the number of loops in the secondary to the number of loops in the primary? b. What is the ratio of the power delivered to the secondary coil

    asked by Peyton
  23. Algebra

    Forgot this part to the first desperate What is the slope and y-intercept of the line in part b? How do you know?

    asked by Desperate
  24. accounting

    True/Falses 1. Period costs are not considered when costing products for inventory. 2. All direct labor costs during a period of time should be considered product costs and should be temporarily accumulated in the work in process inventory account. 3.

    asked by john
  25. religious studies

    Who was Jesus'most beloved desciple?

    asked by tanya
  26. statistics

    A population forms a normal distribution with a mean of sigma=75 and a standard deviation of 20. - What proportion of the sample means for samples of n=25 have vales less than 80? In other words, find p(M>79) for n=25 - What proportion of the sample means

    asked by Taryn
  27. Mth finding modes

    Find the mode for 41,43,56,67,69,72

    asked by Babygirl
  28. math

    Asalesperson drove 238,159,87,163 and 198 miles on a 5-day trip.What was the mean number of miles driven per day?

    asked by Babygirl
  29. Math find the mode

    Find the mode for 9,8,10,9,9,10,8

    asked by Babygirl
  30. HELP! parenthetical citation

    I have a whole paragraph that basically summarizes a story. I have my own insight in the story. For example.. in this story blah blah blah I think that so and so blah blah blah. after doing this he did blah ... etc. i'm supposed to have three citations

    asked by Ashlee
  31. math

    In four years Cathy's cat Byte will be three fourths as old as Cathy will be. Four years ago, Byte was only half as old as Cathy was. How old are Cathy and her cat? I am struggling to solve this two variable word problem. please help.

    asked by jason
  32. math

    what is the general equation for half-life?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Accounting 102

    Turner and Isham agreed to form a partnership. Turner contributed $ 200,000 in cash, and Isham contributed assets with a fair market value of $ 400,000. The partnership, in its initial year, reported net income of $ 120,000. Assume that the partnership

    asked by Precious
  34. Math

    The following scores were recorded on a 200-point final examination:193,185,163,186,192,135,158,174,188,172,168,183,195,165,183. Find the final examination score. Find the median final examination score. Is the mean or median a more useful representative

    asked by Tim
  35. chemistry

    when heating a substance over a bunsen burner where should the object be placed for most efficient heating? please explain.

    asked by ss
  36. Quadratic equations

    Building a rectangular room with fixed perimeter of 280ft what dimentions would yield the maximum area? What dimentions would yeild the minimum area?

    asked by Marysvoice
  37. chemistry

    Write the oxidation and reduction half-reactions of a corroding galvanized nail exposed to rain. The question says "galvanized" so its zinc. Zn(s) -> Zn2+(aq) + 2e- potential: +0.76V rain is slightly acidic, so i thought it would be O2(g) + 4H+ + 4e- ->

    asked by william
  38. science

    Boiling points and freezing points are examples of? a. physical properties b. matter c. chemical properties d. energy i am pretty sure it is a but i just need to have someone assure to me i am right

    asked by josh
  39. math

    I need help bad. Fractions 1)1/3 + 5/12 + 4/5 = 2)13/15 - 11/20 = 3)1 1/15 + 3 3/10 - 2 4/5 = 4)Robin ran 5 1/3 mi on Sunday, 2 1/4mi on Tues, and 3 1/2mi on Fri. How far did she run during the week? 5)The interest rate on an auto loan in May was 12 3/8%.

    asked by Tonya
  40. Trig

    Find the exact value of sinx/2 if cosx = 2/3 and 270 < x < 360. A)1/3 B)-1/3 C)sqrt 6/6 D)-sqrt 6/6 C, since I KNOW cosx is always positive but I don't know the work involved. I know the half angle formula

    asked by Jon
  41. communication

    CheckPoint: Press Releases • Resource: FBI Press Releases Web site: • Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum • Review a few sample press releases from the FBI Web site. Select and identify one that is well-written and discuss what makes it effective. In

    asked by Ree
  42. science

    1. What will happen to the pressure in your tires if the temperature drops 40 degrees over the night? a) Pressure will increase b) Pressure will decrease c) Pressure will not change d) Cannot determine

    asked by josh
  43. Math

    I need serious help. Tried to work it out but I just couldn't get the correct answer. Benjamin and olivia are putting a new floor in their kitchen. To get the floor up to the desired height, they need to add 1 /8ft to subfloor. They can do this in one of

    asked by Kim
  44. science

    what are 3 types of symbiosis

    asked by charlie
  45. Physics

    The international standard Kilogram in Paris is stored under double bell jars. What is the prupose of the jars? Is it because the jars create a vacuum to prevent the standard from gaining mass due to oxidation? If so, why double jars? Are there any other

    asked by Supaman
  46. science

    1. What will happen to the pressure in your tires if the temperature drops 40 degrees over the night? a) Pressure will increase b) Pressure will decrease c) Pressure will not change d) Cannot determine 2. Explain, on a molecular level, why this happens.

