Questions Asked on
February 12, 2008

  1. Physics

    The internal resistance of a dry cell increases gradually with age, even though the cell is not used. The emf, however, remains fairly constant at 1.5 V. Dry cells must be tested for age at the time of purchase by connecting an ammeter directly across the

    asked by J
  2. Physics

    1) A car traveling at 22m/s decelerates at a constant 1.5m/s^2. Calculate the time it takes to stop. I first calculated the distance which is 160 m. Then I used the formula d=vit+1/2at^2. I got a quadratic -0.75t^2+22t-160. I got 13 or 16 as my time, but

    asked by Alex
  3. geometry

    what is the area of a rectangle with a width of 12 feet and a length of 10?

    asked by erica
  4. math

    robert bought a used car for $1,500.00 if the sales tax is 5% what is the total that he paid?

    asked by erica
  5. Business

    Fiedler asserts that leader behavior is inflexible and cannot be readily changed. Do you agree or disagree with this assertion? Why?

    asked by susie
  6. algebra

    Add. Simplify if possible. 7/9z^3 + 1/21z^3 I came up with 49+3z/63z^3 Is this correct?

    asked by becky
  7. Calculus

    Vanna Red sells the vowels a, e, i, o, and u each for a different price but less than $250. Consonants are free. You must pay separately for each occurrence of a vowel in a word. Audacious sells for $260, equivocations for $340, inimitable for $225,

    asked by Jas
  8. calculus

    let f(x)=0.5x^3-4x^2-2x+5.a.use n deriv to graph f(x),f'(x),f"(X)on the window xmin = -5,xmax=10,ymin= -50,ymax= 10

    asked by sachin
  9. calculus

    A ball of radius 10 has a round hole of radius 5 drilled through its center. Find the volume of the resulting solid.

    asked by Jeff
  10. Algebra

    What is the focus of a parabola? And can the directrix be anywhere not on the focus? I'm confused!

    asked by Caitlin
  11. Chemistry

    You are to determine the mass of O2 that can be produced from 25 grams of HgO. Don't forget to balance the equation first! this is the equation: HgO -> Hg + O2

    asked by Killa
  12. maths

    find the stationary points of the following function f(x)=x^3-3x^2-24x-7

    asked by libby
  13. Chemistry

    I'm so confused! Al + O2 -> Al2O3 This is supposed to be a balanced equations but how did it go from 2 oxygens to 3?

    asked by Jessica
  14. math

    what is the perimeter of a triangle which sides mesure 6,8,and 10 inches?

    asked by erica
  15. english

    the subjuect of a sentence may be what parts of speech?

    asked by erica
  16. Physics E&M

    A slab of metal of volume V is made into a rod of length L. The rod carries current I when the electric field inside is E.Find the resistivity of the metal?

    asked by Spencer
  17. chemistry

    Calculate how much acetone (in grams and in kilograms) needs to be weighed to assure that you placed 1.25 liters of acetone inside a bottle that needs to be shipped to a chemical laboratory. For the density use 0.7857 g/mL.

    asked by Julie
  18. chemistry

    The balanced reaction is CaCO3 + 2 NaF -> CaF2 + Na2CO3 If you start with 20.0 grams CaCO3, how many moles of CaCO3 do you have? 20.0 2.00 .200 .0200 .0386 If you start with .500 moles of NaF, how many moles of CaF2 will form .500 1.00 1.50 2.00 0.250 What

    asked by kyled
  19. chem

    2H202--> 2H20 +O2 Given that you started with ½ cup of H2O2, what was the mass of each product in the reaction? (1/2 cup = 118.3 mL, density of H2O2 is 1.4 g/mL)

    asked by john
  20. math

    what does a centimeter dot array look like?

    asked by kaila
  21. math

    Cathy and Judy bought some postcard packets.altogether there were 48 cards.Cathy bought three packets with 8 cards each.The packets Judy bought had 12 cardsin many packets did Judy buy.

    asked by Miranda
  22. accounting2

    how to do Plant asset Records

    asked by Ariel
  23. Business

    In what ways does diversity make conflict into a positive result? How can the appreciation and encouragement of people to be themselves and share their thoughts result in cohesiveness and effectiveness?

