Questions Asked on
February 5, 2008

  1. Chem

    If a class of 30 chemistry students have 17 of the students who are female. What percentage of students is female?

    asked by Lisa
  2. us history

    discuss specific problems or injustices that were present in american life during the late 1800s and early 1900s? Explain how reforms proposed during the Progressive Era attempted to address these problems.

    asked by mm
  3. Physics

    A 40.0kg child is in a swing that is attached to ropes 2.00m long. Find the gravitational potential energy associated with the child relative to the child's lowest position under the following conditions: a) When the ropes are horizontal b) When the ropes

    asked by Robert
  4. physics

    what is the final temperature when a 3.0 kg gold bar at 99 degrees is dropped into a .22 kg of water at 25 degrees

    asked by kelly
  5. chem

    How many moles of ethylene glycol must be dissolved in 500 g of water (Kf = 1.86) to lower the freezing point to -5.00 0C?

    asked by Mark
  6. statistics

    A score that is 10 points below the mean corresponds to a z-score of z=-2.00. What is the population standard deviation?

    asked by Joan
  7. Economics

    The peak of the business cycle occurs when?

    asked by Yong
  8. math

    Suppose you are going to roll a die 60 times and record the proportion of times that a 1 or 2 is showing, s. The sampling distribution of s should be centered about....?

    asked by Belinda
  9. Science

    What items can be measured in kiloliters, hectoliters, decaliters, liters, deciliters, centiliters, and millimeters??

    asked by Sam
  10. physical science

    A car with a mass of 1,200 kilograms is moving around a circular curve at a uniform velocity of 20 meters per second. The centripetal force on the car is 6,000 newtons. What is the radius of the curve? A. 80 meters B. 32 meters C. 16 meters D. 160 meters

    asked by Anonymous
  11. algebra

    determine which two represent perpendicular lines; y=6x-3,y=1/6x+3, y=-1/6+3, or y=1/6x-3.

    asked by dennis
  12. gbgfddfdf

    which is biger 13/17 or 12/15

    asked by tgf
  13. physics

    A dip needle is a small magnet mounted on ahorizontal axis so that it can swivel up or down like a compass turned on it's side) where on earth will a dip needle point most nearly vertically? where will it point most nearly horizontally?

    asked by tina
  14. chemistry

    3.) One method used in the eighteen century to generate hydrogen was to pass steam through red-hot steel tubes. The following reaction takes place: 3Fe(s)+4H20(g)--->Fe3O4(s)+4H2(g) 1. What volume of hydrogen at STP can be produced by the reaction of 6.28

    asked by mhaidar9108
  15. Chemistry

    Given this equation: 2P2O5 + 6H2O ---> 4H3PO4. If you begin with 4.8 grams of p2o5 and 15.2 grams h20, what will be your limiting reactant. I got the answer to that and it is P2O5. (6.6 grams) and H2O was 55.2 grams. so the limiting reactant P2O5. Then the

    asked by Franki
  16. Chem Need Help

    I really need help with this question? You have a 12.01 g sample of carbon. The average mass of a carbon atoms is 1.994 x 1023 g. How many carbon atoms are in the sample? (round the number to 2 decimal places) (if you get a superscript, place a ^ before

    asked by Lisa
  17. algebra 1

    express the area of each triangle as a monomial. 10. height-2n^2 base- 5n^3 11. height- 4ab^5 base- 3a^4b

    asked by Caroline
  18. us history

    I need help on writing an dbq for us history

    asked by mm
  19. science

    The electric field intensity between two charged plates is 1.1*10^3 N/C. The plates are 0.070 m apart. What is the electric potential difference, in volts, between the plates?