    asked by josh
  47. chemistry

    An enzyme sample contains 24 mg protein/mL. Of this sample, 20 microliters in a standard incubation volume of 0.1 mL catalyzed the incorporation of glucose into glcogen at a rate of 1.6 nmol/min. Of this sample, 50 mL were fractionated by ammonium sulfate

    asked by stew
  48. algebra

    You are planning to spend no less than $6,000 and no more than $10,000 on your landscaping project. How do you write an inequality that demonstrates how much money you will be willing to spend on the project.

    asked by Casey
  49. science

    how do protein assists with immunity

    asked by jane
  50. Spelling

    please help I can't get these lost few words thank you I need the prefix and suffix and the Combining form for each word if there is one thank you so much ahead of time for your help Etymology Mastectomy Neuroma Tachycardia Endotracheal

    asked by Amy
  51. pschcology

    Skills Assessment Activity Throughout your textbook, you will find an assortment of interesting “tests” that sample a broad range of skills, abilities, and traits. Although these exercises allow a glimpse at aspects of personality, the results must be

    asked by jenny
  52. basic chem

    why is it not smart to replace coefficients in a blanced equation with the mass of each substance?

    asked by Supaman
  53. Music

    My question is what compositional techniques were used in the 20th century? I have looked everywhere including my book and cannot find compositional techniques defined. Can you give me the definition of compositional techniques and then maybe I can figure

    asked by Cynthia
  54. pschcology

    Skills Assessment Activity “tests” that sample a broad range of skills, abilities, and traits. Although these exercises allow a glimpse at aspects of personality, the results must be interpreted with caution. For this assignment, complete the

    asked by jenny
  55. Environmental Science

    What levels of environmental analysis must a Federal agency charged with building public works consider for each project? What are the criteria for choosing each of these? I tried Googling for info on this question, but I can't find anything good. Thanks

    asked by Eric
  56. Chemistry

    How much volume in liters will 100.0 grams of oxygen occupy at 100 degrees celcius and 100 atm pressure?

    asked by Mark
  57. music

    How was the music of the 1960's different from the music of the 1970's?

    asked by Taryn
  58. math

    Sorry....misposted the original question... 350/(400*50^(3/2)) = X+(50+X)^(3/2) Thanks for the help

    asked by Sherrill
  59. business

    the most important differences between object-oriented programming languages and generations 1-4 of (often called top down or structured) programming languages. How are they similar?

    asked by db
  60. Indiana History

    Name all the land features such as mountains, plains, deserts etc.

    asked by Richard
  61. Math...For All Math Tutors

    I would like to know how many of the people answering math questions here are current math teachers, were math teachers at one time, are current tutors working for a tutoring company or simply love math. What's your story? I would love to hear from all

    asked by Guido
  62. American History

    Why did King George III taxed the colonists?

    asked by Richard
  63. Science

    How do scientists separate aniamals into classes?

    asked by Richard
  64. Social Studies

    "That drug companies should NOT waive patents on HIV drugs in the developing world" Is this statement saying that drug companies should not give out drugs for free? What would be some points I could use to back up this argument please?

    asked by Oharna
  65. Math

    Please double check me. The last problem I couldn't figure out. Thanks 18. 13/18 + 11/18 = 24/18= 4/3 38. 9/11 – 3/11 + 7/11 = 13/11=2 1/11 44. 7/1 + 12/1 + 21/1= 40/1=40 50. 3/8 + 3/8 + 3/8 = 9/8 = 1 1/8 12, 20, and 35 = 7*5*3*2*2= 420 13/15 – 11/20 =

    asked by Trina
  66. Macro economics

    Between year 1 and 3 the price level has risen and real GDP has fallen. During the same time W has risen. Identify one comination of changes in the labor supply and labor demand that could have the effect in the classical goods and services market.

    asked by Christie
  67. Chemistry please check

    1. All of the naturally occurring radioactive decay series end when the radioactive elements have decayed to bismuth (Bi) hydrogen (H) lead (Pb) uranium (U) answer: Uranium (U) 2. This type of radiation can easily pass through a human. gamma ultra-violet

    asked by Mary
  68. Right triangle

    Determine whether this is a right triangle vertices: G(1, -1) H(5, 0) and J(3, 8) Should I use distance formula to find the sides and use Pythagorean theorem to prove it? Or is there another method? Thanks.

    asked by Jen
  69. Humanities

    Please help me to create a priority list for the heart transplant for the following four potential organ recipients and explain your decision 1. A 72 year old woman, whose family depend on her help 2. A 32 year old man, who is currently in prison for

    asked by Amina
  70. social studies

    where can i find a picture of t.j marshall a african american

    asked by carmen
  71. Trig(continued)

    2)Find the solution of sin2 theta = cos theta if 0 -< theta < 180 A)30 degrees and 90 degrees B)30 degrees and 150 degrees C)30 degrees, 90 degrees, 150 degrees D)0 degrees, 90 degrees, and 150 degrees sin2 theta = cos theta sin2 theta - 1 = 0 (sin theta +

    asked by Jon
  72. Business

    Consider a local business whose services you frequently use. What are the main components of this company's business model?

    asked by greatdanelola
  73. algebra

    Suppose you want to add a sprinkler system, and the location of one section of the sprinkler line can be described by the equation .

    asked by frustrated