    asked by anonymous
  24. Business

    What are the similarities and differences between profit and profitability?

    asked by greatdanelola
  25. English

    John and I are going to the store. Would you like to come along with a) me and him? b) him and I? c) I and him? d) him and me? correct answer is b?

    asked by Sarah
  26. English

    The clerk will wait on the person ___ is next. a) who b) whom c) whoever d) whomever I think it is A

    asked by Sarah
  27. internationnal economics

    Describe the driving business forces in both the foreign and domestic environment. In what ways do they operate differently? Why? Provide an example.

    asked by Lisa
  28. English

    ___ are going for a walk. a) He and I b) Me and him c) Him and me d) I and he Again, I think it is A

    asked by Sarah
  29. math

    if 20 counters are the whole set,what fraction of the set is 16 counters?

    asked by justin
  30. algebra

    Divide and simplify -35+7w / 121w-605 ______ __________ 5 25 I know you invert the second half of the equation to multiply and then I am stuck.

    asked by becky
  31. Calculus

    Your high school softball team has won ten games and lost five games. To get into the playoffs, your team must win at least 80% of the games that it plays. If your team wins all its remaining games, it makes the playoffs. What is the fewest number of games

    asked by Jas
  32. Calculus

    What is the least positive integer that has exactly thirteen factors?

    asked by Jas
  33. Calculus

    On !@#$%^&'s birthday, his brother Harry is seventeen years younger than three times !@#$%^&'s age. The boys father, Tom, is twelve years older than twice Harry's age. If !@#$%^& is seven years younger than his brother, how many candles are on !@#$%^&'s

    asked by Jas
  34. Calculus

    What is the tens digit of 0! + 1! + 2! + 3! + ... + 2000!?

    asked by Jas
  35. math

    Cecil has a mysterious money machine that will double any amount of money placed in it and add $5.00 to the doubled amount. Yesterday, he placed a certian amount of money in the box, got a new amount, then placed the new amount back in the box. Then he had

    asked by Miranda
  36. algebra

    Subtract. Simplify if possible. 6/x+b - 6/x-b

    asked by becky
  37. spanish

    What were the indegenous people of Peru called? All I know is that they were not called the Incas.

    asked by astrid
  38. math

    what are the place valuse for decimals?

    asked by christina
  39. algebra

    Solve. 8/w = 9/w - 1/2 The solution is:

    asked by becky
  40. Chemistry

    Could anybody simply explain how exactly Joseph Thomson discovered that atoms were not "indivisible" and that they were actually made of subatomic particles? (electrons) I've been having trouble understanding how exactly it happened, and everything on the

    asked by Maddie
  41. Biology

    How do you explain the relationships between allele position and crossover frequency?

    asked by Meli
  42. English - Caesura and Enjambment

    O Rose thou art sick the invisible worm. that flies in the night in the howling storm: has found out they bed of crimson joy: and his dark secret love does thy life destroy. Is it correct to identify "in the howling strom:" and "of crimson joy:" a caesura

    asked by ***
  43. Biology

    What are dominant and recessive alleles?

    asked by Meli
  44. accounting

    Evaluate the following project using an IRR criterion, based on an opportunity cost of 10%: CF0 = -6,000, CF1 = +3,300, CF2 = +3,300. A) Accept, since IRR exceeds opportunity cost. B) Reject, since opportunity cost exceeds IRR. C) Accept, since opportunity

    asked by Tammie
  45. Chemistry

    Does anyone know of any sites that make learning to balance equations easy? I just transferred to a new school and the chemistry class is way ahead of my old class. I really don't get it. Please help since there is a test tomorrow and it's on stuff that

    asked by Jessica
  46. Math

    I need to find the volume of a prism whose base is a hexagon

    asked by Penny
  47. Physics E&M

    A 68.0 g hollow copper cylinder is 90.0 cm long and has an inner diameter of 1.0 cm. The current density along the length of the cylinder is 1.60×10^5(A/m^2). What is the current in the cylinder? Ive tried many ways but am not getting the correct answer.

    asked by Spencer
  48. happy valentines!