    asked by kailey
  20. physics

    a.What electric potential difference exists across a 5.2 µF capacitor that has a charge of 2.1 10-3 C? how do i use uF and C into a formula to find answer?? b.An oil drop is negatively charged and weighs 8.5 10-15 N. The drop is suspended in an electric

    asked by kailey
  21. Science

    When you boil an egg, the egg "white" changes from clear to white. The egg also becomes "hard boiled." What type of changes are occurring in the egg? A.Chemical B.Neither physical nor chemical C.Physical D.Physical and Chemical

    asked by jika
  22. statistics

    Which of the following numbers could not possibly be probabilities? justify your answer a)0.124 b)1 c)-0.1142 d)0 e)2/7 f)6/5 g)2.8

    asked by mary
  23. chemistry

    Use the activity series of metals to write a balanced chemical equation for each single-replacement reaction. Zn(s) + AgNO3 (aq) --> NOTE: The three above is a should be a small 3. Please explain how to figure out this problem, and provide a

    asked by stacy
  24. Biology

    Hi, I am studying energy movements in ecosystems. Could you help me with this question: What type of food would be consumed by a secondaryconsumer in the third trophic level of a food chain.

    asked by Faye
  25. Chemistry

    How would you approach a question like There are 6.02x 10 to the power of 23 atoms in one mol of atoms, how many atoms are there in 5.5 mol of atoms?

    asked by Katrina
  26. physics

    the north pole of a compass is attracted to the north magnetic pole of the earth, yet like poles reple. can you resolve this apparent dilemma?

    asked by tina
  27. algebra

    One-fifth of a flank is sawn off and three-eights of remaining piece is then thrown away.What fraction of original remains?

    asked by sally
  28. Graphic Design

    What results from a total lack of managed white space? Under what circumstance can it be desirable?

    asked by Peter
  29. chem

    delta T = Kf*molality Plug in 5.00 C for delta T, 1.86 for Kf and calculate molality. Then molality x kg solvent x molar mass = grams. You know molality, kg solvent, and molar mass. Calculate grams. molar mass? where did u got the molar mass from ?

    asked by Mark
  30. Graphic DesignList

    List five or more white spaces functions in Graphic Design?

    asked by Peter
  31. bio

    What does a skeltal muscle fiber look like? I looked in google, but it shows images of skeltal muscle.

    asked by laura
  32. Graphic Design

    Why is symmetry associated with passive design? Why is asymmetry associated with active design?

    asked by Peter
  33. math-algebra

    How do i solve these problems: 1. 2(-5y^3)^2+(-3y^3)^3 2. Lemon juice is 10^2 times as acidic as tomato juice. Tomato juice is 10^3 times as acidic as egg whites. How many times as acidic is lemon juice as egg whites? Write as a monomial. 3. The seismic

    asked by Jaylin
  34. economics

    differences between capital economy and communist economies

    asked by daisy
  35. math

    The weights of extra large eggs have a normal distribution with a mean of one ounce and a standard deviation of 0.1 ounces. The probability that a dozen eggs weighs more than 13 ounces is closest to...?

    asked by Hannah
  36. Language Arts

    I need to write an essay about Elvis Presley. When I look online, these biographies are too long. Help!

    asked by Binh-An
  37. social studies

    What type of a social scientist would research "where does the most crime happen in the world"?

    asked by as
  38. art

    What are the "degrees removed from reality?"

    asked by Melissa
  39. Math

    Evaluate the following: 5lb/ft x 3ft

    asked by Kim
  40. math

    simple form 3 ¾ / 60,000= 41 ½ / 3 ¾ A computer can excute 36 instructions per microscecond. How many instructions can it execute in 4 min?

    asked by Sonya
  41. Biology

    Why would an Arctic ecosystem be more fragile than a southern forest ecosystem?

    asked by Faye
  42. Algebra Quadratic Equations

    I am trying to define the different appraoches to solving quadratic equations. My book says using quadratic formula, completing the sqaure and factoring. I thought completing the square would be by facotring? How are these two different?

    asked by Marysvoice
  43. algebra

    solve system by graphing 3x+y=6 and 3x-y=0.

    asked by dennis
  44. algebra II

    how do I work a exponential and logarithmic function on a TI83?

    asked by Jerry
  45. Algebra

    The denominator of a fraction is 2 less than twice the numberator. If the numerator is decreased by 2 and the denominator is increased by 3, the resulting fraction simplifies to 1/3. Find the original fraction. Have no idea what to do.

    asked by bb
  46. literacy/plurals

    how do we normally make the plural form of a singular nounthat endi in f or fe~?

    asked by aminah
  47. Pre-Cal

    What are bearings??

    asked by Daisy M.
  48. Physical Science

    Hello, I wanted toknow if I came to the correct solution for this problem. Thank You, 20 Cubic inches of a gas with an absolute pressure of 5 psi is compressed until its pressure reaches 10 psi. What is the new volume of the gas?(assume that there's no

    asked by Mandi
  49. math!

    WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO A LINE THROUGH (-1,1) AND (2,3) please help! C:

    asked by kristine
  50. algebra

    solve for x 3x+4y=24

    asked by tess
  51. social studies

    how do i look up presidents

    asked by rtr
  52. Bizzy - proofread

    Bizzy, I have taken this paragraph and rewritten it to let you see what I meant by being less wordy and better organized. My study of Human Development will be useful in working with children. The course,Human Development 307I Childhood through

    asked by GuruBlue
  53. biology

    How could you determine the genotype of an individual through breeding?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Business Law

    How does bankruptcy affect interest rates on loans? Credit cards?

    asked by Alicia
  55. spanish

    Can someone please check this for me? How long has it been since the following people have done the following things? Write the answers using the expression hacer + time. 1) Santi y Silvina: no estar casados / un año Your response: Hace un año que Santi

    asked by Steven
  56. biology

    (1)Mendel crossed pure-breeding pea plants grown from round seeds with purple flowers with pure-breeding plants grown from wrinkled seeds with white flowers. All the progeny were round seed, purple flowers. Explain this with a suitable genetic diagram. I

    asked by Anonymous
  57. history

    what is The trans-Atlantic slave trade and its most lasting consequence.

    asked by robert
  58. economics/sports

    What is the difference between a large market team and a small market team? What makes a team a large market team or a small market team?

    asked by help
  59. Chem II

    Ccalculate the molarity of the resulting solution when 125.0 ml of water is added to 350.0 ml of a 3.75 M solution of HCl

    asked by Ken
  60. Biology...PLZ HELP

    (1)Mendel crossed pure-breeding pea plants grown from round seeds with purple flowers with pure-breeding plants grown from wrinkled seeds with white flowers. All the progeny were round seed, purple flowers. Explain this with a suitable genetic diagram. I

    asked by Anonymous
  61. ushistory

    who were the bosses of the senate?

    asked by mm
  62. us history

    we..propose.."effective legislation to prevent industrail accidents ,occupational diseases,overwork,and fix minimum standards of health and safety in industry...and to provide a living wage throughout industry....." state 2 reforms that

    asked by mm
  63. Spanish very confused.

    do the following with correct forms of ser or estar Manuel Roberto! No ____1__ listo? Debemos __2____ en la fiests a las ocho. Roberto Es que todavia ___3____ buscando mi ropa. Manuel Ay, Roberto!Tu ____4____ un desastre! Roberto Por que no me ayundas a

    asked by sam
  64. science

    What are 3 types of chemical reactions

    asked by Heather
  65. Economics

    What is the percent of increase when CPI is 121 then the initial value of CPI was 110?

    asked by Dee
  66. spanish

    Can you check my essay and correct it please ? this is my first essay ever in spanish, my classmates has done it for 2 years but as i moved from denmark to england, i had to do spansish, so help me please. No llevé uniforme escolar en Dinamarca cuál me

    asked by Mads. First spanish essay ever, please help me
  67. Physics

    What is the resultant of two displacement vectors having the same direction? a. The resultant is the sum of the two displacements having the same direction as the original vectors. b. The resultant is the difference of the two displacements having the same

    asked by Shenay
  68. Ancient Civilizations

    Who were the Xiongnu and were did they live?

    asked by Mackenzie
  69. MATH

    ROUND 77.1

    asked by ashley
  70. english

    I need help writing a DBQ

    asked by mm
  71. black history

    who is aderemi kuku?

    asked by ebony
  72. us history

    i don't get what the task means when it says discuss problems or injustices that were present in american life...what does injustice mean ...can some one explain it

    asked by mm
  73. us history/english

    when told to include 5 documents how can i include do i say according to document 1 .what can i say?