    Spanish word for "happy valentines day"...thanks...

    asked by klar maesen
  49. algebra

    graph and check to solve the linear system. problem: 2x-3y=-3 x+6y=6

    asked by aneme
  50. English please revise

    Comparing Sexism with Racism Feminist writers Marylyn Cudd and Leslie Jones, suggest that comparing sexism with racism, can help indentify women’s oppression. “Sexism” a comparative analysis essay, contains that, racism, like sexism, is grounded in

    asked by Christi
  51. Chemistry

    What is the type of packing for a body center cubic and a simple cubic? use ABCs to explain please.

    asked by jina
  52. physics

    At a picnic, a Styrofoam cup contains lemonade and ice at 0 degree C. The thickness of the cup is 2.0*10^-3m, and the area is 0.016m^2. The temperature at the outside surface of the cup is 35 degree C. The latent heat of fusion for ice is 3.35*10^5 J/kg.

    asked by Serena
  53. chemistry

    Fill in the blank For all three of the cubic lattices (unit cells), all of the ______ and _____ are the same size. (body center, face center, simple cubic)

    asked by jina
  54. calculus

    a large vertical rectangular plate of glass is to be inserted in the wall of an aquarium underwater so visitors can see into th tank of fish. the glass is 10 feet high, 25 feet long and the top of the glass is 3 feet below the top of the water. the

    asked by student
  55. algebra

    Find the LCM 15b^3a^3, 5b^8,a^2, 6b^2a^6

    asked by becky
  56. Chemistry

    You are to determine the mass of O2 that can be produced from 25 grams of HgO. Don't forget to balance the equation first! this is the equation: HgO ? Hg + O2

    asked by Killa
  57. Chemistry

    You are to determine the mass of O2 that can be produced from 25 grams of HgO. Don't forget to balance the equation first! this is the equation: HgO ? Hg + O2

    asked by Killa
  58. maths

    find the y coordinates of each stationary points f(0). f(x)=x^3-3x^2-24x-7

    asked by cecelia
  59. English

    What are some things that is like your heart a clock but the ticking of clock is too when you are scared, your heart beats very fast...what can be related to that? Are there any idioms that decribe your heart beats?

    asked by Vanessa
  60. algebra

    how do you use the substitution method to solve the linear system? -2x-5y=7 7x=y=-8

    asked by aneme
  61. History

    My assignment is to write a newspaper article for a British coloum in summer of the year 1914 when world war one just began. I need to state the reasons why the world war one began through the eyes of Britain. I don't know how to start or what to say can

    asked by Carrie
  62. culture diversity

    What is the political situation on these two groups the Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans in the United States ?

    asked by jc
  63. Math - Algebraic Vectors

    Let vector u = [3, 2] a) Determine each vector i) 2u = 2[3, 2] 2u = [6, 4] c) Determine the length of each vector in a. MY QUESTION***** -------- Do you subtract the values to determine the length? Length = 2u - u Length = [6, 4] - [3, 2] Length = [3, 4]

    asked by Anonymous
  64. physics

    A closed box is filled with dry ice at a temperature of -78.5 degree C, while the outside temperature is 21.0 degree C. The box is cubical, measuring 0.350m on a side, and the thickness of the walls is 3.00*10^-2 m. In one day, 3.10*10^6 J of heat is

    asked by Mirenda
  65. science

    what are six ways to tell minerals apart?

    asked by tonya
  66. Algebra II

    I asked this question yesterday, but I wasn't clear about the response. Could someone please explain it again? A searchlight is shaped like a paraboloid of revolution. If the light source is located 2 feet from the base along the axis of symmetry and the

    asked by Adeline
  67. English

    I am trying to find a connection between Invisible man by Ralph Ellison and got tell it on the mountain by James Baldwin. The only connection I can find is that both characters are somehow betraying their race. However, in invisible man I can find that

    asked by laura
  68. English dialogue

    A: What does he usually do? (Showing a picture in which a boy is getting up.) B: He usually gets up. (The partner answers.) Is the answer of the partner suitable? (This is a simple activity using the present tense.)

    asked by John
  69. English/History

    Was there something happening with women during the 1900s? i`m thinking like they were saying that they could do anything men could do. Some special event that took place?