    asked by mm
  74. calculus-differential equation

    Consider the differential equation: (du/dt)=-u^2(t^3-t) a) Find the general solution to the above differential equation. (Write the answer in a form such that its numerator is 1 and its integration constant is C). u=? b) Find the particular solution of the

    asked by Jeff
  75. Science

    What are some things children must learn but animals don't need to know?

    asked by Rebekah
  76. Math - Geometric Vectors

    The fractions (2/3), (4/6), (6/9), ... are all equivalent to the fraction (2/3). Explain how the concept of equivalent fractions is analogous to the concept of equivalent vectors. I completely lost, I don't know the answer or how to answer the question.

    asked by Anonymous
  77. arithmetic

    Write 0.125 as a fraction in simplest form

    asked by Dominique
  78. Science calculations

    An airplane must achieve a velocity of 71 m/s to takeoff. If the runway is 1000 m long, at what speed must the plane constantly accelerate? Can you show the formula for how you found the answer and explain how to do it.

    asked by Gabby
  79. Chem II

    Find the a) % solution, b) molality and c) mole fraction of the acid 16.0 M H2SO4 d = 1.634 g/ml for the solution

    asked by Ken
  80. calculus

    f(x)= {kx-3 if x is less than or = to 1 {x^2+k if x is greater than 1 find k such that lim f(x) (x to 1) exists

    asked by morgan
  81. algebra

    (-7x+3)+(4x^2+1/2x-10) Simplify answer - -14x^2+8x^2-13 over denominator of 2?

    asked by becky
  82. For Bizzy - from GuruBlue Just in case you missed this below ...

    asked by Writeacher
  83. statistics

    In the U.S. 42% of the population has type A blood. Consider taking a sample size 4. Let y denote the number of persons in the sample with type A blood. a)Pr(y=O) b)Pr(y=1) C)Pr(y=2)

    asked by alice

    The seeds of the garden pea are either yellow or green. A certain cross between pea plants produces progeny in the ratio 3 yellow:1 green. If four randomly chosen progeny of such a cross are examined, what is the probability that: a)3 are yellow and 1 is

    asked by BETH
  85. dividing - monomials


    asked by DON
  86. pre-cal

    can anyone please explain to me how to simplify this exponential expression??I got no idea...THANKS A LOT! [(-8x^6)/(y^-6)]^2/3

    asked by Kelly
  87. science

    What can be measured in hectometers?? BTW about how old is everyone here? I cant answer most of the questions because their too hard.

    asked by Sam
  88. french

    i need 10 french slang terms. but they need to be 10 slang terms that teens use . =]

    asked by Margie
  89. Math

    It was 47F today. How many degrees above freezing is this? Number Sentence____________________ Answer____________

    asked by Justin
  90. sra McGuin

    Hi I hope you are feeling better I have 4 sentences. answer the questions positively using complete sentences. Present - preterite - I am so confused on this thank you - Te cepillaste los dientes despues de comer? - Se maquilla Julia antes de salir a

    asked by sam
  91. AP Chemistry

    Could you please review my work and see what i'm doing incorrectly? Thank you Given this information: CxHyOz (s) + O2 (g) ----> CO2 + H20 given: 2.165 g of the unknown hydrocarbon v = 1.868 L P = 130.2 kPa T = 65.0 degrees C g of H2O = 1.818 a)find g H in

    asked by Jake
  92. History

    What article in the constitution does it state Who has the power to settle disputes involving the United States?

    asked by Spencer
  93. Chem II

    What mass of PbI2 can be formed from 75.0 mL of 0.65 M NaI by adding excess Pb(NO3)2? Pb(NO3)2 + 2NaI ---> PbI + 2NaNO3

    asked by Ken
  94. matter

    i need information on my atom project, my atomic number is 73

    asked by chrystal
  95. Math

    How was it determined that a circle is 360 degrees and all angles of a triangle equal 180 degrees?