    asked by Lena
  70. English expression

    Look at the sun which is shining brightly in the middle of the sky. A dog is running on the field. There are three trees in this picture. A: When do you see these things? B: In the afternoon. (The partner says.) This is also a simple activity. There are

    asked by John
  71. chemistry

    Find the unit cell (simple, bcc, fcc), type of holes where the smaller ions are found (tetrahedral, octrahedral, cubic), and number of cations and anions per unit cell for the following compounds: CdSe CsI Li2O KBr NaCl ZnS(I)

    asked by jina
  72. math its been years since school

    a cube measures 3 inches on all its sides. Wgat is its volume in inches?

    asked by erica
  73. spell

    What is the Latin route of conquer???

    asked by SantaRitaSchooGuy
  74. English

    What does diction mean? I looked it up but i`m not understanding what i`m suppose to do when the question says how the author make the story beleivable through diction?

    asked by Lena
  75. math


    asked by erica
  76. science

    Does paper contain starch?

    asked by helpee
  77. spell

    What does pd. stand for other than pound??? please answer soon!!!

    asked by SantaRitaSchoolGuy
  78. math

    what is the average of 132,145,140,128? do u add them all togher then divide ? or just add them and get the answer?

    asked by erica
  79. calculus

    how do you integrate x^2/(9+x^6)

    asked by sarah
  80. Math

    My teacher gave me a box and told me to see how many I could fit in the class room without taking out the heater or the desk. Ive tried many different things but I just cant figure it out. I don't know the measurments or anything. How do I do It? The desk

    asked by Alex
  81. algebra 1

    use the substitution method to solve the linear system. 9x+6y=3 3x-7y=-26 please show me an example of how to do it.

    asked by aneme
  82. chemistry

    What is the sum of the coefficients (including “1”) of the balanced equation? __CaCO3 + __NaF __ CaF2 + __Na2CO3 4 5 6 7 8 If you start with 20.0 grams CaCO3, how many moles of CaCO3 do you have? 20.0 2.00 .200 .0200 .0386 If you start with .500 moles

    asked by cal
  83. math Thanks to everyone for the help it's needed!

    what would be the radius of a circle with a diameter of 8 inches?

    asked by erica
  84. English`

    Whats one word that means someone that in not knowing something?

    asked by Lena
  85. Statistics

    When calculating percentiles, ie the 33rd percentile, do you use the lower limit of the group that contains the 33rd percentile? as in this case: 70-79 11 46 80.7 60-69 9 35 61.4 50-59 8 26 45.61 40-49 7 18 31.58 Would you use the number 49.5??

    asked by Christine
  86. calculus

    how do you integrate x^2/(9+x^6)

    asked by sarah
  87. physics

    Three blocks are located on a horizontal table. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the blocks and the table is 0.276. They are connected by a massless cord, as shown in the figure below, and pulled to the right. The masses of the three blocks are

    asked by shelby
  88. communication

    I am having trouble with giving an example of an ineffective listener.

    asked by Ree
  89. bio

    do skeletal muscle cells have cilia or flagellum

    asked by julie
  90. financial management HSA

    I have to write a paper for my financial management for human service administrators class about a community foundation. Can anyone give me some interesting examples to write about?

    asked by Jess
  91. calculus

    1. a large vertical rectangular plate of glass is to be inserted in the wall of an aquarium underwater so visitors can see into the tank fo fish. the glass is 10 feet high, 25 feet long and the top fo the glass is 3 feet below the top of the water. The

    asked by student
  92. Business

    What makes some companies more profitable than others?

    asked by greatdanelola
  93. chem

    The "proof" of an alcoholic beverage is twice the volume percent of ethanol, C2H5OH, in water. The density of ethanol is 0.789g/mL and that of water is 1.99g/mL. A bottle of 100-proof rum is left outside on a cold winter day. a) Will the rum freeze if the

    asked by alicia
  94. Math

    how do u find the area and circumference of a circle if the radius is 2.5 ?

    asked by MArio
  95. Maps

    I need to find a map where I can highlight countries on it. It has to have Switzerland, Europe, and The United States included on it.