    asked by Alex
  96. English

    I am a co-op student in a Grade 1 class have been preparing lessons have to develop a language lesson on Valentine's Day vocabulary and follow up with an activity I am being tested on this I just need a good idea once I have the idea the rest will follow

    asked by Taunya
  97. Chemistry

    Please explain the acitivty series of metals. How can i determine if one element displaces another?

    asked by stacy
  98. algebra


    asked by becky
  99. chemistry

    A saturated solution of ammonium sulfate, (NH4)2SO4, in water at 30 0C contains 78.0 g (NH4)2SO4 per 100.0 g H2O. What is the molality of this solution?

    asked by robert
  100. Accounting

    Is a straigh-line amortization basis for trademarks required under U.S GAAP ? or is another method required ?

    asked by Sarah
  101. Japanese

    What is the Japanese translation of this sentance: "I think that that woman is Mary's Japanese teacher"

    asked by Joe
  102. chemistry

    Using calories, how much heat will 32 grams of water absorb when it is heated from 25 C to 80 C?

    asked by chelsea
  103. statistics

    In a population of exam scores, a score of x=88 corresponds to z=+2.00 and a score of x=79 corresponds to z=-1.00. Find the mean and standard deviation for the population.

    asked by Tegan
  104. algebra

    How do I simplify (-2b^3)^4-3(-2b^4)3 ?

    asked by Caroline
  105. physics

    manet A has twice the magnetic field strength of magnet B (at equal distance ) and , at a certain distance,it pulls on magnet B with force of 50n. with how much force, then dose magnet B PULL ON MAGNET a?

    asked by tina
  106. calculus -- PLEASE HELP!

    Iodine-131 is used to treat hypo-thyroidism since it is preferentially absorbed by the thyroid and typically involves a total radiation dosage of 10,000,000 millirem. Iodine-131 has a half-life of eight days. 1. Set up the appropriate integral to represent

    asked by anonymous
  107. Social Studies

    Did Bismarck form any tax LAWS that were not approved by the Reichstag?

    asked by Alice
  108. Japanese

    What is the Japanese translation of this sentance: "I think that that woman is Mary's Japanese teacher" Could the answer pleased me typed in English. My computer does not recognize Japanese font.

    asked by Joe
  109. math

    do i mypitly the radias by 2 to get the diameter

    asked by Qazpo
  110. Maths

    How many different numbers can be made using 4 numbers a b c and d and only + and - ?

    asked by Alison
  111. Maths

    I can't do the following problem. I am not sure what to do when you have an algerbraic power & have to multiple it by a real number? ((x^ny^(m+3))^2)/x^(n+2)y^3-m)) * ((x^2y)/(x^(n-5)*y^(5-3m))

    asked by Brittany
  112. e-Commerce

    I'm finding it hard to find evidence that the growth of the internet has had a positive effect on businesses and organisations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Mathew
  113. Geography

    I'm doing a Map of the Month, and i'm almost done. I just have to locate and lable 3 rivers. (Helmand River, Amu Darya River and Indus River). I'm having some difficulty trying to find a clear map that labes the at least one of the lakes, so if anyone had

    asked by Dawn
  114. Accounts

    A manufacturing Company produces 2 products – A and B. The following information is presented for both products: A B Selling Price per unit $18 $12 Variable Cost per unit $14 $6 Total Fixed Costs are $468,000. Compute: The contribution margin for each

    asked by Amy
  115. math

    what is it mean to "foil" in math

    asked by kitty
  116. Math

    Sketch the Graph of x^2=y^2=9

    asked by Loubs
  117. English

    What is a textual change?

    asked by Kirsty
  118. math

    In a large population of adults, the mean IQ is 112 with a standard deviation of 20. Suppose 200 adults are randomly selected for a market research campaign. The probability that the sample mean IQ is greater than 110 is...?

    asked by Belinda
  119. biology

    Compare and contrast the processes of photosynthesis; aerobic respiration; and the two types of fermentation. Give examples of organisms that make use of each of these processes.

    asked by Jenn

    What is emotional development (in relation to growth of children)? And what are emerging skills?

    asked by Pizzazz
  121. drbob222

    Thank You!

    asked by alan