    asked by Jake
  96. science

    what is the normal phase for the element neon

    asked by alason
  97. history

    who stood behind Ned Kelly when he was going to be hung

    asked by megan
  98. sociology

    Give four examples of social movements, current or past, and describe the key features of each movement. I am not sure what I am looking for but see If I am on the right track please Gay and !@#$%^& Rights Movement is to help gain civil right for people

    asked by RAY
  99. statistics


    asked by jane
  100. science

    can parasites be animal like protists and fungi?

    asked by Mackenzie
  101. chemistry

    state specifically how you would make a conclusive test for an iron (III) salt.

    asked by ashley
  102. Calculus III

    (24cos(8x))/(1+(sin^2(8x))) Integrated from (pi/16,-pi/16

    asked by Sean
  103. algebra 2

    1. solve: x^3 =4x 2. solve: (x-3)^2 = -4 3. solve: (6 +5i) ^2 4.Two integers have a sum of -4 The sum of their squares is 40. What are the two integers?

    asked by timmyj
  104. English"The cry of the Children"

    Is Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem "The Cry of the Children" an effective political vechicle?

    asked by Christian
  105. science

    how is relative dating used to evaluate geologic time.

    asked by chris
  106. modernization

    I need four examples of modernization I have two I believe any suggestions Examples of modernization the how the increased speed of communication through computer technology verses the Old fashion writing style. The way we used to have to ride a horse or

    asked by Tina
  107. ALGEBRA


    asked by ZARNA
  108. alg 2

    Write an exponential function whose graph passes through the given points. 1. (0, 3) and (1, 15) 2. (0, -5) and (-3, -135) 3. (0, -0.3) and (5, -9.6)

    asked by derek
  109. Trig functions

    1)Write the equation sin y= x in the form of an inverse function. A)y=Sin-1x B)x=Sin-1y C)y=sin-1x D)y=Sinx I chose A 2)Solve y=Arcsin1/2 A)-5pi/6 B)5pi/6 C)-pi/6 D)pi/6 I chose D 3)Find the value of Sin-1(-1/2) A)-30 degrees B)30 degrees C)150 degrees

    asked by Jon
  110. math

    5. At 2pm the number of bacteria in a colony was 100, by 4pm it was 4000. Write an exponential function to model the population y of bacteria x hours after 2pm. 6. Using the information in problem 5, how many bacteria were there at 7pm that day? 7. Kaplan

    asked by alex
  111. Chemistry

    How does the product look like when you mix sodium bicarbonate with calcium chloride?

    asked by Donna Jones
  112. spanish

    Can you please tell me if my paragraph is correct? Thanks. Tenia hoy un mal dia. Primero me cai de mi cama. Entonces no habia agua caliente. Finalamente la parte peor de toda eq que camine' en heces del perro. El dia es desmesurado.

    asked by Justin
  113. calculus

    1. a large vertical rectangular plate of glass is to be inserted in the wall of an aquarium underwater so visitors can see into the tank fo fish. the glass is 10 feet high, 25 feet long and the top fo the glass is 3 feet below the top of the water. The

    asked by student
  114. science

    what is (aenosss) unscrambled

    asked by courtney
  115. math

    a wild preserve can support no more than 250 gorillas. how long will it take for the gorilla population to reach the carrying capacity of the preserve dp/dt = 0.0004P(250-P) and p = (250)/(1+7.929e^-.1t) show that the function is a solution of a logistic

    asked by todi
  116. English

    I need help. I am writing s paper and we have to have a word citing page. How do you type it out for the websites and then in the paper when you type the facts and once in awhile you write between these ( ) what do you put there the website what. Please

    asked by amy
  117. home economics

    What are the american and canadian food groups?

    asked by Jordan
  118. math-8th Grade

    I'm stumped. Would someone please guide me? The question is: 175% of a number is 50. What's the number? Thank you!

    asked by Kyle
  119. SCIENCE


    asked by Mackenzie
  120. grade 11 math

    x/6-5=1/2x+1/3x-4 AHH! help. i need step-by-step. all i know is that the answer is x=1.5 Thanks!

    asked by kate
  121. managerial economics

    Can someone break down the basic components of managerial economics to me. I have having a really tough time with this class. H-E-L-P.

    asked by jean